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Series regulars or semi-regulars in 'Fantasy Island' from 1970-1982:

1970-1982 Episode Guide for 'Fantasy Island':

(Episodes with dates prior to 1970 aired as reruns.)

January 14, 1977: Return To Fantasy Island
Season 0, episode 1
W: Marc Brandel   D: George McCowan

With George Maharis (Benson), France Nuyen (Kito), Karen Valentine (Janet Fleming), Cameron Mitchell (Raoul), Nancy McKeon (Ann), George Chakiris (Pierre), Adrienne Barbeau (Margo Dean), Joseph Campanella (Brian Faber), Laraine Day (Mrs. Grant), Joseph Cotten (Mr. Grant), Pat Crowley (Lucy Faber), Horst Buchholz (Charles Fleming), John Zaremba (Dr. Croyden), Kristine Ritzke (Carol), Kevi Kendall (Pat).
Desperate people shell out exorbitant sums of money to live out their fantasies or get help with their problems. Pilot movie for the upcoming series.

January 28, 1978: Escape / Cinderella Girls
Season 1, episode 1
W: Steve Fisher, Michael Fisher   D: Don Weis

With Georgia Engel (Maxine Bender), John Saxon (Dr. Roger Sullivan), Diana Canova (Ann Dowd), Bert Convy (Gregory Udall), Reggie Nalder (Prison Commandant), Robert Clary (Ipsy Dauphin), Alan Sues (Andre Massoon), Lisa Richards (Kathy Udall), Howard Caine (Count Rudolph), William Beckley (Ian), Bernie Kuby (Harmon), Peter Mamakos (Sergeant).
An escape artist seeks the ultimate challenge; two plain girls want to sample the jet-setter's life.

February 4, 1978: Bet A Million / Mr. Irresistible
Season 1, episode 2
W: Steve Fisher, Ron Friedman   D: John Newland, Cliff Bole

With Henry Gibson (Fred Wade), John Schuck (Chuck Huffman), Rod McCary (Ricky), Jane Powell (Joan Wade), Mabel King (Leani), Beverly Sanders (Stephanie Marie), Gilbert Green (Mr. Hayden), Reb Brown (Greg), Mary Jo Catlett (Carlotta Smith), Candace Rialson (Cindy), Alana Stewart (Nikki), Brian Cutler (Barry), Ava Lazar (Pearl), Sondra Theodore (Gloria), George Ball (Dealer).
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wade come to the island in the hopes of finding a wealthy financier to help them fulfill their dream of owning a hotel; Chuck Huffman fantasizes about being the most irresistable man in the world.

February 11, 1978: The Prince / The Sheriff
Season 1, episode 3
W: Robert Hamner   D: Phil Bondelli

With Lisa Hartman (Chris Malone), Dack Rambo (Prince Peter d'Anatoli), Tiger Williams (Kid), Ed Begley Jr. (Jamie), Harry Guardino (Det. John Burke), Sheree North (Julie), William Mims (Tim Beard), Guy Stockwell (Logan), Ron Soble (Tom Larson), John Davis Chandler (Ed Larson), Bill Fletcher (Cowboy), Lee McLaughlin (Bartender), Jim Veres (Chris' Boyfriend).
A secretary wants to meet someone exciting, and a prince, about to become a king, would like to be free of his responsibilities; a detective longs for the good old days of the wild west.

February 18, 1978: Family Reunion / Voodoo
Season 1, episode 4
W: Ron Friedman, William Douglas Lansford   D: George McCowan

With David Hedison (Carlyle Cranston), Juliet Mills (Evelyn Kellino), Lauren Tewes (Jane Howell), John Gavin (Harry Kellino), Howard Duff (Douglas Shane), Marjorie Lord (Beth Shane), Gary Collins (Bill Jordan), Katy Kurtzman (Ann Kellino), Rosetta LeNoire (Mama La), Ernie Hudson (Jamu), Susan Tolsky (Penny), Tom Fridley (Tony), Mary Frann (Grace).
A brother and sister fantasize about reuniting their parents; a young woman suffering from amnesia and due to inherit $30 million undergoes a voodoo treatment.

February 25, 1978: Lady Of The Evening / The Racer
Season 1, episode 5
W: Tim Maschler, Michael Fisher   D: Don Weis

With Carol Lynley (Renee Lansing), Paul Burke (Bill Fredericks), Christopher George (Jack Kincaid), Carol Lawrence (Rachel Kincaid), Alan Hale Jr. (Corky), Peter Mark Richman (Roy Burke), Jerry Van Dyke (Brennan), Clark Brandon (Patrick Kincaid), Hallie Small (Suzanne).
A retired auto race driver, seriously injured in his last race, hopes to recreate the last devastating moment; a lady of the evening looks forward to a relaxing week without her profession being revealed.

March 11, 1978: Treasure Hunt / Beauty Contest
Season 1, episode 6
W: Don Haberman, William Douglas Lansford   D: George McCowan, Allen Baron

With Maureen McCormick (Sally Quinn), Michael Callan (Stu Chambers), Gene Barry (Neville Quinn), Peter Haskell (James DeFoe), Jo Ann Harris (Andrea Chambers), Louis Nye, Debra Feuer (Shirl Dean), Constance Forslund (Elaine Benson).
In a desperate attempt to gain her father's love, a young girl seeks to be judged the most beautiful woman; three advertising executives seek an opportunity to hunt for real pirate's treasure.

March 18, 1978: The Funny Girl / Butch And Sundance
Season 1, episode 7
W: Ron Friedman, James Schmerer   D: Cliff Bole

With Dennis Cole (Dr. Lloyd Hopper), James MacArthur (Alex Farelli), Marcia Strassman (Kay Penny), Christopher Connelly (Bill Cummings), William Smith (Wyatt Earp), Philip Boyer (Pip), Edward Andrews (Donny), Lurene Tuttle (Mary Emery), Henry Jones (Bank Teller), Robert F. Hoy (Sam), Raymond Singer (Larry), Olan Soule (Proprietor), Hope Olson (Sheba), Stanley Ralph Ross (Colton), George Tracy (Hog Caller), Steve Chambers (Curley), Jim Burk (Bart).
A life of comedy sends a famous comedienne in search of her dream of a normal life; two young men long to lead the infamous Hole in the Wall Gang.

March 25, 1978: Superstar / Salem
Season 1, episode 8
W: Michael Fisher, Ron Friedman   D: Earl Bellamy

With Stuart Whitman (Walter Tate), Vera Miles (Martha Tate), Leslie Nielsen (Doctor Whitfield), Gary Burghoff (Richard C. Delaney/Paul Hughes), Henry Beckman (Mr. Weaver), Jewel Blanch (Charity), Darleen Carr (Dora Delaney), Brendan Dillon (Goodfriend), Walker Edmiston (Maxwell), Steve Garvey (Himself), Tommy Lasorda (Himself).
An accountant wishes to become a baseball superstar; a couple who is disenchanted with today's permissive society wish to live simply and with old-fashioned morality and values. They land in Salem, Massachusetts, during the witch trials.

April 1, 1978: Trouble, My Lovely / The Common Man
Season 1, episode 9
W: Larry Alexander, Marion Hargrove   D: Cliff Bole

With Lynda Day George (Iris Chandler), Don Knotts (Stanley Scheckter), Nancy Walker (Mumsy), Bernie Kopell (Fred Stouton), Dennis Patrick (Peter Chandler), Pamela Bryan (Peggy), Frank Aletter (Lt. Draper), John Fiedler (Mortimer Fox), Jack Ging (Sgt. Fallon), Kevin King Cooper (Arnold), Dave Case (Fitz), Rick Jason (Arthur Hemmings), Julie Cobb (Florence).
A timid father's fantasy is to earn respect from his family; a bungling process server wishes to become a Sam Spade-type detective.

April 15, 1978: The Over The Hill Caper / Poof! You're A Movie Star
Season 1, episode 10
W: Tim Maschler, Skip Webster   D: Earl Bellamy

With Barbi Benton (Shirley Russell), Michael Anderson Jr. (Bill), Ray Bolger (Spencer McLaine), Harriet Nelson (Winnie McLaine), Joanna Barnes (Liz Perry), Herb Edelman (Arthur Gantzman), Tom Ewell (Bert "Fingers"), Foster Brooks (Frank "Spider" Randall), Jordan Clarke (Tommy Prentiss), Phil Foster (Jackson), Jordan Rhodes (Desmond Vaughn), Harv Selsby (Vince).
Four depression-era bank robbers want to pull one last job; a pretty girl has aspirations of becoming a movie star.

April 29, 1978: Reunion / Anniversary
Season 1, episode 11
W: Steve Fisher   D: Allen Baron, John Newland

With Robert Alda (Mark Dupres), Lucie Arnaz (Toni Elgin), Jim Backus (Cap), Ronny Cox (Tom Elgin), Anne Jeffreys (Mrs. Dupres), Michele Lee (Carol D'Angelo), Hilary Thompson (Hannah Baker), Tony Young (Joe Houston), Stuart Nisbet (Reverend Allen), Carole Mallory (Nona), Ann Doran (Emma Howard), Pamela Franklin (Agnes Wentworth), Sue Lyon (Jill Nolan).
Four women attempt to return to an easier time of fun and games; a married couple try to recapture the excitement that has gone out of their marriage.

May 6, 1978: King For A Day / Instant Family
Season 1, episode 12
W: Steve Fisher, Ron Friedman   D: George McCowan

With Diane Baker (Queen Aurora of Carpathia), David Doyle (Ernie Miller), Theodore Bikel (Eric Soro), Melinda Naud (Gail Grayson), Adam Rich (Herbie Block), Jane Wyatt (Mrs. Grayson), William Glover (Cecil), Christian Zika (Conrad Block), Barbara Baldavin (Selma Block), Don Dubbins (Dr. Block), Don Pedro Colley (Bakota), Fred Lerner (Manager), George Wallace (Harry Sand), Kristi Jill Wood (Laurie Block).
A young woman with revolutionary ideas about running a household; a plumber who wants to live like a king.

May 15, 1978: Fool For A Client / Double Your Pleasure
Season 1, episode 13
W: Orville H. Hampton, Ron Friedman   D: Earl Bellamy

With Mary Ann Mobley (Pamela Deering), Ken Berry (Larry Barbour), Caren Kaye (Dina McKay/Nina McKay), Rich Little (Herbert Costigan), Donald May (Dr. Marlowe), Stephen McNally (Judge Harper), Lana Wood (Cecile), Sal Viscuso (Charles Deering), Junero Jennings (Wiggins), John Dennis (Hart).
A brilliant yet insecure lawyer wishes to experience the excitement of a big courtroom trial; the winner of a raffle ticket for a weekend on Fantasy Island is torn between two girls -- twin sisters.

May 20, 1978: Call Me Lucky / Torch Singer
Season 1, episode 14
W: Paul W. Cooper, John Meredyth Lucas   D: Cliff Bole

With Richard Dawson (Harry Beamus), Kathryn Holcomb (Edith Garvey), Dick Butkus (Moose), Edd Byrnes (Neil), Anthony Caruso (Big Al), Joey Forman (Bugsy), Brad Savage (Joey), Milton Selzer (Willie), Frank Farmer (Bookie), John Furlong (Ames), Delana Michaels (Redhead), Louis Quinn (Joe).
A professional gambler looks for the big score; a young woman wants to be a sexy torch singer.

September 16, 1978: The Homecoming / The Sheik
Season 2, episode 1
W: Orville H. Hampton, Ron Friedman   D: Earl Bellamy

With Georgia Engel (Yasmine/Brenda Rappaport), Lynda Day George (Nancy Harding), David Birney (Sgt. Boardman), Michael Gregory (Frank Harding), Arte Johnson (Edgar Breen), Cassandra Peterson (Ptatateetah), Ronnie Scribner (Danny), Arnold Moss (Sheik), Sid Haig (Hakeem), Tamara Elliot (Belly Dancer).
A Vietnam veteran, long presumed dead, wishes to be reunited with his family; a middle-aged school teacher wishes to have a harem of beautiful women, but instead becomes the target of an assassination attempt.

September 23, 1978: The Big Dipper / The Pirate
Season 2, episode 2
W: Arthur Rowe, Worley Thorne   D: Earl Bellamy

With Sonny Bono (Ed Cavanaugh), Vivian Blaine (Mrs. Deverse), Rory Calhoun (Mr. Watson), Diana Canova (Mary), H.B. Haggerty (Benton), James Luisi (Arbogast), Cameron Mitchell (Sgt. Broylan), Dan Rowan (Petey Raymond / Reverend Pete Hollister), Jill Whelan (Harmony), Richard Roat (Donald Gidding), Fred Slyter (Minister), Danny Wells (Brutus).
A young girl tries to find a normal life with her pick-pocketing father; an eccentric man hopes to win back the love of his ex-wife.

September 30, 1978: The Beachcomber / The Last Whodunit
Season 2, episode 3
W: James L. Henderson, Orville H. Hampton   D: George McCowan

With Jack Carter (Detective), John Astin (Charles Preston), Celeste Holm (Mabel Jarvis), Maurice Evans (Helmsley), Janis Paige (Charlotte), Judith Chapman (Evelyn Wallace), Howard Morton (Terence), Lynn Borden (Nancy Preston), Jorge Moreno (Gono), Marianne Marks (Ulla), Sam Hiona (Bapu), Anthony Penya (Pepe), Mickey Morton (Bartender).
A famous mystery writer's fan becomes involved in a murder plot; an executive wants to live the life of a beachcomber.

October 14, 1978: Best Seller / The Tomb
Season 2, episode 4
W: Skip Webster, Dan Ullman   D: George McCowan

With Maureen McCormick (Angela Brennan), Barry Sullivan (Professor Neville Marlowe), Shelley Fabares (Jill Marlowe), David Opatoshu (Abdul Kameel), Gloria DeHaven (Mrs. Brennan), Desi Arnaz Jr. (Barney Hunter), Janice Heiden (Audrey), Jeannie Wilson (Janice), Mark Savage (Aki), Alice Frost (Carlotta), Tamar Cooper (Lucretia), Shauna Sullivan (Tina).
Sex-starved females kidnap a clerk who dreams of being a best-selling author; an archeologist gets the opportunity to investigate the tomb of King Tut's twin brother.

October 21, 1978: I Want To Get Married / The Jewel Thief
Season 2, episode 5
W: Worley Thorne, Wilton Denmark   D: George McCowan

With Ken Berry (Eddie), Meredith MacRae (Cindy Barker), Steve Forrest (Jordan Montgomery), Leigh Taylor-Young (Leslie Tarleton), Peter Mark Richman (Carl Dekker), Jill Jaress (Bella), Yale Summers (Philip), Peter Palmer (Boyd), Patrick Cronin (Harry), Henry Polic II (Marty).
A woman wants her long-standing boyfriend to finally go ahead with their wedding; a carpenter yearns to be a dashing jewel thief.

October 28, 1978: War Games / Queen Of The Boston Bruisers
Season 2, episode 6
W: Steve Fisher, Skip Webster   D: Earl Bellamy

With Anne Francis (Drusilla 'Rowdy' Roberts), Christopher George (Joe Beck), Joanna Barnes (Betty Wendover), Don DeFore (Wendover), Greg Morris (Ted Harmon), Christopher Norris (Shirley), Joan Pringle (Hayley), Mary Jo Catlett (Hooligan Hanreddy), Dick Wilson (Minister), Murray MacLeod (Jimmy), David Byrd (Felix Van Dyke), Paul Zegler (Mel), Jonathan Frakes (Kirk Wendover).
A bitter Vietnam veteran challenges a former Army buddy to a deadly competition; a tough roller derby queen tries to pass herself off as a real lady.

November 4, 1978: Let The Good Times Roll / Nightmare / The Tiger
Season 2, episode 7
W: John Whelpley, Robert Heverly, William Douglas Lansford   D: George McCowan

With Mary Ann Mobley (Sheila), Ray Milland (Colonel James Weston), Pamela Franklin (Janine Sanford), Paul Sand (Duke Manducci), Danny Bonaduce (Hot Rod), John Ericson (Policeman), Brett Halsey (Arthur Sanford), Peter Isacksen (Ernie Kowalski), Darrell Fetty (Kenny Mathews), Muffi Durham (Debbie), Suzanne Niles (Cindy), Darren McGavin (Victor Duncan).
Mr. Roarke and Tattoo host a mechanic who wants to relive the times he drove fast cars and dated cute girls; a bride wants to rid herself of a marriage; a novelist wants to confront a Bengal tiger.

November 11, 1978: Return / The Toughest Man Alive
Season 2, episode 8
W: Michael Fisher, James Schmerer   D: Earl Bellamy

With Samantha Eggar (Helena Marsh), Red Buttons (Tony Emerson), Paul John Balson (Jamie Marsh), France Nuyen (Anna), Stephen Schnetzer (Cebee Singh), Evan Kim (Sam), Angela Clarke (Nana), Bruce M. Fischer (Captain Fisk), Rick Flores (Wally), George Rado (Jean Montaigne).
A beautiful woman returns to find the man she fell in love with on a previous visit -- Mr. Roarke; an ordinary man dreams of being a movie-type superhero.

November 18, 1978: The Appointment / Mr. Tattoo
Season 2, episode 9
W: Arthur Rowe, Ron Friedman   D: Cliff Bole

With Barbi Benton (Dee Dee Verona), Troy Donahue (Jack Terry), Connie Stevens (Evelyn Kastenbaum), Fred Grandy (Bernie), Trisha Noble (Denise Carlson), Nancy Kwan (Helena), Regis Toomey (Dr. Thomas), Brian Avery (Freddie), Iggie Wolfington (Rev. Mooney), Norman Bartold (Ross), Argentina Brunetti (Teresa).
Tattoo tries to grant two gorgeous showgirls their dream of a lifetime; Mr. Roarke tries to fulfill a doctor's wish of money for a new health care complex.

November 25, 1978: The Flight Of The Great Yellow Bird / The Island Of Lost Women
Season 2, episode 10
W: Michael Fisher, Arthur Rowe   D: Joseph Pevney

With Peter Graves (Singapore Eddie Malone), Cyd Charisse (Queen Delphia), Robert Morse (Barney Shaw), Barbara Rush (Professor Smith-Myles), Michelle Pfeiffer (Athena), Robin Eisenman (Niobe), Lisa Loring (Maria), Kate Hopkins (Rozelle), Dan C. Reed (Miran), Leone James (Chief Guard), Rick Rossovich (Island Man).
A former professional adventurer is hired to go in search of Bigfoot; a girl crazy sailor wishes to find out if an island of beautiful women really exists.

December 2, 1978: Carnival / The Vaudevillians
Season 2, episode 11
W: Orville H. Hampton, Skip Webster   D: Georg Stanford Brown

With Carol Lynley (Dorothy Weller), Stuart Whitman (Tom Parnell), Phil Silvers (Charlie Parks), Phil Harris (Will Fields), John Fiedler (Ace Smith), Luke Askew (Sunglasses), Rick Lenz (Adam), Lewis Arquette (Jeff), Ellen Geer (Doris), Paul Cavonis (Priest), Charles Nunez (Pablo), Tony Goodstone (Man).
A woman desires to meet again a former love who mysteriously disappeared; an ex-vaudevillian wants to be reunited with his former partner.

December 9, 1978: Charlie's Cherubs / Stalag 3
Season 2, episode 12
W: Skip Webster, Steve Fisher   D: Cliff Bole

With Nita Talbot (Lizzie Clarke), Yvonne DeCarlo (Fifi Aprea), Melinda Naud (Amber), Nehemiah Persoff (Horst Von Stern), Bobby Troup (Johnny Fox), Cornel Wilde (Danny Ryan), Brenda Benet (Ginny), Brendon Boone (Matthews), Bond Gideon (Claudia), Joe Mantell (Eddie Hodges), Ivor Barry (David Garner), Robert Gentry (Dick), Lanna Saunders (Joyce), Patti Pivaar (Cleo), Mike Nomand (Soldier).
Three beautiful secretaries want to be detectives like their heroines -- Charlie's Angels; four World War II veterans relive their days in a German prison camp.

December 16, 1978: The Lady And The Longhorn / Vampire
Season 2, episode 13
W: Ron Friedman, Dan Ullman   D: Arnold Laven

With Robert Reed (Leo Drake), Julie Sommars (Carmen Drake), Eva Gabor (Vera Templeton), Lloyd Bochner (Maurice Benson), Jack Elam (Hollis Buford Jr.), Tammy Lauren (Tracy), Erica Yohn (Erica), Noah Keen (Paul), Ray Stewart (Sidney), Richard Haynes (Judge), Charles Macaulay (Dwight), Vicki Kriegler (Magda), Yuliis Ruval (Stella).
A famous actor wants to visit the hunting grounds of Dracula; a female tycoon dreams of snagging a certain millionaire.

January 13, 1979: Seance / The Treasure
Season 2, episode 14
W: Steve Fisher, William Douglas Lansford   D: Larry Stewart

With George Maharis (Joe Capos), Shelley Fabares (Eva Capos), Eve Plumb (Clare Conti), Leslie Nielsen (Victor Conti), Marie Windsor (Madame Estelle Vorick), Ross Bickell (Eddie Loomis), Stepfanie Kramer (Denise Morot), Joseph Hacker (Claude Morot), Michael Fox (Mr. McCloud), Don Megowan (Rancher).
A young woman seeks the truth behind her brother's death; a man dreams of becoming a millionaire.

January 22, 1979: Cowboy / Substitute Wife
Season 2, episode 15
W: Ron Friedman, Robert Earll   D: Arnold Laven

With Jayne Meadows (Nadine Winslow), Hugh O'Brian (Brian Kehoe), Peter Lawford (Harvey Winslow), Peter Breck (Casey West), Johnny Timko (Tommy), Hans Conried (Dr. Van Helsing), Sherry Jackson (Monica Jensen), Shauna Sullivan (Lureen Baker), Connie Slamar (Connie), Stuart Rogers (Kevin), John Ashby (Fibbs), Clifford Happy (Ted).
Mr. Roarke gives a man a chance to be a rodeo star, and a woman the opportunity to pick her husband's next wife.

January 27, 1979: Photographs / Royal Flush
Season 2, episode 16
W: James W. Hayes, Skip Webster   D: Cliff Bole

With Michele Lee (Nancy Weston), John McIntire (Victor Holly), John Rubinstein (Johnny Cort), Ronne Troup (Emily Holly), Diana Muldaur (Mrs. Castle), Elizabeth Cheshire (Alison Castle), Hank Brandt (Arthur Castle), Paul Picerni (Nick Lago), Hal Needham (Orville), Kathy McCullen (Debbie), Scott Atlas (Adam Weston), Ed Kenney (Mike), Larry Duran (Art).
A photographer wants to meet the little girl who mysteriously appears in her pictures; a man dreams of being in a million-dollar poker game.

February 10, 1979: The Stripper / The Boxer
Season 2, episode 17
W: Ron Friedman, William Douglas Lansford   D: Lawrence Dobkin

With Maureen McCormick (Jennie Collins), Michael Callan (Russ McCoy), Ben Murphy (Billy Blake), Forrest Tucker (Jake Gordon), Laraine Stephens (Maureen Banning), Mamie Van Doren (Sheba), Stacy Keach Sr. (M.V. Banning), Chuck McCann (Whoopee Hoover), Beverly Powers (Betty), William Beckley (Barnaby Jeffers), John Lawrence (Ernie Peevey).
A beautiful heiress wanting to marry to get away from her dominating father becomes a stripper; a dying boxer dreams of winning an Olympic gold medal.

February 17, 1979: Pentagram / A Little Ball / Casting Director
Season 2, episode 18
W: Skip Webster, Arthur Rowe   D: George McCowan

With Phyllis Davis (Jean Arden), John Saxon (Jim Cowl), Lisa Hartman (Sister Mary Theresa/Mary Hoyt), Don Knotts (Felix Birdsong), Florence Henderson (Jane Garwood), Cesar Romero (Sheikh Habib), Abe Vigoda (Sid Gordon), Edward Grover (Marsh), Ben Davidson (Hammerhead Harris), Francine Gabel (Lisa), Victoria Ann Berry (Barbi Dalton), Linda Kendall (Gigi), Suzanne Copeland (Bobbi Jo), Jim Burk (Paul Kendall).
An avid movie fan dreams of becoming a casting director; a famous newspaperwoman wants to be rid of a Satanic curse; a nun is not sure if she wants to take her vows because she may be in love with a man.

February 24, 1979: Spending Spree / The Hunted
Season 2, episode 19
W: Skip Webster, Herman Groves   D: George McCowan

With Stuart Whitman (Charles Wesley), John Myhers (Phil Collins), James Shigeta (General Lin Sun), Diana Canova (Sally Glover), Lola Falana (Esther Bolling), Khigh Dhiegh (Colonel Chan), Doodles Weaver (Blindman), Ingrid Wang (Li), Byron Morrow (Mr. Dow), Lester Fletcher (Mr. Swit), Patrick Spohn (Mr. Hudson), Sam Irvine (Mr. Pelter), Dede Howard (Lana), Laura Corn (Dana).
A big-time game hunter learns what it's like to be the hunted; two girls get a chance to spend half a million dollars.

March 3, 1979: Birthday Party / Ghostbreaker
Season 2, episode 20
W: Steve Fisher, Ron Friedman   D: Cliff Bole

With Ken Berry (Elliott Fielding), Janet Leigh (Carol Gates), Annette Funicello (Edna Camberley), Larry Storch (Alain Leblanc), Christopher Stone (Tom Dearborn), Skye Aubrey (Tracy Miller), Pamela Toll (Jo Dearborn), Marc Bentley (Jamie Dearborn), Ray Malavasi (Coach), Jim Youngblood (L.A. Ram), Frank Corral (L.A. Ram), Anthony Davis (L.A. Ram), Douglas Fowley (Old Jacoby), Monica Gayle (Donna), Elaine Borden (Susan), Elisa Carnahan (Lani).
A timid man wants to prove that ghosts exist; a woman dreams of seeing the twins she gave up for adoption years earlier.

March 17, 1979: Yesterday's Love / Fountain Of Youth
Season 2, episode 21
W: Skip Webster, William Douglas Lansford   D: George McCowan

With Dennis Cole (Captain Jeff Bailey), Eleanor Parker (Peggy Atwood), Craig Stevens (Charles Atwood), Mary Louise Weller (Tina Mason), Guy Madison (Brick Howard), Lew Ayres (J.D. Pettigrew), Lou Frizzell (Willie Tucker), Eddie Little Sky (Chief), Rick Flores (Sato), Bob K. Cummings (Tama), Bert Santos (Priest).
A troubled married couple hopes to recapture the period when they fell in love; a soldier of fortune tries to find the fabled Fountain of Youth.

May 5, 1979: The Comic / The Golden Hour
Season 2, episode 22
W: Ron Friedman, Robert Earll   D: Earl Bellamy

With Jack Carter (Danny Baker), Michael Parks (Mike Banning), Toni Tennille (Sandy Larson), Fred Grandy (Jerry Burton), Pat Klous (Mary-Margaret Doyle), Morgan Woodward (Marshall Victor Grennan), Joan Roberts (Linda Larson), A.J. Blake (Tammy).
A joke writer dreams of becoming a stand-up comic; an invalid wants to meet her pen pal -- a convinct who is serving time.

May 6, 1979: Cornelius And Alfonse / The Choice
Season 2, episode 23
W: Ron Friedman, Steve Fisher   D: Earl Bellamy

With Mary Ann Mobley (Evie), Juliet Mills (Ruth Ewell), Red Buttons (Cornelius), Billy Barty (Alphonse), Beth Brickell (Ella), Regis Philbin (Craig), Michael Anderson Jr. (Joe), Kyle Richards (Rebecca), Steven Spencer (Mark), Frank Richards (Skipper).
Tattoo is kidnapped and held for ransom by a former employee; two orphaned children get the chance to choose their ideal parents.

May 12, 1979: Bowling / Command Performance
Season 2, episode 24
W: Robert Brennan, James W. Hayes   D: Mike Vejar

With Roddy McDowall (Richard Simmons), Joan Blondell (Naomi Gittings), Kathie Browne (Helena), Rue McClanahan (Margaret Fielding), Al Molinaro (Lou Fielding), Danielle Aubry (Madeleine Eskorpos), Lynda Farrell (Stella), Cliff Emmich (Manny the Turk), Peter Bromilow (Igor), George Garet (Afimed).
A former circus owner brings all of her old acts together for one last show; a man who wants to be a professional bowler gets the chance to compete in a major tournament.

May 13, 1979: Amusement Park / Rock Stars
Season 2, episode 25
W: Richard Fisher, Skip Webster   D: Cliff Bole

With Scott Baio (Rob Collins), Jill Whelan (Jodie Collins), Jimmy Baio (Willie Collins), Joanna Barnes (Miss Ridges), Jarrod Johnson (Darius), Ted Lange (The Great Scott), Keith Coogan (Scooter Collins), Marilyn Michaels (Reporter), Vernee Watson (Andrea), Bernard Fox (Brian Lipscomb), William Boyett (Hank), Dennis Dimster (Eddie), Jennifer Hazar (Doris), Sam Hiona (Jack), Tracey Gold (Monica).
A young boy wants to give his carnival stuntman father a chance at the big time; four youngsters dream of being rock stars.

September 7, 1979: Hit Man / The Swimmer
Season 3, episode 1
W: Skip Webster, Tim Maschler   D: Earl Bellamy

With Peter Graves (Jack Summers), Eve Plumb (Terry Summers), David Doyle (Fred Forbush), Constance Towers (Shirley Forbush), Gail Fisher (Dr. Frantz), Eddie Mekka (Johnny Detroit/Wilbur Wilson), Kaye Ballard (Elvira Wilson), Marc Gilpin (Bobby), April Gilpin (Janet), Ronnie Scribner (Greg), Steven Spencer (Billy), Katrina Alexis (Kathy).
A handicapped girl, dreaming of finding a cure for her paralysis, and a bankrupt hit man who takes out a contract on himself so that his family can collect the life insurance, pay a visit to the island.

September 14, 1979: Goose For The Gander / The Stuntman
Season 3, episode 2
W: Thomas Rowe, Mike Vejar   D: Cliff Bole

With Hans Conried (George Boeuftou), Grant Goodeve (Bill Rawlins), Doris Roberts (Marjorie Gibbs), Dale Robertson (Peter Rawlins), Vito Scotti (Antoine de Vouvray), Abe Vigoda (Joe Lange), Dana Wynter (Norma Rawlins), Skip Homeier (Jim Heston), Roy Jenson (Snuffy Harris), Fred Lerner (Paul), Alvin Ing (Fu Chow), John McCafferty (Dean Ward).
A former stuntman tries one last death-defying feat; an international cooking contest turns into a giant food fight when one of the entrants is caught cheating.

September 21, 1979: Tattoo: The Love God / Magnolia Blossoms
Season 3, episode 3
W: Ron Friedman, Arthur Rowe   D: Earl Bellamy

With Lisa Hartman (Gladys Boylin), Dack Rambo (Captain Rawlins), Christopher Connelly (Captain Hampstead), Pamela Franklin (Myra Collinsky), Biff Warren (Injured Soldier), Luke Askew (Captain Jennings), Marianne Marks (Luana), Kalani Kinimaka (Chief), Esmond Chung (Kona), Cathy Paulo (Tani), Ed Fury (Sergeant), Laurence Bame (Lieutenant Castlebury), John Davis Chandler (Bellamy), Gene Evans (Yankee Captain).
Tattoo decides to live his own fantasy of being worshipped by many women; two girls enamored by the Civil War search for their own Rhett Butler.

October 5, 1979: Baby / Marathon: Battle Of The Sexes
Season 3, episode 4
W: Ron Friedman, Robert Brennan   D: George McCowan

With Barbi Benton (Bunny Kelly), Rick Rossovich (Boris Smolensk), Joshua Gallegos (Thomas), Gavin Brendan (Stuart), David Yanez (Kiko), Barbara Luna (Mary), Bob Seagren (Marathon Commentator), Paul Petersen (Eugene Bodine), Peter Isacksen (Olaf Olafsen), Arlene Golonka (Gretchen Wassermann), Dick Martin (Dr. R.M. Bunk), Bruce M. Fischer (Bruno Grass), Marilyn Michaels (Edith).
Tattoo becomes a substitute father to an orphaned infant; a woman is pitted against a group of men in a bizarre athletic competition.

October 20, 1979: The Chain Gang / The Boss
Season 3, episode 5
W: Skip Webster, John Whelpley, Arthur Rowe   D: Mike Vejar

With John Myhers (Howard Callas), Roddy McDowall (Gary Pointer), Dennis Cole (Mike Jenner), Donna Mills (Cindy Carter), Elizabeth Lindsey (Debbie), Pat Klous (Stacy Connors), Brett Halsey (Brent Bailey), R.G. Armstrong (Captain Hawks), Stacy Keach Sr. (Neil Atwell), Cameron Mitchell (Eddie Collins), Olan Soule (Henry Jenner).
A young woman desiring professional success in the corporate world and a man seeking to avenge his father's death visit Fantasy Island.

October 27, 1979: The Red Baron / Young At Heart
Season 3, episode 6
W: Beverly Carter, Donna Lee, Sam Orr, Herman Groves   D: Earl Bellamy

With Ron Ely (Manfred von Richthofen/Red Baron), Dave Madden (George Crane), Martine Beswick (Monique), Diana Canova (Helen Philips), Don Adams (Cornelius Wieselfarber), David Ladd (David Hanks), Al Ruscio (Anton), Tom Kindle (Tex), Stephen Heu (Vaille), Michael Pitton (Montier), Gene Scherer (Herman Goring), Robert O'Reilly (Gustav).
A World War I expert becomes engaged in a deadly battle with the Red Baron; a woman who temporarily regains her youthful beauty falls in love with a young man.

November 3, 1979: The Wedding
Season 3, episode 7
W: Arthur Rowe, Michael Fisher   D: Earl Bellamy

With Paul John Balson (Jamie Marsh), Samantha Eggar (Helena Marsh), Laraine Day (Mrs. Cummings), Don Ho (Himself), Joseph Cotten (Thomas Cummings), Dick Fair (Minister), Malia Boyd (Rosie).
Excitement overcomes the island when Mr. Roarke decides to marry the beautiful woman of his dreams.

November 10, 1979: The Handy Man / Tattoo's Romance
Season 3, episode 8
W: Skip Webster, Ron Friedman   D: Lawrence Dobkin

With Audrey Landers (Donna May Calloway), Nanci Roberts (Sandy), Carolyn Jones (Ellie Simpson), Joey Forman (Spider Sloat), Shelley Fabares (Emily Perkins), Sonny Bono (Holly Ryan), Richard Paul (Colonel Sutton), Beverly Powers (Mona Traylor), Elizabeth Hoy (Amy), Norman Grabowski (Horsehead Harry).
Tattoo falls in love with a country music singer; a soft-hearted hoodlum being stalked by a murderer seeks refuge at an orphanage run by a pretty but prim woman.

November 17, 1979: The Dancer / Nobody's There
Season 3, episode 9
W: Ken Pettus, Stephen Lord   D: Gene Nelson

With Carol Lynley (Valeska DeMarco), Michael Callan (Dickie Devereaux), Charlie Dell (Usher), Robert Casper (Pitou), Leslie Deutsch (Janine), Howard Morton (Samuel Blade), Lilyan Chauvin (Selena), Ellen Geer (Sylvia), Frank Aletter (Todd Sinclair), Stephanie Kramer (Contessa Christina Kastronova), Max Baer Jr. (Big Jake Farley), Dick Sargent (Algernon Pepperhill), Toni Tennille (Betty Foster).
Tattoo and a pretty but naive private eye become involved in a murder case; a Texas millionaire uses all his charms to romance a famous dancer.

November 24, 1979: Class of '69 / The Pug
Season 3, episode 10
W: Tim Maschler, Steve Fisher   D: Earl Bellamy

With Bill Baldwin (Scott Ames), Tim Thomerson (Lance Reynolds), Adrienne Barbeau (Brenda Richards), Gary Collins (Joey Lee), Fred Williamson (Jackson Malone), Ric Carrott (Ken Lansing), Sugar Ray Robinson (Wally Ray Stone), Dane Clark (Darcy), Lou Filipo (Referee), Jimmy Lennon Sr. (Ring Announcer), Matthew Faison (Frank Thomas), Grainger Hines (Mort), Fred Grandy (Bernie Drexel), K.C. Martel (Mitch Lee).
An unattractive girl desires to become a ravishing, voluptuous woman to seek revenge on a cruel high school classmate; a former boxer is urged by his young son to fight the world champion.

December 1, 1979: The Mermaid / The Victim
Season 3, episode 11
W: Ron Friedman, Jon Sevorg   D: Earl Bellamy

With Michelle Phillips (Naya), Mary Ann Mobley (Amanda DeHaven), John Saxon (Professor DeHaven), Cathryn O'Neil (Annie), Cliff Carnell (Victor), Yvonne DeCarlo (Mrs. Janot), James Darren (Michael Duvall), Kim O'Brien (Jennifer), Robin Riker (Fran), Candi Brough (Sandy), Randy Brough (Randy), Jane Badler (Kim), Dorothy Stratten (Mickey), Joan Prather (Julie Brett).
A young woman discovers that her dream of finding the perfect man has taken a bizarre twist; a marine biologist must choose between his wife and a beautiful mermaid.

December 8, 1979: The Cheerleaders / Marooned
Season 3, episode 12
W: Skip Webster, Herman Groves   D: Earl Bellamy

With Dan Pastorini (Roger), Norman Alden (George), Jayne Meadows (Liz), Vic Tayback (Melvyn Mews), Georgia Engel (Rosie), Mark Lonow (Manu Yprios), Jeff Donnell, Patty McCormack, Tim Rossovich (Monk), Jim Healy (Tabor).
Two women seek the glamour of becoming professional football cheerleaders, and a man realizes his dream of spending a weekend with a Hollywood starlet.

December 15, 1979: The Inventor / On The Other Side
Season 3, episode 13
W: Sam Orr, Skip Webster   D: Earl Bellamy

With Stefan Gierasch (Maximillian Zoltan), Ike Eisenmann (Keith), Macdonald Carey (Hobart Gideon), Brigid O'Brien (Ruth Singleton), Alex Rodine (Andre), Lewis Arquette (Fred Waters), Barney Phillips (Mr. Mason), Lurene Tuttle (Ethel Small), Marcia Wallace (Martha Meeks), Arte Johnson (Professor Clebe), Jeanette Nolan (Irma Gideon).
An absent-minded professor with a top-secret invention becomes the target of enemy agents, while a woman tries to communicate with her dead husband.

December 22, 1979: Look-Alikes / The Winemaker
Season 3, episode 14
W: Tim Maschler, Ron Friedman   D: Lawrence Dobkin

With Ken Berry (Harry Simpson/Vincent Brandon), Nita Talbot (Blanche), Michael V. Gazzo (Lassiter), Celeste Holm (Sister Veronica), Ross Martin (Armand Fernandel), Johnny Timko (Jimmy), Michael Altman (Benny Fernandel), John Thompson (Dealer), Fil Formicola (Clyde), April Clough (Beth), A.J. Blake (Anita), Bob K. Cummings (Guard), Jonathan Harris (Chief Wine Judge).
An ordinary man gets to live the life of his swinging double, and a nun enlists Tattoo's help to win a wine-judging contest.

January 12, 1980: Unholy Wedlock / Elizabeth
Season 3, episode 15
W: Skip Webster, Steve Fisher   D: Rod Holcomb

With David Cassidy (Danny Collier), Tina Louise (Lisa Corday), Michael Ansara (Marco), Eddie Mekka (Ken Jason), Misty Rowe (Christine Collier), Jesse Doran (Turner), John Colton (Hal).
A man finds himself in a true pickle when the woman he marries turns out to be the girl from his bachelor party cake and not his fiancee; a woman is possessed by the spirit of a woman dead 300 years -- a woman from Mr. Roarke's past.

January 19, 1980: Rogues And Riches / Stark Terror
Season 3, episode 16
W: Herman Groves, Jeffrey M. Hayes   D: Cliff Bole

With Robert Goulet (Pete Gilbert), Alan Hale Jr. (Judge Winston), Melissa Sue Anderson (Amy Marson), John Schuck (Mark Hendricks), Dolly Martin (Margaret), Michael Constantine (Joshua Templar), Robert Clarke (Amy's Father), Joe Baker (Inn Keeper), Jim Mahady (Roger Marson), Gunilla Hutton (Priscilla), Elinor Donahue (Mrs. Marson).
An attorney must travel to 18th century England to try and convince his client to go back to the present; a traumatized girl wishes to relive the night of her mother's murder in order to see if she is guilty of the death.

January 26, 1980: Playgirl / Smith's Valhalla
Season 3, episode 17
W: Don Ingalls, Ron Friedman   D: Mike Vejar

With Hugh O'Brian (Jason Smith), Barbi Benton (Erica Clark), Sean Garrison (Captain Tanner), Heather McAdam (Dinah Wilde), Charles Dierkop (Harry Forbes), Janet Blair (Jackie Flynn), Denny Miller (Big Earl Sanderson), Fabian (Walter Wilde), Leslie Nielsen (Emile Bouvier), Suzanne Charney (Marlene McQueen), Emily Banks (Linda Smith).
Beautiful former centerfold model Erica Clark wishes to turn the tables and treat men as sexual objects; Jason Smith wishes to become a war hero and lead a team of soldiers on a daring commando raid.

February 2, 1980: Aphrodite / Dr. Jekyll And Miss Hyde
Season 3, episode 18
W: Stephen Lord, Ron Friedman   D: Rod Holcomb

With Don Stroud (Ross Hayden), Nehemiah Persoff (Andreas), David Rini (Tasso), Belinda Montgomery (Minnie Hale), George Maharis (Professor Blair), Britt Ekland (Aphrodite), Maureen McCormick (Jennifer Griffin), Rosemary Forsyth (Dr. Griffin).
Professor Blair risks his sanity and his life when he goes after a woman of perfect beauty; a drab and unfeminine lady psychiatrist makes a shocking discovery about her own nature and instincts.

February 9, 1980: The Swinger / Terrors Of The Mind
Season 3, episode 19
W: Ken Pettus, Sam Orr, Worley Thorne   D: Cliff Bole

With Howard Morris (Herman Dodge), Judy Landers (Peggy), Lisa Hartman (Sharon Ward), Stephen McNally (Emmett Slate), Anne Francis (Maxine Dodge), Eric Mason (Pit Boss), Jack Carter (Stan Burns), Frankie Avalon (Martin), Ed Ruffalo (Hot Dog), Lou Richards (Duke), Suzanne Copeland (Jill).
A middle-aged man wishes for the swinging youth he feels he never enjoyed; a woman wishes to see what the future holds for her, unaware of the dangers such a vision can hold.

March 1, 1980: Nona / One Million B.C.
Season 3, episode 20
W: Don Ingalls, Steve Fisher   D: Earl Bellamy

With Edd Byrnes (Nona's Escort), Phyllis Davis (Mindy Harris), Peter Graves (Ross), Neville Brand (Lucas), Morgan Woodward (Targ), Peter Lupus (Antar), Jo Ann Pflug (Caroline Taylor), Joanna Pettet (Nona Lauren), Mark Thomas (Bolu).
A blind man uses his gift of sight for 48 hours to search for the woman of his dreams; two women who wish for the days when men were expected to be macho find themselves being fought over by two tribes of cavemen.

March 8, 1980: Jungle Man / Mary Ann And Miss Sophisticate
Season 3, episode 21
W: Tim Maschler, Herman Groves   D: Mike Vejar

With Manu Tupou (Prester John), France Nuyen (Mara), Barbara Luna (Princess Rima), Maren Jensen (Valerie), Annette Funicello (Mary Ann Karlen), Don Galloway (George Reardon), Dennis Cole (David Farley), Dick Butkus (Derrick Haskell).
An actor who's life has been centered on the television character "Jungle Man" he created wishes to have one last adventure in that role before it's taken from him; a ventriloquist wishes to rid herself of the tormenting split personality she shares with her puppet, Miss Sophisticate.

May 10, 1980: My Fair Pharaoh / The Power
Season 3, episode 22
W: Stephen Lord, Ray Brenner, Ellen Wittman   D: George McCowan

With Carol Lynley (Stephanie), Ron Ely (Eric Williams/Marc Anthony), Joan Collins (Lucy Atwell), Michael Ansara (Ptolemy), Larry Linville (Fred Webster), Julie Sommars (Laura Crane), Ruth Roman (Mistress of the Harem), Brioni Farrell (Cleopatra), Patti Davis (Charmaine).
Lucy Atwell travels in time to ancient Egypt and poses as Cleopatra, only to find her life in grave danger; Fred Webster wishes to assert more control over his life, and is given the tricky power of telekinesis.

May 17, 1980: Eagleman / Children Of Mentu
Season 3, episode 23
W: Richard Fisher, Ron Friedman   D: Mike Vejar

With Jim Backus (H.H. Moran), Larry Storch (Hal Ripley), Keith Coogan (Barney Binstock), Ralph Bellamy (Dr. Arthur Gates), Vernee Watson (Rochelle McKenzie), Bob Denver (Morris Binstock), Mickey Morton (Curly).
Morris Binstock attempts to win back his son's respect and admiration by becoming the comic book hero the boy worships, forgoing a possible vice-presidency with an insurance company; a young journalism student dreams of breaking the biggest news story of the decade by locating an infamous refugee from justice.

October 25, 1980: The Devil And Mandy Breem / The Millionaire
Season 4, episode 1
W: Ruel Fischmann, Skip Webster   D: Vince Edwards

With Carol Lynley (Amanda Breem), Roddy McDowall (Mephistopheles), Adam West (Philip Breem), Ross Martin (Ace Scanlon), Arlene Golonka (Ava Foster), Arte Johnson (Fred Catlett), Joe Turkel (Herb Glazer).
Amanda Breem, who sold her soul to Satan in order to save the life of her husband, seeks Mr. Roarke's help in saving her from the devil's grasp; Tattoo takes on a man's fantasy to become an instant millionaire -- which could end up getting him killed.

November 1, 1980: Flying Aces / The Mermaid Returns
Season 4, episode 2
W: Don Ingalls, Ron Friedman   D: Earl Bellamy

With Michelle Phillips (Princess Nyah), Robert Mandan (Captain Rosacker), Sam Melville (Tony Chilton), Tom Wopat (David Chilton), Hal England (Harvey), Chip Lucia (Jerome), Janet Hills (Belinda), Donald Petrie (Flyer), Tom Demenkoff (Eddie Allen), Bobb Hopkins (Freddy).
Tony Chilton goes back to World War II to experience the thrill of combat flying with his father who died in that war; Princess Nyah desires to learn what human love is like and becomes enamored with Mr. Roarke.

November 8, 1980: The Skater's Edge / Concerto of Death / The Last Great Race
Season 4, episode 3
W: Skip Webster, Arthur Rowe, Judy Burns   D: Vince Edwards, Cliff Bole

With Dennis Cole (Jeremy Hale), Jack Carter (Morgan Townsend), Dack Rambo (Mike O'Brien), Mary Ann Mobley (Linda Roth), Chet Swiatkowsky (Sir Gay Marco), Erin Gray (Carla Marco), Charlene Tilton (Charlotte Johnson), Juliet Mills (Viola Burnstein), Dick Shawn (Burnstein), Bradford Dillman (Vincent Stollmann), Peggy Fleming (Laura Henderson), Allen Ludden (Judge Meyer), Paul Flick (Farrell).
An untrained farm girl from Minnesota fantasizes about competing as a world-class figure skater; piano player Jeremy Hale comes to believe that his famous concert pianist brother was murdered and is tormented by his memory; a couple agree to a winner-take-all race to decide the property settlement for their divorce.

November 15, 1980: Don Quixote / The Sex Symbol
Season 4, episode 4
W: Pat Dunlop, Don Ingalls   D: Mike Vejar

With Paul Williams (Donald Quick/Don Quixote), David Doyle (Sam Woolf/Sancho Panza), Phyllis Davis (Helen Hendrix), Michael Callan (Sterling), Mary Louise Weller (Dulcinea), Don Stroud (Orville Weems), Edd Byrnes (Ron Barker), Robert F. Lyons (Carl).
A texas millionaire wishes to become the heroic Don Quixote and save a beautiful maiden; a young lady's fantasy to become the world's most desired woman turns into terror when she is kidnapped by three depserate men.

November 22, 1980: The Love Doctor / The Pleasure Palace / Possessed
Season 4, episode 5
W: Sandra Kay Siegel, Ron Friedman, Stephen Lord   D: Earl Bellamy, Cliff Bole

With Barbi Benton (Molly Delahanti), Loni Anderson (Kim Holland), Christopher George (Dr. Greg Miller), Gary Burghoff (Gordon Hughes), Barbara Parkins (Lorna Hendricks), Dane Clark (Lt. Blainey), Henry Jones (Judge Ralph), Ruta Lee (Lily Niles), France Nuyen (Megwa), Missy Gold (Stephanie Hendricks), Roz Kelly (Olivia), Leo Gordon (Bartender).
A movie actress seeks to become anonymous for the weekend and finds the Love Doctor instead; Gordon Hughes' attitude about his life is dramatically altered when he travels back to find his "roots" circa San Francisco 1906; a worried mother brings her suddenly cold and very changed little girl to Mr. Roarke for help.

November 29, 1980: With Affection, Jack The Ripper / Gigolo
Season 4, episode 6
W: Don Ingalls, Ron Friedman   D: Mike Vejar

With Alex Cord (Robert West), Lynda Day George (Lorraine Peters), Ken Berry (Stanley Hocker), Carolyn Jones (Jessie DeWinter), Victor Buono (Dr. Fell/Jack The Ripper), Meredith MacRae (Dina DeWinter), Lyle Waggoner (Monty), Philece Sampler (Lola), Barbara Horan (Lana), Patricia Everly (Terry), Angela Slater (Gracie), John Brandon (Bobby), Rosemary Lord (Lelani), Catherine Campbell (Helga), Charissa Ann Ewing (Mavis).
A female criminologist sets out to discover the identity of Jack the Ripper and solve the Whitechapel mystery -- and finds herself marked as his next victim; Stanley Hocker feels inadequate in matters dealing with the opposite sex, and dreams of becoming a modern day Don Juan.

December 6, 1980: The Invisible Woman / The Snow Bird
Season 4, episode 7
W: Ron Friedman, Larry Forrester   D: Don Weis

With George Maharis (Mario Ferini), Pamela Sue Martin (Velda Ferini), Don Ameche (Ferini), Douglas Barr (Ned Pringle), Elaine Joyce (Harriet Winkler), Sonny Bono (Monty Green), Neile McQueen (Trish), Dick Gautier (Denny Palumbo), Betty Jean Samuelson (Roseanna), Debra Jo Fondren (Rose), Bob Boyd (Kenneth De Jong).
Harriet Winkler wishes to become invisible so she can spy on her philandering fiancee, and finds that the one thing their relationship doesn't have is trust; Ned Pringle falls in love with a member of a trapeze act, and in order for him to get close to her he takes on the challenge of becoming a trapeze artist himself.

December 20, 1980: Crescendo / Three Feathers
Season 4, episode 8
W: Worley Thorne, Larry Forrester   D: Michael Preece

With Hugh O'Brian (Alan Colshaw), Toni Tennille (Susan Lohman), Diane Baker (Lena Jordan), Peter Lawford (Jesse), Monte Markham (Edmond Dumont), James Wainwright (Jake Lawrie), Skip Homeier (Mike Thurwood), James Hong (Butler).
A singing star risks her life to attempt a romance with the brilliant composer of her songs; a man is unjustly accused of cowardice, having abandoned his three flight mates after a plane crash, and is desperate to exonerate himself.

January 3, 1981: My Late Lover / Sanctuary
Season 4, episode 9
W: Ron Friedman, Leigh Vance   D: Leslie H. Martinson

With Bobby Sherman (Thomas Henshaw), Eva Gabor (Anastasia Dexter), Gene Barry ('Dex' Dexter), Michael Cole (Falco), Morgan Brittany (Tessa Brody), John Ericson (Ellis Lathrop), Craig Stevens (Walter Blair), Sid Haig (Harlen), Russell Nype (Donald McKenzie), Georganne LaPiere (Sandra).
A widow with three perspective suitors is flabbergasted by her husband's ghostly interference; Thomas Henshaw has been poisoned for an unknown reason, and with only hours to live he searches for the identity of his killer in a rest home which is a sanctuary for known criminals.

January 10, 1981: High Off The Hog / Reprisal
Season 4, episode 10
W: Skip Webster, Margaret Armen   D: Mike Vejar

With Maureen McCormick (Trudy Brown), Shecky Greene (Roger Fox), Janis Paige (Mabel Martin), Noah Beery Jr. (Otis T. Boggs), Dody Goodman (Mona Boggs), Misty Rowe (Emily Boggs), Bob Seagren (Chad), Stephen Shortridge (Hadley Boggs), Katherine Baumann (Kathi Fox), Ed Ruffalo (Frank), Lewis Arquette (Slocumb), Holly Gagnier (Janet Martin), Richard Gilliland (Bud Simmons).
A hillbilly family from the Ozarks become millionaires for the weekend, and fall prey to unscrupulous con men; Trudy Brown abuses the power Mr. Roarke grants her to gain confidence and self esteem when her jealousy over her cousins' success in the Fantasy Island athletic competition nearly destroys her.

January 17, 1981: Elizabeth's Baby / The Artist And The Lady
Season 4, episode 11
W: Don Ingalls, Alfie Bass   D: Mike Vejar

With John Myhers (Spencer), Peter Brown (Patrick O'Herlihy), Michelle Pfeiffer (Deborah Dare), Eve Plumb (Elizabeth Blake), Alison Arngrim (Liza Blake at aged 19), Don Reid (Steven Blake), Donny Most (Kermit Dobbs), Mike Henry (Mike), Don Hutton (Hud), Heather O'Rourke (Liza Blake at age 5), Jeff Pomerantz (Victor), Susan Cotton (Helen), Jerome Guardino (Eddie), Frank Arno (Stranger), Kim Marie (Liza Blake at age 12), Jenny Sherman (Maybelle).
Terminally ill and expectant Elizabeth Blake wishes to look ahead into her unborn baby's future; an untalented artist wishes to possess the skill to paint a great masterpiece, but ends up becoming enamored of his muse.

January 24, 1981: The Heroine / The Warrior
Season 4, episode 12
W: Deborah Davis, Paul Savage   D: George McCowan

With Mary Ann Mobley (Florence Richmond), Shelley Fabares (Linda Graham), James MacArthur (Robert Graham), Cesare Danova (Brent Hampton), Don Galloway (Peter Styles), Robert Loggia (Porter Brockhill), Mako (Kwong Soo Luke), Victoria Carroll (Nina), Richard Lee Sung (Mongolian Warrior).
A romance novelist, whose own life is rather dull, wishes to become one of her book's wild and lusty heroines; mild-mannered Robert Graham wishes to become a martial arts warrior in a fight to the finish in order to fulfill his fantasy about beating the best.

January 31, 1981: The Man From Yesterday / World's Most Desirable Woman
Season 4, episode 13
W: Larry Forrester, Skip Webster   D: Robert C. Thompson

With Barbi Benton (Marsha Garnett/Carla Baines), Dennis Cole (Major Calvin Doyle), Martin Milner (William Keating/Jed Morrison), Elizabeth Baur (Mrs. Keating/Lucy Carson), Edie Adams (Liz Fuller), Teri Copley (Joanne), Stephanie Faulkner (Pauline), Rummel Mor (Petie), Camille Villechaize (Camille), M.G. Kelly (Mark Strutton), Mary Bower (Joyce), Blane Savage (Grady), Delores Cantu (Kathi), Melanie Vincz (Judy).
A man posing as a photojournalist arrives with the intent to kill, not interview, his subject -- a famed military deserter and murderer; a middle-aged woman is transformed into the sexy beauty she was twenty years ago in order to get revenge on her soon-to-be ex-husband.

February 7, 1981: The Chateau / White Lightning
Season 4, episode 14
W: Steve Fisher, Don Ingalls   D: Leslie H. Martinson

With David Hedison (Karl Dixon/Claude Duncan), Pamela Franklin (Vicky Lee), Carolyn Jones (Clora McAllister), George Lindsey (Norris Scoggins), Wendy Schaal (Ruth Ann McAllister), Randolph Powell (R.J. Scoggins), Ed Begley Jr. (Amos McAllister), Richard Lineback (Otis McAllister), Ernie Lively (Bobby Joe Scoggins).
A journalist wishes to spend the weekend with the man her grandmother, a famed Silent Screen actress, was in love with in order to complete her biography; two feuding families from Tennessee enter a contest to find homemade whiskey.

February 14, 1981: Loving Strangers / Something Borrowed, Something Blue
Season 4, episode 15
W: Deborah Davis, Don Ingalls   D: Cliff Bole

With John Gavin (Jack Foster), Jane Powell (Margaret Chase Wilkerson), Peter Marshall (Tom Wilkerson), Shelley Smith (Pamela Archer), Cesar Romero (Roger Alexander), Marjoe Gortner (Nick Corbin), J. Pat O'Malley (Reverend), Catherine Campbell (Francine).
A couple who have been happily married for 25 years wish to become strangers to fall in love all over again; a young bride-to-be's future happiness threatens to be destroyed when an element from her past makes an unexpected and threatening appearance.

February 21, 1981: Chorus Girl / Surrogate Father
Season 4, episode 16
W: Ron Friedman, Skip Webster   D: Richard Benedict

With Lisa Hartman (Sheila Richards), John Saxon (Evan Watkins), Stuart Whitman (Franklin Adams), Rosemary Forsyth (Margo Glenn), Nicole Eggert (Amy Watkins), Jason Evers (Ben), Joe Bennett (Maxim Leonard), Charles Picerni (Donovan), Nita DiGiampaolo (Elena).
When a dance teacher gives his deaf pupil the gift of hearing, he runs the risk of losing her forever; if the loving father of a precocious 8-year-old girl fails to conquer his addiction to gambling, his daughter will be taken away.

February 28, 1981: Also Rans / Portrait Of Solange
Season 4, episode 17
W: Judy Burns, Ron Friedman   D: Leslie H. Martinson

With Macdonald Carey (Alfred Gerrard), Arlene Dahl (Amelia Selby), Larry Linville (Jerome Pepper), David Groh (Mark Ellison), Joan Prather (Delia Latham), Don Porter (Emmett Latham), Elissa Leeds (Solange Latienne).
A shy shoe salesman hopes to catch the attention of the girl he's loved from afar for seven years; Mr. Roarke grants Tattoo a birthday wish to become an artist, but Tattoo falls in love with the girl he is painting.

March 7, 1981: The Searcher / The Way We Weren't
Season 4, episode 18
W: Alfie Bass, Ron Friedman   D: Leslie H. Martinson

With Jack Carter (Vic Fletcher), Laurette Spang (Karen Saunders-Holmes), Laraine Stephens (Dottie Cooper), James Darren (Brian Holmes), Paul Burke (Noah Jansen/John Saunders), Hermione Baddeley (Aunt Bella), Jerry Van Dyke (Fred Cooper), Dawn Wells (Myra), Leo Gordon (Guard), Jenny Neumann (Lisa).
A woman has a desperate need to find her father, whose whereabouts have been kept a secret to her since she was a child; a married couple are in for disappointment when they return to their neighborhood in an attempt to relight old sparks.

March 21, 1981: The Proxy Billionaire / The Experiment
Season 4, episode 19
W: Anthony Yerkovich, Brian McKay   D: Richard Benedict

With Phyllis Davis (Jennifer Leston), Robert Goulet (Frank Miller/Avery Williams), James Broderick (Dr. Lucas Bergmann), Troy Donahue (Wallis Jaeger), Britt Ekland (Berniece Williams), Woody Strode (Makalo), Laurie Walters (Lisa Bergmann).
A Wall Street analyst gets into big trouble when he switches places with a billionaire; driven by grief, Dr. Lucas Bergmann and his lonely daughter both wish to do some resurrecting of the dead.

April 11, 1981: Delphine / The Unkillable
Season 4, episode 20
W: Larry Forrester, Stephen Lord   D: Cliff Bole

With Alex Cord (Kyle), Annette Funicello (Elizabeth Drake), Don Galloway (Greg Randolph), Ann Jillian (Delphine McNab), Randolph Mantooth (Dr. Todd), Doris Roberts (Madame Clooney), Elinor Donahue (Madge Nolan), Vic Tayback (Chet Nolan), Carl Ballantine (The Great Zachariah).
Mr. Roarke's goddaughter struggles to free herself from her gift of sorcery before marrying the man of her dreams; a scientist and his assistant make a discovery that threatens to cost them both their lives.

May 2, 1981: Basin Street / The Devil's Triangle
Season 4, episode 21
W: Arthur Rowe, Worley Thorne   D: George W. Brooks

With Mabel King (Mama Parker), Raymond St. Jacques (Camptown Dodds), Cleavon Little (Charles Raines), Berlinda Tolbert (Billie Joe), Christopher Connelly (Tom Spencer), Trish Stewart (Kerry Dawson), Joe Namath (Clay Garrett), Howard George (Lieutenant Lavalle), John Schull (Sgt. McAndrew), Kedren Jones (Ginger).
A would-be musician goes back in time to visit New Orleans during the heyday of ragtime jazz; an adventure film crew wants to solve the mystery of the Devil's Triangle.

May 9, 1981: Hard Knocks / Lady Godiva
Season 4, episode 22
W: George Schenck, Frank Cardea, Linda Elstad   D: Don Weis

With Michelle Phillips (Sheila Godfrey), Ken Berry (Lord Leo Pomeroy), Robert Sacchi (Humphrey Bogart), Gunilla Hutton (Lady Godiva), Martha Smith (Monica Hall), Patrick Wayne (John Apensdale), Philip Levien (Steve Pryor), Morgan Woodward (Hall), John Davis Chandler (Eddie Gunn), Michael Alldredge (Tom), Janet Brandt (Mady), Nina Axelrod (Doreen Rich).
An ambitious young man gets some helpful pointers from Bogey himself as he sets out to become one of those hard-boiled private eyes of the 1940's; Sheila Godfrey wants to be an accomplished equestrienne, but gets much more than she bargained for when she becomes Lady Godiva.

May 16, 1981: Man-Beast / Ole Island Oprey
Season 4, episode 23
W: Stephen Lord, Valerie Allen   D: George W. Brooks

With David Hedison (David Tabori), Carol Lynley (Elizabeth Tabori), Jimmy Dean (Charlie Rowlands), Anne Francis (Lottie McFadden), Wendy Schall (Jennie Rowlands), Kevin Hagen (Sam), Keith Atkinson (Joe Henderson), Calvin Bartlett (Shepherd).
David Tabori has horrifying and recurring nightmares, then discovers he is actually some kind of monster; a man wishes for his daughter to become an opera singer, but her own wishes turn out to be quite different.

May 23, 1981: Paquito's Birthday / Technical Advisor
Season 4, episode 24
W: William Douglas Lansford, Chester Krumholz   D: Don Weis

With Randi Oakes (Nancy Harvester), A Martinez (Manuel Lopez), Linda Cristal (Donna Delores), Jill St. John (Helen of Troy), Jim Stafford (Gene Jefferson), Victoria Racimo (Consuelo Lopez), Anthony Trujillo (Paquito Lopez), Jerry Velasco (Jose), Susan Saldivar (Elena), Blane Savage (Brad).
The pride of a poor Mexican farmer is bruised when his wife arranges for an elegant birthday party for their son -- to be paid for by the farmer's rich cousin; a woman who is naive to the ways of romance gets an expert teacher in Helen of Troy.

October 10, 1981: Show Me A Hero / Slam Dunk
Season 5, episode 1
W: Don Ingalls, Ron Friedman   D: Philip Leacock

With David Hedison (Captain John Day), Sonny Bono (Matt Kane), Forrest Tucker (Red Donovan), Jenilee Harrison (Ginger Donovan), Peter Isacksen (Skyhook), Martin Milner (Ted Kingman), Connie Stevens (Helen Ross), Cassandra Gava (Mara).
A romantic woman must confront a love from her past before she can experience real love in the present; a successful sportswriter wishes to become a superstar basketball player in hopes in winning over the girl he loves.

October 17, 1981: The Devil And Mr. Roarke / Ziegfeld Girls / Kid Corey Rides Again
Season 5, episode 2
W: Ruel Fischmann, Arthur Rowe, Don Ingalls   D: Don Chaffey

With Roddy McDowall (Mephistopheles), Barbi Benton (Joan Michaels), Audrey Landers (Rubi Rogers), Dack Rambo (Carl Wagner), Jack Elam (Kid Corey), Arte Johnson (Ned Plummer), Cameron Mitchell (Sheriff Matt), Anne Jeffreys (Cissy Darumple), Richard Lineback (Deputy Chester), Hoke Howell (Red), Wayne Grace (Big Red), Charles W. Young (Sanders), James Steward (Donald), Betty Kennedy (Billie Michaels).
The devil himself has come with a very specific purpose in mind -- to capture the immortal soul of Mr. Roarke; two ex-showgirls wish to return to their youth when they were Ziegfeld Girls; a man who is enamored with the outlaws of the old West wishes to go back in time to ride with one of the legendary and deadly lawbreakers of that era.

October 24, 1981: Cyrano / The Magician
Season 5, episode 3
W: Leigh Vance, Larry Forrester   D: Don Chaffey

With Carol Lynley (Marjorie Denton), John Saxon (Cyrano de Bergerac / Berandt Sabatier), Simon MacCorkindale (Gaston du Brielle), Judy Landers (Suva), Bart Braverman (Timothy Potter), Lloyd Bochner (Marquis de Sade), Carmine Caridi (Pierre), Shani Wallis (Monique).
A woman travels back in time to the days of Cyrano de Bergerac in order to find the world's most chivalrous and romantic man; a likable amateur magician learns his craft the hard way when he accidentally makes the girl he loves vanish into thin air.

October 31, 1981: The Last Cowboy / The Lady And The Monster
Season 5, episode 4
W: Thomas Rowe, Chester Krumholz, Larry Forrester   D: Don Chaffey

With Stuart Whitman (Joel Campbell), Lynda Day George (Dr. Carla Von Frankenstein), Diane Baker (Margaret Blair), William Smith (Frankenstein), Jimmy Baio (Jimmy Blair), Alex Kubik (Crusher), Robert Tessier (Flynt), Richard Bakalyan (James), Ken Swofford (Fix).
A middle-aged urban cowboy finds that the old West was not quite the romantic adventure he perceived it to be; scientist Maggie Blair discovers that the fictional Dr. Frankenstein really existed and comes face to face with his monster in the process.

November 7, 1981: Mr. Nobody / La Liberatora
Season 5, episode 5
W: Larry Forrester, Skip Webster   D: Cliff Bole

With Alex Cord (Capt. Juan Arguello / El Lobo), Keenan Wynn (Willie), Sherman Hemsley (Charlie Atkins), Charo (Dolores DeMosa), Herb Edelman (Coach Davis), Cesare Danova (Governor Duego), Alberto Morin (Mayor), Vernee Watson (Carrie Wilson), Bill Dana (Father Vincent), H.B. Haggerty (Sampson Smith), Ruben Moreno (Sergeant), Yolanda Marquez (Sister Luisa).
A man who wishes for inner strength and confidence is accidentally made into another Hercules when Julie gives him the wrong type of strength; a young woman of Spanish descent wishes to go back to the hard times of old California in order to help liberate the poor and oppressed.

November 14, 1981: Druids / A Night In The Harem
Season 5, episode 6
W: Ron Friedman, Don Ingalls   D: Don Weis

With Dennis Cole (Paul), Jayne Meadows (Contessa), Paul Williams (Herbert Snyder), Pat Klous (Lisa), Elke Sommer (Etain), Joan Prather (Laurel Fandell), Jack Riley (Marcus), Dennis Cooper (Pan), Jean-Celeste Ahern (Cybele), Camille Villechaize (Wanda), Tony Longo (Rex), Tanya George (Vera).
A woman who desired to be the center of attention finds her life on the line after becoming an ancient Queen; a shy young man finds himself in unexpected trouble when all he wanted was to experience a night in a harem.

November 21, 1981: The Perfect Husband / Volcano
Season 5, episode 7
W: Leigh Vance, Chester Krumholz   D: Philip Leacock

With George Maharis (Dr. Hal Workman), Constance Towers (Maggie Dunphy), Norman Alden (Joseph Butler), Rossano Brazzi (Anton Jaeger), Susan Sullivan (Dorothy Nicholson), Lyle Waggoner (Gilbert), Misty Rowe (Terri), Richard Romanus (Robert Luria), Henry Polic II (Baron Boris), Charles Picerni (Oscar), John Davis Chandler (Barker).
A wealthy young woman learns that looking for perfection can bring unpredictable trouble; a successful young seismologist, more concerned with science than with humanity, finds his life and the lives of others threatened by a volcano.

November 28, 1981: Lillian Russell / The Lagoon
Season 5, episode 8
W: Arthur Rowe, Larry Forrester   D: Don Weis

With Phyllis Davis (Lillian Martin/Lillian Russell), Gene Barry (Diamond Jim Brady), Claude Akins (Calvin Pearson), Broderick Crawford (Jake Dutton), Glenn Corbett (Buzz Nolan), Craig Stevens (Peter Whiting), Pamela Susan Shoop (Mira), Mickey Cherney (Paul Delmonico), Steve Sandor (Palmer), Lee Paul (Dupre).
Lillian Martin goes back in time and becomes a famous singer in order to accurately write a biography of the performer; an ex-con seeking a peaceful, nostalgic weekend is forced to come face to face with some events of his secret, tormented past.

December 5, 1981: Romance Times Three / Night Of The Tormented Soul
Season 5, episode 9
W: Madeline DiMaggio Wagner, Bonnie Ann Krumholz, L.T. Bentwood   D: Don Weis

With Georgia Engel (Sally Harris), Richard Anderson (Richard Martinique), Frank Bonner (Jack Simon), Frank Converse (Tony Edwards), David Groh (Ben Daniels), Dianne Kay (Beth Martinique), Stephen Shortridge (Jason Martinique), Elinor Donahue (Miss Barrens), Steven Stevens Jr. (Young Jason), Lacie Ann Shows (Young Beth), Melanie Vincz (Tia), Dawn Agrella (Angela).
A woman wants to meet the three men of her dreams, although she knows all three by telephone only; a brother and sister find their lives altered irrevocably after discovering what really happened on the night their father was killed.

January 2, 1982: A Very Strange Affair / The Sailor
Season 5, episode 10
W: Don Ingalls, Arthur Rowe   D: Cliff Bole

With Peter Graves (Capt. Hendrik Van Voorten), Hans Conried (J.D. Stoneman), Arlene Golonka (Elaine Price), Florence Henderson (Laura Myles), Brett Halsey (Bill Baines), Shelley Smith (Miss Harbinger), Dick Smothers (Ron Price), Peter Brocco (Servant).
Ron Price gets some unusual help in obtaining the needed funds for an orphanage; Mr. Roarke successfully arranges a love match but in order for the couple to have future happiness together, the woman must forfeit her life.

January 9, 1982: House Of Dolls / Wuthering Heights
Season 5, episode 11
W: Herman Groves, Charlene Keel   D: Philip Leacock

With Barbi Benton (Courtney/Miss Winslow), Hugh O'Brian (Heathcliffe), Bob Denver (Francis Elkins), Larry Storch (Harry Hawkins), Richard Anderson (Edgar Linton), Britt Ekland (Clarissa Bevis/Cathy), Wilfrid Hyde-White (Lord William), Joey Forman (George), Deborah Shelton (Sally), Robert Beecher (Servant), Frank Birney (Mr. Whitehead), Robert Ackerman (Balliff), Cathryn Hartt (Sybil), Karlene Crockett (Mindy), Martin Eric (Joseph).
A window dresser becomes infatuated with one of his mannequins and has her brought to life with surprising results; a social worker falls in love with a character from the classic Emily Bronte novel, and risks her life to actually meet her literary lover in person.

January 16, 1982: The Magic Camera / Mata Hari / Valerie
Season 5, episode 12
W: Chester Krumholz, Larry Forrester, Don Ingalls   D: Don Weis, Don Chaffey

With Michelle Phillips (Valerie), Phyllis Davis (Martha Harris), John Myhers (Mayor Lacy), Ralph Bellamy (Adam Larrabee), Christopher George (William Lowell), Monte Markham (Walter Lukas), George Chakiris (Captain Dumont), Bob Denver (Don Winters), Charles Dierkop (Vinnie Avalon), Susan Richardson (Ellen).
A man who wishes to take pictures no other photographer ever has is shocked when his pictures begin telling the future; a woman who wants to know what Mata Hari's life was really like finds her own life in grave danger when she actually becomes the famous spy; a geologist searches for a mysterious woman.

January 23, 1982: King Arthur In Mr. Roarke's Court / Shadow Games
Season 5, episode 13
W: A. Bass, Herman Groves   D: Philip Leacock

With Carol Lynley (Gwen/Queen Guineviere), Linda Blair (Sara Jean Rawlins), Donny Most (Todd Porter/Billy Williams), Robert Mandan (King Arthur), Peter Mark Richman (Sam Treacher), Tom Smothers (Ralph Rodgers), Luke Andreas (Bull), Geno Silva (Claude), Pamela Galloway (Sheila).
An English history buff meets up with his hero, the legendary King Arthur, but he is in for a major disappointment; a singing star wishes to bring her lover back from the dead.

January 30, 1982: Daddy's Little Girl / The Whistle
Season 5, episode 14
W: Leigh Vance, Don Ingalls   D: Don Chaffey, Don Weis

With Carolyn Jones (Ellie Ackland), Genie Francis (Crista Ackland), William Windom (Bill Ackland), Ann Turkel (Leila Proctor), Edward Winter (Adrian Brilles), John Ericson (Gene Groder), John Carradine (Lucian), Alan Hale Jr. (Al Bond), Gene Nelson (Bert Wilson), James Daughton (George Stickney), Alvy Moore (Mr. Stone), Peg Shirley (Alice), Kathryn Fuller (Mrs. Abbott), Paul Vaughn (Minister), Hal Smith (Mr. Quarry).
A girl wishes to find her real father, a man she has never laid eyes on, so that he may give her away at her wedding; a scientist wishes to make a famous discovery at any cost, and comes face to face with a terror he has never known before.

February 6, 1982: The Case Against Mr. Roarke / Save Sherlock Holmes
Season 5, episode 15
W: Arthur C. Pierce, Lawrence Levy, Robert Spears   D: Don Weis

With Ron Ely (Kevin Lansing), Peter Lawford (Sherlock Holmes), Nicole Eggert (Nancy Warner), Rita Jenrette (Nurse Heavenly), Mel Ferrer (Moriarity/Lord Collingwood), Stuart Damon (Dr. Randolph), Donald O'Connor (Dr. Watson), Laraine Stephens (Fran Warner), J. Pat O'Malley (Barkeep), Ian Abercrombie (Inspector Lestrade), Marie Wallace (Mrs. Vinton), Camile Ashland (Mrs. Hudson), George Reynolds (Gore).
Fran Warner brings her little girl to the Island along with the announcement that Mr. Roarke is the child's father; a man who wishes to become a private eye is given the toughest assignment any novice ever had -- to find the kidnapped Sherlock Holmes.

February 13, 1982: The Challenge / A Genie Named Joe
Season 5, episode 16
W: Herman Groves   D: Cliff Bole

With Kim Darby (Rebecca Walters), Vic Morrow (Douglas Picard), Jane Powell (Eunice Picard), Larry Linville (Joe Aristofeles), Royal Dano (Preacher), Dick Sargent (Justin Rothwell), Russ McCubbin (Caveman).
The richest man in the world comes to the Island with specific intentions of claiming it for his own; a florist wishes to meet and marry the man of her dreams and ends up encountering a two-thousand-year-old genie instead.

February 20, 1982: Funny Man / Tattoo, The Matchmaker
Season 5, episode 17
W: Deborah Davis, Herman Groves   D: George W. Brooks

With Jimmy Dean (Beau Gillette), Jeanette Nolan (Mrs. Gillette), Vicki Lawrence (Jenny Casey), Russ Francis (Boardwalk Bryan Sims), Skip Stephenson (Ambrose Tuttle), Misty Rowe (Claudia Mills), Morgan Woodward (Uncle Jack), Laurie Walters (Harriet Wilson), Linda Thompson (Lindy).
A stand-up comic's imaginary family is brought to life and his own life is endangered; Tattoo's computer dating service is off to a terrible start when his first two lady clients are matched up with the same prospective husband -- Mr. Roarke.

March 6, 1982: Sitting Duck / Sweet Suzi Swann
Season 5, episode 18
W: Lawrence Levy, Robert Spears, Bonnie Ann Krumholz   D: Don Weis

With George Maharis (Jack Hecker), James Darren (Claude Duvalle), Camilla Sparv (Irena), Chuck Connors (Frank Barton), Helen Reddy (Suzi Swann), Carol Lineback (Vera Thompson).
A world-famous big game hunter has come to track and kill his most challenging prey ever -- Mr. Roarke; a pretty young lady has a rather unusual fantasy, she wishes to fall out of love with a man.

March 20, 1982: Face Of Love / Image Of Celeste
Season 5, episode 19
W: Skip Webster, Herman Groves   D: Don Chaffey

With Larry Manetti (Marty), Erin Gray (Laura Jensen), Christopher Stone (Andre), Joanna Pettet (Celeste Vallon), Robert Goulet (Gauguin), Monte Markham (Ron Martin), Dane Clark (Chavel).
A bitter young woman who is a hardened criminal has the chance to straighten out her life; a young woman discovers she looks exactly like the face in a famous painting, and she is determined to learn the identity of her historic double.

April 10, 1982: Forget-Me-Not / The Quiz Masters
Season 5, episode 20
W: Herman Groves, Don Ingalls   D: Cliff Bole

With Jill St. John (Helen Leyton/Jane Dow), Gene Rayburn (Bob Barclay), Dick Gautier (Michael Collins), Jan Murray (Ron Ellison), Vikki Carr (Lois Terry), Brett Halsey (Charles Layton), Jim McKrell (Byron).
A woman who has completely lost her memory in an accident wishes to find out who she really is; the two most famous game show hosts in the world become contestants and challenge each other to an ultimate game to the death.

May 1, 1982: The Big Bet / Nancy And The Thunderbirds
Season 5, episode 21
W: Skip Webster   D: Cliff Bole

With Edd Byrnes (Al Henshaw), Patrick Wayne (Major Wood), Howard Keel (Colonel), John James (Corky Daniels), Mary Ann Mobley (Nancy Carson), Lydia Cornell (Judy Moreau), Iron Eyes Cody (Chief Daniel), Tim Rossovich (Ben), Paul Cavonis (Charlie).
A ladies' man makes a bet with his buddies that he can score with a sexy model, but winning turns out to be his biggest loss ever; a young American orphan, raised by an Indian tribe, risks her life to fulfill an ancient tribal prophecy for the sake of her tribal guardian.

May 8, 1982: The Ghost's Story / The Spoilers
Season 5, episode 22
W: Arthur Rowe, Don Ingalls   D: Don Chaffey

With Robert Fuller (Nick Tanner), Bo Hopkins (Harry), Dack Rambo (Captain Black), Jo Ann Pflug (Louise), John Myhers (Lord Rupert Black), John McCook (Captain Fitzhugh Ross), Tanya Roberts (Amanda Parsons).
A young woman must face being alone in a terrifying haunted mansion in order to gain notoriety as an expert of the occult; a famous and fair-minded bounty hunter goes after the only man who has ever eluded him.

October 16, 1982: The Curse Of The Moreaus / My Man Friday
Season 6, episode 1
W: Julie Kirgo, Diana Kirgo, William Kelley   D: Bob Sweeney

With Avery Schreiber (Ed Turner), Danielle Aubry (Stylist), Barbara Rush (Kathy Moreau), Stuart Whitman (Jesse Moreau), Raymond St. Jacques (Dupres), Aarika Wells (Roxanne), Diana Chesney (Madame Moreau), Harvey Lewis (Ernest Beard), Pamela Hensley (Linda Whitney), Vito Scotti (Vito Sartine), James Houghton (Jack Friday), Gloria DeHaven (Sophie).
Jesse and Kathy Moreau come to the Island so Jesse can fulfill his fantasy to rid himiself of a family curse; Linda Whitney's dream is to become vice president of an advertising agency.

October 23, 1982: Dancing Lady / The Final Round
Season 6, episode 2
W: Don Ingalls, Jeffrey M. Hayes   D: Cliff Bole

With Gene LeBell (Referee), Glenn Wilder (Leo McCloskey), David Cadiente (Eddie Frost), Francine Kessler (Helen Darby), William R. Moses (Tommy Rudolph), Al Molinaro (Max Grant), Rue McClanahan (Gertie), Ray Bolger (Gaylord Nelson), Ken Berry (Ray Ducoeur), Lynda Goodfriend (Christy Lee).
A receptionist dreams of becoming the dancing star in a lavish musical; a boxing manager wishes to manage his first champion before he retires.

October 30, 1982: The Perfect Gentleman / Legend
Season 6, episode 3
W: Anne Collins, A. Bass   D: Philip Leacock

With Andy Griffith (Judge Roy Bean), Madlyn Rhue (Lillie Langtry), Leslie Easterbrook (Michelle), Michelle Phillips (Andrea Barclay), Paul Williams (Jimmy Jordan), Claudia Lonow (Taylor), Kari Michaelsen (Cassie).
A famous rock singer who witnessed a murder in Las Vegas and faked his own death comes to the Island to assume a new identity; an actress wishes to start an illustrious career in musicals.

November 6, 1982: The Angel's Triangle / Natchez Bound
Season 6, episode 4
W: Bruce Shelly, Herman Groves   D: Bob Sweeney

With Roddy McDowall (Christopher Lantree), Carol Lynley (Catherine Harris), Gary Collins (Michael Eden), Doug McClure (Brent Harris), Jason Wingreen (Doctor), Alex Donnelley (Nurse), Jenilee Harrison (Jenny Ryan), Stephen Shortridge (Mark Twain), Adam Rich (Huck Finn), Peter Breck (Colonel), David S. Cass Sr. (Luke), Sam Scarber (Jim).
The angel of death spares a man in a horse accident because he has always loved the man's wife and doesn't want to see her hurt; a Las Vegas blackjack dealer wishes to spend her weekend aboard a Mississippi riverboat.

November 20, 1982: Everybody Goes to Gilley's / Face Of Fire
Season 6, episode 5
W: Don Ingalls, Katharyn Powers   D: Jerome Courtland

With David Hedison (Phillip Camden), Phyllis Davis (Lydia Bryant), Dennis Cole (Mr. Sherwood), Lynn Redgrave (Jean Harrigan), Mickey Gilley (Himself), Linda Thompson (Annie), Johnny Lee (Himself), Rod McCary (Martin Brody).
Mickey Gilley's fantasy is to become a star headliner and a big country western singer; a woman's fantasy is fulfilled when she risks her life in the face of fire to save a reclusive billionaire's life.

November 27, 1982: The Beautiful Skeptic / The Lost Platoon
Season 6, episode 6
W: Anne Collins, Don Ingalls   D: Ricardo Montalban

With Herb Edelman (Frank Thomas), Peter Trencher (Frosty), Jimmie Walker (Jay Michaels), Tony Longo (Truck), Maria Conchita Alonso (Girl), Tony Travis (Cimino), Tom Bailey (Henderson), Robert Sterling (Walter Rawlin), Steve Kanaly (Ken Oberstadt), Don Stroud (Sgt. Peter Galloway), Connie Stevens (Christine Connelly), Ruta Lee (Connie), Gary Frank (Jack Oberstadt).
A female reporter comes to the Island to prove it's a fraud; a man goes back to World War II to prove his brother was not a coward and was never engaged in black marketeering.

December 4, 1982: Roller Derby Dolls / Thanks A Million
Season 6, episode 7
W: Marvin Himelfarb, David Landsberg, Lorin Dreyfuss, Anne Collins   D: Don Weis

With Vic Tayback (Norman Atkins), Roz Kelly (Denise), Art Metrano (Eddie Kimball), Janet Leigh (Suzanne King), John Myhers (Charlton Gould), James Noble (Bradford), Kim Lankford (Sandy).
The manager of a sporting goods store wishes to own and manage a professional roller derby team; a waitress from Arkansas along with an auto worker and the owner of a large appliance store arrive to compete in a contest.

December 11, 1982: The Kleptomaniac / Thank God, I'm A Country Girl
Season 6, episode 8
W: Herman Groves, Don Ingalls   D: Don Weis

With Nita Talbot (Doris Lee), Sherman Hemsley (Fred Simpson), Anne Jeffreys (Nancy Ogden), Heather Locklear (Lorraine Ogden), Loretta Lynn (Loretta Wentworth), Ted McGinley (Errol Brookfield III), Russell Nype (Joe Ogden), Roxie Roker (Emily Carlisle), Luke Askew (Turk), Judy Baldwin (Shirley), Hal Smith (Otis McAllister), Steve Hanks (Buford Joe Scoggins).
A kleptomaniac comes to the Island to rid himself of the urge to steal; a waitress wants to appear to be a wealthy heiress for a daughter she gave up for adoption as a baby.

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