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Series regulars or semi-regulars in 'Medical Center' from 1970-1982:

1970-1982 Episode Guide for 'Medical Center':

(Episodes with dates prior to 1970 aired as reruns.)

September 24, 1969: The Last 10 Yards
Season 1, episode 1
W: Andy Lewis   D: William Graham

With Paulene Myers (Mrs. Wiley), Lincoln Kilpatrick (Jolly), Radames Pera (Allan Theron), Dana Elcar (George Mazur), Cicely Tyson (Susan Wiley), O.J. Simpson (Bru Wiley), Edward Asner (Coach Trask).
A potential Heisman Trophy recipient and big draft choice with the pros is suddenly plagued by a mysterious ailment.

October 1, 1969: Victim
Season 1, episode 2
W: Robert Hamner   D: Charles S. Dubin

With Jason Wingreen (Dr. Howard), Eldon Quick (Surgical Resident), Sheila Larken (Nurse Wittley), Don Clarke (Jamie Crawford), Robert Lansing (Eric Crawford), Dyan Cannon (Elinor Crawford), Corinne Camacho (Dr. Bartlett).
Bruises on a young boy's body convince Dr. Gannon that his patient has been the victim of a child beating instead of suffering injuries from a fall he reportedly had.

October 22, 1969: The Battle Of Lily Wu
Season 1, episode 5
W: Don Brinkley   D: Vincent Sherman

With France Nuyen (Lily Wu), Harold J. Stone (Capt. Lombardi), Jayne Meadows (Nurse Chambers), Byron Keith (Dr. Berger), Paul Hahn (Fred Cody).
An injured Vietnamese girl is brought to the United States and proves a problem for Dr. Gannon by becoming uncommunicative and failing to respond to treatment.

October 29, 1969: The Crooked Circle
Season 1, episode 6
W: Shimon Wincelberg   D: Vincent Sherman

With Richard Webb (Hank Dallas), Charlotte Stewart (Jane Minter), Nan Martin (Anne Filbey), Tim Considine (Charlie Filbey), Corinne Camacho (Dr. Bartlett).
A wounded college senior, who has been under the influence of drugs, staggers through the hospital's emergency entrance and touches off a police investigation of his injury.

November 12, 1969: Thousands And Thousands of Miles
Season 1, episode 7
W: Don Brinkley   D: Michael O'Herlihy

With Carolyn Conwell (Doris Webb), Peter Donat (Calvin Webb), Michael Brandon (Andy Tobin), Brooke Bundy (Jenny Webb), Patti Cohoon (Proo), Tom Falk (Dr. Tobias).
Jenny Webb, with a hemorrhaging kidney and a baby on the way, is rejected by her angry father and uncaring boyfriend.

November 19, 1969: The Sharpest Edge
Season 1, episode 8
W: Oliver Crawford   D: Harvey Hart

With Lynn Carlin (Ruth Dwyer), John Ericson (Pete Duncan), John Marley (Dr. Roger Farrell), Tom DeMent (James Tredman), Paula Victor (Mrs. Vola).
Dr. Roger Farrell takes over as chief of surgeons and immediately overrules Dr. Gannon's opinion concerning one of his patients.

November 26, 1969: Jeopardy
Season 1, episode 9
W: Shimon Wincelberg, Donn Mullally   D: Alvin Ganzer

With Michael Burns (Greg Sorenson), Joanna Cameron (Lainie Jeffries), Lloyd Gough (Larry Sorenson), Carl Reindel (Dr. Hauser), Lloyd Bochner (Dean Wrightman), Corinne Camacho (Dr. Bartlett), Byron Morrow (Judge Thomas).
A student's unprovoked attack on a psychology professor and his generally unpredictable behavior leads Dr. Gannon to believe that the boy's troubles may have some physical cause.

December 3, 1969: The Fallen Image
Season 1, episode 10
W: Andy Lewis, Al C. Ward   D: Daniel Petrie

With Arthur Adams (Dr. Maywood), Paul Stevens (Dr. Scarpia), Richard Geary (Agent), Linden Chiles (Martin Evarts), Viveca Lindfors (Kyri Gregaros), Walter Pidgeon (Ambassador Evarts).
A U.S. ambassador's critical negotiations with a major foreign power are delayed by a sudden heart flareup. Dr. Gannon determines from tests that heart surgery is required, but then becomes locked in a conflict with the ambassador's son who opposes the operation.

December 10, 1969: The Loner
Season 1, episode 11
W: Robert J. Shaw   D: Earl Bellamy

With James Shigeta (Dan Purcell), Rodolfo Hoyos Jr. (Torres), Lee Grant (Karen Harper), Fabian Gregory (Tavo Enriquez), Paul Comi (Jeff McKay), Corinne Camacho (Dr. Bartlett).
A wealthy widow, withdrawn since the death of her husband, begins to feel involvement with people again when she becomes attached to a 10-year-old hospital patient.

December 17, 1969: 24 Hours
Season 1, episode 12
W: Andy Lewis, Al C. Ward   D: Daniel Petrie

With Belinda Montgomery (Eunice Carston), Ned Glass (Pop Tulliver), Bettye Ackerman (Nurse Marsh), Tom Fielding (Jess Yarnaby), Peter Brocco (Mr. Honeyman), Frank Wilcox (Ashley Drumman), Ivan Bonar (Dr. Nelson).
Dr. Gannon sticks his neck out to back a struggling student nurse who has been accused of mishandling a patient.

December 31, 1969: The Adversaries
Season 1, episode 13
W: Oscar Millard   D: Gerald Mayer

With Jack Garner (Dr. Harrison), Boyd Berlind (Dr. Posten), Patricia Quinn (Dr. Kenter), Ricky Kelman (Quincy Rust), Helen Westcott (Mary Summers), Sidney Clute (Dr. Grover), Shirley Bonne (June), Christopher Stone (Dr. Steve Seagren), Ivan Bonar (Dr. Nelson).
A promising intern learns that there is only one residency postion open at the hospital. His competition for the post being a pretty woman, he decides on a plan to get her out of the way.

January 7, 1970: The Deceived
Season 1, episode 14
W: Andy Lewis   D: Vincent Sherman

With Inga Swenson (Nina Hoagley), Booth Colman (Dr. Persky), Sean Morgan (Janusas), Pat Hingle (Tom Hoagley), Greg Mullavey (Frank Alber), Carrie Snodgress (Mimi Hoagley).
Dr. Gannon gets a mysterious turndown when he asks the mother of a girl needing a kidney transplant to become her donor. After discussing the case with the father, he begins to unfold the reasons for he mother's strange attitude.

January 14, 1970: Moment Of Decision
Season 1, episode 15
W: Robert J. Shaw   D: Daniel Petrie

With Percy Rodrigues (Dr. DeHaven), Robert Gentry (Peter Marshall), Tyne Daly (Jennifer Lochner).
Dr. Lochner is faced with the difficult task of telling his daughter that she has a serious arterial condition, right when she's making plans for her upcoming wedding.

January 21, 1970: Runaway
Season 1, episode 16
W: Don Brinkley   D: Charles S. Dubin

With James Shigeta (Resident Doctor), Richard Thomas (Toby Tavormina), Carol Booth (Verna), Gilbert Green (Sgt. Brook), Pamela Peters (Maria Tavormina), Simon Oakland (August Tavormina).
Remembering his own youthful rebeliousness, Dr. Gannon provides refuge for a 17-year-old runaway suffering from mysterious blackouts.

February 4, 1970: Fright And Flight
Season 1, episode 17
W: Robert M. Young   D: Harvey Hart

With Steve Ihnat (Zach Hibbs), Martine Bartlett (Stella Hibbs), Heidi Vaughn (Lucy Hibbs), Mark Jenkins (Danny Conwell), Marj Dusay (Dr. Michaels).
Dr. Joe Gannon suspects a sightless teenager is suffering from hysterical blindness when she reacts visibly to a hypodermic needle after being hospitalized because of a motorcycle accident.

February 11, 1970: A Duel With Doom
Season 1, episode 18
W: Shimon Wincelberg   D: Charles S. Dubin

With Marj Dusay (Dr. Michaels), Bruce Davison (Mickey Peters), Jana Taylor (Janet Johns), Fred Sadoff (Johns), Martin Sheen (Rev. Thompson), Joseph Breen (Sgt. Walding).
A minister's heart condition flares up to jeopardize his chances of maintaining a foundation for parolees.

February 25, 1970: A Matter Of Tomorrow
Season 1, episode 19
W: John W. Bloch, Robert J. Shaw   D: Earl Bellamy

With Mercedes McCambridge (Nurse Marge Bowen), Cliff Potts (Johnny Kane), Suzanne Benoit (Nancy), David Saber (Musician), Charles Wagenheim (Mr. Hinckley).
A dedicated head nurse suffers several minor strokes and shields her serious artery condition to avoid losing her job.

March 4, 1970: Care Is No Cure
Season 1, episode 20
W: Don Brinkley   D: Charles S. Dubin

With Walter Matthews (Rinaldi), Dolores Mann (Mrs. Rinaldi), Julian Rivero (Manuel), Stephen Brooks (Dr. Casman), Shelby Grant (T.J. O'Hara).
A lovely tour director falls in love with Dr. Joe Gannon while he is on vacation in Mexico. Gannon is just falling under her spell when she's involved in an auto accident, and it appears that her injuries may be traceable to something other than the accident itself.

March 11, 1970: The Professional
Season 1, episode 21
W: Don Brinkley   D: Bernard McEveety

With Jo Ann Harris (Ellen Farley), Slim Pickens (Smokey Bradville), Forrest Tucker (Ollie Wayne), Jayne Meadows (Nurse Chambers), Gertrude Flynn (Mrs. Farley), John Crawford (Pat Dugan), Hilly Hicks (Photographer).
Dr. Gannon begins to treat his boyhood football idol and is startled to discover that the ailing athlete doesn't really seem to care if the poor circulation in his legs is cured.

March 18, 1970: The Combatants
Season 1, episode 22
W: Oliver Crawford   D: Earl Bellamy

With Barbara Dana (Esther Neily), Renne Jarrett (Vicki Kaufman), Lonny Chapman (Mr. Kaufman), William Shatner (Dr. Eli Neily), Corinne Camacho (Dr. Bartlett), Jack Garner (Doctor).
The determination of a research scientist to have his probable cure for Hodgkin's Disease accepted by the center brings him to a parting of the ways with the hospital and weakens his friendship with Dr. Gannon.

March 25, 1970: The V.D. Story
Season 1, episode 23
W: Dick Nelson   D: Harvey Hart

With James Shigeta (Dr. Osaka), Anne Seymour (Dr. Bardman), Carl Betz (Jason Purcell), Wendell Burton (Jerry), Katherine Cannon (Nancy), Jon Lormer (Dr. Riedmont).
A wealthy publisher forces Dr. Gannon to face a medical board hearing for violating the hospital code, by failing to inform him that his teenage daughter has contracted a venereal disease.

April 1, 1970: His Brother's Keeper
Season 1, episode 24
W: Robert J. Shaw   D: Earl Bellamy

With David Cassidy (Rick Lambert), Ben Murphy (Jerry Lambert), Tim O'Connor (Dr. Martin Lambert), Carl Reindel (Dr. Hauser), Chris Shelton (Bob Tredman).
One of Dr. Gannon's medical associates whose son is a strong candidate for the Olympic diving team finds it difficult to believe that the young athlete has developed a muscular disease.

April 8, 1970: The Rebel In White
Season 1, episode 25
W: Anthony Lawrence   D: Harvey Hart

With David Opatoshu (Dr. Komer), Bart La Rue (Cal Gibbs), Paula Kelly (Ellie James), Will Geer (Jess Calhoun), Georg Stanford Brown (Dr. James), Hazel Medina (Hettie Simpson).
Gannon tries to assure a black resident in surgery that he's one of the young doctor's strongest boosters, but the medic is convinced that Gannon lacks confidence in him when he fails to receive a research grant and then is assigned a welfare patient.

April 15, 1970: Between Dark And Daylight
Season 1, episode 26
W: Don Brinkley   D: Earl Bellamy

With Sharon Farrell (Linda Atwood), Tom Skerritt (Artie Atwood), Rudy Solari (Dr. Walters), Walter Koenig (Harry Seller), Lane Bradbury (Maggie Seller), Corinne Camacho (Dr. Bartlett), David Renard (Dr. Lorca).
Dr. Gannon feels there is an underlying psychiatric reason when his teaching assistant seeks sterilization as the solution to her miscarriage problems.

September 16, 1970: Brink Of Doom
Season 2, episode 1
W: Dick Nelson   D: Daniel Petrie

With Rita Rogers (Elena Marsh), Robert Lipton (Bryan Marsh), George Grizzard (Dr. Tom Forley), Elizabeth Ashley (Anne Forley), James Shigeta (Dr. Osaka), Lloyd Kino (Doctor).
A brilliant surgeon is stricken with a crippling muscular ailment just as he is perfecting a radical new surgical technique. Anxious for a fellowship grant, the doctor stubbornly tries to hide his condition from his wife and gets furious when she goes to Dr. Joe Gannon for information.

September 23, 1970: Undercurrent
Season 2, episode 2
W: Robert M. Young   D: Daniel Petrie

With Pamela Murphy (Linda Petrie), Murray MacLeod (Pvt. Burton Reeves), Andrew Duggan (Dr. Oliver Garson), Paul Burke (Dr. Ben Teverley), Salome Jens (Dr. Abby Whitten), Severn Darden (Dr. Seaton), Jack Garner (Dr. Bolton), Ivan Bonar (Dr. Crump).
A dedicated research scientist's vital work on a new drug is threatened when anonymous letters accuse him of being a homosexual.

September 30, 1970: Junkie
Season 2, episode 3
W: Anthony Lawrence   D: Murray Golden

With Janet Wood (Nadine), Tom Ormeny (Frank), Glenn Allan (Pete), Geoffrey Binney (Ken), Frank Campanella (Sgt. Gifford), Michael Anderson Jr. (Kevin), Murray Hamilton (Robert Jennings), Heidi Vaughn (Julie Jennings), Phyllis Thaxter (Celia Jennings).
Dr. Gannon learns that the teenage daughter of his best friend is on drugs, but when he tries to commit her to the student health center for treatment he runs into opposition from her parents.

October 7, 1970: Assailant
Season 2, episode 4
W: Oliver Crawford, Barney Slater   D: Richard Benedict

With Gary Lockwood (Dr. Carl Webson), Bradford Dillman (Inspector Fellows), Jane Dulo (Nurse Murphy), Fred Holliday (Dr. Barnes).
When a series of criminal attacks on coeds puts the hospital community up in arms, suspicion falls on an arrogant doctor.

October 14, 1970: The Clash
Season 2, episode 5
W: Cliff Gould   D: Vincent Sherman

With Patricia Stich (Louise), Stewart Moss (Greg), Charles Aidman (Pete Howell), Vera Miles (Dr. Gloria Howell), Fred Holliday (Dr. Barnes), Eugene Peterson (Dr. Weller).
An uncompromising woman doctor clashes with Gannon after a coed's death from a bungled abortion starts him on a campaign to ease Student Health Service rules.

October 21, 1970: Ghetto Clinic
Season 2, episode 6
W: Oliver Crawford   D: Daniel Petrie

With Ivan Bonar (Dr. Crump), Ed Hall (Stan), Elizabeth Ann Coffin (Madge), Michael Clark (Glen), Al Checco (Gordie), Victor Brandt (Tony), Lincoln Kilpatrick (Daggett), Vincent Van Patten (Benjy), Robert F. Lyons (Pete), William Devane (Dr. Ray Waltham).
The maverick director of a ghetto clinic endangers its future by his refusal to follow rules in making reports on his patients to the police.

October 28, 1970: Scream Of Silence
Season 2, episode 7
W: Robert M. Young   D: Vincent Sherman

With Lois Nettleton (Marian Palmer), Christina Crawford (Dr. Myles), Mia Bendixsen (Jenny Palmer), Jason Evers (Ken Palmer), Jayne Meadows (Nurse Chambers), Fred Holliday (Dr. Barnes).
A little girl's abnormally active behavior leads her grandfather to urge special treatment for her despite protests from her mother.

November 4, 1970: Death Grip
Season 2, episode 8

With Michael Stearns, Slim Gaillard (Piano Player), Steve Forrest (Dr. Eric Canford), Laurie Prange (Emmy Cranston), Hugh Beaumont (Dr. Simpson), John Breckfield (Dr. Wilson).
A brilliant surgeon returns from the war with a drinking problem. He refuses to admit it is affecting his work and tries to cover up for a mistake in treating a critically ill coed.

November 11, 1970: Witch Hunt
Season 2, episode 9
W: Ed Adamson

With Jeff Donnell (Mrs. Hersey), Dana Wynter (Amanda Scott), Joan Delaney (Janice), Dick Kallman (Charlie), John Abbott (Professor MacIntyre), Ted de Corsia (Bert Wilcox), Ed Hall (Intern), Alfred Shelly (Officer Dormer).
Gannon tracks down a campus witchcraft cult that is using bizarre practices to treat an ailing coed.

November 18, 1970: Deadly Encounter
Season 2, episode 10
W: Oliver Crawford, Max Hodge, Al C. Ward   D: Vincent Sherman

With James Shigeta (Dr. Osaka), Barry Sullivan (Marshall Polk), Bettye Ackerman (Nurse Marsh), Jeff Siggins (Art), Ron Castro (Young Man), Russ Marin (Pathologist), Diane Baker (Sandra Polk).
An aging professor is jealous of his young, attractive wife's frequent visits to Gannon, an old boyfriend, not knowing she is seriously ill.

November 25, 1970: Trial By Terror
Season 2, episode 11
D: Harvey Hart

With Frank Converse (Pete Barris), George Chakiris (Dr. Christopher), Elliott Montgomery.
A new surgeon has to learn a complex heart operation when Dr. Gannon is blinded in an auto crash, apparently set up in an attempt on his life.

December 2, 1970: Accused
Season 2, episode 12
W: Anthony Lawrence   D: Harvey Hart

With Belinda Montgomery (Melanie Toland), James Olson (Dave Toland), Jonathan Brooks (Alan Lacey), Corinne Camacho (Dr. Bartlett), Chris Woodley (Vicki).
A coed suffering from a possible brain tumor claims Dr. Gannon is the father of her unborn child.

December 9, 1970: Crisis
Season 2, episode 13
W: Jack Turley   D: Murray Golden

With Michael Stearns, Roy Glenn (Inspector Holman), Mark Jenkins (Phil), Roddy McDowall (Carl Marris), Keenan Wynn (Sergeant Gordon), Sean Morgan (Intern), Walter Brooke (Chancellor Lewis), Tiffany Bolling (Helen).
A security guard, injured when he is forced to shoot and wound a student leader, becomes the target of a crusading attorney who uses the incident to provoke a campus uprising.

December 16, 1970: Man At Bay
Season 2, episode 14
W: Don Brinkley   D: Earl Bellamy

With Andrew Duggan (Dr. Garson), Gary Lockwood (Dr. Carl Webson), Stefanie Powers (Lisa Montague), Dana Elcar (General Montague), Jack Garner (Dr. Bolton).
A hippie-style doctor fights a stiff-necked colleague for promising too much success with a new treatment to a girl suffering from gangrene.

December 30, 1970: The Savage Image
Season 2, episode 15
W: Robert I. Holt   D: Earl Bellamy

With Eduard Franz (Blue Eagle), Geoffrey Deuel (Billy Sand), Daniel J. Travanti (Dr. Fredericks), Barry O'Hara (Bartender), Joe Renteria (Young Indian), Riza Royce (Patient), Rudy Solari (Dr. Walters).
Modern medical science clashes with tribal customs when Dr. Gannon treats a poverty-stricken Indian suffering a mysterious ailment.

January 6, 1971: Pitfall
Season 2, episode 16
W: Don Brinkley

With Brenda Scott (Ellen Beeker), Dennis Cole (Dr. Gordon DeWitt), Herb Armstrong (Dr. Faraday), Nancy Priddy (Nurse Loving), William Dozier (Dr. Bradville), Caroline Barrett (Connie).
A student nurse learns she has to postpone her wedding and fears telling her doctor-fiancee the true reason -- that she has syphilis.

January 13, 1971: Web Of Darkness
Season 2, episode 17

With Jessica Walter (Maggie Spencer), Roger Davis (Brad Carter), Janet Margolin (Terri Spencer), Alfred Ryder (Dr. Wiles).
A woman executive is injured in a fall while horseback riding with her younger sister, and after surgery she becomes paralyzed.

January 27, 1971: Danger Point
Season 2, episode 18
W: Jackson Gillis, John Meredyth Lucas   D: Michael Caffey

With Joanne Linville (Joan Morton), Frank Aletter (Morton), Parley Baer (Elter), Don Dubbins (Parker), Brent Davis (Charlie), Stephen Hudis (Rick), James Griffith (Follit), Paul Picerni (Reinart), Alex Miller (MacGill), James A. Watson Jr. (Stan), Michael Stearns (Orderly).
The hospital is endangered when a patient, deranged by the death of her newborn baby, loses a radioactive implant for cancer treatment then can't remember the incident.

February 3, 1971: Secret Heritage
Season 2, episode 19

With Pamela Franklin (Baby Freitag), Kim Stanley (Nurse Hull), Inga Swenson (Mrs. Amons), Karl Swenson (Dr. Mills).
When Gannon learns that a 17-year-old girl has been treated as an infant all of her life, he tries to make her do things for herself but realizes he must know more about her background before his treatment can succeed.

February 10, 1971: Edge Of Violence
Season 2, episode 20
W: Stephen Kandel   D: Michael O'Herlihy

With Michael Stearns, Jack Carter (Pete Olsen), Joan Van Ark (Deborah Walters), Liam Sullivan (Tyson), Brooke Tucker (Nurse Peerwood).
A hospital entertainer volunteers to help a girl who has tried to commit suicide, unaware that he himself is seriously ill.

February 17, 1971: Countdown
Season 2, episode 21
W: Don Brinkley   D: Vincent Sherman

With Michael Stearns, Helen Westcott (Mrs. Keller), John Qualen (Charlie), William Lundigan (Willoughby), Bebe Kelly (Gloria), Frank Corsentino (Ciavelli), Brooke Bundy (Julie Desmond), Peter Strauss (Tom Desmond).
The high cost of medical care takes its toll of a man who sets out to steal when he can't pay his wife's hospital bills.

February 24, 1971: Perfection Of Vices
Season 2, episode 22
W: Dick Nelson

With Charlotte Stewart (Connie Marlowe), Dina Merrill (Ruth Marlowe), Evelyn Frank (Nurse Foley), Brooke Tucker (Nurse Peerwood).
Dr. Lochner's ailing ex-wife turns up unexpectedly and he is unaware of her designs on him. He gets involved with Dr. Gannon over treatment of her.

March 3, 1971: The Man In Hiding
Season 2, episode 23
D: Michael O'Herlihy

With Hal England (Dr. Bill Kebner), Gena Rowlands (Frances Delaney), Richard Kiley (Dr. Thomas Patton), Georg Stanford Brown (Dr.Roy James).
Dr. Joe Gannon is dismayed to learn that a once famous doctor has given up surgery for a self-imposed exile in the research laboratory and steadfastly refuses to help a critically ill patient -- his ex-wife!

March 10, 1971: Crossroads
Season 2, episode 24
W: Don Brinkley   D: Al C. Ward

With Pat Hingle (Dr. Farring), Lynne Marta (Libby Brent), Jan Sterling (Florence Brent), Robert Pine (Jimmy Cole).
An elderly doctor who has undergone a heart transplant sets out on a busy work schedule despite Gannon's warning to slow down.

September 15, 1971: Blood Line
Season 3, episode 1
W: Jackson Gillis

With Carol Lawrence (Flora McCrae), William Windom (Nick McCrae), Percy Rodrigues (Lt. Preston), Vincent Van Patten (Jimmy McRae), Ed Hall (Dr. Bricker).
Third season gets underway with doctors Gannon and Lochner faced with an unusual problem: a critically ill child needs the type of blood only his fugitive father can supply.

September 22, 1971: The Corrupted
Season 3, episode 2

With David Opatoshu (Oscar Havlicek), Steve Lawrence (Dr. Sam Havers), Pippa Scott (Nancy Havers), Eric Scott (Danny).
Dr. Gannon is distressed to see an ambitious doctor trying so hard for a big new job that he loses interest in his patients -- even his seriously ill father.

September 29, 1971: The Imposter
Season 3, episode 3
W: Don Brinkley   D: Richard Benedict

With Forrest Tucker (Doc Yarman), Kim Hunter (Carla Yarman), Joy Bang (Peggy).
A country doctor who has built a successful practice with no medical training lives in fear of being discovered.

October 6, 1971: Double Jeopardy
Season 3, episode 4
W: Oliver Crawford   D: Vincent Sherman

With Paul Stevens (Dr. Kentner), Jack Kruschen (Stavros), Stefanie Powers (Marcie), Scott Marlowe (Steve).
A woman with a heart ailment defies Dr. Gannon's warning against having a child and becomes pregnant by artificial insemination -- without telling her husband.

October 13, 1971: Idolmaker
Season 3, episode 5
W: John Meredyth Lucas

With Pamela Payton-Wright (Jessie), Roger Davis (Bob MacGill), David Roberts (Tim Cooper).
Dr. Gannon tries to cope with two patients who refuse to undergo surgery: a woman evangelist depending on her faith for a cure-all; an old man tired of living.

October 20, 1971: Circle Of Power
Season 3, episode 6
W: Alvin Boretz   D: Paul Stanley

With Barry Sullivan (Dr. Sangford), Michael Burns (Carl Harris), Jessica Walter (Dr. Carrie Benson).
Dr. Gannon becomes suspicious when an ailing surgeon tries to block the promotion for a woman resident he has trained as his "hands", to perform operations he can no longer do himself.

October 27, 1971: The Shattered Man
Season 3, episode 7
W: Robert M. Young   D: Michael Caffey

With Bradford Dillman (John Weisley), Collin Wilcox (Claudia), David Wayne (Quentin Thayer), Jayne Meadows (Nurse Chambers).
When Dr. Gannon treats a young executive for accident injuries, he realizes that his patient has a serious marital problem but refuses to seek help.

November 3, 1971: The Albatross
Season 3, episode 8
W: Richard Shapiro   D: Richard Benedict

With Michael Douglas (Jonathan Crowley), John Ericson (Steve Crowley), Anne Helm (Carole Sims), Pamela McMyler (Melody Cavandale), Jeffrey Thorpe (Marvin).
A retarded man faces a grim future when his brother, on whom he depends, becomes ill.

November 10, 1971: Martyr
Season 3, episode 9

With Paul Stewart (Dr. Holmby), Jo Van Fleet (Margaret), Michael Larrain (Frank).
By refusing surgery which could free her from a wheelchair, a woman executive tries to force her son to take care of her.

November 17, 1971: Suspected
Season 3, episode 10
W: Dick Nelson   D: Charles S. Dubin

With Diana Hyland (Susan), Earl Holliman (Dr. Ian Hayton), Louise Latham (Mrs. Whitlock), Dianne Hull (Kathy).
A mother's complaint that a doctor has molested her daughter uncovers the fact that the medic is a convicted sex offender.

November 24, 1971: The Loser
Season 3, episode 11
W: Robert M. Young   D: Paul Stanley

With Susan Strasberg (Diana), Tom Ligon (David), Greg Mullavey (Don).
Gannon makes no headway when he tries to get a student nurse's self-centered husband to ease her workload. She has become overwhelmed by money, marriage and health problems.

December 1, 1971: The Pawn
Season 3, episode 12
W: Stephen Kandel   D: Charles S. Dubin

With Louise Sorel (Miriam), George Maharis (Evan Kenbrook), Charles Cioffi (John Glenson), Dran Hamilton (Mrs. Glenson), Jonathan Lippe (Sgt. Boyce).
A charming quack doctor and his unconventional approach to medicine arouses Dr. Gannon's anger.

December 8, 1971: Conspiracy
Season 3, episode 13
W: Lou Shaw   D: Daniel Petrie

With Suzanne Pleshette (Mary), Leslie Nielsen (Frank), Lee H. Montgomery (Alec).
A woman with lung cancer refuses to postpone her wedding and forbids Dr. Gannon to tell her fiancee.

December 15, 1971: The Nowhere Child
Season 3, episode 14
D: Chad Everett

With Ed Nelson (Hank), Fay Spain (Linda), Willie Aames (Eric), Diana Sands (Dr. Marylou Neeley).
Dr. Gannon suspects a small boy has a brain tumor but when he proposes further tests he runs into objections from the child's own doctor and the couple planning to adopt him.

December 29, 1971: Shock! (1)
Season 3, episode 15
W: Don Brinkley   D: Paul Stanley

With John Larch (Victor Crayton), Robert F. Lyons (David Crayton), Glenn Corbett (Phil Dorsey), Sheree North (Karen Porter), Vera Miles (Nora Crayton), Frank Campanella (Lt. Berger), Miko Mayama (Yoshiko Toma).
Gannon gets entangled in the affairs of an ailing tycoon who sets the stage for his own murder through cruelty to his wife, coldness to his son and his romantic overtures to his nurse.

January 5, 1972: Shock! (2)
Season 3, episode 16
W: Don Brinkley   D: Paul Stanley

With John Larch (Victor Crayton), Robert F. Lyons (David Crayton), Glenn Corbett (Phil Dorey), Vera Miles (Nora Crayton), Sheree North (Karen Porter), Frank Campanella (Lt. Berger), Miko Mayama (Yoshiko Toma).
While police investigate the murder of one of Dr. Gannon's patients, he has difficulty diagnosing the illness of an Oriental exchange student whose own physician wants to perform drastic surgery.

January 19, 1972: Fatal Decision
Season 3, episode 17

With Claudine Auger (Dr. Suzanne Millay), Wendell Burton (Bill Howland), Fritz Weaver (Dr. Matthews).
A visiting woman doctor, an old flame of Dr. Gannon's, is accused by a hospital official of failing to give emergency aid to an accident victim.

January 26, 1972: Terror
Season 3, episode 18
W: Barry Oringer   D: Vincent Sherman

With Larry Blyden (Dr. Lieber), Kathleen Lloyd (Angela Corelli), Tony De Costa (Khalid), Anthony Caruso (Zanarek), Georg Stanford Brown (Dr. James).
A case of bubonic plague sends Dr. Gannon and a public health doctor on an all-out search for the source of infection to head off an epidemic of the disease.

February 2, 1972: Secret
Season 3, episode 19
W: Don Brinkley, Jackson Gillis   D: Earl Bellamy

With Jeanette Nolan (Hallie), Marianne McAndrew (Stephanie), Michael Callan (Dr. Steve Carson), Joan Tompkins (Mrs. Magruder).
A staff doctor who is faced with trying to overcome a drinking problem learns that his wife is dying of a rare nervous disease.

February 9, 1972: The Choice
Season 3, episode 20
W: Lionel E. Siegel   D: Leo Penn

With David Huddleston (Sheriff), Clu Gulager (Jack Filmore), Monte Markham (Dr. Grainger), Tyne Daly (Dr. Barbara Latimer).
A hospital administrator treats an accident victim in a community with no doctor and is tempted to return to active medical practice.

February 16, 1972: Deadlock
Season 3, episode 21
W: Stephen Kandel   D: Michael Caffey

With Michael Tolan (Dr. Larry Crown), Michael Anderson Jr. (Blake), Jo Ann Harris (Dana Warren), Susan Howard (Linda Crown), Peter Brown (Dr. Musante), Jared Martin (Jason).
A doctor's wife is kidnapped and her husband notified that the price for her safe return is the death of a patient who needs emergency surgery.

February 23, 1972: Awakening
Season 3, episode 22
W: Robert M. Young   D: Earl Bellamy

With Barbara Rush (Judy MacMurdy), Craig Stevens (Dr. David MacMurdy), Eugene Peterson (Dr. Whittaker), Jack Ging (Ward Field), Jane Dulo (Nurse Murphy).
A doctor who awakens after three years in a coma faces the critical problems of the time lapse, including a wife who blames him for the auto crash which killed their child. He then begins to lose interest in his own recovery.

March 1, 1972: Confession
Season 3, episode 23
W: Don Brinkley   D: Al C. Ward

With Ida Lupino (Marion McKinnon), Howard Duff (Matt McKinnon), Meg Foster (Carol McKinnon), James Shigeta (Dr. Osaka).
A hard-driving politician angrily opposes additional heart surgery for his daughter and demands that Dr. Lochner take Dr. Gannon off the case.

March 8, 1972: Conflict
Season 3, episode 24
W: Stephen Kandel   D: Vincent Sherman

With Shelly Novack (Nick Belasco), Tisha Sterling (Dr. Maggie Craig), Chris Robinson (Ted Broder), Martin E. Brooks (Lt. Samuels), Ayn Ruymen (Connie Belasco).
An assaulted co-ed points out a campus teacher as her attacker, setting off a chain reaction that involves the career of his fiancee, a brilliant woman intern.

September 13, 1972: Vision Of Doom
Season 4, episode 1
W: Barry Oringer   D: Charles S. Dubin

With William Windom (Dr. Charles Nolan), Susan Oliver (Dr. Ruth), James Stacy (Neil), Lynn Carlin (Louise Nolan).
A professor known for his extrasensory perception has a vision of his own wife's death in surgery.

September 20, 1972: Cycle Of Peril
Season 4, episode 2

With Michael Masters (Foreman), Nancy Walker (Mrs. Bainbridge), James Stacy (Neil), Pamela Payton-Wright (Lori).
An ambitious husband insists that he cannot be the father of the child expected by his wife, while she refuses an emergency operation for fear it will endanger her pregnancy.

September 27, 1972: Condemned
Season 4, episode 3
W: Edward DeBlasio   D: Paul Stanley

With Lola Albright (Madeline Harris), Stephen Hudis (Davey Campbell), Sean Kelly (Jack Harris), Karl Held (Arthur Campbell), Sarah Marshall (Ann Campbell).
The ailing delinquent son of a jet-set mother learns new values from the critically ill youth who is his hospital roommate.

October 4, 1972: Wall Of Silence
Season 4, episode 4
W: Robert M. Young   D: Paul Stanley

With Kristoffer Tabori (Kyle), Tim O'Connor (Max), Estelle Parsons (Bev).
The father of a deaf youth unaccountably refuses permission for tests that could help his son recover his hearing.

October 11, 1972: The Torn Man
Season 4, episode 5
W: Barry Oringer   D: Vincent Sherman

With Robert H. Harris (Gruber), Vincent Beck (Lewie Tappie), Marcia Rodd (Connie), Harry Guardino (Dr. Rubinstein).
An impulsive older intern, in constant trouble over his emotional involvement with patients, falls in love with a girl who has tried to commit suicide.

October 18, 1972: Betrayed
Season 4, episode 6
W: Bill Stratton   D: Richard Benedict

With Ayn Ruymen (Denny), Joyce Van Patten (Paula Eckhart), Charles Aidman (Ross Eckhart), Geraldine Page (Mary Ellen Davis), Martin E. Brooks (Lt. Samuels).
A well-meaning hospital aide locks her teenage daughter away from the world because of the girl's wild, animal-like behavior. When Dr. Gannon discovers this he takes the child in for treatment and, through blood tests, begins to believe the girl is not her child.

October 25, 1972: Doctor And Mr. Harper
Season 4, episode 7
W: Karl Tunberg   D: Earl Bellamy

With Diana Muldaur (Dr. Harper), Peter Kastner (Phil), Darleen Carr (Vivian), Paul Burke (Ted Harper).
To Dr. Gannon's dismay, a woman doctor on the staff wants to leave but then she learns that her husband is seriously ill. Her personal crisis affects her ability to deal with a young patient who is having trouble with her fiancee.

November 1, 1972: The Fallen
Season 4, episode 8

With Fred Beir (Dr. Belfield), Peter Haskell (Jimmy), Lee Purcell (Liza), George Tobias (Kabakov), Eugene Peterson (Dr. Weller).
When a flamboyant traveling photographer promises a critically ill girl he will take her on his next trip, she wants to delay badly needed surgery to go with him.

November 8, 1972: Tico Taco, M.D.
Season 4, episode 9
W: Karl Tunberg   D: Vincent Sherman

With Gilbert Roland (Mondragon), Priscilla Garcia (Elisa), George Chakiris (Dr. John Martins), Rosa Turich (Housekeeper), Carmen Zapata (Senora Esquival), Alfonso Tafoya (Neighbor).
A young doctor and a faith healer are called to treat an elderly Mexican woman who believes her illness is caused by an evil spirit.

November 22, 1972: The Outcast
Season 4, episode 10
W: Herb Bermann   D: Michael Caffey

With Louise Sorel (Louise Morgan), Dick Kallman (Dr. Styles), Ken Howard (Kevin Morgan), Kay Medford (Mattie).
A brilliant research scientist, trying to conceal a secret that threatens his career, finds himself under heavy pressure when a wealthy woman cancer victim pins her hopes of recovery on his work.

November 22, 1972: No Sanctuary
Season 4, episode 11
W: Don Brinkley   D: Vincent Sherman

With Shelby Grant (Sister Teresa), Simon Oakland (Sergeant Driscoll), Mary McCarty (Mother Superior), John Lupton (Bayliss), Tammi Bula (Dorrie), Thomas A. Geas (Augie).
A nun is criminally assualted but refuses to describe her assailant despite pressure from police.

November 29, 1972: Gladiator
Season 4, episode 12
W: Don Brinkley, Oliver Crawford   D: Earl Bellamy

With Joe Kapp (Coach Savalas), Russell Wiggins (Don), Leslie Charleson (Patti), William Devane (Dr. Waltham), Marvin Goux (Assistant Coach).
When his wife becomes paralyzed as the result of a serious accident, a star college football player blames himself for the tragedy because he was high on pep pills at the time.

December 6, 1972: No Way Out
Season 4, episode 13
W: Martin Zweiback   D: Richard Benedict

With Lois Nettleton (Dr. Amy Todd), Nico Minardos (Rubio Sandoval), Scott Jacoby (Tony Ivers), Will Geer (Coughlin).
An ailing woman doctor is asked by her millionaire suitor to give up her career just at a time an elderly patient insists on her for surgery.

December 13, 1972: A Game For One Player
Season 4, episode 14
W: Stephen Kandel   D: Earl Bellamy

With Sandy Ward (Gifford), Jessica Walter (Susan), Robert Foxworth (Pete DeCarta), Justin Trader (Beeman), Jay Varela (Lorimer), Patricia Harty (Abby), Tom Hallick (Ed Talley), Norman Alden (Roczak).
One of the hospital medics is overwhelmed by guilt when a friend who subbed for him on an emergency call is killed by a sniper.

December 20, 1972: Pressure Point
Season 4, episode 15
W: Barry Oringer   D: Paul Stanley

With Bill Bixby (Dr. Hurst), Joanna Miles (Terry Hurst), Brooke Tucker (Nurse Peerwood), Dianne Hull (Diane).
A neurosurgeon, troubled by his wife's strange behavior, neglects a young girl's surgical treatment.

January 3, 1973: Question Of Guilt
Season 4, episode 16
W: Larry Brody, Jack Guss   D: Michael Caffey

With Brenda Scott (Lyla Tillberg), Charlotte Stewart (Bobbie), Shelly Novack (J.K. Ruttman), Aldine King (Wanda), Bettye Ackerman (Nurse Marsh).
Dr. Gannon battles opposition at the hospital to enroll a talented but bitter woman convict in his halfway house medical training program.

January 10, 1973: Judgment
Season 4, episode 17
W: Mark Weingart   D: Paul Stanley

With Sheila Larken (Holly Evans), Tom Bosley (Howard Spirling), Ruth Buzzi (Rose Jenkins), Peggy Rea (Landlady), John Karlen (Frank Crane).
A busybody hospital volunteer wins Dr. Gannon's appreciation with her kindness to a surgical patient. But then she gets involved in the case of an ailing woman whose refusal to turn her infant son over to foster care forces Gannon to serve as emergency baby sitter.

January 17, 1973: End Of The Line
Season 4, episode 18

With Parley Baer (Farraday), Dean Jagger (Boomerang Stargel), John Ritter (Ronnie), Lynne Marta (Daphne), Jeanette Nolan (Juliet).
A circus high-wire performer is hurt a fall and wants to quit but learns her grandfather, owner of the circus, is counting on her act to get his struggling troupe into the bigtime.

January 24, 1973: Between Two Fires
Season 4, episode 19
W: Don Brinkley   D: Murray Golden

With Barbara Feldon (Barbara Dorsey), Larry Hagman (Glenn Dorsey), Jason Wingreen (Dr. Wykoff).
The ailing wife of a surgeon violently objects to her husband's treating her, even though his new surgical procedure is her only hope of recovery.

January 31, 1973: Night Cry
Season 4, episode 20

With Adam Roarke (Michael Harrison), Marlyn Mason (Victoria Harrison), Brandon Cruz (Mooch), Barbara Baldavin (Nurse Holmby).
A State Department employee, critically injured in an auto crash, discloses to Dr. Gannon that he has smuggled a child into this country from South America, but doesn't want his wife to know the boy is his son by another woman.

February 7, 1973: No Margin For Error
Season 4, episode 21
W: Barry Oringer   D: Paul Stanley

With Ramon Bieri (Capt. Simmons), Celeste Holm (Dr. Linda Wilson), Shelley Morrison (Rose), Ron Masak (Ron), Jack Kruschen (Jacobson), Wesley Addy (Bristol).
A live explosive lodged in a man's chest imperils the entire hospital and the emergency forces postponement of vital surgery on a famous woman doctor.

February 14, 1973: Impact
Season 4, episode 22
W: Jack Guss   D: Earl Bellamy

With Earl Holliman (Brent), Barbara Rush (Pauline), Orville Sherman (Neighbor), Vincent Van Patten (Kenny).
A father, bitter over the divorce that has caused a breach in relations with his son, tries to kidnap the boy only to have an accident in which the youth is injured.

February 21, 1973: Fatal Memory
Season 4, episode 23
W: Al C. Ward   D: Paul Stanley

With Michael Parks (Dr. Wells), Stefanie Powers (Aggie), Mary-Robin Redd (Emma), Ty Henderson (Michael), Mae Mercer (Laura Nash), Gary Merrill (Jason Norman).
Gannon is faced with the dilemma of how much to tell a patient about an illness.

February 28, 1973: Vortex
Season 4, episode 24

With Nancy Priddy (Sue), Fred Beir (Dr. Belfield), Jim Backus (Dr. Danvers), Elayne Heilveil (Jill).
A hospital efficiency expert tries to force the retirement of an elderly surgeon who is treating the daughter of the woman Dr. Lochner wants to marry.

September 10, 1973: The Guilty
Season 5, episode 1
W: Don Brinkley   D: Paul Stanley

With Belinda Montgomery (Janet Ogden), Steve Forrest (Alex Delaware), Julie Harris (Helen Delaware), John Lupton (Andy), Lara Parker (Paula), Stephen Brooks (Dan).
The fifth season opens as Dr. Joe Gannon tries to get the facts on what he believes is a psychological case of paralysis caused by an emotional disturbance brought on by an argument with the patient's parents.

September 17, 1973: Time Of Darkness
Season 5, episode 2
D: Michael Caffey

With Jo Van Fleet (Leah), Claude Akins (Williams), Dennis Robertson (Deputy Blair), Sam Gilman (Corey), Lonny Chapman (Sheriff), Martin Braddock (Dr. Bradford), Pamela Franklin (Jessica).
Joe Gannon answers an emergency call in an isolated mountain town, and finds his own life in danger.

September 24, 1973: Broken Image
Season 5, episode 3
W: Barry Oringer   D: Paul Stanley

With Amanda McBroom (Maria), Laraine Day (Arlene Gillette), William Windom (Dr. Brandon Gillette).
Bent on proving his virility, an aging surgeon becomes involved with a young patient.

October 1, 1973: Impasse
Season 5, episode 4
W: Barry Oringer   D: Vincent Sherman

With Lois Nettleton (Dr. Claymor), Jamie Smith-Jackson (Tobi), Tim Matheson (Sam Miller), Nick Nolte (Lou).
A psychiatrist is enlisted by Dr. Gannon for his treatment of a critically ill cardiac patient, a lovely young college girl with a wish to die.

October 8, 1973: Clash Of Shadows
Season 5, episode 5
W: Martin Roth   D: Paul Stanley

With Rae Allen (Rose), Andrew Duggan (Garson), Diane Baker (Sharon), Martin Sheen (Glen).
When a young mother's 4-month-old son dies without warning and for no obvious reason while at rest in his crib, the grief-stricken mother mistakenly blames it on her presumed neglect of the child.

October 22, 1973: The Casualty
Season 5, episode 6
W: Jack Guss   D: Lee Philips

With Joseph Campanella (Duncan), Barbara Anderson (Betty), Neil J. Schwartz (Dr. Cabe), Shari Price (Mrs. Grady), Michael Morgan (Mike), Stephen Coit (Dr. Karp).
The sudden return of an Army sergeant presumed killed in Vietnam staggers Joe Gannon, who is in love with the sergeant's wife.

October 29, 1973: Stranger In Two Worlds
Season 5, episode 7
W: Stephen Kandel   D: Vincent Sherman

With Gary Lockwood (Andy Lorenz), Lynne Marta (Barbara Wilder), Joan Blondell (Doris Wilder), Michael Croyden (Terry Spelman), Andrew Duggan (Garson).
A bitter, aggressive widow is determined to push her daughter to athletic fame -- no matter what the physical or emotional cost.

November 12, 1973: Child Of Violence
Season 5, episode 8

With Lee H. Montgomery (Mac), Gena Rowlands (Karen Coberly), Michael Stearns, Louise Fletcher (Nurse).
An American female journalist has brought a 12-year-old orphan from Northern Ireland for treatment of a critical bullet wound, but jeopardizes his life by insisting that the weakened child return to his strife-torn homeland.

November 19, 1973: Woman For Hire
Season 5, episode 9
W: Barry Oringer   D: Vincent Sherman

With Angela Greene (Miss Berendt), Alex Gerry (Spielberger), Vincent Beck (Sanders), Harold J. Stone (Ferretti), Barry Primus (Sam), Jessica Walter (Phoebe), Joseph Mell (Kabak), Lesley Rogers (Della).
A call girl's arrival at the center poses medical and emotional problems for Dr. Joe Gannon.

November 26, 1973: A Life At Stake
Season 5, episode 10
W: Don Brinkley   D: Joseph Pevney

With Stefanie Powers (Valerie), Bradford Dillman (Egan), David Opatoshu (Goldstein), E.A. Sirianni (Graham), Davis Roberts (Monk), Nicky Blair (Larry), Barbara Babcock (Janet).
A surgeon's compulsive gambling is destroying his career and marriage, and his wife lies seriously ill as a result of a marital clash.

December 3, 1973: Nightmare
Season 5, episode 11

With David Opatoshu (Goldstein), Janice Lynde (Nurse), Greg Mullavey (Mills), Perry King (Wilson), William Devane (Dr. Waltham).
As he is preparing himself and a special medical team for the risky first performance upon a human candidate of a new form of heart surgery, Gannon starts to receive threats on his life.

December 10, 1973: Deadly Game
Season 5, episode 12
W: Martin Roth   D: Vincent Sherman

With Tyne Daly (April), Kay Medford (Meg), Bruce Kirby (Henderson), Ann Loos (Mrs. Pine).
A critically ill derelict dreads a forthcoming reunion with her daughter who is unaware of the life she's led.

January 7, 1974: Web Of Intrigue
Season 5, episode 13

With Harv Selsby (Dr. Calvert), Celeste Holm (Geraldine Stern), Michael Brandon (Dr. Lensko), Meg Foster (Cassie), Damu King (Dieter), Ann Loos (Bernice), Dale Tarter (Dr. Hearn), Carol Worthington (Louise).
A hospitalized grande dame finds her heart strongly touched by an arrogant young doctor who brands her a rich, pampered hypochondriac.

January 14, 1974: Trial By Knife
Season 5, episode 14
W: Oliver Crawford   D: Murray Golden

With Rosemary Murphy (Dr. Iris Cameron), Jacque Lynn Colton (Nurse), Felton Perry (Jeff), Judy Pace (Patti), Mark Montgomery (Harry).
A noted woman surgeon, whom Dr. Gannon considers to be "knife-happy", is appointed chief of medical services, thus becoming his superior.

January 21, 1974: Choice Of Evils
Season 5, episode 15

With Jill Clayburgh (Beverly), Paul Burke (Welton), Barbara Rush (Claire), Bebe Kelly (Mona), William Campbell (Marvin).
An aggressive, athletic, middle-aged man, married to a beautiful young woman, refuses to submit to a life-saving surgery because it will probably leave him impotent.

January 28, 1974: No Escape
Season 5, episode 16
W: Jack Guss   D: Murray Golden

With Ayn Ruymen (Sharon), Lola Albright (Grace), Cameron Mitchell (Jennings), Barney Phillips (Warden), Eddie Garrett (Guard).
A brilliant young pianist needs a kidney transplant, and her only hope of a compatible donor is her father -- a convict who is serving time for murder.

February 11, 1974: Dark Warning
Season 5, episode 17
W: Martin Roth   D: Earl Bellamy

With Joanna Miles (Janet), Ed Nelson (Cal), Eugene Peterson (Weller), David Hedison (Dave).
A doctor, who must perform delicate brian surgery on his critically ill ex-wife, secretly suffers severe epileptic seizures.

February 18, 1974: Girl From Bedlam
Season 5, episode 18
W: Don Brinkley   D: Vincent Sherman

With Joanna Pettet (Molly), Murray Hamilton (Dr. Scofield), Leonard Frey (Joshua), Sandy Kevin (Woody Ellis), Andre Philippe (Auberge), Michael Stearns (Arnie).
Dr. Joe Gannon, posing as a psychotic, gains admittance to a mental home to try to prove that the negligent patient care there caused the death of an old friend.

February 25, 1974: Spectre
Season 5, episode 19
W: Barry Oringer   D: Earl Bellamy

With Stockard Channing (Shirley), Dean Jones (Dr. Ronston), Eddie Firestone (Guard), James Griffith (Leo Walding).
A new doctor on the Medical Center staff challenges Dr. Gannon's judgements concerning a critical heart attack patient and also causes Gannon to wonder at some of his unusual actions.

March 4, 1974: The Enemies
Season 5, episode 20
W: Jack Guss   D: Lee Philips

With Sally Frei (Debbie), Carol Lawrence (Mrs. Grayson), Willie Aames (Jeff), Anne Meara (Rose Miller).
A society woman attempts to gain control of the adopted son of an impoverished widow, while Dr. Gannon tries to save the widow's life with a risky operation.

March 11, 1974: The Conspirators
Season 5, episode 21
W: Don Brinkley   D: Earl Bellamy

With Kay Lenz (Kitty), Joey Aresco (Leo Rivers), Nick Nolte (Tank), John David Carson (Alex), Ian Sander (Ziggy), Barbara Colby (Mrs. Polumbo).
After a young rape victim identifies her attacker, the girl's street-gang friends gain vengeance, thereby dumping a seriously injured patient into Joe Gannon's hands.

March 25, 1974: The World's A Balloon
Season 5, episode 22
W: Martin Roth   D: Michael Caffey

With Beverly Garland (Kay), Dom DeLuise (Max), Norman Fell (Frank), Lee H. Montgomery (Jerry), Karen Morrow (Norma), Anne Seymour (Judge), Dale Tarter (Dr. Wayburn).
An aging, lackluster but ever-ambitious ventriloquist finds his dearest pal and manager -- his 14-year-old orphaned nephew -- about to be separated from him by the court after the boy is found to be seriously ill.

April 1, 1974: Hexed
Season 5, episode 23
W: Barry Oringer   D: Lee Philips

With Louise Sorel (Isabella), Peter Haskell (Dr. Jerry Mayhill), Rosa Turich (Mrs. Sanchez), Will Geer (Loriss).
A sinister professor of South American anthropology, whose pretty young academic assistant is in critical mental and physical condition, attributes the illness to a voodoo curse.

April 15, 1974: Appointment With Danger
Season 5, episode 24

With Nancy Kelly (Kate), Leif Erickson (Ben).
An internationally famous nuclear scientist who is critically ill defies Dr. Gannon by addressing a world scientific conference in Rome.

September 9, 1974: Adults Only
Season 6, episode 1
W: Jack Guss   D: Robert L. Friend

With Monte Markham (Dr. Scott Griffith), Tony Young (Brian), Gale Sondergaard (Myra), Joan Van Ark (Chris), Carol Wayne (Blanche), Chris Capen (Ray Lamb), Chris Hutson (Courtland).
The sixth season kicks off as a young surgeon is distressed when he discovers that his wife is a star of stag movies.

September 16, 1974: Demi-God
Season 6, episode 2
W: Martin Roth   D: Joseph Pevney

With John Marley (Harmon), Jacqueline Scott (Lorelei), Marjoe Gortner (David), Meredith Baxter (Paula).
A cancer patient doesn't know whether to believe her faith-healer husband's assurances that he can cure her.

September 23, 1974: The Faces Of Peril
Season 6, episode 3
W: Barry Oringer   D: Michael Caffey

With Andrea Marcovicci (Evangeline Carter), Eric Server (Ridgely), Ron Castro (Manuelo Fuentes), Robert Walden (Frank Corelli), John Randolph (Dr. Ehren Kranz).
A woman paranoiac refuses information to Dr. Gannon that would aid his diagnosis of her seriously contagious disease, even though he suspects she has exposed other people to it.

September 30, 1974: Three-Cornered Cage
Season 6, episode 4
W: Howard Dimsdale   D: Vincent Sherman

With Diane Baker (Anne Martin), Dennis Cole (Tom Martin), Diana Hyland (Pat Londean), Kate Murtaugh (Martha), Barney Phillips (Dr. Carlington).
An operation brings a 7-year coma victim back to reality, but complications set in when she discovers her husband has fallen in love with her best friend.

October 7, 1974: The Shattered Mask
Season 6, episode 5
W: Robert White, Phyllis White   D: Murray Golden

With Cameron Mitchell (Tom Kravitz), Barbara Baldavin (Holmby), Deborah Winters (Alicia).
A man refuses to let his daughter have an operation that will free her from life in a wheelchair.

October 21, 1974: May God Have Mercy
Season 6, episode 6
W: Jack Guss   D: Michael Caffey

With Rita Moreno (Lydia), Tim O'Connor (Barney), Vic Tayback (Trailer).
A former priest, working as an orderly, falls in love with a nightclub singer who faces a dangerous operation.

October 28, 1974: The Prisoners
Season 6, episode 7

With James Wainwright (Ben Wade), Shelby Grant (Diana Richmond), Frank Maxwell (Warden Silver), Dennis Robertson (Day Guard), Eddie Garrett (Night Guard).
An unrepentent convict becomes the only hope for saving the life of a rich young woman who is dying of cancer.

November 4, 1974: The Bribe
Season 6, episode 8
W: Jack Guss   D: Michael Caffey

With Pamela Franklin (Gwen), Peter Coffield (Roger Patman), Vera Miles (Eva), Margaret Fairchild (Sybil Lang), Harv Selsby (Dr. Calvert).
Dr. Gannon fears that an "arranged romance" by a wealthy mother for her critically ill daughter will jeopardize the girl's only chance to get well.

November 11, 1974: Tainted Lady
Season 6, episode 9
W: Don Brinkley   D: Robert Douglas

With Shirley Knight (Amy Calloway), Lloyd Bochner (Todd), David Sheiner (Max Prideman), Jane Actman (Jan).
A young woman who has had a cancer operation loses her job at a health spa because the club's directors feel she is a poor health risk, even after the disease shows no signs of returning.

November 18, 1974: Heel Of The Tyrant
Season 6, episode 10
W: Don Brinkley   D: Earl Bellamy

With Rod Haase (Jumbo), David Macklin (Howard Tully), Louise Latham (Mrs. Tully), Katherine Helmond (Rachel), James Griffith (Sergeant Welding), Richard Gilliland (David Weldman), John Colicos (Weldman).
A famed Jewish scientist comes to the university to do medical research, only to learn that a neo-Nazi group is determined to drive him away.

November 25, 1974: Three On A Tightrope
Season 6, episode 11
W: Martin Roth   D: Murray Golden

With Kristina Holland (Cindy), Richard Hatch (Mark), Allyn Ann McLerie (Marion), Len Lesser (Sam), Sheldon Coburn (Anesthesiologist).
After a beautiful, intelligent young heart patient falls in love with a mentally retarded young man, she refuses an operation that could save her life.

December 2, 1974: Midwife
Season 6, episode 12

With Brooke Bundy (Terry), Pat Hingle (Maxwell Grant), John Larch (Dr. Cabe), Gina Alvarado (Mrs. Torres), Natividad Vacio (Pedro), Carmen Zapata (Luisa).
A pregnant young widow refuses a cancer operation that could save her life because it might endanger her unborn child.

December 9, 1974: Kiss And Kill
Season 6, episode 13
W: Stephen Kandel   D: Earl Bellamy

With Belinda Montgomery (Joyce), David Soul (Walter), Kim Hunter (Marion), Paul Carr (Ray), Dolores Sutton (Bonnie), George Tobias (Shapiro), Caroline Kido (Huerta).
Dr. Gannon unwittingly puts a patient who is psychotic and a potential murderer in the same room with one of his closest friends.

December 16, 1974: Saturday's Child
Season 6, episode 14
W: Nate Monaster   D: Earl Bellamy

With John Travolta (Danny), Paula Kelly (Ames), Michael Tolan (Julius), Kathleen Lloyd (Ellie), Roger Pancake (Driver), Rose Gregorio (Emma).
In hopes of saving her life, Dr. Joe Gannon shields a young girl from authorities after she escapes from juvenile hall.

December 30, 1974: The Hostile Heart
Season 6, episode 15
W: Hesper Anderson   D: Robert Douglas

With Lois Nettleton (Katie Hoyt), Janet MacLachlan (Hannah Thompson), Peter Haskell (Dr. Lancaster), Thalmus Rasulala (Jim Thompson), Rodney Allen Rippy (Josh).
A 9-year-old orphan who is about to be adopted into a loving home is found to have a serious heart problem -- which becomes a problem for the prospective parents.

January 6, 1975: No Way Home
Season 6, episode 16
W: Don Brinkley   D: Paul Stanley

With Cyd Charisse (Valerie), Joseph Campanella (Colson), Paul Brinegar (Hooch), Joe Silver (Marty), Eddie Fontaine (Jablonsky).
A former film star tries to make a comeback after 20 years, only to discover that she is no longer wanted.

January 13, 1975: Captives
Season 6, episode 17
W: Jack Guss   D: Lee Philips

With Jodie Foster (Ivy), Laurel Barnett (Junie), Robert Gibbons (Mailman), Marcia Rodd (Phyllis), Jerry Orbach (Josh).
A nurse reveals her pregnancy to Gannon, announcing that she wants to put the baby up for adoption, and then learns the child has a congenital heart defect requiring surgery immediately following its birth.

February 3, 1975: Crown Of Thorns
Season 6, episode 18
W: Stephen Kandel   D: Murray Golden

With Suzy Kendall (Princess Andrea), Eduard Franz (Ramon), Kirby Furlong (Pete), Loretta Leversee (Mrs. Milos), Albert Paulsen (Scarpi).
Dr. Gannon falls in love with a beautiful patient, unaware that she is a European crown princess who is the target of powerful enemies who have murdered her father.

February 10, 1975: The Invisible Wife
Season 6, episode 19

With Penny Fuller (Nina Bradshaw), Ed Nelson (Wesley Stockwood), Beverly Garland (Madeline Stockwood), Lew Horn (Reece).
A famed politician's wife enters Medical Center under an assumed name and asks Dr. Gannon, an old friend, not to inform her husband of her whereabouts.

February 24, 1975: If Mine Eye Offends Me
Season 6, episode 20
W: Howard Dimsdale   D: Murray Golden

With David Birney (Mac Guthrie), Donna Mills (Donna Guthrie), Jack Hogan (John Porter), Joan Hotchkis (Mollie Porter), Brock Peters (James Rosemont).
A convicted child molester has to decide whether he is willing to win parole by taking a drug that may curb his anti-social behavior.

March 3, 1975: Survivors
Season 6, episode 21
W: Barry Oringer   D: Vincent Sherman

With Peter Strauss (Lloyd Halloran), Darleen Carr (Rita Halloran), Richard Lawson (Andy Willis), Robert Douglas (Miles Halloran), Mimi Maynard (Danielle Carter).
Tension develops when 12 highly-rated medical students learn that only the top seven will be chosen for internships at the hospital, and Dr. Gannon is in a delicate situation.

March 10, 1975: Aftershock
Season 6, episode 22
W: Martin Roth   D: Joseph Pevney

With Jack Kruschen (Florea), Philip Bourneuf (Claymore), William Campbell (Dr. Prideman), Vincent Beck (Winchell), Burr DeBenning (Ed), Louise Sorel (Ellen), Dabney Coleman (Brice).
Trapped in a basement operating room without ventilation, Dr. Gannon is urged by his fellow victims to use the oxygen of a patient in hopes of saving their lives.

March 17, 1975: Half A Life
Season 6, episode 23

With Ken Berry (Allan Ronston), Sheree North (Sylvia Ronston), Cesare Danova (Milo).
A 40-year-old spinster finally finds romance just as her brother contracts a disease that will require her constant attention to him.

March 24, 1975: The Rip-Off
Season 6, episode 24

With Desi Arnaz Jr. (Richie), James Coco (Buddy), Dianne Hull (Pam Loring), Parley Baer (Levine).
A rock star, secretly deaf in his left ear, refuses a risky operation on his right.

September 8, 1975: The Fourth Sex (1)
Season 7, episode 1
W: Rita Lakin   D: Vincent Sherman

With Robert Reed (Dr. Pat Caddison), Salome Jens (Heather Caddison), Louise Sorel (Jessica), Alan Oppenheimer (Dr. Danfield), Gary Frank (Steve), Dennis Cole (Skip).
The seventh season opens with the first of a two-part drama. Dr. Gannon is shocked when a medical colleague returns to Medical Center to change his sex because of a feeling of failure in his life relationships.

September 15, 1975: The Fourth Sex (2)
Season 7, episode 2
W: Rita Lakin   D: Vincent Sherman

With Louise Sorel (Jessica), Robert Reed (Dr. Pat Caddison), Alan Oppenheimer (Dr. Danfield), Gary Frank (Steve), Dennis Cole (Skip), Salome Jens (Heather Caddison).
A noted surgeon's request for a sex-change operation is denied, as Gannon must choose between the wishes of the woman he wants to marry, and the desire of his colleague.

September 22, 1975: Torment
Season 7, episode 3
W: Barry Oringer   D: Joseph Pevney

With Florence Henderson (Jenny Delaney), Robert Walden (Dr. Corelli), Philip Abbott (Stoddard), Willie Aames.
On his 36th birthday, Gannon is suddenly beset by peculiar emotional and physical symptoms which interfere with his medical practice.

September 29, 1975: No Hiding Place
Season 7, episode 4
W: Stephen Kandel   D: Joseph Pevney

With Jesse Welles (Ellen Taggert), Peter Haskell (Dr. Courtney), Susan Sullivan (Joanna Courtney), John Karlen (Danny Taggert), Robbie Rist (Andy).
Gannon is faced with the dilemma of blindly trusting a valuable colleague or taking the word of a dying man that the doctor was involved in atrocities in Vietnam.

October 6, 1975: The Velvet Knife
Season 7, episode 5

With Harv Selsby (Dr. Calvert), Meredith Baxter (Priscilla), Martin Braddock (Dr. Mason), Pearl Shear (Mrs. Toretsky), Steve Allen (Dr. Townsend).
A mild flirtation assumes nightmarish proportions for Dr. Joe Gannon when the girl refuses to play second fiddle to his career.

October 13, 1975: The Price Of A Child
Season 7, episode 6
W: Jack Guss   D: Daniel Haller

With David Opatoshu (Emir), Keith Gordon (Herbie), Dick Shawn (Pete), Shelley Fabares, Louise Lasser (Esther).
The son of a wealthy Arab shows unusual concern over the plight of an ailing Jewish boy.

October 20, 1975: Street Girl
Season 7, episode 7
W: Jack Guss   D: Vincent Sherman

With Gail Fisher (Bonnie Horne), Jacque Lynn Colton (Mavis), Linda Purl (Leslie).
Dr. Joe Gannon suddenly finds himself in a father's role when a neglected teenager asks for help.

November 3, 1975: Too Late For Tomorrow
Season 7, episode 8
W: Robert Lewin   D: Paul Stanley

With Patrick O'Neal (Dr. Tarkington), Allyn Ann McLerie (Jan), Keenan Wynn (Hank), Joan Van Ark (Eileen), Ivan Bonar.
Dr. Gannon must ask a great surgeon to sacrifice his last hopes for happiness to treat the patients whose lives depend on him.

November 10, 1975: The Last Performance
Season 7, episode 9
W: Don Appell   D: Murray Golden

With Roberta Peters, Angela Greene (Mrs. Maxwell), David Man (Mick Jenson), Jessica Rains (Miss Simmons), George Petrie (Dr. Maxwell), Audrey Christie (Lydia), George Chakiris (Alex Solkin).
An old romance is rekindled for Dr. Lochner when a celebrated diva checks into the hospital with a serious illness.

November 17, 1975: Two Against Death
Season 7, episode 10
W: Hindi Brooks   D: Robert Douglas

With George Janek (Yeddy), Melanie Mayron (Jan Simmons), Doris Roberts (Gladys Callahan), Jack Hogan (Dr. Gordon Blake).
A girl's life hangs in the balance when a doctor must make a decision between her well-being and that of his son.

November 24, 1975: One Last Rebellion
Season 7, episode 11
W: Howard Dimsdale   D: Robert Douglas

With Belinda Montgomery (Carrie), Davis Roberts (Chuck), Arthur Space (Tom), Lurene Tuttle (Kate), Ruth McDevitt (Alice), Lonny Chapman (Carter).
Residents of a senior citizens home, deploring the conditions under which they must live, arise in rebellion.

December 1, 1975: The Eighth Deadly Sin
Season 7, episode 12
W: John Hess   D: Earl Bellamy

With Jane Wyatt (Louise), Ralph Bellamy (Dr. Bycroft), Robert Walden (Dr. Corelli), Darleen Carr (Jenny).
Dr. Gannon must risk a great man's ego to save the life of the man's granddaughter.

December 8, 1975: Gift From A Killer
Season 7, episode 13

With Shelly Novack (Bob Foster), Herb Edelman (Brannigan), Tyne Daly (Liz Lathem), Nora Marlowe (Hannah), Karen Obediear (Gail Foster), Walter McGinn (Eddie Lathem).
Dr. Gannon has to convince a wanted criminal to weigh his freedom against a child's life, when his young patient needs blood.

December 15, 1975: The High Cost Of Winning
Season 7, episode 14
W: Howard Dimsdale   D: Earl Bellamy

With Lynne Marta (Doris), Erik Estrada (Mike), Cesar Romero (Packy).
The future of two lives is at stake when Gannon treats a young tennis star and a girl who has lost her will to live.

December 29, 1975: The Silent Witness
Season 7, episode 15

With Charles Cioffi (Lew), David Sheiner (Prideman), Kate Reid (Mary), Ivan Bonar, Joby Baker (Tony Tabor), Dana Brady.
A lonely nurse stubbornly refuses to press charges against a man who brutally beat her.

January 12, 1976: A Very Private War
Season 7, episode 16
W: Jeff Kanter   D: Vincent Sherman

With George Tobias (Shapiro), Theodore Bikel (Joseph Zankov), Victoria Fedorova, Leigh McCloskey (Mihail Zankov), Michael Swann.
A Russian woman doctor who treats the son of a special envoy nettles Dr. Gannon by disputing his decision to operate.

January 19, 1976: You Can't Annul My Baby
Season 7, episode 17
W: Howard Dimsdale   D: Earl Bellamy

With Mark Hamill (Danny), John Colicos (Tom Evans), Kathleen Beller (Sharon), Ellen Travolta, Tom Pace.
A teenage mother is torn between risking the life of her sick infant son, or putting him up for adoption.

February 2, 1976: Child Of Conflict
Season 7, episode 18

With Fionnula Flanagan (Karen), France Nuyen (Li Quan), Don Galloway (Martin), Dana Brady, Michael Stearns, Wendy Tochi (Alice).
When a Vietnamese woman collapses at the hospital while searching for her child, Dr. Gannon discovers she is the real mother of a war orphan adopted by a young couple who are his friends.

February 9, 1976: The Stranger
Season 7, episode 19

With Allen Williams (Haynes), Kathryn Walker (Dr. Talley), Ivan Bonar, Catherine Burns (Shirley), Julie Adams (Ellie Wilke).
The hospitalized victim of a mysterious attacker suffers from a domineering mother and recurring headaches.

February 16, 1976: A Touch Of Sight
Season 7, episode 20
W: Howard Dimsdale

With Vic Tayback (Mac Atwood), Susan Strasberg (Marge), David Birney (Nick Matero), Lieux Dressler, Christian Juttner, Barbara Brownell.
After a doctor is blinded while working for Gannon, Joe is forced to deal with his own guilt and his fellow doctor's dependency on him.

February 23, 1976: Life, Death And Mrs. Armbruster
Season 7, episode 21
W: Don Brinkley   D: Chad Everett

With Stanley Adams (Arlo McNally), Totie Fields (Mrs. Armbruster), Jeanne Sorel, Ron Rifkin (Danny Armbruster), Peter Tomarken, Arthur Adams.
The mother of a dismissed young resident refuses to have a lifesaving operation unless her son is reinstated.

March 1, 1976: Major Annie, M.D.
Season 7, episode 22
W: Don Brinkley   D: Vincent Sherman

With Lois Nettleton (Major Annie Malone), Scott Hylands (Hoby), Della Reese (Captain Sykes), Michael V. Gazzo (Leo Gardena), John Gavin (Col. Halliday), John Randolph (Col. Mayhill).
A dedicated Army surgeon's assistant comes down with a strange malady.

March 8, 1976: The Happy State Of Depression
Season 7, episode 23
W: Jack Guss   D: Al C. Ward

With Alan McRae (Maldonado), Don Rickles, Ruth Buzzi, Gary Sandy (Feinberg), Cara Williams (Sheila Ruskin), Natalie Core.
A misanthropic con artist and an awkward innocent share an offbeat relationship while being treated at the hospital.

March 15, 1976: If Wishes Were Horses
Season 7, episode 24
W: James Henerson   D: Gene Reynolds

With Philip Michael Thomas (Dr. Sam Karter), Kim Richards (Penny), Scott Hylands (Dr. Al Healey), Mary McCarty (Charlotte), William Redfield (Dr. Frank Waldman), Eugene Roche, William Windom (Crail), Percy Rodrigues.
The owner-doctors of a San Francisco ghetto health clinic face an uncertain future when a vengeful police officer places it off-limits to ambulance service because the doctors refuse to turn wounded street fighters over to the police. (Last show of the series.)

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