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1970s Episode Guide for 'Doctors' Hospital':

(Episodes with dates prior to 1970 aired as reruns during the '70s.)

September 10, 1975: Point Of Maximum Pressure
Season 1, episode 1
W: Barry Oringer   D: Leo Penn

With Hillary Thompson (Rita Hagen), Cristina Raines (Dr. Terry Antonelli), Bruce Kimmel (Dr. Andrew Hoppe), Joseph George (Ken Garrett), Jeff Corey (Dr. Arthur Wilson), James Whitmore Jr. (Dr. Hagen), Victor Campos (Ortega).
Debut of a series that concerns the staff and patients of a large metropolitan hospital. In tonight's segment, a new set of interns starts work on Dr. Goodwin's staff and begins to fulfill his prophecy that most will not make it.

September 17, 1975: Come At Last To Love
Season 1, episode 2
W: Chester Krumholz   D: Vincent Sherman

With Marc Plastrik (Lawyer), Madge Sinclair (Emma Delaney), Larry Hagman (Dr. David Stone), Elizabeth Hartman (Bobbie Marks).
Nurse Bobbie Marks injects herself with a deadly virus after the hospital refuses to permit Dr. David Stone to test his serum on humans.

September 24, 1975: Sleepless With Pale Eyelids
Season 1, episode 3
W: Morton Fine   D: David Friedkin

With Lesley Ann Warren (Sybil Payson), Bert Kramer, Margie Impert, Howard Platt (Ernie), Leila Goldoni (Stella Snyder), Gerald Hiken (Lennie Snyder).
Dr. Jake warns another doctor about Sybil, a patient with a history of enticing doctors.

October 1, 1975: Knives Of Chance
Season 1, episode 4
W: Howard Dimsdale   D: David Friedkin

With Yaphet Kotto (Dr. Wells), Stefan Gierasch (Capehart), Julius Harris (Tolan), Victor Campos (Ortega), Albert Paulsen (Varga).
After Dr. Perry Wells makes a wrong diagnosis, Goodwin tells him he was accepted as a resident because he was black, not because he was qualified.

October 8, 1975: The Loneliest Night
Season 1, episode 5

With Richard McKenzie (Dr. Williams), Beverly Dixon (Jackie Williams), Don Billett (Officer Beck), Philip Sterling (Dr. Miller), Frances Lee McCain (Annie Robaire), James Callahan (Ryan Noonan), Nora Heflin (Carole Williams), Cassie Yates (Evie Collins), Beverly Dixon (Jackie Williams).
An overweight and unpopular coed falls in love with Dr. Goodwin, the only person who seems to care about her.

October 29, 1975: Watchman, Who Will Guard Thy Sleep?
Season 1, episode 6
W: Chester Krumholz, Sue Milburn   D: Edward M. Abroms

With Robert Loggia, Cliff De Young, Eileen Brennan (Stevens), Virginia Kiser (Laura Taggart).
A motion picture executive enters the hospital for tests and immediately starts directing the personnel.

November 5, 1975: Vital Signs
Season 1, episode 7
W: Chester Krumholz, Jeff Freilich   D: Edward M. Abroms

With Ike Eisenmann (Stevie Schrader), Charles Knox Robinson (Paul Schrader), Peter Hooten (Madison), Michael DeLano (Mark Rindoni).
Dr. Goodwin and his associates treat two cases of child battery with vastly different results.

November 12, 1975: My Cup Runneth Over
Season 1, episode 8
W: Chester Krumholz, Adrian Spies   D: Lawrence Doheny

With Lew Palter (Dr. Senker), Will Mackenzie (Mr. Stacey), Patricia Stich (Mrs. Stacey), Jim Antonio (Leonard Linder), Linda Marsh (Marcie Linder), John Randolph (Dr. Grainger), Michael Cristofer (Dr. Taback).
Dr. Jake Goodwin backs a young resident who wants to run tests on a patient that a more experienced physician says could prove fatal.

November 19, 1975: But Who Will Bless Thy Daughter, Norah?
Season 1, episode 9
W: Barry Oringer   D: Edward M. Abroms

With Michael Richardson (Dr. Connelly), Oliver Clark (Bill Purcell), Richard Mulligan (Dr. Taylor).
Dr. Norah Purcell celebrates her 30th birthday worrying about her professional life and her fulfillment as a woman.

December 10, 1975: And Sorrow For The Angels
Season 1, episode 10
W: Chester Krumholz, Charles A. McDaniel   D: Larry Yust

With Barbara Feldon, Andrew Robinson, Richard A. Dysart (Gillette), Paul Schumacher (Dr. Bloom).
An intern is suspected of malpractice when a terminally ill patient in her care dies too abruptly.

December 17, 1975: Surgeon, Heal Thyself
Season 1, episode 11
W: Oliver Crawford   D: Sigmund Neufeld Jr.

With William Windom (Dr. Ralph Keyes), Susan Brown (Rose Kemper), Megan Sullivan (Cloris Kemper), Jo Anne Meredith (Gina Cerone), Vince Martorano (Joe Cerone), Jerome Guardino (Sam Venuti).
Four years after the deaths of his wife and daughter, a highly skilled neurosurgeon is still wallowing in his own grief and has withdrawn from the practice of medicine.

January 7, 1976: And Hear A Sudden Cry
Season 1, episode 12
W: Chester Krumholz   D: Jeannot Szwarc

With Bill Zuckert (Dennison), Mark Roberts (Dr. Malone), Tom Selleck (Donald), Victor Mohica (Kenny Delgado), Lara Parker (Angela Sloane), Gene Dynarski (Tony), Peter Brandon (Dr. Jefferson).
Seeking relief from excruciating pain, a fashion model turns to heroin and eventually to prostitution and thievery.

January 14, 1976: Lullabye
Season 1, episode 13
W: Chester Krumholz, Barry Oringer, Halsted Welles   D: Edward M. Abroms

With Talia Shire, Robert Walden, John Hesley (Moretti).
A policewoman refuses to believe she has a surgical problem until she encounters Dr. Max Webster, a devoted neurosurgeon. (Last show of the series.)

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