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Series regulars or semi-regulars in 'Code Red' from 1970-1982:

1970-1982 Episode Guide for 'Code Red':

(Episodes with dates prior to 1970 aired as reruns.)

November 1, 1981: A Saved Life
Season 1, episode 1
W: Lew Hunter, Carole Raschella, Michael Raschella   D: Georg Fenady

With Steven Marlo (Partridge), Brendan Boone (Detective Evans), Robert Sampson (Borgner), Tony LaTorre (Tony), Ted Gehring, Elyssa Davalos, Woodrow Parfrey, Robert Pierce (Charley Bowers).
Series premiere. The firefighters of Los Angeles Task Force One want to present a rescue citation to a young boy who has been identified as a hero, but the boy proves to be the one who has been setting a series of small blazes.

November 8, 1981: Death Of A Fireman
Season 1, episode 2
W: Don Boyle, Carole Raschella, Michael Raschella   D: James Sheldon

With Robert Pierce (Charlie), Elyssa Davalos (Connie), Wendy Oates, Stan Wojno, Lynn Theel.
The Rorcheks are shattered by the death of a newlywed firefighter in the line of duty.

November 15, 1981: Dark Fire
Season 1, episode 3
W: Ray Brenner, Rick Edelstein, Jackson Gillis   D: Earl Bellamy

With Peter Looney, Liam Sullivan, Jim Knaub (Victor), Dey Young (Cathy), Norman Alden (Robert Melton).
An arsonist is afraid that he can be fingered by a witness, but the woman he is tracking happens to be blind.

November 22, 1981: The Little Girl Who Cried Fire
Season 1, episode 4
W: Ben Masselink   D: Christian I. Nyby II

With Richard Moll (Max), Bill McLean (Wino), Dana Kimmell (Danny's Friend).
A female classmate of Danny's is having disturbingly accurate visions of fires -- and now Danny's figuring prominently in the visions.

November 29, 1981: All That Glitters
Season 1, episode 5
W: George Geiger, Chris Bunch, Allan Cole   D: James Sheldon

With Ronnie Scribner (Seth Donaldson), Ray Walston (Asa Armstrong), Peter Haskell (Gorman), John Ratzenberger (Inspector Allen), Joe Maross (Capt. Benton), James Crittenden (Rags Harris), Dennis Haysbert (Stuff Wade).
A movie studio's flagrant fire code violations jeopardize everyone working on a film in which Danny has a small role.

December 6, 1981: Fireworks
Season 1, episode 6
W: Carole Raschella, Michael Raschella   D: Phil Bondelli

With Stanley Brock, Ralph Seymour (Jimmy), Jerome Guardino (Jones), Dan Spector, David Hubbard (Stan), Marc Valhanian (David Jones), Joe Maross (Capt. Benton).
A student is selling illegal fireworks at a high school, and Ted goes undercover as a teacher to put a stop to it.

December 13, 1981: Framed By Fire
Season 1, episode 7
W: Carole Raschella, Michael Raschella   D: Don Weis

With Mark Bell-James (Louis), Tony Raymond (Snake), Ned Glass (Papa Gruedel), Tony LaTorre (Tony), Joe Maross (Capt. Benton), Ina Balin.
Danny's former neighborhood gang is being framed for fire bombings by a rival gang, and Danny ends up trapped in a burning building along with the gang members who set the blaze.

January 3, 1982: From One Little Spark
Season 1, episode 8
W: Rick Edelstein   D: Fernando Lamas

With Paul Regina (Mickey Matisse), John Crawford (Kaljin), Michele Tobin, Barbara Stuart, Carmine Caridi (Matisse), Ken Samsom (Minister), Joe Maross (Capt. Benton).
Danny tries to resolve a brotherly feud, while the firefighters battle blazes apparently started by two rival canyon residents.

January 10, 1982: Wildfire
Season 1, episode 9
W: Jackson Gillis   D: James Sheldon

With Markie Post (Mary), Ken Curtis (Dusty), Melissa Michaelsen (Susan), Joe Maross (Capt. Benton).
A rural pipeline leaking toxic chemicals forces the evacuation of nearby buildings, including a barn where a young girl refuses to abandon a mare about to foal.

January 17, 1982: My Life Is Yours
Season 1, episode 10
W: Rick Edelstein   D: Don Weis

With Camila Ashland (Aunt Harriet), Ford Rainey (Martin Henderson), Dana Elcar (Jason Connors), Billy Jacoby (Luther).
When his rented home goes up in flames, a teenager plots fiery revenge on the owner.

January 31, 1982: Happy Birthday
Season 1, episode 11
W: George Geiger   D: Phil Bondelli

Danny's birthday party sparks reminiscences about the youth, seen in flashbacks, and occasions a showing of the department's history of fire disasters.

February 7, 1982: Revenge
Season 1, episode 12
W: George Geiger, Rift Fournier   D: Ernest Pintoff

With William Flatley (Lenny), Brendan Burns (Former Fireman), Curtis Credel (Detective Schwimer), Brad Savage (Sean), Joan Pringle (Denise Bristol), William Smith.
The Rorcheks' home is vandalized after the family renews a friendship with an ex-firefighter who was crippled in an accident he blames on Ted.

February 14, 1982: Burnout
Season 1, episode 13
W: B.W. Sandefur   D: Phil Bondelli

With Laurence Haddon (Capt. Driscoll), Sam Melville (Claude), Chuck McCann (Fred Lewis), Marianne Marks (Dr. Helen Trang), Nicky Katt (Kenny).
Overstressed by the job's pressures, Ted considers resigning while a line of cheap knock-off video game consoles is causing fires.

February 21, 1982: Trapped By Time
Season 1, episode 14
W: Donald R. Boyle   D: Fernando Lamas

With James Whitmore (Ken Owens), Jacqueline Scott (Mrs. Willis), Carlos Romero (Robles), R.G. Armstrong (Charlie), Robert Seamans (Inspector Bernwick).
Danny fears losing his foster family when the firefighters undertake perilous rescue attempts during heavy rains.

February 28, 1982: Trial By Fire
Season 1, episode 15
W: Cliff Ruby, Elana Lesser   D: Phil Bondelli

With Bruce Kirby (Bert Simmons), William Smith (Kyle Hodges).
A gas-well fire that threatens to ignite the whole field calls for the services of a celebrated expert from Oklahoma.

March 14, 1982: Riddle In The Flames
Season 1, episode 16
W: Don Boyle   D: Ernest Pintoff

With Frank Marth (Carl Goodson), Gerald S. O'Loughlin (Sam Powell), Joseph Hacker (Stephen Collins).
Haley starts receiving cryptic clues from an arsonist.

March 21, 1982: No Escape
Season 1, episode 17
W: Cliff Ruby, Elana Lesser   D: Phil Bondelli

With Robert Brian Berger (Eddie Morton), Max Wright (Dr. Hampton), Ellen Geer (Mrs. Meyers), Georgann Johnson (Carla Mitchell), Luisa Leschin, Antony Alda, Joe Maross (Capt. Benton).
A drug addict starts a fire in a hospital, jeopardizing an emergency operation involving Danny's friend, and a lab containing a deadly virus.

July 11, 1982: Fire Below
Season 1, episode 18
W: Donald R. Boyle   D: Ernest Pintoff

With Alex Courtney (Watson).
The ground over an old mine filled with toxic waste collapses, entrapping Joe, Haley and Danny. (Last show of the series.)

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