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Series regulars or semi-regulars in 'Bonanza' in the 1970s:

1970s Episode Guide for 'Bonanza':

(Episodes with dates prior to 1970 aired as reruns during the '70s.)

September 17, 1967: Second Chance
Season 9, episode 1
W: John Hawkins, Paul Schneider   D: Leon Benson

With Douglas Kennedy (Jonathan Frazier), Ken Drake (Breck), Joe De Santis (Dr. Isaac Dawson), Bettye Ackerman (Estelle Dawson), James Gregory (Mulvaney), Martin Eric (Telegrapher), Jane Zachary (Anna Mulvaney), James Beck (Lt. March).
Joe Cartwright is seriously wounded by a band of renegade Indians when he and Hoss try to warn ranchers of approaching trouble. Hoss leads a group of settlers to help his wounded brother, but it's a race against time.

November 12, 1967: The Sure Thing
Season 9, episode 9
W: Sydney Ellis, Robert Vincent Wright   D: William Witney

With Kim Darby (Trudy Loughlin), Tom Tully (Burt Loughlin), King Moody (Carter), William Bryant (Harper).
A young girl's faith in her father is destroyed when he attempts to persuade her to throw a horse race, with heavy bets laid down for the other side.

November 19, 1967: Showdown At Tahoe
Season 9, episode 10
W: Thomas Thompson   D: Gerald Mayer

With Kevin Hagen (Brother Guy Gilray), Bill Clark (Deputy Tucker), Troy Melton (Houston), Christopher Dark (Testy), Sheila Larken (Julie Larson), Richard Anderson (Jameson Fillmore), Karl Swenson (Capt. Nells Larson).
The Cartwright's timber operations are threatened by a gang's plot to rob a payroll and use Ben's steamboat to escape.

November 26, 1967: Six Black Horses
Season 9, episode 11
W: William Jerome, Michael Landon   D: Don Daves

With Burgess Meredith (Ownie Duggan), Grandon Rhodes (Dr. Martin), Don Haggerty (O'Neill), Hal Baylor (Tierney), Cosmo Sardo (Bartender), Liam Dunn (Father O'Brien), David Lewis (Giblin), Judy Parker (Julie), Richard X. Slattery (McCoy).
An old friend of Ben Cartwright plans to dupe Ben into investing money obtained by political graft.

March 17, 1968: Trouble Town
Season 9, episode 24
W: David Lang   D: Leon Benson

With Robert J. Wilke (Sheriff Claude Booker), Tol Avery (Almont), Elizabeth MacRae (Lila Holden), Steve Brodie (Deputy Horn), Doodles Weaver (Stableman), James Daris (Shorty), Joe Turkel (Lupe), William Bakewell (Slatter), A.G. Vitanza (Bartender).
The Cartwrights and Candy attempt to free a town from the grip of a feared sheriff who is a suspected murderer and extortionist.

May 5, 1968: To Die In Darkness
Season 9, episode 28
W: Michael Landon   D: Michael Landon

With James Whitmore (John Postley), Noah Keen (Warden).
A man seeks to avenge his imprisonment by confining Ben and Candy in a mine pit.

September 15, 1968: Different Pines, Same Wind
Season 10, episode 1
W: Suzanne Clauser   D: Leon Benson

With Irene Tedrow (Carrie Pickett), Hal Burton (Logger), John Randolph (Doctor), G.D. Spradlin (Jenks), George Murdock (Marks), Herb Voland (Jason Milburn), John Wheeler (Bartender).
The first of a weekly summer series of episodes selected from past seasons of Bonanza finds Joe Cartwright's attempt to stop timber profiteers frustrated by a stubborn mountain woman.

September 22, 1968: Child
Season 10, episode 2
W: Jack B. Sowards   D: Leon Benson

With Charles Maxwell (Buck), Harry Hickox (Mayor Bingham), Yaphet Kotto (Child Barnett), Frank DeVol (Brother Stoner), Robert Ball (Clerk), Bruce Kirby (Chad), E.J. Schuster (Harry), Henry Beckman (Charlie Matson), John Marley (Marshal Millett).
When Hoss is jailed on a murder charge, Child Barnett helps him break out to avoid a lynch mob.

October 20, 1968: The Last Vote
Season 10, episode 6
W: Robert Vincent Wright   D: Joseph Pevney

With Don Haggerty (Pete), Lane Bradford (Tim), Bruno Vesota (Bartender), Tom Bosley (Titus Simpson), Wally Cox (Phineas Burke), Robert Emhardt (Judge Clampton), David Sharpe (Davey).
Little Joe and Hoss act as campaign managers for two devoted friends who are running against each other for mayor.

November 10, 1968: The Survivors
Season 10, episode 9
W: S.H. Barnett, Colin Mackenzie, John Hawkins   D: Leon Benson

With Mariette Hartley (Alicia Purcell), John Carter (Wayne Purcell), Martin Ashe (Major Anderson), Harriet Medin (Elizabeth Bowen), Lesley Woods (Agnes Smith), Ed Bakey (Hake), Sydney Smith (Peter Green), Stuart Nisbet (Paul Fletcher).
Alicia Purcell is rejected by her husband and Virginia City residents when she returns with a half-breed baby after four years as a captive of renegade Indians.

December 1, 1968: Queen High
Season 10, episode 11
W: Michael Fessier   D: Leon Benson

With Ken Drake (Sam Jacks), Celeste Yarnall (Katie Kelly), Sandor Szabo (Ludwig), Paul Lambert (Miles Renfro), Dabney Coleman (Ivar Peterson), Edward Schaaf (Beggs).
Joe and Candy win an ore-processing mill in a poker game and attempt to break the monpoly of their opposition.

December 8, 1968: Yonder Man
Season 10, episode 12
W: Milton Gelman   D: Leo Penn

With Larry Ward (Deputy Stryker), Bruno Vesota (Bartender), Melissa Murphy (Noreen), Rodolfo Acosta (Matar), Pepper Martin (Hawkface), John Vernon (Beaudry).
Ben Cartwright's reunion with an old friend is marred when he learns that free-spirited Beaudry is wanted for cattle theft and political crimes.

December 15, 1968: Mark Of Guilt
Season 10, episode 13
W: Ward Hawkins, Frank Telford   D: Leon Benson

With Hal Burton (Jury Member), Michael Vandever (Davis), Sam Greene (Emo Younger), Lou Frizzell (Jackson), Dick Foran (Ed Gittner), Alan Bergmann (Mr. Gordon), Gordon Dilworth (Judge).
Charged with the murder of a rancher with whom he had a fight, Joe Cartwright must convince a dubious jury of his innocence with the facts stacked against him.

January 5, 1969: Sweet Annie Laurie
Season 10, episode 15
W: John Hawkins, Kay Lenard, Jess Carneol, Jackson Gillis   D: Don Richardson

With Joan Van Ark (Annie Laurie Adams), James Olson (Kelly Adams), James Jeter (Duncan), Ray Teal (Sheriff Roy Coffee), Lawrence Dane (Paul Rodgers), Dean Goodhill (Clerk), Ray Fine (Ryan).
Hoss takes a frightened young wife to the Ponderosa to protect her from her estranged outlaw husband.

January 26, 1969: Erin
Season 10, episode 18
W: Sandy Summerhayes   D: Don Richardson

With Harry Holcombe (Dr. Martin), Don Briggs (Clint Murray), Michael Keep (Bear Hunter), Joan Tompkins (Mrs. Murray), Mary Fickett (Erin O'Donnell), Helen Stevens (Mary Beth).
Hoss is determined to marry a white girl who was raised by Indians, turning a long-time friend of the Cartwrights against the family.

February 23, 1969: The Lady And The Mountain Lion
Season 10, episode 21
W: Larry Markes   D: Joseph Pevney

With Dabbs Greer (Dr. Dunkatt), Bern Hoffman (Bartender), Richard Haydn (Malcolm The Magnificent), Rhae Andrece (Joan), Alyce Andrece (Janice), Michael Keep (Brett Rankin), Jackie Searl (Lanky Man), Chet Stratton (Clerk).
Identical twin daughters and the Cartwright boys set the stage for a magician-con man's swindle of Virginia City residents.

March 16, 1969: The Deserter
Season 10, episode 24
W: B.W. Sandefur, John Dunkel   D: Leon Benson

With Ford Rainey (Capt. Arnholt), Duane Grey (Henderson), Ken Drake (Leatham), Ben Johnson (Sgt. Samuel Bellis), Ellen Davalos (Nanita Bellis), Robert V. Barron (Calvary Trooper), Todd Martin (Denton), Christian Anderson (Turner).
An Army sergeant accused of cowardice, desertion and murder goes in search of a hidden arms plant selling guns to Indians.

May 11, 1969: A Ride In The Sun
Season 10, episode 30
W: John Hawkins, Peter Germano   D: Leon Benson

With Harry Holcombe (Dr. Martin), Jack Collins (Bishop), Anthony Zerbe (John Spain), Robert Hogan (Tobias Horn), Marj Dusay (April Horn).
Bank robbers use the Cartwrights as dupes in a plot to steal from the Virginia City bank.

September 14, 1969: Another Windmill To Go
Season 11, episode 1
W: Palmer Thompson   D: James B. Clark

With Gregg Palmer (Benson), Bruce Watson (Clay), Jill Townsend (Abigail Hought), Laurence Naismith (Don Q. Hought), Lee J. Lambert (Shack), Bart La Rue (Bart Walters), George Furth (Horace Keylot), Virgil Frye (Andy), Foster Brooks (Judge).
Ben Cartwright is stunned to learn that he stands to lose his land to an eccentric man, who plans to gain control of the Ponderosa by taking advantage of a little-known law.

September 21, 1969: The Witness
Season 11, episode 2
W: Joel Murcott   D: Don Richardson

With Wayne Storm (Bo Logan), Melissa Murphy (Jenny Winters), Bo Hopkins (Stretch Logan), Connie Hines (Hilda Cutter), Stefan Gierasch (Orville Winters), Matt Clark (Fantan), Alan Baxter (Jim Cutter).
The Cartwrights offer sanctuary to a young girl after she witnesses a holdup and she falls in love with Little Joe.

September 28, 1969: Silence At Stillwater
Season 11, episode 3
W: Preston Wood   D: Joseph Lejtes

With Strother Martin (Lonnie Stern), John Zaremba (Dr. Menring), Gene Tyburn (Deputy), Gene Shane (John Ferson), Eddie Ryder (Vern Crandall), Teddy Quinn (Peter), Frank Marth (Barnum), Dan Kemp (Jim Hale), Pat Hingle (Sheriff Austin), Gene Dynarski (Hostler).
Candy is jailed in a small town as the chief suspect in the murder of a rancher and his family.

October 5, 1969: A Lawman's Lot Is Not A Happy One
Season 11, episode 4
W: Robert Vincent Wright   D: Don Richardson

With Byron Morrow (Mr. Franklin), Harry Hickox (Mr. Green), Helen Kleeb (Mrs. Franklin), Jay Novello (Fairfax), Bob Gravage (Elbert), Robert Emhardt (Paul Forbes), Melinda Dillon (Cissy Summers), Tom Bosley (Hiram Peabody), Elizabeth Talbot-Martin (Mrs. Green).
Virginia City's sheriff is called out of town and Hoss very reluctantly agrees to substitute for him.

October 12, 1969: Anatomy Of A Lynching
Season 11, episode 5
W: Preston Wood   D: William Wiard

With Stacy Harris (Teague), Ted Gehring (Jim Fischer), Roy Engel (Clyde Quinn), Ellen Weston (Louise Deegan), Mills Watson (Pete), Guy Stockwell (John Deegan), Dan Scott (Stut), Tyler McVey (Al Crane), Stephen Coit (Lassen), Walter Barnes (Will Griner).
An embittered man vows to avenge the death of a friend after the accused killer is tried and set free.

October 26, 1969: The Medal
Season 11, episode 7
W: Frank Chase   D: Lewis Allen

With Remo Pisani (Bartender), Harry Townes (Seth Nagel), Dean Stockwell (Matthew Rush), Sundown Spencer (Boy), James Rawley (Sam), Susan Howard (Laurie Nagel), Charles Briles (Dell), John Beck (Walt), E.J. Schuster (Barker).
The Cartwrights face the ire of a neighboring rancher, a Southerner embittered by personal losses, when they befriend drifter Matthew Rush, a Union Army hero.

November 2, 1969: The Stalker
Season 11, episode 8
W: D.C. Fontana   D: Robert L. Friend

With Harry Holcombe (Dr. Martin), Vernon Weddle (South), Charlotte Stewart (Lisa Campbell), Austin Roberts (Travis), John Perak (Devlin), Dorothy Konrad (Mrs. Pardee), Pitt Herbert (Postal Clerk), Ed Griffith (Jim Campbell), Brian Dewey (Kenny Campbell), Lloyd Battista (Jake Campbell).
In his attempt to thwart a bank holdup, ranch hand Candy kills one of the robbers and becomes the target of threats.

November 16, 1969: Meena
Season 11, episode 9
W: Jack B. Sowards   D: Herschel Daugherty

With Dub Taylor (Luke Calhoun), Stuart Nisbet (Charlie), Victor French (Jesse Potter), Jack Collins (Banker), John Harmon (Rider), Robert Donner (Owen), Henry Oliver (Firman), George Morgan (Virg).
Escaping from three men who intend to hold him for ransom, Little Joe is aided by a young woman who mistakes his expressions of gratitude as a marriage proposal.

December 7, 1969: Dead Wrong
Season 11, episode 11
W: Michael Landon   D: Michael Landon

With Robert Sorrells (Sid), Guy Wilkerson (Sheriff), Milton Parsons (Undertaker), Sunshine Parker (Bum #1), Lee McLaughlin (Bum #2), Mike Mazurki (Big Jack), Ivor Francis (Banker), Jim Connell (Hotel Manager), Eric Christmas (Bobby Dan), John Carradine (Preacher Dillard), Arthur Hunnicutt (Salty Hubbard).
A town storyteller's penchant for exaggeration proves troublesome for Hoss and Candy when he mistakenly provides them with the reputation of two notorious outlaws.

December 21, 1969: Abner Willoughby's Return
Season 11, episode 13
W: Jack B. Sowards   D: Herschel Daugherty

With Irene Tedrow (Minnie Mitchell), Walter Sande (Sheriff Brian), Duane Grey (Capt. Price), E.A. Sirianni (Clerk), Emmaline Henry (Widow Sprague), William Hansen (Vinson), Patrick Sullivan Burke (Stokes), John Astin (Abner Willoughby), Russell Schulman (Charlie Sprague).
A merchant seaman returns after 10 years of roaming to recover buried gold and finds a town grown up on the site of the cache. Adding to the sailor's troubles is a pretty widow who resents trespassers.

January 4, 1970: It's A Small World
Season 11, episode 14
W: Michael Landon   D: Michael Landon

With Roy Engel (Dr. Martin), Ralph Moody (Clarke), Stuart Nisbet (Wiley), Michael Dunn (George Marshall), Edward Binns (John Flint), Angela Clarke (Mrs. Marshall), Carol Lawson (Alice), Michele Tobin (Annie).
Series costar Michael Landon wrote and directed this episode about a circus midget who proves he's a "bigger" man than any of his detractors.

January 11, 1970: Danger Road
Season 11, episode 15
W: Milton Gelman   D: William F. Claxton

With Stuart Nisbet (Storekeeper), William Sylvester (Mr. Cambeau), Ollie O'Toole (Bartender), Jay D. Jones (Willard), Leroy Johnson (Ed), Robert Lansing (Gunny O'Riley), Anna Navarro (Serafina O'Riley).
Ben, still having bitter feelings, faces a difficult decision when he needs the services of a man he recognizes as a wartime deserter.

January 18, 1970: The Big Jackpot
Season 11, episode 16
W: John Hawkins   D: Herschel Daugherty

With Richard Stahl (Howard Fiber), Robert F. Simon (George Thurston), Carol Roux (Ruth Caster), Nelson Olmsted (Appleton), Paula Mitchell (Melody), Leon Lontoc (Ah Yee), Bruce Kirby (Simms), Al Checco (Hornsby), Alan Caillou (Jim Hare), Walter Brooke (Atworth Perry), Robert Ball (Henny), Elizabeth Talbot-Martin (Harriet Caster).
Candy falls heir to a financial windfall and finds himself surrounded by a host of new "friends", among them a man Joe and hoss suspect of being a con man.

January 25, 1970: The Trouble With Amy
Season 11, episode 17
W: Jack Miller, John Hawkins   D: Leon Benson

With Harry Hickox (Mr. Eads), Jo Van Fleet (Amy Wilder), Donald Moffat (Judge), John Crawford (Barton Roberts), Linda Watkins (Margaret Wilder), Brian Wood (Fareiti), Elaine Giftos (Charley), Carl Pitti (David), Harriet Medin (Mrs. Ocher), Eleanor Berry (Mrs. Eads), Gail Billings (Mary Ann), Elizabeth Thompson (Sally).
Elderly Amy Wilder, widowed old friend of Ben Cartwright, refuses to abide by local ordinances and is involved in a long-standing legal battle with developer Barton Roberts. Amy's situation becomes a major concern to Ben when she's charged with attempted murder.

February 1, 1970: The Lady And The Mark
Season 11, episode 18
W: Preston Wood   D: Leon Benson

With Sam Jarvis (Walt), James Westerfield (Arthur Blackwell), Ralph Waite (Hoby), Ralph James (Alderman), Elaine Giftos (Charity McGill), Lou Frizzell (Charlie), Christopher Connelly (Chris Keller).
The Cartwrights are joined by a former ranch hand who has struck it rich in a scheme to ferret out swindlers plying their trade in Virginia City; however romance sends the play awry.

February 8, 1970: Is There Any Man Here?
Season 11, episode 19
W: B.W. Sandefur   D: Don Richardson

With Roy Engel (Dr. Thomas), Jon Lormer (Preacher), Mariette Hartley (Jennifer Carlis), Burr DeBenning (Tuttle Ames), John McLiam (Harry Carlis), Vaughn Taylor (Bert Taylor), Don Melvoin (Morris).
Ben Cartwright is first embarrassed then embittered when a young woman he knew as a child returns to Virginia City and announces she's going to marry the startled patriarch.

February 15, 1970: The Law And Billy Burgess
Season 11, episode 20
W: Stanley Roberts   D: William F. Claxton

With Charles Maxwell (Billings), Harlan Warde (Nicholson), Remo Pisani (Bartender), David Cassidy (Billy Burgess), Mercedes McCambridge (Matilda Curtis), Les Tremayne (Dr. Lyman), Sam Melville (Coulter), James Chandler (Osgood), William Phipps (Tom Burgess), Tani Guthrie (Nora Burgess), Foster Brooks (Judge Rogers), Lenore Stevens (Ines), Fred Gerber (Jeff), Gary Morgan (Chip), Paul Harper (Sully).
A wealthy community leader attempts to influence the courts in a murder case and arouses strong opposition from her friend Ben Cartwright.

February 22, 1970: Long Way To Ogden
Season 11, episode 21
W: Joel Murcott   D: Lewis Allen

With Arthur Peterson (Lloyd Walsh), Walter Barnes (Emmett J. Whitney), Kathleen Freeman (Ma Brinker), Billy Green Bush (Spanier), Tony Colti (Guman), Mark Tapscott (Steve Rance), James McCallion (Luther).
The Cartwrights face possible loss of the entire Ponderosa empire when an unscrupulous competitor denies them the use of the railroad to get their cattle to market.

March 1, 1970: Return Engagement
Season 11, episode 22
W: Stanley Roberts   D: Don Richardson

With William Bryant (Lew), Hal Burton (Deputy Sheriff), Clifford A. Pellow (Higgins), Sally Kellerman (Lotta Crabtree), Joyce Bulifant (Bonnie), David McLean (Marshal Steve Fallon), Morgan Sterne (Stanhope), Bartlett Robinson (Howell).
Openly enamored of an actress appearing in Virginia City, Hoss becomes the prime suspect when her leading man is shot.

March 8, 1970: The Gold Mine
Season 11, episode 23
W: Robert Bruckner, Preston Wood   D: Leon Benson

With Bruce Dern (Bayliss), Ross Hansen (Rader), Tony De Costa (Ramon), Charles P. Thompson.
The Cartwrights befriend a young Mexican whose father "sold" him to two cruel miners.

March 22, 1970: Decision At Los Robles
Season 11, episode 24
W: Michael Landon   D: Michael Landon

With Ted Cassidy (Garth), William Bassett (Jed Walker), Lee De Broux (Gunman #2), Victor Campos (Gunman #1), Rico Alaniz (Ricardo), Anakorita (Maria), Emile Meyer (John Walker), George Wallace (Doctor), Joaquin Martinez (Sanchez), Joe De Santis (Padre Xavier).
Little Joe must face a town alone in a fight to save his wounded father's life -- and his own.

March 29, 1970: Caution, Easter Bunny Crossing
Season 11, episode 25
W: Larry Markes   D: Bruce Bilson

With James Jeter (Blacksmith), Jack Williams (Stage Driver), Vic Tayback (Everett Gaskell), Art Metrano (Leroy Gaskell), Allyn Ann McLerie (Charity Moffet), Len Lesser (Fred Gaskell), Marc Lawrence (Red Gaskell), Sandy Kenyon (Eliah Meek).
Four Brooklyn-born brothers plot a stagecoach robbery in hopes of building a reputation as feared highwaymen -- then an Easter Bunny-suited Hoss Cartwright stumbles on the scene.

April 5, 1970: The Horse Traders
Season 11, episode 26
W: Jack B. Sowards   D: Herschel Daugherty

With Dub Taylor (Luke Calhoun), Victor French (Jesse Potter), John Harmon (Rider), Jack Collins (Manker), Ann Prentiss (Meena Calhoun), Robert Donner (Owen), George Morgan (Virg), Henry Oliver (Firman).
Joe and Hoss embark on what they hope will be a lucrative business venture, but run into some stiff competition.

April 12, 1970: What Are Pardners For?
Season 11, episode 27
W: Jack B. Sowards   D: William F. Claxton

With Dabbs Greer (Judge), Tol Avery (Bradley), Slim Pickens (Sheriff), Richard Evans (John), John Beck (Luke), Hamilton Camp (Calvin), Bruce Glover (Scooter), Robert Padilla (Running Cloud), Robert Cornthwaite (Blake), Tom Peters (Ray Stahl).
Hoss is arrested as an accomplice to a bank holdup after befriending two newcomers seeking frontier excitement.

April 19, 1970: A Matter Of Circumstance
Season 11, episode 28
W: B.W. Sandefur   D: William F. Claxton

With Ted Gehring (Griffin), Vincent Van Patten (Tim), Harry Holcombe (Doctor).
Lilttle Joe is seriously injured on the deserted Ponderosa and, facing the possible onset of gangrene, prepares for the only step that may save his life.

September 13, 1970: The Night Virginia City Died
Season 12, episode 1
W: John Hawkins   D: William Wiard

With Stuart Nisbet (Evans), William Fawcett (Whiskey Smith), Lane Bradford (Ira), Edith Atwater (Roberta), Mark Tapscott (Hamilton), Jon Shank (Tim Moss), Paul Kent (Dr. Martin), Mona Bruns (Mrs. Carter), Angel Tompkins (Janie Lund), Phil Brown (Wade Tucker).
Series returns for its 12th year. The spectre of an arsonist haunts Virginia City when a rash of fires threaten to destroy the entire community.

September 20, 1970: A Matter Of Faith
Season 12, episode 2
W: Jack B. Sowards, John Hawkins   D: William Wiard

With Jack Collins (Mayor Corey), Geoffrey Lewis (Rogers), Michael Hinn (Garrison), Bruce Gordon (Scott), Charles Bail.
Young Mitch Vogel and Lou Frizzell debut as cast regulars Jamie and Dusty Rhodes, a hapless pair of rainmakers faced with angry townspeople when they fail drought-stricken Virginia City.

September 27, 1970: The Weary Willies
Season 12, episode 3
W: Robert Pirosh   D: Leo Penn

With Remo Pisani (Bartender), Harry Holcombe (Dr. Martin), Kevin Tighe (Krulak), Lee Purcell (Angie), Stacy Keach Sr. (Farmer), David Hayward (Hurley), Scott Graham (Trimble), Elisha Cook Jr. (Marcus), Edith Atwater (Roberta), Lonny Chapman (Colter), Mayf Nutter (Pellemin), Richard Thomas (Billy).
The Cartwrights are faced with an explosive situation when they allow a group of teenage ex-soldiers to camp on the Ponderosa.

October 4, 1970: The Wagon
Season 12, episode 4
W: Ken Pettus   D: James Neilson

With Stuart Randall (Sheriff Brody), Denver Pyle (Price Buchanan), Bob Vanselow (Fred Quinn), Jonathan Lippe (Kyte), Lee Lambert (Jase), Salome Jens (Madge Tucker), George Murdock (Stuart Getty).
While tracking an escaped prisoner, a ruthless, self-seeking lawman comes across Hoss, who's been wounded by the fleeing desperado, and takes him captive, planning to substitute the Cartwright for the escapee.

October 11, 1970: The Power Of Life And Death
Season 12, episode 5
W: Joel Murcott   D: Leo Penn

With Larry Ward (Sheriff), Ted Gehring (Matt), Tina Menard (Mexican Woman), Evans Thornton, Rupert Crosse (Davis).
Davis, a suspected murderer, is tracked by Little Joe and Ben Cartwright. After capturing the fugitive, the party is attacked and stranded by Indians, and Ben, wounded in the fight, has no choice but to remain with Davis while Little Joe seeks help.

October 18, 1970: Gideon, The Good
Season 12, episode 6
W: Ken Pettus   D: Herschel Daugherty

With Carmen Zapata (Maria), A Martinez (Luis), Allen Emerson (Pike Rogers), Wes Bishop (Hicks), Terry Moore (Lydia Yates), John Himes (Dr. Myles), Richard Kiley (Sheriff Gideon Yates).
A sheriff steps outside the law.

October 25, 1970: The Trouble With Trouble
Season 12, episode 7
W: Jack B. Sowards   D: Herschel Daugherty

With Jeff Morris (Matthew Brody), Lane Bradford (Jack Clanton), Ray Young (Reverend Brody), G.D. Spradlin (Chip), E.A. Sirianni (Jethro), Bobby Riha (Eben), Sunshine Parker (Wally), Athena Lorde (2nd Lady), Bobo Lewis (1st Lady), Don Hanmer (Fred), Chanin Hale (Lily), Gene Evans (Montana Perkins), Edgar Daniels (Tom Blackwell), E.J. Andre (Judge), Harold Holmes (Mark).
Hoss offers to help bring a semblance of law and order to the wide-open town of Trouble.

November 1, 1970: Thornton's Account
Season 12, episode 8
W: Preston Wood   D: William F. Claxton

With Ken Mayer (Sheriff), Chick Chandler (Doctor), Harlan Warde (Tom Boyle), Gregory Walcott (Ed Thornton), Scott Walker (Blue), Darrell Larson (Brian), Jerry Gatlin (Harvey), Carl Reindel (Frank Wells), Heather Menzies (Martha Boyle).
Little Joe desperately searches for help for his injured father from a community of indifferent strangers.

November 8, 1970: The Love Child
Season 12, episode 9
W: Michael Landon   D: Michael Landon

With Josephine Hutchinson (Martha Randolph), David Bond (Doctor), Carol Lawson (Etta), Michael-James Wixted (Scott), Will Geer (Zach Randolph).
An unwed mother turns to the Cartwrights for help when her embittered father disowns her and her young son.

November 15, 1970: El Jefe
Season 12, episode 10
W: Ken Pettus   D: William F. Claxton

With Troy Melton (Graves), Alex Sharp (Truitt), Bill Shannon (Brady), Anna Navarro (Sara), Pepe Hern (Rojas), Shug Fisher (Toler), Warren Stevens (Owen Driscoll), Rodolfo Acosta (Sheriff Rodolfo Aranda), Jaime Sanchez (Ramon Cardenas).
Believing their old friend innocent of a murder charge, the Cartwrights persuade the fugitive to stop running and assure him that he will get a fair trial.

November 22, 1970: The Luck Of Pepper Shannon
Season 12, episode 11
W: John Hawkins   D: Nick Webster

With Arthur Peterson (Donavan), Raymond Guth (Jones), Harry Holcombe (Dr. Martin), Dan Tobin (Mills), Walter Brooke (Corey), Neville Brand (Pepper Shannon).
A former desperado returns to Virginia City after a long prison term to settle an old score.

December 13, 1970: The Impostors
Season 12, episode 12
W: Robert Vincent Wright   D: Lewis Allen

With Robert Ridgely (Marley), Strother Martin (Joad Bruder), Diane Shalet (Mrs. Bud York), William Lucking (Gabe Leroy), Harry Harvey (Bixle), Larry Finley (Petey), Tony Colti (Randy Bruder), Anthony James (Willie), Jarion Monroe (Cass), Jim Raymond (Deputy Harris).
Little Joe and Hoss pose as outlaws in a ruse to recover money stolen in a stage holdup.

December 20, 1970: Honest John
Season 12, episode 13
W: Arthur Heinemann   D: Lewis Allen

With Jack Elam (Honest John), Bucklind Beery (Luke).
A penniless drifter's unsavory influence over Jamie almost leads the youth astray.

December 27, 1970: For A Young Lady
Season 12, episode 14
W: B.W. Sandefur   D: Don Richardson

With Bing Russell (Deputy Clem Foster), Harry Holcombe (Dr. Martin), Paul Fix (Buford Sturgis), William Bramley (Gifford Owens), Peggy Rea (Clara), Jewel Blanch (Carrie Sturgis), Madeleine Sherwood (Aunt Vella Owens).
The Cartwrights, concerned for the welfare of the young granddaughter of an injured prospector, take her into their home and wind up charged with kidnapping.

January 3, 1971: A Single Pilgrim
Season 12, episode 15
W: Suzanne Clauser, Arthur Weingarten   D: William Wiard

With Jeff Corey (Frank Brennan), John Schuck (Tom Brennan), Beth Brickell (Dilsey Brennan).
Hoss faces death when he's accidentally shot by a homesteader who, fearing prosecution if Hoss leaves, refuses to help him.

January 10, 1971: The Gold-Plated Rifle
Season 12, episode 16
W: Preston Wood   D: Joseph Pevney

With Jessica Myerson (Mrs. Hagen), George Paulsin (Frank Schneider), James Brown (Second Boy), John Daniels (First Boy).
A serious breach between the Cartwrights and Jamie develops when the boy rebels against attending school.

January 17, 1971: Top Hand
Season 12, episode 17
W: John Hawkins, Arthur Heinemann   D: William F. Claxton

With Bill Clark (Jimpson), Hal Burton (Smokey), Ben Johnson (Kelly James), Eddie Juaregui (Bones), Jerry Gatlin (Quincy), Walter Barnes (Weatherby), Roger Davis (Bert Yates), Richard Farnsworth (Sourdough).
A Ponderosa trail boss' personal conflict with his men threatens the success of a major cattle drive.

January 31, 1971: A Deck Of Aces
Season 12, episode 18
W: Stanley Roberts   D: Lewis Allen

With Jeff Morris (Turk), Sam Jarvis (Telegraph Operator), Bern Hoffman (Bartender), Jack Collins (Ned Blaine), Guy Wilkerson (Milt Jarvis), Linda Gaye Scott (Dixie), Alan Oppenheimer (Wentworth), Lee McLaughlin (2nd Poker Player), Ralph James (1st Poker Player), John Gilgreen (Desk Clerk #1), Charles Dierkop (Nicholson), Stephen Coit (Mel Waters), Tom Basham (Dan Fielding).
Ben Cartwright's look-alike, con man Bradley Meredith (Lorne Greene in a dual role), plans to "sell" Ponderosa land to a railroad.

February 7, 1971: The Desperado
Season 12, episode 19
W: George Lovell Hayes   D: Philip Leacock

With Warren Vanders (Deputy Cal), Marlene Clark (Liza Walter), Michael T. Mikler (Thad), Lou Gossett Jr. (Buck Walter), George Dunn (Andy), Sandy Rosenthal (Davy), Ramon Bieri (Sheriff Solomon).
An embittered black man, fleeing with his wife from a posse in the Nevada desert, takes Hoss captive -- and makes him the target for the black man's wrath against white injustice.

February 14, 1971: The Reluctant American
Season 12, episode 20
W: Stanley Roberts   D: Philip Leacock

With J. Pat O'Malley (Big Mac), Boyd 'Red' Morgan (Stokely), Dan Kemp (Bolton), Pat Houtchens (Rev. Williams), Sandra Ego (Haida), Jill Haworth (Gillian Harwood), Daniel Massey (Leslie Harwood).
Cattle rustling prompts an English-based investment firm to send an overseer to their ranch near the Ponderosa, a young man who soon insists the Cartwrights are responsible for the stock loss.

February 21, 1971: Shadow Of A Hero
Season 12, episode 21
W: Mel Goldberg, John Hawkins   D: Leo Penn

With Stuart Randall (Sheriff Baker), Lane Bradford (Willis), Walter Sande, Linda Watkins (Bertha Cloninger), Steve Shemayne (Thomas Greybuck), John Randolph, Ruben Moreno (Sam Greybuck), Laurence Luckinbill (Freed), Dean Jagger (General Ira Cloninger).
A former military hero's candidacy for the governorship is imperiled by a reporter's allegations of past misconduct.

February 28, 1971: The Silent Killer
Season 12, episode 22
W: John Hawkins   D: Leo Penn

With Bill Clark (Smoky), Hal Burton (Barney Bates), Harry Holcombe (Dr. Martin), Meg Foster (Evangeline Woodtree), Ion Berger (Dr. George Woodtree), Louise Latham (Harriet Clinton).
A veteran physician's self-esteem increases the danger to the already imperiled lives of the owners and ranch hands of the Ponderosa, struck by an influenza epidemic.

March 7, 1971: Terror At 2:00
Season 12, episode 23
W: Michael Landon   D: Michael Landon

With Chubby Johnson (John Baines), James Jeter (Buck), Dabbs Greer (Sam Dawson), Ron Foster (Graham), Jesse Vint (Toby Harris), Robert Noe (Fred Caldwell), Kerry MacLane (Teddy Daws), Byron Mabe (Hunter), Helen Kleeb (Mrs. Carruthers), Bruce Kirby (Mr. Loomis), Steve Ihnat (Mr. Ganns), Iron Eyes Cody (Winnemucca).
A man is so embittered about an impending treaty with the Indians that, posing as a newspaperman, he smuggles a Gatling gun into a hotel room overlooking the site of the upcoming ceremony and lies in wait.

March 14, 1971: The Stillness Within
Season 12, episode 24
W: Michael Landon, Suzanne Clauser   D: Michael Landon

With Harry Holcombe (Dr. Martin), Jeannine Brown (Sally Marks), Robert Noe (Ranch Hand #1), Jo Van Fleet (Ellen Dobbs).
Little Joe faces a possible life of sightlessness when he's injured in an explosion.

March 21, 1971: A Time To Die
Season 12, episode 25
W: Don Ingalls   D: Philip Leacock

With Melissa Newman (Lori Christopher), Vera Miles (April Christopher), Rance Howard (Sam), Michael Clark (Perkins), Henry Beckman (Dr. Phelps), Kimberly Beck (Girl).
A visitor to the Ponderosa is bitten by a rabid wolf. The Cartwrights must stand helplessly by, unable to help the apparently doomed woman.

March 28, 1971: Winter Kill
Season 12, episode 26
W: John Hawkins, Robert Pirosh   D: William Wiard

With Stuart Nisbet (Fred Tyson), Troy Melton (Mr. Gorley), John Pickard (Griggs), Robert Knapp (Denman), Glenn Corbett (Howie Landis), Clifton James (Mr. Quarry), Remo Pisani, Sheilah Wells (Marie Landis).
When the bitter cold of the Sierra Nevadas threatens to wipe out the Ponderosa and neighboring ranches, Ben Cartwright decides to import a hardy breed of cattle from Montana.

April 4, 1971: Kingdom Of Fear
Season 12, episode 27
W: Michael Landon   D: Joseph Pevney

With J.D. Jones (1st Gunman), Warren Finnerty (2nd Gunman), Alfred Ryder (Judge), Richard Mulligan (Farley), Charles Briles (Billy), Luke Askew (Sheriff Hatch), David Canary (Candy Canaday).
The Cartwrights are imprisoned at forced-labor by a demented land baron, and their escape plan pits Little Joe against a team of bloodthirsty guard dogs.

April 11, 1971: An Earthquake Called Callahan
Season 12, episode 28
W: Preston Wood   D: Herschel Daugherty

With Dub Taylor (Otto), John Mitchum (Meyers), Don Haggerty (Sheriff), Ted Gehring (Marshal), Victor French (Tom Callahan), Hal Baylor (Shad Willis), Beth Peters (Woman), Larry D. Mann (Alex Steiner), Leroy Johnson (Barber), Sandy Duncan (Evangeline).
Little Joe is faced with a battle royal when he agrees to help find a key witness in a trial, then learns the man is an itinerant prize fighter who takes on all comers.

September 19, 1971: The Grand Swing
Season 13, episode 1
W: John Hawkins, Ward Hawkins   D: William F. Claxton

With Ralph Moody (Tall Pony), Raymond Guth (Bill Cooper), Duane Grey (Sheriff Snell), Ted Gehring (Harlow Trapp), Lane Bradford (Jake Rasko), Charlotte Stewart (Betsy Rush), Bill Shannon (Charlie Trapp), Med Flory (Clint Rush), Charles Bail (Kale), Mary Mayumi (White Squirrel).
Series returns for its 13th season. In this episode, Jamie learns the meaning of responsibility while on a tour of the far-flung operations of the Ponderosa.

September 26, 1971: Fallen Woman
Season 13, episode 2
W: Ward Hawkins   D: Lewis Allen

With Arthur O'Connell (Dr. Samuel Hubert), Johnny Lee (Petey Conway), Susan Tyrrell (Jill Conway).
After Hoss' testimony sends a robber to prison, the man's embittered, alcoholic wife foists her young son on the Cartwrights.

October 3, 1971: Bushwhacked
Season 13, episode 3
W: Preston Wood   D: William Wiard

With Victoria Thompson (Julia), Bill Stevens (Fenton), Tony Colti (Orv), Keith Carradine (Ern), Walter Barnes (Sheriff Truslow), Sandy Rosenthal (Steen), Richard O'Brien (Tom Griswold), Peggy McCay (Pat Griswold), David Huddleston (Dr. Scully), Evans Thornton (Flanders).
En route to Virginia City, Little Joe is ambushed and left for dead.

October 10, 1971: Rock-A-Bye, Hoss
Season 13, episode 4
W: Preston Wood, Robert Vincent Wright   D: Herschel Daugherty

With E.A. Sirianni (Lon Meecham), Remo Pisani (Joel Sawyer), Ellen Moss (Elaine Summers), Jack Manning (Henry Clagger), Patricia Harty (Cissy Porter), Cindy Eilbacher (Cathie), Al Checco (Rufus), Edward Andrews (Bert).
A "beautiful baby" contest threatens to disrupt the lives of Virginia City residents, especially the life of "Judge" Hoss Cartwright.

October 17, 1971: The Prisoners
Season 13, episode 5
W: Arthur Heinemann   D: William F. Claxton

With Morgan Woodward (Sheriff Moorehouse), Priscilla Garcia (Maria), Michael Witney (Hank Simmons).
Deputized by an injured lawman, Little Joe almost loses his life while transporting an accused killer to trial.

October 24, 1971: Cassie
Season 13, episode 6
W: True Boardman   D: Herschel Daugherty

With Diane Baker (Norma O'Casey), Jack Cassidy (Kevin O'Casey), Lisa Gerritsen (Cassie O'Casey).
A suave con man uses a prize Arabian stallion in a scheme to bilk Hoss Cartwright.

October 31, 1971: Don't Cry, My Son
Season 13, episode 7
W: Michael Landon   D: Michael Landon

With Diane Shalet (Ruth Sloan), Richard Mulligan (Dr. Mark Sloan).
Blamed by his wife Ruth for the loss of their child at birth, Dr. Mark Sloan becomes irrational with guilt and kidnaps another child to replace his loss.

November 14, 1971: Face Of Fear
Season 13, episode 8
W: Ken Pettus   D: Christopher Christenberry

With Chick Chandler (Carroway), Donald Moffat (Thatcher), Athena Lorde (Miss Griggs), Susan Joyce (Wilma), Jewel Blanch (Neta Thatcher), Tom Gillerman (Trumbull), Bradford Dillman (Griff Bannon).
Griff Bannon, an imposter, seeks the inheritance of a man he has murdered. Unaware that Jamie and a friend witnessed the slaying, Bannon hires on at the Ponderosa while awaiting a court decision.

November 21, 1971: Blind Hunch
Season 13, episode 9
W: John Hawkins, Robert Pirosh   D: Lewis Allen

With Rip Torn (Will Hewitt), Loretta Leversee (Laurie Hewitt), Don Knight (Clayton).
Embittered Will Hewitt returns to Virginia City following an apparently unsuccessful operation to restore his eyesight and is determined to track down his brother's killer.

November 28, 1971: The Iron Butterfly
Season 13, episode 10
W: Harold Swanton   D: Leo Penn

With Jack Collins (Mayor), Mills Watson (Fontaine), John McCann (Bennett), Stefan Gierasch (Grady), Mariette Hartley (Lola Fairmont), Allen Garfield (Charlie), Peter Whitney (Senator Carson).
Hoss, concerned over the comfort of a visiting actress, volunteers his services and becomes implicated in a murder.

December 5, 1971: The Rattlesnake Brigade
Season 13, episode 11
W: Gordon T. Dawson   D: William Wiard

With Biff Manard (Suggins), Richard Yniguez (Ricardo), Scott Walker (Guthrie Amber), John Quade (Tallman), Joaquin Martinez (Chavez), Don Keefer (Tobias Temple), Bobby Hall (Goatman), Severn Darden (Price), Chris Beaumont (Lester), Michele Nichols (Judith), David Sheiner (Fancher), Larry Finley (Centro), Neville Brand (Doyle), Eleanor Berry (Emily Fancher).
While being transported through Virginia City en route to their execution, a group of prisoners led by Doyle escape, taking Jamie and some friends as hostages.

December 12, 1971: Easy Come, Easy Go
Season 13, episode 12
W: Jack B. Sowards   D: Joseph Pevney

With Dub Taylor (Luke Calhoun), Dan Scott (Dave), Channing Pollock (Carter), Robert Lussier (Garvey), Ann Prentiss (Meena Calhoun), Lyman Ward (Pete).
Ponderosa cowhand Luke Calhoun decides to use his gambler's wiles to help the Cartwrights obtain a timber right-of-way across a reluctant neighbor's land.

December 19, 1971: A Home For Jamie
Season 13, episode 13
W: Jean Holloway   D: Leo Penn

With Ford Rainey (Judge Taylor), Robert Karnes (Jess McLean), Will Geer (Ferris Callahan), Phyllis Love (Miss Griggs), Robert Carradine (Phinney McLean).
Just as the Cartwrights set out to legally adopt Jamie, the lad's long-lost grandfather arrives to take the boy back East.

December 26, 1971: Warbonnet
Season 13, episode 14
W: Arthur Heinemann   D: Arthur H. Nadel

With Lee De Broux (Elias), John Wheeler (Hill), M. Emmet Walsh (Matheson), Russ Marin (Sheriff), Patrick Adiarte (Swift Eagle), Forrest Tucker (Frank Ryan), Chief Dan George (Red Cloud), Linda Cristal (Teresa).
An aged Indian faces death in his determination to retrieve an Indian headdress -- and the dignity -- which was taken from him in battle years before but which now hangs ignominiously in a saloon.

January 2, 1972: A Lonely Man
Season 13, episode 15
W: John Hawkins   D: William F. Claxton

With Henry Wills (Sand), Kelly Jean Peters (Missy Hamilton), Peter Hobbs (Judge Hill).
On vacation from his job and panning for gold alone in the desert, Hop Sing finds love when Missy strolls into his camp. But happiness turns to heartbreak when an archaic law blocks his marriage plans.

January 9, 1972: Second Sight
Season 13, episode 16
W: Suzanne Clauser, Arthur Weingarten   D: Lewis Allen

With Larry Ward (Deputy Harve), Joan Hackett (Judith Corman), James Booth (Rev. Jess Avery).
When Jamie is lost in the rugged Sierras with time running short, Hoss enlists the aid of Judith Corman, a new resident of Virginia City reputed to have ESP.

January 16, 1972: The Saddle Stiff
Season 13, episode 17
W: Samuel A. Peeples, John Hawkins   D: William F. Claxton

With Buddy Ebsen (Cactus Murphy), Henry Wills (Yokum), Don Collier (Paul Walker), Hal Riddle (Tiller), Jay W. MacIntosh (Sally), Charles H. Gray (Cass Beckenridge), Richard Farnsworth (Tate).
A hired hand's criticism of Ben Cartwright poses an unusual challenge to the cattle empire.

January 30, 1972: Frenzy
Season 13, episode 18
W: Preston Wood   D: Lewis Allen

With Troy Melton (Slim), Kathleen Widdoes (Anna Kosovo), Michael Pataki (Nicholas Kosovo), Emile Meyer (Cherokee), David S. Cass (Deputy Sheriff), Jason Karpf (Sandor).
Ben befriends a woman and her young son and winds up barricaded in her home and under fire from her hot-tempered immigrant husband.

February 6, 1972: Customs Of The Country
Season 13, episode 19
W: Joseph Bonaduce   D: Joseph Pevney

With Alan Oppenheimer (Ernesto), Malila Saint Duval (Raquel), David Renard (Padre), Maria Grimm (Leonora), Tony De Costa (Jose), George Cervera (Rafael), Annette Charles (Carmen), Pilar Seurat (Ines), Alfonso Arau (Simon).
A Laurel-and-Hardy-like jail scene highlights a slapstick episode in which Hoss, worried about Little Joe's delayed return from a trip across the border, finally locates him in the calaboose of a Mexican community living in the lap of luxury.

February 13, 1972: Shanklin
Season 13, episode 20
W: William Kelley   D: Leo Penn

With Charles Cioffi (Shanklin), Byron Morrow (Whitlock), Sam Jarvis (McLaughlin), Scott Walker (Grange), Eddie Little Sky (Gaviotta), Don McGovern (Till), Karl Lukas (Irons), Rance Howard (Bogardus), Denny Hall (Beecher), Clark Gordon (Beasley), Michael Clark (Brackney), Shannon Christie (Mary Elisabeth), Dehl Berti (Ritter), Alexander Beckett (Asquith), E.J. Andre (Yost), Woodrow Parfrey (Dr. Ingram).
A tough ex-Confederate officer and his trail-worn gang take over the Ponderosa to extort money from Ben Cartwright.

February 20, 1972: Search In Limbo
Season 13, episode 21
W: Don Ingalls   D: Leo Penn

With Albert Salmi (Sheriff), Pamela Payton-Wright (Amy), Kenneth Tobey (Notary), Lawrence Montaigne (Sid Langley), Lee McLaughlin (Clerk), Gerald Hiken (Dr. Jacob Penner), Lucille Benson (Mrs. Melody).
In a strange community on a business trip, Ben Cartwright falls victim to amnesia due to an injury and finds himself suspected of murdering the man he was sent to meet.

March 5, 1972: He Was Only Seven
Season 13, episode 22
W: Michael Landon   D: Michael Landon

With Jeff Morris (Hal), Harry Holcombe (Dr. Martin), Napoleon Whiting (Bert), William Watson (Zack), Joseph V. Perry (Sheriff Tyson), Robert Doyle (Clem), Edward Crawford (Jonah Morgan), Beverly Carter (Alice), Roscoe Lee Browne (Joshua), Claudia Bryar (Martha), Sean Kelly (Billy), Richard Farnsworth (Troy).
Joe and Jamie join aged and crippled Joshua Morgan on a quest for vengeance after the killers of the old man's grandson.

March 12, 1972: The Younger Brothers' Younger Brother
Season 13, episode 23
W: Michael Landon   D: Michael Landon

With Ken Lynch (Warden), Ted Gehring (Bart Younger), Strother Martin (Cole Younger), John Steadman (Sam), Chuck McCann (Lonnie Younger), William Challee (Pa Younger), Doc Severinsen (Hotel Manager), Henry Jones (Sheriff).
A lighthearted episode about the notorious Younger brothers who, paroled from prison after 20 years, set out to rob a bank. Hoss faces jail when he is identified as a member of the gang.

March 19, 1972: A Place To Hide
Season 13, episode 24
W: William D. Gordon, Ward Hawkins   D: Herschel Daugherty

With Jon Cypher (Cody Beckett), Suzanne Pleshette (Rose Beckett), Robert Ridgely (Liscomb), Biff Manard (Hartsfield), Wayne Sutherlin (Thibideaux), Reid Smith (Wells), Dick Ryal (Boardman), John Perak (McCleod), Ted Knight (Sgt. Brown), Hurd Hatfield (Major Donahue), Jodie Foster (Bluebird), Stephen Coit (Plummer).
Attractive Rose Beckett visits the Cartwrights and calls on Ben to help clear her husband of charges of being a Confederate traitor.

March 26, 1972: A Visit To Upright
Season 13, episode 25
W: Joseph Bonaduce   D: William Wiard

With Stuart Nisbet (Sheriff), Harry Hickox (Mr. Turner), Loretta Swit (Ellen Sue Greely), Richard Stahl (Snedaker), Anne Seymour (Miss Frost), Ernest Sarracino (Frenchy), Fran Ryan (Widow Lucas), Alan Oppenheimer (Darius Dalrymple), Dan Tobin (Blakely).
The Cartwrights are deluged with offers to buy a dilapidated saloon in the nearby town of Upright when rumors fly that there's hidden treasure on the property.

April 2, 1972: One Ace Too Many
Season 13, episode 26
W: Stanley Roberts   D: Lewis Allen

With Bill Zuckert (Matt Fowler), Harlan Warde (Solicitor George Osgood), Jack Collins (Mayor Harlow), Harry Holcombe (Dr. Martin), Richard X. Slattery (Henderson), Greg Mullavey (Jordan), William Mims (Williams), Gene Dynarski (Wheeler), David S. Cass Sr. (Deputy Coghlan), William Bramley (Dan Fowler), Kate Jackson (Ellen), Ray Teal (Sheriff Coffee).
Lorne Greene, in a dual role, reprises his portrayal of con man Bradley Meredith, who returns to Virginia City with a plot to make a fortune. Meredith, posing as Ben, dictates a "death-bed" request to Sheriff Coffee to liquidate the Ponderosa empire.

September 12, 1972: Forever (1)
Season 14, episode 1
W: Michael Landon   D: Michael Landon

With Andrew Robinson (John Harper), Bonnie Bedelia (Alice Harper), Larry Golden (Damion).
The 14th season is launched with a special two-hour segment. New to the cast is Tim Matheson as Griff King and David Canary returns in the role of Candy. Tonight's episode finds Joe Cartwright marrying Alice Harper but unable to cope with Alice's brother, whose drinking and gambling debts threaten to bring tragedy to the family.

September 12, 1972: Forever (2)
Season 14, episode 2
W: Michael Landon   D: Michael Landon

With Andrew Robinson (John Harper), Bonnie Bedelia (Alice Harper), Larry Golden (Damion).
Joe learns of the tragic and savagely brutal circumstances of Alice's death and is determined to bring her killers to justice.

September 19, 1972: Heritage Of Anger
Season 14, episode 3
W: Don Ingalls   D: Nick Webster

With Fionnula Flanagan (Elizabeth Dundee), Robert Lansing (John Dundee), Warren Kemmerling (Sheriff Garth).
A man, recently released from prison, seeks vengeance for his unfair trial. He is greeted at the prison gates by Ben Cartwright, who has promised his wife to deliver him safely home.

September 26, 1972: The Initiation
Season 14, episode 4
W: Douglas Day Stewart   D: Alf Kjellin

With John Zaremba (Judge), James Van Patten (Corky Sibley), Pitt Herbert (Mr. Cropin), Biff Elliot (Harley Lewis), James Chandler (George Adams), William Bramley (Lumis), Nicolas Beauvy (Ron Lewis), Harry Basch (Prosecutor), Alfred Barker Jr. (Billy Newton), Ed Bakey, Ivan Bonar (Preacher), Ron Howard (Ted Hoag), Phyllis Love (Miss Griggs), Sean Kelly (Josh Adams), Jeff Smart (Sonny Mueller).
After Jamie Cartwright is initiated into a secret fraternity, another boy dies during the ceremony. Fearing the consequences, the group remains silent while someone else is blamed for the death.

October 3, 1972: Riot!
Season 14, episode 5
W: Robert Pirosh   D: Lewis Allen

With William Bryant (Governor), Gregory Walcott (Will Cooper), Denver Pyle (Warden Bent), Noble Willingham (Mr. Kirby), Barney Phillips (Asa Calhoun), Marco St. John (Johnny Plank), Aldo Ray (Miles Heiser).
Ben Cartwright is assigned by the governor to an inspection tour of Nevada State Prison. While he is inside, the inmates seize control and take him hostage.

October 10, 1972: New Man
Season 14, episode 6
W: Jack B. Sowards   D: Leo Penn

With Tim Matheson (Griff King), Jeff Morris (Tulsa), Carol Vogel (Amy), Chuck Hayward (Guard), Charles Dierkop (Shorty), Ronny Cox (Lucas), Jack Flanders (Clerk).
Paroled into the custody of Ben Cartwright, Griff King leaves Nevada State Prison and heads for the Ponderosa where he has a hard time adjusting to life outside the walls.

October 24, 1972: Ambush At Rio Lobo
Season 14, episode 7
W: Joel Murcott   D: Nicholas Colasanto

With James Olson (Vance Burnside), Murray MacLeod (Zachariah), Douglas Dirkson (Gabe), Sian Barbara Allen (Teresa Burnside), Albert Salmi (Stretch).
Ben Cartwright and a young woman about to give birth are taken hostage by would-be stagecoach robbers who plan to use them as decoys.

October 31, 1972: The 26th Grave
Season 14, episode 8
W: Stanley Roberts   D: Nicholas Colasanto

With Ken Howard (Samuel Clemens/Mark Twain), Arthur Peterson (Martin), Harlan Warde (Solicitor George Osgood), Stacy Keach Sr. (H.V. Prentiss), Wayne Heffley (Bert), Dana Elcar (Mr. Merrick), Staats Cotsworth (Judge Hale), Curt Conway (Caldwell), Richard Bull (Mr. Goodman), Walter Burke (Campbell), Philip Kenneally (McNabb), Sean Kelly (Petey).
Young Samuel Clemens temporarily becomes editor of the Virginia City Territorial Enterprise and infuriates the town by revealing a scandal.

November 14, 1972: Stallion
Season 14, episode 9
W: Jack B. Sowards   D: E.W. Swackhamer

With Vincent Van Patten (Tommy Brenner), Mitzi Hoag (Alice Brenner), Clu Gulager (Billy Brenner), Michael Greene (Travis), Wallace Chadwell (Doctor), Roy Lee Brown (Seth).
When he is told that there is no work at the Ponderosa, a shiftless vagrant seeks vengeance and steals Joe Cartwright's birthday present from his father -- a beautiful stallion.

November 28, 1972: The Hidden Enemy
Season 14, episode 10
W: Stanley Roberts   D: Alf Kjellin

With Mike Farrell (Dr. Will Agar), Harry Holcombe (Dr. Martin), Jason Wingreen (Graham), Russell Thorson (Judge Phelps), Ayn Ruymen (Nurse Evie Parker), Melissa Murphy (Nancy Agar), David Huddleston (Myles Johnson), Mel Gallagher (Smitty), Gary Busey (Henry Johnson), Mons Kjellin (Chris Agar).
The new doctor in Virginia City is gaining the town's respect -- until an injured boy dies during an operation. Ben Cartwright then learns that the doctor is addicted to morphine.

December 5, 1972: The Sound Of Sadness
Season 14, episode 11
W: Michael Landon   D: Michael Landon

With Irene Tedrow (Mrs. Caines), Harry Holcombe (Dr. Martin), John Randolph (Mr. Dawson), Carol Lawson (Mrs. Holcombe), Penelope Gillette (Mrs. Farmer), Dan Ferrone (Mr. Holcombe), Jack Albertson (Jonathan May), Timothy Marshall (Robbie), Marty McCall (Tim).
When two young brothers learn they will not be adopted together because one of them does not speak, they run away and are given shelter by a lonely, elderly man who promises to temporarily keep their secret.

December 19, 1972: The Bucket Dog
Season 14, episode 12
W: John Hawkins   D: William F. Claxton

With John Zaremba (Judge Wilcox), William Sylvester (Horace Kingston), Carl Pitti (George Spencer), Ivan Bonar (Minister), Don Knight (Tim Riley).
Jamie Cartwright buys an Irish setter and becomes embroiled in controversy over the dog's true ownership. In order to keep the dog, Jamie must enter it in a contest against a championship dog.

December 26, 1972: First Love
Season 14, episode 13
W: Richard Collins   D: Leo Penn

With Jordan Rhodes (Dan Edwards), Pamela Franklin (Kelly Edwards), Brenda Smith (Mary), Eileen Ryan (Emily), Dennis Robertson (Harve), Lisa Eilbacher (Eloise), David Doremus (Gene), Michael F. Blake (Lew), Steve Benedict (Henry).
Jamie Cartwright gets his first crush when he falls in love with the wife of the new schoolmaster, unaware that her husband is insanely jealous.

January 2, 1973: The Witness
Season 14, episode 14
W: Joel Murcott, Arthur Heinemann   D: Lewis Allen

With Sam Jarvis (Buford), William Wintersole (Frank Schulte), Dick Ryal (Will Reilly), Shirley O'Hara (Ella Peterson), David McLean (Sheriff Touhy), Sally Kemp (Kate Fallon), Larry Finley (Sam), Ross Elliott (Harvey Walters), Byron Mabe (Louis Gardner), Mark Allen (Barnes), Stephen Nathan (Oscar Hammer).
Candy is accused of murdering a woman and stealing a large sum of money -- and the only witness is nowhere to be found.

January 9, 1973: The Marriage Of Theodora Duffy
Season 14, episode 15
W: Ward Hawkins   D: William F. Claxton

With Karen Carlson (Theodora Duffy), Ramon Bieri (Jonas Holt), Richard Eastham (Stanton), Rayford Barnes (Shaw), Willard Sage (Marshal Taylor), Jerry Gatlin (Barnes), Robert Yuro (Dody Hendrickson).
To the surprise of the Cartwrights, Griff King has apparently gotten married. What he isn't telling them is that his bride is a deputy U.S. marshal on the trail of a notorious Civil War criminal.

January 16, 1973: The Hunter
Season 14, episode 16
W: Michael Landon   D: Michael Landon

With Tom Skerritt (Corporal Bill Tanner), Peter O'Crotty (Old Man), Phillip Avenetti (Mexican), Grizzly Green (Harve), Hal Burton (Man).
Joe Cartwright shares a meal in the open country with a stranger who informs Joe that he has only four hours to escape -- and will then be caught and killed. (Last show of the series.)

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