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1970s Episode Guide for 'Barnaby Jones':

(Episodes with dates prior to 1970 aired as reruns during the '70s.)

January 28, 1973: Requiem For A Son
Season 1, episode 1
W: Edward Hume   D: Walter Grauman

With Bradford Dillman (Terry McCormack), Robert Hogan (Reed Carpenter), Robert Patten (Hal Jones), Patrick Culliton (Russell), William Conrad (Frank Cannon), Keith Charles (Marshall Eaton), Erica Hagen (Donna).
Buddy Ebsen returns to television as a private detective whose quaint charm masks an expert background in criminology. Tonight's episode finds Barnaby Jones coming out of retirement to track down his son's killer.

February 4, 1973: To Catch A Dead Man
Season 1, episode 2
W: Ben Masselink   D: William Hale

With William Shatner (Phil Carlyle), Janice Rule (Diane Stewart), Darleen Carr (Julie Barton), Victoria Shaw (Dorothy Carlyle), James McCallion (David Dodge), Anne Randall (Billie Thompson), Charles Cyphers (Mike Hartney), Stuart Nisbet (Adams).
A man embezzles his wife's fortune and then kills another man to make it look like his own death in order to establish a new life for himself with a younger woman.

February 18, 1973: Murder Go-Round
Season 1, episode 3
W: Steve Fisher   D: Marc Daniels

With Claude Akins (Eli Rile), Neva Patterson (Bea Johnson), Dabbs Greer (Andy Spake), Lou Frizzell (John Flory), James Luisi (Nick Gorman), Geoffrey Lewis (Sheriff Dale), Jay W. MacIntosh (Helena Gorman), Florida Friebus (Molly McMurty), Richard Yniguez (Sgt. Stoner).
Hired to locate the money a hit-and-run victim was supposed to be carrying, Barnaby travels to a small rural community whose leading citizens have formed a murder ring.

February 25, 1973: Sunday-Doomsday
Season 1, episode 4
W: Morton Fine, David Friedkin   D: Michael Caffey

With Gary Lockwood (Howard Lee), Corinne Camacho (Bonnie Lee), Vince Howard (Lt. Joe Taylor), Jeff Donnell (Janet Gossett), Lynn Hamilton (Laura Padget), Mia Bendixsen (Chris Lee), Conlan Carter (Roger Gossett), Jon Cedar (Danny Gernreich).
A former convict sends Barnaby and Betty a series of morbid threatening letters and gifts announcing Barnaby's death.

March 4, 1973: The Murdering Class
Season 1, episode 5
W: Robert Sherman   D: Ralph Senensky

With Geraldine Brooks (Janet Enright), Jerry Houser (Paul Thayer), Andrew Parks (Charles Lomax), Booth Colman (Victor Sterne), David Moses (Ron Fannon), James Daughton (Willie Grand), John Carter (George Enright), Hank Brandt (Lt. Ross).
Barnaby Jones investigates the killing of a young prep school student, and finds that two of the boy's classmates have framed another man for the murder.

March 11, 1973: Perchance To Kill
Season 1, episode 6
W: Robert C. Dennis   D: Walter Grauman

With Sharon Acker (Gail Bloom), Eric Braeden (Steven Kingston), Jamie Smith-Jackson (Krysti Sanders), Frank Maxwell (Lt. Wilbur Keough), Richard Hatch (Eric Garvin), Barbara Stuart (Winnie Harback), Nancy Wickwire (Mrs. Sanders), Mark Roberts (Tony Bloom), Richard Bull (J.I. Fletcher), Ross Elliott (Dr. Sanders), Pepe Callahan (Ames), Lavelle Roby (Marilyn).
A successful attorney murders a colleague and then romances the victim's wife, as part of a scheme to recover some files that could mean the end of his career.

March 18, 1973: The Loose Connection
Season 1, episode 7
W: Edward J. Lakso   D: Virgil Vogel

With Lloyd Bochner (John Stevens), Christine Belford (Eleanor Devers), Michael Blodgett (Kirk), Richard X. Slattery (Wayne Walters), Ben Hammer (Henry Cole), Ted Gehring (Eddie Mason), George Cooper (Thomas Devers), Patrick Culliton (Pete Downs), Nico Minardos (Raoul Philipe).
Hired by a beautiful woman to locate her missing father, Barnaby finds he's been tricked into delivering a shipment of drugs across the Mexican border.

March 25, 1973: Murder In The Doll's House
Season 1, episode 8
W: Ben Masselink   D: Lawrence Dobkin

With Anne Francis (Miriam Woodridge), Jack Cassidy (Craig Woodridge), Phillip Pine (Jay Randall), Richard Derr (Harry Doyle), Estelle Winwood (Aunt Anita), Cathy Lee Crosby (Nancy Erdmore), Whit Bissell (Roy Bantry).
Barnaby searches for a missing author whose best-selling novels are thinly disguised accounts of the private lives of an affluent community's leading citizens.

April 1, 1973: Sing A Song Of Murder
Season 1, episode 9
W: Martin Roth, Lou Shaw   D: Virgil Vogel

With Jackie Coogan (Phil Rooney), Arlene Golonka (Sue Paige), Heidi Vaughn (Gloria Vickers), Jonathan Lippe (Mr. Smith), Paul Lambert (Earl Samson), Judy Strangis (April Dayton), Dan Tobin (Karl Ludwig), Andy Kim (Rick Michaels), Michael DeLano (Pool Repairman).
A couple of small-time show business managers try to cash in on the accidental killing of a rock superstar by hatching a high-priced kidnap plot.

April 8, 1973: See Some Evil, Do Some Evil
Season 1, episode 10
W: George F. Slavin   D: Lawrence Dobkin

With Roddy McDowall (Stanley Lambert), Don Dubbins (Emory Brandon), Marlyn Mason (Ginny Lynd), Reni Santoni (Chip Rollins), Patricia Donahue (Ruth Warren), Mark Dana (Henry Warren), Vince Howard (Lt. Joe Taylor), Beverly Powers (Gloria).
A seemingly blind musician who is also a virtuoso at blackmail and murder is investigated by Barnaby after a nightclub singer finds her boyfriend murdered.

April 22, 1973: To Denise, With Love And Murder
Season 1, episode 11
W: Robert C. Dennis   D: Ralph Senensky

With Bill Bixby (Alex Chandler), Louise Troy (Hazel Chandler), Nora Marlowe (Martha Durant), Claudia Jennings (Denise Frazer), Vince Howard (Lt. Taylor), Paul Bryar (Mr. Jannett), Jill Jaress (Sherry).
An ambitious young man kills his beautiful mistress when he learns she has decided to confront his rich but older wife with the details of their affair.

April 29, 1973: A Little Glory, A Little Death
Season 1, episode 12
W: Shirl Hendryx   D: Robert Day

With Alex Henteloff (Harry March), Barry Sullivan (Jason Craig), Meg Foster (Doris Talbot), Carol Ohmart (Gloria Colby / Elly Hansen), Byron Morrow (Dr. Reynolds), Mark Thomas (Corby Lyons).
A fading movie star's involvement in drug smuggling leads to the murder of an actress who knew too much.

May 6, 1973: Twenty Million Alibis
Season 1, episode 13
W: Robert Hamner   D: Michael Caffey

With Peter Haskell (Tony Neill), Bert Freed (Captain Wyatt), Gary Owens (Gary Michaels), Susanne Hildur (Angela Channing), Marie Windsor (Carole Morrison), Robert H. Harris (Samuel Koessel), Michael Laurence (Bill), Ben Wright (Mr. Jason).
A master thief turned best-selling author uses his appearance on a television talk show to cover a daring jewel heist that leads to murder.

September 16, 1973: Blind Terror
Season 2, episode 1
W: Robert M. Young   D: Walter Grauman

With Belinda Montgomery (Amy Partridge), Christopher Stone (Eric Rome), Patricia Smith (Ellen Cleveland), Dabney Coleman (Paul Cleveland), Stephen Coit (Dr. Maier), Peggy McCay (Mrs. Benedict), Robert Doyle (Argus Selby), Richard Bull (Mr. Strader), Kathleen O'Malley (Mrs. Selby).
The second season begins as Barnaby finds the key to a young woman's disappearance locked away in the memory of an amnesia victim -- who lost her sight as well as her memory after witnessing a terrible crime.

September 23, 1973: Death Leap
Season 2, episode 2
W: Ben Masselink   D: Seymour Robbie

With Tim O'Connor (Peter Harris), Stuart Nisbet (Coroner), Brooke Bundy (Miss Dorsey), Ramon Bieri (Lt. Hager), Susan Howard (Sandra Harris), Jonathan Lippe (Ed), Reta Shaw (Flo), James McCallion (Eddie), William Bramley (Mike), Ben Frank (Frank Tilton).
Barnaby investigates a daring jewel robbery that seems tied to a man's suicidal leap from an office building.

September 30, 1973: Echo Of A Murder
Season 2, episode 3
W: Calvin Clements   D: Walter Grauman

With Stefanie Powers (Claire Atkins), Wayne Rogers (Gil Atkins), Daniel J. Travanti (Lon Stevens), John S. Ragin (Walker), Sandy Kenyon (Benjamin Wright), Ross Elliott (Sheriff), Helen Kleeb (Miss Henley), Irene Tedrow (Mrs. Ryan), Bill Quinn (Judge).
Barnaby helps clear a summer resort owner accused of murdering his wife -- and then has doubts about his innocence after his client is cleared of the murder.

October 7, 1973: The Day Of The Viper
Season 2, episode 4
W: Barry Oringer   D: Walter Grauman

With Andrew Prine (Jim Howard), Katherine Justice (Liza Mills), Vincent Van Patten (Kevin Mills), Arch Johnson (Sheriff Sprague), Ford Rainey (Andrew Mills), Priscilla Morrill (Deborah Meadows), Read Morgan (Deputy Bailey).
Barnaby investigates the death of a desert rancher from a rattlesnake bite and finds himself trapped in a den of deadly rattlers in a deserted mine.

October 14, 1973: Trial Run For Death
Season 2, episode 5
W: Robert W. Lenski   D: Lawrence Dobkin

With Len Wayland (Frank), Clu Gulager (Mark Landy), Margot Kidder (Lori Wright), Anne Collings (Rita Landy), Eddie Firestone (Mechanic), Karl Swenson (Mr. Fowler), Mark Roberts (Curt Fowler), Paul Cavonis (Mr. Ashton), Margueritte Ray (Secretary).
A race car driver murders his brother-in-law rather than letting him reveal his affair with a young girl.

October 21, 1973: Catch Me If You Can
Season 2, episode 6
W: George Schenck   D: Walter Grauman

With Frank Maxwell (Eddie Wheelock), Claudia Bryar (Mary Wheelock), James Olson (Randall Stone), Charles Knox Robinson (Gene Merrick), Peter Mamakos (Kalizar), Mary-Robin Redd (Stella), Mary Jackson (Hilda Forbes), William Beckley (Mr. Kenton).
A killer sends clues of his identity to Barnaby, then leaves a trail of victims when the detective begins to unravel the cryptic messages.

October 28, 1973: Divorce - Murderer's Style
Season 2, episode 7
W: Robert Heverly   D: Lawrence Dobkin

With Nina Foch (Eleanora), Glenn Corbett (Charlie Cort), Lynne Marta (Cathy Wilson), Jenny Sullivan (Terry Mabry), Liam Sullivan (Laurence Whitley), Dallas Mitchell (Lieutenant), Robert F. Hoy (Lee Masters), Claire Brennan (Linda Cort).
An ex-football player gets wedged between Barnaby Jones and a blackmailer, after having his rich wife killed then shooting her killer.

November 4, 1973: The Deadly Prize
Season 2, episode 8
W: B.W. Sandefur   D: Michael Caffey

With George Maharis (Warren Davis), Albert Salmi (Vincent Buccola), James Luisi (Burt Logan), Hank Brandt (Chuck Forrester), Madlyn Rhue (Myra Stayley), Alfred Ryder (Mr. Granger), Val Avery (Andy Burns), James Hong (J.F. Chen), John J. Fox (Mr. Murphy), George Sawaya (Roy Hollister).
Two seamen become involved with murder after smuggling a treasure out of the Orient.

November 11, 1973: Stand-In For Death
Season 2, episode 9
W: Robert W. Lenski   D: Walter Grauman

With Carl Betz (Marshall Briggs), Lynda Day George (Ellie Briggs), Stephen Brooks (Victor Dayton), Barra Grant (Mrs. Morris), Arch Whiting (Gary Denning), Shirley O'Hara (Emily).
A man kills a charter boat captain he suspects is his wife's lover, only to learn that he killed the wrong man.

November 25, 1973: The Black Art Of Dying
Season 2, episode 10
W: Mark Weingart   D: Walter Grauman

With Joanne Linville (Kay Rogers), Fritz Weaver (Jason Matthews), Robert Pine (Paul Colling), Karen Machon (Kelly Barnes), Walter Brooke (Byron Colling), Jerry Lester (Chicky), Maxine Stuart (Ida), Ann Doran (Nurse Randall), Jason Wingreen (Eddie).
A prominent attorney dies in an auto accident after seeing what he thought to be the ghost of his dead wife, and Barnaby is drawn into an investigation of a psychic who predicted the event.

December 2, 1973: The Killing Defense
Season 2, episode 11
W: Dick Nelson   D: Michael Caffey

With Leslie Nielsen (Edward Brendon), Marj Dusay (Gail Anthony), Linda Watkins (Mrs. Marcova), Ted Hartley (Douglas Anthony), Tony Monaco (Chris), Katie O'Pace (Dodie Craig), William Bryant (Sam Mason).
An attorney matches wits with Barnaby Jones -- first freeing an accused jewel thief, then killing the thief for the missing jewels.

December 9, 1973: Fatal Flight
Season 2, episode 12
W: Calvin Clements   D: Michael Caffey

With Richard Anderson (Frank Cassidy), Pippa Scott (Janice Harley), Murray Hamilton (Clete Belford), Jerry Douglas (Bill Claymore), Eugene Peterson (Theodore Gordon), Jerry Ayres (Dan Foley), Joan Tompkins (Miss Wilson), Russ Conway (Mr. Drexel).
Barnaby Jones investigates the death of a corporation president in a plane crash and turns up three suspects within the organization with reasons to murder.

December 16, 1973: Secret Of The Dunes
Season 2, episode 13
W: B.W. Sandefur   D: Alf Kjellin

With Robert Hogan (Lyle Casey), Phillip Pine (Nicholas Dunbar), Thom Carney (Bartender), Don Porter (Jeremy Markham), Patrick O'Neal (Charles Wheeling), Laraine Stephens (Sheila Windsor), Frank Marth (Seaver), John Carter (Lt. Biddle), Eric Server (Benson), Nancy Priddy (Dorothy Mason), Todd Lookinland (Jimmy Mason).
A motorcyclist dies mysteriously in the desert and Barnaby Jones' investigation ties the death to a reclusive industrialist with connections to a crime syndicate.

January 6, 1974: Venus As In Flytrap
Season 2, episode 14
W: Robert Heverly   D: Corey Allen

With Ed Nelson (Larry Kinner), Jessica Walter (Brooke Leighton), Jack Ging (Dr. Reston), Bettye Ackerman (Margery Kinner), Robert F. Simon (Mr. Strand), Olive Dunbar (Katherine), Carol Lawson (Mrs. Nelson), Mario Machado (Talk Show Host), Joseph Mell (Veterinarian), Bonnie Ebsen (Secretary).
A well-known women's lib leader and an equally famous "male chauvinist" writer carry on a public feud and private love affair, resulting in the mysterious death of the author's crippled wife.

January 13, 1974: The Deadly Jinx
Season 2, episode 15
W: Robert W. Lenski   D: Robert Douglas

With Ida Lupino (Mrs. Revere), Meredith Baxter (Jenny Sutherland), Christopher Connelly (Doug Wingate), Mark Miller (Cal Medford), Richard Evans (Buck), Richard O'Brien (Sheriff), Jim Gammon (Lester Watkins), Joshua Bryant (Stan Porter), Jerry Summers (Greg Larkin).
Barnaby searches for the killer who has been systematically murdering the suitors of a rich woman.

January 20, 1974: The Platinum Connection
Season 2, episode 16
W: Calvin Clements   D: Seymour Robbie

With Gary Lockwood (Mitch Mitchell), Penny Fuller (Mary Dwayne), Milton Selzer (Sam Benson), John Lasell (Mr. Smith), Val Avery (Andy Burns), June Dayton (Mrs. Andrews), Dean Harens (Nate Turner), Frank Christi (Andre Roget), Bob Hastings (Bartender), Herb Armstrong (George).
A high-living jewelry dealer, who masterminded the robbery of his own company to steal a half-million dollars in platinum, is investigated by Jones.

January 27, 1974: Programmed For Killing
Season 2, episode 17
W: B.W. Sandefur   D: Marc Daniels

With Michael Burns (Brian Elder), Don Stroud (Chuck Summers), Donna Baccala (Emily Kelso), Lou Frizzell (Mr. Downey), Paul Sorenson (Mac Kelso), John Kerr (Dr. Lincoln), Felice Orlandi (Mr. Griffith), Don Keefer (Mr. Greening), Jennifer Shaw (Alice), Ginny Golden (Torby), Richard Yniguez (Jim Garcia).
While entertaining an attractive girl, an overly ambitious young man, with the help of a computer, murders her father who is 25 miles away.

February 10, 1974: Gold Record For Murder
Season 2, episode 18
W: Larry Brody   D: George McCowan

With Marjoe Gortner (David Colton), Meg Foster (Glenda), Jason Evers (Gil Turner), Arthur Franz (Morgan Walding), Doreen Lang (Mrs. Walding), Lenore Kasdorf (Paula), Jill Jaress (Secretary), Michael Zaslow (Raymond Walding).
Barnaby enters the bizarre world of rock music, sensitivity sessions and groupies when he focuses his attention on singer David Colton, his prime suspect in a murder case.

February 17, 1974: Friends Till Death
Season 2, episode 19
W: Robert Heverly   D: Russ Mayberry

With Fred Sadoff (Jerry), Susan Oliver (Karen Macklin), Ross Martin (Maxwell Imry), Scott Marlowe (Vincent Talbot), Gail Strickland (Susan Taylor), Peter Brocco (Harry Hamlin), Charles Isen (Coroner Dr. Mayhill), Thomas A. Geas (Calvin).
At the request of Betty, his daughter-in-law, Barnaby investigates the death of her former college roommate and determines that someone was after something the girl had in her possession.

February 24, 1974: Rendezvous With Terror
Season 2, episode 20
W: Calvin Clements   D: Seymour Robbie

With Gilbert Roland (Juan DeVarga), Cal Bellini (John Revez), Joe Santos (Balazar), Carmen Zapata (Mrs. Revez), Frank Ramirez (Garcia), Annette Cardona (Angela), Carlos Romero (Jarras).
Blindfolded and held at gunpoint, Barnaby is hired by a man he cannot see to find his son. But before beginning his search, Jones decides to find his mysterious new client.

March 3, 1974: Dark Legacy
Season 2, episode 21
W: Robert W. Lenski   D: Gene Nelson

With Eileen Heckart (Virginia Lennox), David Wayne (Raymond Lennox), Nick Nolte (Paul Barringer), Meg Wyllie (Housekeeper), Paul Fix (Amos Barringer), Barbara Stanger (Marilyn Barringer), Mark Goddard (Frank Halliday), Bill Zuckert (Guard), Roy Engel (Salesman), Hal Riddle (Motel Manager).
A seemingly nice middle class couple murder a stockbroker for apparently no reason, and the dead man's widow hires Jones to pursue the case.

March 10, 1974: Woman In The Shadows
Season 2, episode 22
W: B.W. Sandefur   D: Walter Doniger

With John Vernon (Dr. Henry Danvers), Susan Clark (Karen Maybury), Roger Perry (John Evanston), Linden Chiles (James Colin), Jamie Farr (Man at Scrap Yard), Nora Marlowe (Maid), Adrienne Marden (Nurse Downs).
With the aid of plastic surgery, a beautiful woman poses as the wife of a wealthy businessman -- to cover the death of his real wife and to bilk him in a million-dollar divorce settlement.

March 24, 1974: Image In A Cracked Mirror
Season 2, episode 23
W: Gerald Sanford   D: William Hale

With Bradford Dillman (Charles Kohlmeyer), Claudette Nevins (Lisa Howard), Mariette Hartley (Vanessa), Patty McCormack (Angie McClaine), Joel Fabiani (Dr. Bellman), Teri Garr (Actress), Quinn Redeker (Jeffrey McClaine), John Zaremba (Mr. Stevenson).
A charming con man, who borrows the identities of successful men and marries rich women, finds his scheme working as well as ever until one of his wives hires Barnaby Jones to investigate.

March 31, 1974: Foul Play
Season 2, episode 24
W: Calvin Clements   D: Walter Grauman

With Andrew Duggan (Bill Sanderson), Reni Santoni (Tony Santos), Victor Holchak (Frank Hampton), George DiCenzo (Cy Lando), Patricia Hindy (Mrs. Bailey), Frank Whiteman (Alan Bailey).
Hired to find a small-time gambler, Barnaby enmeshes himself in the world of professional basketball when he learns that the man he's seeking is related to a young player with a bright future and a clouded past.

September 10, 1974: A Gathering Of Thieves
Season 3, episode 1
W: Robert W. Lenski   D: Walter Grauman

With Tyne Daly (Madge Winston), Robert Foxworth (Whit Brewer), Laraine Stephens (Irene Hopkins), Richard Evans (Jeremy Carter), Regis Cordic (Claude Meecham), Lenore Kasdorf (Susan Meecham), Charles Cyphers (Brad Kirtz).
The third season opens with a charming con artist who resorts to murder when his elaborate real-estate swindle is uncovered by a former college professor.

September 17, 1974: Dead Man's Run
Season 3, episode 2
W: Calvin Clements   D: Walter Grauman

With Peter Mark Richman (Richard Stayman), Jessica Walter (Bernice Kellner), Lawrence Pressman (Lloyd Kellner), William Schallert (Mr. Freels), Richard Bull (Mr. Moore), Ross Elliott (Sheriff McKean), Les Lennon (Brooks).
A comptroller gets involved in an intricate scheme to cover a multi-million dollar embezzlement from a San Francisco investment firm.

September 24, 1974: The Challenge
Season 3, episode 3
W: Larry Brody   D: Walter Grauman

With Patrick O'Neal (Frank Cabot), Joan Van Ark (Sheila Bonner), Charles Aidman (Mr. Stevenson), Priscilla Pointer (Nancy Moore), Cheryl Miller (Kathy Sayers), Hank Brandt (Carl Hastings), Robert Patten (Arnold Moore), Stuart Nisbet (McKay), William Sargent (Vince Rader).
Barnaby matches wits with a fellow private eye, the calculating clever Frank Cabot, whose disrupted blackmail scheme pushes him to murder the man who had been paying him off.

October 1, 1974: Conspiracy Of Terror
Season 3, episode 4
W: B.W. Sandefur   D: Lawrence Dobkin

With Fritz Weaver (Laurence Sheffield), Don Dubbins (John Riley), Eugene Peterson (Jeffrey Terrence), Harris Yulin (Porter Long), Mario Roccuzzo (Stacy Vernon), Anne Helm (Helen Riley), Marla Adams (Audrey Meyer), Tony Young (Trumbull), Jeanne Bates (Bertha Delbart), John Harding (Frank Bosworth), Arthur Adams (Dr. Allen), Deidre Daniels (Gloria Mason).
A publishing tycoon's political ambitions are threatened by the possible disclosure of the scheme he planned in which another man accepted guilt for the murder of his wife.

October 8, 1974: Odd Man Loses
Season 3, episode 5
W: Joel Murcott   D: Walter Grauman

With Christopher Stone (Don Brody), Jo Ann Harris (Lorna Pearson), Dick Van Patten (Melvin Pearson), Robert Hogan (Stephen Triplett), Richard Derr (Wayne Hogan), June Dayton (Pam Hogan), Peter Hobbs (Elliott Plowman), Janice Lynde (Edna Triplett), Aubri Martin (Cindy Lou Corbett), Burt Douglas (Olin Lockridge).
An intricate plot hatched by three carpool members to hijack $300,000 of an industrial company's funds used in illicit deals goes awry when the courier of the money is accidentally killed in the otherwise successful robbery.

October 15, 1974: Forfeit By Death
Season 3, episode 6
W: Robert Sherman   D: L.H. Martinson

With Sheree North (Roxie Morgan), Mark Jenkins (Jim Wayburn), Lynne Marta (Sally), John van Dreelen (Victor Sonderheim), Jerry Douglas (Ross Kemper), Amzie Strickland (Mrs. Loomis), Anne Randall (Peggy Gibson), Steve Sandor (Sven Rolly), Val Avery (Andy Burns), Paul Bryar (Joe Carter), Artie Spain (Biggs).
Bail bondsman Roxie Morgan seeks the aid of her friend Barnaby in locating a missing hit-and-run defendant who has forfeited a large bond posted by her company.

October 29, 1974: Blueprint For A Caper
Season 3, episode 7
W: Gerald Sanford   D: Corey Allen

With Gary Lockwood (Camp), Phillip Pine (Charles Eldridge), Meg Foster (Gina Nelson), Joby Baker (Joe Holland), Antony Carbone (Doug Starrett), Jay W. MacIntosh (Sarah Larkin), Jennifer Shaw (Patty), Bill Joyce (Clete Larkin), Oscar Beregi Jr. (Emil Van Dorian), Henry Beckman (Capt. Mike), Ta-Tanisha (Gloria), Lew Horn (Mr. Morgan), Grayce Spence (Mrs. Dolan).
Jealousy provokes the brooding leader of a burglary ring to eliminate the insurance agent who supplies him with vital security plans for his break-in operations.

November 12, 1974: Mystery Cycle
Season 3, episode 8
W: Calvin Clements   D: William Wiard

With Mariette Hartley (Carolyn Lacey), James Luisi (Steve Rollins), Claudette Nevins (Francis Yeager), Gerald McRaney (Pete), Bill Baldwin (Attorney), Ann Morrison (Beth), Larry Manetti (Joe Scully), Larry Watson (Jim), David Brandon (Detective).
A mysterious motorcyclist is the missing piece in Barnaby's puzzle to determine how a motorcycle manufacturer died while testing one of his products on the desert.

November 19, 1974: Dark Homecoming
Season 3, episode 9
W: Ben Masselink   D: William Wiard

With Andrew Prine (Shine Stanfield), Julie Sommars (Ruby Deems), Jim McMullan (Cliff Baxter), John McLiam (Dwight Hopkins), Linda Kelsey (Cathy Lou Hopkins), Jerry Ayres (Wayne Gibson), Read Morgan (Sheriff George), Katie O'Pace (Billie), Iris Korn (Aunt May), Don Nagel (Red).
A country music singing star returns home to effect a reconciliation with her former husband but instead finds herself involved in a murder cover-up plot.

November 26, 1974: Time To Kill
Season 3, episode 10
W: Larry Alexander   D: Leslie H. Martinson

With Laurence Luckinbill (Colby Lassiter), Ellen Weston (Claire Lassiter), Kaz Garas (Curt), Kent Smith (George Weatherly), Val Avery (Andy Burns), Than Wyenn (Marcel de Laude), Maurice Marsac (Armand La Valle), Sam Edwards (Paul), Shirley O'Hara (Hannah), Dan Barton (Seymour Reynolds), Linda Leighton (Grace), Charles Picerni (Security Man).
The circumstances of the theft of the famed $1 million Exeter diamond, while its owner was attending a party, leads Barnaby to narrow the suspects to the wealthy man's closest friends.

December 3, 1974: Death On Deposit
Season 3, episode 11
W: Jack B. Sowards   D: Robert Douglas

With Ed Flanders (Fred Tucker), Lois Nettleton (Ellen Blazeford), Richard O'Brien (Sheriff), Renne Jarrett (Gail), John Findlater (Bert Munson), Paul Fix (Alfred Sturmer), James Carroll Jordan (Ralph Sturmer), Joan Tompkins (Mrs. Porter), Ollie O'Toole (Dr. Evans).
A small-town bank president's respectable reputation covers a trail of embezzlement and even murder.

December 10, 1974: Web Of Deceit
Season 3, episode 12
W: Robert Pirosh   D: Seymour Robbie

With Laurence Haddon (Charles Tatum), Don Porter (Adam Montgomery), Joel Fabiani (Larry Colter), Jane Merrow (Hillary Padgett), Stephen Elliott (James Brock), Peggy McCay (Mrs. Tatum), Frank Whiteman (Security Guard), Elissa Von Zobor (Mrs. Schneider), Jeff Davis (Barney).
Barnaby's investigation of an apparent suicide uncovers a scandal-hungry television commentator's plan to disclose the crime syndicate backing that saved the business empire of a multimillionaire industrialist.

December 31, 1974: The Last Contract
Season 3, episode 13
W: Robert Heverly   D: Seymour Robbie

With Bonnie Ebsen (Cheryl Moore), Priscilla Morrill (Mrs. Bryner), Peter Strauss (Clay Wakefield), Geoffrey Deuel (Lester Wakefield), Darleen Carr (Vicki Singer), Norman Alden (Timmer), Doris Dowling (Margaret Singer), Buck Young (Don Thurmond).
What seems like a routine assignment to locate a missing teenager becomes tricky business for Barnaby when it turns out the absent girl has married a professional killer.

January 7, 1975: Trap Play
Season 3, episode 14
W: Barry Oringer   D: Leslie H. Martinson

With Nick Nolte (Mark Rainey), Sheila Larken (Jenny Rainey), Marc Singer (Feather Tanner), Simon Scott (Paul Rainey), Bucklind Beery (Maynard Bates), Jordan Rhodes (Ken Harrison), Eddie Firestone (Bartender), Leigh Christian (Marsha Harrison).
Barnaby enters the world of professional football to unravel the disppearance of a young housewife who was last seen in the company of a star player.

January 21, 1975: Murder Once Removed
Season 3, episode 15
W: Robert W. Lenski   D: Ralph Senensky

With Edward Power (Arthur Catlin), Phyllis Thaxter (Aunt Meg), Pamela Franklin (Melissa Morgan), Robert Pine (Bradley Fredericks), Kristina Holland (Junie), Richard Eastham (R.B. Catlin), Bill Quinn (Lyle Stranton), Richard Karlan (Harry Olmo), Tom Pittman (Deputy).
A sailing error that no experienced yachtsman would be guilty of brings death to a wealthy manufacturer and veteran sailor R.B. Catlin, and convinces his sister that it was no accident.

February 4, 1975: Counterfall
Season 3, episode 16
W: Joel Murcott   D: Alf Kjellin

With Mitchell Ryan (Dennis Kelly), Jacqueline Scott (Mrs. Albin), James Callahan (Greg Albin), Robert Mandan (Rex Turner), Ron Rifkin (Snapper Wilcox), Patricia Estrin (Joan Whitley), Brett Parker (Otis Berne), John Perak (Vince Riker), Naomi Caryl (Hilda Waters), Terry Wilson (Judge Lennox), Marc Alaimo (Dr. Whitehall).
Barnaby takes on a client who is a fugitive from justice, charged with the assassination of a Superior Court judge during a press conference.

February 11, 1975: Dangerous Summer
Season 3, episode 17
W: B.W. Sandefur   D: Corey Allen

With John Rubinstein (Chris Garrison), Katherine Cannon (Michelle Simon), Frank Maxwell (Milt Williams), Harvey Fisher (Harv Cummings), Hilly Hicks (Warren Claxton), Joan Hotchkis (Mrs. Thurston), Dennis Patrick (John Thurston), Paul Comi (Professor Ronston), Vince Howard (Lt. Taylor), Eileen Dietz (Carol Deelon), Ben Wilson (Toby Williams), Robert Florea (Jack Hansberry).
Barnaby is hired to locate a missing college student whose father is unaware that his son is lying in hiding with a critical bullet wound acquired while committing a robbery.

February 18, 1975: Image Of Evil
Season 3, episode 18
W: Larry Brody   D: Leo Penn

With Audra Lindley (Iris Harmon), Tom Skerritt (Darrin Addison), Dennis Cole (Carroll Mitchell), Sharon Spelman (Phyllis Shaeffer), Kurt Kreuger (Don Chanmbers), Stacy Keach Sr. (Sheriff Whalen), Tony Monaco (Bob Tarcher), Dean Santoro (Charley), Jerry Fogel (Deputy Price), Sherry Bain (Faye Winston).
A young directorial genius, plagued by an over-the-hill star who is ruining his motion picture, decides to eliminate the aging actor permanently. But his deadly scheme backfires when an opportunistic stuntman observes the crime and resorts to blackmail.

February 25, 1975: Fantasy Of Fear
Season 3, episode 19
W: Robert W. Lenski   D: Leo Penn

With Shirley Knight (Kay Lewiston), Jane Elliot (Ann Danvers), Quinn Redeker (Vincent Lewiston), Joshua Bryant (Dan Parker), Kenneth Tobey (Sheriff), Sander Johnson (Steve), Curt Lowens (Dr. Myers).
A woman only recently recovered from a nervous breakdown apparently hears the voice of her dead daughter on the telephone and thinks she really is losing her mind.

March 11, 1975: Doomed Alibi
Season 3, episode 20
W: Martin Roth   D: Richard C. Bennett

With Monte Markham (Vince Barrett/Rick Hatfield), Katherine Justice (Shirley Jennings), Linden Chiles (Red Buttimer), Walker Edmiston (George Anderson), Jamie Farr (Marty Paris), Sam Chew (Chris Mason), Marcia Mae Jones (Irma Anderson), Dean Harens (Dan Foreman), Mark Roberts (Ted Mason).
A fading western star uses his lookalike, a small-time disc jockey, to provide him with the alibi that permits him to commit murder.

March 18, 1975: The Deadlier Species
Season 3, episode 21
W: Lou Shaw   D: Leslie H. Martinson

With Bradford Dillman (Robert Travis), Claire Brennan (Madeline Howard), Sandra De Bruin (Nikki), Marj Dusay (Sylvia Blake), Patricia Smith (Helen), Mariclare Costello (Ruth), Walter Brooke (George Lockman), Linda Scruggs (Rita Lockman).
An embezzling comptroller stages a fake boat accident to cover up his murder of the man who discovered his crime, but he overlooks a crucial point which puts Barnaby on his trail.

March 25, 1975: Poisoned Pigeon
Season 3, episode 22
W: Skip Webster   D: Richard C. Bennett

With Penny Fuller (Della Madison), Michael Callan (Tim Darnell), Wayne Tippit (Wade Swanson), Jonathan Lippe (Charly), Alex Henteloff (Bruno Arvez), Stephen Coit (Dave Howell), Jack Riley (Norm Ricks), Phyllis Hill (Mary Archer), Ken Scott (Jim Archer), Laura Lacey (Sue Cabot), Eldon Quick (Sid Farrell).
Two charming con artists are congratulating themselves on a job well done when their victim drops in on their celebration, forcing them to eliminate him.

April 1, 1975: Jeopardy For Two
Season 3, episode 23
W: Carey Wilber   D: Michael Caffey

With Eric Braeden (Raven), Bernard Fox (Col. Redford), John Anderson (John Albright), Karen Carlson (Mrs. Jennings), Charles Macaulay (Charles Siddon), Ben Wright (Gordon McLean), Erik Holland (Jan Sinchek).
A notorious double agent named Raven becomes Barnaby's ultimate target when a British intelligence agent hires him to track down an elusive Czech dealing in espionage.

April 15, 1975: Bond Of Fear
Season 3, episode 24
W: Robert Sherman   D: Leslie H. Martinson

With Roger Perry (Russ Madden), Sharon Acker (Florence Armstrong), Ben Piazza (Eugene Armstrong), Arlene Golonka (Nora Frazier), Devon Ericson (Lori Armstrong), William Bramley (Sheriff Lunceford), John Devlin (Harold Armstrong), Betty McGuire (Edith Logan), Jon Cedar (Jordan), Peter Forster (Dr. Parker).
The unexplained death of a woman's philandering husband during a family party leaves a cloud of suspicion hanging over the widow and prompts Barnaby Jones to reopen the investigation.

September 19, 1975: The Deadly Conspiracy (Part 2)
Season 4, episode 1
W: Stephen Kandel   D: Michael Caffey

With William Conrad (Frank Cannon), Sharon Acker (Laura Vaner), Diana Douglas (Alice Parks), Charles Durning (Don Corcoran), Hayden Rorke (Senator Knox), Barry Sullivan (Gordon McKenna), Michael Bell (Thomas Lochner), William Bryant (Roy Gaddis), Paul Picerni (Anthony Calvelli), Robert Boon (Ivar Nilsson), Robert Brubaker (Dr. Holbertson), Irene Gilbert (Nurse Griffin), Bill Meigs (General Todd Stanford), David 'Buddy' Pansari (Taggert), Teru Shimada (Hidekei Ito), George Skaff (Sheik Habib Khoury), Don Ross (Sawyer).
Barnaby and Frank Cannon combine forces to solve three murders.

September 26, 1975: Theater Of Fear
Season 4, episode 2
W: Robert W. Lenski   D: Walter Grauman

With Anne Francis (Shirley Evans), William Smithers (Burt Parish), Daniel J. Travanti (Lloyd Kilgore), Royce Wallace (Agnes), John S. Ragin (Eddie Davis), Mary Ann Chinn (Jill Mallory), Dawn Lyn (Kathy), Dorothy Scott (Carla Parish).
A former movie queen's last-ditch comeback on the stage is hampered by a campaign of terror that Barnaby tries to solve.

October 3, 1975: The Orchid Killer
Season 4, episode 3
W: Michael Fisher   D: Walter Grauman

With Katherine Helmond (Edna Morrison), Sondra Locke (Alicia), Kristoffer Tabori (Tim Landis), Biff McGuire (Henry Morrison), Kathleen Cody (Sherry), James Carroll Jordan (Jack Meyer), Regis Cordic (Dr. Reston), Aubri Martin (Nancy), Mark Roberts (Donald Harrelson).
The heir to a large fortune with a history of mental illness becomes the prime suspect in a murder because the evidence matches that for which he spent time in a mental hospital.

October 10, 1975: The Price Of Terror
Season 4, episode 4
W: William Keys   D: Walter Grauman

With Marc Singer (Tally Morgan), Robert Webber (Maxwell Strager), Jane Actman (Diane Strager), Patsy Rahn (Arlene James), Ken Lynch (Todd Chrisman), Stuart Nisbet (Earl Mooney), John Ritter (Joe Rockwell).
A black market in heavy U.S. Army equipment, yielding millions in profits, leads to murder four years later when one of the service conspirators, now a civilian, decides he wants a bigger cut.

October 17, 1975: Honeymoon With Death
Season 4, episode 5
W: Larry Alexander   D: Michael Caffey

With Tim O'Connor (Stu Fannon), Robert Hogan (Dwight Kincaid), Michael Masters (Toby Wheeler), Leslie Charleson (Victoria Norris), Frank Marth (Elliott Rail), Arthur Roberts (Edward Cross), Arch Johnson (Sheriff Eustace), Hal Lynch (George Brokow), Marcia Mae Jones (Flora Ogden), Ruth Manning (Mae Williams), Owen Bush (Ezra Hayden), Rik Pierce (Dr. Monroe).
A vengeful bride turns her honeymoon into tragedy when she disposes of her hotel-owner husband.

October 24, 1975: The Alpha-Bravo War
Season 4, episode 6
W: Calvin Clements   D: Michael Caffey

With Alex Henteloff (Bill Wayland), Michael Tolan (Reed Calder), Rosemary Forsyth (Ruth Hanley), Jack Ging (Wayne Houser), Linda Harrison (Dori Calder), Edward Winter (Tom Green), Russell Thorson (Franklin).
Barnaby suspects foul play when the misfiring of a test missile results in death.

October 31, 1975: Flight To Danger
Season 4, episode 7
W: Joel Murcott   D: Michael Caffey

With Bo Hopkins (Ken Morley), Shelley Fabares (Susan Byrd), Carl Franklin (Mark Seagert), Tracy Reed (Rachel Rogers), Charles Lampkin (Mort Rogers), Eric Kilpatrick (Bobby Rogers).
Intra-company warfare flares up over a lucrative government contract, resulting in a pair of possible murders.

November 7, 1975: Double Vengeance
Season 4, episode 8
W: Robert Sherman   D: Michael Caffey

With Lloyd Bochner (Ray Greenwald), Lynda Day George (Brina Douglas), Paul Fix (Jack Tattnall), Dean Santoro (Mr. Farlow), Edward Power (Gil Vandenburgh), Eugene Peterson (Sterling Douglas), Eric Server (Coleman), Tony Colti (Fred McAllen), Raymond Kark (Swenson), Susan Quick (Harriet).
A grieving father, disturbed that his daughter's spotless reputation has been tarnished when she's found dead of a drug overdose, asks Barnaby to investigate.

November 14, 1975: Fatal Witness
Season 4, episode 9
W: Calvin Clements   D: Walter Grauman

With Larry Hagman (Dr. Rickers), Tommy Lee Jones (Dr. Melford), Marcia Rodd (Nurse Hollister), Bill Ballance (Edwards), Leslie Ackerman (Kathy Barnes), Denny Miller (Simms), Jason Wingreen (Sewell), Dean Harens (Ralph Perers), Betty McGuire (Iris Barnes).
Barnaby investigates a murder cover-up involving a doctor and a nurse.

November 21, 1975: Beware The Dog
Season 4, episode 10
W: Michael Fisher   D: Walter Grauman

With Claudette Nevins (Claudia Elwood), Roger Perry (Dan Carson), Robert Patten (Joe Beecher), Ina Balin (Laura Beecher), Michael LeClair (Colin), Paul Carr (George Roswell), Ellen Geer (Mary Wiley), Johnny Doran (Jimmy Wiley), Charles Cyphers (Bill Garwood), Charlie Briggs (Oscar Fry), Ann Foster (Penny).
A boy's pet dog, apparently turned killer, becomes the focal point of Barnaby's investigation after the boy's stepfather is savagely mauled to death while feeding the animal.

November 28, 1975: Blood Relations
Season 4, episode 11
W: Dick Nelson   D: Walter Grauman

With Len Wayland (Ed Flynn), Claudia Bryar (Emily Kates), Eileen Brennan (Anita Willson), Allen Case (Grant Brockman), Mitzi Hoag (Mary Renee Willson), Trish Stewart (Kelly Anderson), Ross Elliott (Marvin Kates), Arch Whiting (Deputy).
Barnaby steps into the breach when another private investigator is killed and finds his search for a client's mother leading him into a web of intrigue and murder.

December 4, 1975: A Taste For Murder
Season 4, episode 12
W: Robert W. Lenski   D: Walter Grauman

With Dabney Coleman (George Clark), Renne Jarrett (Allison Clark), Bonnie Ebsen (Maxie Lister), Lee Purcell (Kathy Cooper), Don Knight (Bertram Fisher), Bryan Montgomery (Tommy Allen), Eddie Firestone (Andy Burns), Robert Doyle (Wayne Tucker), Robert Gibbons (A.J. Ambrose), Joel Stedman (Ted Forester).
A calculating girl who has infiltrated the social "horsey set" to set up burglaries for her boyfriend decides she wants to make the arrangement permanent.

December 11, 1975: Final Burial
Season 4, episode 13
W: Robert Pirosh   D: Michael Caffey

With Jerry Douglas (Harold Murphy), Jo Ann Harris (Lisa Murphy), Stephen Collins (Todd Ballinger), Peggy McCay (Rose Ballinger), James Gammon (Andy Lucker), Anne Convy (Evelyn Burke), William Benedict (Vincent Wage), Herbert Armstrong (Frank Delbert).
When Barnaby begins searching for a missing Seattle man who has abandoned his wife and child, he opens up a complex case involving blackmail and murder.

December 18, 1975: Portrait Of Evil
Season 4, episode 14
W: Robert Sherman   D: Michael Caffey

With Laurence Haddon (Sheriff Cully), Donna Mills (Abby Reinhart), Alan Feinstein (Tony Barrer), Neva Patterson (Liza), Shelly Novack (Ralph Forester), Kurt Kasznar (George Ondray), Peter Hobbs (Walter Morgan), Mavis Neal Palmer (Charlotte Barnard), Kent Taylor (Guthrie Reinhart).
The death of a multimillionaire art collector throws a kink into the intricate scheme of his unhappy wife and her artist boyfriend to substitute a forged painting for one of his valuable originals.

January 1, 1976: Dead Heat
Season 4, episode 15
W: Larry Alexander   D: Walter Grauman

With Lou Frizzell (Sid Mayo), Pat Hingle (Ray Dixon), Andrew Parks (Norm Dixon), Jacqueline Scott (Gwen Reynolds), Susan Lanier (Sheryl Cavanaugh), Barney Phillips (Harry Verby), Harry Moses (Andy Cavanaugh), Paul Bryar (Ben Harlow), Vivian Brown (Claire Abrams), Jonathan Banks (Vince Gentry), Nick Ferris (Alex Jacoby).
America's favorite to win an Olympic gold medal in the swimming competition dies under mysterious circumstances and his coach calls on Barnaby Jones to head off a major sports scandal.

January 8, 1976: The Lonely Victims
Season 4, episode 16
W: Worley Thorne   D: Michael Caffey

With Peter Haskell (Jack Arno), E.J. Peaker (Sheila Wild), Inga Swenson (Ann Hobson), Jenny O'Hara (Joanie Enders), Claire Brennan (Laura Enders), Don Nagel (Pete), George Sawaya (Ted), Joseph Mell (Mr. Inball), Conlan Carter (Ed Chandler), Marcy Lafferty (Connie), Paul Lukather (Lewis Gorman), Rozelle Gayle (Alf Wortman).
A smooth-talking con artist uses his wiles to gather information for his burglary ring from women who hold responsible positions with firms ripe for robbery.

January 15, 1976: Hostage
Season 4, episode 17
W: Gerald Sanford   D: Mel Damski

With James Luisi (Joe Doyle), Hank Brandt (Norm Stevens), John Gilgreen (Harbor Master), Barry Brown (Corey Doyle), William Smith (George Harper), Hilary Thompson (Shannon Nelson), Nora Marlowe (Mother McCoy), Madelyn Cain (Ellen Stevens).
Betty Jones becomes the innocent victim in a dangerous game when she is held by a desperate man attempting to force Barnaby to reopen the case of his convicted brother.

January 29, 1976: Silent Vendetta
Season 4, episode 18
W: William Keys   D: Walter Grauman

With Frank Maxwell (Karl Webb), John Marley (Albert Felix), Peter Mark Richman (Jim Redmon), Elizabeth Allen (Lottie), Darrell Fetty (Mickey), Roy Jenson (Hastings), Jamie Donnelly (Monica Gideon), Than Wyenn (Stan Lewis), Sandy Kenyon (Walter Gideon), Janice Lynde (Samantha Yates), Betty Anne Rees (Judy Mason), Don Keefer (Dave Blevins), Tony Monaco (Miller), Dan Barton (Don Proctor).
A retired mobster and the author who is collaborating with him on a book that will expose the hierarchy of crime are gunned down in a gangland style shooting.

February 5, 1976: Shadow Of Guilt
Season 4, episode 19
W: Terrance Sweeney   D: Chris Robinson

With Linden Chiles (Rod Cursey), Phillip Pine (Lyle Harrison), Christopher Stone (Father Williams), A Martinez (Carlos Rojas), Leigh Christian (Ginny Harrison), Erik Estrada (Gang Member), Priscilla Garcia (Maria Cabrera), Natividad Vacio (Estaban), Carl Miranda (Ernie Cabrera), Rafael Lopez (Mario), Mike Salcido (Armando).
When a Chicano street gang member, already in trouble with the law, believes he is responsible for a wealthy man's death in a horse-riding accident, he flees and becomes the object of Barnaby's search.

February 12, 1976: Deadly Reunion
Season 4, episode 20
W: Dick Nelson   D: Walter Grauman

With Eugene Peterson (Rick Lorenzo), Gary Collins (Vince Bradford), Diana Hyland (Nora Bradford), Stewart Moss (Carl Fenton), Dick Van Patten (Merle Overton), Priscilla Pointer (Sandra Lorenzo), Loni Anderson (Dee Dee Danvers), Frank Barone (Harold Lorenzo).
Betty Jones becomes involved in a murder Barnaby is investigating when the chief suspect turns out to be a man she was once in love with.

February 26, 1976: Dangerous Gambit
Season 4, episode 21
W: Robert Sherman   D: Ernest Pintoff

With Gary Lockwood (Jerry Kennedy), Gerald McRaney (Dave Boyette), Linda Henning (Joyce Elkins), Jon Cypher (Frank Dunlap), Lynne Marta (Angie Ross), Ward Costello (Charles Markwell), Deborah White (Lily Clayton), Jill Jaress (Madge Johnson), Sam Edwards (Smiley), Terry Lumley (Mary Boyette), J.R. Clark (Anderson), Drew Denbaum (Stan Nesbit).
Tracing a missing witness to an apparently routine accident death inadvertently leads Barbaby into a complex bank fraud scheme.

March 4, 1976: Wipeout
Season 4, episode 22
W: Michael Fisher   D: Kenneth C. Gilbert

With Jeff Conaway (Taylor Chappell), Joanna Miles (Anna Lisa Chappell), Fred Beir (Jason Purree), Ralph Williams (Herbie Webster), Richard Bull (Sheriff Safian), Charles Bateman (Daviel Reese), Joy Claussen (Joanna Woods), Richard Young (Craig Winters), Cassie Yates (Donna Reese), Greta Ronningen (Meg), Meegan King (Todd).
Barnaby investigates the apparent surfboard death of a young girl, skilled in the sport, who is found on the beach.

March 11, 1976: The Eyes Of Terror
Season 4, episode 23
W: Larry Alexander   D: Allen Reisner

With Clu Gulager (Sheriff Hollister), Sheila Larken (Dory Crandall), Terry Kiser (Arlie Burke), Anthony Geary (Deputy Jeffries), Mills Watson (Frank Carter), Elizabeth MacRae (Lucy Thornburgh), Janis Hansen (Paula Morgan), Carol Demas (Marie Carter), Jim Bohan (Ralph Beaumont), Ken Sidwell (Sid Larkin).
A desert town sheriff is hostile toward Barnaby when he comes to help a teacher clear a retarded youth who has been accused of murder.

March 18, 1976: The Stalking Horse
Season 4, episode 24
W: Robert W. Lenski   D: Alf Kjellin

With Walker Edmiston (George Turek), Nina Foch (Myra Westmore), Denver Pyle (Stayley Kircher), Marge Redmond (Miss Trevine), John Milford (Hughie Calder), Mark Thomas (Ralph Miller), Beeson Carroll (Oliver Handy), Laura Hippe (Pepper Mintz), Kurt Grayson (Roamer), Jill Martin (Sandy Handy), Jim Gruzalski (Eddie).
Barnaby poses as the long-missing brother of an old import tycoon to find out who is trying to assassinate the rich man.

October 7, 1976: Blood Vengeance
Season 5, episode 1
W: Dick Nelson   D: Walter Grauman

With Christine Belford (Louise Brenner), James Olson (Walter Cahill), Steven Keats (Tony Ridder), Gregory Harrison (Richie Ridder), Kelly Thordsen (Monroe Jones), Susanne Zenor (Sue Ellen).
As the fifth season starts, J.R. Jones, Barnaby's young cousin, arrives in Los Angeles determined to avenge the death of his policeman father.

October 14, 1976: Deadline For Dying
Season 5, episode 2
W: Robert W. Lenski   D: Walter Grauman

With John Rubinstein (Larry Christopher), John Lehne (Elliott Webster), Susan Sullivan (Ruth Sorrell), Sally Stark (Maureen Ross), James York (Carl Hichman), Sylvia Walden (Beatrice).
An investigative reporter becomes the key to the murder of a state land board member who had uncovered a land development scheme.

October 21, 1976: Sins Of Thy Father
Season 5, episode 3
W: Gerald Sanford   D: Walter Grauman

With James Woods (Danny Reeves), Patrick O'Neal (Coleman Reeves), Daniel J. Travanti (Fred Bender), Mark Goddard (Vince Reeves), Gerald McRaney (Jim Cabe), Loni Anderson (Joanna Morgan), Robert Doyle (Nat Lewis), Laura Wallace (Sara Fields), Tony Cristino (Alex Dayton), Sam Edwards (Jules), Don Carrara (Joe Cooper), Peter Ford (Sam Fields).
The apparent accidental death of an air charter service pilot brings Barnaby in contact with gambling money from the Bahamas.

October 28, 1976: The Fatal Dive
Season 5, episode 4
W: Paul Robert Coyle   D: Walter Grauman

With Don Gordon (Carl Everett), Janice Lynde (Alice Caldwell), Charles Frank (Tony Chap), Robert Ito (Nin Tsu), Charles Siebert (Doc Porter), Bill Zuckert (Sheriff), Gary Giem (Jeff Hansen), Cletus Young (Nunnally).
The death of an experienced scuba diver arouses the suspicions of members of his club, who hire Barnaby to investigate.

November 11, 1976: Final Ransom
Season 5, episode 5
W: Mann Rubin   D: Mel Damski

With Lawrence Pressman (Mr. Bentley), William Lucking (Nick Harding), Stacey Baldwin (Kathy Ann), Fred Stuthman (Jim Ashley), Anne Convy (Laura Bentley), William Bryant (Sheriff Coulton), Amzie Strickland (Mrs. Morrison).
Barnaby tracks down a recently released felon who attempts to kidnap a young girl -- a plot which failed ten years earlier.

November 18, 1976: Band Of Evil
Season 5, episode 6
W: Robert W. Lenski   D: Walter Grauman

With Annette O'Toole (Cas Carter), Andrew Robinson (Sonny Holland), John David Carson (Walt Gornett), Devon Ericson (Lois Lambert), Kenneth Tobey (Tommy Allen), Roberta Leighton (Vanessa Pickering), Josh Taylor (Les Sayer).
A citizen's band radio conversation overheard by a rancher's daughter becomes an important clue in the disappearance of a bronc-buster employee who spotted a break in the property's fence and then dropped out of sight.

December 2, 1976: Voice In The Night
Season 5, episode 7
W: Robert Sherman   D: Leslie H. Martinson

With James Naughton (Louis Manning), Sharon Spelman (Claire Glover), Linda Kelsey (Linda Glover), Anthony Geary (Nelson Mosley), Joan Tompkins (Judge Royce), William Bramley (Sheriff Perry), Sean Fallon Walsh (Harry), Carol Demas (Cynthia Lynn Glover).
Barnaby faces a complex case in which two murder victims believed they heard the voice of a mentally disturbed girl who died a year before they were killed.

December 16, 1976: The Bounty Hunter
Season 5, episode 8
W: William Keys   D: Alf Kjellin

With Eugene Roche (Ernie Kilgore), Jason Evers (Herb Dorset), Beverly Todd (Dorla Sanders), Carl Weathers (Jack Hopper), William Carden (Lee Watson), Joel Fluellen (Woody Womble), Barbara Baldavin (Allison Claymore), Ed Hall (Conners), Eleanor Tanin (Mrs. Watson), Al Hansen (Stoner), Fil Formicola (Logan).
Barnaby's attempts to clear a young prison trustee of murder in a prison break begins to uncover clues to the whereabouts of a half-million dollars stolen two years earlier in an armored car robbery.

December 23, 1976: Renegade's Child
Season 5, episode 9
W: Larry Alexander   D: Harry Falk

With Don Johnson (Wayne Lockwood), Nancy Wolfe (Julie Nesbitt), Edward Walsh (Griffith Markham), Christina Hart (Amanda), Bettye Ackerman (Mrs. Nesbitt), Victor Mohica (Roy), Frederick Herrick (Leo Shenson), John Perak (Willie Omardt), James Coleman (Pete Dawson), Bruce Watson (Rudy Bates), Gary Sandy (Sy Rogers), David Hollander (Jody Lockwood), Iris Korn (Mrs. Trent), Karl Ellis (Chuck Moss).
Barnaby is retained to track down the missing child of a girl just released from prison, and his search pays an unexpected dividend when he uncovers a ring of thieves hijacking U.S. Army material with the help of an inside source.

December 30, 1976: Fraternity Of Thieves
Season 5, episode 10
W: Gerald Sanford   D: Mel Damski

With Bradford Dillman (Roger Le Barron), Ron Masak (Albert Woods), Charlotte Stewart (Janet Woods), Heather Menzies (Melinda Marks), John Ashton (Lester Shiller), Nancy Stephens (Ruth Shiller), Dan Barton (Ray Keller).
A playboy ex-athlete plots a difficult $2 million diamond heist that involves an earlier burglary to obtain plans of the security system guarding the fortune in gems.

January 6, 1977: Sister Of Death
Season 5, episode 11
W: Gerry Day, Bethel Leslie   D: Michael Caffey

With Sheila Larken (Sister Terry), Katherine Justice (Suzanne Montaigne), Jack Ging (Dave Hendricks), Jonathan Lippe (Mr. T), Fred Sadoff (Freddy Fairfield), Skip Homeier (Col. John), Laurel Barnett (Rita Carbone), Maria Cale (Adelina), Danny Sue Nolan (Nurse McKay), Sally Marr (Marie Holcomb).
Barnaby confronts the controversial subject of euthanasia when a young nun is suspected of pulling the plug on the life-support machine that kept her incurably ill sister alive.

January 13, 1977: The Deadly Charade
Season 5, episode 12
W: Calvin Clements   D: Michael Caffey

With David Hedison (Paul Nugent), Joshua Bryant (Harris Lassiter), John McLiam (Sheriff Coyle), Marla Adams (Sandra Lassiter), Jana Bellan (Alma), Katharine Charles (Shelley), David Lewis (Leonard), Dick DeCoit (Buzzy), Jessica St. John (June), Newell Alexander (Rob).
A handsome playboy develops a romantic interest in Betty Jones, but their weekend is ruined by the murder of his wealthy cousin.

January 20, 1977: Testament Of Power
Season 5, episode 13
W: Stanley Roberts   D: Alf Kjellin

With Pernell Roberts (Matthews), Susan Dey (Linda Jason), Nancy Olson (Thelma Thompson), Frances Bergen (Margaret Jason), Richard Bakalyan (Harry Layton), James Congdon (Cap Hutchinson), Alfred Avallone (Porter), Katie Hopkins Zerby (Claire), Beau Billingslea (O'Donnell), Larry Watson (Phillips), Linda Lee Cadwell (Lorna).
Barnaby attempts to connect the death of a wealthy man and the apparent suicide of a woman who was the man's secretary 20 years before.

January 27, 1977: Copy-Cat Killing
Season 5, episode 14
W: Larry Forrester   D: Leslie H. Martinson

With Trish Stewart (Kitty Bradden), David Huddleston (Sheriff Bradden), Wayne Maunder (Deputy Campbell), Jeff Cooper (Billy Cranston), Annette Cardona (Lucy Stahl), George Wallace (Gus Willison), Roger Carrion (Vince Stahl), Jorge Cervera Jr. (Cesar Ducentes), Sean Michael Rice (Arnold Nessen), Alvah Stanley (Clem Nugent), John Rayborn (Jake McDermott).
A middle-aged, small-town sheriff discovers that his seductive young wife has been cheating on him, and it appears that her philandering may be connected with the latest in a series of murders he's been investigating.

February 3, 1977: A Simple Case Of Terror
Season 5, episode 15
W: Calvin Clements   D: Michael Caffey

With Michael V. Gazzo (Mr. Farinelli), Peter Coffield (Tom Landry), Robert Yuro (Eddie), Paul Bryar (Cooley), Herb Armstrong (Byrds), Jim Bohan (John Stevens).
A war-scarred Vietnam veteran becomes the patsy in a murder committed by his best friend, who makes the mentally disturbed ex-soldier think he is responsible for the death.

February 17, 1977: The Marathon Murders
Season 5, episode 16
W: Worley Thorne   D: Walter Grauman

With Lynne Marta (Lorraine Whithers), Lynette Mettey (Sally Delphine), Paul Mantee (Wallace Brooks), Mary Jackson (Lorraine's Mother), Sudie Bond (Maude), Gina Alvarado (Ava), Anne Newman-Mantee (Ruth Scanlan), Laurie Jefferson (Mary Garrett), Sean Morgan (Stan Eggers).
Barnaby investigates the "accidental" death of a heavily insured man.

February 24, 1977: Duet For Dying
Season 5, episode 17
W: Gerald Sanford   D: Leo Penn

With Cassie Yates (Ruby Connors), Mary Ann Chinn (Pearl Connors), Chris Robinson (Harley Nelson), Ivor Francis (Stanley Beauchamp), Darrell Fetty (Michael Albert), Bryan Montgomery (Lester Gibson), Arny Freeman (Sam Prideman), Charles Bateman (Harry Dunbar), Virginia Kiser (Ethel Dunbar), John McCann (Duke).
Barnaby and J.R. run afoul of a sister singing team whose appealing good looks mask a ruthless quality that has left a trail of death behind them.

March 3, 1977: Circle Of Treachery
Season 5, episode 18
W: Robert Sherman   D: Walter Grauman

With Tovah Feldshuh (Laura Woods), Alex Rocco (Harry Stroop), Joe E. Tata (Little Angel), Van Williams (Munson), Jerry Ayres (Monte Kovell), Zooey Hall (Larry Riggs), Read Morgan (Red Edwards), John Morgan Evans (Eddie Bryant), Charles Isen (Doctor).
Keeping the key witness to a racetrack robbery alive is Barnaby's concern after once attempt on the man's life makes him reconsider testifying at the trial.

March 17, 1977: Anatomy Of Fear
Season 5, episode 19
W: Gerald Sanford   D: Walter Grauman

With Paul Koslo (Tony Slayton), Brooke Bundy (Sharon Henderson), Carl Weintraub (Casey Donahue), Priscilla Pointer (Mrs. Cunningham), Eddie Ryder (Mel Linder), Paul Henry Itkin (Vic Slayton), William Benedict (Mike Brown), Chuck Boyd (Stan Warren).
Betty drops over for a birthday celebration with a girlfriend to discover she's been the victim of a burglary. But the girl mysteriously refuses to report the crime to the police.

March 24, 1977: The Killer On Campus
Season 5, episode 20
W: Dick Nelson   D: Leo Penn

With Katherine Cannon (Karen Bateman), Jess Walton (Doris Carson), Robert Mandan (Raymond Carson), Jerry Houser (Manny Edison), Jeff Conaway (Jeff Saunders), Raymond Singer (Roger Lessing), Don Keefer (Professor Albertson), Jenny Sherman (Alice).
Barnaby and J.R. investigate the apparent suicide of a university professor, and discover that he was a former member of an underground revolutionary cell and was planning to write a book about it.

March 31, 1977: The Deadly Valentine
Season 5, episode 21
W: Mann Rubin   D: Walter Grauman

With Joan Pringle (Ellen Ashley), Howard Honig (Henry Peerson), Ken Lynch (Dispatcher Collins), James O'Connell (Ed Wilson).
Betty becomes a prospective target of a psychopathic killer who sends his victims valentines containing messages fashioned from magazine clippings.

May 5, 1977: Duet For Danger
Season 5, episode 22
W: Gerald Sanford   D: Leslie H. Martinson

With Cassie Yates (Ruby Connors), Mary Ann Chinn (Pearl Connors), Ray Danton (Nick DeMarco), Bryan Montgomery (Lester Gibson), Andy Jarrell (Johnny Blue), Quinn Redeker (Ben Kingston), Mark Thomas (Murray), Barbara Mallory (Mary Beth Wells), Paul Picerni (Stan Toland), Gloria Manon (Maxine), Clark Howat (Minister), Tony Ballen (Smiley Olswanger).
Barnaby is again on the trail of the Starshine Sisters, who escape from prison and head for Nashville.

May 12, 1977: The Inside Man
Season 5, episode 23
W: Paul Robert Coyle   D: Guerdon Trueblood

With Mark Jenkins (Ralph Hugh Alcott), Laurie Prange (Chris Longacre), Michael Baseleon (Roy Twain), Richard O'Brien (Joe Montgomery), Deborah White (Kathy Rondel), Than Wyenn (Professor), Betty Anne Rees (Sherry McLeod), Erik Holland (Leo Gully), Jean Gillespie (Nora Longacre), Frank Downing (Bob Dyer), John Yates (Artie Moss).
The inside man in an attempted robbery inadvertently becomes a hero when he murders a double-crossing confederate.

May 19, 1977: Run Away to Terror
Season 5, episode 24
W: Gerald Sanford   D: Kenneth C. Gilbert

With Kathleen Beller (Julie Enright), Richard Evans (Brother Love), Victoria Thompson (Gloria Henley), Randolph Powell (Steve Bender), Emmaline Henry (Sadie), Danny Dayton (Sammy), Jill Martin (Melinda Enright), Carol Vogel (Sister Felicity), Phil Hoover (Marty Coleman), Aesop Aquarian (Brother Free), Harv Selsby (Dave), Patricia Ann Marker (Sara).
After witnessing a murder, a young girl seeks refuge in a religious retreat.

September 15, 1977: Death Beat
Season 6, episode 1
W: Larry Alexander   D: Michael Caffey

With Richard Derr (Charlie Monahan), Robert Reed (Devitt Robinson), Katherine Justice (Libby Price), Anthony Geary (Jim Anders), Anne Lockhart (Wendy Millikan), Rolly Fanton (Margie Hall), Brendan Dillon (Jonathan Archet), Michael Bond (Father Moore), Donovan Jones (Steve Croyden).
Season premiere. An unethical newscaster, in his attempt to create news, causes the death of a salesman and a priest.

September 22, 1977: The Mercenaries
Season 6, episode 2
W: Robert Janes   D: Walter Grauman

With Gregory Walcott (Colonel Folsom), Katherine Cannon (Lucy Todd), Mark Wheeler (Danny Corman), Cooper Huckabee (Steve Barker), Jeanne Lange (Kate Corman), George Wallace (Longwood), Sheilah Wells (Noreen Silver), George Skaff (Rachid), James Chandler (Sgt. Marley), Junero Jennings (Otis).
J.R. impersonates a mercenary to determine if a missing war veteran has joined a commando unit involved in an assassination plot.

September 29, 1977: The Wife Beater
Season 6, episode 3
W: Gerald Sanford   D: Walter Grauman

With Diane Baker (Pat Halston), Alan Fudge (Glenn Halston), Michael Ebert (David Conrad), Pat Corley (Sid Markham), David Rounds (Dr. Dover), Walter Mathews (Lou Samson), Ryan Listman (Al Cooper), Richard Sanders (Joe Keller).
Betty's close friend tries to hide evidence of a severe beating, but finally admits that her husband is responsible.

October 13, 1977: Yesterday's Terror
Season 6, episode 4
W: Robert Heverly   D: Kenneth C. Gilbert

With Granville Van Dusen (Ed Dunslay), Susan Howard (Frances Dunslay), Michael Baseleon (Rudy Markham), Charles Macaulay (Lawrence Ordway), David Darlow (Calvin Timothy Green), Lanna Saunders (Sandy Wright), David Mauro (Howie Spiller), Teris Wyss (Mary Jo), Danny Sue Nolan (Sister Mary).
A beautiful woman, who had once been a prostitute, resorts to the theft of bonds and, eventually, to a hired killing to keep the secret of her shady past from her wealthy husband.

October 20, 1977: The Damocles Gun
Season 6, episode 5
W: Gerald Sanford   D: Leo Penn

With Lee Purcell (Peggy Giroux), Frank Marth (Paul Buchanan), Robert Pine (Jim Rhodes), Linda Harrison (Jan Redbow), Mary-Robin Redd (Candy Mason), Maurice Marsac (Michel), Steve-Allie Collura (Kenny Sands), John McCann (Ray Thompson), Wayne Heffley (Dr. Merlow).
Barnaby is hired to find out why a hit-and-run victim disappeared after the accident.

October 27, 1977: Gang War
Season 6, episode 6
W: Jack V. Fogarty   D: Leslie H. Martinson

With Asher Brauner (Duke Moran), John Shea (Max Tate), Debra Clinger (Tina Wilson), Scott Edmund Lane (Vic), Kerry Sherman (Sherry Gordon), Paul Comi (Sgt. Dean), Robert Perault (Tony Torres), Virginia Leith (Mrs. Wilson), Sean Michael Rice (Soldier Boone), Grand Bush (Doc Evans).
J.R., investigating the murder of a street gang member, learns the ins and outs of the gang's operations and faces being eliminated because he knows too much.

November 3, 1977: Daughter Of Evil
Season 6, episode 7
W: Dick Nelson   D: Walter Grauman

With Marlyn Mason (Lorette Gray), Chris Robinson (Harry Brenner), Morgan Fairchild (Felice Winters), Elissa Leeds (Wendy Gray), Hubert Noel (Andre LeClair), Dave Shelley (Grady), Rita George (Suzy St. Clair), Maurice Sherbanee (Maurice Dupin), Kyle Aletter (Steph).
During the investigation of a half-million dollar robbery-murder case, Barnaby and J.R. uncover the existence of a prostitution ring that has added burglary to its list of illegal activities.

November 10, 1977: The Captives
Season 6, episode 8
W: Robert Sherman   D: Walter Grauman

With Tiffany Bolling (Gloria Godwin), Geoffrey Lewis (Earl), Mills Watson (Ritchie), Charles Frank (Tom), Eddie Firestone (Mooney), Richard Lockmiller (Curtis), Raymond Kark (Joe Wiley), Michael Alldredge (Deputy Sheriff Gordon), Donegan Smith (Ron Kirkley), George Ball (Dave), Gary Giem (Al).
Barnaby's hands are tied -- literally -- when he becomes one of the captives in a desert town taken over by hoodlums planning an armored car holdup.

November 17, 1977: The Reincarnation
Season 6, episode 9
W: Michael Michaelian   D: Walter Grauman

With Salome Jens (Estelle Wilson/Rosalynn Vickers), Vera Miles (Diane Magnus), John David Carson (David Burke), Deborah White (Gwen Mortlow), John McLiam (Sheriff Anderson), Florida Friebus (Connie Graham), Betty Anne Rees (Miriam Powers), David Lewis (Dr. Welker), Nancy Priddy (Karen Palmer).
Barnaby becomes involved in deceit and violence when a widow begins reliving her past with her dead husband's double.

November 24, 1977: Shadow Of Fear
Season 6, episode 10
W: Margaret Armen, Alf Harris   D: Kenneth C. Gilbert

With Edward Winter (Paul Tierney/Dwayne Nichols), David Gruner (Will Harper), Buck Taylor (Foster), Charles Lucia (Stan Evans), Guy Boyd (Reed), Dennis Erdman (George Haskins), Sam Edwards (Harry Spence), John Dullaghan (Lloyd Sampsell), Billy McLean (Tom Jameson).
Betty's brief mountain vacation suddenly becomes a nightmare when her friendship with a local doctor involves her in a Vietnam wartime vendetta.

December 1, 1977: The Devil's Handmaiden
Season 6, episode 11
W: Mann Rubin   D: Kenneth C. Gilbert

With Stacey Baldwin (Julie Tyler), Art Hindle (Joe Bronson), Macon McCalman (Ned Avery), Herb Armstrong (Dave Dufferin), Robert Nathan (Donald Wilson), Kevin McKenzie (Dufferin).
A 12-year-old girl's ability to forecast two deaths and a disappearance leads Barnaby to believe he may be dealing with the occult in a small country town.

December 15, 1977: Prisoner Of Deceit
Season 6, episode 12
W: Marc Brandel   D: Leo Penn

With Laurie Prange (Tracy Wilder), John Reilly (Steve Crandall), Robert Mandan (Godfrey Wilder), Neva Patterson (Lillian Enright), Jack Stauffer (Jack Crandall), John Beal (Stanley Long), Royce Wallace (Selma Lawrence), Janice Carroll (Mrs. Ross).
The drowning of a newsman about to break an important story leads Barnaby to the dead man's married girlfriend.

December 22, 1977: Deadly Homecoming
Season 6, episode 13
W: Arthur Bernard Lewis   D: Joe Manduke

With James Carroll Jordan (Michael Sandell), A Martinez (Tomas Aguilar), Cynthia Avila (Linda Aguilar), Taylor Lacher (Sheriff Simmons), Ford Rainey (Carmine Sandell), Russell Thorson (Dr. Sloane), Roberta Leighton (Donna Morgan), Richard Doughty (Nick Sandell), Stephen Johnson (Joe Sandell), Abel Franco (Victor Cortez).
When a girl who triggered a family feud reappears after a three year absence, Barnaby is caught in the middle of the feud -- and murder.

December 29, 1977: Child Of Danger
Season 6, episode 14
W: Mann Rubin   D: Michael Caffey

With Michael Hershewe (Charlie Hopkins), Charles Cyphers (Jimmy Dorset), John Kerry (Nick Reynolds), Than Wyenn (Vince Mercer).
Betty is left responsible for a nine-year-old child when the boy's father, an old friend of Betty's, mysteriously disappears during their luncheon date.

January 5, 1978: The Scapegoat
Season 6, episode 15
W: William Keys   D: Walter Grauman

With Bernard Barrow (Gordon Lassiter), Andrew Parks (Dewey Lassiter), John Getz (Walter Alberts), John Karlen (Easy Eddie), Laurel Barnett (June Nelson), Lillah McCarthy (Nancy Bracken), Joan Roberts (Cindy Stevens), Mary Patton (Louise Dalton).
Circumstantial evidence points to one of J.R.'s law school classmates as the murderer of his girlfriend.

January 12, 1978: A Ransom In Diamonds
Season 6, episode 16
W: Gerald Sanford   D: Walter Grauman

With Felton Perry (Alexander Street), Dennis Patrick (Warren Christie), Vincent Baggetta (Dave Harmon), Darrell Fetty (Woody March), Carl Weintraub (Bo Harper), Fawne Harriman (Andrea Christie), Chip Hurd (Kelly Johnson), Byron Morrow (Keith Milland), Rozelle Gayle (Rambo), Jim Bohan (Pete Grannis), Sharon Thomas (Barbara), Gayle Gannes (Gloria), Sam Weisman (Stanley Donaldson).
Barnaby and J.R., while investigating a $300,000 diamond theft, become involved in a kidnap case when they discover that the store manager's wife has been abducted.

January 19, 1978: Prime Target
Season 6, episode 17
W: Robert Janes   D: Michael Preece

With Christopher Stone (Jack), Rebecca Balding (Maggie Revell), Charles Bateman (Herb Porter), Carole Tru Foster (Ginger), Barney McFadden (Wyatt Perry), Elaine Princi (Jane Marshall), Frank Ashmore (Tedd Goff).
J.R.'s undercover role to trap the female accomplice in an unsolved robbery becomes even more difficult when he falls for the attractive parolee.

January 26, 1978: Final Judgment
Season 6, episode 18
W: Gerald Sanford   D: Walter Grauman

With Marj Dusay (Jennifer Allen), Sherry Jackson (Erica Hughes), Susan Sullivan (Linda Gates), Robert Webber (Gene Gates), Jill Choder (Hayley Winters), Tony Colti (Mike Wolfe), Hal England (Phil Anderson).
A convicted kidnapper's wife wants Barnaby to reopen the investigation which sent her husband to jail, or she will commit suicide.

February 2, 1978: Uninvited Peril
Season 6, episode 20
W: Robert Sherman   D: Robert Sherman

With Michael Horton (Duane Pierson), Jacqueline Scott (Verna Compton), Michael Strong (Stuart Compton), Lisle Wilson (David Oxford), Lee Bryant (Miss Ross), Richard Bakalyan (Winchell).
Betty agrees to help a couple locate their missing son, and then discovers he is a criminally insane killer on the run.

February 9, 1978: Terror On A Quiet Afternoon
Season 6, episode 21
W: Jack V. Fogarty   D: Walter Grauman

With Glenn Sipes (Al Taylor), Chris Dickinson (Linda Parker), Randolph Roberts (Pete Holden), Chris Mulkey (Curt Davis), Elliott Street (Felix), John de Lancie (Mitchell Grady II), Dee Wallace (Amy Vickers).
The unwanted attentions of a persistent Romeo become so unbearable that the desperate girl seeks Barnaby's help.

March 2, 1978: The Coronado Triangle
Season 6, episode 22
W: Norman Jolley   D: Walter Grauman

With Bonnie Ebsen (Dawn Carlson), Charles Siebert (Gary Brock), Michael Zaslow (Sheldon Lloyd), Alex Colon (Jose), Denny Miller (Dixon), Pamela Murphy (Mary Lloyd), Read Morgan (Skipper), Clint Young (Fred Hines), Jeanne Bates (Martha Hines).
Barnaby wants some straight answers from Dawn Carlson, whose boyfriend he suspects of having faked his death to avoid capture by the Coast Guard.

September 21, 1978: Blind Jeopardy
Season 7, episode 1
W: William Keys   D: Walter Grauman

With Gretchen Corbett (Jenny Hastings), Richard Evans (Lester), Donald May (Curt Phillips), Ron Max (Morgan), Betty Lynn (Mrs. Russell), Sandie Newton (Marsha), Sean Griffin (Dr. Young).
Season premiere. Barnaby is temporarily blinded by a grazing bullet wound and engages in a desperate battle of wits to save himself and a key murder witness from two killers.

September 28, 1978: A Dangerous Affair
Season 7, episode 2
W: Dick Nelson   D: Dick Lowry

With Morgan Fairchild (Scotty MacKay), Quinn Redeker (Vic Chambers), Melodie Johnson (Pat Barrow), Dennis Robertson (Bill Bentley), Joseph Chapman (Peter), Mark Pinter (Mark).
J.R.'s objectivity is threatened when he falls in love with a beautiful blond witness during his investigation of a possible suicide case.

October 12, 1978: Deadly Sanctuary
Season 7, episode 3
W: Mann Rubin   D: Leo Penn

With Larry Linville (Tom Watkins), Stewart Moss (Bill Wayland), John Calvin (Andy Godwin), Wayne Heffley (Sheriff Carson), Michael MacRae (Eddie), Christina Hart (Jenna Smith), Ben Fuhrman (Vic Smith), Melendy Britt (Phyllis Hunter), Sandy Balson (Lucille Watkins), Arlene Banas (Iris Banning), Robin G. Eisenman (Rusty Kelly), Alan Austin (Len).
Betty Jones' eagerly awaited vacation turns into a nightmare when a rapist stalks her quiet seaside retreat and she becomes the bait to capture him.

October 19, 1978: Hitch-Hike To Terror
Season 7, episode 4
W: Mann Rubin   D: Walter Grauman

With Arnold Mesches (Artist), Robin Mattson (Shelly Barrett), Darrell Fetty (Tony Bridger), Inga Swenson (Marie Barrett), Carole Tru Foster (Ginger Holston), Saundra Sharp (Nurse Powell), Florence Sundstrom (Mrs. Nicholson), Nancy Priddy (Officer Dayton), Tom Castronova (Harry Coyle), Lyle Kessler (Eddie Pearson), Danny Sue Nolan (Orderly).
A pretty young drug-and-murder suspect is taken into custody following a car accident, and reveals the startling information that Barnaby Jones is her father.

October 26, 1978: Nest Of Scorpions
Season 7, episode 5
W: Norman Jolley   D: Kenneth C. Gilbert

With Hilary Thompson (Melissa Warren), Alice Hirson (Emily), Martin Kove (Greg Saunders), Julie Hill (Sarah Warren), Jordan Rhodes (Frank Leeds), Donna Baccala (Abby Leeds), Lanna Saunders (Paula Dixon), Russ Marin (Scott Baldwin), Ed Crick (Deputy Sheriff Cochrane).
J.R. becomes the target for a deranged killer when he investigates a real estate developer's mysterious disappearance at a remote mountain resort.

November 9, 1978: Death Of A Friendship
Season 7, episode 6
W: Robert Swanson   D: Bruce Kessler

With Peter Kim (John), Joy McConnochie (Sandra Vernon), John Steadman (Floyd Johnson), John Devlin (Ed Wilson), Laura Wallace (Jill Craig), Ward Costello (Daniel McKnight), Christopher Allport (Jeff McKnight), Lawrence Casey (Paul Craig), Jo Ann Harris (Ellie Beck).
When Barnaby agrees to let an executive take his place as a go-between in a ransom payoff, he is devastated when the man disappears in a blinding explosion.

November 16, 1978: A Frame For Murder
Season 7, episode 7
W: Dallas L. Barnes   D: Leo Penn

With Karen Purcill (Drew Barber), Biff McGuire (Mason Barber), Mark Goddard (Tony Klinger), John Karlen (Johnny Alban), Aubri Martin (Sgt. Sharon Marsh), Mary McCusker (Connie Parks), Charles Howerton (Pete Heyward).
J.R. is mysteriously drugged and later wakes up in the process of being arrested for rape.

November 23, 1978: Stages Of Fear
Season 7, episode 8
W: Marc Brandel   D: Leo Penn

With Penny Peyser (Sybil Crawford), Charles Siebert (Carter Stone), Dick DeCoit (Ben Naughton), Patricia Donahue (Laura Harding), Christopher Norris (June), Jonathan Frakes (David Douglas), Ray Wise (Malcolm Elliot).
Betty poses as an actress to investigate a series of strange events occurring within a small theater group.

November 30, 1978: Victim Of Love
Season 7, episode 9
W: Jack V. Fogarty   D: Walter Grauman

With Darleen Carr (Julia Schumacher), Gary Swanson (Floyd Schumacher), David Hollander (Danny Schumacher), Barney Phillips (Lou Arnold), Terence McNally (Frank Taylor), Jeanne Bates (Mrs. Stites).
J.R.'s high school sweetheart comes to him for help when her former husband begins threatening her.

December 14, 1978: Memory Of A Nightmare
Season 7, episode 10
W: Shirley Leeds   D: Walter Grauman

With Lisa Loring (Lois), Granville Van Dusen (Joe Bannock), Alan Rosenberg (Ray Reed), Ivor Barry (Dr. Kirby), Ryan MacDonald (Larry Reed), Lindsay Bloom (Jean Turner), Sondra Theodore (Mary Lee), Buck Young (Lt. Griffin), Peggy Pope (Mrs. West), Sean Michael Rice (Archie), Michael Fairman (Gerald Laslo).
Betty's new romance turns to tragedy when she is forced into a car accident that kills her boyfriend.

December 21, 1978: The Picture Pirates
Season 7, episode 11
W: Robert Sherman   D: Kenneth C. Gilbert

With Ina Balin (Francesca Scarlotti), Ben Masters (Jimmy Collier), Conrad Janis (Marty), Judith Chapman (Rita Lockwood), Bert Freed (Ed Emery), Michael Alldredge (Joe Tucker), Noah Keen (Kenneth Wade), Larry Watson (Albert).
While investigating a seemingly routine insurance claim, Barnaby uncovers a gang of motion picture bootleggers.

December 28, 1978: Academy Of Evil
Season 7, episode 12
W: Margaret Armen, Alf Harris   D: Ray Austin

With Terri Nunn (Olivia Hamilton), Marla Adams (Eleanor Raymond), Patricia Smith (Grace Nesbitt), Jean Rasey (Donna Austin), Jill Martin (Sue Ann Moore), Cindy Henderson (Liz Baxter), Richard Lockmiller (George), Laura Lacey (Meg Campbell), William Joyce (Robert Hamilton).
Betty poses as a physical education teacher at a private school to investigate a serious of mysterious accidents.

January 4, 1979: The Medium
Season 7, episode 13
W: Gerald Sanford   D: Dick Lowry

With Sarah Kennedy (Cleo da Vinci), Norman Alden (Norman Finch), Marianne McAndrew (Linda Grayson), Michael Bond (Father Donovan), Gary Giem (Chuck Bowen).
A skeptical J.R. becomes a believer when a psychic uses her clairvoyant powers to trap a psychotic killer.

January 11, 1979: Echo Of A Distant Battle
Season 7, episode 14
W: Gerald Sanford   D: Walter Grauman

With Laurence Luckinbill (Elliot Rexford/Lt. Damon Maxwell), Margie Impert (Adrienne Rexford), Andrew Robinson (Robert Curtis), Larry Bishop (Harley Jessup/Lee Henderson), Jim McMullan (Major Scott), Char Fontane (Candy Harper), Lloyd Gough (Felix Warner), Mark Metcalf (Ted Parker), James Blendick (Hal Coburn), Ken Lynch (Building Manager), Louis Guss (Pop), Niles McMaster (Neil Owens), Cindy Daly (Liz).
Barnaby discovers a bizarre wartime robbery while investigating an Army captain's desertion, and winds up being charged with manslaughter.

January 18, 1979: The Enslaved
Season 7, episode 16
W: Jeff Myrow   D: Michael Caffey

With Sharon Spelman (Karen Banks), Nellie Bellflower (Peggy Whittaker), Kathleen Doyle (Sally Marsden), Jennifer Harmon (Jane Prescott), Mary Betten (Flo Willis), Stanley Grover (Carl Whittaker), Sarah Hardy (Harriet Butler), Jill Jaress (Alice Granville), Arlen Stuart (Mrs. Fellows), Kathleen O'Malley (Margaret).
Betty poses as a rich alcoholic to investigate a patient's death at an exclusive sanitarium.

January 25, 1979: Dance With Death
Season 7, episode 17
W: Larry Alexander   D: Ron Satlof

With Sandra Kerns (Penny Tremayne), Dawson Mays (Carl Norris), John O'Connell (Gary Allen), Ron Hajek (Russ Hart), John Davey (Tank Bronson), Vivi Janiss (Landlady), Mikhail Kulik (Frank Wilcox), Madeleine Fisher (Felicia Norris), Barry Brooks (Mr. Raymond).
A pretty disco dancer with the reputation of being a puritanical sex symbol becomes a target for murder.

February 1, 1979: The Protectors
Season 7, episode 18
W: Jack V. Fogarty   D: Seymour Robbie

With Marshall Colt (K.C.), Jeannie Fitzsimmons (Kim Stratton), James Houghton (Steve McShane), Peter MacLean (Charlie Abbott), Beeson Carroll (John McShane), Barry Jenner (Alan Rogers), William Traylor (Frank Bishop), Larry Golden (Tag Hooper), Nona Manning (Cathy Rogers), Susan Cotton (Lauren Abbott), Mark Harrison (Harvey Collins), Norbert Weisser (Hans Mueller).
Barnaby gets a look at the operations of an ultra-modern security organization while helping protect a wealthy businessman.

February 8, 1979: Fatal Overture
Season 7, episode 19
W: Dick Nelson   D: Graeme Clifford

With Sandra De Bruin (Mary White), Christine Belford (Virginia Kirkland), Scott Marlowe (Peter Kirkland), Kenneth Tigar (Gavin Brewster), Earl Boen (Eddie), Curt Lowens (Dr. Dryce), Tawny Moyer (Lynette Atkinson).
Betty trades a vacation for murder and mystery when she becomes emotionally involved with a married client.

February 22, 1979: Master Of Deception
Season 7, episode 20
W: Gerald Sanford   D: Kenneth C. Gilbert

With Glenn Corbett (Darryl Enders/Eddie Woods), Markie Post (Linda Woods), Gwen Humble (Kitty), Kenneth Tobey (Ron Hagarty), Martin Cassidy (Jeff Peters), Fran Brill (Pauline Enders), Eve McVeagh (Millie Kelley), David S. Cass Sr. (Jimmy Hickock), Lane Allan (Mr. Bellows).
An industrial spy uses bigamy and murder to learn business secrets from his two wives.

March 1, 1979: A Short Happy Life
Season 7, episode 21
W: Robert W. Lenski   D: John Carter

With James Luisi (Carl Lucas), Cassie Yates (Foxey Dolan), David Darlow (Arnie Richards), George Caldwell (Coogan), Paul Micale (Mr. Lando).
Betty's young cousin unknowingly becomes the target of a mysterious killer gang -- and Betty becomes the prime suspect when the cousin is murdered.

March 15, 1979: Child Of Love, Child Of Vengeance (1)
Season 7, episode 22
W: Robert W. Lenski   D: Michael Preece

With Renne Jarrett (Claire Boyer), Byron Mabe (Paul), Richard Derr (Stuart Nettleson Jr.), Marlyn Mason (Eve Garrison), Pat Hingle (Wesley Garrison/George Garrety), Joanne Linville (Mimi Nettleson Chiles), Ilene Graff (Stephanie Capello), Susan Mullen (Diana Scott), Grainger Hines (Jamie), Richard Eastham (Lawrence Adams), Sondra West (Candy Kane), June Dayton (Marie Adams), Brendan Burns (Stan Clymer), Penelope Gillette (Miss Armstrong), Richard Stuart (Sgt. Keller).
Barnaby's investigation into the death of a corporate executive leads him to a powerful religious cult.

March 22, 1979: Child Of Love, Child Of Vengeance (2)
Season 7, episode 23
W: Robert W. Lenski   D: Michael Preece

With Renne Jarrett (Claire Boyer), Byron Mabe (Paul), Richard Derr (Stuart Nettleson Jr.), Claudia Bryar (Mrs. Pomeroy), Marlyn Mason (Eve Garrison), Pat Hingle (Wesley Garrison / George Garrety), Joanne Linville (Mimi Nettleson Chiles), Ilene Graff (Stephanie Capello), Susan Mullen (Diana Scott), Grainger Hines (Jamie), Richard Eastham (Lawrence Adams), Sondra West (Candy Kane), June Dayton (Marie Adams), Brendan Burns (Stan Clymer).
Barnaby's continued investigation of the murder of a corporate executive leads him to a missing girl and a self-annointed "messiah".

April 12, 1979: Target For A Wedding
Season 7, episode 24
W: Robert Sherman   D: Robert Sherman

With Bonnie Ebsen (Laurie), Greg Evigan (Blue Simpson), Ron Hayes (Sheriff Oscar Hamlin), Bibi Osterwald (Grace Claymer), Ric Carrott (Lester Deverill), Don Keefer (Tully Kupper), Fred Downs (Louis P. Mosley).
Barnaby's goddaughter falls prey to a fortune hunter who frames her fiancee for murder.

April 19, 1979: Temptation
Season 7, episode 25
W: Norman Jolley   D: Joe Manduke

With Trish Stewart (Julie Cabot), Jonathan Lippe (Rick Garrett), J. Patrick McNamara (Arthur Harrison), Mira Waters (Tracy Adams), Woody Eney (Walter Harrison), Estelle Omens (Natalie Booth), Liberty Godshall (Nancy).
J.R.'s investigation into a murder is hampered by a frightened nurse, a dead witness -- and the police.

September 20, 1979: Man On Fire
Season 8, episode 1
W: Jack V. Fogarty   D: Seymour Robbie

With Gary Lockwood (Jim Parks), Michael Strong (Harry Norton), Burr DeBenning (Lucas Ives), Susanne Reed (Cindy Mills), Ellen Geer (Ruth Parks), Kristine DeBell (Rita Wallace), Woodrow Parfrey (John Wilson), Robert Doyle (Ed Brady), Frank Campanella (Gil Davis), William Beckley (Christopher Alden).
Season premiere. A routine investigation into a fire that claimed the life of a business executive puts Barnaby on the trail of arson and murder.

September 27, 1979: Nightmare In Hawaii
Season 8, episode 2
W: Robert Sherman   D: Michael Caffey

With Tom Mason (Michael Spencer), Devon Ericson (Toni Spencer), Dan O'Herlihy (Philip Spencer), Richard Lynch (Terry Shaw), Ben Masters (Andy Spencer), Charles Tyner (Sam Finney), Tara Buckman (Linda Wolsey), Lyle Bettger (Capt. Groden), Victoria Young (Sally), Bob Basso (Henry Doran), Danny Kamekona (Hirito), Michael Vedrell (Lars Jensen), Kima Kahoano (Ivan), Christerpher Neddels (Alex Stone), Harry Chang (Lopata), Larry Duran (Joe Kamani), Kathy Paulo (Miss McKay), Ernest Chan (Officer Lelana), Robert Silva (Officer Daggett).
J.R., in Hawaii to help an old friend with problems, is jailed on charges of narcotics smuggling and murder.

October 11, 1979: A Desperate Pursuit
Season 8, episode 4
W: Norman Jolley   D: Seymour Robbie

With Harvey Fisher (Charlie), Cesare Danova (Vince Ferrari), Jack Ging (Tom Powers), Geoffrey Scott (Henry Scott), Harold Sylvester (Jim Haller), Terrence O'Connor (Shelley Donan), Herman Poppe (Bob Cory), Art Aragon (Fuzzy Moore), Sean Griffin (George Gibson), J.J. Johnston (Donan), Gareth McClain (Deputy), Don Furneaux (Allen Graham).
Betty, the key witness against a powerful murder suspect, becomes the object of a bizarre campaign of terror.

October 18, 1979: Design For Madness
Season 8, episode 5
W: Dick Nelson   D: Dennis Donnelly

With Lynn Carlin (Mary Baines), Julie Sommars (Amy Cameron), William Kirby Cullen (Doug), Richard Doyle (Alan Simmons), Regis Cordic (Clark Harrison), Nancy Conrad (Samantha), Saundra Sharp (Nurse Denning), Howard Culver (Dr. Webner), Don Diamond (Charlie).
Barnaby attempts to foil a sinister plan to drive his wealthy but emotionally disturbed niece insane.

October 25, 1979: Girl On The Road
Season 8, episode 6
W: Gerald Sanford   D: Kenneth C. Gilbert

With Julie Hill (Jenny Lawrence), Michael Durrell (Ted Richman), Martin Kove (Stan Benson), Robin Strand (Randy March), Gail Edwards (Karen Webster), Anne Sward (Linda Rawlings), Maidie Norman (Rose).
While trying to find the sister of an old friend, J.R. becomes involved in a deadly case of murder.

November 1, 1979: Indoctrination In Evil
Season 8, episode 7
W: Gerald Sanford   D: Leo Penn

With Dabney Coleman (Brad Adamson), Marshall Colt (Les Harmon), Debi Richter (Sally Marshall), David Darlow (Al DeParis), Roberta Leighton (Jeanny Larkin), Doris Dowling (Miss Kelly), Wayne Heffley (Carl Larkin), Danny Dayton (Freddy), Lisa Loring (Amanda Adamson).
A man hires Barnaby to locate his missing daughter, who has become the victim of an international white slavery ring.

November 8, 1979: Homecoming For A Dead Man
Season 8, episode 8
W: Jack B. Sowards   D: Bruce Kessler

With Bob Frank (Jimmy), Patricia Smith (Helen), Jennifer Holmes (Kim Gibson), William Smithers (Felix Jordan), Ed Nelson (Richard Gibson/Ed Simmons), Linda Cristal (Patricia Simmons).
While attending a gymnastic event in which a late friend's daughter is competing, Barnaby catches sight of his late friend.

November 29, 1979: False Witness
Season 8, episode 9
W: Paul Robert Coyle   D: Winrich Kolbe

With Lynette Mettey (Leslie Jessup), Charles Lucia (Eddie Tucker), Robert Davi (Pete Cerilla), Anthony Eisley (Dr. Jessup), Paul Mantee (Jay Tucker), Mimi Lieber (Gita), Jean Rasey (Elaine), Monika Ramirez (Petrona Perez), R.D. Call (Walsh), Deborah Chaffin (Angela Dwyer), Jaison Walker (Eric).
A close friend and co-worker of Betty's at a volunteer center becomes the victim of a rapist.

December 20, 1979: School Of Terror
Season 8, episode 10
W: William Keys   D: Kenneth C. Gilbert

With Ed Harris (Glenn Morgan), Alex Courtney (Milt Edwards), Madeleine Stowe (Diane), Michael Mullins (Peter Chestane), Bill Beyers (Clifford Connors), John Witherspoon (Frank Wales), Katie Powell (Barbara Whitaker), Sean Penn (Sam), Dick Miller (Deputy Crawford), Buddy Ochoa (David Collie), Margaret Shinn (Nurse Adams).
J.R. goes undercover as a counselor in a drug-addiction center to solve a murder and avenge the death of a friend.

December 27, 1979: Cry For Vengeance
Season 8, episode 11
W: Robert I. Holt   D: Allen Baron

With A Martinez (Tony Sierra), Carlos Rivas (Tom), Skip Homeier (Fred Wilcox), Anna Navarro (Maria Avila), Ernesto Macias (Charles Julio Moreno), Tony Plana (Peter Sinestra), Chu Chu Malave (Vince Figueroa), Alberto Morin (Albert Allende), Anna Garduno (Tina Avila), Richard Cansino (Jimmy Avila), Gerald Castillo (David Alvarado).
Barnaby's investigation into a murder in a Mexican barrio is complicated by racial prejudice and vigilante-style passions.

January 3, 1980: Run To Death
Season 8, episode 12
W: John Donley, Linda Fortney   D: John Carter

With Claudette Nevins (Anita Parks), Eugene Peterson (Larry Collins), Patti D'Arbanville (Jessica Collins), Michael Lerner (Albert Krueger), Pilar Del Rey (Luisa).
A friend of Betty's supposedly dies while going for a walk, but she uncovers evidence that he may have been murdered. The wife of her late friend hires her to further investigate and she soon believes embezzlement may be the motive.

January 10, 1980: The Price Of Anger
Season 8, episode 13
W: Albert Aley   D: Larry Elikann

With Laurence Haddon (Howard Millikin), Lawrence-Hilton Jacobs (Wes Carter), Allan Miller (George Anderson), Lara Parker (Christine Lennox), Pat Corley (Sam Powell), Percy Rodriguez (Joe Frazee), Albert Popwell (Jacklin), John Davey (Harry Towler), Michael Irving (Senator Stewart).
Wes Carter, J.R.'s friend and fellow law student, flees the scene of a murder because he fears being accused of the crime because he is black.

January 17, 1980: The Killing Point
Season 8, episode 14
W: Robert W. Lenski   D: Michael Preece

With Geoffrey Lewis (Wally Gannus), Joshua Bryant (Alex Harmon), Randi Oakes (Ursula Brown), Beau Kayser (Nick Fallon), Charles Macaulay (J. Latimer Kirkland), Lester Fletcher (Marley Nettle).
Barnaby searches for a millionaire's mistress, unaware that she took a priceless objet d'art with her.

January 31, 1980: Focus On Fear
Season 8, episode 15
W: Jack V. Fogarty   D: Kenneth C. Gilbert

With Jerry Douglas (Paul Ramsey), Kelly Harmon (Laurie), Pamela Franklin (Gwen Haywood), Michael Baseleon (Miller), Carl Franklin (Willie Evans), Shauna Sullivan (Susan Ashford), Richard John Miller (Trip Nelson), Cal Bartlett (Tim Collins).
A fashion photographer is assaulted at an airport by a man who steals the negatives of her photos and blinds her with acid.

February 7, 1980: Murder In The Key Of C
Season 8, episode 16
W: Robert I. Holt   D: Michael Caffey

With Bonnie Ebsen (Connie Hollister), Andrew Robinson (Phil Devine), Kip Niven (Teddy Singleton), Fred Sadoff (Mickey Jarvis), Kevin O'Brien (Billy Smith), Sondra Currie (Ruby), Jimmie Rodgers (Himself), Kay St. Germain (Martha Wallace), Jeff Harlan (Dan Weller).
A composer asks Barnaby to find her fiance, who vanished after running from unscrupulous music publishers.

February 14, 1980: Killer Without A Name
Season 8, episode 17
W: David P. Harmon   D: Kenneth C. Gilbert

With Camilla Sparv (Louise Winslow), Peter Haskell (Steven McCarthy/Frank Winslow), Carlos Romero (Carlos), Rene Enriquez (Juan Diavolos), Victor Mohica (Renaldo), Maria Grimm (Felicia), Paul Comi (Harry Keller), Kyle Aletter (Irene Edwards), Marion Charles (Donna).
Betty has a shipboard romance with a man who proves to be the target of South American police.

February 21, 1980: Death Is The Punchline
Season 8, episode 18
W: Paul Robert Coyle   D: Dick Lowry

With Ed Begley Jr. (Lindy Powell), Virginia Kiser (Eileen Chapman), Carl Weintraub (Dennis Shea), Robin Eisenman (June Easton), Pat Delaney (Joanne Randall), Edward Walsh (Jack La Palma), Don Ferguson (Ross Chapman), Robert Lussier (Chuck Parkins), John Dresden (Kovic).
A comic is suspected of murdering the nightclub owner who fired him when his act bombed.

March 6, 1980: The Final Victim
Season 8, episode 19
W: Robert Sherman   D: Robert Sherman

With Linden Chiles (David Kingsley), Len Wayland (Joe Cooper), Phillip Pine (Dick Denfield), Harry Guardino (Walt Di Angelo), Allan Hunt (Tom Gibson), Laurette Spang (Lucy), Lori Lethin (Susan Cooper), Charles Lampkin (Benny), Rosanna Huffman (Gwen Kingsley), Katherine Hearne (Julia Brooks), Bill Zuckert (Lou), Dwan Smith (Dolly).
A columnist writing about prostitution zeroes in on the murder of a girl whose reputation Barnaby is trying to restore after he is hired by her distraught father.

March 13, 1980: The Silent Accuser
Season 8, episode 20
W: Carolyn See, Jackie Joseph   D: Graeme Clifford

With Robert Hogan (Roy Corbett), Stephen Coit (Dr. Radburn), Stuart Nisbet (Police Officer), Anjanette Comer (Vivian Harper), Elinor Donahue (Judy Corbett), James O'Sullivan (Frank Harper), Warren Stevens (Dr. Robert Mason), Elizabeth Hoy (Darlene Wright), Jackie Joseph (Grace Carpenter), Samantha Caulfield (Jean McClure), Clara Sturak (Clara Carpenter).
Betty responds to an SOS from a teacher friend, only to find the woman murdered.

March 27, 1980: Deadline For Murder
Season 8, episode 21
W: Larry Alexander   D: Lewis Teague

With Maggie Cooper (Jackie Luxor), Carmine Caridi (Wells Thompson), Dick DeCoit (Curt Astin), Stephen Brooks (David Shaw), John Zaremba (Ralph Luxor), Jenny Sherman (Billie Dawson), Teri Ralston (Clara Geiger), Robert DoQui (Painter), Lewis Charles (Nick Arnold), Alice Backes (Lillian Bennoit), Clarke Lindsley (Eddie Fearson), Alex Henteloff (Al Geiger).
A writer employed by a publishing empire is murdered by men posing as Barnaby and J.R.

April 3, 1980: The Killin' Cousin
Season 8, episode 22
W: Norman Jolley   D: Michael Preece

With Kenneth Mars (William Tarkington IV), Thomas Havens (William Tarkington V), Lurene Tuttle (Emily Carter), Mark Goddard (Roger Clark), Lory Walsh (Karen Bigelow), Julie Rogers (Sara Clark), Madeleine Fisher (Jennifer Hunt), John Steadman (Reggie), Frank Ashmore (Donald Forest).
Father-son detectives suspect Betty of murdering two members of her family. Last show of the series, and a pilot episode for a possible spinoff.

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