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Tuesday May 22, 1973
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This Day In 1970's History: Tuesday May 22, 1973
  • President Nixon issued a statement today, conceding that he should have been more alert to warning signals regarding Watergate, but vowing to continue in his job. The statement made a distinction between political activities, and the Ellsberg-Pentagon Papers case in which the CIA was involved for reasons of national security. The statement is being called Nixon's "counterattack".

    The President met with George Bush and four Republican leaders of Congress. Legislative matters were discussed, but also Watergate. [CBS]

  • The Senate Watergate Committee heard more testimony from James McCord about offers of clemency, while another Senate committee held confirmation hearings for Elliot Richardson as Attorney General. The committee recalled Richardson to hear testimony regarding Egil Krogh and the burglary of Daniel Ellsberg's psychiatrist's office in connection with the Pentagon Papers case. President Nixon was allegedly told by John Dean in late March of the Ellsberg break-in. Senator Edward Kennedy asked about the delay in telling the judge, and questioned why the Justice Department wasn't told.

    Prosecutor Earl Silbert was the subject of criticism for his conduct of the original trial. Silbert is now expected to resign from the case, but so far he has not. Silbert's resignation is said to be in deference to new prosecutor Archibald Cox; Cox and Silbert will meet tomorrow. [CBS]

  • Nelson Gross, a former Nixon administration adviser on international drug trafficking, has been indicted for tax fraud and perjury for his actions in the 1969 New Jersey governor's race. [CBS]
  • The CIA conducted lie detector tests on federal employees after the FBI refused. Egil Krogh, who worked for John Ehrlichman, wanted State Department and Defense Department employees to be given tests regarding security leaks. J. Edgar Hoover refused. The CIA then did the job contrary to tradition, and with no objection from William Rogers or Melvin Laird. The lie detector tests did not uncover any leaks. [CBS]
  • The Senate voted to override President Nixon's veto of a bill that would require Senate confirmation of appointees Roy Ash and Fred Malek. The House is not expected to go along with the Senate. [CBS]
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