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1970s Episode Guide for 'Kaz':

(Episodes with dates prior to 1970 aired as reruns during the '70s.)

September 10, 1978: A Little Shuck And A Whole Lotta Jive
Season 1, episode 1
W: Bob Goodwin   D: Harvey Laidman

With Rod Browning (Rollie Tate), Jessica Harper (Gail Pace), Guy Boyd (Johnny Pace), Carol Lawrence (Anita Hicks).
Debut of a comedy-drama series starring Ron Leibman and Patrick O'Neal that focuses on a young ex-con who read for the bar and became a lawyer while still in prison, and who puts his experience with crime to good use in his first case.

September 24, 1978: Verdict In Department 12
Season 1, episode 2
W: Preston Wood, Bill Wood   D: Bob Kelljan

With Eugene Roche (Judge Gilquist), Al Stellone (Shoyer), Kennth Tigar (Ritter), Lee Wallace (Dr. DiGarda).
Kaz suspects the surly judge presiding over his client's grand theft case is mentally unbalanced.

October 1, 1978: A Case Of Class
Season 1, episode 3
W: Stanley Roberts   D: Harvey Laidman

With Stanley Brock (Irving Fletcher), Florida Friebus (Mrs. Atherton), Martin Garner (Sol), Barry Nelson, Ruth Manning (Stella).
Samuel Bennett and Kaz co-defend Gregg Marsh, Bennett's old college roommate, charged with grand theft and embezzlement, but Kaz suspects his boss' old friend is guilty.

October 8, 1978: The Slow Man
Season 1, episode 4
W: Martin Roth

With Lane Binkley (Cindy), Philip Levien, Donegan Smith (Ettinger), Earl Boen (Dr. Morgan), Allan Rich (Judge Cohen).
Kaz depends upon the testimony of a mentally retarded gas station attendent to acquit a client charged with murder.

October 15, 1978: No Way To Treat A Lady
Season 1, episode 5
W: Robert W. Lenski   D: Harvey Laidman

With Shannon Wilcox, Matthew Tobin (Norman), Robin Gammell, Alba Francesca (Hooker).
Kaz defends Samuel Bennett's close friend, a beautiful woman charged with a felony, and in the process discovers some surprising facts about Bennett's personal life.

October 29, 1978: Who's on First...And Sixth?
Season 1, episode 6
W: Oliver Crawford

With David Wilson (Mad Dog Radzinski), Leonard Stone (Beale), William O'Connell (Curt), Erik Stern (Hank), John Gowans (Stillman).
Kaz is furious when a reporter's newspaper article makes it appear that his client is guilty.

November 5, 1978: Which Side Are You On?
Season 1, episode 7
W: Ron Leibman

With Antonio Fargas (Princess), Sydney Lassick (Specs), Robert Webber (Crowley), John Calvin (Quale), Claude Earl Jones (Donahue), Lawrence Cook (Sampson).
Irate prisoners take over a cell block where Martin Kazinski served time, and his ex-cellmates request that he serve as an intermediary with the state.

November 26, 1978: In A Safe Place
Season 1, episode 8
W: Al Nierenberg, Mike Berlin

With K Callan (Mrs. Rice), Warren Kemmerling (Moffett), Ray Girardin (Seeley), Glenn Withrow (Doc), Audrey Peters, Joseph Bernard.
Kazinski's young client appears to be the guinea pig for the D.A.'s crackdown on juvenile crime.

December 3, 1978: A Fine Romance
Season 1, episode 9
W: Carol Roper

With Sylvia Sidney (Molly), Pamela Susan Shoop (Laura Colcourt), Allan Rich (Judge Cohen), Mark Withers (Peter Colcourt).
Kaz defends a 72-year-old shoplifter at the request of Peter's sister after Peter rejects the case.

December 17, 1978: Kaz And The Kid
Season 1, episode 10
W: Warren Miller

With George Petrie (Judge Saber), Morgan Paull (Robet Judson), Marian Mercer, Katy Kurtzman, Suzanne Lederer (Gloria Judson).
Kaz receives a surprise Christmas gift -- the guardianship of a mature 9-year-old girl.

January 17, 1979: A Case Of Murder
Season 1, episode 11

With Warren Kemmerling (Moffett), Sam Groom (David Faraday), Richard Stanley (Karl), Allan Rich (Judge Cohen), Lilyan Chauvin (Mrs. Komack), Darrell Zwerling (Dr. Todson).
Combined legal skills cannot help a defendant when he withholds vital information.

January 24, 1979: Conspiracy In Blue
Season 1, episode 12
W: Barney Slater, Al Nierenberg

With Dolph Sweet (Charlie), Arthur Roberts, Robert Hogan (John Barke), Julie Cobb (Liz Slate), Randy Powell (Ward Dryden), Mario Roccuzzo (Cozy).
A female rookie cop attempting to protect her partner from charges of wrongdoing comes to Kaz for help.

January 31, 1979: Kazinski vs. Bennett
Season 1, episode 13
W: Ed Jurist

With James Hampton (Osman), Steve Franken (Murray), Alan Manson (Van Gelder), Tim O'Connor (Garrison), David Spielberg (Fred Hoffer), Paul Sorensen, Victoria Woodbeck (Julia Hoffer).
Bennett's candidacy for attorney general is jeopardized by Kaz's investigation into a hospital-supplies deal.

February 7, 1979: The Stalking Man
Season 1, episode 14
W: David Jacobs

With Art Metrano, Stephen Powers, Marilyn Chris.
Kaz and a buddy from his jail days are arrested on charges of grand theft auto.

February 21, 1979: Trouble On The South Side
Season 1, episode 15
W: Albert Aley   D: Mel Damski

With John Randolph (Edward Dugan), James Sloyan (Priest), Peter Horton (Ron), Earl Montgomery (Bishop O'Malley), Bruce French (Flanders), James Gammon (Freeman).
A powerful councilman who once helped Kaz is suspected of bilking funds from his constituents.

February 28, 1979: Count Your Fingers
Season 1, episode 16
W: Preston Wood, Bill Wood

With David Huddleston (Lloyd Clayborne), Craig Wasson (Mike Walsh), Ivan Bonar (Judge Spahn), Gregory Rozakis (Rod Birch), Estelle Omens (Olivia Mulraney).
To clear Malloy's nephew of an armed-robbery charge, Kaz must match wits with the codefendant's unscrupulous lawyer.

March 7, 1979: A Piece Of Cake
Season 1, episode 17

With Joanna Cassidy, John P. Ryan (Kellogg), Ric Mancini, Marc Alaimo (Ping Pong), Chuck Bergansky.
Kaz defends a prostitute who claims she stabbed her former pimp in self-defense.

March 21, 1979: They've Taken Our Daughter
Season 1, episode 18
W: David Malina

With Granville Van Dusen (Brother Reuben), Alley Mills (Gail), Ralph Meeker (Paul Stoner), John Crawford (Wilson), David Darlow (Caleb), Nina Wilcox (Arlene).
Religious cultists pressure a follower into suing her parents after they attempt to kidnap her.

April 4, 1979: A Fool For A Client
Season 1, episode 19
W: Robert Dellinger

With Linda Lavin, Robert Loggia (St. Paul), Linda Dangcil, Cynthia David, Julie Rogers, Charles Bartlett (Harry), Roberta Jean Williams (Elva).
Kaz's only hope to spring a convict on appeal is to prove incompetence on the part of her attorney.

April 11, 1979: The Battered Bride
Season 1, episode 20
W: Tom Sawyer

With Allan Miller (Dr. Brody), Joanna Miles, John Karlen (Fred), Thomas Toner (Judge Stander).
Kaz reluctantly defends a battered wife who is pushed beyond the endurance point and kills her husband.

April 18, 1979: The Avenging Angel
Season 1, episode 21

With Eddie Quillan, Francis X. McCarthy (Joe), Sandy Martin (Monica), Mark Giardino, Laurie Heineman, Woody Eney (Marvin).
A shy woman who has multiple personalities is accused of a brutal assault. (Last show of the series.)

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