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Series regulars or semi-regulars in 'Bonanza' in the 1970s:

1970s Episode Guide for 'Bonanza':

(Episodes with dates prior to 1970 aired as reruns during the '70s.)

September 17, 1967: Second Chance
Season 9, episode 1
W: John Hawkins, Paul Schneider   D: Leon Benson

With Douglas Kennedy (Jonathan Frazier), Ken Drake (Breck), Joe De Santis (Dr. Isaac Dawson), Bettye Ackerman (Estelle Dawson), James Gregory (Mulvaney), Martin Eric (Telegrapher), Jane Zachary (Anna Mulvaney), James Beck (Lt. March).
Joe Cartwright is seriously wounded by a band of renegade Indians when he and Hoss try to warn ranchers of approaching trouble. Hoss leads a group of settlers to help his wounded brother, but it's a race against time.

November 12, 1967: The Sure Thing
Season 9, episode 9
W: Sydney Ellis, Robert Vincent Wright   D: William Witney

With Kim Darby (Trudy Loughlin), Tom Tully (Burt Loughlin), King Moody (Carter), William Bryant (Harper).
A young girl's faith in her father is destroyed when he attempts to persuade her to throw a horse race, with heavy bets laid down for the other side.

November 19, 1967: Showdown At Tahoe
Season 9, episode 10
W: Thomas Thompson   D: Gerald Mayer

With Kevin Hagen (Brother Guy Gilray), Bill Clark (Deputy Tucker), Troy Melton (Houston), Christopher Dark (Testy), Sheila Larken (Julie Larson), Richard Anderson (Jameson Fillmore), Karl Swenson (Capt. Nells Larson).
The Cartwright's timber operations are threatened by a gang's plot to rob a payroll and use Ben's steamboat to escape.

November 26, 1967: Six Black Horses
Season 9, episode 11
W: William Jerome, Michael Landon   D: Don Daves

With Burgess Meredith (Ownie Duggan), Grandon Rhodes (Dr. Martin), Don Haggerty (O'Neill), Hal Baylor (Tierney), Cosmo Sardo (Bartender), Liam Dunn (Father O'Brien), David Lewis (Giblin), Judy Parker (Julie), Richard X. Slattery (McCoy).
An old friend of Ben Cartwright plans to dupe Ben into investing money obtained by political graft.

March 17, 1968: Trouble Town
Season 9, episode 24
W: David Lang   D: Leon Benson

With Robert J. Wilke (Sheriff Claude Booker), Tol Avery (Almont), Elizabeth MacRae (Lila Holden), Steve Brodie (Deputy Horn), Doodles Weaver (Stableman), James Daris (Shorty), Joe Turkel (Lupe), William Bakewell (Slatter), A.G. Vitanza (Bartender).
The Cartwrights and Candy attempt to free a town from the grip of a feared sheriff who is a suspected murderer and extortionist.

May 5, 1968: To Die In Darkness
Season 9, episode 28
W: Michael Landon   D: Michael Landon

With James Whitmore (John Postley), Noah Keen (Warden).
A man seeks to avenge his imprisonment by confining Ben and Candy in a mine pit.

September 15, 1968: Different Pines, Same Wind
Season 10, episode 1
W: Suzanne Clauser   D: Leon Benson

With Irene Tedrow (Carrie Pickett), Hal Burton (Logger), John Randolph (Doctor), G.D. Spradlin (Jenks), George Murdock (Marks), Herb Voland (Jason Milburn), John Wheeler (Bartender).
The first of a weekly summer series of episodes selected from past seasons of Bonanza finds Joe Cartwright's attempt to stop timber profiteers frustrated by a stubborn mountain woman.

September 22, 1968: Child
Season 10, episode 2
W: Jack B. Sowards   D: Leon Benson

With Charles Maxwell (Buck), Harry Hickox (Mayor Bingham), Yaphet Kotto (Child Barnett), Frank DeVol (Brother Stoner), Robert Ball (Clerk), Bruce Kirby (Chad), E.J. Schuster (Harry), Henry Beckman (Charlie Matson), John Marley (Marshal Millett).
When Hoss is jailed on a murder charge, Child Barnett helps him break out to avoid a lynch mob.

October 20, 1968: The Last Vote
Season 10, episode 6
W: Robert Vincent Wright   D: Joseph Pevney

With Don Haggerty (Pete), Lane Bradford (Tim), Bruno Vesota (Bartender), Tom Bosley (Titus Simpson), Wally Cox (Phineas Burke), Robert Emhardt (Judge Clampton), David Sharpe (Davey).
Little Joe and Hoss act as campaign managers for two devoted friends who are running against each other for mayor.

November 10, 1968: The Survivors
Season 10, episode 9
W: S.H. Barnett, Colin Mackenzie, John Hawkins   D: Leon Benson

With Mariette Hartley (Alicia Purcell), John Carter (Wayne Purcell), Martin Ashe (Major Anderson), Harriet Medin (Elizabeth Bowen), Lesley Woods (Agnes Smith), Ed Bakey (Hake), Sydney Smith (Peter Green), Stuart Nisbet (Paul Fletcher).
Alicia Purcell is rejected by her husband and Virginia City residents when she returns with a half-breed baby after four years as a captive of renegade Indians.

December 1, 1968: Queen High
Season 10, episode 11
W: Michael Fessier   D: Leon Benson

With Ken Drake (Sam Jacks), Celeste Yarnall (Katie Kelly), Sandor Szabo (Ludwig), Paul Lambert (Miles Renfro), Dabney Coleman (Ivar Peterson), Edward Schaaf (Beggs).
Joe and Candy win an ore-processing mill in a poker game and attempt to break the monpoly of their opposition.

December 8, 1968: Yonder Man
Season 10, episode 12
W: Milton Gelman   D: Leo Penn

With Larry Ward (Deputy Stryker), Bruno Vesota (Bartender), Melissa Murphy (Noreen), Rodolfo Acosta (Matar), Pepper Martin (Hawkface), John Vernon (Beaudry).
Ben Cartwright's reunion with an old friend is marred when he learns that free-spirited Beaudry is wanted for cattle theft and political crimes.

December 15, 1968: Mark Of Guilt
Season 10, episode 13
W: Ward Hawkins, Frank Telford   D: Leon Benson

With Hal Burton (Jury Member), Michael Vandever (Davis), Sam Greene (Emo Younger), Lou Frizzell (Jackson), Dick Foran (Ed Gittner), Alan Bergmann (Mr. Gordon), Gordon Dilworth (Judge).
Charged with the murder of a rancher with whom he had a fight, Joe Cartwright must convince a dubious jury of his innocence with the facts stacked against him.

January 5, 1969: Sweet Annie Laurie
Season 10, episode 15
W: John Hawkins, Kay Lenard, Jess Carneol, Jackson Gillis   D: Don Richardson

With Joan Van Ark (Annie Laurie Adams), James Olson (Kelly Adams), James Jeter (Duncan), Ray Teal (Sheriff Roy Coffee), Lawrence Dane (Paul Rodgers), Dean Goodhill (Clerk), Ray Fine (Ryan).
Hoss takes a frightened young wife to the Ponderosa to protect her from her estranged outlaw husband.

January 26, 1969: Erin
Season 10, episode 18
W: Sandy Summerhayes   D: Don Richardson

With Harry Holcombe (Dr. Martin), Don Briggs (Clint Murray), Michael Keep (Bear Hunter), Joan Tompkins (Mrs. Murray), Mary Fickett (Erin O'Donnell), Helen Stevens (Mary Beth).
Hoss is determined to marry a white girl who was raised by Indians, turning a long-time friend of the Cartwrights against the family.

February 23, 1969: The Lady And The Mountain Lion
Season 10, episode 21
W: Larry Markes   D: Joseph Pevney

With Dabbs Greer (Dr. Dunkatt), Bern Hoffman (Bartender), Richard Haydn (Malcolm The Magnificent), Rhae Andrece (Joan), Alyce Andrece (Janice), Michael Keep (Brett Rankin), Jackie Searl (Lanky Man), Chet Stratton (Clerk).
Identical twin daughters and the Cartwright boys set the stage for a magician-con man's swindle of Virginia City residents.

March 16, 1969: The Deserter
Season 10, episode 24
W: B.W. Sandefur, John Dunkel   D: Leon Benson

With Ford Rainey (Capt. Arnholt), Duane Grey (Henderson), Ken Drake (Leatham), Ben Johnson (Sgt. Samuel Bellis), Ellen Davalos (Nanita Bellis), Robert V. Barron (Calvary Trooper), Todd Martin (Denton), Christian Anderson (Turner).
An Army sergeant accused of cowardice, desertion and murder goes in search of a hidden arms plant selling guns to Indians.

May 11, 1969: A Ride In The Sun
Season 10, episode 30
W: John Hawkins, Peter Germano   D: Leon Benson

With Harry Holcombe (Dr. Martin), Jack Collins (Bishop), Anthony Zerbe (John Spain), Robert Hogan (Tobias Horn), Marj Dusay (April Horn).
Bank robbers use the Cartwrights as dupes in a plot to steal from the Virginia City bank.

September 14, 1969: Another Windmill To Go
Season 11, episode 1
W: Palmer Thompson   D: James B. Clark

With Gregg Palmer (Benson), Bruce Watson (Clay), Jill Townsend (Abigail Hought), Laurence Naismith (Don Q. Hought), Lee J. Lambert (Shack), Bart La Rue (Bart Walters), George Furth (Horace Keylot), Virgil Frye (Andy), Foster Brooks (Judge).
Ben Cartwright is stunned to learn that he stands to lose his land to an eccentric man, who plans to gain control of the Ponderosa by taking advantage of a little-known law.

September 21, 1969: The Witness
Season 11, episode 2
W: Joel Murcott   D: Don Richardson

With Wayne Storm (Bo Logan), Melissa Murphy (Jenny Winters), Bo Hopkins (Stretch Logan), Connie Hines (Hilda Cutter), Stefan Gierasch (Orville Winters), Matt Clark (Fantan), Alan Baxter (Jim Cutter).
The Cartwrights offer sanctuary to a young girl after she witnesses a holdup and she falls in love with Little Joe.

September 28, 1969: Silence At Stillwater
Season 11, episode 3
W: Preston Wood   D: Joseph Lejtes

With Strother Martin (Lonnie Stern), John Zaremba (Dr. Menring), Gene Tyburn (Deputy), Gene Shane (John Ferson), Eddie Ryder (Vern Crandall), Teddy Quinn (Peter), Frank Marth (Barnum), Dan Kemp (Jim Hale), Pat Hingle (Sheriff Austin), Gene Dynarski (Hostler).
Candy is jailed in a small town as the chief suspect in the murder of a rancher and his family.

October 5, 1969: A Lawman's Lot Is Not A Happy One
Season 11, episode 4
W: Robert Vincent Wright   D: Don Richardson

With Byron Morrow (Mr. Franklin), Harry Hickox (Mr. Green), Helen Kleeb (Mrs. Franklin), Jay Novello (Fairfax), Bob Gravage (Elbert), Robert Emhardt (Paul Forbes), Melinda Dillon (Cissy Summers), Tom Bosley (Hiram Peabody), Elizabeth Talbot-Martin (Mrs. Green).
Virginia City's sheriff is called out of town and Hoss very reluctantly agrees to substitute for him.

October 12, 1969: Anatomy Of A Lynching
Season 11, episode 5
W: Preston Wood   D: William Wiard

With Stacy Harris (Teague), Ted Gehring (Jim Fischer), Roy Engel (Clyde Quinn), Ellen Weston (Louise Deegan), Mills Watson (Pete), Guy Stockwell (John Deegan), Dan Scott (Stut), Tyler McVey (Al Crane), Stephen Coit (Lassen), Walter Barnes (Will Griner).
An embittered man vows to avenge the death of a friend after the accused killer is tried and set free.

October 26, 1969: The Medal
Season 11, episode 7
W: Frank Chase   D: Lewis Allen

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