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(Episodes with dates prior to 1970 aired as reruns during the '70s.)

September 15, 1977: Pilot
Season 1, episode 1
W: Paul Playdon   D: Paul Krasny

With Tommy Huff (Mike), Paul Mantee (Eddie), Brooke Bundy (Carol), Michael Christian (Jerry), Hoke Howell (Tex), Eric Server (Biker).
Series premiere. Two bachelor motorcycle officers take on a sophisticated car theft ring and a load of industrial glue spilled on the L.A. freeway.

September 22, 1977: Undertow
Season 1, episode 2
W: Larry Alexander   D: Christian I. Nyby II

With William Espy (Vinnie), Jim Backus (Weitzman), Barney McFadden (DeVito), Bettye Ackerman (Mrs. Burgess), Doreen Lang (Nurse), Reb Brown (Brouillette), Paul Brinegar (Surfer).
A thief and an intoxicated attorney add to the problems of the officers when Ponch is hospitalized. While off-duty, the L.A. Rams and a CHP team play basketball.

September 29, 1977: Dog Gone
Season 1, episode 3
W: Rick Mittleman   D: Michael Caffey

With Ron Prince (Barnes), James Crittenden (Little John), Bill Adler (Boots), Jeffrey Druce (Zero), William Lanteau (Rogovia), Joanne Linville (Mrs. Hirsh).
Officer Baker's efforts to help a lost pooch with an injured paw are complicated by vengeance-bent hippies, an erratic driver attempting to get her husband to the hospital and a motorcyclist frozen with panic.

October 13, 1977: Moving Violation
Season 1, episode 4
W: Charles Sailor   D: Edward M. Abroms

With Catherine Ferrar (Brenda), Harvey Parry (Andy Parker), Kathi Kuni (Hippie), Fawne Harriman (Mrs. Karantz), Roosevelt Grier (Car Destroyer), Derek Wilcox (Jeff Karantz), James Nicholas (Snake Thief).
A group of senior citizens hijack a bus, a young girl makes a three-point landing on the freeway, and an irate motorist proceeds to demolish his car while shocked highway patrol officers watch.

October 20, 1977: Career Day
Season 1, episode 5
W: Bruce Shelly   D: Ric Rondell

With Ted Hollis (Casket Frat Rat), Victoria Peters (Clara), Cynthia Harrison (Ginger), Charles Cooper (Trucker), Philip Boyer (Mikie), Bebe Kelly (Burglar), Jerry Ayres (Burglar), David Man (Rudolph), Richard Deacon (Singleton), R.B. Sorko-Ram (Shain).
Ponch is the guest speaker at his former high school. He and Jon also deal with a casket dropped on a city street, and try to persuade a photographer that freeway shoulders are unsuitable as a shooting locale.

October 27, 1977: Baby Food
Season 1, episode 6
W: Simon Muntner   D: Paul Krasny

With Jenny Sherman (Melinda), Don Maxwell (Pickup Driver), Harvey J. Goldenberg (Davis), Barbara Brownell (Nancy), Marjorie Bennett (Mrs. Downey), Reb Brown (Brouillette).
Officers Jon and Ponch race against time to discover the whereabouts of an infant endangered by contaminated baby food. Their day is further complicated by a trapped dog and a driver headed in the wrong direction on the freeway.

November 3, 1977: Taking Its Toll
Season 1, episode 7
W: Bill Taub   D: Georg Fenady

With R.B. Sorko-Ram (Shain), Jeri Lea Ray (Webb), Lee McLaughlin (Onion Driver), Louis Guss (Chauffeur), Joseph Della Sorte (Jewelry Salesman), Marjorie Bennett (Mrs. Downey), Thomas Babson (Biker), Victor Arnold (Zografides).
The highway patrolmen contend with a truckload of crushed onions, face an encounter with a tollbooth bandit, and rescue a chauffeur trapped in a limo ready to detonate.

November 10, 1977: The Green Thumb Burglar
Season 1, episode 8
W: Skip Webster, Jock MacKelvie   D: Christian I. Nyby II

With Jackie Vernon (Bert), Dana Baker (Georgia), Bill Zuckert (Attila), Jim B. Smith (Fireman), Lennie Weinrib (H.R. Pufnstuf), Ari Sorko-Ram (Shain), Joe Lo Presti (Louie).
When Jon and Ponch pursue a careening car with the intention of ticketing the driver, they are surprised to find H.R. Pufnstuf at the wheel.

November 24, 1977: Hustle
Season 1, episode 9
W: John Groves   D: Georg Fenady

With Yuki Shimoda (Mr. Wee), Marty Ingels (Sidney), Michael Masters (Customer), Sandra Will (Sheila), Reb Brown (Brouillette), Broderick Crawford (Himself), Kay Peters (Judge Linda), R.B. Sorko-Ram (Shain).
Broderick Crawford is flagged down by the patrolmen and cited for a traffic violation; an auto crash brings a live wire down on the highway; an irate motorist tries to prove CHP bias.

December 1, 1977: Highway Robbery
Season 1, episode 10
W: Paul Robert Coyle   D: Nicholas Colasanto

With David Wilson (Leo Morrison), Lorna Thayer (Matron), Vito Scotti (Emilio), Hoke Howell (York), Jeff Harlan (Jay), Florence Halop (Mrs. Abel), James Beach (Mr. Sweeney), Wendy Fredericks (Janey), Paul Linke (Officer Grossman).
Jon and Ponch deal with an elephant loose on the freeway, a motorcycle rip-off artist, an elderly lady with a flat tire and joyriding teenagers.

December 8, 1977: Name Your Price
Season 1, episode 11
W: Bruce Shelly, Mike Raschella, Carole Raschella   D: Ric Rondell

With Pearl Shear (Sylvia), Ruth Kobart (Millie), Jack Knight (Emcee), Rhonda Hopkins (Tracy), Tom Hallick (Bob), Jaime Lyn Bauer (Carrie), Paul Linke (Officer Grossman), Oscar Peters (Lars).
Ponch tries to win fame and fortune on a game show; a truckload of escaped chickens causes pandemonium on the freeway; a gang of beautiful car thieves absconds with a Rolls Royce.

December 22, 1977: Aweigh We Go
Season 1, episode 12
W: Christian I. Nyby II   D: Ivan Nagy

With Paula Victor (Esther), Tony Russell (Eduardo), Marie Reynolds (Lucy), Sean Morgan (Sven), Ric Mancini (Vince), Richard Karron (Fred), Bruce Glover (Sgt. Vogt), Janet Brandt (Sylvia), Zina Bethune (Mother), Gerald McRaney (Derrick).
Ponch and Baker are diverted from their pursuit of professional truck thieves when a woman and child become trapped in a car hanging on the edge of a cliff.

January 5, 1978: One Two Many
Season 1, episode 13
W: Roland Wolpert   D: Paul Krasny

With William Whitaker (CHP Lookalike), Randy Stumpf (Ric), R.B. Sorko-Ram (Shain), Gina Alvarado (Carmen), Sandie Newton (Dana), M.G. Kelly (Policeman), Terence Goodman (Groom), Tom Williams (Gilmore), Thomas A. Geas (Mike), George Brenlin (Shorty), Trish Stewart (Jobina), Rick Garcia (Ned), Diane Lander (Bride).
Officer Baker's double causes triple trouble; a 14-year-old auto thief nearly drowns; the officers deliver a baby in the back seat of a car; a sailor's wedding procession snarls traffic.

January 12, 1978: Rustling
Season 1, episode 14
W: Skip Webster, Jock MacKelvie, Frank Telford   D: Phil Bondelli

With Paul Tuerpe (Buck), Kay Peters (Judge Linda), Kirk Mee (Attorney), Mills Watson (Ambrose), Fred Beir (Farrell), L.Q. Jones (Hoskins), Chris Forbes (Maria), Pamelyn Ferdin (Susie), Carl Ballantine (Marvello The Great), G.W. Bailey (Drunk Driver), Alice Ghostley (Mamie), Paul Linke (Officer Grossman), Zacki Murphy (Ginny).
The officers are plagued by a gang of big-city cattle rustlers with a foolproof plan to bilk insurance companies, and by a drunken driver with political pull.

January 19, 1978: Surf's Up
Season 1, episode 15
W: Bruce Shelly, Rudolph Borchert   D: Georg Fenady

With Arne Warde (Tom), Kelly Ward (Doug), Ray Underwood (Terry), Sondra Theodore (Marsha), Michael Swan (Ed), Nancy Stephens (Young Mother), Harvey Lembeck (Truck Driver), Panchito Gomez (Robert), Leslie Ackerman (Mindy), Fran Ryan (Lady Driver), Lynn Theel (Kathy), Paul Linke (Officer Grossman), Michael Dorn (Officer Turner), Dany Marrou (Mrs. Cruz).
Jon and Ponch are tranferred to Malibu Beach, where they pursue bikini-clad blondes, thieves who specialize in ripping off surfers' vans and a stolen car with an infant in the back seat.

January 26, 1978: Vintage '54
Season 1, episode 16
W: Mort Thaw   D: Barry Crane

With Nick Pellegrino (Kevin), Tom Pedi (Bruno), Jennifer McAllister (Ellen), Aldine King (Gilbert), Jim Goodwin (Van Driver), Ellen Geer (Martha), Tanya Russell (Skydiver), Jeri Lea Ray (Webb), Marjorie Bennett (Mrs. Downey), Marc Alaimo (Bix), Jed Allan (Jason), Pepe Serna (Danny).
A skydiver snagged on a freeway ramp, an infant left behind during a car swap, and a rash of vintage automobile thefts plague the CHP.

February 9, 1978: Hitch-Hiking Hitch
Season 1, episode 17
W: Karl Tunberg, Terence Tunberg   D: Phil Bondelli

With Chad States (Skipper), Joseph V. Perry (House Mover), Stacey Nelkin (Marge), Sander Johnson (Brad), Lark Geib (Jenny), Ben Davidson (Wrestler), George Chandler (Elmer), Katherine Cannon (Mary Kate), Daniel Benton (Mike), Linda Dano (Eloise).
Truck drivers, lunch truck drivers, hitchhikers and sand sailers keep the officers of the CHP jumping.

February 16, 1978: Cry Wolf
Season 1, episode 18
W: Jim Carlson, Terrence McDonnell   D: John Florea

With Ellen Travolta (Helen), David Staller (Caller), Gregg Palmer (Walter), Alyscia Maxwell (Kathy), Kathryn Holcomb (Karen Rayburn), Melinda Fee (Sarah), Brad David (Walt), Charlene Dallas (Ruth), Robbie Rist (Jeff).
A rash of calls sends CHP officers, ambulances and fire trucks to the scenes of nonexistent accidents.

February 23, 1978: Crash Diet
Season 1, episode 19
W: Rudolph Borchert   D: Don McDougall

With Nita Talbot (Instructor), Don 'Red' Barry (Truck Driver), Steve Franken (Student Driver), Robert Lussier (Coach), John Milford (Doctor), Herman Poppe (Leonard), Deborah Pratt (Carol), Crystin Sinclaire (Linda).
Jon and Ponch have problems with the UCLA girls volleyball team, a runaway truck loaded with explosives, a dirt thrower on the freeway, and a crash diet.

March 2, 1978: Rainy Day
Season 1, episode 20
W: Rod Baker, James Doherty, William D. Gordon, Glen Olson   D: Gordon Hessler

With David Spielberg (Herb), Johnny Seven (Dawson), Jacqueline Scott (Ethyl), Dan Magiera (Cyclist), Cliff Emmich (Ned), Mary Cross (Doctor), Julie Cobb (Juliet), Herb Edelman (Sanders), Ava Lazar (Hostess).
A compulsive gambler who loses in a poker game, a gun-loving motorist, and a kindergarten teacher with an eye for Ponch create problems for the CHP officers.

March 9, 1978: Crack-Up
Season 1, episode 21
W: Rudolph Borchert   D: Phil Bondelli

With Hari Rhodes (Father), Phillip Pine (Doctor Ansgar), Marc Lawrence (Co-Driver), Linda Thompson (Chrissy), Danny Goldman (Doctor Bosca), Robin Braxton (Mother), Joey Aresco (Niles), Phyllis Diller (Wanda), Gary Sandy (Ray).
CHP problems include a distraught estranged husband, armored car drivers who refuse aid following an accident, two cars racing on city streets, and the hospitalization of Officer Baker following a motorcycle accident.

April 1, 1978: Flashback
Season 1, episode 22
W: Bruce Shelly   D: Michael Caffey

With Robert Sampson (Atchison), Edward James Olmos (Henry), Jon Linton (Artie), Chester Grimes (Rex), John Furey (Sonny), Meridith Baer (Mindy), Joe Penny (Brent).
A conceited rookie with political connections at the state capital evokes a range of emotions at CHP headquarters.

September 16, 1978: Peaks And Valleys
Season 2, episode 1
W: Rudolph Borchert   D: Phil Bondelli

With Pamela Norman (Melanie), Paul Mace (Bernie), Peter Looney (Rogers), Rick Gates (Stan Bosca), Martin West (Lundsford), Kaye Stevens (Karen Niles), Jack Rader (Carl), Troy Donahue (Bob Niles).
Jon and Ponch consider quitting the California Highway Patrol because of an unjust civil suit filed against them by an injured motorist.

September 23, 1978: The Volunteers
Season 2, episode 2
W: Arthur Marx   D: John Florea

With James Crittenden (Leo), Paul Comi (Councilman), Anna Upstrom, Paul Sorenson (Superintendent), Richard Collier (Prisoner), Mark Carlton (Pete), Lee Paul (Police Chief), Bill McLaughlin (Gabe), Maxine Elliott (Elderly Woman), Rana Ford (Jane Turner), Steve Brodie (Sam), Warren Berlinger (Market Owner), Tige Andrews (Charlie Davis), Katherine Cannon (Robbie Davis).
Baker and Poncharello escort a truck loaded with volatile chemicals over remote mountain roads because the citizens of the towns along the direct route will not allow the dangerous convoy to pass through.

September 30, 1978: Family Crisis
Season 2, episode 3
W: James Doherty, William D. Gordon   D: Phil Bondelli

With Michael Potter (Detective), Leslie King (Betsy), Joan Crosby (Manager), Shell Kepler (Gail), Don Stark (Officer Allen), Gene Dynarski (Capt. Grube), Denise Dubarry (Sue), Jack Carter (Salesman), Christopher Knight (Wes Miller), Danny Bonaduce (Fred).
A gang of thieves stage a series of daring robberies and make their getaway in a stolen movie stunt car, and Baker's nephew falls in with a reckless crowd and worries the family.

October 7, 1978: Disaster Squad
Season 2, episode 4
W: Max Hodge   D: Gordon Hessler

With Cliff Osmond (Michael), Marvin Kaplan (Hilmer Nelson), Christian Zika (Chris), Hinton Pope (Starter), Regis Philbin (Newscaster), Nathan Jung (Wrong Way Driver), Harvey Jason (Lee), Liberty Godshall (Ellen Roberts), Larry Gelman (Becker), Joshua Bryant (Benson).
Ponch's fiery temper boils over when he sees that a broadcast news team is resorting to faking its coverage of the CHP to give their TV stories more excitement.

October 14, 1978: Neighborhood Watch
Season 2, episode 5
W: L. Ford Neale   D: Phil Bondelli

With Gabriel Melgar (Donnie), Samantha Caulfield (Karen Wilkins), K.C. Martel (Scott), Lauri Hendler (Robin), Charlie Brill (Tow Truck Driver), Mary Betten (Waitress), Shelley Berman, Stephen Young (Billings), Alan Sues (Florist), Shirley O'Hara (Elderly Woman), Robbie Rist (Brian).
A trio of skateboard wizards and a reckless driver with a good lawyer drive the CHP team up a wall.

October 21, 1978: Trick Or Treat
Season 2, episode 6
W: James Schmerer   D: Phil Bondelli

With John Dennis (Collins), Justin Dana (Tommy), Bobby Van (Eddie), Jenny Sherman (Karen), Susan Page (Julie), Joe Medalis (Mr. Stone), Barbara Leigh (Paula), Elaine Joyce (Susan), Jeff Cotler (Allan), Darryl Cooksey (Skeleton), Beatrice Colen (Mary), Edward Call (Manager), Hal Baylor (Reed), Bobby Porter (Sammy), Fran Ryan (Nancy).
A mysterious woman who steals candy from children and a "ghost" who robs supermarkets to pay off her husband's gambling debts give the CHP officers a wild Halloween.

November 4, 1978: High Flyer
Season 2, episode 7
W: James Schmerer   D: Gordon Hessler

With Vern Rowe (Mr. Carter), Ty Henderson (Tony), Harvey J. Goldenberg (Mr. Affelrod), John Ericson (Bob Patterson), Lee De Broux (Bates), David Roya (Sammy), Mary Louise Weller (Carol), Grand Bush (Paul), Cyndi Bain (Kim), Jenilee Harrison (Cheerleader).
Jon and Ponch stop an overloaded minibus on the freeway and discover that the passengers are Los Angeles Rams' cheerleaders headed for the Coliseum.

November 11, 1978: The Grudge
Season 2, episode 8
W: Rick Mittleman   D: John Florea

With Dennis Kort (Todd), David Gilliam (Chris), Damon Douglas (Freddy), Luis Contreras (Perez), Laura Sayer (Linda), Dirk Blocker (Turk), Kay Peters (Judge), Chip Zien (Davey).
Five college students, intent on settling a grudge with Jon and Ponch, plant pot at a CHP party.

November 18, 1978: The Sheik
Season 2, episode 9
W: Jerry Thomas   D: Phil Bondelli

With Maggie Malooly (Irate Wife), Anita Jodelsohn (Suzanne), Marianne Marks (Fay), Kario Salem (Barney), Dick Valentine (Husband in Car), William Bronder (Workman), Colette Bertrand (Michelle), Chris Beaumont (Ambulance Attendant), Peter Ashton (Servant), Joey Aresco (Husband), Jill Jaress (Pregnant Woman).
A speed-crazy young prince gives Jon and Ponch the royal treatment in the hope that they will overlook his traffic violations.

November 25, 1978: Return Of The Turks
Season 2, episode 10
W: Stephen Lord   D: Barry Crane

With Tara Talboy (Kathy), Mark Thomas (Rudy), Dee Wallace (Angie), John Wheeler (Wally), James Houghton (Pete), Kaz Garas (Sid), Lanny Duncan (Van Driver).
Two high school buddies of Ponch's cause havoc when they try to relive their hot-rodding days.

December 2, 1978: Supercycle
Season 2, episode 11
W: William D. Gordon, James Doherty, Barney Slater   D: Phil Bondelli

With Jason Evers (Gesslin), Karen Carlson (Sheila Evans), George O'Hanlon Jr. (Ray Yarnell).
A motorcycle stuntman and his shady promoter stage spectacular stunts on the city streets, much to the chagrin of Jon and Ponch.

December 9, 1978: High Explosive
Season 2, episode 12
W: William D. Gordon, James Doherty, Suzanne Ryder   D: Barry Crane

With Lynne Marta (Beth), Ken Kercheval (Dr. Faraday), Robert Yuro (Eddie), Carol Vogel (Mrs. Lasher), Rosanne Katon (Mary), F. William Parker (Gus), Steve Oliver (Brad Holmes), Jonathan Lippe (Stan Mallory), Ike Eisenmann (Barry), Bucklind Beery (Shorty).
Jon and Ponch sort out an accident caused by a misguided youth with a pellet gun; an ambulance driver steals a van and fills it with dynamite after being fired from his job.

December 16, 1978: Down Time
Season 2, episode 13
W: Rick Mittleman   D: John Florea

With Burr DeBenning (Bill Ross), Susan Kiger (Brandy), Randi Oakes (Kim Balford), Deborah Zon (Melodie Fisher), Barry Cahill (Max Kinneman).
Ponch's newly rebuilt car is stolen by a ring of female auto thieves, ruining his vacation plans.

January 6, 1979: Repo Man
Season 2, episode 14
W: Rick Mittleman   D: John Florea

With Mills Watson (Doyle Ware), Ned Glass (Watchmaker), Anna Berger (Mary Taylor).
A ruthless collection agent plots to destroy Jon's and Ponch's credit ratings after they prevent him from harassing private citizens.

January 13, 1979: Mait Team
Season 2, episode 15
W: James Doherty, William D. Gordon, George Zateslo   D: John Florea

With Scott Mulhern (Doctor), Dan Ferrone (Anderson), Ingrid Wang (Cheng), Wade Wallace (Construction Worker), Lee Terri (Barbara Daniels), Peg Stewart (Mrs. Harris), Wonderful Smith (DMV Supervisor), Michael Christian (Ken Thomas), Eric Braeden (Senator Larwin), Michael Bell (Margolis), Carmen Argenziano (Borlov).
Ponch, Jon and Sgt. Getraer are assigned to determine the cause of a multiple-fatality accident in which a CHP unit was involved.

January 20, 1979: Pressure Point
Season 2, episode 16
W: Paul Robert Coyle   D: Phil Bondelli

With David Wiley (George Price), Rudy Vallee (Arthur Forbinger), Guy Stockwell (Paul Everett), Tom Troupe (Darrell Justin), Michael Stearns (Guard), Mary Crosby (Chris), Douglas Fowley (Barney).
Ponch and Jon go undercover to expose a protection racket preying on a wealthy old man and his granddaughter.

January 27, 1979: The Matchmakers
Season 2, episode 17
W: L. Ford Neale, John Huff   D: Harvey Laidman

With Danny Wells (Phil Davies), Gregory Walcott (Derk), Judy Penrod (Doreen Evans), Hal Frederick (Animal Control Officer), Jerry Boyd (Trucker), Marc Baxley (Paramedic), Jenny O'Hara (Cora Gilford).
Jon and Ponch help a 30-year veteran of the highway patrol face the idea of retirement.

February 3, 1979: Rally 'Round The Bank
Season 2, episode 18
W: Lee H. Grant   D: Barry Crane

With Linda McCullough (Janice), Ron Hajek (Richard Moore), Denise Dubarry (Sue), Gloria Delaney (Pam Benson), K.C. Winkler (Marie Stockwood), Karen Specht (Jessica Bond), Markie Post (Roberta), Anna Navarro (Mrs. Poncherello), Frank Ashmore (Larry Fletcher).
Jon and Ponch search for two bank robbers who mysteriously disappear before they can be captured.

February 17, 1979: Bio-Rhythms
Season 2, episode 19
W: James Schmerer   D: Don Weis

With Michael Baseleon (Murray Thomas), Georgia Schmidt (Elderly Woman), Jeff Maxwell (Motorist), Bruce Kimball (Rocky), Katherine Cannon (Robbie Davis), Tige Andrews (Charlie Davis), Steve Brodie (Sam), Michael Conrad (Karl Maddox).
A trucking company tries to put two independent truckers, who are friends with Ponch and Jon, out of business.

February 24, 1979: Quarantine
Season 2, episode 20
W: Rudolph Borchert   D: Harvey Laidman

With Carey Wong (Lee), Jody St. Michael (Wiley), Taaffe O'Connell (Crystal), Luis Moreno (Driver), William Long Jr. (Nesset), Linda Lawrence (Lori), Danny Goldman (Dr. Bosca), Tom Poston (Bill Conner).
The CHP unit is put on quarantine alert after a young man interned in their headquarters falls victim to a rare illness.

March 3, 1979: CHP-BMX
Season 2, episode 21
W: Rick Mittleman   D: John Florea

With Henry Olek (Dutch), Kirk Calloway (Danny), Jackie Vernon (Man), Marc Gilpin (Timmy Getraer).
After his son is injured in a motorbike accident, Sgt. Getraer gets to know and work with some of the troubled neighborhood kids.

March 10, 1979: Ride The Whirlwind
Season 2, episode 22
W: Stephen Lord   D: Larry Wilcox

With Robert Donner (Coby), Paul Koslo (Verne), Allen Case (Walter Dunlap), Maray Ayres (Sheila), Eric Lawson (Harry), Kitty Hilton (Janice), Chester Grimes (Chico), Peggy Doyle (Rancher Woman), Jenny Neumann (Lady Biker).
Jon and Ponch encounter unruly dirt bikers and an illegal drug ring when they volunteer as members of a trail-bike team.

May 12, 1979: The Greatest Adventures Of CHiPs
Season 2, episode 23
W: L. Ford Neale, John Huff   D: Don Weis

Fellow officers of Jon and Ponch recall some of their exploits after the two are nominated for a prestigious achievement award.

September 22, 1979: Roller Disco
Season 3, episode 1
W: Rudolph Borchert   D: Don Weis

With Larry Storch (Franco), Robert Starr (Brian), Leif Garrett (Jimmy Tyler), Bill Daily (Balford), Mike Minor (Doctor), Fred Williamson (Ty), Jim Brown (Romo), Larry Linville (Carlin), Ed McMahon (Himself).
Season premiere. While organizing a roller disco charity ball, Ponch and Jon cross paths with roller-skating thieves, a con man constantly collecting insurance for whiplash, and a rock star hiding out from the world.

September 29, 1979: Valley Go Home!
Season 3, episode 3
W: L. Ford Neale, John Huff   D: Barry Crane

With Grant Wilson (Jerry), Aarika Wells (Kris), Jimmy Ortega (Michael), Kim O'Brien (Donna), Ed Griffith (Tom), Greg Bradford (Bart).
Jon and Ponch, on temporary duty at Malibu Beach, have to cope with beautiful girls and two rival teenage gangs.

October 6, 1979: High Octane
Season 3, episode 4
W: James Schmerer   D: John Florea

With Alyscia Maxwell (Motorist), Mark Slade (Slim), Aldo Ray (Karl Beasley), Paul Hampton (Gary Bennett), Stephanie Faulkner (Doctor), Sidney Clute (Steve Barr), Frank Arno (Angry Man), William Watson (Sgt. Chapman), Ellen Bry (Beth).
Smugglers steal gas from different stations using a gasoline truck -- stealing from the storage tanks while pretending to deliver fuel.

October 13, 1979: Death Watch
Season 3, episode 5
W: Larry Alexander   D: Barry Crane

With Melinda Dillon, Gwen Humble (Cheryl).
The death of a fellow officer following a hit-and-run chase puts Jon and Ponch on the trail of a stunt driver who is instigating auto accidents.

October 20, 1979: Counterfeit
Season 3, episode 6
W: Dean R. Koontz   D: John Florea

With Ralph Meeker, Andrew Duggan (Chester Murphy), Minda Burr (Heather), Fred Beir (Evan Whitlock), Billy Barty (James O'Hara).
A gang of counterfeiters, led by a con artist posing as a clergyman, makes an unwitting Ponch one of their victims, and he also must deal with a hostile dwarf and a blind date who's less than brilliant.

October 27, 1979: Return Of The Supercycle
Season 3, episode 7
W: Rick Mittleman   D: Bruce Kessler

With Del Russel (Donny Joe King), Carl Irwin (Store Owner), Kay Howell (Nurse), Steve Eastin (Dunslay), George Caldwell (Link Burrows), Stanley Brock (Max Beaumont), George O'Hanlon Jr. (Ray Yarnell), Anne Lockhart (Kathy Mulligan).
Ponch is seriously injured while pursuing a masked motorcyclist who has staged a series of robberies.

November 3, 1979: Hot Wheels
Season 3, episode 8
W: Larry Alexander   D: John Florea

With Lilibet Stern (Nurse), Andrew Robinson (Bill Clayton), Jeff Morris (LeMasters), Jared Martin (Bright), Martin Kove (Sherwood).
Though hospitalized, Ponch helps Jon and his temporary replacement solve a rash of robberies being committed in stolen cars.

November 10, 1979: Drive, Lady, Drive
Season 3, episode 9
W: James Doherty, William D. Gordon   D: Don Weis

With Kelly Harmon (Candi Wright), Tracey Gold (Donna), Simon Oakland (Bruno), Quinn O'Hara (Mrs. Hastings), Brion James (Ackerman).
A female race car driver aids Ponch and Jon in their search for a 10-year-old runaway who caused a highway accident.

November 17, 1979: The Watch Commander
Season 3, episode 11
W: Frank Telford   D: Don Weis

With Lois Hamilton, Patti Davis (Receptionist), Curtis Credel, Michelle Pfeiffer (Jobina), Don Mitchell (Tyrone), Granville Van Dusen (Lt. Bates).
A strict new officer makes life and work miserable for Jon, Ponch and the rest of the staff.

November 24, 1979: Destruction Derby
Season 3, episode 12
W: Rick Mittleman   D: Gordon Hessler

With Anna Mathias (Rachel), Cynthia Gable (Sarah), Dick DeCoit (Chet Lindford), Billy Green Bush (Bones Bateman), Angel Tompkins (Billy).
Jon and Ponch go undercover as demolition derby drivers and race against a beautiful lady to smoke out a gang of suspected drug smugglers.

December 1, 1979: Second Chance
Season 3, episode 13
W: Frank Chase, Ramona Chase   D: John Florea

With Dana Laurita (Keli Adams), Robert Dowdell (Mr. Adams), David James Carroll (Chuck), Kristine DeBell (Peggy).
Ponch and Jon use a pretty girl as bait to trap a gang of thieves operating out of an exclusive restaurant.

December 8, 1979: Wheeling
Season 3, episode 14
W: L. Ford Neale, John Huff   D: Barry Crane

With Ray Vitte, Paul Gale (Artie).
A distraught father intent on bringing a hit-and-run driver to justice, and some mischievous paraplegics playing freeway games in their specially-equipped cars create problems for Jon and Ponch.

December 15, 1979: Christmas Watch
Season 3, episode 15
W: L. Ford Neale, John Huff   D: Phil Bondelli

With Anna Navarro (Maria Poncherello), William Schallert (Rev. Warmer), Alison Hong (Michiko), Ken Hill (Passenger #3), Eddie Garcia (Arturo), Bill Calvert (Gordon), Don Reid (Bob Piermont), Jack Perkins (Passenger #2), Frank Parker (Clifford), Rex Benson (Man), Eugenia Wright (Doris), David Westberg (Paul Manette), Pamela Susan Shoop (Alice Piermont), Rosemary Forsyth (Joan Manette).
The antique Christmas bell donated to a poor Los Angeles parish by its younger members is stolen just as the holiday season approaches.

January 12, 1980: Jailbirds
Season 3, episode 16
W: James Schmerer   D: Bruce Kessler

With Edward Grover (Sam Weber), Ray Duke (Nick Ferris), Don 'Red' Barry (Marty Ballard), Andy Romano (Ron Simon), Allan Rich (Judge Towers).
Jon and Ponch are found guilty of contempt when they refuse to name an informant in court. While in jail, they encounter vengeful criminals who they arrested.

January 19, 1980: E.M.T.
Season 3, episode 17
W: Frank Dandridge, Jerry Thomas   D: Phil Bondelli

With Charles Howerton (Colson), Harv Selsby (Korbel), William Smith (Michael Adams), Trevor Henley (Waters), Ellen Geer (Margo Adams), Dennis Dimster (Jimmy), Dago Dimster (Bobby), Pat Petersen (Warren).
The instructor for an EMT course recognizes pupils Jon and Ponch as the officers who gave him a ticket the day before, and treats them with hostility.

January 26, 1980: Kidnap
Season 3, episode 18
W: Steven Kandel   D: Gordon Hessler

With Christopher Holloway (Ray), Brad Savage (Pete), Pat Cranshaw (Carpenter), Timothy Carey (Solkin), Ed Call (Delman), Warren Berlinger (Bickle), Michael Barbera (Dink), Judy Strangis (Karen Costello), Jayne Kennedy (Pat Blake).
Two mischievous boys being escorted by John and Ponch get more than they bargained for when the Rolls Royce in which they are hiding is stolen by two desperate fugitives.

February 2, 1980: Off Road
Season 3, episode 19
W: George Geiger   D: Paul Nuckles

With Meredith MacRae (Beth), Edd Byrnes (Andy), Ramon Bieri (Larson), Michael Baseleon (Mesker), Stafford Morgan (Capt. Meadows).
Jon and Ponch enter a desert off-road race, unaware that a pair of thugs are using the race as a cover to retrieve a cache of stolen gold coins.

February 9, 1980: Tow Truck Lady
Season 3, episode 20
W: Max Hodge   D: Larry Wilcox

With Dick Patterson (Businessman), Christian Zika (Chris), Mary McCusker (Nancy), Roger Perry (Howard), Liberty Godshall (Ellen Roberts), John Durren (Julian), Tonya Crowe (Marla), Nancy Bleier (Lisa), Chris Robinson (Danny).
When a tow truck driver is suspected of stealing cars to make ends meet, Jon and Ponch enlist the help of the driver's daughter.

February 16, 1980: The Strippers
Season 3, episode 21
W: Frank Telford   D: Don Weis

With Sherry Jackson (Diane), Morgan Woodward (Dexter), Peter Greene (Miller), Howard Culver (Auctioneer), Sharon Weber (Shari), Roy Stuart (Heller), Ron Soble (Stark), Art Scholl (Pilot), Richard Bakalyan (O'Hare), Jason Ronard (Rudi), James Luisi (Lazarri), Evan Kim (Zale).
Jon and Ponch attempt to trap a gang of car strippers plus bring an end to a drug smuggling operation that uses cargo drops from the air. Ponch and Jon clash with the FBI, who are also tracking the drug smugglers.

February 23, 1980: Thrill Show
Season 3, episode 22
W: John Huff, L. Ford Neale   D: Gordon Hessler

With Daniel Davies (Skeet), Joie Chitwood (Himself), Tim Chitwood (Himself), John Lisbon Wood (Dave), Paul Nicholas (Malcolm), John McCook (Ray Conner).
Bonnie needs to make a decision between staying with the CHP or joining a friend who works with the Joie Chitwood Thrill Show.

March 23, 1980: Nightingale
Season 3, episode 23
W: Kenneth Dorward   D: Don Weis

With Dana Plato (Darla), Louise Latham (Lucy Kenton), Leslie King (Kim Richardson), Stephen Fanning (Jeff Johnson), Angus Duncan (Ben Richardson), Vern Rowe (Boss).
Jon and Ponch try to find a mysterious female doctor who is treating accident victims then disappearing.

March 30, 1980: Dynamite Alley
Season 3, episode 24
W: Rudolph Borchert, James Schmerer   D: Bruce Kessler

With Michael MacRae (Perkins), Joan Freeman (Mrs. Marshall), Bryan Scott (Corey Marshall), Raymond Mayo (Larkin).
Officer Bonnie Clark believes she was forced off the road by a truck after crashing on a dangerous mountain road, and a 13-year-old CB enthusiast is the only witness to what happened.

September 21, 1980: Go-Cart Terror
Season 4, episode 1
W: James Schmerer   D: John Florea

With Ingrid Greer (Marie), Moosie Drier (Wayne), Jack Heller (Ozzie), Debra Kelly (Elizabeth), Gloria Delaney (Carol), Kevin King Cooper (Fritz), Sonny Bono (Mike), Jerry Ayres (Wells), Terri Lynn Wood (Pam), George Whiteman (Bob), Paul Tuerpe (Caspar), Larry Storch (Chub), Gammy Singer (Norma), Adam Silbar (Duffy), Juanita Merritt (Debbie).
Jon and Ponch set up a go-cart track to keep young potential hoodlums off the street, and a race is arranged between a club organized by the CHP against a club organized by firefighters.

September 28, 1980: Sick Leave
Season 4, episode 2
W: Larry Alexander   D: John Florea

With Tom Villard (Neil), Kevin O'Brien (Paul), Tony Miller (Dr. Stockley), Bennett Liss (Harold), Robert Viharo (Andy), Ken Stovitz (Barry), Alan Stock (Chris), Erin Donovan (Frannie).
The CHiPs try to persuade a fellow officer who is suffering from a brain tumor to take sick leave after he takes unnecessary risks.

October 5, 1980: To Your Health
Season 4, episode 3
W: John Huff, L. Ford Neale   D: Barry Crane

With Elissa Leeds (Jill), Stanley Grover (Bennett), Patch Mackenzie (Dani), K.C. Martel (Jason), Robert Ginty (Cal Hendricks), Paul Gale (Tom Catlin), Linden Chiles (Vic Tower), W.T. Zacha (Tanker Driver), Dan Nunez (Jorge), Kathleen Freeman (Outraged Lady), Adam Gunn (Skipper).
A farmer believes a large agricultural company is sabotaging his trucks to shut down his business; Ponch goes on a health kick to impress the women owners of a health food store.

October 19, 1980: The Poachers
Season 4, episode 4
W: Marshall Herskovitz   D: Barry Crane

With Tony Raymond (Davey), Robert F. Lyons (Arnold), Alex Kubik (Ed), Michael C. Gwynne (Cleve), Michael Ansara (Nathan), Cliff Emmich (Daniels), Cal Bartlett (Carruthers), Cassandra Gava (Martha).
While chasing poachers in the woods, Ponch and Jon encounter an aged Indian who wants to teach his grandson the "old ways" of how to survive in the wilderness.

December 7, 1980: The Great 5K Star Race And Boulder Wrap Party
Season 4, episode 5
W: Rudolph Borchert   D: Gordon Hessler

With Cindy Harrell (Chris), Dana Halsted (Carole), Bob Hackman (Furrier), Jerome Guardino (Vendor), Ellen Geer (Julie Borris), William Boyett (Rhodes), Heidi Bohay (Corky), Sandy Lipton (Mrs. Bosco), Kimberly Alexander (Wendy), Tina Louise (Edie Marshall), Ken Berry (Kelly), Don Galloway (Steve Marshall), Tammy Lauren (Cheryl Marshall), Alex Rocco (Ansgar), Ronnie Scribner (Dane), Milton Berle (Himself), Donna Mills (Herself), Cindy Williams (Herself), Todd Bridges (Himself), Nancy Kulp (Herself), Peter Marshall (Himself).
Ponch organizes a celebrity bicycle relay race as a fundraiser, while he and Jon try to track down a criminal duo that is using a motorbike and sidecar to commit robberies; attempts are made to remove a large boulder which is putting Milton Berle's home in danger.

December 7, 1980: The Great 5K Star Race and Boulder Wrap Party (2)
Season 4, episode 6
W: Rudolph Borchert   D: Gordon Hessler

With Cindy Harrell (Chris), Dana Halsted (Carole), Bob Hackman (Furrier), Jerome Guardino (Vendor), Ellen Geer (Julie Borris), William Boyett (Rhodes), Heidi Bohay (Corky), Sandy Lipton (Mrs. Bosco), Kimberly Alexander (Wendy), Tina Louise (Edie Marshall), Ken Berry (Kelly), Don Galloway (Steve Marshall), Tammy Lauren (Cheryl Marshall), Alex Rocco (Ansgar), Ronnie Scribner (Dane), Milton Berle (Himself), Donna Mills (Herself), Cindy Williams (Herself), Todd Bridges (Himself), Nancy Kulp (Herself), Peter Marshall (Himself).
A huge boulder perched precariously over a highway causes some problems for Jon and Ponch, while the fundraiser gets underway.

December 14, 1980: Satan's Angels
Season 4, episode 7
W: William Douglas Lansford   D: Phil Bondelli

With Gwynne Gilford (Betty Getraer), Charles Dierkop (Mouse), Hans Howes (Biker), Gary Lee Davis (Biker), Bill Cross (Biker), William Smith (Stan), John Quade (Reno), Candy Azzara (Cheri), Mickey Jones (Big Daddy), Heather Locklear (Teenager).
Officer Bonnie Clark is kidnapped by a gang of bikers and taken to a remote mountain cabin, and Jon and Ponch are sent to find her.

December 21, 1980: Wheels Of Justice
Season 4, episode 8
W: John Huff, L. Ford Neale   D: Gordon Hessler

With Christine DeLisle (Janice), Devon Ericson (Judy), John Kelly (Chris), Miki McKenzie (Pam), Rita Crafts (Judge), Joshua Bryant (Arthur), David Bowman (Administrator), Christine Belford (Denise), David Spielberg (Ted Stern), Jack Philpot (Court Clerk), Mary Linda Phillips (Hostess), Charity James (Chris), Basil Hoffman (Stan West).
Ponch and Jon try to keep both a dangerous drunk driver and a habitual reckless driver off the streets; a gas main breaks at the hospital, so Central takes in an entire maternity ward until the babies can be transported.

January 4, 1981: Crash Course
Season 4, episode 9
W: John Huff, L. Ford Neale   D: Phil Bondelli

With Leigh French (Jackie), Fil Formicola (Mechanic), Burr DeBenning (Peter Doyle), Gino Conforti (Mr. Burns), Don Stroud (Sonny Matson), William Mims (Cliff Hanson), Tom Regan (Store Manager), Louise Fitch (Ms. Rogers).
A car thief moves into the robbery business, while Ponch has some problems to sort out with his bank account.

January 11, 1981: Forty Tons Of Trouble
Season 4, episode 10
W: James Schmerer   D: Gordon Hessler

With Chris Mulkey (Dave), Taylor Lacher (Sarge), Michael Huddleston (Scotty), Robert Englund (Zack), Gene Davis (Harry), Mary Louise Weller (Paula), Elliott Street (Rice).
Jon, Ponch and the gang try to stop a group of thieves that are stealing heavy equipment from an independent contruction company owner. The patrol is also participating in a drag race and have their dragster ripped off by an opposing team consisting of a gang of thieves looking for spare parts.

January 18, 1981: 11-99: Officer Needs Help
Season 4, episode 11
W: Kenneth Dorward   D: Phil Bondelli

With Tony Lucatorto (Kalvin), Frank Doubleday (Lopez), Dorothy Dells (Janet), John Davey (Communications Specialist), Greg Bradford (Chad Sullivan), Michael Baseleon (Rod Sullivan), Steve Sandor (Jerry), Chris Noel (Karen), Katherine Moffat (Kathie), Molly Cheek (Pam), Warren Munson (Sandy).
A new communications system is established to send faster assistance to officers that are injured. While testing it, the officers also track down thieves that are stealing delivery trucks from loading docks.

February 1, 1981: Home Fires Burning
Season 4, episode 12
W: Judith Dark, Rex Benson   D: Chuck Bail

With Jack Kruschen (Frank Higgins), David Hayward (Andy Whitman), Madeleine Fisher (Mrs. Evans), Stanley Davis Jr. (Ronnie Bell), Michael Cavanaugh (Tom Dempsey), Fred Slyter (Businessman), Beverly Sanders (Muriel Higgins), Adam Roarke (Ray Evans).
Arsonists start burning down mobile homes as part of an insurance scam, causing chaos for Jon and Ponch.

February 22, 1981: Sharks
Season 4, episode 13
W: Frank Telford   D: Phil Bondelli

With Joseph Sheen (Mel), Susanne Severeid (Sharon), Robert Miano (Jesus), Kerry McGrath (Toni), Danny Dayton (Kelly), Douglas Werner (Rodney Cameron III), Richard Roundtree (Sgt. Aikens).
A supposedly quiet day of scuba-diving finds Ponch and Jon face-to-face with a ring of drug smugglers, two beautiful girls -- and a huge shark.

February 28, 1981: Ponch's Angels (1)
Season 4, episode 14
W: Rudolph Borchert   D: John Florea

With Stuart Pankin (Louis), Cindy Morgan (Jennifer), Andrew Duggan (Stamp), Ken Del Conte (Father), Barbi Benton (Sal), Danny Wells (Gordy), Barbara Stock (Officer Paula Wood), Royce D. Applegate (Roger).
Ponch is assigned to train a female motorcycle officer, but a mishap with her uniform causes a misunderstanding with Ponch's girlfriend.

March 1, 1981: Ponch's Angels (2)
Season 4, episode 15
W: Rudolph Borchert   D: John Florea

With Stuart Pankin (Louis), Cindy Morgan (Jennifer), Andrew Duggan (Stamp), Barbi Benton (Sal), Danny Wells (Gordy), Barbara Stock (Officer Paula Wood).
Jon, his female trainee and the rest of the CHP officers must work together to shut down the marina operation and recapture the escaped prisoner.

March 8, 1981: Karate
Season 4, episode 16
W: Frank Chase   D: Leslie H. Martinson

With Kari Michaelsen (Teri), Lewis Van Bergen (Andy Macedon), James Margolin (J.J.), Mario Marcelino (Rivas), Shawn Lieber (Ray), Dexter Hamlett (Miguel), Duane Tucker (Motor Officer), Drew Snyder (Joshua), Cathy Rigby (Herself), Danny Bonaduce (Billy).
While patrolling his old neighborhood, Ponch encounters a boyhood friend who is corrupting local teenagers in his burglary operation.

March 15, 1981: New Guy In Town
Season 4, episode 17
W: Larry Alexander   D: Arnold Laven

With Melissa Prophet (Karen), Jenny O'Hara (Lina Beck), Christopher Connelly (Martin Beck), Joseph Hacker (T.C. Hunsacker), Ernest Sarracino.
An annoying rookie officer working with the CHP proves his worth when he saves Jon from being killed by a man who is trying to avenge his brother's death.

April 5, 1981: The Hawk And The Hunter
Season 4, episode 18
W: Rick Mittleman   D: Leslie H. Martinson

With Marged Wakeley (Mrs. Drew), Sean Garrison (V.A. Doctor), Chao-Li Chi (Quong), Dwight Schultz (Lyle), Lane Binkley (Shawna), Sandy McPeak (Pete Baricza), Diana Douglas (Vera Baricza).
Baricza's father, a crop duster, is being threatened by someone who believes the chemicals he is using are dangerous.

May 3, 1981: Vigilante
Season 4, episode 19
W: Stephen Lord   D: Arnold Laven

With Gwynne Gilford (Betty Getraer), Jack Stryker (Watson), Arthur Roberts (Doctor), Brian Libby (Millard), Karen Ericson (Helen), Bobbi Block (Vicki), Mark Thomas (Ross), Michael Cole (Gibson).
A criminal whom Getraer arrested is back and is terrorizing his family; Jon and Ponch face an angry crowd of citizens who have formed a vicious and reckless vigilante committee.

May 10, 1981: Dead Man's Riddle
Season 4, episode 20
W: James Doherty, William G. Gordon   D: Michael Caffey

With Ben Frank (Capt. Haskell), Jerry Holland (Yulin), Trent Dolan (Harper), Molly David (Mrs. Afferton), Mel Carter (Wells), Owen Bush (Max Amaral), Joanna Kerns (Colleen), Barbara Lynn Block (Miller), Barney Phillips (Tammaron), Johnny Seven (Brooks), Tony Moran (Anderson), Robert O'Reilly (Ryan).
A psychiatrist joining the Accident Investigation Team fears that she may have been responsible for a serious accident; the CHP detectives recreate a puzzling high-speed crash.

May 17, 1981: A Simple Operation
Season 4, episode 21
W: James Schmerer   D: Leslie H. Martinson

With Gwynne Gilford (Betty Getraer), Dan Hamilton (Crocker), Eileen Saki (Nurse Mishimo), James Sloyan (Dr. Peterson), Steven Arnold (Dr. Arnold), Jack Collins (Lem Dover), Lane Davies (Karl Wilson), Charles Parks (Sgt. Shain), Eugene Butler (Connors), Jack Lukes (Sgt. Bates), Catherine Campbell (Kelly), A Martinez (Dr. Rhodes).
When Sgt. Getraer is injured he is brought to the hospital. While under sedation he believes he sees a man try to kill another patient.

October 4, 1981: Suicide Stunt
Season 5, episode 1
W: Frank Telford   D: Michael Caffey

With James David Hinton (Crest), Warren Berlinger (Curtis), Rex Benson (Hubbard), Michael Bair (Virg), Anita Jodelsohn (Maria), Alan Abelew (Toby), Joseph Taggert (Long Beach Officer), Gordon Oas-Heim (Garfield), Les Lannom (Janos), Zitto Kazann (Imre Kovacs).
Ponch and Jon organize a stakeout to catch thieves who have ripped off a motorcycle show ticket office, and keep an eye on a motorcycle star from Hungary who is in town for a benefit.

October 11, 1981: Vagabonds
Season 5, episode 2
W: William Douglas Lansford   D: Bruce Kessler

With Patrick Strong (Murphy), Jamie Calvert (Jamie), Rick Goldman (Lewis), Jesse Vint (Daws), Ed Harris (Lonny), McKee Anderson (Claire).
A family of con artists in a camper cause an accident in order to claim the insurance money. Jon and Ponch befriend the young son of the family to prevent him from following in the footsteps of his parents.

October 18, 1981: Moonlight
Season 5, episode 3
W: Rudy Dochtermann   D: Earl Bellamy

With Sandi Cornell (Kathy), Harv Selsby (Arnie), Katherine Cannon (Robbie Davis), Randi Brough (Margo), Candi Brough (Midge), William Lucking (Gil), Leigh C. Kim (Dr. Lee), Tige Andrews (Charlie), Judy Strangis (Sandra), Allison Balson (Amy).
Ponch and Jon investigate reports of toxic waste being dumped on a site near a Hollywood movie set; the other officers try to get Sarge in on a celebration of Ponch and Jon's fourth anniversary as partners.

October 25, 1981: The Killer Indy
Season 5, episode 4
W: Milt Rosen   D: Leslie H. Martinson

With John Walter Davis (Paul), Keith Coogan (Rooster), Alexa Hamilton (Linda), Kevyn Major Howard (Ted), Robert F. Lyons (Toro), Antony Alda (Robby Burstad), Bruce Jenner (Steve McLeish), Randal Saunders (Devers), Wendy Phillips (Joanne).
A gang of motorcycle racers terrorize the streets when they rip through the city, having races through city traffic. The leader of the gang challenges McLeish's older brother to a final showdown in order to win the title of King of the Indy.

October 31, 1981: Weed Wars
Season 5, episode 5
W: Rudolph Borchert   D: Earl Bellamy

With Jonathan B. Woodward (Tyler), Chris Lemmon (Kenny), Betty Kennedy (Loretta), Grainger Hines (Varro), Jeff Doucette (Vincent), Tim Donnelly (Sal Boyle), James Carrington (Spiff Boyle), Dennis Stewart (Sharkey).
A young boy witnesses an accident resulting from feuding drug syndicates recklessly driving along a mountain road. Jon and Ponch investigate, with little cooperation.

November 8, 1981: Anything But The Truth
Season 5, episode 6
W: Dick Nelson   D: Michael Caffey

With Mark Cassella (Chuck), Kim Joseph (Mrs. Williams), Cynthia Leake (Barbara), Bruce Jenner (Steve McLeish), Dennis Lipscomb (Wally), Tara Buckman (Marcie), David Clover (Investigator).
Jon and Steve try to track down a man who is terrorizing female drivers, and aren't helped by the fact that their main witness is a compulsive liar.

November 15, 1981: Bomb Run
Season 5, episode 7
W: Rick Mittleman   D: Phil Bondelli

With Ed Nelson (Brian), Taylor Lacher (Brady), Kristin Griffith (Terri), Steve Gagnon (Neely), Brion James (Monk).
Baricza is suspicious when his old girlfriend, who's afraid of flying, is going to perform in the air show.

November 22, 1981: Diamond In The Rough
Season 5, episode 8
W: Steve Greenberg, Aubrey Solomon   D: Leslie H. Martinson

With Gwynne Gilford (Betty Getraer), Rossie Harris (Timmy Getraer), Nicky Katt (Pat McGuire), Stephen Davies (Bill McGuire), Bruce Jenner (Steve McLeish), Henry Jones (Dutton), Marc Alaimo (Zager).
A friend of Getraer's son is involved in an accident while a gang of criminals plot a complex bank robbery.

November 29, 1981: Finders Keepers
Season 5, episode 9
W: Robert Biheller, W. Dal Jenkins   D: John Peyser

With Kenneth Tigar (Webb), Amy Madigan (Jewel Bennett), Bennett Liss (Bernie), Duane Ladage (Lew), Jonathan Lippe (Danton), Noble Willingham (Jake), Dap Sugar Willie (Johnson).
Steve is chased and harassed by criminals after recovering their stolen car. Jon falls for a country and western singer.

December 5, 1981: Fast Money
Season 5, episode 10
W: Larry Alexander   D: Leslie H. Martinson

With Chuck McCann (Gillis), Harold Jones (Samuelson), Constance Forslund (Charlie), Douglas Dirkson (Rado), Shelley Berman (Strum), Elliott Street (Selkirk).
Hijackers use a hi-tech device in order to steal bearer bonds; Ponch has to find a new apartment; Jon is dating one of Ponch's neighbors who becomes Ponch's temporary roommate.

December 13, 1981: Concours d'Elegance
Season 5, episode 11
W: Frank Telford   D: John Patterson

With Joan Prather (Felicia Chadway), Claudette Nevins (Hannah Chadway), Linda McCullough (Pamela Bannock), Gary Graham (Anthony Chadway), Stephen Sachs (Cory).
Jon and Ponch investigate a scam designed to skim profits from auction sales of rare antique motor cars.

December 17, 1981: Mitchell & Woods
Season 5, episode 12
W: Rick Edelstein   D: Bernard L. Kowalski

With Cindy Morgan (Melanie Mitchell), Jayne Kennedy (Paula Woods), Pamela Susan Shoop (Chickee), F. William Parker (Billingsley), Michael McGuire (Lawrence), Bobb Hopkins (Buddy), Paul Gale (Lt. Richards), Ann Coleman (Eleanor Martin), John David Carson (Wilder), Tony Burton (Avrom), Ellen Blake (Ruth), Frank Ashmore (Lance).
In an episode for a possible spinoff, Ocean City PD motorcycle officers Paula Woods and Melanie Mitchell are promoted to detective and investigate the murder of a gigolo -- found with two bullets in him and a diamond taped to his body.

January 3, 1982: Breaking Point
Season 5, episode 13
W: Vander Cecil   D: Leslie H. Martinson

With Mary Angela Young (Christy), Maria O'Brien (Patti Poncherello).
After an accident, Ponch has doubts about riding a motorcycle again and considers resigning from the force.

January 10, 1982: Tiger In The Streets
Season 5, episode 14
W: Stephen Lord   D: Charles Ball

With Wesley Ann Pfenning (Stephanie), Panchito Gomez (Chico), Brigitte Gault (Rosita), Gary Lee Davis (Dory), Norman Burton (Kessler), Slappy White (Himself), Bill Beyers (Vince), Marcelino Sanchez (Ramon), Shannon Presby (Wally).
Jon and Ponch pursue an escaped tiger and are drawn into the middle of a potentially dangerous feud between members of a car club and two auto customizers.

January 17, 1982: Bright Flashes
Season 5, episode 15
W: James Doherty   D: Leslie H. Martinson

With Mark L. Taylor (Scotty Peterson), Bert Remsen (Jim), George Lindsey (Wayne Cato), Jerry Houser (Richard Foster), Barbara Horan (Lisa Taylor), Bill Sorrells (Doctor).
A criminal gang equipped with a powerful laser cause havoc, committing robberies and blinding witnesses.

January 31, 1982: Battle Of The Bands
Season 5, episode 16
W: Larry Mollin   D: Barry Crane

With Doug McClure (Duke), William Forsythe (Thrasher), James Margolin (Fido), Jeff Harlan (Disc Jockey), Daniel Davies (Potato Head), Susan Richardson (Snow Pink).
A group of punk rockers causes trouble by stealing and breaking into cars; Ponch considers quitting the CHP to become a rock singer.

February 14, 1982: Alarmed
Season 5, episode 17
W: Rudolph Borchert   D: Phil Bondelli

With Christina Hart (Toni), Patti Kotero (Barbara), John O'Connell (Charlie Max), Cynthia Leake (Lori), Elizabeth Daily (Carol Sweeney).
Bonnie is worried that someone she knew in the academy is now part of a female gang that is wanted for grand theft auto; Jon makes the capture of the clever thieves a personal crusade when they steal his truck.

February 21, 1982: In The Best Of Families
Season 5, episode 18
W: Rick Mittleman   D: John Florea

With Timothy Patrick Murphy (Alex), Michael Morgan (Joey), Anne Francis (Susan Wright), K.C. Winkler (Francesca), Lori Sutton (Sherri).
Jon and Ponch try to apprehend a family of car thieves who steal a CHP cruiser and commit robberies with it; Central prepares for a big inspection.

February 28, 1982: Silent Partner
Season 5, episode 19
W: Bruce Shelly   D: Gordon Hessler

With Frances Ripplinger (Mrs. Sorenson), Saul Brandt (Mr. Sorenson), William Boyett (Hogan), Royce D. Applegate (DeWayne), Dawn Jeffory (Kim Travis), Arthur Malet (Junkman).
Escaping car thieves injure Grossman; Jon and Ponch mistake a man with a hearing and speech defect for a drunken driver.

March 7, 1982: Flare Up
Season 5, episode 20
W: Larry Mollin   D: John Florea

With David Underwood (Brian), Alan Stock (Eddie), Jennifer Perito (Marie), Harry Carey Jr. (Grandfather Cross), Michael Bowen (Dennis), Beverly Hart (Dr. Fairfield).
CHP officers evacuate a neighborhood where a chemical tanker overturned, spilling a potentially toxic gas; Ponch is falsely accused of assault.

March 14, 1982: The Game Of War
Season 5, episode 21
W: John Huff, L. Ford Neale   D: Gordon Hessler

With Fred McGrath (Blue Tank Commander), Sandra Kerns (Darla), Clu Gulager (Stoler), Michael Catlin (Red Tank Commander), Richard Milholland (Bates), Mavis Neal Palmer (Katherine Thomas), Johnny Seven (Rascoe).
A reckless process server finds herself kidnapped and caught up in a scheme by a group of former soldiers who are planning to spring their former commander out of jail.

March 21, 1982: A Threat Of War
Season 5, episode 22
W: Douglas Heyes Jr.   D: Leslie H. Martinson

With Lewis Van Bergen (Andy Macedon), Jeanna Michaels (Sherron), Sal Lopez (Carlos), Jenny Gago (Rosa), Reynaldo Duran (Ramon), Caleb Aschkynazo (Wayne), Danny Bonaduce (Billy).
Ponch and Jon try to quell a gang war in Ponch's old neighborhood and meet Andy Macedon again, who challenges Ponch to a karate match at the youth center.

April 4, 1982: Trained For Trouble
Season 5, episode 23
W: Larry Alexander   D: Barry Crane

With Don Stroud (Lou Poole), Belinda Montgomery (Elaine Price), Dan Hedaya (Herzog), Frank Aletter (Dr. Johnson), Nita Talbot (Nita), Carole Wyand (Sharon), John Macchia (Farren), Terri Hanauer (Cynthia).
While trained animal bank robbers make monkeys of the cops, Ponch discovers that a lookalike in CHP uniform is a stripteaser at a ladies only nightclub.

April 18, 1982: Ice Cream Man
Season 5, episode 24
W: William Douglas Lansford   D: Leslie H. Martinson

With Robert Walker Jr. (Tom), Karen Jennings (Rachel), James Wainwright (Reno Hale), Noah Hathaway (Tommy), Hunter von Leer (Marv Speller).
An ex-CHP officer who was imprisoned for taking bribes regains his self-esteem after breaking up a large theft ring.

May 2, 1982: Overload
Season 5, episode 25
W: Bob Mitchell, Esther Mitchell   D: Robert Pine

With Michael Anderson Jr. (Lucas Peters), Paul Brinegar (Keith Lawton), Helen Kleeb (Nettie), Reni Santoni (Cleo Baxter), Denis Mandel (Morgan), Suzanne Barnes (Deena), Nick Pellegrino (Zito).
Computer-theft plotters jam the CHP computer center and attempt to rendezvous with an ocean-bound yacht.

May 9, 1982: K-9-1
Season 5, episode 26
W: Stephen Lord   D: Leslie H. Martinson

With John Vernon (Sgt. Honeyton), Joan Sweeny (Jenny Lang), James Canning (Joe Mason), Virgil Frye (Jesse James Jr.), Victor Bevine (Sal Saladino).
Baker and Poncherello work with K-9 deputies from the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department, and Ponch fills in when one is injured; robbers are targeting tour buses.

May 23, 1982: Force Seven
Season 5, episode 27
W: Stephen Downing   D: Lee H. Katzin

With Fred Dryer (Lt. John LeGarre), Tom Reilly (Rick Nichols), Steve Franken (Alan Drummond), John Rhys-Davies (Nakura), Tony Longo (Sly Angeletti), Donna Kei Benz (Cindy Davis), Sam Yorty (Mayor), Edward Davis (Chief of Police).
In a pilot for a potential spin-off, a special group of martial arts experts are assigned to a secret LAPD police unit dedicated to the preservation of human life.

October 10, 1982: Meet The New Guy
Season 6, episode 1
W: Joseph Gunn   D: John Astin

With Andrea Evans (Julie), Richard Simmons (Himself), Tommy Lasorda (Himself), Dominique Dunne (Amy Kent), Claire Malis (Mrs. Russell), Thomas Havens (Phil), Michael Catlin (Horvath), Jim McKrell (Mr. Russell).
Ponch becomes the training officer of new rookie Bobby Nelson as they try to catch a pair of health-club thieves, and find a runaway teenage mother who has stolen the baby she originally sold.

October 17, 1982: Tight Fit
Season 6, episode 2
W: Joseph Gunn, Paul Mason   D: John Florea

With Robert Tessier (Zorn), Kim Richards (Sheila), Simone Griffeth (Leslie), Michael Haynes (Geoffrey), Frank Dent (Mr. Stewart), Pamela Myers (Mrs. Stewart), Julie Bulie (Linda).
Poncherello works part-time as a model and discovers an underlying crime. Nelson hijacks an LAPD diamond theft case.

October 24, 1982: The Spaceman Made Me Do It
Season 6, episode 3
W: Donald L. Gold   D: Winrich Kolbe

With Kyle Richards (Jodi), Warren Munson (Judge), Brooke Bundy (Mrs. Hendricks), Frank Doubleday (Eddie), Helen Funai (Joy Fujino), Michael Paul Chan (Earl Sakai).
While on night patrol, Bobby and Ponch answer a call to a jewelry store and find a preteen girl who claims an alien told her to commit the robbery.

October 31, 1982: Rock Devil Rock
Season 6, episode 4
W: Larry Mollin   D: John Astin

With Cassandra Peterson (Elvira), Donny Most (Moloch), Peter Marshall (Vincent), Robert Trujillo (Flippy), Bob Frank (Critic).
Ponch and Bobby help a rock star who claims that attempts have been made on his life.

November 7, 1982: Speedway Fever
Season 6, episode 5
W: Paul Mason, Gerald Sanford   D: Charles Bail

With Barney Martin (Ed), Katherine Moffat (Jean), George Murdock (Ernie), Robert Romanus (Ray), Bruce Penhall (Cadet Bruce Nelson), Lawrence Cook (Sgt. Murdock), Pepper Martin (Gus), Daniel Currie (Capt. Doyle).
Ponch and Bobby go after a gang of high-speed bike bandits, and a young cadet at the CHP Academy tries to help his brother.

November 21, 1982: Something Special
Season 6, episode 6
W: Beverly Bloomberg, Pamela Ryan   D: Charles Bail

With Robbie Knievel (Shake), Bruce Penhall (Bruce Nelson), Charles Napier (Klane), Virginia Kiser (Mrs. Grieve), Bert Kramer (Mr. Grieve).
Ponch helps children train for the Special Olympics; an old friend of Bobby's prepares for a parachute jump; Grossie buys a truckload of eggs.

November 28, 1982: This Year's Riot
Season 6, episode 7
W: Larry Mollin   D: Richard A. Colla

With Robbie Rist (Russell), Bruce Penhall (Bruce Nelson), Julie Newmar (Cora Dwayne), Gary Morgan (Doc), Allen Case (Mr. Jacks), John Mengatti (Boz), Donald Bishop (Doctor).
While on temporary duty, Ponch and Bobby search all around the city for a notorious drug dealer and try to resolve a dispute concerning a nude beach.

December 5, 1982: Head Over Heels
Season 6, episode 8
W: Loraine Despres   D: Richard Irving

With Beverly Adams (Vanessa James), Bruce Penhall (Bruce Nelson), Dennis Holahan (Fred), Bernard Behrens (Parker), Corrine Conley (Mrs. Marks).
Poncherello meets a teacher and falls in love; thieves are targeting wealthy drivers and robbing them on the highway; Grossman is taking guitar lessons.

December 12, 1982: Return To Death's Door
Season 6, episode 9
W: Gerald Sanford   D: Winrich Kolbe

With Lee H. Montgomery (Chris), Ellen Geer (Mrs. Williams), Gina Gallego (Elena), Bruce Penhall (Bruce Nelson), Bryan Cranston (Billy Joe), Bill Cross (Big Jim Telford), Ralph Manza (Cooper), Tony Perez (Eddie).
Ponch tries to persuade a young drag racer, the brother of a friend killed in a race, to leave the sport.

December 19, 1982: Fallout
Season 6, episode 10
W: Larry Mollin, Norman Hudis   D: Nicholas Sgarro

With Adam Rich (Louis Hindall), Lynn Holly Johnson (Ellen Getraer), John Elerick (Rev. Porter), Marc Vahanian (Harry), Constance Ball (Carol).
Anti-nuclear protesters cause trouble for the patrol, not least due to the presence of Getraer's daughter Ellen in the group.

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