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Series regulars or semi-regulars in 'Owen Marshall, Counselor At Law' in the 1970s:

1970s Episode Guide for 'Owen Marshall, Counselor At Law':

(Episodes with dates prior to 1970 aired as reruns during the '70s.)

September 16, 1971: Legacy Of Fear
Season 1, episode 1

With Pat Harrington Jr. (Charlie Gianetta), Marian McCargo (Marion Lerman), Glenn Corbett (Jerry Woods), Dane Clark (Ivan Bock), Richard Eastham (Philip Lerman), Darby Hinton (Tom Woods).
Arthur Hill has the title role in a series about an attorney in Santa Barbara; Lee Majors plays his associate. Tonight. Marshall defends a tennis pro who is charged with the attempted murder of a writer working on an expose involving him.

September 23, 1971: A Lonely Stretch Of Beach
Season 1, episode 2

With Cindy Eilbacher (Valerie Pruitt), Michael Tolan (Alex Kasparian), Lorraine Gary (Norma Pruitt).
Marshall and his associate defend a school teacher charged with molesting one of his pupils. Their belief in the man's innocence is strained when an examining psychiatrist asserts there's no doubt that the child had been molested.

September 30, 1971: Eulogy For A Wide Receiver
Season 1, episode 3
W: Richard Bluel   D: Steven Spielberg

With Stephen Young (Dave Bruckner), John David Carson (Marty Carwell), Anson Williams (Player), David Soul (Pete), Brad David (Cliff Holmes).
Marshall and his associate defend a high school football coach, charged with the murder of his star player. The youth dies after a game and an autopsy reveals a high concentration of amphetamines.

October 7, 1971: The Forest And The Trees
Season 1, episode 4

With Richard O'Brien (Dr. Wood), Charlie Robinson (Cal Morgan), John Zaremba (Judge), John Fink (Joel Herron), Janet Margolin (Jan Herron).
Attorney Marshall defends the wife of a biology instructor, who is charged with setting fire to the university lab.

October 14, 1971: Make No Mistake
Season 1, episode 5

With Ross Martin (Dr. Emery Lewis), Paul Fix (Dr. Woodruff), Christine Belford (Karen Slater), Darrell Larson (Poco Lewis), DeForest Kelley (Frank Slater).
Marshall files a malpractice suit against a highly-respected doctor. The attorney believes a promising singer has a better chance of recovery from what appears to be a nervous breakdown if she can be convinced her condition is due to her allergic reaction to penicillin mistakenly administered by the medic.

October 21, 1971: Men Who Care (2)
Season 1, episode 6
D: Marc Daniels

With Robert Young (Marcus Welby), Ed Nelson (Tod Christman), Belinda Montgomery (Susan Christman), Tom Drake (John Kalscheur).
Dr. Marcus Welby is a prosecution witness against Marshall's client, Congressman Tod Christman, who is charged with the murder of his daughter's boyfriend.

October 28, 1971: Shadow Of A Name
Season 1, episode 7
W: John Wilder   D: Harry Falk

With Jean Allison (Martha Collier), Tim Matheson (Gerry Collier), Bryan Montgomery (Roger Carlisle), Barry Sullivan (Grant Chase), Jesse Vint (Joe Boysen), Donald Woods (Judge McDowell), Rick Weaver (Gary McNett), John Larch (George Patterson), Ed Begley Jr. (Howard), John Gilgreen (Bob Courtney), Farrah Fawcett (Tori Barbour).
Owen Marshall is teamed with a criminal attorney, whose methods he does not like, when defending two college students charged with murder.

November 4, 1971: Eighteen Years Next April
Season 1, episode 8

With Nancy Malone, R.J. Adams (Henning), John Hoyt (Judge Wetherby), Alejandro Rey (Jose Borotra).
When Marshall re-examines the case of a man he had successfully prosecuted 18 years earlier on a murder charge, he becomes convinced that he is innocent.

November 11, 1971: Nothing Personal
Season 1, episode 9
D: Lou Antonio

With Gary Collins (Andy Taylor), Kathryn Hays (Lori Phillips), Tom Troupe (Colby Phillips), Felton Perry (Pete Hughes).
Jess Brandon brings a libel suit against a newspaper sports writer who accuses him of having been involved in a gambling scandal as a professional football player.

November 18, 1971: The Baby Sitter
Season 1, episode 10

With Gary Grimes (Howie Bowers), Gerald S. O'Loughlin (Sgt. Saul Morris), Barry Brown (Randy Jackson).
A teenager charged with the murder of the woman who employed him as a baby sitter claims innocence. He volunteers to take a lie detector test, but then flunks it.

December 2, 1971: Burden Of Proof
Season 1, episode 11

With Farrah Fawcett (Susie), Paul Stevens (Marsh), Lawrence Pressman (Frank Latham), Joey Forman, Susan Sarandon (Joyce), Shelley Fabares (Lorraine Latham).
Marshall and Brandon are faced with defending a man charged with the deliberate hit-and-run slaying of his wife. His only defense is that he answered a call from a TV survey at the time of the crime.

December 9, 1971: Until Proven Innocent
Season 1, episode 12
D: Walter Doniger

With Dana Wynter (Mrs. Oliver), Randolph Mantooth (Lonnie), Lindsay Wagner (Diana Oliver).
Marshall defends the shy, brilliant and promising law student daughter of a judge on a charge of felony shoplifting.

December 16, 1971: Voice From A Nightmare
Season 1, episode 13

With Ben Hammer (Ron Hentzel), Skip Homeier (Fallon), Hildy Brooks (Louise Fallon), Leonard Stone (Lawrence Ryman), William Schallert (Darryl Williamson), Kip Niven (Mike Williamson), Will Geer (Ben Hale).
Marshall defends a man charged with attempting to commit murder because of a lawsuit which will bankrupt his father.

December 30, 1971: The Triangle
Season 1, episode 14

With Donna Mills (Nancy Danziger), Stephen Brooks (Frank Danziger), Michael Larrain (Jim Hartford), Russell Johnson (Prosecutor), Frank Maxwell (Captain), Virginia Gregg (Mrs. Danziger), Than Wyenn (Dr. Greenstein).
Marshall and Brandon defend a police officer charged with the murder of his wife's boyfriend. The accused man maintains that he went to the victim's home to ask him to leave his wife alone until he had a chance to work things out with her, but the decedent had pulled a gun on him.

January 6, 1972: Warlock At Mach 3
Season 1, episode 15

With George Nader (Col. Bevins), Pat Crowley (Sue Rohmer), Nicolas Beauvy (Ned Rohmer), Richard Roat (Deke Rohmer).
Marshall and Brandon defend an Air Force colonel charged with culpable negligence in the death of a pilot on a test flight.

January 13, 1972: Eight Cents Worth Of Protection
Season 1, episode 16

With Dick Sargent (Neil Vickery), Vic Morrow (Andy Capasso), Richard X. Slattery (Pat Higgins), Pat Harrington Jr. (Charles Giannetta).
Police rush to a home because of a reported shooting. When they arrive they find a woman dead and her husband wounded, and he is suffering a traumatic loss of memory but thinking he must be guilty of the crime.

January 20, 1972: Run, Carol, Run
Season 1, episode 17

With Ethel Waters (Aunt Harriet), Keenan Wynn (George Thaxton), Jeanne Crain (Lily MacMurdy), Lane Bradbury (Carol Ann MacMurdy).
A young widow kidnaps a 4-year-old child she claims is her nephew from the home of her in-laws.

January 27, 1972: Victim In Shadows
Season 1, episode 18

With Stefanie Powers (Beth Whitaker), Lou Frizzell (Sam Miller), Kirk Mee (Ross Schiller), Joan Hotchkis (Marian Corby), Rick Nelson (Gar Kellerman).
When police refuse to arrest a man who forced a woman at knifepoint to submit to him, she files a civil suit against her attacker.

February 3, 1972: Shine A Light On Me
Season 1, episode 19
W: Paul & Margaret Schneider   D: Harry Falk

With Sheilah Wells (Sylvie Jamison), James Brolin (Zack Jamison), Ross Elliott (Prosecutor), Walter Brooke (Dr. Yates), Frederick Herrick (Larry Crawford), Bill Quinn (Judge), Mitzi Hoag (Mrs. Redmond), Sian Barbara Allen (Meredith), George Murdock (Matheson), Jackie Coogan (Zigler).
Marshall defends an ex-fighter turned country-rock singer, who is charged with assault with a deadly weapon -- his fists -- after he attacks a heckler.

February 10, 1972: The Color Of Respect
Season 1, episode 20

With Susan Strasberg (Gale Freeman), Tim O'Connor (Whitledge), Edward Andrews (Sid Foley), Pippa Scott (Joan Price), Sorrell Booke (Herman Daden), Wright King (Alan Price).
Marshall defends the sister of his secretary, who works for a prominent publisher and is charged with perjury.

February 17, 1972: Smiles From Yesterday
Season 1, episode 21
W: John McGreevey   D: Lou Antonio

With Joseph Campanella (Alan Harrison), Hoagy Carmichael (Uncle Walter), Scott Marlowe (Paul Davies), Peggy Lee (Jenny Rush).
A retired singer somes out of seclusion to defend herself in a plagiarism suit, and a staunch friend provides the key to her defense.

February 24, 1972: A Question Of Degree
Season 1, episode 22

With Pat Hingle (Judge Fisher), Lloyd Nolan (Col. Rutledge), Louise Latham (Frances Fisher), Roger Perry (Paul Lobello).
A judge who is a longtime friend of Marshall's becomes the target of ultra-conservative forces in the community because of his recent change of views in political and social areas, and is charged with corruption.

March 2, 1972: Murder In The Abstract
Season 1, episode 23

With Fritz Weaver (Dr. Martin Cohen), Karen Valentine (Donna Cohen), Nan Martin (Beatrice Cohen), Pat Harrington Jr. (Prosecutor).
A woman is charged with first-degree murder when her boyfriend commits suicide after being arrested for robbery.

September 14, 1972: Words Of Summer
Season 2, episode 1
W: Edward DeBlasio   D: Harry Falk

With Pat O'Brien (Harvey Goodnough), Craig Stevens (Julian Carpenter), Barbara Rush (Louise Carpenter), Meredith Baxter (Ann Glover).
Counselor Marshall opens his second season by helping an Olympic-caliber diver get reinstated after she lost her amateur status by accepting a monetary gift.

September 21, 1972: Lines From An Angry Book
Season 2, episode 2
D: Lou Antonio

With Pat Harrington Jr. (D.A. Charlie Giannetta), Julie Sommars (Jill Peniman), Andrew Duggan (Clifford Wedekind), Kim Hunter (Faye Danner), Kathleen Lloyd (Natalie Banks).
A woman college professor is accused of the murder of a student with whom she was having an affair. Marshall, defending her, receives an anonymous note concerning a diary kept by the dead youth.

September 28, 1972: Libel Is A Dirty Word
Season 2, episode 3

With Louise Sorel (Julie Shaw), John Davidson (Rev. Shaw), Sharon Gless (Penny Collins), Michael Witney (Carl Collins), William Schallert (Walter Dale).
Attorney Marshall defends a reverend accused of wife-swapping and swimming in the nude.

October 5, 1972: Hour Of Judgment
Season 2, episode 4

With Pat Harrington Jr. (D.A. Charlie Giannetta), Lew Ayres (Bennett Hamilton), Paul Burke (Dr. Clayton Kerr), Kaz Garas (Dr. Eric Chandler), Donald Woods (Judge), Percy Rodrigues (Dr. Lawrence Dole).
Marshall's friend, the head of a hospital, is a suspect in the death of a millionaire's financial secretary who opposed a generous gift to the medical establishment.

October 12, 1972: Journey Through Limbo
Season 2, episode 5

With Pat Harrington Jr. (D.A. Charlie Giannetta), Norma Crane (Marie Giannetta), Michael Brandon (Pete), Sheila Larken (Betty Saunders).
Marshall defends a district attorney's son, who is charged with murder when a girl found unconscious in his car dies of a drug overdose.

October 19, 1972: The Trouble With Ralph
Season 2, episode 6
D: E.W. Swackhamer

With Pernell Roberts (Ralph Foster), Steve Franken (Kurt Balks), Joel Fabiani (Donald Parish), Arlene Golonka (Gloria Green), Paul Carr (Howard Bell), Cynthia Hull (Lili Langford).
Marshall defends an old friend charged with hijacking a plane and positively identified by witnesses.

October 26, 1972: Five Will Get You Six
Season 2, episode 7
W: Shimon Wincelberg   D: Harry Falk

With Russell Johnson (Assistant D.A. Grant), William Shatner (Gary Saugus), Eileen Baral (Doreen Saugus), Richard X. Slattery (Stuart Runier), Nate Esformes (Mike Escobedo), Sam Jaffe (Henry Noll), Sandra Smith (Linda Saugus), Bill Quinn (Judge).
Charged with perjury, a frightened loan shark victim kills the usurer's strong-arm man and is charged with murder.

November 2, 1972: Who Saw Him Die?
Season 2, episode 8

With Lawrence Pressman (Leonard Thayer), Skye Aubrey (Ann Chalmers), Neva Patterson (Helen Flint), Dana Elcar (Paul Henderson), Ed Nelson (Vincent Thayer).
The father of a murder victim is charged with the murder of the man acquitted of his son's death.

November 9, 1972: Love Child
Season 2, episode 9
W: Peter S. Fischer   D: Leon Benson

With Leif Erickson (Matt), Doug Kendall (David), Jenny Davis (Lynne), Carmen Zapata (Mrs. Chavez), Donald Woods (Judge).
An unwed father tries to gain custody of his baby from a psychotic mother.

November 16, 1972: Charlie Gave Me Your Number
Season 2, episode 10
W: Richard Carlson   D: Daniel Haller

With Diana Muldaur (Gloria Shields), Linden Chiles (Drew Shields), John Hoyt (Ira Brasher), Kathryn Givney (Rhoda Dabney), Kent Smith (Keats), Edward Andrews (H.T. Finneran), Christine Belford (Jeanine), Rory Calhoun (Bill), Joey Forman (Art).
A former actress sues for defamation of character over published intimations that she is a former call girl.

November 30, 1972: The First Day Of Your Life
Season 2, episode 11
D: Lou Antonio

With Wayne Newton (Sam Stephens), Melissa Murphy (Kelley Stephens), Madeleine Sherwood (Nurse Struther), Walter Brooke (Dr. Martin).
A philosophy instructor is charged with the murder of his abnormal newborn son when the child is found lifeless, his incubator oxygen supply having been shut off.

December 7, 1972: Starting Over Again
Season 2, episode 12

With Tab Hunter, James Stacy, Frank Campanella, Florida Friebus.
A disc jockey with an electronic alibi arranges his wife's murder to incriminate a sportscaster.

December 14, 1972: A Piece Of God
Season 2, episode 13

With Jacqueline Scott (Elaine Andrews), Barry Nelson (John Andrews), Joseph Bottoms (Timmy Andrews), Pat Harrington Jr. (Gianetta).
A retarded teenager, in order to protect a girl's reputation, takes the blame for a fire that destroyed his father's warehouse and killed a derelict.

December 21, 1972: Sigh No More, Lady
Season 2, episode 14

With Glenn Corbett (Ben Lachner), Michael Tolan (Whelan), Joan Hotchkis (Julie Whelan), Roger C. Carmel (Porter), Nancy Malone (Kay Lachner).
Marshall defends a prominent sex researcher sued by a former patient who charges he seduced her.

January 4, 1973: An Often And Familiar Ghost
Season 2, episode 15
W: Edward J. Lakso   D: John Badham

With Lou Gossett Jr. (Lt. Fellows), Aldine King (Ellen Mills), Gabriel Dell (Hanks).
Black detective Lt. Carl Fellows, suspended from duty pending a coroner's inquest, claims he was framed on charges he attacked a group outside a bar, killing one man.

January 17, 1973: Sometimes Tough Is Good
Season 2, episode 16

With Guy Stockwell (John Borden), Jennifer Hill (Paula Varni), Michael Parks (Ollie Gregson), Jeffrey Pomerantz (Brewster), John Zaremba (Judge), Beverly Garland (Mrs. Varni), Eduard Franz (Dr. Lewis), Martine Bartlett (Mary Gregson).
Marshall seeks to free a client imprisoned for a sex crime on the testimony of a disturbed girl. Arthur Hill's daughter, Jenny, makes her acting debut in this episode.

January 24, 1973: Seed Of Doubt
Season 2, episode 17
D: Lou Antonio

With Martin Sheen (Colby Arnold), Jess Walton (Sheila Arnold), John McLiam (Dr. Harding).
Marshall defends his niece accused of adultery by her husband because her son was conceived by artificial insemination.

January 31, 1973: Requiem For Young Lovers
Season 2, episode 18

With John David Carson (Theron Haig), Laura Owens (Jane Lucca), Gloria DeHaven (Elvira Lucca).
High school sweethearts are charged with murdering the girl's mother after the three quarreled bitterly. Marshall's defense of the girl is thwarted when her boyfriend suddenly accuses her in court.

February 7, 1973: Why Is A Crooked Letter
Season 2, episode 19

With Jamie Smith-Jackson (Erika), Tim Matheson (Zooie), Peter Breck (Mike Palmer), Aneta Corsaut (Ethel Palmer), Christopher Connelly, Ginny Golden.
A draft evader, returning voluntarily from Canada, is charged with the murder of his girlfriend's father.

February 14, 1973: They've Got To Blame Somebody
Season 2, episode 20
W: Peter S. Fischer   D: Daniel Haller

With Robert Reed (Harker), Leslie Charleson (Edie), Lorraine Gary (Anne Harker), Don Stroud (Guy).
Marshall is faced with defending his client, a camp owner charged with manslaughter as the driver of a bus involved in an accident that caused a death. Witnesses claim he was seen in a drunken brawl before the incident.

February 21, 1973: Some People In A Park
Season 2, episode 21

With Brooke Bundy (Amy), Collin Wilcox (Mrs. Madovan), Roger Davis (Vince Engen), Pat Harrington Jr. (D.A. Charlie Giannetta).
A woman who was seen running from a Santa Barbara park where her friend, an airline pilot, was found dead, is charged with murder.

March 7, 1973: Final Semester
Season 2, episode 22

With Diana Hyland (Lita Coleman), Fred Beir (Ross Coleman), Russell Wiggins (Barry Meadows), William Smithers (Mark Wade), Jennifer Salt (Joannie Ellis), O.J. Simpson (Simms).
A college basketball star is accused of murdering a professor he had found with his girlfriend.

March 14, 1973: A Girl Named Tham
Season 2, episode 23
W: Robert M. Young   D: Lou Antonio

With Russell Johnson (Grant), Robert Urich (Gavin Cord), Kay Lenz (Lucy), Ronne Troup (Tracy), Jennifer Ann Lee (Tham), Richard Carlson (Elliot Cord).
A Vietnam veteran discharged for psychiatric reasons is defended by Marshall on a rape charge.

September 12, 1973: A Lesson In Loving
Season 3, episode 1

With Diana Muldaur (Janet Ferguson), Tom Falk (Johnny Carver), Kristoffer Tabori (Will Laken), Nina Foch (Sylvia Mitchell), Howard Platt (Cy Harmon), Russell Johnson (Brenton Grant).
The third season starts. Marshall's defense of a high school boy accused of murdering his teacher is complicated by the fact that the youth was also her lover.

September 19, 1973: Once A Lion
Season 3, episode 2

With Ralph Bellamy (Wendall), Titos Vandis, Milton Selzer, Jason Evers (Barrington), Russell Johnson (Grant), Neva Patterson (Edith).
Owen believes a convicted murderer is innocent, but the only way to gain a new trial is to prove the incompetence of the defense attorney, his old and close friend.

September 26, 1973: The Pool House
Season 3, episode 3
W: Edward DeBlasio   D: James Sheldon

With Sheree North (Evelyn Knight), Mark Hamill (Steve Knight), Lisa Eilbacher (Judy), Nan Martin (Dorothy Holden), Arthur Franz (Laird Holden), Pat Harrington Jr. (Charlie Giannetta).
A 16-year-old girl is found murdered and all evidence points to her high school boyfriend. Both the boy and his mother claim he's innocent and Marshall, a family friend, takes the case but finds the evidence rather incriminating.

October 3, 1973: Sweet Harvest
Season 3, episode 4

With Andrew Duggan (Sven Svanholm), Dack Rambo (Don Davies), Scott Hylands (Lars Toborg), Inga Swenson (Kirsten Svanholm), Sharon Gless (Terry).
Marshall's efforts to help an ex-convict regain custody of his son from his ruthless sister-in-law are complicated when the man abducts the boy.

October 17, 1973: N Is For Nightmare
Season 3, episode 5
W: Mark Weingart   D: Daniel Haller

With Vera Miles (Nancy Hodges), Kelley Miles (Kim Hodges), Pat Harrington Jr. (DA Giannetta), Jim Boles (Jethroe Mason), Jack Bender (John Boyd), Rick Lenz (Professor Hayes), Dean Harens (Judge), Eric Braeden (Mike Benson), Joey Forman (Lt. McKay).
When a teenage girl is found murdered, overwhelming evidence indicates her mother's fiancee is guilty. A quote of Elizabethan poetry in the testimony of the girl's teacher leads Owen into a new line of questioning in the accused man's defense.

October 24, 1973: The Camerons Are A Special Clan
Season 3, episode 6

With John Denver (Clark), Pat Harrington Jr. (DA Giannetta), Brooke Bundy (Polly), John Larch (David), Kristina Holland (Wynne), Teresa Wright (Ruthanne Cameron), Mike Farrell (Blair), Micky Dolenz.
A popular singer comes home to visit his terminally ill mother and is charged with murder when his mother dies of a drug overdose.

October 31, 1973: Poor Children Of Eve
Season 3, episode 7

With Pat Harrington Jr. (Asst. D.A. Giannetta), Bridget Hanley (Doreen Reynolds), Cliff Potts (Father Koveny), Jeff Corey (Monsignor Morell), Reb Brown (Jack Downes), Richard Carlson (Al Downes).
Owen's defense of a priest, charged with murdering his former girlfriend, is complicated by a witness' testimony that she saw him leave the scene at the approximate time of death.

November 7, 1973: The Sin Of Susan Gentry
Season 3, episode 8

With Elayne Heilveil (Susan Gentry), Martha Scott (Mildred Gentry), Kermit Murdock (Judge Sylvester), Fred Beir (Jay Harvey Jones).
A young girl is committed to a mental institution by her parents after they learn of her promiscuity.

November 28, 1973: Child Of Wednesday
Season 3, episode 9

With Pat Boone (Tim Hartford), Allen Price (Toby), Nancy Malone (Lila Hartford), Ramon Bieri (Ernest Ewbank).
The son in a custody battle would prefer to live with his father, a junior high school principal, but the court may not let him after hearing the mother's vengeful accusation -- that the father had an affair with a student. Marshall is confronted with evidence that the principal and the teenage girl were in a San Diego hotel.

December 5, 1973: Snatches Of A Crazy Song
Season 3, episode 10

With Mark Gruner (Mike), Mariette Hartley (Roberta Laughlin), Tom Selleck (Brinkley), Madlyn Rhue (Neva Boland).
Marshall handles a suit for a widow who believes his company's dismissal of her husband, based on a psychiatrist's report, led to his suicide.

December 12, 1973: The Prowler
Season 3, episode 11

With Lawrence Pressman (Tom), Donna Mills (Kit), Norman Alden (Grover), Barbara Boles (Julie).
A woman is charged with murder after evidence indicates she may have learned of her husband's affair with a nightclub singer.

December 19, 1973: The Second Victim
Season 3, episode 12

With Rick Ely (Bo), Sada Thompson, Laurette Spang (Sharon), Todd Susman (Dave), Angela Clarke (Alice), Paul Comi, Lee McCain (Gina).
Owen defends a young attorney when the mother of a convicted murderer accuses him of forcing her to lie on the witness stand.

January 2, 1974: Etude For A Kidnapper
Season 3, episode 13

With Dick Sargent (Edgar Hogan), Bethel Leslie (Martha Crane), Lara Parker (Diana), James G. Richardson (Drew Monroe), Marshall Thompson (Jeff Crane).
A young hitchhiker agrees to pick up an attache case for the driver and is charged with kidnapping and murder.

January 19, 1974: House Of Friends
Season 3, episode 14

With Joyce Van Patten (Ruth), David Hartman (Dr. Evans), Paul Shenar, Kathleen Quinlan (Jill), Barbara Baxley.
Owen defends a losing cause legally, but possibly a victory morally, when he defends a doctor friend in his stand against a private hospital for not admitting a dying boy.

January 26, 1974: The Attacker
Season 3, episode 15

With Clu Gulager (Georgie), Dana Wynter (Renee), Pat Harrington Jr. (Giannetta), Morgan Jones (Brady), Donald Mantooth (Ed Peters), Byron Morrow (Judge), Marjorie Arnold (Cheryl), Richard Loo (Tanaka), Barbara Flicker (Mrs. Collier), Eunice Christopher (Phyllis Mariner).
A mute gardener is named by three women as the man who attacked them.

February 2, 1974: A Foreigner Among Us
Season 3, episode 16

With Edward Platt (Peters), Leslie Charleson (Gail), Rick Nelson (Vic), Darren McGavin (McClain), Michael Santiago (Doorman).
Marshall's defense of a bookstore owner in an obscenity case is complicated when he learns his client is not a citizen and also has an arrest record.

February 9, 1974: A Killer With A Badge
Season 3, episode 17
W: Michael McTaggart, William Driskill   D: James Sheldon

With Jack Ging (Sgt. Gurney), Tim Matheson (John), Fred Karger (Deke), Scott Jacoby (Terry), Ford Rainey, Richard Anderson.
A police officer, investigating the murder of his partner, accidentally kills a youth and must face a police inquiry to determine if he's guilty of murder.

February 16, 1974: Subject: The Sterilization Of Judy Simpson
Season 3, episode 18
W: William Driskill   D: Daniel Haller

With Eve Arden (Dr. Barras), Dwan Smith (Judy), Clarice Taylor (Mrs. Simpson), Barbara Sammeth (Lynne).
A slightly retarded teenage girl seeks legal aid when she learns she's scheduled for a sterilization operation.

March 2, 1974: The Break-In
Season 3, episode 19

With Christopher George (Cromwell), Sheila Larken (Beth Cromwell), Jane Wyatt (Margaret Wilson), Heather Menzies (Sally Waite), Tom Troupe (Weathers), Noah Keen (Chief Doyle), Bill Zuckert (Sam Barrett), Rudy Solari (Segarras), Allan Hunt (Dirk Wilson).
A detective is charged in a wrongful death suit after he bursts into a home without a search warrant and kills a youth he believes to be a thief.

March 9, 1974: I've Promised You A Father
Season 3, episode 20
W: Richard Fielder   D: Leo Penn

With Joan Crosby (Mrs. Johnson), Dorothy Meyer (Mrs. Green), Robert Young (Dr. Marcus Welby), James Brolin (Dr. Kiley), Lynda Day George (Leigh), Lee Bergere (Conforti), Simon Scott (Bayliss), Jean Allison (Mrs. Stewart), Pamela Hensley (Miss Latham), Joan Tompkins (Judge), Walter Brooke (Mr. Patrick), Chris Holter (Sharon Hague), Gary Crabbe (Bob Hague).
Marshall defends Marcus Welby's colleague Dr. Steve Kiley, whose ex-girlfriend's sister has filed a paternity suit against him.

March 23, 1974: To Keep And Bear Arms
Season 3, episode 21
D: Lou Antonio

With Paul Burke (Pete), Ron Rifkin (Marty Dyer), Barbara Anderson (Carol), John Ritter (Greg), Katherine Glass (Pattie), John Fink (Shaw), Stanley Kamel (Essex Taylor), Lonny Chapman (Richards), Logan Ramsey (Matt Larson), Tasha Lee (Judy Lee), C. Lindsay Workman (Judge).
Owen represents a bus passenger when he's paralyzed as the result of a ricochet bullet fired by an angered bus driver during a robbery.

March 30, 1974: The Desertion Of Keith Ryder
Season 3, episode 22
D: Harry Falk

With Macdonald Carey (Mr. Ryder), Barry Atwater (Steadman), Randolph Mantooth (Keith Ryder), Jane Wyman (Mrs. Ryder).
A Vietnam veteran, who was wounded in combat and then deserted four years ago, is arrested when he returns from Canada after his father suffers a heart attack.

April 6, 1974: The Ghost Of Buzz Stevens
Season 3, episode 23

With Rick Lenz (Will), Susan Strasberg (Luanne), David Sheiner (Broderick).
A reporter is jailed for contempt of court when he refuses to disclose the source of a story about drugs in the record industry. (Last show of the series.)

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