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Series regulars or semi-regulars in 'Marcus Welby, M.D.' in the 1970s:

1970s Episode Guide for 'Marcus Welby, M.D.':

(Episodes with dates prior to 1970 aired as reruns during the '70s.)

September 23, 1969: Hello, Goodbye, Hello
Season 1, episode 1
W: Jerry De Bono   D: Marc Daniels

With Susan Clark (Ruth Ann Adams), Michael Barbera (Tony), Gary Dubin (Peter), Daniel Fitzgerald (Billy), Margot Jane (Angela), Catherine McLeod (Mrs. Pate), Fredricka Meyers (Miss Mathews), George O'Hanlon Sr. (Writer), Venetta Rogers (Marsha).
A young, outgoing school teacher retreats into isolation when she learns she has only a few months to live.

September 30, 1969: The Foal
Season 1, episode 2
W: Robert Collins   D: Daniel Petrie

With Lynn Carlin (Helen Stewart), Booth Colman (Mr. Huntsman), Brian Dewey (Pauly Stewart), Robert Ellenstein (Dr. Hall), Steve Ihnat (Bob Stewart), Michele Tobin (Judy), Jeremy Robert Brown (Rickle), Count D. Mingleton (Barry).
Efforts by Dr. Welby to reach an autistic child locked into a fantasy world result in hostile actions by the child and growing estrangement between the boy's parents.

October 7, 1969: Don't Ignore The Miracles
Season 1, episode 3
W: Ted Aspin   D: Leo Penn

With Julie Adams (Claire Burwick), Richard Dillon (Young Father), Sonja Dunson (Jean), Dorothy Green (Louise Janis), Alice Rodriguez (Nurse), William Sylvester (Paul Burwick), Amy Thomson (Maggie).
Claire Burwick is 42 and pregnant for the first time -- and desperately worried that her husband doesn't want a child.

October 14, 1969: Silken Threads And Silver Hooks
Season 1, episode 4
W: John H. Bloch   D: John Erman

With Peter Brandon (Dr. Hoving), Charles Brewer (Grant), Hanna Landy (Renee), Shirley O'Hara (Nurse), Barbara Rush (Nadine Cabot), Fred Sadoff (Jerry Ainsworth), Alexander Scourby (Lucas Coleman).
A motion picture star suffers a stroke and Dr. Welby comes into conflict with her husband, a producer who drives her too hard on the road to recovery.

October 21, 1969: All Flags Flying
Season 1, episode 5
W: Ken Trevey   D: Bob McDougall

With Andrew Johnson (Coast Guard Lieutenant), Ruta Lee (Shirlee Ballinger), Dita Nicole (Gunilla), Butch Patrick (Ballinger's son), Alma Platt (Little old lady), Napoleon Whiting (Donald), Henry Wilcoxon (Rick Ballinger).
An aging war hero, in an effort to maintain his heroic facade for his son and young wife, plans a solo voyage across the Pacific despite Dr. Welby's warning that it will be fatal.

October 28, 1969: Echo Of A Baby's Laugh
Season 1, episode 6
W: Max Hodge   D: John Erman

With Amy Douglass (Grandmother), Nora Marlowe (Belle Newton), Belinda Montgomery (Mary Ann Graham), Shirley O'Hara (Nurse), Arthur Peterson (Dubie Newton), Peggy Rea (Mrs. Barker), Richard Thomas (Dennis Graham).
A young wife panics when told her husband must learn of a previous pregnancy and abortion.

November 4, 1969: The White Cane
Season 1, episode 7
W: Jerome Ross   D: Leo Penn

With Dee Carroll (Nora Thomason), Richard Dillon (Tom Ferris), Patti Heider (Carol), Dale Johnson (Bus Driver), Judy Jordan (Peggy Crain), Charles Lampkin (Mr. Murtree), Larry Linville (Dr. Beck), Cliff Potts (Paul Hannan), Carrie Snodgress (Laura Jelliffe), Hope Stansbury (Norma Semple), Russell Thorson (Dr. Smedley).
A blind man's sight is restored by an operation and his love for his sightless fiancee cools.

November 11, 1969: The Vrahnas Demon
Season 1, episode 8
W: John Vlahos   D: Richard Benedict

With Michael Hardstark (Petro Eugenides), Linda Marsh (Zoe Eugenides), Tony Patino (Kosta Eugenides), Frank Silvera (Nick Eugenides), Jerry Summers (Driver), John Verros (Priest), Ed White (Repairman).
An aging but lusty Greek fisherman refuses to change his life style when Dr. Welby informs him he has emphysema.

November 18, 1969: Madonna With Knapsack And Flute
Season 1, episode 9
W: Paul Schneider, Margaret Schneider   D: Philip Leacock

With Anne Baxter (Myra Sherwood), Darleen Carr (Tracy Clifford), Bobby Gilbert (Maitre d'), Angela Greene (Clair Clifford), Patti Heider (Joyce), Michael Larrain, Marcia Ralston (Nurse).
Myra Sherwood takes a pregnant, unmarried "flower child", Tracy Clifford, into her home.

November 25, 1969: Homecoming
Season 1, episode 10
W: Robert Collins   D: Daniel Petrie

With Stanley Beck (Dr. Sidney Stein), John Bleifer (Rabbi), Peggy Cowles (Madeline Stein), Tony De Costa (Chico), Robert Lipton (Scott Behrman), Jackie Loughery (Mary), Nehemiah Persoff (Max Behrman), Jack Sheldon (Visitor).
Dr. Welby faces opposition from the father of a young man suffering from recurring LSD attacks.

December 9, 1969: Let Ernest Come Over
Season 1, episode 11
W: Lionel E. Siegel   D: Marc Daniels

With James Doohan (Sgt. Brenner), Percy Rodrigues (Ernest Jackson), Georgia Carr (Sophie Jackson).
A police lieutenant lies about his occupation to protect his job -- and a possible promotion.

December 16, 1969: The Chemistry Of Hope
Season 1, episode 12
W: Jerry McNeely   D: Richard Benedict

With Barry Williams (Pancho McGurney), Carol Anderson (Private Nurse), Kevin Burchett (Skip), Bradford Dillman (Ken McGurney), Nancy Malone (Nora McGurney), Heather Menzies (Margie McGurney), Barbara Morrison (Nurse), Michael F. Tanner (Bobby).
A couple refuse to allow Dr. Welby to inform their son he has leukemia, even though their false cheer and stubborness have made the boy afraid and confused.

December 30, 1969: Diagnosis: Fear
Season 1, episode 14
W: Margaret Armen   D: Chris Christenberry

With Ruth Roman.
A faith healer persuades one of Dr. Welby's patients, a young athlete with a knee injury, that she can cure his ailment without surgery.

January 6, 1970: The Soft Phrase Of Peace
Season 1, episode 15
W: Robert Collins   D: Russ Mayberry

With Robert Guillaume (Carothers), Robert Brubaker (Dr. Vernon), Stacy Harris (Dr. Stanford), Vince Howard (Dr. Blair), Barney Phillips (Captain Cochran), Melvin Stewart (Sam Kincaid), Richard Van Vleet (Jim Morran), Kenneth Washington (Billy Kincaid).
The son of a non-violent black leader is hospitalized after being struck by a policeman during a student demonstration, and Dr. Welby is suspected of trying to cover up the officer's attack.

January 13, 1970: Fun And Games And Michael Ambrose
Season 1, episode 16
W: Robert Collins, Ian Chevron   D: Daniel Petrie

With David Cassidy, Judith McConnell (Lee Simmons), Joanna Cameron (Anne), Victoria Carroll (Lady Guest), John McMartin (John Ambrose).
A diabetic teenager stops taking his insulin shots to "get even" with his widowed father.

January 27, 1970: The Legacy
Season 1, episode 17
W: John Dugan   D: Daniel Petrie

With Russell Arms (Dr. Buckley), Janet Blair (Ann Ferris), Helen Hall (Nurse Peters), Miguel Angel Landa (Antonio Novarro Suarez), Ines Pedroza (Margarita de Novarro), Peggy Rea (Mrs. Barker), Dolores del Rio (Carlotta Lopez de Guadelupe), John Roper (Ricardo Guadelupe Lopez).
Two hospitalized patients of Dr. Welby must -- each in her own way -- decide whether to risk death in order to continue living.

February 3, 1970: Dance To No Music
Season 1, episode 18
W: Paul Schneider, Margaret Schneider   D: Jeannot Szwarc

With George Barrows (Mr. Wayne), Joseph Campanella (Leo Maslow), Joan Darling (Abby Maslow), Louise Lorimer (Mrs. Hearn), Celia Lovsky (Lena Perlin), Fredricka Meyers (Fran), Johnny Silver (Cab Driver), Jeff Thompson (Simpson).
The condition of a scientist continues to deteriorate even though tests are inconclusive as to whether he has a serious hereditary disease.

February 10, 1970: Go Get 'Em, Tiger
Season 1, episode 19
W: Don M. Mankiewicz   D: Marc Daniels

With Jack Albertson (Mr. Chambers), Jeanne Bates (Mrs. Collins), Larry J. Blake (Dispatcher), Barry Brown (Greg Wells Jr.), Lew Brown (Charles "Bulldog" McGill), Russ Caldwell (Pat), John Dennis (Gus), Bill Henry (Executive), Elizabeth Rogers (Woman Executive), William Smithers (George Howe), Chet Stratton (Mr. Keefer).
Dr. Steven Kiley tries to help a former employer, an ex-dope addict, and places himself and Dr. Welby in an awkward position requiring a difficult decision.

February 17, 1970: Nobody Wants A Fat Jockey
Season 1, episode 20
W: Ken Trevey   D: John Erman

With Joanna Cameron (Anne MacAndrews), Rafael Campos (Felix Azevedo), Jennifer Gan (Raylene Kohl), Arch Johnson, Strother Martin (Terry Riggs), Michael Burns (Dinty Gallagher).
Desperate to lose weight for an important race, a young jockey refuses to give up his regimen of diet pills and steam baths -- even after his physical collapse.

February 24, 1970: The Other Side Of The Chart
Season 1, episode 21
W: Ken Trevey   D: Herbert Kenwith

With Joanna Cameron (Nurse MacAndrews), Elizabeth Hubbard (Dr. Gardner), Don Stroud (Dutch Radtke), Whit Bissell (Dr. Winnick), Slim Gaillard (Odie Langston), Abel Fernandez (Angelo Rodriguez).
Dr. Steven Kiley, hospitalized with chicken pox, becomes interested in a fellow patient, a husky oilfield worker who panics at the thought of surgery.

March 3, 1970: The Merely Syndrome
Season 1, episode 22
W: Jerry McNeely   D: Philip Leacock

With Skye Aubrey (Wendy Shearer), Jason Evers (Dick Shearer), Vera Miles (Ellen Wagner), Hugh Beaumont (Jim Wagner), Barbara Bostock.
Severe heart seizures after corrective surgery lead Dr. Welby to suspect that a young woman is suffering from psychosomatic attacks.

March 10, 1970: Sea Of Security
Season 1, episode 23
W: Ben Masselink   D: Chris Christenberry

With John Ericson (Peter Barton), Katherine Crawford (Carol Barton), Ben Cooper (Larry Adams), Walter Brooke (Dr. Staples), Millicent Schuber (Jeannie Adams), Bret Swanson (Dusty Barton).
An oceanography student with the bends disregards Dr. Welby's advice and insists on one more dive.

March 17, 1970: The Daredevil Gesture
Season 1, episode 24
W: Jerome Ross   D: Steven Spielberg

With Marsha Hunt (Mrs. Bellows), Frank Webb (Larry Bellows), Ronne Troup (Ginny Peterson).
A hemophiliac teenager rebels against his mother's protectiveness and tries to prove himself physically equal to his classmates.

March 24, 1970: Enid
Season 1, episode 25
W: David Moessinger   D: Herschel Daugherty

With Flora Plumb (Enid Cooper), Ezekial Williams (Paul Davidson), Steven Share (Tim Gleason), Rockne Tarkington (Frank Davidson).
Enid Cooper, a counselor in an orphanage, is responsible for the injury of one of her charges while she's driving under the influence of narcotics.

April 14, 1970: The Rebel Doctor
Season 1, episode 26
W: Lionel E. Siegel   D: John Erman

With Kaz Garas.
Dr. Welby tries to help a young doctor fighting a last-ditch battle to keep a clinic operating in a poor neighborhood.

September 22, 1970: A Very Special Sailfish
Season 2, episode 1
W: Jerry McNeely   D: Leo Penn

With Cloris Leachman (Jean Cullen), Lee Purcell (Cathy Cullen), William Schallert (Brian Cullen), Kathleen Lloyd (Angela), Stacy Keach Sr. (Goodman), John David Carson (Tim Salter), Darrell Larson (Kirk Hannon).
Series returns for its second year with an episode focusing on venereal disease among the young. A young girl's successful summer diet leads to sudden, overpowering popularity when school starts -- and promiscuity and near tragedy.

September 29, 1970: The Worth Of A Man
Season 2, episode 3
W: Don Ingalls   D: Leo Penn

With Gary Merrill (Orlando Corday), Beth Brickell (Jeanne Corday), Kaz Garas (John Christopher), Carle Benson (Dr. White), Jill Chandler (Mrs. Wesley).
Pride and career blend to make a man stricken with a terminal disease refuse Dr. Welby's advice.

October 6, 1970: Warn The World About Mike
Season 2, episode 4
W: Jerry McNeely   D: Herschel Daugherty

With Rhoda Williams (Norma Simpson), Barry Brown (Mike Kiley), Dale Johnson (Dr. Freedman).
Dr. Kiley's younger brother, a research scientist, believes he is dying from Hodgkin's disease and refuses help.

October 13, 1970: Epidemic
Season 2, episode 5
W: Jerome Ross   D: Daniel Petrie

With Michele Lee (Rowena Dancy), Hope Summers (Mrs. Whittaker), Joaquin Martinez (Dr. Ramirez), Marlene Clark (Lorine), Alma Platt (Mrs. Prentiss), Burt Mustin (Mr. Truscott).
A rich young hypochondriac complicates an outbreak of a dangerous new strain of influenza that has doctors Welby and Kiley working around the clock.

October 20, 1970: To Get Through The Night
Season 2, episode 6
W: Charles A. McDaniel   D: Marc Daniels

With Larry Hagman (Dr. Sam Bowers), Barbara Anderson (Marci Shore), Anthony Eisley (John Borden), George Takei (Fred), Norman Stuart (Dr. Kingman), Judith McConnell (Claudia Moran).
Welby finds it difficult to treat an old friend, a "hot-line" psychiatrist who is more concerned with helping a girl threatening suicide than with his own continued existence.

October 27, 1970: Daisy In The Shadows
Season 2, episode 7
W: Paul Schneider, Margaret Schneider   D: Marc Daniels

With David Hartman (Tom Logan), Suzanne Pleshette (Ann Logan), Heather Harrison (Daisy Logan), Carmen Zapata (Maria Delgado), Dawn Lyn (Laurie).
Welby delves into the emotional makeup of a woman who insists on bringing up a retarded daughter without outside help, even though the strain has already caused her a massive ulcer attack.

November 10, 1970: Labyrinth
Season 2, episode 8
W: Paul Schneider, Margaret Schneider   D: Joseph Lejtes

With Ricardo Montalban (Vic Rivera), Jan Shepard (Anita Rivera), Walter Woolf King (Dr. Seaton).
A scientist who has been researching -- and taking -- the hallucinogenic drugs of a tribe of Mexican Indians begins to suffer extreme attacks of nausea and dizziness.

November 17, 1970: The Girl From Rainbow Beach
Season 2, episode 9
W: Edward DeBlasio   D: Marc Daniels

With Don Galloway (Bill Hull), Tiffany Bolling (Ellen Nielsen), Robert F. Simon (Dr. Anders), Sheila Kuehl (Laura Mazza).
Welby discovers that an attractive girl contracted leprosy during her childhood in the Philippines. The tragic discovery is made when she comes to him for a routine pre-marital checkup.

November 24, 1970: Aura To A New Tomorrow
Season 2, episode 10
W: John Considine, Jeanne Taylor   D: Jeannot Szwarc

With John Considine (Stuart Cochran), Shelby Grant (Diana Fletcher), Hilly Hicks (Danny Lee), Charles Drake (Tom Eades).
Actor John Considine, who is an epileptic, stars in a story he co-authored, an episode concerned with the chronic nervous disorder. The teleplay centers on Stuart Cochran, an epileptic whose efforts to hide his affliction endanger his life, job and relations with loved ones.

December 1, 1970: Sounding Brass
Season 2, episode 11
W: John Vlahos   D: Marc Daniels

With Michael Larrain (Bob Lucas), Pamela McMyler (Sue-Ann Lucas), Nora Marlowe (Belle Newton).
Shame, pride and jealousy induce a young father to refuse treatment for his supposedly retarded child.

December 8, 1970: To Carry The Sun In A Golden Cup
Season 2, episode 12
W: Don Ingalls   D: Philip Leacock

With Jo Ann Pflug (Paula Lynch), Mariette Hartley (Maggie Lynch), Bill Williams (Mr. Lynch), Shelley Morrison (Mrs. Florino), June Dayton (Mrs. Lynch), Christine Belford (Lolly).
Marcus Welby suspects a young nurse is suffering from a hereditary disease, but investigation fails to turn up anyone in her family to support the disgnosis.

December 15, 1970: All The Golden Dandelions Are Gone
Season 2, episode 13
W: Max Hodge   D: Leo Penn

With Richard Thomas (Dennis Graham), Belinda Montgomery (Mary Ann Graham), Nora Marlowe (Belle Newton), Rodolfo Hoyos Jr. (Jose Chavez), Jim Boles (Mr. Householder).
A father ignores Marcus Welby's medical treatment and endangers his life -- and that of hs son.

December 22, 1970: Brave On A Mountain Top
Season 2, episode 14
W: Jerome Ross   D: Chris Christenberry

With Judy Blair (Winona Arrowthorn), James Farentino (Clyde Arrowthorn), James Daris (Stinger).
Emphysema destroys the dreams of a better life for a young Navajo and his wife.

January 5, 1971: Another Buckle For Wesley Hill
Season 2, episode 15
W: Robert Collins   D: Chris Christenberry

With Glenn Corbett (Wesley Hill), Chill Wills (Clayton Hill), Elaine Devry (Ellie Hill), Michael F. Blake (Bobby Hill).
Dr. Marcus Welby tries to help a robust rancher adjust to a new way of living after he loses a kidney and becomes dependent on a kidney machine.

January 19, 1971: False Spring
Season 2, episode 16
W: Joseph Stefano   D: Russ Mayberry

With Dana Wynter (Julie Croft), Robert Lansing (David Croft), Leigh Christian (Sandra Hovis), Florence Sundstrom (Marian).
Dr. Stephen Kiley falls in love with a TB patient whose husband reacts emotionally and negatively to her condition.

January 26, 1971: A Passing Of Torches
Season 2, episode 17
W: Ken Trevey   D: Jeannot Szwarc

With Walter Pidgeon (Prof. Wilfred Bayliss), Pete Deuel (Roger Natsill), Steve Franken (Dr. Weitzman), Anthony Geary (Flipped-out Youth).
A former teacher who is dying and a confused young Indian medical student complicate the efforts of Dr. Welby's patients to honor his long years of service to the community.

February 2, 1971: A Woman's Place
Season 2, episode 18
W: Charles A. McDaniel   D: Leo Penn

With Rachel Roberts (Dr. Victoria Thorson), Ramon Bieri (Paul Barrett), Dana Elcar (Dr. McCready), Lee H. Montgomery (Billy Channing), Keye Luke (Dr. Braley), Bruce Kirby (Lou Rienzi).
Welby and Steven Kiley try to help a once-successful orthopedic surgeon who's become an alcoholic.

February 16, 1971: A Spanish Saying I Just Made Up
Season 2, episode 19
W: Theodore Apstein   D: Jeannot Szwarc

With Joseph Campanella (Ignacio Ladera), Richard Yniguez (Nacho Ladera), John Roper (Ricardo Lopez).
Nurse Consuelo Lopez falls in love with a rich patient from Mexico City and Dr. Welby fears the attachment will lead to heartbreak.

February 23, 1971: Cynthia
Season 2, episode 20
W: David Moessinger   D: Herschel Daugherty

With Diana Hyland (Cynthia Crowley), William Lundigan (Jack Crowley), Robert Lipton (Ross Sutton), John Van Dreelen (Frederick Bramstedt), Len Wayland (Marvin Manley), Jason Wingreen (Henry Gargan), Russell Thorson (Dr. Sloan), S. John Launer (Dr. Ingram), Robert Rhodes (Dr. Sutherland).
Doctors Welby and Kiley are sued for malpractice by a pampered, neurotic woman who claims their treatment led to paralysis, but Welby sticks to his psychosomatic diagnosis.

March 2, 1971: Don't Kid A Kidder
Season 2, episode 21
D: Herschel Daugherty

With Kay Medford (Mrs. Varni), Robert Pratt (Jerome Varni), Kathleen Lloyd (Ruth), Lana Wood (Angie), Jack De Mave (Dr. Wilder), Marguerite Chapman (Angie's Mother).
A blind mother arranges for plastic surgery for her homely son but doesn't anticipate the problems caused by the transformation.

March 9, 1971: Elegy For A Mad Dog
Season 2, episode 22
W: Ken Trevey   D: Russ Mayberry

With Margarita Cordova (Socorro Ledesma), Christina Crawford (Sister Mary Eileen), Brad David (Dougie Jakubik), Johnny Seven (Joe Metzger), Gary Dubin (Gary Ledesma), Eric Chase (Malcolm Hartman), Pat McCaffrie (Dr. Haines).
Marcus Welby is bitten by a rabid dog belonging to a retarded young patient, setting Dr. Kiley and a nun in pursuit of the runaway pet.

March 16, 1971: The Contract
Season 2, episode 23
D: Russ Mayberry

With Geraldine Brooks (Elaine Rossi), Pat Harrington Jr. (Chris Rossi), Dick Wilson (Health Faddist), Anne Garman (Stewardess).
Marcus Welby comes to the aid of a young woman who falls ill on a plane flight to Los Angeles and becomes involved in her strained relationship with her musician-husband.

March 23, 1971: The Windfall
Season 2, episode 24
D: Herschel Daugherty

With Laurie Prange (Ellen Craig), Alexis Smith (Evie Craig), Craig Stevens (Jim Craig).
Doctors Welby and Kiley attempt to treat the emotional as well as physical problems of a young girl who believes her parents don't love her.

March 30, 1971: The House Of Alquist
Season 2, episode 25
D: Russ Mayberry

With Alexander Scourby (Anthony Alquist), Jessica Walter (Jenny Alquist), Don Chastain (Doug Preston), Gail Bonney (Mrs. Billings).
Welby tries to help a young woman break away from her domineering father and marry the man she loves. The problem is compounded by the fact that the father, a famous playwright, is suffering from a nerve disease which may end his career.

September 14, 1971: Tender Comrade
Season 3, episode 1
W: Edward DeBlasio   D: David Lowell Rich

With Diana Muldaur (Ann Rolf), Pernell Roberts (Roger Bentley), Clint Howard (Kimmy Rolf), Carmen Zapata (Carmela), Dawn Lyn (Andrea Rolf), Francis De Sales (Dr. Stanley).
Medical series enters its third season. A beautiful widow finds that she must undergo a mastectomy just as she plans to marry again.

September 21, 1971: A Portrait Of Debbie
Season 3, episode 2
W: David Moessinger   D: Arnold Laven

With Pat Crowley (Carol Adams), George Grizzard (George Adams), Pamelyn Ferdin (Felicia), Keye Luke (David Yen), Lou Frizzell (Alfred Gage).
Marcus Welby faces a difficult diagnosis. Is a newly adopted young girl's recurring illness physical or psychosomatic?

September 28, 1971: In My Father's House
Season 3, episode 3
D: Bruce Kessler

With Alan Hale Jr. (Dan Kiley), Kathryn Hays (Ellen Kiley), Barry Brown (Mike Kiley), Norman Stuart (Dr. Kingman).
Against Marcus Welby's advice, Dr. Kiley goes deeply into debt to get his father, a former alcoholic who has suffered a massive stroke, the "best of care".

October 5, 1971: I Can Hardly Tell You Apart
Season 3, episode 4
D: Bruce Kessler

With Sally Field (Jan / June Wilkins), Russell Johnson (Dr. Colman), Michael Stearns (Andy), Wayne Heffley (Bernie), Claudio Martinez (Arnoldo), Jean Byron (Dr. Koerner).
Sally Field portrays identical twins whose rivalry -- and familial love -- are challenged when one of them suffers severe burns.

October 12, 1971: This Is Max
Season 3, episode 5
D: Marc Daniels

With Vincent Van Patten (Philip Grand), Claire Brennen (Leona Grand), Brian Tochi (Max Redding), Tom Helmore (Alan Redding).
A Japanese-American boy is tortured by conflicting feelings for his father, an old friend of Welby's.

October 19, 1971: Men Who Care (1)
Season 3, episode 6
W: Jerry McNeely   D: Marc Daniels

With Arthur Hill (Owen Marshall), Lee Majors (Jess Brandon), Ed Nelson (Todd Christian), Belinda Montgomery (Susan Christian), Ron Masak (Stan Krause), Rick Ely (Terry Kalscheur), Robert Emhart (Jack Walthers), Frank Marth (Sgt. Hamilton).
A two-part drama which unites Marcus Welby and Owen Marshall and concludes on "Owen Marshall, Counselor at Law" this Thursday. A politician whose daughter is a patient of Dr. Welby's shoots her boyfriend. Arrested for murder, the man claims he believed the victim was a prowler.

October 26, 1971: Ask Me Again Tomorrow
Season 3, episode 7
D: Bruce Kessler

With William Windom (Dr. Sam Mason), Dorothy Green (Ruthie), Sharon Madigan (Nurse Kelly), Aline Towne (Nurse Cohen).
A famed neurosurgeon's reliance on amphetamines to keep up with his busy schedule leads to a crisis during an emergency surgery.

November 2, 1971: Don't Phase Me Out
Season 3, episode 8
W: Theodore Apstein   D: Leo Penn

With Joseph Campanella (Howard Garsen), Jacqueline Scott (Miriam Garsen), Darrell Larson (Rick Garsen), Stacy Keach Sr. (Morton), Peter Hobbs (Dr. Lerner), Russ McCubbin (Ed Jamison).
The double blow of the loss of his job and a severe heart attack causes an over-40 executive to reassess his life.

November 9, 1971: Echo From Another World
Season 3, episode 9
D: Marc Daniels

With Ted Bessell (Dr. Hal Powers), Dorothy Lamour (Mary DeSocio), Linda Meiklejohn (Rita Tobin), Laraine Stephens (Kay Powers).
The life of one of Welby's patients is endangered when a young neurologist stubbornly refuses to admit a wrong diagnosis.

November 16, 1971: The Best Is Yet To Be
Season 3, episode 10
D: Bruce Kessler

With Ruth Hussey (Laura Benson), Patric Knowles (Otis Carstairs), Lindsay Wagner (Nurse Gledhill), Robert Clarke (Arthur), Myrna Fahey (Grace Ashley).
A wealthy widow takes up residence in a posh retirement home where a romance develops between her and an aging charmer.

November 23, 1971: A Yellow Bird
Season 3, episode 11
D: Bruce Kessler

With Skye Aubrey (Laura Sanderson), Christopher Stone (Scott Sanderson), Brian Dewey (Paul Sanderson).
Lonely and afraid that life is passing her by, nurse Consuelo Lopez decides to adopt an unwanted 10-year-old neighbor boy.

November 30, 1971: They Grow Up
Season 3, episode 12
W: Dick Nelson   D: Jeannot Szwarc

With Fred Holliday (George Bryant), Sian Barbara Allen (Ellie Bryant), Michael Blodgett (Vince Kolski), Kathryn Kelly Wiget (Jan Michaels), Barry Higgins (Mark).
Dr. Welby helps a young teacher face his subconscious guilt over an accident which caused brain damage to his younger sister.

December 7, 1971: Of Magic Shadow Shapes
Season 3, episode 13
D: Bruce Kessler

With Barry Sullivan (Cortland Evans), Robert Pratt (Terry Archer), Doris Singleton (Evelyn Monahan), Sandra Gould (Rose Shapiro), Grace Albertson (Volunteer), Jim Boles (Buck Jensen), Maidie Norman (Cleaning Woman), Peggy Rea (Mrs. Baker), John McCann (Dr. Latham), Walter Woolf King (Hugh Benedict).
A once-renowned film director endangers his life when a young cinema student gives him a chance to regain his fame.

December 14, 1971: Cross-Match
Season 3, episode 14
W: Jerome Ross   D: Marc Daniels

With Michael Warren (Jason Greer), Johnnie Whitaker (Ricky Perino), Murray Matheson (Dr. Stoddard), Lonny Chapman (Joe Perino), Leslie Parrish (Elaine Perino), Kip Niven (Sam), Paulene Myers (Mrs. Greer), Jessica Jones (Gloria), Aline Towne (Nurse Blair).
A disillusioned young black gets a new perspective on life when he gives his blood to save a white lad.

January 4, 1972: The Basic Moment (1)
Season 3, episode 15
W: Jerry McNeely   D: Marc Daniels

With Christine Belford (Sandy Wells), Richard Van Vleet (Ray Wells), Michele Lee (Katie Wells), Berkeley Harris (Glenn Weckner), Sherry Bain (Evy Weckner).
Dr. Welby's daughter, Sandy, who has been living in South America since her marriage, returns home to have an abortion because she fears her baby will be deformed due to possible exposure to rubella. However, her husband believes there's a deep-seated psychological reason for her reluctance to become a mother.

January 11, 1972: The Basic Moment (2)
Season 3, episode 16
W: Jerry McNeely   D: Marc Daniels

With Christine Belford (Sandy Wells), Richard Van Vleet (Ray Wells), Michele Lee (Katie Wells), Berkeley Harris (Glenn Weckner), Sherry Bain (Evy Weckner), Norman Stuart (Dr. Sandberg), Gordon Gray (Dr. Thorne).
Marcus Welby's daughter, in deference to her husband and her father, goes full term in her pregnancy and must fight for her life when the child is born.

January 25, 1972: All The Pretty People
Season 3, episode 17
D: Bruce Kessler

With Nico Minardos (Rick Metaxas), Lindsay Wagner (Emily Metaxas), Dorothy Green (Charlotte), Robert Mandan (Alex), Sidney Clute (Hanson), Lois January (Miss Evans).
Rick Metaxas, whose tennis prowess has brought him fame, money and a beautiful wife, believes his life is over when he's stricken with a degenerative muscle disease.

February 1, 1972: I'm Really Trying
Season 3, episode 18
D: Bruce Kessler

With Gary Collins (Maj. Ken McKenna), Virginia Gregg (Dr. Heider), Sean Kelly (Johnny McKenna), Elaine Devry (Loretta McKenna), Scott Garrett (Tim McKenna), Stacy Keach Sr. (Mr. Burns), Byron Morrow (Headmaster), Susan Adams (Mrs. Linder).
A father refuses to accept Dr. Welby's diagnosis of minimal brain dysfunction in his son and, instead, aggravates his son's problems by sending him to a military school.

February 8, 1972: It Is So Soon That I Am Done For - I Wonder What I Was Begun For?
Season 3, episode 19
W: Paul Schneider, Margaret Schneider   D: Jeannot Szwarc

With Michael Callan (Greg Robbins), Sallie Shockley (Amy Robbins), Charles Seel (Mr. Webster), Tiger Wlliams (Brian Webster), Lynette Mettey (Sue Marshall), Jerry Fogel (Jack Kramer).
Soon after the sudden death of their own boy, a young couple become foster parents to 4-year-old Brian Webster, only to learn the terror of the youngster's recurrent attacks of an undiagnosed illness.

February 15, 1972: Just A Little Courage
Season 3, episode 20
W: Jerry De Bono   D: Marc Daniels

With David McCallum (Brian Kenny), Leslie Charleson (Lisa Kenny), Barry Higgins (Matthew Kenny).
Dr. Welby probes the psyche of a college instructor to uncover the non-physical cause of his muscle spasms.

February 22, 1972: Don't Talk About Darkness
Season 3, episode 21
W: John Wilder   D: David Alexander

With Neville Brand (Kenny Carpenter), Barbara Rush (Dorothy Carpenter), James Doohan (Fred Baxter), Don 'Red' Barry (Al Karlovic), Allison McKay (Addie), Don Keefer (Dr. Hendrix), Tom Pace (Paul Welles).
A past-40 man chooses to delay badly-needed eye surgery so he may see his soon-to-be-born first child.

February 29, 1972: Once There Was A Bantu Prince
Season 3, episode 22
D: Bruce Kessler

With Chelsea Brown (Tallie Hughes), Felton Perry (Russ Hughes), Edward Crawford (Benjie Miller), Juanita Moore.
Marcs Welby intervenes on behalf of a black social worker and her policeman husband who are meeting resistance in the adoption of an abandoned child suffering from sickle cell anemia.

March 7, 1972: A Taste Of Salt
Season 3, episode 23
W: Robert Collins   D: Robert Collins

With Charles Aidman (Dr. Kendall Blair), Anne Jackson (Alicia Blair), Sara Seegar (Mrs. Milligan), Nancy DeCarl (Lauren Blair), Julian Burton (Dr. Halstead).
The long marriage of a middle-aged couple develops a rift when their newborn son is found to be a victim of cystic fibrosis.

March 14, 1972: Solomon's Choice
Season 3, episode 24
W: Max Hodge   D: Marc Daniels

With Jack Kelly, Brett Hadley (Dr. Todd), Randolph Mantooth, Lee Purcell, John Lupton (Vincent Dunn), Suzanne Cohane (Ginnie Locket).
Welby's unwed and pregnant niece's problems are further complicated by an infection requiring hospitalization.

September 12, 1972: A Fragile Possession
Season 4, episode 1
W: Paul Schneider, Margaret Schneider   D: Harry Falk

With Beverly Garland (Roberta Kingsley), Joanna Cameron (Carolyn Kingsley), Kathleen Lloyd (Donna Sherman), Mark Travis (Chad Wheeler), Joan Tompkins (Mrs. Hackett), Mark Travis (Chad Wheeler).
The fourth season begins with the story of a beautiful 20-year-old girl, the pride of her attractive divorced mother, who learns she is pregnant and must make an important decision on what to do with the baby.

September 19, 1972: Love Is When They Say They Need You
Season 4, episode 2
D: Marc Daniels

With Bruce Davison (Donald Lorimer), Mike Farrell (Clifford Lorimer), Peggy McCay (Sister Joanna).
A victim of aplastic anemia following an excessive dose of radiation is in need of a bone marrow transplant, but all members of his family are ruled out except his retarded brother, Donald.

September 26, 1972: We'll Walk Out Of Here Together
Season 4, episode 3
W: Edward DeBlasio   D: Leo Penn

With Sian Barbara Allen (Renee Wilson), Jordan Rhodes (Bobby Hershey), Dana Elcar (Dr. Tomlinson), Barbi Benton (Liz), Ann Doran (Mother Therese), Dan Ferrone (Dr. Carter).
A serious illness leaves an active 20-year-old girl a paraplegic facing life in a wheelchair. At the rehabilitation center, she becomes attracted to a young man, also a paraplegic, but Dr. Welby and Consuelo help convince her that nothing can come of the romance.

October 3, 1972: In Sickness And In Health
Season 4, episode 4

With Heidi Vaughn (Jamie Bell), Kaz Garas (Jack), Eric Braeden (Sten Holmquist), Cathy Lee Crosby.
A young woman, recently separated from her husband, contracts venereal disease when she has an affair with another man.

October 10, 1972: House Of Mirrors
Season 4, episode 5
W: Joanna Lee   D: Leo Penn

With Patrick O'Neal (Dr. Peterson), Brenda Vaccaro (Marilyn Hoffman), Robert F. Simon (Dr. Graham), Leigh Christian (Jeanne), Steve Sherman (Bobby Peterson), Byron Morrow (Dr. Goldsmith), Mitch Carter (Henderson).
A pathologist planinng to remarry to give his son a mother is told by Dr. Welby he must have serious surgery and must examine his motives before the operation.

October 17, 1972: He Could Sell Iceboxes To Eskimos
Season 4, episode 6
W: Adrian Spies   D: Hollingsworth Morse

With Agnes Moorehead (Mrs. Ramsey), Jack Haley (Ned Ramsey), Sharon Farrell (Cecile Ramsey), Marion Ross (Dr. Cartwright), Dawn Lyn (Sheila), Shirley O'Hara (Miss Harris).
An aging salesman is given a new chance at life by Dr. Welby following a stroke, when he is reunited with his estranged wife and daughter whom he deserted years before.

October 24, 1972: The Wednesday Game
Season 4, episode 7

With Radames Pera (Terence Ellis), Katherine Justice (Morgan Ellis), Russell Wiggins (Terry Michaels).
A lonely girl who is overprotective of her young brother and a cancer-stricken athlete are drawn together -- each learning new meaning in life through their association.

October 31, 1972: Don And Denise
Season 4, episode 8
W: Jerry De Bono   D: Herschel Daugherty

With Lindsay Wagner (Denise Mallory), Rick Lenz (Don Mallory), Dana Elcar (Dr. Tomlinson), Michael Richardson (Jim Arnold).
The future of a young pianist-composer and his attractive wife is in doubt when she is stricken with multiple sclerosis when he is about to leave on a tour.

November 14, 1972: Please Don't Send Flowers
Season 4, episode 9
W: Bess Boyle   D: Arnold Laven

With Lawrence Pressman (Alex Graham), Susan Clark (Judy Graham), William Mims (Dr. Nelson), Helen Verbit (Katie Ryan), Kirby Furlong (Rickie Graham), Clay O'Brien (Peter Graham).
A young mother learns she must undergo a hysterectomy and attempts suicide.

November 21, 1972: With A Shout, Not A Whimper
Season 4, episode 10
W: Peter S. Fischer   D: Marc Daniels

With Leif Erickson (Dr. Garvey), Joel Fabiani (Dr. Willis), Martin E. Brooks (Miles Haggerty).
Dr. Welby helps a famous surgeon and old friend face the fact that because of his age and physical condition he must redesign his active life.

November 28, 1972: Jason Be Nimble, Jason Be Quick
Season 4, episode 11
W: David Moessinger   D: David Moessinger

With James Stacy (Phil Darrow), Linda Marsh (Nancy Darrow), Lee H. Montgomery (Jason Darrow).
A 12-year-old boy who is stricken with rheumatoid arthritis must also face conflicts between his estranged parents.

December 5, 1972: Unto The Next Generation
Season 4, episode 12
W: Jerome Ross   D: Russ Mayberry

With Shelley Morrison (Mrs. Sobel), Harvey Fisher (Dan Sobel), Jess Walton (Naomi Sobel), Alan Oppenheimer (Art Sobel), Ann Summers (Dr. O'Connor), Lionel Ames (Cantor).
A young couple who lose their baby to a rare disease which occurs only in infants of Jewish origin are afraid to have another child when it is learned the wife is pregnant again.

December 12, 1972: Heartbeat For Yesterday
Season 4, episode 13
W: Robert Sabaroff   D: Earl Bellamy

With Chief Dan George (Charlie), William Shatner (Dr. Billings), Cal Bellini (Carlo).
Dr. Welby flies to an Indian reservation to save the life of a young Hopi whose grandfather clings to the medicines of his ancestors.

December 19, 1972: Dinner Of Herbs
Season 4, episode 14

With Sharon Gless (Lynn Baker), Margaret O'Brien (Neva Phillips), Anthony Eisley, Greg Mullavey.
An overweight woman with hypertension endangers her life by going on a crash weight-reducing program to save her marriage.

January 2, 1973: A More Exciting Case
Season 4, episode 15

With Jessica Walter (Marion Lawrence), James Callahan (Allen Lawrence), Charles Drake.
Following a hysterectomy, a woman takes an overdose of pills. She claims it was an accident, but Dr. Welby and her husband believe otherwise.

January 9, 1973: A Necessary End
Season 4, episode 16
W: Norman Hudis   D: Leo Penn

With Anne Baxter (Julie Langley Kirk), Susan Howard (Greta Francis), Murray Matheson (Edward Liddell), Tom Drake (George Appleton).
A famous photographer, who is stricken by a fatal illness while on assignment, is encouraged by Dr. Welby to finish a lifelong project and continue working.

January 16, 1973: Who Are You, Arthur Kolinski?
Season 4, episode 17
W: Peter S. Fischer   D: Philip Leacock

With Nehemiah Persoff (Nicholas Kolinski), Peter Mark Richman (Arthur Kolinski), Jack De Mave (Reese Bennett), Victor Izay (Dr. Rollins), Michael Rupert (Craig Cole).
An aging mechanic is estranged from his son, an apparently successful businessman bedeviled by insecurity, who doesn't want his son to follow in his father's footsteps.

January 23, 1973: Gemini Descending
Season 4, episode 18
W: Robert M. Young   D: Marc Daniels

With James Coco (Quentin Bailey), Aneta Corsaut (Jenny Bailey), Don 'Red' Barry (Abner Dickens), Gary Dubin (Chris Bailey), Ronald Lieb (Lt. Stone).
An overweight salesman undergoes a personality change due to Cushing Syndrome, a rare disease necessitating surgery.

January 30, 1973: The Problem With Charlie
Season 4, episode 19
W: Peter S. Fischer   D: Leo Penn

With Don Stroud (Charlies Gates), Elaine Giftos (Melanie Gates), Greg Mullavey (Ed Putnam), Jackie Coogan (Vince Darrell), Paul Kent (Alan Pritchard), Maggie Malooly (Joy Putnam).
The career and marriage of a law student is jeopardized by his fear of responsibility combined with a fear of failure when important decisions are thrust upon him. Dr. Welby shows him how his attitudes are forcing his actions.

February 6, 1973: Catch A Ring That Isn't There
Season 4, episode 20
W: Paul Schneider, Margaret Schneider   D: Leo Penn

With Lane Bradford (Dan Cooper), Gloria DeHaven (Estelle Manning), Norman Fell (George Manning), Jan-Michael Vincent (Ritchie Manning), Buddy Joe Hooker (Ron), Stuart Nisbet (Proprietor), K.C. Ligon (Donna), Eileen Ryan (Shirley Cooper).
Dr. Welby helps a young drinker and his family face their problem, by facing the fact that the boy has been under too much strain following the death of his older brother.

February 13, 1973: The Working Heart
Season 4, episode 21
W: Anthony Lawrence   D: Joseph Pevney

With Joanna Barnes (Laura Daniels), Whit Bissell (Dr. Emrick), Kristina Holland (Jan Michaels), Donnelly Rhodes (Paul Daniels), Frank Sinatra Jr. (Stewart Laube), Jerry Fogel (Marty Siegel).
A woman television personality turns to pills and alcohol when a heart condition interferes with her job.

February 20, 1973: The Other Martin Loring
Season 4, episode 22
W: Dick Nelson   D: Allen Reisner

With Mark Miller (Martin Loring), Sharon Acker (Margaret Loring), Martha Scott (Mrs. Loring), Scott Jacoby (Billy Loring), Leo Gordon (Sgt. Lewis).
A man is driven into a diabetic coma as a result of excessive drinking when he is faced with divorce by his wife who realizes he has homosexual tendencies.

February 27, 1973: The Day After Forever
Season 4, episode 23
W: Richard Fielder   D: Marc Daniels

With Sally Ann Howes (Janet Boyd), Pernell Roberts (Tom Boyd), Lyle Waggoner (Eric Lundgren), Maureen McCormick (Sharon Boyd), Howard Morton (Dr. Wainwright), Marshall Reed (Matt Callan).
Troubled by his wife's relationship with a charming young political candidate, a successful architect-builder turns to tranquilizers and is seriously injured at a construction site.

March 6, 1973: The Tortoise Dance
Season 4, episode 24
W: Dick Nelson   D: Joseph Pevney

With Darrell Larson (David Carter), Colleen Camp (Betty Adams), Richard Bradford (Ralph Carter), Darleen Carr (Cathy Wheelock), Janet Blair (Mrs. Carter).
A popular teenage boy becomes suicidal when a buddy dies after deliberately driving his motorcycle into a brick wall.

September 11, 1973: The Panic Path
Season 5, episode 1
D: Marc Daniels

With Vera Miles (Janet Devaney), Paul Burke (Carol Devaney), Laurette Spang (Peggy), Anson Williams.
The fifth season opens with the story of a middle-aged man, seeking satisfaction outside his marriage when he can't find it from his wife, who causes his daughter to have a severe asthma attack when she sees him with another woman.

September 18, 1973: A Joyful Song
Season 5, episode 2

With Radames Pera (David Epstein), Fionnuala Flanagan (Maggie), Peter Kastner (Joe Reed), Greg Mullavey (Father Kling), Fionnula Flanagan (Maggie), Ketty Lester (Nurse Walsh), Ellyn Stern (Rosemary DiRosa).
A vibrant young woman who is dying of leukemia takes more than a special interest in a blind boy who wants to be an artist.

September 25, 1973: For Services Rendered
Season 5, episode 3
W: Jerome Ross   D: Marc Daniels

With Tige Andrews (Fred Pulaski), Kim Hunter (Vera Pulaski), Dan Tobin (Dr. Jessup), Ross Elliott (Bank Manager).
A immigrant couple's lifelong dream of owning a house is shattered when the husband is faced with an expensive but life-saving heart operation that will put them in debt for many years.

October 2, 1973: Blood Kin
Season 5, episode 4
W: Charles A. McDaniel   D: Joseph Pevney

With Sonny Bono (Rico Renatti), Deanna Martin (Maria Renatti), Lawrence Pressman (Dr. Hartnett), Suzanne Charney (Luisa Renatti), Meredith Duncan (Betty).
An Italian father's fears for his daughter's life make him unable to face the fact that she needs a delicate operation to prolong her life.

October 9, 1973: The Light At The Threshold
Season 5, episode 5
W: Paul Schneider, Margaret Schneider   D: Joseph Pevney

With Audrey Landers (Tracy Robbins), Carol Lawrence (Adele Robbins), Rodney Allen Rippy (Jeffrey), Ryan MacDonald (Bill Robbins), Gordon Pinsent (Dr. Xavier).
A feeling of rejection by her father and Dr. Kiley causes a young blind girl to refuse an operation that could restore her sight.

October 16, 1973: A Question Of Fault
Season 5, episode 6
W: Lee Oscar Bloomgarden   D: Hollingsworth Morse

With Barbara Luna (Serita Salazar), Frank Aletter (Avery Waters), Jed Allan (Dr. Edmund), Claudio Martinez (Diego Salazar), Lou Frizzell (Henry Greenway), Paul Picerni (Dr. Oliver), Lou Krugman (Dr. Bernstein), Marion Ross (Mrs. Johnson), Armand Alzamora (Ramon Salazar), Kathryn Reynolds (Miss Carson).
The emergency amputation of a young boy's arm causes unexpected repercussions within the lad's own family, and involves Dr. Welby in a malpractice suit against another doctor.

October 23, 1973: Friends In High Places
Season 5, episode 7
W: Jerry De Bono   D: Marc Daniels

With Frank Langella (Carey Robins), Jack Kruschen (Arnold Robins), Jerry Fogel (David Robins), Marguerite Ray (Nurse Hopkins), Viola Harris (Florence Robins).
A bit actor's lie about a starring role to cheer his dying father backfires, and the old man loses his will to live.

October 30, 1973: The Endless Moment
Season 5, episode 8
W: Art Sarno, Richard Milton   D: Hollingsworth Morse

With Stefanie Powers (Kelly Green), Norman Stuart (Dr. Levinson).
A serious rift occurs when Dr. Welby tells Dr. Kiley's fiancee how serious her illness is, despite Kiley's objections.

November 6, 1973: The Tall Tree
Season 5, episode 9

With Sharon Gless (Dr. Carr), Tony Musante (David), Susan Howard (Dr. Kerr), Paul Kent (Albert McGrath), Pamelyn Ferdin (Amy), Joan Pringle (Karen), Robert Doyle (Dr. Berger).
A psychiatric therapist learns he has a serious illness which will complicate his work with emotionally disturbed children.

November 20, 1973: The Circles Of Shame
Season 5, episode 10
W: Hesper Anderson   D: Philip Leacock

With Leslie Charleson (Alice Henley), Colby Chester (Martin), Barbara Baxley (Natalie), Tom Hayden (The Man), Paul Sorensen (Mr. McNeeley), Judy Jordan (Sandy Reeves).
A patient previously treated for an ulcer condition tells Dr. Welby that she believes she is pregnant and undergoes the emotional trauma of what to do about it.

November 27, 1973: Nguyen
Season 5, episode 11
W: David Moessinger   D: David Moessinger

With Robert Hooks (Joe Lucas), Joan Pringle (Diana Lucas), Eric Woods (Terry Lucas), Juanita Moore (Mrs. Coleman), Jackie Earle Haley (Tony).
An ex-Marine brings home a 7-year-old Vietnamese orphan of mixed racial background, and becomes so obsessed with the child's welfare that he alienates his wife and son.

December 11, 1973: A Cry In The Night
Season 5, episode 12
W: Richard Fielder   D: Philip Leacock

With Dina Merrill (Dr. Brooks), Claude Akins (Jim Randall), Stephanie Steele (Sally Brooks), Robert Ito (Dr. Arnold), Reb Brown (Ken Norris).
A dedicated marine biologist, who refuses to admit to herself that she is seriously ill, blacks out during an underwater dive.

December 18, 1973: Death Is Only A Side Effect
Season 5, episode 13
W: Jerome Ross   D: Jerry London

With Joanna Barnes (Noreen Saunders), Lynne Marta (Patricia Lowry), Alan Bergmann (Dr. Manners), Robert Urich (Mike Lowry), Barbara Flicker (Marilyn Carswell), Norman Stuart (Dr. Sedley).
A woman who is despondent over her chronic kidney ailment and the fear that her husband is having romantic affairs on his business trips, takes a tranquilizer that puts her in a coma.

January 1, 1974: The Comeback
Season 5, episode 14

With Penny Fuller (Vicky Thorson), Ed Flanders (Dr. Magruder), Marian McCargo (Nurse Harwell), Victor Izay (Dr. Burroughs), Lee H. Montgomery (Billy), Victor Millan (Dr. Reeves).
A former surgeon who has just won a two-year battle with alcoholism returns to the hospital as a therapist, hoping to be reinstated in the medical profession.

January 8, 1974: A Full Life
Season 5, episode 15
W: Lee Oscar Bloomgarden   D: Nicholas Colasanto

With Richard Basehart (Professor Kirkcastle), Murray MacLeod (Cecil Kirkcastle), Phyllis Thaxter (Kate Tannahill), Milton Selzer (Dr. Mazer), Jack Hogan (Dr. Haskins), Donald Mantooth (Student).
After an elderly scientist returns from the jungles, he learns that he has contracted malaria and that his grandson will not follow in his footsteps. Dr. Welby enlists a tough nurse to rekindle his enthusiasm for life.

January 15, 1974: No Charity For The MacAllisters
Season 5, episode 16
W: R. Wright Campbell   D: Russ Mayberry

With R.G. Armstrong (Grandee MacAllister), Pamela McMyler (Sylvie MacAllister), Edd Byrnes (John Trask), Stacy Keach Sr. (Mr. Clinton), Tom Lester (Will MacAllister), Bonnie Ebsen (Heather MacAllister), Stephen Manley (Hinky MacAllister).
Treatment of a boy for a snake bite reveals a hereditary blood disease which requires hospitalization for both the boy and his father.

January 22, 1974: Each Day A Miracle
Season 5, episode 17
W: Hesper Anderson   D: Leo Penn

With Ronne Troup (Nancy Riggs), Clark Howat (Harold Riggs), Andrew Robinson (Chris Bakewell), Lew Brown (Dr. Evans), Maidie Norman (Willie), Byron Morrow (Mr. Bakewell), Adrienne Marden (Mrs. Bakewell).
A girl whose remission from leukemia is the longest on record, falls in love with her professor and plans to marry him against the plans of both their parents.

January 29, 1974: The Fear Of Silence
Season 5, episode 18
W: Robert M. Young   D: Randal Kleiser

With Christopher Connelly (Gary), Gretchen Corbett (Jan Allister), Robert Ellenstein (Dr. Delatour).
An air traffic controller who uses his voice to guide planes into the airport loses interest in life when malignant lesions are found in his larynx.

February 5, 1974: Angela's Nightmare
Season 5, episode 19
W: Richard Fielder   D: Leo Penn

With Mary Maldonado (Angela), Carmen Zapata (Mrs. Sanchez), Aldine King (Miss Lewis), Michael Richardson (Dr. Charles), Abbey Lincoln (Judge Palmer).
A 15-year-old Mexican-American girl becomes a runaway after being raped by the man seeking to adopt her.

February 12, 1974: The Mugging
Season 5, episode 20
D: Marc Daniels

With Lorraine Gary (Jean Wainwright), Jim Hutton (George Wainwright), Craig Huxley (Ben Sabberly), Don Keefer (Larry Sabberly), John Lupton (Cleary), Tracey Roberts (Lucille Sabberly).
The recovery of a patient of Dr. Welby's is hampered by fear and her husband's obsession to find her attacker.

February 19, 1974: The Latch-Key Child
Season 5, episode 21

With Marcia Strassman (Julie Sellers), Brad Savage (Joshua Sellers), Tracie Savage (Casey Sellers), Brett Hadley (Dr. Stauffer), Lois January (Mrs. Sloan).
Dr. Kiley gives a waitress a lift home when her camper breaks down and finds a 4-year-old boy who is suffering blackouts and being cared for by his 9-year-old sister.

February 26, 1974: Out Of Control
Season 5, episode 22
W: Paul Schneider, Margaret Schneider   D: Joseph Pevney

With Barbara Anderson (Julie Haynes), George Maharis (Curtis Haynes), Geoffrey Deuel (Eddie Haynes), Dirk Blocker (Benjy), Stephen Coit (Dr. Baker).
Dr. Welby refuses to okay a racing driver for competition until the cause of his recurrent headaches and violent fits of temper can be determined.

March 5, 1974: I've Promised You A Father (1)
Season 5, episode 23
W: Hesper Anderson   D: Hollingsworth Morse

With Kim Darby (Perry Stewart), Farrah Fawcett (Laura Foley), Lynda Day George (Leigh Conforti), Arthur Hill (Owen Marshall), Joan Crosby (Mrs. Johnson).
Dr. Kiley is named in a paternity suit by a young nurse who believes he is the father of her son. The conclusion will be seen on the March 9 episode of "Owen Marshall, Counselor at Law".

March 12, 1974: Designs
Season 5, episode 24

With Jane Wyatt (Edwina), Mel Ferrer (Carlo), Paul Woodville (Walter), Lillian McBride (Mrs. Flynn), Tony Giorgio (Vito).
Robert Young and Jane Wyatt are reunited for the first time since Father Knows Best stopped production 13 years ago. Miss Wyatt plays a British fashion designer with whom Dr. Welby becomes emotionally involved -- only to learn she is married.

September 10, 1974: The Brittle Warrior
Season 6, episode 1
W: Judy Burns   D: Richard Learman

With Forrest Tucker (Officer Stewart), Peggy McCay (Jane Stewart), Patty McCormack (Marilyn Bryson), Alan Fudge (Sgt. Bryson), Kip Niven (Dr. Richards), Sharon Gless (Kathleen Faverty), Reb Brown (Rifleman), Craig Baxley (Burglar), Ron Kelly (Officer Collins).
Drs. Welby and Kiley take on their new posts at the Family Practice Center. The sixth season opens with a policeman who puts his life on the line by refusing treatment for rheumatoid arthritis in order to keep his job.

September 17, 1974: The Faith Of Childish Things
Season 6, episode 2
W: Jean Holloway   D: William Asher

With Sian Barbara Allen (Carrie Brandon Lyman), Kristoffer Tabori (Brad Lyman), Barbara Hale (Marjorie Brandon), Jacques Aubuchon (Dr. Crayler), Bob Hastings (Dr. Pardan), Claudia Bryar (Mrs. Grande), Maudie Prickett (Miss James), Allison McKay (Miss Willow).
A diabetic expectant mother risks her life to reach Los Angeles because she believes that only Dr. Welby should deliver her baby.

September 24, 1974: Last Flight To Babylon
Season 6, episode 3
W: Edward DeBlasio   D: Jerry London

With Jim Backus (Bill), Christine Belford (Phyllis Dalton), Cliff DeYoung (Lenny Dalton), June Lockhart (Lila), Greg Mullavey (Tom Dalton), Ken Lynch (Masters), William Boyett (Watts), Anne Schedeen (Mariette).
It's a race against time to prevent the attempted suicide of a patient who has becomes mentally despondent after surgery.

October 1, 1974: To Father A Child
Season 6, episode 4
W: Jean Holloway, Larry Alexander   D: Randal Kleiser

With Diane Baker (Ann Brecht), Ron Ely (Ben Brecht), Dirk Blocker (Benji), Paul Lambert (Dr. Jenner), S. John Launer (Dr. Bronson).
A young couple discover they are unable to have children and Dr. Welby suggests artificial insemination as an alternative.

October 8, 1974: The Outrage
Season 6, episode 5
W: Eugene Price   D: Bernard McEveety

With Sean Kelly (Ted), Gretchen Corbett (Leah Blakely), Edward Power (George Blakely), Marla Adams (Marian Blakely), Patrick Wayne (Sgt. Buchanan), Edward Winter (Bill Swanson), Francis DeSales (Ralph Martin), Norman Stuart (Dr. Lewis), Sheila Rogers (Mrs. Kagle).
A boy has been the victim of child molestation, and although injured and depressed will not reveal the name of his attacker.

October 15, 1974: The Fatal Challenge
Season 6, episode 6
W: Stephen Kandel   D: Richard Learman

With Jess Walton (Dr. Janet Oliver), Joe Kapp (Frank Gonzalez), Anna Navarro (Evalina Gonzalez), Sharon Gless (Kathleen Faverty), Ketty Lester (Thelma Walters), Jason Wingreen (Marty Ross), Gwenn Mitchell (Dr. Jackson), Arthur Space (Dr. Olson).
A man almost dies because a woman doctor is not giving enough time and attention to her patients at the Family Practice Center where Drs. Welby and Kiley are staff members.

October 22, 1974: A Fevered Angel
Season 6, episode 7
W: Norman Hudis   D: Randal Kleiser

With Eric Braeden (Pastor Goodleigh), Donna Mills (Bea Averton), Quinn Redeker (Judge Wildson), Robert Drivas (Burt Averton), Kip Niven (Dr. Richards), John Elerick (Franklin Hughes).
The doctors fight to save the life of a 3-year-old boy whose mother will not allow the child to be given proper medical treatment because of her beliefs.

October 29, 1974: Feedback
Season 6, episode 8
W: Art Sarno, Richard Milton   D: Walter Doniger

With Norman Alden (Hal Moore), Peter Brandon (Dr. Driskill), Leslie Uggams (Laurie Williams), Herbert Jefferson Jr. (Danny Williams), Tom Selleck (Lt. Rogers), Henry Beckman (Manager), John Milford (Bellows).
An up-and-coming boxer finds out he is an epileptic and must give up his career.

November 12, 1974: No Gods In Sight
Season 6, episode 9
W: Norman Hudis   D: Hollingsworth Morse

With Carl Betz (Dr. Bryant), Elaine Devry (Sheila Bryant), Jane Actman (Ellen Welton), Sharon Gless (Kathleen Faverty), Michael Richardson (Fred Dickerson).
A brilliant researcher and diagnostician comes to work at the Family Practice Center but cannot adjust to doctor-patient relationships.

November 19, 1974: Hell Is Upstairs
Season 6, episode 10
W: Norman Hudis   D: Hollingsworth Morse

With Shirley Knight, Mike Farrell (Mr. Ferra), Sharon Gless (Kathleen Faverty), John Smith (Dr. McManus), Deanna Martin (Helen Ferra).
A young girl suffers from a muscular disease which can be cured only by a brain operation in which the patient stays awake.

November 26, 1974: The Last Rip-Off
Season 6, episode 11
W: Norman Hudis, Harold Harnum   D: William Asher

With Richard Basehart (Reece Sutton), Virginia Gregg (Janet Kenderdine), Kasey Rogers (Sue Parker), Irene Tedrow (Eileen McAdams), Frank Aletter (Avery Waters), Anne Schedeen (Mrs. Carstairs), Jerry Fogel (Mike Rossowitz), Hal England (Jerry Moore), Stacy Keach Sr. (Harry Ferguson).
Dr. Welby exposes an unscrupulous funeral director who preys on the relatives of the deceased when they are bereaved and under emotional stress.

December 3, 1974: Child Of Silence
Season 6, episode 12
W: Jean Holloway   D: John Erman

With Lois Nettleton (Mary Anderson), Dawn Lyn (Cara Anderson), Ruth McDevitt (Mrs. Davis), Tom Troupe (Dr. Jones), Dennis McCarthy (Mr. Davis), Claudia Bryar (Nurse Grande), Rodney Allen Rippy (Little Boy), Arthur Peterson (Watchman).
A four-year-old deaf girl, suffering from a serious infection, runs away and Dr. Welby must find her to save her life.

December 10, 1974: The 266 Days
Season 6, episode 13
W: Jerome Ross   D: Jerry London

With Gena Rowlands (Lorraine Denby), Jed Allan (Chris Denby), Stewart Moss (Dr. Davis), Aldine King (Mary Ellen Hayes), Sharon Gless (Kathleen Faverty).
Consuelo takes a brief leave of absence to head the obstetrical care team for pregnant women at the Family Practice Center and is called upon to deliver a baby under unexpected circumstances.

December 17, 1974: The Resident
Season 6, episode 14
W: Gene Thompson   D: Jerry London

With Cliff Potts (Dr. Walton), Mel Stewart (Chet Wiggins), Bruce Kirby (Fred Bowers), Helen Verbit (Nurse Lattimore), Wallace Rooney (Charlie Sanders), Linda Gray (Patsy Grey), Sharon Gless (Kathleen Faverty).
Drs. Welby and Kiley feel that turnabout is fair play when they hospitalize a brilliant but uncaring doctor, and employ various and unique methods of patient care.

January 7, 1975: Dark Fury (1)
Season 6, episode 15

With Diana Hyland (Janet Trent), Dack Rambo, Lindsay Wagner (Susan Davis), Tom Selleck (Sgt. Brock), William Campbell (Justin Hubbard), Stack Pierce (Albert Johnson), Bob Delegall (Dr. Haddon), Sharon Gless (Kathleen Faverty).
Dr. Kiley becomes emotionally involved with a kidney transplant patient who subsequently is attacked by her former boyfriend.

January 14, 1975: Dark Fury (2)
Season 6, episode 16

With Diana Hyland (Janet Trent), Dack Rambo, Lindsay Wagner (Susan Davis), Tom Selleck (Sgt. Brock), Stack Pierce (Albert Johnson), Bob Delegall (Dr. Haddon), Sharon Gless (Kathleen Faverty), Regis Cordic (Judge), Frank Aletter, Robert Forward (Dr. West).
Dr. Kiley gets slapped with a malpractice suit because of his treatment of a rapist.

January 21, 1975: Public Secrets
Season 6, episode 17
W: Eugene Price   D: Leo Penn

With Juliet Mills (Louise Carpenter), Mark Miller (Paul Carpenter), Logan Ramsey (Kane), Kathryn Reynolds (Emily Mueller), Ketty Lester (Betty Fisher), William Dozier (Frank Alexander), Jerry Fogel (John Avery), Kim Hamilton (Elsbeth Byars).
A woman with a severe heart condition almost loses her life when she inadvertently finds out her husband has a venereal disease.

January 28, 1975: The Time Bomb
Season 6, episode 18
W: Jerome Ross   D: Marc Daniels

With Lucie Arnaz (Jo Anne Bosley), Joan Hotchkis (Muriel Bosley), Gavan O'Herlihy (Herb Frane), Victor Millan (Mr. Timmons), Art Balinger (Bert Sidney), Russell Thorson (Dr. Gregson), Tom Scott (Larry Bennett).
Dr. Welby has serious self-doubts when a young woman develops a cancerous condition from treatments she received as a child.

February 4, 1975: Four Plus Hot
Season 6, episode 19
W: Norman Hudis   D: Rick Edelstein

With Ben Murphy (Alan Peterson), Scott Newman (Harry Palmer), Gerald Hiken (Russ Robinson), Susan Brown (Joanna Lowell), Sidney Miller (Ben Leona).
The reunion of two former high school football teammates is marred by the shadow of death.

February 11, 1975: Jake's Okay
Season 6, episode 20

With Scott Jacoby (Jake), Belinda Montgomery.
A teenage boy with minimal brain damage that has gone undetected does poorly at school and in his relationship with people, especially the opposite sex.

February 18, 1975: Save The Last Dance For Me
Season 6, episode 21

With Pamela Hensley (Crystal), Elaine Giftos (Doris), Jordan Rhodes (Jon).
Two women who fear they may have breast cancer have widely differing reactions to the dread possibility.

February 25, 1975: The Unindicted Wife
Season 6, episode 22
W: Norman Hudis   D: Marc Daniels

With John Astin (Martin Gannard), Patty Duke (Kate Gannard), Paul Sorensen (Cass Lombard), Fred Holliday (Bob Lander).
When a politician is accused of having accepted a $750,000 kickback in connection with the awarding of a building contract, the notoriety causes his wife, who suffers from hypertension, to become dangerously ill.

March 4, 1975: Dark Corridors
Season 6, episode 23
D: Richard Milton

With Joanne Dru (Dorothy Brander), Rosemary DeCamp (Nurse Kelly), Douglas Fowley (Dr. Hanes), Allison McKay (Miss Willow), Phil Diskin (Dr. Brown), Richard Reicheg (Dr. Morrison), Robin Mattson (Mavis Brander), Lois January (Miss Billings).
After the death of a very dear personal friend, Dr. Welby becomes emotionally involved with an ill teenage violin prodigy.

March 11, 1975: Loser In A Dead Heat
Season 6, episode 24
W: Meyer Dolinsky

With Larry Hagman, Murray Matheson, Shelby Leverington (Maggie Cassell), Angela Hoffman (Holly Meade).
Constant arguing between her parents because of her father's compulsive gambling causes a girl to suffer from hyperventilation. When Dr. Welby examines her, he reveals her condition to be more serious than first suspected.

September 9, 1975: Tomorrow May Never Come
Season 7, episode 1
W: Richard Fielder   D: Walter Doniger

With Jon Cypher (Eric Brandon), Victor Izay (Dr. Gardner), Nehemiah Persoff (Nat Bader), James Ingersoll (Don Riggs), William Wellman Jr. (Dr. Wells).
With the series into its seventh season, Pamela Hensley joins the cast as the new hospital director and Dr. Kiley's girlfriend. His first date with her turns into tragedy when she is thrown from a horse and is paralyzed.

September 16, 1975: The Fruitfulness Of Mrs. Steffie Rhodes
Season 7, episode 2
W: Jerome Ross   D: Marc Daniels

With Julie Cobb (Steffie Rhodes), Michael Richardson (Kenny Rhodes), Jon Cypher (Eric Brandon), Warren Stevens (Chief of Obstetrics), Army Archerd (Reporter), Selma Archerd (Reporter), Dick Wesson (Charlie Benson).
The hospital is thrown into a state of excitement when quintuplets are about to be born.

September 23, 1975: The Lie
Season 7, episode 3
W: Gene Thompson   D: Marc Daniels

With Jon Cypher (Eric Brandon), Lew Brown (Dr. Resnick), Richard McMurray (Dr. Cahan), Scott Garrett (Benji Stuart).
Eric Brandon, a new patient and longtime friend of Janet Blake, fails to tell Dr. Welby that he recently suffered a mild stroke, and consequently his life is jeopardized when he undergoes major surgery.

September 30, 1975: The Covenant
Season 7, episode 4
W: John W. Bloch   D: Walter Doniger

With Peter Brown (Mike Ross), Ronne Troup (Barbara Hogan), Jon Cypher (Eric Brandon), Robert Lipton (Carter Hogan), Frank Aletter (Avery Waters), Al Ruscio (Judge Angelotti), Susan Stafford (Gina Drew).
Dr. Welby jeopardizes his medical career when he overrides a patient's religious objectives and gives her a transfusion to save her life.

October 7, 1975: The Double Edged Razor
Season 7, episode 5
W: Irving Elman   D: Walter Doniger

With Tina Andrews (Darlene Stokes), Kim Hamilton (Velma Stokes), Ty Henderson (Roy Stokes), Patty McCormack (Dr. Newman), Tracy Savage (Judy Rollins).
A 14-year-old girl is suffering from a tumor that can cause high blood pressure, and her parents decide what must be done.

October 14, 1975: To Live Another Day
Season 7, episode 6
W: Norman Hudis   D: Marc Daniels

With Scott Jacoby (Simon Zimmer), Beverly Garland (Nancy Zimmer), Michael Strong (Lee Zimmer), Fred Holliday (Dr. West), Claire Brennen (Dr. Carr), Lionel Ames (Rabbi Gersler).
Welby and Kiley fight to save a child with an incurable affliction, and Janet informs Kiley she will not have children when they are married.

October 21, 1975: An End And A Beginning
Season 7, episode 7
D: Marc Daniels

With Julie Adams (Lee Morgan), Jason Evers.
Dr. Welby's elation over the imminent marriage of Dr. Kiley and Janet Blake is paralleled with concern over an autistic youth whose mother is reluctant to submit him to medical care.

October 28, 1975: The Tidal Wave
Season 7, episode 8
W: Eugene Price   D: Marc Daniels

With Anthony Geary (John Gavanelli), Robert Hays (Officer Gilpin), Aldo Ray (Joe Gavanelli), Jodean Russo (Rose Gavanelli), Rod Colbin (Dr. Leonard), Bernard Behrens (Dr. Brigg), Robert Forward (Byron West), Harry Hickox (Walt Baker).
A patient subject to fits of violence does not respond to medication and turns on his wife. Dr. Welby and Kiley are at odds over the merits of a controversial type of brain surgery which the patient may need.

November 4, 1975: The Strange Behavior Of Paul Kelland
Season 7, episode 9
W: Jerome Ross   D: Randal Kleiser

With Lloyd Haynes (Paul Kelland), Denise Nicholas (Myrna Kelland), Arch Johnson (Contractor), Curt Lowens (Dr. Spandau), Richard Derr (Winston Ackroyd).
A construction engineer who appears to be in a state of inebriation jeopardizes his wife's life when he does not have her hospitalized as Dr. Welby ordered.

November 11, 1975: Calculated Risk
Season 7, episode 10
W: Richard Fielder   D: Walter Doniger

With Terry Kiser (Ray Porter), Regis Cordic (Dr. Ames), Tom Troupe (Dr. Turner), John Smith (Dr. Grant).
Dr. Welby's daughter returns home from South America, but the homecoming turns to tragedy when illness strikes her husband.

November 18, 1975: Killer Of Dreams
Season 7, episode 11
W: Norman Hudis   D: Hollingsworth Morse

With Don Galloway (Jack Hartley), Jill Jaress (Stella Colter), Damian London (Dr. Dinmont).
A couple's wedding plans are halted when Dr. Welby recommends that the girl return to a life-giving machine, a development that alters her fiancee's feelings for her.

December 2, 1975: The Medea Factor
Season 7, episode 12
W: Norman Hudis   D: Hollingsworth Morse

With Diane Baker (Sister Ann King), Gary Crosby (Mr. Braden), Elaine Devry (Mrs. Braden), Robert Hays (Officer Hanson), Cassie Yates (Officer McNulty), Ham Larsen (The Boy), Kristin Larkin (Sister Maureen), Dran Hamilton (Sister Laura).
After being placed with foster parents, a young boy now refuses to speak and Welby and Kiley seek to find out the true reason.

December 9, 1975: The One Face In The World
Season 7, episode 13

With Sharon Gless (Kathleen Faverty), Anne Schedeen (Sandy Porter), Gavin Brendan (Phil Porter).
Dr. Welby runs into a touchy situation when a woman doctor defies the unwritten medical law about not adminstering to a relative when her father becomes a victim of leukemia.

December 16, 1975: Go Ahead And Cry
Season 7, episode 14

With Don DeFore.
Consuelo undergoes a major operation, and her fear that she will be unable to continue as Dr. Welby's nurse causes her to consider a marriage proposal.

January 6, 1976: Strike Two!
Season 7, episode 15
W: Jerome Ross   D: Dennis Donnelly

With Shelley Fabares (Norma Fritchie), Kent McCord (Scott Fritchie), Jean Allison (Mrs. Maynor).
Drs. Welby and Kiley help a reformed alcoholic get a job as an athletic instructor, unaware that he is a hepatitis carrier.

January 13, 1976: How Do You Know What Hurts Me?
Season 7, episode 16
W: Jack Morse   D: Joseph Pevney

With Simon Oakland (Harry Burke), Sheree North (June Monica), Wallace Rooney (Dr. Ryan), Chanin Hale (Lois).
A Las Vegas showgirl collapses from an infection and Drs. Welby and Kiley are hampered in their diagnosis when she fails to reveal that she has had silicone injections.

January 20, 1976: Prisoner Of The Island Cell (1)
Season 7, episode 17
D: Marc Daniels

With Marla Adams, Marlyn Mason, Dick Sargent, Cliff Potts (Dr. Moran), Brett Hadley, Katherine Crawford.
Despite the evidence compiled by the police against a doctor on rape charges, Dr. Welby believes he is innocent.

January 27, 1976: Prisoner Of The Island Cell (2)
Season 7, episode 18
D: Marc Daniels

With Marla Adams, Marlyn Mason, Dick Sargent, Cliff Potts (Dr. Moran), Brett Hadley, Katherine Crawford, Anne Schedeen (Sandy Porter).
Dr. Welby becomes emboiled in controversy when the hospital asks his young colleague to discontinue his practice after a charge of rape is brought against him.

February 17, 1976: The Highest Mountain
Season 7, episode 19
W: Eugene Price   D: Russ Mayberry

With Cliff Potts (Dr. Moran), Roger Perry (Jack Tappin), Aneta Corsaut (Brenda Tillerman), Maureen Reagan (Arlene Barnham), Tom Drake (Dave Tillerman), Melissa Murphy (Sue Tappin), Marie Windsor (Amanda Degan), Diane McBain (Barra Dean).
Dr. Kiley suffers a paralyzing stroke when mounting pressures at the hospital are coupled with fatigue and a spat with his wife.

February 24, 1976: To Trump An Ace
Season 7, episode 20
W: Max Hodge   D: Joseph Kenney

With Scott Thomas (Jim Brednan), Fionnula Flanagan (Barbara Brendan), Tony Becker (Brian Brendan), Heidi Bruhl (Jim's Girlfriend), John Kepler (Dr. Gehringer), Marcia Ralston (Nurse Donnelly).
A pilot's swinging lifestyle is curbed after an asthma attack, and unless Dr. Welby can find a cure he will be grounded.

March 2, 1976: All Passions Spent
Season 7, episode 21
W: Richard Fiedler   D: Richard Milton

With Tina Louise (Susan Dager), Dick Gautier (Vince Dager), Udana Power (Cathy Trent), K.T. Stevens (Mrs. Palmer), Stephen Coit (Dr. Gardner), Michael Swan (Stash).
Dr. Kiley's former college roommate suffers a heart attack and while he fears that his sexual prowess will be curbed, his wife confides to Kiley that all is not well with their marriage otherwise.

May 4, 1976: Vanity Case (1)
Season 7, episode 22
W: Norman Hudis   D: Joseph Pevney

With Cliff Potts (Dr. Moran), Gretchen Corbett (Hedy Moran), Jason Bernard (Dr. Mendoza).
Dr. Welby's fatherly instincts are aroused when a ladies man tells him he wants to marry his daughter.

May 4, 1976: Vanity Case (2)
Season 7, episode 23
W: Norman Hudis   D: Leo Penn

Dr. Welby accepts the prospect of his daughter marrying the frivolous Dr. Moran until the young doctor's ex-wife throws the engagement into turmoil. (Last show of the series.)

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