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1970s Episode Guide for 'Gunsmoke':

(Episodes with dates prior to 1970 aired as reruns during the '70s.)

September 17, 1966: Snap Decision
Season 12, episode 1
W: Dick Carr   D: Mark Rydell

With Sam Gilman (Ray Gilcher), Claude Akins (Marshal Clint Tucker), Orville Sherman (Preacher), Howard Culver (Howie Uzzell), Michael Cole (Kipp), Hank Patterson (Hank Miller), Michael Strong (Shaver).
Matt Dillion turns over his badge to another lawman after he is forced to kill a prisoner who had been trying to save his life.

October 1, 1966: The Jailer
Season 12, episode 3
W: Hal Sitowitz   D: Vincent McEveety

With Tom Skerritt (Ben Stone), Zalman King (Jack Stone), Robert Sorrells (Mike Stone), Bette Davis (Ma Stone), Bruce Dern (Lou Stone), Julie Sommars (Sara Stone).
An embittered widow holds Matt Dillon and Kitty prisoner while she supervises the construction of a gallows for the marshal's hanging to avenge her husband's execution.

October 15, 1966: The Good People
Season 12, episode 5
W: James Landis   D: Robert Totten

With Woodrow Chambliss (Woody Lathrop), Charles Wagenheim (Joshua Halligan), Kelton Garwood (Percy Crump), Morgan Woodward (Ben Rucker), Shug Fisher (Silas Shute), Tom Simcox (Seth Rucker), Steve Gravers (Jed Bailey), Clyde Howdy (Henry Biggs), Frederic Downs (Judge Evers), James O'Hara (Sutton), Allen Case (Gabe Rucker).
A respectable rancher and his son hang an innocent man and let a bewhiskered bounty hunter to go on trial for the murder.

October 22, 1966: Gunfighter, R.I.P.
Season 12, episode 6
D: Mark Rydell

With Darren McGavin (Joe Bascome), H.T. Tsiang (Ching Fa), Michael Conrad (Paul Douglas), Stefan Gierasch (Mark Douglas), Allen Emerson (Burt), Don Hanmer (Barber), France Nuyen (Ching Lee).
While recovering from wounds, Matt Dillon becomes a target for a hired killer.

October 29, 1966: The Wrong Man
Season 12, episode 7
D: Robert Totten

With James Anderson (Harmon), Clifton James (Tenner Jackson), Charles Kuenstle (Wilton Kyle), Carroll O'Connor (Hootie Kyle), Victor Izay (Dutch), Mel Gaines (Squeak), Gilman Rankin (Hank Purvis), Terry Frost (Stage Driver), Kevin O'Neal (James Kyle), James Almanzar (Morell).
A poor farmer is suspected of slaying a gambler who won the last of his money.

November 12, 1966: The Whispering Tree
Season 12, episode 8
W: Calvin Clements   D: Vincent McEveety

With Morgan Woodward (Earl Miller), Jacqueline Scott (Ada Stanley), Lane Chandler (Guard), Fred Coby (Station Attendant), Roy Barcroft (Roy), Allen Jaffe (Ryan), Rex Holman (Garr), John Saxon (Virgil Stanley), Stephen McEveety (Boy), Kathleen O'Malley (Mother), Christopher Pate (Curtis), Donald Losby (Bryant), Edward Asner (Redmond).
A farmer returns home after eight years in prison to recover the fortune he stole. The man's plans are complicated by his ex-partner in crime, a greedy range detective and his own family, who have completely changed the layout of the farm during the ensuing years.

December 3, 1966: The Newcomers
Season 12, episode 11
W: Calvin Clements

With Robert Totten, Ben Wright (Birger Engdahl), Robert Sorrells (Handley), Karl Swenson (Lars Karlgren), John Pickard (Vigilante), Charles Dierkop (Silvee), James Murdock (Pony), Jon Voight (Petter Karlgren), Laurence Aten (Joey), Daniel Addis (Vasquez).
A 1966 episode in which a teenage Scandinavian immigrant and his father settle in Dodge. Their hope for a new life is shattered when the young man is bullied into a fight which ends with the death of a trouble-making trail hand.

April 8, 1967: Nitro! (1)
Season 12, episode 28
W: Preston Wood

With Robert Totten, Tom Reese (Ben Stearman), Eddie Firestone (Reb Bailey), Dub Taylor (Byron Pfeiffer Farnum), James Nusser (Louie Pheeters), Pete Kellett (Cowboy), David Canary (George McClaney), Bonnie Beecher (Anne Gilchrist), Robert Rothwell (Joe Keller), Gene O'Donnell (Express Manager), Carl Pitti (Gambler), John Breen (Waiter).
Lovesick and broke, a transient accepts the job of extracting nitroglycerin from dynamite for an outlaw gang on a rampage through Matt Dillon's territory.

October 16, 1967: A Hat
Season 13, episode 6
W: Ron Bishop   D: Robert Totten

With Robert Totten, Gene Evans (Clint Sorils), Tom Simcox (Jed Conniston / Ben Conniston), H.M. Wynant (Martin Brewer), Robert Sorrells (Louisville), Hank Patterson (Hank), Bill Erwin (Townsman), Ed McCready (Villager), Lee De Broux (Cowpuncher), Chill Wills (Red Conniston), Scott Hale (Clem), Don Happy (Storekeeper), Gene O'Donnell (Waiter), Shirley Wilson (Wife).
A legendary frontiersman and a cattle baron involve Matt Dillon in their life-and-death dispute over a hat.

October 30, 1967: Major Glory
Season 13, episode 8

With Robert Totten, Victor French (Sergeant Tim Spear), Link Wyler (Doak), Carroll O'Connor (Major Vanscoy), Robert F. Lyons (Maxwell), Larry D. Mann (Lanny), Don Ross (Cobb), William Sumper (Soldier), Cal Naylor (Corporal), Chris Stephens (Corporal), Russ Siler (Guard).
Festus Haggen is framed for attempted murder in a plot by two recaptured Army deserters on their sergeant's life.

November 13, 1967: Prairie Wolfer
Season 13, episode 10
W: Calvin Clements   D: Robert Butler

With I. Stanford Jolley (Grandpa), Lou Antonio (Rich), Jon Voight (Cory), Charles McGraw (Dolen), Kelly Jean Peters (Adele), Matt Emery (Trail Boss).
Left in charge of the marshal's office, Festus Haggen mistakenly refuses to pay a wolfskin bounty to two hide hunters. The wild pair hold up a hide broker and later take Festus hostage as they flee a Dodge City posse.

December 25, 1967: Baker's Dozen
Season 13, episode 15
W: Charles Joseph Stone   D: Irving J. Moore

With Denver Pyle (Judge Blent), Harry Carey Jr. (Will Roniger), Peggy Rea (Mrs. Roniger), Harry Lauter (Henry Rucker), Charles Wagenheim (Halligan), James Nusser (Louie Pheeters), Ed McCready (Fred Remick), William Murphy (Stage Driver), Rudy Sooter (Rudy), Mitzi Hoag (Clara Remick), Phyllis Coghlan (Old Lady), Sam Greene (Robber), Tyler MacDuff (Bailiff), Gary Grimes (Bede Roniger), Dana Dillaway (Mary Roniger), Keith Schultz (Timothy Roniger).
Doc Adams delivers then tries to find a home for triplets when they are orphaned.

January 15, 1968: Nowhere To Run
Season 13, episode 18
D: Vincent McEveety

With Robert Totten, Tom Brown (Ed O'Connor), Dan Ferrone (Honker), Harry Harvey Sr. (Storekeeper), Robert Random (Bishop), James Nusser (Louie Pheeters), Woodrow Chambliss (Lathrop), Charles Wagenheim (Halligan), Michael Burns (Dale Stonecipher), Mark Lenard (Ira Stonecipher), J. Robert Porter (Mark Stonecipher), William Tannen (John Hirschbeck), Ilka Windish (Vera Stonecipher).
A teenage burglar, left to die by his partners, winds up trapped in the bottom of a well on his father's ranch.

January 22, 1968: Blood Money
Season 13, episode 19
W: Hal Sitowitz

With Robert Totten, James Anderson (Jesse Hill), Hank Brandt (Hank), Troy Melton (Jake Walker), Nehemiah Persoff (Alex Skouras), Mills Watson (Brent), James Nusser (Louie), Howard Culver (Howie), Lee De Broux (Stu Radford), Kelton Garwood (Percy Crump), Donna Baccala (Elenya Skouras), Anthony Zerbe (Nick Skouras), Jonathan Harper (Percy), Michelle Breeze (Saloon Girl).
The father of a young gunfighter tries to end his son's career by wounding his gun hand.

January 29, 1968: Hill Girl
Season 13, episode 20
W: Calvin Clements   D: Robert Totten

With Robert Totten, Lane Bradbury (Merry Florene), Victor French (Roland Daniel), Anthony James (Elbert Moses), Dabbs Greer (Wilbur Jonas).
A hillbilly girl hitches a ride into Dodge with Newly O'Brian and her bullying brothers follow, getting her into trouble with acting deputy Festus Haggen.

September 23, 1968: Lyle's Kid
Season 14, episode 1
W: Calvin Clements   D: Bernard McEveety

With Morgan Woodward (Grant Lyle), Sam Melville (Jack Garvin), Ken Mayer (Tuttle), Mills Watson (Drover), James Nusser (Louie Pheeters), Robert Pine (Jeffery Lyle), Charlotte Stewart (Iris), Joe De Santis (Hoxy), Lew Palter (Hillman), John Hopper (Percy Crump).
Grant Lyle, a former lawman with crippled hands, brings his young gunfighter son to Dodge to settle the score with Hoxey, the man just released from prison who is responsible for his hands.

September 30, 1968: The Hide Cutters
Season 14, episode 2
W: Jack Turly   D: Bernard McEveety

With Cliff Osmond (Chunk), Ken Swofford (Sugar John), Conlan Carter (Bodiddly), Eddie Firestone (Weevil), Gregg Palmer (Clete Davis), Steve Raines (Lawson), Michael Burns (Arlie Joe), Joseph Campanella (Amos McKee), Mike Howden (Colton).
Matt Dillon and an injured Festus are caught between ruthless hide-cutters and a not-too-friendly cattle drive.

October 7, 1968: Zavala
Season 14, episode 3
W: Paul Savage   D: Vincent McEveety

With Miriam Colon (Amelita Avila), Rex Holman (Smitty), Warren Vanders (Densen), Jonathan Lippe (Alex Rawlins), Robert Sorrells (Oakes), David Renard (Mexican Policeman), Jim Davis (Ben Rawlings), Manuel Padilla Jr. (Paco Avila), Larry D. Mann (Bakman), Rico Alaniz (Blacksmith), Jose Chavez (Gurato), Bobby Clark (Colton), Nacho Galindo (Masseur), Elizabeth Germaine (Doris).
Wounded during the pursuit of two outlaw brothers to Mexico, Matt Dillon becomes the bait in a 13-year-old boy's trap for his father's killer.

October 14, 1968: Uncle Finney
Season 14, episode 4
W: Calvin Clements   D: Bernard McEveety

With Lane Bradbury (Merry Florene), Victor French (Roland Daniel), Anthony James (Elbert Moses), Steve Raines (Wagon Driver), James Nusser (Louie Pheeters), Roy Roberts (Mr. Botkin), Pete Kellett (Joe), Buck Taylor (Newly), Burt Mustin (Uncle Finney), John Dolan (Frank), Monte Hale (Bank Teller), Margaret Bacon (Woman in Bank).
A comedic episode. Two hillbillies attempt to turn their 102 year-old relative in for the bounty on him. They then go into the saloon business as a front, and plan a freight office robbery, but nothing seems to work out right.

November 11, 1968: 9:12 To Dodge
Season 14, episode 7
W: Preston Wood   D: Marvin Chomsky

With Fred Coby (Mokey), Troy Melton (Miles), Pete Kellett (Joe), William Murphy (Hugh), Joanne Linville (Elizabeth Devon), Todd Armstrong (Johnny August), Frank Marth (Leitner), Robert Emhardt (Conductor), Johnny Haymer (Ned Stallcup), Bobby Clark (Barstow), Harry Harvey (Train Dispatcher), Link Wyler (Pvt. Peter Frye), Lee De Broux (Tim), Ed Long (Karns), Dan Terranova (Devlin), Tom Waters (Fox), Rush Williams (Williams), Harry Lauter (Sgt. Michael Drennan).
Matt Dillon and Doc Adams are troubled by a meddlesome woman passenger and the threat of hijackers when they escort an escaped convict by train to Dodge City.

December 2, 1968: The Miracle Man
Season 14, episode 10
W: Calvin Clements   D: Bernard McEveety

With John Crawford (Drunk), Sandra Smith (Lorna Wright), Bruce Watson (Howard Miller), Kevin Cooper (Jacob Wright), William Bramley (Miller), Don Chastain (Bob Sullivan), Lisa Gerritsen (Nettie Wright), Christopher Knight (Boy), Joey Walsh (Gerard Miller), Margie DeMeyer (Prudence Wright).
A slick-talking traveling salesman plays on a widow's sympathy and loneliness in a plot to swindle her out of her land.

December 9, 1968: Waco
Season 14, episode 11

With Lee De Broux (Fuller), Mills Watson (Hood), Louise Latham (Polly Cade), Tom Reese (Slick Ragan), Victor French (Waco Thompson), Harry Carey Jr. (Nathan Cade), Fred McDougall (Town Drunk), Liz Marshall (Lillie), Joy Fielding (Ann Cade), Pat Thompson (One Moon), Lawrence Mann (Gamble).
As Matt Dillon and a prisoner are fleeing an outlaw band, their flight is halted by a pregnant Indian girl they find ill and injured on the trail. Strangely, the prisoner seems more concerned than the marshal that his former gang will catch up with them before they reach Dodge.

December 16, 1968: Lobo
Season 14, episode 12
W: Jim Byrnes   D: Bernard McEveety

With William Murphy (Ethen), James Nusser (Louie Pheeters), Eddie Firestone (Riney), Fred Coby (Wes Flood), Sheldon Allman (Badger), Ken Swofford (Guffy), Morgan Woodward (Luke Brazo), David Brian (Branch Nelson), Sandy Kenyon (Catlin).
A weathered mountain man persuades Matt Dillon to help him track an elusive renegade wolf before the wild beast is killed by bounty-hungry hunters.

December 30, 1968: The Money Store
Season 14, episode 14
W: William Blinn   D: Vincent McEveety

With William Schallert (Ezra Thorpe), Charles Aidman (Ray Jarvis), Roy Roberts (Harry Bodkin), Virginia Vincent (Louise Thorpe), Eric Shea (Mike Jarvis), Pamelyn Ferdin (Annie Jarvis).
The small son and daughter of a poor-but-honest dirt farmer land their father in trouble when they steal money from their uncle's bank.

January 6, 1969: The Twisted Heritage
Season 14, episode 15
D: Bernard McEveety

With Virginia Gregg (Jesse Copperton), Nora Marlowe (Ma Dagget), Conlan Carter (Logan Dagget), Charles Kuenstle (Elan Dagget), James Nusser (Louie Pheeters), Steve Raines (Stage Driver #1), Robert Karnes (Stage Driver #2), John Erickson (Blaine Copperton), Lisa Gerritsen (Tracey Copperton), Richard O'Brien (Simpson), Joshua Bryant (Young), Robert Luster (Cookie), David McLean (Webb).
Kitty takes the reins in a desperate stagecoach race to save the life of a passenger wounded in a holdup and runs into more trouble.

January 20, 1969: Mannon
Season 14, episode 17
W: Ron Bishop   D: Robert Butler

With Steve Forrest (Will Mannon), Woodrow Chambliss (Lathrop), Charles Wagenheim (Halligan), Roy Barcroft (Roy), Howard Culver (Howie), Charles Seel (Barney), James Nusser (Louie Pheeters), Tom Brown (Ed O'Connor), Michelle Breeze (Chris), Fred Dale (Townsman).
While Marshal Dillon is out of town, a ruthless gunman shoots Festus, steals his mule and terrorizes Dodge City.

February 17, 1969: The Long Night
Season 14, episode 21
D: John Rich

With Rex Holman (Broker), Lou Antonio (Mace), James Nusser (Louie Pheeters), Robert Brubaker (Henry Wade), Robert Totten (Ben Miller), Joe Don Baker (Tom Butler), Bruce Dern (Guerin), Russell Johnson (Diggs), Susan Silo (Rita Lane), Vic Tayback (Rawlins), Matt Emery (Keever).
Bounty hunters hold Doc, Kitty, Sam and Louie Pheeters prisoners in hope of trading them for a cowhand in the Dodge City jail.

March 10, 1969: The Good Samaritans
Season 14, episode 24
W: Paul Savage   D: Bernard McEveety

With L.Q. Jones (Kittridge), Sam Melville (Croyden), Dan Ferrone (Jeb), Brock Peters (Cato), Rex Ingram (Juba), Robert DoQui (Benji), Lynn Hamilton (Reba), Davis Roberts (Ike), Hazel Medina (Erlene), Paulene Myers (Mama Olabelle), John Brandon (Timmons), Pepe Brown (Heck), Alycia Gardner (Willa).
Matt Dillon, en route to Dodge City with a death-bed statement needed in a murder trial, finds refuge in the camp of an ex-slave family after he's wounded by two hired killers seeking the papers.

September 22, 1969: The Devil's Outpost
Season 15, episode 1
W: Jim Byrnes   D: Philip Leacock

With Jonathan Lippe (Cody Tyce), Ken Swofford (Loomis), Karl Swenson (McGruder), I. Stanford Jolley (Tillman), Warren Vanders (Bo Harper), Sam Edwards (Telegrapher), Joe Haworth (Cowboy), Charles Kuenstle (Kelly), Troy Melton (Mike Lennox), Robert Lansing (Yancy Tyce), Sheila Larken (Abby Tillman), Joe Higgins (George Miller), Ed Long (Farley), Sabrina Scharf (Lora), Valentin de Vargas (Pacos).
Matt captures an outlaw in a stage holdup, then is pursued by the man's brother and gang on the trail back to Dodge.

September 29, 1969: Stryker
Season 15, episode 2
W: Herman Groves   D: Robert Totten

With James Nusser (Louie Pheeters), Joan Van Ark (Sarah Jean Stryker), Morgan Woodward (Josh Stryker), Royal Dano (Jessup), Andy Devine (Jed Whitlow), Walter Sande (Cal Hoskins), Mills Watson (Reager), Don Happy (Cowboy # 1), Ted French (Dish).
After 15 years in prison, a former Dodge City marshal returns in search of vengeance on the man whose testimony convicted him -- Matt Dillon.

October 6, 1969: Coreyville
Season 15, episode 3
W: Herman Groves   D: Bernard McEveety

With Kevin Coughlin (Billy Joe Corey), Charles Fredericks (Clel Wilson), James Almanzar (Rankin), Pete Kellett (Guard # 1), Bill Catching (Guard # 2), Bill Erwin (Juror), Thomas Hunter (Frank Corey), Nina Foch (Agatha Corey), Ruth Roman (Flo Watson), Jo Ann Harris (Ellie Wylie), John Schuck (Amos Blake), Bruce Glover (Titus Wylie), Gary Combs (Guard # 3).
Marshal Dillon comes to the aid of a young woman whose brother is being railroaded on a murder charge.

October 13, 1969: Danny
Season 15, episode 4
W: Preston Wood   D: Bernard McEveety

With Rayford Barnes (Carl Dahlman), Steve Raines (Stage Driver), Tom Brown (Ed O'Connor), Kelton Garwood (Percy Crump), Jack Albertson (Danny Wilson), Scott Brady (Big Ed Heenan), Frank Marth (Ed Wickes), Vito Scotti (Indiana).
A lovable old con man stages his own funeral -- and his last big con game to pay for it -- when he's stricken with heart trouble.

October 20, 1969: Hawk
Season 15, episode 5
W: Kay Lenard, Jess Carneol   D: Gunnar Hellstrom

With Robert Brubaker (Dave Clifford), Louise Latham (Phoebe Clifford), X Brands (Renegade Indian), Hal Needham, Michael-James Wixted (Amos Clifford), Brendon Boone (Sergeant Hawk), Hilary Thompson (Rachel Clifford).
A half-breed Indian police sergeant on the trail of renegades encounters his mother -- the white woman who rejected him 20 years before.

October 27, 1969: A Man Called Smith
Season 15, episode 6
W: Calvin Clements   D: Vincent McEveety

With Jacqueline Scott (Abelia), Roy Roberts (Mr. Bodkin), William Fawcett (Old Prospector), Susan Olsen (Marieanne), Margarita Cordova (Saloon Girl), Earl Holliman (Will), Val Avery (Bull), Sid Haig (Buffalo Hunter), Michael Durkin (Jonathan).
A respectable farm woman -- thought to be a widow -- arouses the suspicion of her friend Festus and Matt Dillon when she exchanges gold for paper money.

November 3, 1969: Charlie Noon
Season 15, episode 7
W: Jim Byrnes   D: Vincent McEveety

With Miriam Colon (Woman), Edmund Hashim (Lone Wolf), James Best (Charlie Noon), Ron Howard (Jamie), Kipp Whitman (Takawa).
Matt Dillon, crossing the desert with a condemned prisoner, is pursued by Comanches when a white man's widow and her stepson join his party.

November 17, 1969: A Matter of Honor
Season 15, episode 9
W: Joy Dexter   D: Robert Totten

With James Nusser (Louie Pheeters), John Anderson (Jess Fletcher), Katherine Justice (Lydia Fletcher), Tom Simcox (C.V. Fletcher), Dan Ferrone (Otis Fletcher), Walter Sande (Cal Haines), Larry D. Mann (Prosecutor), Richard Bakalyan (Billy Holland), Jack Bailey (Judge Brooker).
Town drunk Louie Pheeters is charged with murder when he's found at the scene of the crime, too intoxicated to remember what happened.

December 1, 1969: Ring of Darkness
Season 15, episode 11
W: Arthur Dales   D: Bernard McEveety

With Anthony Caruso (Gulley), John Crawford (Pinto), Rex Holman (Car), Tom Drake (Ben Hurley), Pamela Dunlap (Susan Hurley).
Dep. Newly O'Brian's efforts to arrest a horse thief are complicated by the man's blind daughter and three ruthless blackmailers.

December 29, 1969: The Sisters
Season 15, episode 14
W: William Kelley   D: Philip Leacock

With Jack Elam (Pack Landers), Lynn Hamilton (Mother Tabitha), Susan Batson (Sister Blanche), Gloria Calomee (Sister Charles), CeCe Whitney (Ivy Landers), Erica Petal (Gail), Craig Hundley (Toby).
A roguish brute seems to have a change of heart when three nuns charge him with the care and custody of his two motherless children.

January 5, 1970: The War Priest
Season 15, episode 15
W: William Kelley   D: Vincent McEveety

With Forrest Tucker (Sergeant Emmett Holly), John Crawford (Amos Strange), Sam Melville (Lt. Snell), Pete Kellett (Shotgun), Richard Anderson (Gregario), Richard Hale (El Cuerno).
En route to Dodge City, Kitty is kidnapped by an Apache war priest, an escaped prisoner being pursued by a drunken cavalry sergeant.

January 12, 1970: The Pack Rat
Season 15, episode 16
W: Jim Byrnes, Arthur Browne Jr.   D: Philip Leacock

With Robert Brubaker (Jake Hawkins), Bill Catching (Trapp), William Watson (Sam Danton), Loretta Swit (Belle Clark), Manuel Padilla Jr. (Sancho), Robert Rothwell (Shotgun), Heidi Vaughn (Martha Mason), Tom Sutton (Shockley).
Marshal Dillon's kindness toward a wily orphan proves a blessing when Matt faces danger on a trip with a prisoner.

January 19, 1970: The Judas Gun
Season 15, episode 17
W: Harry Kronman   D: Vincent McEveety

With Tom Brown (Ed O'Connor), William Fawcett (Liveryman), Ron Hayes (Boyd Avery), Margarita Cordova (Bar Girl), Peter Jason (Cully Haimes), Richard X. Slattery (Noah Haimes), Laurie Mock (Janie Bolden), Sean McClory (Clete Bolden), Brad David (Teddy), Ralph Neff (Town Bum).
An old feud, rekindled by the romance of of a rancher's only son with his enemy's only daughter, takes an unexpected turn when a hired gunman and Matt Dillon enter the dispute.

January 26, 1970: Dr. Herman Schultz, M.D.
Season 15, episode 18
W: Benny Rubin   D: Bernard McEveety

With Pete Kellett (Stoney), Howard Culver (Howie), Benny Rubin (Dr. Herman Schultz).
A German doctor-hypnotist, one of Doc Adams' old friends, seems to have a special interest in hypnotizing Festus Haggen.

February 2, 1970: The Badge
Season 15, episode 19
W: Jim Byrnes   D: Vincent McEveety

With Fred Coby (Sloan), James Nusser (Louie Pheeters), Jack Lambert (Locke), Roy Jenson (Keller), Beverly Garland (Claire Hollis), Henry Jones (Papa Steiffer), John Milford (Sheriff John Dawson), John Flinn (Worden), William O'Connell (Jackson), Mary Angela Shea (Bea).
Kitty, stunned at seeing Matt wounded again in the line of duty, closes the Long Branch, flees Dodge City and joins an old friend in running another saloon in a corrupt cowtown.

February 9, 1970: Albert
Season 15, episode 20
W: Jim Byrnes   D: Vincent McEveety

With L.Q. Jones (Nix), Dorothy Neumann (Emily Cushing), Robert Random (Tom Clark), William Schallert (Jake Spence), Roy Roberts (Mr. Bodkin), Patricia Barry (Kate Schiller), Milton Selzer (Albert Schiller), Natalie Masters (Mrs. Bodkin).
Bank teller Albert Schiller impulsively steals money during a foiled holdup, then is faced with the return of the empty-handed robbers he blamed the loss on.

February 16, 1970: Kiowa
Season 15, episode 21
W: Ron Bishop   D: Bernard McEveety

With Victor French (Ed Vail), Dub Taylor (Reverend Cox), Jean Allison (Martha Vail), Joyce Ames (Melissa Vail), John Beck (Albert Vail), Lucas White (Russ Vail), Richard Lapp (Tomani), Angela Carrol (Indian Woman), Richard Angarola (Quichero).
Matt Dillon and a country preacher join a vengeful rancher and his two sons on the mysteriously-visible trail of a band of Indians who have kidnapped the man's daughter.

February 23, 1970: Celia
Season 15, episode 22
W: Harry Kronman   D: Philip Leacock

With Cliff Osmond (Ben Sommars), Roy Roberts (Mr. Bodkin), Charles Seel (Barney), Melissa Murphy (Celia Madden), Frank Marth (Martin Blake), George Petrie (Cashier), Walker Edmiston (Burnett).
Newly O'Brien finds it hard to convince friend Ben Sommars that the pretty girl who answered his ad for a wife is really a swindler.

March 2, 1970: Morgan
Season 15, episode 23
W: Jess Carneol, Kay Lenard   D: Bernard McEveety

With James Nusser (Louie Pheeters), I. Stanford Jolley (Zack), Charlotte Stewart (Jenny), Read Morgan (Lieutenant), Jonathan Lippe (Carter), Mills Watson (Greer), Ed Long (Trent), Fletcher Bryant (Hawkins), Jack Garner (Telegrapher), Hank Brandt (Clint), Steve Forrest (Cole Morgan).
An outlaw gang captures Dodge City in a daring scheme to steal a gold shipment due to arrive on a train guarded by Matt Dillon.

March 9, 1970: The Thieves
Season 15, episode 24
W: Thomas Tompson   D: Philip Leacock

With Royal Dano (Gideon Hale), James Nusser (Louie Pheeters), Michael Burns (Eric Tabray), Timothy Burns (Billy Clarke), John Schuck (Burt Tilden), William Callaway (Claude "Shuffles" Jones), Daphne Field (Mrs. Hale).
Sam the bartender takes custody of one of three boys on probation from county jail on a robbery charge. The kid lands in more hot water with his two pals, but Sam doggedly covers up for him.

March 16, 1970: Hackett
Season 15, episode 25
W: William Kelley   D: Vincent McEveety

With Ken Swofford (Alvin Bronk), Robert Totten (Phelps Tully), Bill Erwin (Businessman), Woodrow Chambliss (Lathrop), Morgan Woodward (Quentin Sargent), Earl Holliman (Hackett), Allen Jung (Chinese Proprietor), Jennifer West (Geneva Sargent).
A vengeful ex-convict seeks reprisal against his former partner-in-crime, now a poor dirt farmer.

March 23, 1970: The Cage
Season 15, episode 26
W: Calvin Clements   D: Bernard McEveety

With Hank Brandt (Luke Stewart), Gregg Palmer (Benson), Robert Swan (Weden), Ken Mayer (Blake), Steve Carlson (Roy Stewart), Laura Figueroa (Maria), Paul Stewart (Sanders), Joaquin Martinez (Pepe), Jorge Moreno (Alfonso), Renata Vanni (Mrs. Ramos).
A wounded teenager -- rescued from a prison van where his outlaw brother was killed in ambush -- has more than one hidden reason for helping Matt Dillon and Festus track down a gang.

September 14, 1970: Chato
Season 16, episode 1
W: Paul F. Edwards   D: Vincent McEveety

With Miriam Colon (Mora), William Bryant (Marshal Cooter), Robert Knapp (Surgeon), Ricardo Montalban (Chato), Rodolfo Hoyos Jr. (Juanito), Jim Sheppard (Case), Peggy McCay (Mrs. Cooter), Pedro Regas (Old Man).
Series returns for its 16th year. Matt Dillon travels from Kansas to New Mexico in resolute pursuit of a fugitive responsible for the death of one of the marshal's friends. Filmed entirely in and around Taos, N.M.

September 21, 1970: The Noose
Season 16, episode 2
W: Arthur Browne Jr.   D: Vincent McEveety

With Tom Skerritt (Fred Garth), William Fawcett (Nebs), Hank Patterson (Hank), Woodrow Chambliss (Lathrop).
Miss Kitty, Doc Adams and Festus are lured into Old Dodge town and captured by a man who seeks to avenge himself on Matt Dillon after 15 years.

September 28, 1970: Stark
Season 16, episode 3
W: Donald Sanford   D: Robert Totten

With Richard Kiley (Lewis Stark), Suzanne Pleshette (Glory Bramley), Shelly Novack (Adam Bramley), Henry Wilcoxon (John Bramley), Rusty Lane (Bo), Bob Burrows (Charlie).
A bounty hunter's greed leads to blackmail when he captures the escaped-prisoner brother of one of Dodge's richest ladies.

October 5, 1970: Sam McTavish, M.D.
Season 16, episode 4
W: Gerry Day, Bethel Leslie   D: Bernard McEveety

With Read Morgan (Dan Slade), Vera Miles (Dr. Samuel McTavish), Lisa Gerritsen (Christina), Arch Johnson (Barn Bascomb), Dee Carroll (Ellen), Tom Fadden (Harley), Kathleen O'Malley (Bridget O'Reilly), Robert Rothwell (Joe Slade), Amzie Strickland (Minnie Carver), Lance Thomas (Tom Slade), Glenn Redding (Frank O'Reilly).
Shocked to discover his temporary replacement, Dr. Sam McTavish, is a female, Doc Adams is forced to work with her during an epidemic and falls in love.

October 12, 1970: Gentry's Law
Season 16, episode 5
W: Jack Miller   D: Vincent McEveety

With Louise Latham (Claire Gentry), Robert Totten (Abner), Shug Fisher (Orly Grimes), Don Keefer (Floyd Babcock), John Payne (Amos Gentry), Peter Jason (Colt Gentry), Robert Pine (Ben Gentry), Darlene Conley (Leelah Case), John Flinn (Buel).
An overbearing land baron refuses to turn over his two sons to Matt for a brutal, stupid crime they committed.

October 19, 1970: Snow Train (1)
Season 16, episode 6
W: Preston Wood   D: Gunnar Hellstrom

With Eddie Firestone (Hap), Clifton James (Sam Wickes), Gene Evans (Billy), John Milford (Clay Foreman), X Brands (Chief Red Willow), Roy Engel (Tibbett), Ken Lynch (Lucas), Richard Kelton (Bud), Dana Elcar (Pennigrath), Loretta Swit (Donna), Tim Considine (Scott Coleman), Pamela Dunlap (Ada Coleman), Eddie Applegate (Al), Doreen Lang (Mae), Anne Seymour (Sarah), Ronald A. One Feather (Indian Hunter # 1), LeMayne L. LaPointe (Indian Hunter # 2), LeMoyne W. Millard (Indian Hunter # 3).
Matt Dillon is faced with releasing two prisoners to the Sioux Indians -- and torture and death -- or endangering an entire train of passengers. Filmed in the famed Black Hills of South Dakota.

October 26, 1970: Snow Train (2)
Season 16, episode 7
W: Preston Wood   D: Gunnar Hellstrom

With Ron Hayes (Floyd Coleman), Gene Evans (Billy), John Milford (Clay Foreman), Clifton James (Sam Wickes), X Brands (Chief Red Willow), Roy Engel (Tibbett), Ken Lynch (Lucas), Eddie Firestone (Hap), Bill Erwin (Telegrapher), Richard Lapp (Running Bear), Loretta Swit (Donna), Dana Elcar (Pennigrath), Tim Considine (Scott Coleman), Pamela Dunlap (Ada Coleman), Eddie Applegate (Al), Doreen Lang (Mae), Anne Seymour (Sarah), Ronald One Feather (Indian Hunter#1), LeMayne LaPointe (Indian Hunter # 2), LeMoyne Millard (Indian Hunter #3).
Matt Dillon is cornered by three Sioux Indians after escaping from the train to try to get help for the trapped passengers.

November 2, 1970: Luke
Season 16, episode 8
W: Jack Miller   D: Bernard McEveety

With Morgan Woodward (Luke Dangerfield), Rex Holman (Moses Reedy), Katherine Justice (Doris Prebble), Victor Izay (Bull), Howard Culver (Howie), Anthony Costello (Austin Keep).
A wounded outlaw on the run comes to Dodge in search of the daughter he deserted 14 years before.

November 9, 1970: The Gun
Season 16, episode 9
W: Donald Sanford   D: Bernard McEveety

With Stanley Clements (Ed Jacobi), Jack Garner (Kemble), Patricia Morrow (Stella Felton), Robert Phillips (Vance Jessop), Eric Chase (Joseph), Foster Brooks (Sporting Gentleman # 1), Frank Biro (Sporting Gentleman # 2), Jon Jason Mantley (Tom), Marie Mantley (Anne).
A young dreamer who gains an instant reputation when he accidentally outdraws a famed gunslinger creates trouble when he begins to believe he's a fast gun.

November 16, 1970: The Scavengers
Season 16, episode 10
W: Jim Byrnes   D: Robert Totten

With Robert Totten, Roy Jenson (Rath), Link Wyler (Logan), James Almanzar (Ogana), Eddie Little Sky (Scarface), Steve Raines (Driver), Victor Izay (Barkeep), Henry Wise (Livery Man), Cicely Tyson (Rachel Biggs), Yaphet Kotto (Piney Biggs), Slim Pickens (Colley), Jere Fields (Merilee Biggs), Victor Holchak (Lieutenant).
A hungry wanderer's heroic boasts place the lives of innocent Indians in jeopardy.

November 23, 1970: The Witness
Season 16, episode 11
W: Shimon Wincelberg   D: Philip Leacock

With Ray Young (Joseph Picket), Dack Rambo (Ira Picket), I. Stanford Jolley (Beecher), Herb Vigran (Judge Caleb Brooker), Harry Morgan (Osgood Picket), Annette O'Toole (Edda Sprague), Tim O'Connor (Arnie Sprague), Barry Brown (Jared Sprague), June Dayton (Martha Sprague), Robert Swan (Texan).
Arnie Sprague and a neighbor witness a senseless killing and find themselves between the law and the ruthless relatives of a young gunman.

November 30, 1970: McCabe
Season 16, episode 12
W: Jim Byrnes   D: Bernard McEveety

With Mills Watson (Kipp), Robert Sorrells (J.W. Hicks), Trevor Bardette (Conductor), Lew Brown (Weaver), Pete Kellett (Bartender), Jon Lormer (Judge Claireborne), David Brian (Clay White), Mitch Vogel (Dobie), Maree Cheatham (Abigail Hartly), Tani Guthrie (Amy), Dan Kemp (McCabe), Tom Sutton (Lonnie), Jim Davis (Sheriff Shackwood).
Matt Dillon's attempted arrest of a bank robber fails when the man takes a hostage and forces the marshal to make a deal -- a visit to the home the badman deserted 11 years before.

December 7, 1970: The Noonday Devil
Season 16, episode 13
W: William Kelley   D: Philip Leacock

With Anthony Zerbe (Father Cantrell), Fred Coby (Doctor), Warren Vanders (Bones Cunningham), John Dullaghan ("Actor Double" for Zerbe), Ernest Sarracino (Quito Vega), Annette Cardona (Rita), Natividad Vacio (Diego), Bert Madrid (Carlos), Pepe Callahan (John Hike), Anthony Cordova (Brother Antonio), Tony Davis (Indian Boy), Julio Medina (Rodriguez).
Anthony Zerbe guest stars in a dual role as a pious priest who's mistaken for his murderous twin brother.

December 14, 1970: Sergeant Holly
Season 16, episode 14
W: William Kelley   D: Bernard McEveety

With Forrest Tucker (Sergeant Holly), Read Morgan (Roy Gast), David Renard (Chico Fuentes), Gregg Palmer (Bodine), Albert Salmi (Willis Jeeter), Med Flory (Corporal Steckey), Victor Eberg (Luke Pinero), Vito Scotti (Indian), Bob Morgan (Lomax), Frank Hotchkiss (Corporal Tuttle).
An Army sergeant stops at Dodge's Long Branch saloon for a drink -- and winds up accused of desertion and of the theft of a military payroll.

December 28, 1970: Jenny
Season 16, episode 15
W: Jack Miller   D: Robert Totten

With Robert Totten, Steve Ihnat (Lucas Pritchard), Steve Raines (Ed Reilly), Lisa Gerritsen (Jenny), Rance Howard (Judge Franklin), Bob Burrows (Driver).
Dep. Newly O'Brien is stripped of his badge when, after capturing a dangerous outlaw, he releases the man on a promise to return after visiting his daughter.

January 4, 1971: Captain Sligo
Season 16, episode 16
W: William Kelley   D: William Conrad

With Royal Dano (Watney), Robert Totten (Blacksmith), Troy Melton (Rackley), Richard Basehart (Captain Aron Sligo), Salome Jens (Josephine Burney), Stacy Harris (Leonard), Bobby Eilbacher (Tim Burney), Geri Reischl (Anne Burney), Larry Finley (Bartender), Matt Emery (Trail Boss), Brian Foley (Cowboy), Boyd 'Red' Morgan (Tanner), Fred Stromsoe (Tobin), Robert Herron (Vern).
A rugged sea captain plans to settle in Dodge with his pet buffalo.

January 11, 1971: Mirage
Season 16, episode 17
W: Jack Miller   D: Vincent McEveety

With John Anderson (Lemuel Cleary), Bill Zuckert (Hotel Clerk), Robert Knapp (Deputy), Gary Wood (Tom), Mary Rings (Elsie), Harry Raybould (Eli Maddox), Dan White (Stocker), Kevin Burchett (Adam Cleary).
Festus Haggin is kidnapped by a vengeance-seeking father after the deputy has killed his son, but can't remember why.

January 25, 1971: The Tycoon
Season 16, episode 18
W: Robert Vincent Wright   D: Bernard McEveety

With Shug Fisher (Titus), Nora Marlowe (Ma Fowler), Charles Wagenheim (Parson Mueller), John Beck (Moody Fowler), James Minotto (Amos Fowler), Gwynne Gilford (Dora Lou), Herman Poppe (Clarence Carver), Walker Edmiston (Henry Folsom).
Festus falls heir to $500 and becomes Dodge City's new elegantly dressed business investor with Titus his shrewd partner.

February 1, 1971: Jaekel
Season 16, episode 19
W: Calvin Clements   D: Bernard McEveety

With Eric Braeden (Carl Jaekel), John Crawford (Norman Wilson), James Chandler (Warden), Julie Gregg (Beth Wilson), Mia Bendixsen (Penny Wilson), Vic Tayback (Dirks), Scott Edmonds (Doctor), Bob Golden (Guard).
A prison parolee returns to Dodge City to discover his fiancee, who has written him weekly during his 10 years as a convict, is married and has a daughter. Angered, he threatens to kill the child and its father unless the woman goes away with him.

February 8, 1971: Murdoch
Season 16, episode 20
W: Jack Miller   D: Robert Totten

With Robert Totten, Jack Elam (Lucas Murdoch), Robert Random (Scott Murdoch), Anthony Caruso (Townsend), Clint Howard (Lonny), Tom Waters (Morris), Tim Burns (Braly), Liz Marshall (Ruth), Bobby Clark (Gatlin), Gary Combs (Fairchild).
A rough, self-assured U.S. marshal joins Matt Dillon in a scheme to trap a robber band with false information about a large gold shipment.

February 15, 1971: Cleavus
Season 16, episode 21
W: Donald Koplowitz, Richard D. Scott   D: Vincent McEveety

With Robert Totten (Cleavus Lukens), Henry Wise (Waiter), Arthur Hunnicutt (Uriah Spessard), William Challee (Baylock), Robert Cornthwaite (Clerk), Robert B. Williams (Woody).
A world-weary traveler accidentally kills a prospector then takes his mule and gold.

February 22, 1971: Lavery
Season 16, episode 22
W: Donald Sanford   D: Vincent McEveety

With Karl Swenson (Mr. Hubert), Ken Swofford (Harry), Judi West (April Lavery), Anthony Costello (Keith Lavery), David Carradine (Clint), Jack Perkins (Trapper), David Huddleston (Arno), Chanin Hale (Verna), Hank Patterson (Hank Miller).
Prison parolee Keith Lavery seems destined for better things when, after saving Marshal Dillon's life, Matt gets him a steady job. Things take a change for the worse when Lavery discovers his wife is a saloon girl and he's accused of robbing his employer.

March 1, 1971: Dirty Sally (1)
Season 16, episode 23
W: Jack Miller   D: Bernard McEveety

With Jeanette Nolan (Dirty Sally), Cliff Osmond (Tom Macomb), William Murphy (Loomis), Woodrow Chambliss (Lathrop), Dack Rambo (Cyrus Pike), Ross Hagen (Hicks), William Mims (Hawkins), Jim Boles (Sutro), Jon Jason Mantley (Billy), Maria Mantley (Girl # 1), John Puglia (Boy # 1), Susan Newmark (Girl # 2), Billy McMickle (Boy # 2).
Sally Fergus finds a wounded outlaw unconscious in the desert after being shot by Festus during a robbery of the freight office in Dodge.

March 8, 1971: Dirty Sally (2)
Season 16, episode 24
W: Jack Miller   D: Bernard McEveety

With Jeanette Nolan (Dirty Sally), Cliff Osmond (Tom Macomb), William Murphy (Loomis), Dack Rambo (Cyrus Pike), Ross Hagen (Hicks).
Sally Fergus removes two bullets from the outlaw Pike's shoulder, but is forced to leave him alone in her shack when she goes to seek medical advice in Dodge City.

September 13, 1971: The Lost
Season 17, episode 1
W: Jack Miller   D: Robert Totten

With Warren Vanders, Robert Totten, Peggy Rea (Mrs. Roniger), Royal Dano (Henry Mather), Link Wyler (Lamond Mather), Charles Kuenstle (Valjean Mather), Harry Carey Jr. (Will Roniger), Mercedes McCambridge (Mrs. Mather), Laurie Prange (Wild Child), Jon Jason Mantley (Jon), Maria Mantley (Maria), Heather Cotton (Girl), Dee Carroll (Mrs. Grayson), Terri Lynn Wood (Elsie).
Series returns at a new day and time for its 17th season. An opportunistic frontier woman seeks to take advantage of Kitty after a stagecoach accident.

September 20, 1971: Phoenix
Season 17, episode 2
W: Anthony Lawrence   D: Paul Stanley

With Glenn Corbett (Phoenix), Frank Corsentino (Fraker), Ramon Bieri (John Sontag), Mariette Hartley (Kate Hume), Gene Evans (Jesse Hume).
A young ex-convict takes a contract to kill a man he has never met. He soon has second thoughts about the deal, but his employers threaten to kill him if he doesn't carry out the job.

September 27, 1971: Waste (1)
Season 17, episode 3
W: Jim Byrnes   D: Vincent McEveety

With Ellen Burstyn (Amy Waters), Johnny Whitaker (Willie Hubbard), Ruth Roman (Maggie Blaisedell), Jeremy Slate (Ben Rodman).
Matt Dillon delays his pursuit of an outlaw to help a young boy search for his mother.

October 4, 1971: Waste (2)
Season 17, episode 4
W: Jim Byrnes   D: Vincent McEveety

With Jeremy Slate (Ben Rodman), Shug Fisher (Jed Rascoe), Ken Swofford (Speer), Ellen Burstyn (Amy Waters), Ruth Roman (Maggie Blaisedell), Johnny Whitaker (Willie Hubbard), David Sheiner (Preacher), George Chandler (Silas Hubbard).
An outlaw gang corners Matt Dillon and a band of women near an old fort.

October 11, 1971: New Doctor In Town
Season 17, episode 5
W: Jack Miller   D: Philip Leacock

With Lane Bradford (Dump Hart), Jon Lormer (Cody Sims), Woodrow Chambliss (Lathrop), Sarah Selby (Ma Smalley).
Introduces veteran actor Pat Hingle in the continuing role of Dr. John Chapman, Dodge City's temporary replacement for Doc Adams. In this episode, Doc Chapman, faced with the town's suspicion and mistrust of a new doctor, must also face a severe test when Newly O'Brien is seriously injured.

October 18, 1971: The Legend
Season 17, episode 6
W: Calvin Clements   D: Philip Leacock

With Jan-Michael Vincent (Travis Colter), Kim Hunter (Bea Colter), Greg Mullavey (Virgil Colter).
The mother of two infamous outlaws is faced with a third son drifting toward the wrong side of the law.

October 25, 1971: Trafton
Season 17, episode 7
W: Ron Bishop   D: Bernard McEveety

With Victor French (Trafton), Bill Catching (Brant), Patti Cohoon (Maria Farrell), Clay Tanner (Capps), Fred Stromoe (Prew), Sharon Acker (Tereese Farrell), Mike Mazurki (Whale), Marie Windsor (Mary K), Phil Carey (Bannion), Paul Stevens (Reverend English), Manuel Padilla Jr. (Manuel).
A cold-hearted gunslinger kills the sheriff and a priest in a small Kansas town.

November 1, 1971: Lynott
Season 17, episode 8
W: Ron Bishop   D: Gunnar Hellstrom

With Richard Kiley (Tom Lynott), Peggy McCay (Penny Lynott), Jonathan Lippe (Wallace), Pat Hingle (Dr. Chapman), Ken Lynch (Rolling), Eddie Quillan (Bartender), Anthony Caruso (Talley), Claudia Bryar (Maude Weaver).
A one-time marshal agrees to fill in for injured Matt Dillon.

November 8, 1971: Lijah
Season 17, episode 9
W: William Blinn   D: Irving J. Moore

With Charles Wagenheim (Haligan), Woodrow Chambliss (Lathrop), Howard Culver (Howie), Tom Brown (Ed O'Connor), Lane Bradford (Dump Hart), Harry Townes (Hale Parker), Herb Vigran (Judge Brooker), Pete Kellett (Frank), Henry Wise (Hank), Erin Moran (Rachel), Denny Miller (Lijah), William Wintersole (Will Standish), Dan Flynn Jr. (Tack).
A stern, slient mountain man on trial for three wanton slayings looks to Dr. Chapman for help.

November 15, 1971: My Brother's Keeper
Season 17, episode 10
W: Arthur Dales   D: Paul Stanley

With Sarah Selby (Ma Smalley), Malcolm Atterbury (Cobb), Charles Wagenheim (Halligan), John Dierkes (Indian), Pippa Scott (Sarah), Charles McGraw (Squaw Man), Dana Laurita (Mandy), Ray Reinhardt (Preacher), Red Morgan (Kroll), Donna DeLacey (Woman).
Festus stumbles upon a dying old Indian in a storm and brings him back to Dodge City.

November 22, 1971: Drago
Season 17, episode 11
W: Jim Byrnes   D: Paul Stanley

With Edward Faulkner (Trask), Buddy Ebsen (Drago), Ben Johnson (Hannon), Mitchell Silberman (Ruben), Del Monroe (Flagg), Rick Gates (Gillis), Tani Guthrie (Clara), Larry Randles (Larry).
An aging trailblazer, with only his dog for help, leaves a posse and sets out after a killer who murdered a woman who had befriended the old scout.

November 29, 1971: Gold Train: The Bullet (1)
Season 17, episode 12
W: Jim Byrnes   D: Bernard McEveety

With Eric Braeden (Jack Sinclair), John Crawford (Frank Blanchard), Eddie Firestone (Orley), Katherine Justice (Beth Tilton), Warren Kemmerling (Conductor), Jonathan Lippe (Roper), Sam Melville (Nebo), Walter Sande (Caldwell), Robert Sorrells (Concho), Mills Watson (Pony), Norman Alden (Amos Potter), Jon Kowal (Dunn), Sian Barbara Allen (Allie Dawson), Pepe Callahan (Secos), Robert Hogan (Capt. Darnell), Alejandro Rey (Father Sanchez).
Matt Dillon is bushwacked in Dodge City and will either die or be paralyzed unless the bullet is removed. Milburn Stone ('Doc') returns to the series with this episode.

December 6, 1971: Gold Train: The Bullet (2)
Season 17, episode 13
W: Jim Byrnes   D: Bernard McEveety

With Eric Braeden (Jack Sinclair), John Crawford (Frank Blanchard), Eddie Firestone (Orley), Katherine Justice (Beth Tilton), Warren Kemmerling (Conductor), Jonathan Lippe (Roper), Sam Melville (Nebo), Walter Sande (Caldwell), Robert Sorrells (Concho), Mills Watson (Pony), Pete Kellett (Sergeant), Norman Alden (Amos Potter), Jon Kowal (Dunn), Sian Barbara Allen (Allie Dawson), Pepe Callahan (Secos), Robert Hogan (Capt. Darnell), Alejandro Rey (Father Sanchez).
Festus and Newly devise a ploy to draw an outlaw band away from a railroad car where Matt Dillon lies critically wounded.

December 13, 1971: Gold Train: The Bullet (3)
Season 17, episode 14
W: Jim Byrnes   D: Bernard McEveety

With Eric Braeden (Jack Sinclair), John Crawford (Frank Blanchard), Eddie Firestone (Orley), Katherine Justice (Beth Tilton), Warren Kemmerling (Conductor), Jonathan Lippe (Roper), Sam Melville (Nebo), Walter Sande (Caldwell), Mills Watson (Pony), Pete Kellett (Sergeant), Robert Sorrells (Concho), Jon Kowal (Dunn), Sian Barbara Allen (Allie Dawson), Pepe Callahan (Secos), Robert Hogan (Capt. Darnell), Alejandro Rey (Father Sanchez).
Doc Adams faces a critical decision on whether to go against his earlier decision and operate on critically wounded Matt Dillon.

December 27, 1971: P.S. Murry Christmas
Season 17, episode 15
W: William Kelley   D: Herb Wallerstein

With Sarah Selby (Ma Smalley), Jack Elam (Titus Spangler), Jeanette Nolan (Emma Grundy), Patti Cohoon (Mary), Erin Moran (Jenny), Willie Aames (Tom), Josh Albee (Michael), Todd Lookinland (Jake), Brian Morrison (Owen), Jodie Foster (Patricia), Jack Collins (J. Stedman Edgecomb), Maudie Prickett (Mrs. Pretch), Herb Vigran (Judge Caleb Brooker).
Seven homeless children run away from their Kansas orphanage in search of a Christmas they have never known. When the orphanage's stern headmistress arrives in Dodge to reclaim her charges, the town is reluctant to let them go.

January 3, 1972: No Tomorrow
Season 17, episode 16
W: Richard Fielder   D: Irving J. Moore

With H.M. Wynant (Morris Cragin), Herb Vigran (Judge Brooker), Leo Gordon (Hargis), Alan Fudge (Bailiff), Sam Groom (Ben Justin), Pamela McMyler (Elizabeth Justin), Steve Brodie (Garth Brantley), Henry Jones (J. Luther Gross), Liam Dunn (Eli Bruder), Dan Flynn (Kyle Brantley).
A convicted horse thief, although protesting his innocence, corners Matt Dillon after a prison escape in which a guard was killed.

January 10, 1972: Hidalgo
Season 17, episode 17
W: Colley Cibber   D: Paul Stanley

With Alfonso Arau (Mando), Thomas Gomez (Augustin), Fabian Gregory (Lucho), Linda Marsh (Lucero).
Critically-injured Matt Dillon finds himself allied with a boy, a feeble old man and a young woman in a deadly clash with a Mexican bandit.

January 17, 1972: Tara
Season 17, episode 18
W: William Kelley   D: Bernard McEveety

With L.Q. Jones (Gecko Ridley), Ken Swofford (Dirk), Ken Mayer (Pudge), Sarah Selby (Ma Smalley), Charles Seel (Barney), Howard Culver (Howie), Larry Delaney (Roy Hutson), Michele Carey (Tara Hutson), James McCallion (Mr. Fletcher).
Newly O'Brien is attracted to vivacious Tara Huston, unaware that she has a crimson past. When her past catches up with her, she calls on Newly for protection.

January 24, 1972: One For The Road
Season 17, episode 19
W: Jack Miller   D: Bernard McEveety

With Jeanette Nolan ("Dirty" Sally Fergus), Herb Vigran (Judge Brooker), Jack Albertson (Lucius Prince), Victor Holchak (Tom Rickaby), Melissa Murphy (Miss Elsie).
A drifting drunkard, in the course of his inebriated wandering, encounters a salty old girl of the West, an attempt on his life and a sanity hearing.

January 31, 1972: The Predators
Season 17, episode 20
W: Calvin Clements   D: Bernard McEveety

With Claude Akins (Howard Kane), Jacqueline Scott (Abelia Johnson), Tom Brown (Ed O'Connor), Mills Watson (Currie), Lew Brown (Smith), Read Morgan (Brown), Jodie Foster (Marieanne Johnson), Brian Morrison (Jonathan Johnson), George Murdock (Cole Matson).
A revenge-seeking outcast draws an attractive widow into trouble with the law.

February 7, 1972: Yankton
Season 17, episode 21
W: Jim Byrnes   D: Vincent McEveety

With Forrest Tucker (Will Donovan), James Stacy (Yankton), Nancy Olson (Henrietta Donovan), Pamela Payton-Wright (Emma Donovan).
A poor loser plots to gain revenge on a wealthy rancher through his plain-looking and vulnerable daughter.

February 21, 1972: Blind Man's Buff
Season 17, episode 22
W: Ron Honthaner   D: Herb Wallerstein

With Victor French (Jed Frazer), George Lindsey (Charlie Clavin), Anne Jackson (Phoebe Preston).
A lonely spinster's romantic, happy idyll is shattered when her man seems suddenly to go berserk and attacks an apparent stranger.

March 6, 1972: Alias Festus Haggin
Season 17, episode 23
W: Calvin Clements   D: Vincent McEveety

With Ramon Bieri (Doyle), Rayford Barnes (Grebbs), William Bryant (Bennett), Herb Vigran (Judge Brooker), Jon Lormer (Judge Clayborne), Ed McCready (Scotty), Lloyd Nelson (Shorty), Gregg Palmer (Guthrie), Robert Totten (Walker), Booth Colman (Rand), Lieux Dressler (Susie), Rusty Lane (Sheriff Buckley), Tom McFadden (Luke).
Festus Haggin is arrested and forced to stand trial as a murderer named Frank Eaton. Festus is further endangered by Eaton's wife, who identifies him as the husband she thought was dead.

March 13, 1972: The Wedding
Season 17, episode 24
W: Harry Kronman   D: Bernard McEveety

With Morgan Woodward (Walt Clayton), James Chandler (Reverend Keller), Lane Bradford (Joe Eggers), Troy Melton (Pete Calder), Sam Elliott (Cory Soames), Melissa Newman (Donna Clayton), Fran Ryan (Mrs. Keller), Larry Barton (Townsman), George Wallace (Sheriff Henning), Byron Mabe (Sandy Carr), Jason Wingreen (Dr. Cleery).
Matt Dillon, summoned to the town of Salt Flat to pick up a prisoner, finds himself enmeshed in a fiery vendetta.

September 11, 1972: The River (1)
Season 18, episode 1
W: Jack Miller   D: Herb Wallerstein

With Jack Elam (Pierre Audubon), Miriam Colon (Paullette Duvalier), Slim Pickens (Charlie Utter).
The 18th season begins with the tale of a hard-riding gang of outlaws trying to regain the spoils from a series of robberies, forcing Matt Dillon into dangerous situations as he attempts to track them down.

September 18, 1972: The River (2)
Season 18, episode 2
W: Jack Miller   D: Herb Wallerstein

With Slim Pickens (Charlie Utter), Jack Elam (Pierre), Miriam Colon (Paullette).
An outlaw gang, led by the notorious Charlie Utter, tries to stop Matt Dillon and recover the money he has taken from one of their band by blocking his passage down the river on a raft.

September 25, 1972: Bohannan
Season 18, episode 3
W: William Kelley   D: Alf Kjellin

With Woodrow Chambliss (Lathrop), Richard Kiley (Bohannan), Regis Cordic (Reverend), Helen Kleeb (Dorcas Wentzel), Linda Marsh (Lydia Walden), Vincent Van Patten (Heck), Ed Bakey (Goody Stackpole).
A faith healer who travels the West ministering to a stream of supplicants and nonbelievers comes to Dodge and incurs the wrath of Doc Adams, who attempts to expose him as a charlatan.

October 2, 1972: The Judgement
Season 18, episode 4
W: Shimon Wincelberg   D: Philip Leacock

With William Windom (Ira Spratt), Ramon Bieri (Musgrove), Katherine Helmond (Ena Spratt), Tim O'Connor (Gideon), Jon Locke (Orval), Mariette Hartley (Fiona Gideon), Charles Wagenheim (Halligan), Richard Kelton (Ab Craddock), Melissa Gilbert (Spratt's Child).
A man with a grudge goes hunting for a simple hog farmer who he believes has wronged him -- wounding Festus and Newly in the process.

October 9, 1972: The Drummer
Season 18, episode 5
W: Richard Fielder   D: Bernard McEveety

With Victor French (Daniel Shay), Fionnuala Flanagan (Sarah Morgan), Brandon Cruz (Jimmy Morgan).
A former solider, trying to escape his past, meets an emotional challenge from a young widow and her half-breed son.

October 16, 1972: Sarah
Season 18, episode 6
W: Calvin Clements   D: Gunnar Hellstrom

With Anthony Caruso (Pappy Quinn), Jonathan Lippe (Sonny), Anne Francis (Sarah), Michael Lane (Digby), John Orchard (Taylor), Kay E. Kuter (Warren), Larry Duran (Vesco), Ronald Manning (Engels), Rex Holman (Ed), George Keymas (Deering).
Matt Dillon rides into an outlaw sanctuary and meets an old flame who asks him to join her outlaw husband's gang.

October 23, 1972: The Fugitives
Season 18, episode 7
W: Charles Joseph Stone   D: Irving J. Moore

With Troy Melton (Curley Danzig), James Olson (Bede Stalcup), Darrell Larson (Danny Stalcup), Vic Tayback (Bill Hankins), Russell Johnson (Link Parrin).
Doc and Festus are abducted by outlaws and forced to minister to a wounded member of their gang. Festus is wounded trying to escape, and the outlaw leader follows him to Dodge in hopes of finishing him off.

October 30, 1972: Eleven Dollars
Season 18, episode 8
W: Paul Savage   D: Irving J. Moore

With Susan Oliver (Sarah Elkins), Josh Albee (Chad), Ike Eisenmann (Clay), Diane Shalet (Charity Spencer), Phil Chambers (Beckwith), E.J. Andre (Jeb Spencer), Roy Engel (Sandor), Gloria LeRoy (Claire), Charles Wagenheim (Joshua Halligan).
Festus, riding across the Kansas plains to deliver an inheritance to the daughter of a farmer who had befriended him, must hide the sum from a band of hide-hunters as well as from the woman's young children.

November 6, 1972: Milligan
Season 18, episode 9
W: Ron Bishop   D: Bernard McEveety

With Harry Morgan (John Milligan), Patti Cohoon (Wendy Milligan), John Pickard (Bob Power), Lynn Carlin (Janet Milligan), Sorrell Booke (Gerald Pandy), Scott Walker (Mattis), Joseph Campanella (Jack Norcross), Charles Macaulay (Dofeny).
Milligan, a member of a posse hunting bank robber and murderer Jack Norcross, shoots and kills the outlaw in a panic. The citizens of Dodge seem outraged when it is discovered Norcross had been shot in the back.

November 13, 1972: Tatum
Season 18, episode 10
W: Jim Byrnes   D: Gunnar Hellstrom

With Gene Evans (Bodie Tatum), Lloyd Nelson (Clergyman), Neil Summers (Joe Beel), Jay W. MacIntosh (Gwenn), Sandra Smith (Maddy), Kenneth Tobey (Ed Terrall), Sheila Larken (Marion), Ann Korita (Kata), Jeff Pomerantz (Dirk Mitchell).
A vigorous giant of a man challenges an angry bear to save his family and runs into more trouble with a crowd of irate citizens.

November 20, 1972: The Sodbusters
Season 18, episode 11
W: Ron Bishop   D: Robert Butler

With Katherine Justice (Clarabelle Callahan), Leif Garrett (John Callahan), Morgan Woodward (Lamoor Underwood), Harrison Ford (Print), Alex Cord (Pete Brown), Dawn Lyn (Maria Callahan), Norman Bartold (Darga), Jim Boles (Kesting), Richard Bull (Deems), Joe Di Reda (Navin), Colin Male (Gene Hill), Paul Prokop (Dan), Evans Thornton (Murphy), Robert Viharo (Dick Shaw).
Marshal Dillion rides into the middle of a range war while pursuing an outlaw and finds cattlemen trying to gun down a farmer in a fight over water rights.

November 27, 1972: The Brothers
Season 18, episode 12
W: Calvin Clements   D: Gunnar Hellstrom

With Steve Forrest (Cord Wrecken), Regis Cordic (Sheriff Crane), Howard Culver (Howie).
A psychopathic killer sets out coldly to avenge the bounty killing of his brother, with the trail leading to Dodge City and Kitty Russell.

December 11, 1972: Hostage!
Season 18, episode 13
W: Paul F. Edwards   D: Gunnar Hellstrom

With Hal Baylor (Toke), James Chandler (Governor), Stafford Repp (Sheriff Tanner), William Smith (Jude Bonner), Geoffrey Lewis (Lafitte), Nina Roman (Amy Lee), Marco St. John (Virgil Bonner), Sandra Kent (Martha).
A notorious gang of marauders swears vengeance against Matt Dillon for the execution of one of their members.

December 18, 1972: Jubilee
Season 18, episode 14
D: Herb Wallerstein

With Tom Skerritt (Tuck Frye), Todd Cameron (Caleb Frye), Collin Wilcox (Bess Frye), Alan Hale Jr. (Dave Chaney), Scott Brady (Ed Wells), Lori Rutherford (Annie Frye), Whitey Hughes (Billy Banner).
A poor Kansas farmer dreams of striking it rich with his quarter horse via a match race with the town champion.

January 1, 1973: Arizona Midnight
Season 18, episode 15
W: Dudley Bromley   D: Irving J. Moore

With Billy Curtis (Arizona), Mills Watson (Fred), Ken Mayer (Ed), Stanley Clements (Red), Sadye Powell (Beatrice).
A midget cowboy arrives in Dodge City astride a giant horse, with a tall tale of turning himself into an elephant when the moon is full.

January 8, 1973: Homecoming
Season 18, episode 16
W: Calvin Clements   D: Gunnar Hellstrom

With Robert Pratt (Raymond Wilson), Richard Kelton (Rick Wilson), Ivy Jones (Martha Beal), Claudia Bryar (Mrs. Bronson), Stuart Margolin (John Mophet), Lurene Tuttle (Anna Wilson), Lynn Marta (Prudence).
Two outlaw brothers return to Dodge City to visit their dying mother and threaten to take Kitty and Doc as hostages to ensure their safe escape across the border to Mexico.

January 15, 1973: Shadler
Season 18, episode 17
W: Jim Byrnes   D: Arnold Laven

With Denver Pyle (Cyrus Himes), Diana Hyland (Dallas Fair), Earl Holliman (Boone Shadler), Pat Conway (Varnum), Linda Watkins (Abby Shadler), Ken Lynch (McKee), Bill Erwin (Mr. Jonas), Alex Sharp (Reno), John Davis Chandler (Rogers), Don 'Red' Barry (Dobson), James Jeter (Creech), John Carter (Father Walsh), Meg Wyllie (Mrs. Evans), Tom Pittman (Elmer), Barry Cahill (Walters), Wallace Earl (Farina).
A convict escapes from prison while masquerading as a priest, and allies himself with Newly O'Brien to save a small town from being overrun by a gang of outlaws.

January 22, 1973: Patricia
Season 18, episode 18
W: Calvin Clements   D: Alf Kjellin

With Jess Walton (Patricia Colby), Ike Eisenmann (Johnny), John Baer (Johnny's Father), Gail Bonney (Mrs. Peary), Don Elson (Brown), Richard Lundin (Stage Driver).
Newly O'Brien marries a young a woman whom he met while tending the injured from a Kansas tornado, but the newlyweds' happiness is flawed when it is discovered that his bride is suffering from a rare blood disease.

January 29, 1973: Quiet Day In Dodge
Season 18, episode 19
W: Jack Miller   D: Alf Kjellin

With Leo Gordon (Job Snelling), Herb Vigran (Judge Brooker), Shug Fisher (Dobie Crimps), Henry Wise (Hank), Charles Wagenheim (Halligan), J. Pat O'Malley (Drummer), Margaret Hamilton (Edsel Fry), John Fiedler (Mr. Ballou), Douglas Fowley (Buck Dooling), Michelle Breeze (Sadie), Willie Aames (Andy), Walker Edmiston (Ludlow), Helen Page Camp (Mrs. Ballou).
Marshal Matt Dillon returns to Dodge City with a dangerous prisoner, not having slept for two days, only to face another unbelievable 24-hour period before he gets any rest.

February 5, 1973: Whelan's Men
Season 18, episode 20
W: Ron Bishop   D: Paul F. Edwards

With Robert Burr (Dan Whelan), Noble Willingham (Tuck), William Bramley (Loomis), Roy Roberts (Mr. Bodkin), Tom Brown (Ed O'Connor), Gerald McRaney (Gentry), Harrison Ford (Hobey), Frank Ramirez (Breed), Seamon Glass (Acker), Ed Craig (Partridge), Bobby Hall (Musgrove).
An outlaw gang, led by a vengeance-seeking gunman, invades Dodge City during Matt's absence and terrorizes the town, waiting for him to return.

February 12, 1973: Kimbro
Season 18, episode 21
W: Jim Byrnes   D: Gunnar Hellstrom

With John Anderson (Kimbro), Michael Strong (Peak Stratton), William Devane (Moss Stratton), Tom Falk (Billy Stratton), Rick Weaver (Turkey Stratton), Doreen Lang (Mary), Lisa Eilbacher (Melody), Wendell Baker (John).
Matt Dillon learns that the man who taught him everything he knows is a town drunk, reduced to sweeping out stables for whiskey money. Hoping to rehabilitate the man, Dillon deputizes him and takes him on a dangerous mission.

February 19, 1973: Jesse
Season 18, episode 22
W: Jim Byrnes   D: Bernard McEveety

With Don Stroud (Pete Murphy), Brock Peters (Jesse Dillard), Jim Davis (Dave Carpenter), Lloyd Nelson (Dr. Miller), Ted Gehring (Sheriff Bradley), Pete Kellett (Drucker), Robert Pine (Link), Leonard Stone (Abel Glass), Regis Cordic (Marshal Halstead), Norman Bartold (Sheriff), Karen Welch (Agnes).
Festus and Newly face an agonizing decision whether to turn in a friend who is wanted by the law or giving him his freedom and breaking the law themselves.

February 26, 1973: Talbot
Season 18, episode 23
W: Jim Byrnes   D: Vincent McEveety

With Salome Jens (Katherine), Anthony Zerbe (Talbot), Robert Totten (Eli), Charles Wagenheim (Halligan), Victor Izay (Bull), Peter Jason (Pope), Bill Williams (Red), Ken Swofford (Harkey), Robert Donner (Brown), Gloria Dixon (Shirley), Chanin Hale (Sally), Chalres Macaulay (Mr. Dofeny), Tom Sutton (Tom), Jennifer Yelland (Alice).
An outlaw falls in love with the widow of a man he has been forced to kill in self-defense, and the two plan to leave Dodge City together posing as cattle buyers.

March 5, 1973: This Golden Land
Season 18, episode 24
W: Hal Sitowitz   D: Gunnar Hellstrom

With Paul Stevens (Moshe Gorofsky), Bettye Ackerman (Zisha), Joseph Hindy (Laibel), Richard Dreyfuss (Gearshon), Kevin Coughlin (Calvin), Victor French (Ruxton), Scott Sells (Semel), Wayne McLaren (Homer).
A Jewish immigrant family comes to grips with the turbulent life on the Kansas frontier of the 1870s as the patriarch of the proud family is forced to confront the town hoodlum, who was responsible for the accidental death of his youngest son.

September 10, 1973: Women For Sale (1)
Season 19, episode 1
W: Jim Byrnes   D: Vincent McEveety

With Shani Wallis (Stella), James Whitmore (Fitzpatrick), Kathleen Cody (Cynthia), Dawn Lyn (Marcy).
The show's 19th season opens with a two-part episode as a kidnapped saloon girl is sold to a white slave trader who in turn lets her go back to her Indian captor escaping from Matt Dillon.

September 17, 1973: Women For Sale (2)
Season 19, episode 2
W: Jim Byrnes   D: Vincent McEveety

With James Whitmore (Fitzpatrick), Shani Wallis (Stella), Dan Ferrone (Dan Ross), Charles Seel (Josiah), Gregory Sierra (Blue Jacket), Kathleen Cody (Cynthia), Nicholas Hammond (Britt), Sally Kemp (Rachel), Dawn Lyn (Marcy), Lieux Dressler (Liz), Edgar Monetathchi (Comanche Chief), Gilbert Escandon (Ten Bears), Ronald Manning (Hoxie).
Marshal Dillon rescues kidnap victims Stella and Marcy from their Indian captor, and sets after a white slave trader who is escaping to Mexico.

September 24, 1973: Matt's Love Story
Season 19, episode 3
W: Ron Bishop   D: Gunnar Hellstrom

With Michael Learned (Mike Yardner), Jonathan Lippe (Monte Rupert), William Schallert (Cordelius), Victor French (Les Dean), Richard Lundin (Canoot), Keith Andes (Starcourt).
A widow falls in love with Marshall Dillon after saving him from a near death, but her own life is in danger when a land-hungry rancher fails to persuade her to sell her ranch.

October 1, 1973: The Boy And The Sinner
Season 19, episode 4
W: Hal Sitowitz   D: Bernard McEveety

With Warren Vanders (Otis Miller), John Crawford (Hugh Eaton), Ken Lynch (Jess Bradman), Read Morgan (Jack Beaver), Hal Baylor (Boomer), Victor Izay (Bull), Florida Friebus (Mrs. Travers), Ron Moody (Noah Beal), Vincent Van Patten (Colby Eaton).
A drunken beggar accepts an offer to stake a false land claim in exchange for whiskey, but a young neighbor boy befriends him and gives him some hope for the future to put his life in jeopardy when he decides to go against his promise.

October 8, 1973: The Widow-Maker
Season 19, episode 5
W: Paul F. Edwards   D: Bernard McEveety

With Steve Forrest (Scott Coltrane), James Chandler (Preacher), Hank Patterson (Hank), David Huddleston (Dan Goodpastor), Randolph Roberts (Kid Chama), Barra Grant (Teresa), Rand Bridges (Deak Towler), J.R. Clark (Sundog Wheeler), Jerry Gatlin (Buck Lennart).
A gunfighter whose speed is legendary is now trying to hide from his past and live a quiet, non-violent life with the woman he loves.

October 22, 1973: Kitty's Love Affair
Season 19, episode 6
W: Paul Savage   D: Vincent McEveety

With Richard Kiley (Will Stambridge), Rayford Barnes (Dowel), James Almanzar (Clel), Phil Chambers (Hank), Don Keefer (Turner), Pete Kellett (Curt), Leonard Stone (Corley Deems), Gerald McRaney (Lonnie Colby), Christopher Connelly (Sheb Deems), Del Monroe (Coots), Jeff Parks (Zeke), Virginia Baker (Mrs. Colby), Louis Elias (R.J.), Rick Hurst (Mayhew), Paul Picerni (Grimes).
Kitty falls in love with an ex-gunfighter who moves to Dodge in hopes of erasing his past life.

October 29, 1973: The Widow And The Rogue
Season 19, episode 7
D: Bernard McEveety

With James Stacy (J.J. Honegger), Beth Brickell (Martha Cunningham), Clay O'Brien (Caleb Cunningham), Helen Page Camp (Clarisa), Richard Lundin (Stage Driver), Monika Svensson (Daughter).
A personable thief, who doesn't relish the thought of a two-year minimum sentence because of his past record, seeks to escape from Festus en route to the Dodge City jail.

November 5, 1973: A Game Of Death...An Act Of Love (1)
Season 19, episode 8
W: Paul F. Edwards   D: Gunnar Hellstrom

With Morgan Woodward (Bear Sanderson), John Pickard (Captain Sykes), Herb Vigran (Judge Brooker), Howard Culver (Howie), Richard Lundin (Brewer), Donna Mills (Cora Sanderson), Whitney Blake (Lavinia Sanderson), Paul Stevens (Cicero Wolfe), Geoffrey Horne (Lt. Briggs), Peter Cannon (Red), Clay Tanner (Joe Bob), Victor Leono (Renegade Leader).
A man seeks revenge when outlaw Indians kill his wife and burn down his home, and Matt Dillon must step in to prevent further violence.

November 12, 1973: A Game Of Death...An Act Of Love (2)
Season 19, episode 9
W: Paul F. Edwards   D: Gunnar Hellstrom

With Donna Mills (Cora Sanderson), Whitney Blake (Lavinia Sanderson), Michael Learned (May Lassiter), Paul Stevens (Cicero Wolfe), Morgan Woodward (Bear Sanderson), Garry Walberg (Dekker), John Pickard (Captain Sykes), Herb Vigran (Judge Brooker), Hank Patterson (Hank), Richard Lundin (Brewer), Geoffrey Horne (Lt. Briggs).
A group of Indians are accused of killing the wife of the town's leading citizen.

November 19, 1973: Lynch Town
Season 19, episode 10
W: Calvin Clements   D: Bernard McEveety

With Davd Wayne (Judge Warfield), Warren Kemmerling (Sheriff Ridder), Mitch Vogel (Rob Fiedler), Scott Brady (John King).
A drunken circuit court judge, on the payroll of the town boss, is forced by Marshal Dillon to hold an inquest into the death of a saloon owner.

November 26, 1973: The Hanging Of Newly O'Brien
Season 19, episode 11
W: Calvin Clements   D: Alf Kjellin

With Billy Green Bush (Kermit), Jan Burrell (Anna), Erica Hunton (Little Girl), James Van Patten (Tim), Walter Scott (John), Billie Bird (Old Woman), Arthur Malet (Old Timer), Bobby Hall (Adrian), Rusty Lane (Grandpa), Deborah Dozier (Ronda), Don Elson (Farmer Buey), Jessamine Milner (Grandma).
Newly's skill with both people and medicine is put to the test when Doc sends him out to check on families in the back country.

December 3, 1973: Susan Was Evil
Season 19, episode 12
W: William Keys   D: Bernard McEveety

With Robert Brubaker (Glenn Murphy), Katherine Cannon (Susan), Kathleen Nolan (Nellie), George DiCenzo (Newt), James Gammon (Dudley), Henry Olek (Sam), Art Lund (Norman Boswell).
A widow falls in love with Matt Dillon's wounded prisoner at a remote way station, upsetting her niece who fears her plans for a new life in St. Louis will be ruined.

December 17, 1973: The Deadly Innocent
Season 19, episode 13
W: Calvin Clements   D: Bernard McEveety

With Russell Wiggins (Billy), Herb Vigran (Judge Brooker), Jack Garner (Pete), Charles Dierkop (Barnett), Denny Arnold (Slim), William Shriver (Grooms), Erica Hunton (Annie).
A powerful young man with the mind of a child erupts into uncontrollable violence when he sees anyone -- or anything -- being hurt.

December 24, 1973: The Child Between
Season 19, episode 14
W: Harry Kronman   D: Irving J. Moore

With Eddie Little Sky (Goriko), Sam Groom (Lew Harrod), Sandra Morgan (Makesha), John Dierkes (Dahoma).
A fugitive and hs Indian wife frustrate Newly by seeking medical help for their baby, and then refusing to take his advice.

January 14, 1974: A Family Of Killers
Season 19, episode 15
W: William Keys   D: Gunnar Hellstrom

With Anthony Caruso (Elton Sutterfield), Mills Watson (Crazy Harley Sutterfield), Glenn Corbett (Marshal Bob Hargraves), Zina Bethune (Jonnalee Simpson), Stuart Margolin (Brownie Sutterfield), Morgan Paull (Pitchford), Frank Corsentino (Jacob), George Keymas (Tobin).
A daring jailbreak reunites a family of vicious outlaws who wound a pursuing U.S. marshal, kill his deputy, then wait in ambush for the lawman and Marshal Dillon.

January 21, 1974: Like Old Times
Season 19, episode 16
W: Richard Fielder   D: Irving J. Moore

With Nehemiah Persoff (Ben Rando), Gloria DeHaven (Carrie Louise Thompson), Charles Haid (Lem Hargis), Victor Izay (Bull), Richard Lundin (Stage Driver), Roy Roberts (Botkin), Charles Wagenheim (Halligan), Robert Brubaker (Bartender), Daniel J. Travanti (Aaron Barker), Hal Bokar (Clay), Rhodie Cogan (Mrs. Hopewell), Tom Brown (O'Connor).
A reformed criminal returns to Dodge City after spending 12 years in a penitentiary, and tries to rekindle a romance with a saloon girl he loved.

January 28, 1974: The Town Tamers
Season 19, episode 17
W: Paul Savage   D: Gunnar Hellstrom

With Leo Gordon (Badger), James Chandler (Preacher), Rex Holman (Aikens), Don Megowan (Michael), Sean McClory (Sham), Ike Eisenmann (Caleb), Jean Allison (Martha), Kay E. Kuter (McCurdy), Julie Bennett (Kate), James Jeter (Barker), Clay Tanner (Texan Leader).
A marshal is sent with Matt Dillon to tame a new, wide-open Kansas town, but love and marriage soon interfere with his ability to survive.

February 11, 1974: The Foundling
Season 19, episode 18
W: Jim Byrnes   D: Bernard McEveety

With Bonnie Bartlett (Maylee Baines), Kay Lenz (Lettie), Donald Moffat (Joseph Graham), Don Collier (Eli Baines), Jerry Hardin (Bob Ranger), Dran Hamilton (Agnes Graham).
A homeless baby triggers the maternal instinct in two women -- one of whom is Kitty -- after Marshal Dillon is forced to shoot the father of the child in self-defense.

February 18, 1974: The Iron Blood Of Courage
Season 19, episode 19
W: Ron Bishop   D: Gunnar Hellstrom

With Lloyd Bochner (J.R. 'Colley' Burdette), Patti Cohoon (Ronilou Talley), Eric Braeden (William Talley), Mariette Hartley (Ellie Talley), Gene Evans (Shaw Anderson), John Milford (Hutchinson), Bing Russell (Arnold Rolfing), Robert Karnes (George Chandler), John Baer (George Nichols), Lloyd Nelson (Mr. Morris), Jerry Gatlin (Toey), Elizabeth Harrower (Mrs. O'Roarke), Nick Ramus (Lynit), Miriam Colon (Mignon Anderson).
A threatening range war brings a mercenary gunman and his family to Dodge City in what they hope will be his last assignment before settling down.

February 25, 1974: The Schoolmarm
Season 19, episode 20
W: Dick Nelson   D: Bernard McEveety

With Todd Lookinland (Lester Pruitt), Janet Nichols (Mary Beth), Laura Nichols (Eliza), Kevin McEveety (Thomas), Charlotte Stewart (Sarah Merkle), Lin McCarthy (Carl Pruitt), Howard Culver (Hotel Clerk).
A widower tries to protect the reputation of his son's teacher and faces a charge of murder when he kills a man in a brawl.

March 4, 1974: Trail Of Bloodshed
Season 19, episode 21
W: Earl W. Wallace   D: Bernard McEveety

With Kurt Russell (Buck Henry Woolfe), Tom Simcox (Rance Woolfe), Harry Carey Jr. (Amos Brodie), Read Morgan (Bartender), Janit Baldwin (Joanie Brodie), Larry Pennell (John Woolfe), Craig Stevens (Gambler), Nina Roman (Rita).
A young man grimly tracks down the murderer of his father -- a trail which leads to Dodge City and many unexpected twists along the way.

March 11, 1974: Cowtown Hustler
Season 19, episode 22
W: Jim Byrnes   D: Gunnar Hellstrom

With Jack Albertson (Moses Darby), Henry Beckman (Thaddius McKay), Jonathan Lippe (Dave Rope), John Davis Chandler (Willie Tomsen), Robert Swan (Cox), Chuck Hicks (Turner), Dabbs Greer (Joe Bean), Richard O'Brien (Adam Kearney), Lew Brown (Beeton).
A high-stakes match gives an aging down-and-out pool player the chance to regain his self-respect -- but at the risk of killing his partner who bet against him.

March 18, 1974: To Ride A Yeller Horse
Season 19, episode 23
W: Calvin Clements   D: Vincent McEveety

With Louise Latham (Joan Shepherd), Herb Vigran (Judge Brooker), Kathleen Cody (Anna May), Simon Scott (Mr. Rogers), Parker Stevenson (Steven Rogers), Elizabeth Harrower (Mrs. O'Rourke), Thomas Leopold (Chester), John Reilly (Orlo).
An ambitious mother doesn't consider either Newly O'Brien or a neighboring farmer a suitable suitor for her daughter, and provokes them into a fight which almost leads to tragedy.

April 1, 1974: The Disciple
Season 19, episode 24
W: Shimon Wincelberg   D: Gunnar Hellstrom

With Charles Wagenheim (Halligan), Charles Seel (Barney), R.L. Armstrong (Ransom), Paul Picerni (New Marshal), David Huddleston (Asa), Claire Brennan (Sissy), Frank Marth (Loveday), Dennis Redfield (Lem Rawlins), Marco St. John (Darcy), Bobby Clark (Junior), Robert Phillips (Bill Jim).
Following a robbery and gunfight, Matt Dillon is left without the use of his right arm. Feeling he can no longer protect and serve the residents of Dodge City, he turns in his marshal's badge and exits Dodge to learn to live with his handicap.

September 9, 1974: Matt Dillon Must Die
Season 20, episode 1
W: Ray Goldrup   D: Victor French

With Morgan Woodward (Abraham Wakefield), Frederick Herrick (Laban Wakefield), William Lucking (Esau Wakefield), Douglas Dirkson (Abel Wakefield), Henry Olek (Isaac Wakefield), Joseph Hindy (Jacob Wakefield), Elaine Fulkerson (Annabel).
The series begins its 20th season as Matt finds himself in the hands of a half-crazed widower who seeks revenge for the killing of his son.

September 16, 1974: A Town In Chains
Season 20, episode 2
W: Ron Bishop   D: Bernard McEveety

With Ramon Bieri (Big Thicket), John Crawford (Muller), Lloyd Nelson (Welch), Gretchen Corbett (Arlene), Lance LeGault (Oregon), Don Stroud (Foss), Ron Soble (Clatch), Med Flory (Sheriff Van Berkle), Thad Hall (Shields), Francesca Jarvis (Martha), Bernice Smith (Helen), Russell Wiggins (Pryor).
When Matt Dillon rides into a small town to warn it about five bank robbers, he is captured and held for ransom by the outlaws who have taken over the town.

September 23, 1974: The Guns Of Cibola Blanca (1)
Season 20, episode 3
W: Paul Savage   D: Gunnar Hellstrom

With Harold Gould (Lucius Shindrow), Richard Anderson (Coltraine), James Luisi (Ivers), Jackie Coogan (Sheriff Stoudenaire), Henry Beckman (Dr. Rhodes), Dorothy Tristan (Lyla Ross), Shug Fisher (Mule Skinner), Lloyd Nelson (Dudee), Rex Holman (Badger), Michael Cristofer (Ben), Gloria LeRoy (Mady), Gilbert Escandon (Hatajo), Kurt Grayson (Evans).
Doc and saloon owner Lyla Ross are held captive by a band of renegade comancheros.

September 30, 1974: The Guns Of Cibola Blanca (2)
Season 20, episode 4
W: Paul Savage   D: Gunnar Hellstrom

With Harold Gould (Lucius Shindrow), Dorothy Tristan (Lyla), James Luisi (Ivers), Richard Anderson (Coltrain), Jackie Coogan (Sheriff Stoudenaire), Henry Beckman (Dr. Rhodes), Shug Fisher (Mule Skinner), Rex Holman (Badger), Richard Lundin (Stagecoach Driver), Michael Cristofer (Ben), Gloria LeRoy (Mady), Kurt Grayson (Evans), Gilbert Escandon (Hatajo).
With Doc overdue and a stagecoach with three passengers missing, Matt Dillon sets out to find them.

October 7, 1974: Thirty A Month And Found
Season 20, episode 5
W: Jim Byrnes   D: Bernard McEveety

With Gene Evans (Will Parmalee), Nicholas Hammond (Doak Noonan), Bonnie Jedell (Delilah), David Brian (Tait Cavanaugh), Van Williams (Quincy), Ford Rainey (Storekeeper), Victor Izay (Bull), Hank Kendrick (Sheriff), Kim O'Brien (Katherine), Hal Baylor (Railroader).
Three trail cowboys get frustrated when they find their way of life coming to an end, and finally become involved in a crime.

October 14, 1974: The Wiving
Season 20, episode 6
W: Earl W. Wallace   D: Victor French

With Harry Morgan (Jed Hockett), Victor French, Robert Brubaker (Floyd), Fran Ryan (Hannah), Karen Grassle (Fran), Bobby E. Clark (Cowboy #2), Rod McGaughy (Cowboy #1), Dennis Redfield (Shep), Michele Marsh (Sarah), Herman Poppe (Luke), Linda Sublette (Emily), John Reilly (Ike).
A farmer orders his three sons to go to town and not return without prospective brides -- a situation that soon finds Matt Dillon involved.

October 21, 1974: The Iron Men
Season 20, episode 7
W: John Mantley   D: Gunnar Hellstrom

With William Bryant (Sheriff), Barbara Colby (Kathy Carter), Cameron Mitchell (Chauncey Demon), Eric Olson (Johnny Carter), John Russell (Carl Ryker), Alec Murdock (Mace), Marc Alaimo (Kane), George Murdock (Bartender), Paul Gehrman (Dubbins).
A once highly respected sheriff, who has since degenerated into a saloon bum, is helped by his old friend Matt Dillon when a ruthless cattle baron and his hired hands go after him.

November 4, 1974: The Fourth Victim
Season 20, episode 8
W: Jim Byrnes   D: Bernard McEveety

With Leonard Stone (Ray Price), Howard Culver (Howie), Alex Sharp (Third Matt), Biff McGuire (Potter), Paul Sorenson (Bill Saxbe), Victor Kilian (Homer Jones), Lloyd Perryman (Henry Meeker), Frank Janson (Jeb Nelson), Al Wyatt (Earl Haines), Ben Bates (Second Matt).
A series of seemingly random killings have the citizens of Dodge in near panic, but Matt Dillon believes they are part of a pattern, with Doc the next scheduled victim.

November 11, 1974: The Tarnished Badge
Season 20, episode 9
W: Robert Vincent Wright   D: Michael O'Herlihy

With Victor French (Sheriff Harker), Ruth McDevitt (Grandma Boggs), Nick Nolte (Barney Austin), Pamela McMyler (Jenny Blair), Garry Walberg (Bartender), Eddie Firestone (Hotel Clerk), Sam Edwards (Travis), Steve Raines (Pete), Robert Swan (Slim), James Lyndon (Charlie Boggs), Ross Elliott (Conway), William Katt (Lonnie Weeks), Hank Worden (Claude), Jon Locke (Abe).
A brutal sheriff, who keeps his citizens in line with a campaign of fear, faces his day of reckoning when Matt Dillon comes to fire him.

November 18, 1974: In Performance Of Duty
Season 20, episode 10
W: William Keys   D: Gunnar Hellstrom

With Eduard Franz (Judge Kendall), Paul Koslo (Cory Kaysinger), Martin Kove (Gutherie Kaysinger), Michael MacRae (Alf Kaysinger), Robert Brubaker (Bartender), Bonnie Bartlett (Agnes Benton), Rance Howard (Frank Benton), Bill Erwin (Mr. Snood), David Huddleston (Emmett Kaysinger), Ted Lehman (Jury Foreman).
Marshal Dillon is frustrated by Judge Kendall's insistence that the letter of the law be maintained and that a gang of outlaws be set free unless solid evidence can be provided against them.

December 2, 1974: Island In The Desert (1)
Season 20, episode 11
W: Jim Byrnes   D: Gunnar Hellstrom

With Strother Martin (Ben Snow), Hank Brandt (Sheriff Lipon), Regis Cordic (Sheriff Grimes), William Watson (Gard Dixon).
A half-crazed desert hermit saves Festus' life, only to use him later as a human pack animal.

December 9, 1974: Island In The Desert (2)
Season 20, episode 12
W: Jim Byrnes   D: Gunnar Hellstrom

With Strother Martin (Ben Snow), Regis Cordic (Sheriff Grimes), Hank Brandt (John Lipon), William Watson (Gard Dixon).
Festus is carrying gold across a barren desert where he encounters a killer who once left him for dead, but who now is in the same predicament at the hands of an old hermit.

December 16, 1974: The Colonel
Season 20, episode 13
W: Arthur Dales   D: Bernard McEveety

With Robert Brubaker (Floyd), Pete Kellett (Biggs), Lee J. Cobb (Josiah), Julie Cobb (Anne), Richard Ely (Bill Higgins), Todd Lookinland (Corporal), Randolph Roberts (Obie), Roy Jenson (Jeff Higgins), Daniel J. Travanti (Carl).
A once-proud military officer, now the town drunk, is suddenly faced with a painful reunion with his daughter.

January 6, 1975: The Squaw
Season 20, episode 14
W: Jim Byrnes   D: Gunnar Hellstrom

With John Saxon (Gristy Calhoun), Tom Reese (Charlie Dent), X Brands (Chief), Arlene Martel (Quanah), Morgan Paull (Brinker), William Campbell (Striker), Harry Middlebrooks (Dobie).
Fleeing from his double-crossed partners and Matt Dillon, an outlaw finds that his survival in the badlands depends on an Indian woman.

January 13, 1975: The Hiders
Season 20, episode 15
W: Paul Savage   D: Victor French

With Lee De Broux (Quincannon), Ned Beatty (Karp), Mitch Vogel (Dink), Ellen Blake (Mrs.Belnap), Robert Donner (Belnap), Sierra Bandit (Martha), Damon Douglas (Billy).
Karp and his associates, who make their living lawfully by taking skins from dead range cattle, find themselves confronted by the law when they go beyond their legal rights and do as they please.

January 20, 1975: Larkin
Season 20, episode 16
W: Jim Byrnes   D: Gunnar Hellstrom

With Richard Jaeckel (Clay Larkin), Anthony Caruso (Lon), Robert Sorrells (Hickory), Gilman Rankin (Waiter), Elliott Lindsay (Farmer), Kathleen Cody (Melissa), Jack Rader (Angus), Michael LeClair (Jess), Robert Gentry (Tucker).
Newly O'Brien finds himself in a strange alliance with a professional killer as he tries to get a prisoner to Dodge City before bounty hunters strike.

January 27, 1975: The Fires Of Ignorance
Season 20, episode 17
W: Jim Byrnes   D: Victor French

With Allen Garfield (Henry Decory), Charles Wagenheim (Joshua Halligan), Karen Obediear (Sallie Harker), Herb Vigran (Judge Brooker), John Pickard (Bud), Janet Nichols (Lucy), George DiCenzo (Mr. Bruce), Diane Shalet (Ami Harker), John Vernon (Oliver Harker), Lance Kerwin (Tommy Harker).
A schoolteacher risks his own safety and the wrath of the townspeople as he comes between his prize pupil and a stubborn father who believes the boy does too much reading.

February 3, 1975: The Angry Land
Season 20, episode 18
W: Jim Byrnes   D: Bernard McEveety

With Phil Chambers (Farmer), Carol Vogel (Rachel), Eileen McDonough (Bessie), Bruce M. Fischer (Man), Dayton Lummis (Mr. Holmby).
Matt Dillon takes a young orphan to live with her aunt, only to discover that the child is not wanted.

February 10, 1975: Brides And Grooms
Season 20, episode 19
W: Earl W. Wallace   D: Victor French

With Harry Morgan (Jed Hockett), Fran Ryan (Hannah), Jim Backus (Reverend Sims), Dennis Redfield (Shep), Ray Girardin (Cluff Tobin), Jerry Hoffman (Dub), Spencer Milligan (Jinx Tobin), Michele Marsh (Sarah), Herman Poppe (Luke), David Soul (Ike), Amanda McBroom (Fran), Linda Sublette (Emily).
A frustrated farmer decides to stage a multiple wedding for his three rowdy sons.

February 24, 1975: Hard Labor
Season 20, episode 20
W: Earl W. Wallace   D: Bernard McEveety

With Kevin Coughlin (Elton), John Colicos (Judge Flood), Hal Williams (Widge), William Smith (Latch), Don Megowan (Mike), Lloyd Nelson (Jury Foreman), Gerald McRaney (Pete Murphy), Ben Piazza (Fifer), Gregory Sierra (Osuna).
Matt Dillon is sentenced to life imprisonment at hard labor for shooting a fugitive in a small town.

March 3, 1975: I Have Promises To Keep
Season 20, episode 21
W: Earl W. Wallace   D: Vincent McEveety

With David Wayne (Reverend Arthur Byrne), Ken Swofford (Dunbar), Fran Ryan (Hannah), Ed McCready (Freight Agent), Tom Lacy (Reverend Atkins), Ken Renard (Tonkowa), Trini Tellez (Meala).
Festus is caught in the middle between an Eastern preacher who wants to build a church for the Indians, and the townspeople who are almost all against the idea.

March 10, 1975: The Busters
Season 20, episode 22
W: Jim Byrnes   D: Bernard McEveety

With Gregg Palmer (Simeon Reed), Gary Busey (Harve Daley), John Beck (Mitch Hansen), Lynn Benesch (Zoe), Randy Boone (Hub Miller), Fran Ryan (Hannah).
Two bronc busters risk their necks to raise money and buy a cattle spread in Montana, but a wild stallion and a saloon girl stand in their way.

March 17, 1975: Manolo
Season 20, episode 23
D: Gunnar Hellstrom

With Nehemiah Persoff (Alejo Etchahoun), Fran Ryan (Hannah), James Almanzar (Artola Larralde), Robert Urich (Manolo Etchahoun), Mark Shera (Joachim Etchahoun), Alma Beltran (Engrace), Jess Walton (Kattalin Larralde), Brion James (Joe Barnes), Michael Gregory (Sabation), Claudio Martinez (Vitorio), Mike Howden (Tom).
A young Basque is not recognized as a man in the eyes of his people because he refuses to fight his father, a traditional custom of proving one's manhood.

March 31, 1975: The Sharecroppers
Season 20, episode 24
W: Earl W. Wallace   D: Leonard Katzman

With Susanne Benton (Av Marie Pugh), Terry Williams (Abel Pugh), Lisa Eilbacher (Lailee Pugh), Danil Torppe (Hargis Sills), Jacques Aubuchon (Linder Hogue), Bruce Boxleitner (Toby Hogue), Graham Jarvis (Rupert), Victor French (Dibble Pugh), Chanin Hale (Woman).
A comedy of errors puts Festus behind a plow, as a woman tres to get her lazy family to plant a crop before the landlord runs them off. (Last show of the series.)

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