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Series regulars or semi-regulars in 'Family' from 1970-1982:

1970-1982 Episode Guide for 'Family':

(Episodes with dates prior to 1970 aired as reruns.)

March 9, 1976: Pilot: The Best Years
Season 1, episode 1
W: Jay Presson Allen   D: James Sheldon

With Elayne Heilveil (Nancy Lawrence Maitland), John Rubinstein (Jeff Maitland), Bill Smiley (Doorman), Douglas Fowley (Watchman).
The complexities of modern life as experienced by a contemporary American family are dramatized in this new series starring Sada Thompson and James Broderick as heads of the household. Tonight, 13-year-old Buddy (Kristy McNichol) goes on a rampage when she overhears an argument between her parents and concludes that she was an unwanted child.

March 16, 1976: Monday Is Forever
Season 1, episode 2
W: Armyan Bernstein   D: Glenn Jordan

With Kim Richards (Laura Richardson), Oliver Clark (Salesman), Melendy Britt (Mrs. Richardson), Liam Dunn (Mr. Howard), Al Stellone (Moving Man), Priscilla Morrill (Elaine Hogan), William Putch (Fred Hogan), Robert Sampson (Dr. Reston), Cliff Emmich (Hot Dog Vendor).
Kate is told she may have breast cancer and anxiously awaits the doctor's report while trying to keep the news from her husband and children.

March 23, 1976: A Special Kind Of Loving
Season 1, episode 3
W: Fred Segal   D: Randal Kleiser

With Howard Hesseman (Store Manager), Season Hubley (Salina Magee), Helen Page Camp (Mrs. Pingree), John Rubinstein (Jeff Maitland), Elayne Heilveil (Nancy Lawrence Maitland), Baillie Gerstein (Mary).
Seventeen-year-old Willie falls for a pretty waitress from another town, not realizing she is an expectant mother.

March 30, 1976: A Right And Proper Goodbye
Season 1, episode 4
W: Nigel Evan McKeand, Carol Evan McKeand   D: Randal Kleiser

With Mildred Natwick (Hattie), John Zaremba (Dr. Anderson), John Rubinstein (Jeff Maitland), Elayne Heilveil (Nancy Lawrence Maitland), Paul Bryar (Ralph).
The Lawrences have mixed feelings about a visit by Kate's mother, but Willie is deeply affected when he realizes this may be her last visit.

April 6, 1976: Thursday's Child
Season 1, episode 5
W: Nigel Evan McKeand, Carol Evan McKeand   D: Glenn Jordan

With John Rubinstein (Jeff Maitland), Elayne Heilveil (Nancy Lawrence Maitland), Charles Lane (James Lawrence), Barbara Cason (Sylvia Maitland), William Putch (Fred Hogan), Bill Zuckert (Karl), Brendan Dillon (Mr. Bridges), Patricia Tidy (Mrs. Bridges), James Ray (Jeffrey Maitland II), Ralph Williams (Rev. Coltrane).
Buddy resents it when the family's first grandchild is christened Timothy, after her brother who died several years earlier.

April 13, 1976: Point Of Departure
Season 1, episode 6
W: Gordon Glasco   D: John Erman

With Vic Tayback (Sgt. Pierce), Dennis Burkley (Roy Axelrod), Dan Tobin (Stan Mitchell), Priscilla Morrill (Elaine Hogan), Henry Brown (Policeman), Ann Sweeny (Miss Beach), Jane Johnston (Mrs. Wallace).
Willie feels he is getting too much criticism from his dad and decides to leave home.

October 5, 1976: Coming Apart
Season 2, episode 1
W: Hindi Brooks   D: John Erman

With John Rubinstein (Jeff Maitland), David Hedison (Peter Towne), Edith Atwater (Judge Harmon), Mary Grace Canfield (Mrs. Hanley), Drew Michaels (Neal Ferguson), Gaye Nelson (Liz Romney), Jane Alice Brandon (Alexandra Friel).
Buddy gets a job at a bakery and introduces Willie to her boss; Nancy gets involved with Peter while she's finalizing her divorce from Jeff -- despite the latter's pleas for a reconciliation.

October 19, 1976: Such Sweet Sorrow
Season 2, episode 2
W: Lawrence M. Konner   D: Richard Kinon

With Patsy Garrett (Mrs. Kessler), Season Hubley (Salina Magee), Jane Alice Brandon (Alexandra Friel), Priscilla Morrill (Elaine Hogan).
As Willie struggles through two love affairs, Kate and Doug consider moving to New York.

October 26, 1976: Home Movie
Season 2, episode 3
W: Susan Miller   D: Glenn Jordan

With Mary Grace Canfield (Mrs. Hanley), Neva Patterson (Marge Raymond), Doris Roberts (Etta), Dana Plato (Mary Beth Sanders), Helen Hunt (Robin Trask), Tony Markes (Henry Merlin), Elizabeth Farley (Mrs. Cameron).
Willie enters a contest for amateur movie makers and uses his family as the subjects.

November 9, 1976: Coming Of Age
Season 2, episode 4
W: Elizabeth Clark   D: John Erman

With Tommy Lee Jones (David Needham), David Hedison (Peter Towne).
Kate and Doug are disappointed in Nancy's behavior, and particularly unhappy when she decides to marry again.

November 16, 1976: Jury Duty (1)
Season 2, episode 5
W: George Lefferts   D: Glenn Jordan

With Genie Francis (Alice Dennison), Martin Eric (Nate Molin), Laurence Haddon (Marc Hanes), Kenneth Mars (Bob Fingerman), Willie Aames (T.J. Latimer), Michael McGreevey (Sam Wilkes), Sydney Lassick (Benson Margotte), Eloy Casados (Rudy Cortes), Mitzi Hoag (Clara Briault), Hilda Haynes (Emma Lassere), Jerry Hardin (Jury Foreman).
Kate Lawrence is the only juror who believes that alleged rape-murderer Rudy Cortes is innocent, and must bear the pressure of the other 11 jurors.

November 23, 1976: Jury Duty (2)
Season 2, episode 6
W: George Lefferts   D: Glenn Jordan

With Genie Francis (Alice Dennison), Laurence Haddon (Marc Hanes), Kenneth Mars (Bob Fingerman), Willie Aames (T.J. Latimer), Michael McGreevey (Sam Wilkes), Sydney Lassick (Benson Margotte), Eloy Casados (Rudy Cortes), Mitzi Hoag (Clara Briault), Hilda Haynes (Emma Lassere), Jerry Hardin (Jury Foreman), Priscilla Morrill (Elaine Hogan).
After being the lone juror against convicting a rape-murder defendant, Kate Lawrence begins receiving obscene phone calls at home and threats.

November 30, 1976: The Cradle Will Fall
Season 2, episode 7
W: Emily Shoemaker, Lawrence Konner   D: Richard Kinon

With Season Hubley (Salina Magee), Priscilla Morrill (Elaine Hogan), Stacy Keach Sr. (Ross Wheeler), William Putch (Fred Hogan), Nicholas Hammond (John Crosswell), Lane Binkley (Lila Crosswell), Jo Morrow (Barbara Clark).
Salina Magee, Willie Lawrence's love, returns to Pasadena to live and Willie becomes involved with Salina's custody dispute when she cannot get her illegitimate baby back from the father.

December 7, 1976: Skeleton In The Closet
Season 2, episode 8
W: Leonora Thuna   D: John Erman

With Penny Fuller (Emily Wyeth), Peter Mark Richman (Charles Wyeth), Queenie Smith (Mrs. Flemming), John Beal (James Lawrence).
When Doug Lawrence's sister comes home for a visit, he must face the fact that she is an alcoholic.

December 21, 1976: On The First Day Of Christmas
Season 2, episode 9
W: Michael Barlow   D: Gerald S. O'Loughlin

With Sheree North (Constance Hume), John Beal (James Lawrence), John Rubinstein (Jeff Maitland).
Doug is suspicious when his father introduces his new, and much younger, girlfriend; Nancy and Jeff have a fight over who gets Timmy over Christmas.

December 28, 1976: Rites Of Friendship
Season 2, episode 10
W: Gerry Day, Bethel Leslie   D: Glenn Jordan

With Brian Byers (Zeke Remsen), Biff McGuire (Simon Remsen), Robert Doran (Carl Baker), Morgan Jones (Desk Sergeant).
Willie's good friend, Zeke, comes home from college and is busted in a raid on a gay bar. When he tries desperately to explain his coming-to-terms with his homosexuality to his childhood friend, Willie becomes intolerant and hostile.

January 4, 1977: An Eye To The Future
Season 2, episode 11
W: Hindi Brooks, Michael Barlow   D: Glenn Jordan

With James Woods (Dr. Robert Styles), Murray Matheson (Sandor Pratt), Priscilla Morrill (Elaine Hogan).
Buddy (as "Diamond In the Rough") gets heavily into the CB scene; Kate decides to go back to college; Doug does a stint as a judge.

January 11, 1977: Lovers And Strangers
Season 2, episode 12
W: Leonora Thuna   D: Ralph Senensky

With Elizabeth Ashley (Elizabeth Kraft), Jane Johnston (Hostess).
Nineteen-year-old Willie falls in love with an older woman and decides to accompany her to New York.

January 18, 1977: Return Engagement
Season 2, episode 13
W: Anne Howard Bailey   D: Richard Kinon

With Pat Crowley (Maggie Calder), Sandy Spillman (Magician).
Doug Lawrence's old flame, glamorous actress Maggie Calder, is in Los Angeles to appear in a play. With his wife out of town, Doug and Maggie have a supper date and she tries to entice him into renewing their relaitonship.

February 1, 1977: Mirror, Mirror On The Wall . . .
Season 2, episode 14
W: Emily Shoemaker   D: Robert Hartford-Davis

With Tovah Feldshuh (Susan Bowers), Priscilla Morrill (Elaine Hogan), Lauren Tewes (Jill Redfield).
Confronted by a young woman claiming to be her daughter, Kate admits she once loaned her name to a close friend whose illegitimate child was given up to adoption, but refuses to identify the girl's real mother -- a neighbor who is still Kate's best friend.

February 8, 1977: Someone's Watching
Season 2, episode 15
W: David Jacobs   D: Richard Kinon

With Alfred Lutter (Alvin Tanner), George Wallace (Det. Steinmetz), Anne Schedeen (Susie), Anthony De Longis (Tony), Newell Alexander (Instructor).
Tension builds in the Lawrence home when Nancy receives gifts from a secret admirer who is obviously watching her at close range.

February 15, 1977: A Safe House
Season 2, episode 16
W: Vicki Zlotnick, Marshall Herskovitz   D: Richard Kinon

With Ted Wass (Sam Trask), Don Keefer (Al Trask), Michael LeClair (Charlie Roberts), Tracie Savage (Wendy Spears), Alan McRae (Doctor), Louise Foley (Audrey Pfeiffer), Grace Albertson (Nurse).
Radical Sam Trask, on the run for a kidnapping rap three years old, returns to town and asks Willie for help in seeing his dying father.

February 22, 1977: Best Friends
Season 2, episode 17
W: Diana Gould   D: Robert Hartford-Davis

With Peter Coffield (Brian Slater), Willie Aames (T.J. Latimer), Louise Foley (Audrey Pfeiffer), Peter Jurasik (Marty), Joseph Stern (Mel Bennett), Pamela Dunlap (Gloria).
Nancy attends her high-school reunion, meeting the guy she dumped to marry Jeff; T.J. asks Buddy to a formal dance, causing a rift with Audrey.

March 1, 1977: Taking Chances (1)
Season 2, episode 18
W: Hindi Brooks   D: Glenn Jordan

With Robert Symonds (Dr. Herman), Andre Landzaat (Dr. Chase), John Harkins (Bertrand Hammond), Diana Wyatt (Mrs. Stuart), Jonathan Banks (Attendant), Isabel Cooley (Nurse Bragge).
Doug is blinded as a result of a hit-and-run accident and must decide between having surgery, which could be fatal, or living the rest of his life in darkness.

March 8, 1977: Taking Chances (2)
Season 2, episode 19
W: Hindi Brooks   D: Glenn Jordan

With Robert Symonds (Dr. Herman), John Harkins (Bertrand Hammond), Donald Moffat (Philip Raskin), Woody Skaggs (John Kreiger), Jessica Rains (Ruth).
Having decided to remain blind rather than face a very dangerous operation, Doug returns home and finds members of his clan less than sympathetic.

March 22, 1977: Comings And Goings
Season 2, episode 20
W: David Jacobs   D: Richard Kinon

With Season Hubley (Salina Magee), Byron Morrow (Jeffrey Maitland Sr.), Robert Symonds (Dr. Herman), Barbara Cason (Sylvia Maitland).
Nancy's rich, willful mother-in-law seeks refuge at the Lawrences after leaving her husband, and Willie decides to move out to "settle down" with Salina Magee.

March 29, 1977: . . . More Things In Heaven And Earth
Season 2, episode 21
W: Len Jenkin   D: Edward Parone

With David Dukes (Calvin Manners), Daniel J. Travanti (Benjamin Maxwell), Priscilla Morrill (Elaine Hogan), Ned Wilson (Professor Sheppard), Carole Androsky (Betty Graham), Sarah Jane Miller (Patricia Hayes), Jack Stauffer (Ted Ahearne).
Against her better judgment, Kate becomes fascinated with a psychic reader who brings forth mystical messages about Kate's past which she is tempted to pursue.

May 3, 1977: An Endangered Species
Season 2, episode 22
W: Oliver Hailey, Elizabeth Hailey   D: Peter Werner

With William Windom (Howard Stone), Anne Schedeen (Susie).
A recently-divorced friend wants to hang out with Kate; Nancy gets upset when a classmate asks to use her place for an affair with a married man.

September 13, 1977: Acts Of Love (1)
Season 3, episode 1
W: David Jacobs   D: E.W. Swackhamer

With Brooke Adams (Lizzie), Gretchen Corbett (Ellen), Dan Millington (Eric), Christopher Woods (Steve).
Season premiere. Willie, in love, becomes puzzled but undaunted when the girl he is courting suddenly wants to end their relationship.

September 20, 1977: Acts Of Love (2)
Season 3, episode 2
W: David Jacobs   D: E.W. Swackhamer

With Brooke Adams (Lizzie), Priscilla Pointer (Joan Schiller), Harold Gould (Paul Schiller), Gretchen Corbett (Ellen), Ron Rifkin (Dr. Grant), Don Starr (Judge Gilbert).
Willie wins Lizzy over and they are married at the Lawrence home with only his and her family in attendance.

September 27, 1977: The First Time
Season 3, episode 3
W: Hilma Wolitzer   D: Richard Kinon

With Willie Aames (T.J. Latimer), Louise Foley (Audrey Pfeiffer), Shannon Terhune (Cookie).
Kate unhappily contemplates her 49th birthday; T.J. asks Buddy to go steady with him, but she's not sure.

October 4, 1977: Change Of Heart
Season 3, episode 4
W: Audrey Davis Levin   D: Edward Parone

With Willie Aames (T.J. Latimer), Veronica Hamel (Vicki Weber), John Rubinstein (Jeff Maitland), Stacy Swor (Alice Dennison).
Nancy is jealous of Jeff's new fiancee.

October 25, 1977: Annie Laurie
Season 3, episode 5
W: Carol Evan McKeand, David Jacobs   D: Alf Kjellin

With Linda Lavin (Annie Laurie), Louise Foley (Audrey Pfeiffer), Mari Gorman (Secretary).
Doug and an attractive female lawyer become friends after a legal battle, but when the lady gets serious, Doug is both troubled and tempted.

November 1, 1977: We Love You, Miss Jessup
Season 3, episode 6
W: Diana Gould   D: Edward Parone

With Joyce Van Patten (Mrs. Palmer), Blair Brown (Miss Jessup), Beverly Sanders (Mrs. Gilroy), Helen Hunt (Tracey Palmer), Ruth Silveira (Mrs. Kass).
Buddy's English teacher gets outed; Willie suspects Nancy of being a home-wrecker.

November 8, 1977: The Little Brother
Season 3, episode 7
W: Gregory S. Dinallo   D: Harvey Laidman

With Dorian Harewood (Gil), Kirk Calloway (Emmet).
Willie's plans to adopt a homeless young boy upset the Lawrence household.

November 15, 1977: Childhood's End
Season 3, episode 8
W: Luciano Comici   D: Alf Kjellin

With Philip Sterling (Victor Harris), Carol Jones (Laura Richardson), Tacie Savage (Sandy), James Canning (Mechanic), Brett Ericson (Larry).
Buddy's girlfriend Laura arrives for a visit, but the Lawrences soon discover her tragic problem -- Laura at 15 has become an alcoholic.

November 22, 1977: A Tale Out Of Season
Season 3, episode 9
W: Barbara Elaine Smith   D: Richard Kinon

With Beverly Todd (Sgt. Banner), Frances Lee McCain (Erica Schuyler), Lawrason Driscoll (Carl Schuyler), Connie Sawyer (Woman), Shane Sinutko (Nicki Schuyler).
The Lawrences must decide what action to take when they become aware that the son of an attorney in Doug's law firm is a child-abuse victim.

November 29, 1977: Labors Of Love
Season 3, episode 10
W: Tim Maschler   D: Harvey Laidman

With Samantha Eggar (Norah McKay), Allan Arbus (Roy Brady), Willie Aames (T.J. Latimer), Jay Gerber (Murray Taylor).
An amorous boss lady decides that Willie has too much potential to remain an errand boy, and the young man suddenly finds himself promoted -- and pursued.

December 13, 1977: A Child Is Given
Season 3, episode 11
W: Robert Hamilton   D: Richard Kinon

With James Karen (Dr. Addison), John Rubinstein (Jeff Maitland).
Timmy, Jr. falls seriously ill at Christmastime.

January 3, 1978: More Than Friends
Season 3, episode 12
W: Randa Haines, Leah Appet   D: Stuart Millar

With David Selby (Michael Kagan), Mari Gorman (Secretary).
Nancy becomes romantically involved with a teacher whose harsh criticism of Willie's writing comes as a shock.

January 10, 1978: The Princess In The Tower
Season 3, episode 13
W: Carol Evan McKeand   D: Richard Kinon

With Kim Darby (Lily Barker), Mitzi McCall (Sally), Robert Lussier (Real Estate Agent).
Kate, suffering from housewife blues, takes off by herself and winds up locked in a model condominium with a young woman about to give birth.

January 17, 1978: Echoes Of Love
Season 3, episode 14
W: David Jacobs   D: James Sheldon

With Gretchen Corbett (Ellen Rickover), Louise Foley (Audrey Pfeiffer), Brooke Adams (Lizzie), Terri Nunn (Jessica Millington).
As Willie dwells on the memories of his late wife Lizzy, he is drawn to Ellen Rickover, who was Lizzy's best friend.

January 24, 1978: See Saw
Season 3, episode 15
W: Barbara Elaine Smith   D: Philip Leacock

With John Freidrich, Dana Elcar.
Sensing her family no longer needs her, Kate volunteers to tutor a recently blinded college student and finds herself becoming a surrogate mother.

January 31, 1978: Lifeline
Season 3, episode 16
W: Hindi Brooks   D: Richard Kinon

With Vincent Baggetta (Dave Robinson), Ken Kercheval (Mark Adams), Jennifer Salt (Susie Robinson), Lisa Blake Richards (Joan Robinson), Raymond Guth (Mr. Lewis), Quinn Cummings (Marcy Willis).
Nancy searches frantically for a friend she believes to be suicidal -- while Buddy seeks ways of avoiding an overly attached 10-year-old.

February 7, 1978: And Baby Makes Three
Season 3, episode 17
W: Diana Gould   D: Edward Parone

With John Rubinstein (Jeff Maitland), Louise Foley (Audrey Pfeiffer), Jennifer Jason Leigh (Jenny Blair), Millie Slavin (Dr. Carmichael), Catherine Hicks (Willie's Girlfriend), Clark Brandon (Roger Arnold).
Nancy and Jeff resume their relationship and consider remarrying, but when Nancy finds she is pregnant she becomes withdrawn, refusing to tell him about her condition.

February 14, 1978: Crossing Over
Season 3, episode 18
W: David Jacobs   D: Edward Parone

With Shera Danese (Bambi), Richard Masur (Producer), James Canning (Delivery Boy).
Willie thwarts plans for hs 21st birthday party and goes out alone -- later to be joined by his father and a sentimental "working girl".

February 21, 1978: The Covenant
Season 3, episode 19
W: Jack Morton   D: James Sheldon

With David Wayne (James Lawrence), Millie Slavin (Dr. Carmichael), John Rubinstein (Jeff Maitland).
Grandpa James arrives at the Lawrence household to resolve a thirty-year-old problem on the eve of an operation he may not survive.

February 28, 1978: A Friend Of The Family
Season 3, episode 20
W: Emily Shoemaker, Gregory Dinallo, John Hess   D: Kim Friedman

With Joseph Bottoms (Seth Oliver), Alice Ghostley (Mrs. Hanley).
An acquaintance of Willie "crashes" at the Lawrence home, wins the heart of Buddy, then proceeds to steal money from Kate and Doug.

May 2, 1978: Fear Of Shadows
Season 3, episode 21
W: Paul Huson   D: Georg Stanford Brown

With Olivia Cole (Frances Rossmore), Sam Weisman (Dr. Kelly), Alice Hirson (Ruth Green), Sherry Hussey (Sherry Wilson).
Kate becomes disturbed as events keep pace with her dream that she has run down a child with her car.

May 9, 1978: Sleeping Gypsy
Season 3, episode 22
W: Richard Kramer   D: Stuart Millar

With Dinah Manoff (Mana), Jenny O'Hara (Miss Montebello), Louise Foley (Audrey Pfeiffer), Heather Totten (Pam), Laurie Jefferson (Teacher).
Buddy's efforts to help a talented but unpopular classmate fail when the girl insists on doing things her own way.

May 16, 1978: Counterpoint
Season 3, episode 23
W: Carmen Culver   D: Richard Kinon

With William Daniels (Dr. Taylor), Peter Fox (Brian Mulligan), Biff McGuire (Steven Bank), Diane Lander (Miss Warfield), Michael Misita (Mr. Anders).
Kate is disconcerted by an arrogant professor, while Doug begins to question the value of his work.

September 21, 1978: Starting Over
Season 4, episode 1
W: Carol Evan McKeand   D: Richard Kinon

With Nicolas Coster (Al Krantz), James Staley (Photographer), K. Callahan (Sophie Sullivan).
Season premiere. Quinn Cummings is introduced as Annie Cooper, a precocious orphan who joins the Lawrence family and creates tension by refusing all offers of affection, especially from infuriated big sister Buddy.

September 28, 1978: All For Love
Season 4, episode 2
W: Leah Markus   D: Kim Friedman

With Leif Garrett (Zack Russell), Lisa Whelchel (Cathy Connelly), Louise Foley (Audrey Pfeiffer), Mary Carver (Librarian).
Buddy's boyfriend asks her to prove her love for him.

October 12, 1978: Changes
Season 4, episode 3
W: Carol Evan McKeand   D: Edward Parone

With Constance McCashin (Ms. Massey), Mary Ann Hermansen (Emmy Sheldon), Stephen Furst (Delivery Boy), Jack Fletcher (Mr. Edmund), Eliose Hardt (Sylvia Maitland).
Old disagreements hang over Nancy and Jeff's decision to remarry.

October 19, 1978: Magic
Season 4, episode 4
W: Channing Gibson   D: Richard Kinon

With Annie Potts (Caddy Wilde), Charlotte Rae (Nurse Rondo), Ron Max (Richard Weeks), Gary Goetzman (Sam), Betty Bridges (Nurse Owens).
Kate befrends a deeply disturbed rock star in the hospital, and Annie takes a crash course in magic to be a school star.

November 9, 1978: Just Friends
Season 4, episode 5
W: Walter Koenig   D: Peter Levin

With Kim Cattrall (Susan Madison), Bert Remsen (Mr. Defilips), Tara Buckman (Aunt Joanne), George Pentecost (Apartment Manager), Michael McManus (Mr. Lemon), Dennis Howard (Gil Howland), Marcy Hanson (Yvonne Chase).
Willie becomes involved with a young married woman; Nancy decides to move out of the guest house and into an apartment of her own.

November 23, 1978: Generations
Season 4, episode 6
W: Florrie Adelson   D: Richard Kinon

With Lance Kerwin (Dexter), Sandy Ward (Watkins), Macon McCalman (Prettyman).
Willie and Buddy become involved in unhappy situations while spending Thanksgiving weekend at their farm in Oregon.

December 7, 1978: Expectations
Season 4, episode 7
W: Liz Coe   D: Edward Parone

With Mitchell Ryan (Mike Dunston), Alicia Fleer (Clara), Fred Stuthman (Stanley Maxwell), Sam Freed (Hilson), Andra Akers (Roz Cornick), Laura Campbell (Linda Hill), Shannon Terhune (Margie).
Nancy's new boss begins making unexpected and unwelcome advances.

December 21, 1978: Gifts
Season 4, episode 8
W: Paul Wolff   D: Philip Leacock

With Michael Keaton (Salesman), Jan Arvan (Vito), Marge Redmond (Sgt. Strachey).
Annie decides to spend Christmas aboard a bus bound for Seattle after openng a gift selected by her real parents before their death.

January 4, 1979: The Friend's Affair
Season 4, episode 9
W: Calvin Clements Jr.   D: Philip Leacock

With Whitney Blake (Eve Carson), Donald Moffat (Gene Carson), Charles Tyner (Mr. Chadway), Lesley Woods (Mrs. Chadway), Shannon Wilcox (Marilyn).
Kate learns that Doug is covering for a married friend who is involved in an illicit affair.

January 11, 1979: Exits And Entrances
Season 4, episode 10
W: Emily Shoemaker, Carolyn See, Jackie Joseph   D: Gwen Arner

With Rachel Roberts (Angela Brown), Claudia Wells (Barbara Collins), Joe Bennett (Julian).
A childhood friend of Buddy's mother tries to lure Buddy into a career on the stage.

January 18, 1979: Moment Of Truth
Season 4, episode 11
W: Paul Huson   D: Arthur Allan Seidelman

With Paul Shenar (Bob Gantry), Marilyn Chris (Mrs. Grey), Louise Foley (Audrey Pfeidder), Ned Wilson (Instructor), Charles Hallahan (Watch Commander).
A man whose ex-wife was represented by Doug in a messy divorce case returns from a prison sentence to terrorize the Lawrences.

January 25, 1979: Malicious Mischief
Season 4, episode 12
W: Loraine Despres   D: Peter Levin

With David Birney (Joe Alcott), Wendy Schaal (Sarah), Elizabeth Cheshire (Beth Ingersoll), Fran Brill (Gwen Ingersoll).
A young girl accuses Nancy's psychologist-boyfriend of making improper advances.

February 1, 1979: Sleeping Over
Season 4, episode 13
W: Thom Racina   D: Richard Kinon

With Shelley Long (Joan Phillips), Louise Foley (Audrey Pfeiffer), Kim Leslie (Marjorie), Laura Staylor (Liza).
Kate is furious when her friend Joan casually moves into the guest house with Kate's son Willie.

February 8, 1979: Disco Queen
Season 4, episode 14
W: Edward Zwick   D: Edward Parone

With Priscilla Lopez (Julia), Paul Pape (Clyde), Nels Van Patten (Daniel), Jeff Kutash (Allen Moss), Dennis Dimster (Brock), James Jeter (Policeman).
Buddy is introduced to the disco scene by a troubled girl she met in dance class.

March 1, 1979: The Athlete
Season 4, episode 15
W: Marshall Herskovitz   D: Kim Friedman

With Michael Biehn (Jake), Mary Ann Hermansen (Emmy Sheldon), Louise Foley (Audrey Pfeiffer), Stephen Keep (Dr. Haber), Marilyn Coleman (Nurse).
Buddy becomes romantically involved with a young cancer patient she meets while working as a candystriper.

March 8, 1979: The Competition
Season 4, episode 16
W: Ron Cowen, Daniel Lipman   D: Richard Kinon

With Louise Foley (Audrey Pfeiffer), Nancy Malone (Marsha Kalisher), Mare Winningham (Merilee Kalisher), Richard McKenzie (Mr. McKinley), Eddie Frescas (Tony Sanchez), Laurie Jefferson (Miss Higgins), Bradford English (Mr. Bremmer).
Buddy blames herself for the suicide of a fellow student she defeated in a scholastic competition.

March 15, 1979: Ballerina
Season 4, episode 17
W: Edward Zwick   D: Edward Zwick

With Stephanie Zimbalist (Josie), Rene Auberjonois (Alvin), David Landsberg (Waiter), Fred Carney (Thomas).
Willie captivates the heart of a famous prima ballerina, who considers abandoning her career to stay with him.

March 22, 1979: Diversions
Season 4, episode 18
W: Barbara Bosson, Diana Gould   D: James Broderick

With Greg Mullavey (Ben Rivers), Jenny Sullivan (Diane Rivers).
Nancy is studying for her bar examination when she suddenly plunges into an affair with a recently divorced man.

March 30, 1979: An Apple For The Teacher
Season 4, episode 19
W: Margaret Schibi   D: Kim Friedman

With Steve Guttenberg (Philip), Richard McKenzie (Mr. Stevens), Priscilla Pointer (Pat Wills), Claudia Wells (Denise), Louise Hoven (Anna).
Buddy's life is complicated when Kate starts student-teaching at her school and runs into problems.

April 20, 1979: Prelude
Season 4, episode 20
W: Diana Gould   D: Philip Leacock

With Leif Garrett (Zack Russell), Marshall Colt (Jason), Louise Foley (Audrey Pfeiffer), Brent Spiner (Fred), Robin Dearden (Peggy).
Buddy breaks off with her long-time boyfriend in the belief that her 25-year-old swimming coach loves her.

May 10, 1979: Going Straight
Season 4, episode 21
W: Marshall Herskovitz   D: James Broderick

With Marty Ingels (Gip Goddard), Mimi Kennedy (Karen), Shera Danese (Bambi).
Willie hires a former prostitute as his secretary, unaware that his boss once had done business with the girl.

May 17, 1979: From Russia With Love
Season 4, episode 22
W: Edward Zwick   D: Richard Kinon

Kate is selected to be personal guide to a famous and handsome visiting Russian composer.

November 20, 1979: Thanksgiving
Season 5, episode 1
W: Sally Robinson   D: Joanne Woodward

With Henry Fonda (James Lawrence), John Considine (Bob Hudson), Rosemary DeCamp (Amelia Stone), Nan Martin (Virginia Kabel), Harriet Medin (Allison Roth).
Doug refuses to admit to himself that his father is showing signs of aging, when the whole family gathers together for Thanksgiving.

December 24, 1979: 'Tis The Season
Season 5, episode 2
W: Joan Taylor   D: Richard Kinon

With J. Pat O'Malley (Harry Duff), Stephen Pearlman (Dr. Simon), Devon Ericson (Rachel Peters), Michael Currie (Larry Berk).
While arranging the annual family holiday gathering, Kate learns that Doug is ill and Willie has other plans for the holidays.

January 14, 1980: Jack Of Hearts
Season 5, episode 3
W: April Smith   D: Edward Parone

With Jameson Parker (Jack).
Just as Nancy and Buddy finally affect a closer sister relationship, Buddy develops a crush on her jogging partner Jack and later discovers that he and Nancy have been intimate.

January 21, 1980: When The Bough Breaks
Season 5, episode 4
W: Sally Robinson   D: Gwen Arner

Kate's unplanned pregnancy is a source of conflict and embarrassment in the family. Buddy's friend Erica wants to lose her virginity and selects Willie as her partner.

January 28, 1980: Hard Times
Season 5, episode 5
W: Liz Coe, Sally Robinson   D: Richard Kinon

With Nancy Locke (Debra Greenfield), Fred McCarren (Dan Epstein), Richard Venture (Jim Hodges), Helen Hunt (Sandy), Deborah White (Clara), Frederic Lehne (Rob).
Buddy's interference in the relationship of two close friends backfires. Nancy experiences difficulty juggling a career and being a good parent.

February 4, 1980: Whispers
Season 5, episode 6
W: Ron Cowen, Daniel Lipman   D: Marshall Herskovitz

With Cliff DeYoung (Alex Canfield), Richard McKenzie (Mr. McKinley), Cindy Grover (Linda Robertson), Louise Foley (Audrey Pfeiffer), Lenora May (Janie Sims).
Buddy's friendship with a teacher leads to whispers at school and a valuable lesson for Buddy about good people doing bad things. Meanwhile, Annie will do anything to persuade Willie to grant her an interview for her school newspaper.

March 3, 1980: Play On Love
Season 5, episode 7
W: Margaret J. Schibi   D: Richard Kinon

With Judith Chapman (Jo Hamlin), Devon Ericson (Rachel Peters), Karen Austin (Emily), Louise Foley (Audrey Pfeiffer), Gary Goetzman (Steven), Larry Cedar (Macil), John David Yarborough (Michael).
Willie finds himself torn between two loves after he falls for the director of his play just before announcing his engagement to Rachel. Doug objects to Buddy's plans to buy a questionable used car.

March 10, 1980: Daylight Serenade
Season 5, episode 8
W: Liz Coe   D: Edward Parone

With Ted Danson (David Bartels), Louise Foley (Audrey Pfeiffer), Karen Austin (Emily), Michael Convertino (Kevin O'Neill), Timothy Wead (Henry Sagor), Hallie Eckstein (Marci Murdock).
Buddy criticizes Kate's nerdy piano student but later views him in a different light. Nancy needs Annie to teach her how to roller skate in order to impress a handsome colleague.

March 17, 1980: Such A Fine Line
Season 5, episode 9
W: Gina Frederica Goldman   D: James Broderick

With Michael J. Fox (Richard Topol), John Rubinstein (Jeff Maitland), Carl Anderson (Weedge), Ilene Kristen (Lotus), Allen Williams (Ron).
A 14-year-old student falls madly in love with Kate. Jeff returns to Pasadena with an unlikely career.

June 4, 1980: The Ties That Bind
Season 5, episode 10
W: Carol Evan McKeand   D: Richard Kinon

With Louise Latham (Elaine Hogan), Claudette Nevins (Claire Hopkins), Ruth Manning (Mrs. Hanley).
Elaine resurfaces in Kate's life after being dumped by Fred for a younger woman. Meanwhile, Annie experiences abandonment issues, too.

June 11, 1980: Just Like Old Times
Season 5, episode 11
W: Liz Coe   D: Richard Kinon

With Louise Foley (Audrey Pfeiffer), Estelle Omens (Miss Applegate), Stephen Keep Mills (Richard Wald).
Buddy pretends that her college applications were rejected, but her real issue is being Willie Lawrence's little sister. Doug attempts to share his passion for baseball with Annie.

June 18, 1980: Smarts
Season 5, episode 12

With Dana Hill (Martha), Debbie Lytton (Elisa), Jenny O'Hara (Miss Chase).
Annie and Buddy each have problems with intellect: Annie feels she's too smart, while Buddy fears she's not smart enough.

June 25, 1980: Letting Go
Season 5, episode 13
W: Edward Zwick   D: James Broderick

With Kraig Cassity (Steven), Dana Plato (Debbie), Tim Maier (Howard Also), Tony O'Dell (Howard).
With Buddy departing soon for college, Doug has difficulty letting go, while she secretly fears leaving. (Last show of the series.)

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