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Series regulars or semi-regulars in 'Mobile One' in the 1970s:

1970s Episode Guide for 'Mobile One':

(Episodes with dates prior to 1970 aired as reruns during the '70s.)

September 2, 1975: Mobile Two
Season 0, episode 1
W: James Miller, David Moessinger   D: David Moessinger

With Jackie Cooper (Peter Campbell), Julie Gregg (Maggie Spencer), Mark Wheeler (Doug McKnight), Edd Byrnes (Roger Brice), Burt Mustin (Wally), William Boyett (Lt. Carter), Jack Hogan (Bill Hopkins), Joe E. Tata (Father Lucas), Barney Phillips (Surgeon), Virginia Gregg, Harry Bartell (Phillip Ganzer), Joseph Bernard.
A television reporter gets involved in news and human interest stories. Pilot for the "Mobile One" series.

September 12, 1975: The Informant
Season 1, episode 1
D: Don Taylor

With John Carradine (Maynard Swope), Russell Johnson, Jason Wingreen, Lara Parker, Paul Kent, Paul Sorensen, Stephen Manley.
Television reporter Peter Campbell (Jackie Cooper) and his cameraman, Doug McKnight (Mark Wheeler), cover news stories in a large city in Mobile One, their radio-dispatched car. In the first show, Campbell is jailed after he refuses to reveal the name of an informant.

September 19, 1975: The Pawn
Season 1, episode 2
D: E.W. Swackhamer

With Sherry Jackson (Leslie Willis), Jim Backus (Macklin), Patty McCormack, Julie Adams (Alma Marvin).
Peter Campbell becomes involved in two news events, the theft of a newborn baby and the death of an old friend.

September 26, 1975: Roadblock
Season 1, episode 3
D: Paul Krasny

With Hilly Hicks (Johnny Pilgrim), Paul Mantee (Lt. Weldon), Brenda Sykes (Wilma), James Ingersoll (Quinlan), Patrice Rohmer.
Campbell and his cameraman are caught in the middle of a jail break and become hostages.

October 3, 1975: The Bank Job
Season 1, episode 4
D: Don Taylor

With Neville Brand, Lew Brown (Charley), Clark Howat (Capt. Graves), Len Wayland, Scott Thomas (Lee Marshburn), Michael Richardson (Arnie).
Two men take over a bank and hold 15 hostages as bargaining power in their attempt to air their grievances against society.

October 10, 1975: The Reporter
Season 1, episode 5
D: George Sherman

With Denny Miller, Kip Niven (Phillips), Fred Beir (Malone), William Sylvester, Philip Bourneuf (Sidings), Sidney Miller (Simpson).
Campbell takes over a secret project in an attempt to learn the reason behind a fellow reporter's death.

October 17, 1975: Not By Accident
Season 1, episode 6
D: George Sherman

With Bill Zuckert (Howard), Kimberly Beck (Marlene), Paul Kent (Krause), Edward Faulkner, John Dennis (Harry).
The crash of a bus loaded with children sends Campbell after the shoddy operator of the bus line despite a threat on his life.

October 27, 1975: Californium 252
Season 1, episode 7
D: Don Taylor

With William Prince (Dr. Ansgar), Russell Johnson, Charles Knox Robinson, Noah Keen.
Peter Campbell becomes the unwilling go-between as a government official attempts to buy back some radioactive material from thieves.

November 3, 1975: The Crusader
Season 1, episode 8
D: Joseph Pevney

With Tom Bosley (John Brewster), John Fiedler (Walter James), Vaughn Taylor (Bookman), Stuart Nisbet, Jesse Wayne (Hitman), Paul Mantee (Lt. Weldon), Lillian Adams, Terence Locke, Bill McLean.
A self-proclaimed muckraker becomes the target of a syndicate hit man when he digs too deep into a story.

November 17, 1975: The Middle Man
Season 1, episode 9
W: Daniel Ullman   D: Arnold Laven

With Ben Andrews (Sgt. North), Farley Granger (Robert Tate), Don Dubbins (Ed Matthews), Hazel Court (Joan Tate), Richard Carlson (Bill Quinton), Stephen Colt (James Wilson), Ross Elliott (Ed Fielding), Brian Byers (Steve Gordon), Tracie Savage (Sally Gordon).
Peter Campbell finds himself having to deliver a ransom after the distraught parents of a kidnapped child plea for help.

December 1, 1975: Boxer
Season 1, episode 10
D: Joseph Pevney

With Timothy Brown (Dan Bundy), June Lockhart (Barbara), John Karlen (Mickey Scanlon), James McCallion.
Peter Campbell is assaulted by hoodlums after he refuses to stop his investigation of a cult leader.

December 22, 1975: The Listening Ear
Season 1, episode 11
D: George Sherman

With Whitney Blake (Louise McNeil), Anne Francis (Ginny Dunn), Stuart Nisbet (Sgt. Shull), Warren Stevens (Lt. Baker), Vito Scotti, Roger Perry (Jay Carney), Raynold Gideon (Joe), Joseph Ruskin (Dr. Gordean).
A mentally disturbed woman provides an intriguing story for TV news reporter Peter Campbell, especially when she becomes the prime suspect in a double murder.

December 29, 1975: Murder At Fourteen
Season 1, episode 12
D: Joseph Pevney

With Warren Stevens (Lt. Baker), Marla Adams, Keenan Wynn (Nick Vogel), Davis Roberts (Don Waters), Johnny Whitaker (Tommy Johnson), Michael Mullins (Ken Fielding).
Peter Campbell investigates a report linking teenagers with several deaths on a high school campus.

January 5, 1976: Libel
Season 1, episode 13
D: George Sherman

With Don DeFore (Loomis), Harry Townes (Charles Latimer), Chanin Hale (Carol North), Charles Gobel (Charlie).
Campbell and his television station face a million dollar lawsuit after a man, linked with organized crime in a news report, yells foul. (Last show of the series.)

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