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Series regulars or semi-regulars in 'Police Story' in the 1970s:

1970s Episode Guide for 'Police Story':

(Episodes with dates prior to 1970 aired as reruns during the '70s.)

March 20, 1973: Slow Boy
Season 0, episode 1
W: E. Jack Neuman   D: William Graham

With Chuck Connors (Slow Boy), Harry Guardino (Sgt. Solly Piccolini), John Bennett Perry (Sgt. Chick Torpi), Mel Scott (K.T.), Vic Morrow (Sgt. Joe LaFrieda), Diane Baker (Jenny Dale), Barbara Rhoades (Marnie), David Doyle (Kurt Mueller).
A dedicated policeman attempts to prove that he's better at his job than a long-sought criminal is at his own -- a battle that rages through several robberies, holdups and a kidnapping. Pilot movie for the series.

October 2, 1973: Dangerous Games
Season 1, episode 1
W: Robert Collins   D: John Badham

With James Farentino (Charlie Czonka), Janet Margolin (Marilyn), Elizabeth Ashley (Jeanette Johnson), Fred Williamson (Snake McKay), Michael Strong (Lassiter), Charles Dierkop (Rawlins), Francine York (Faye), Chelsea Brown (Mrs. McKay), Ed Bernard (Styles), Nora Heflin (Alice), Eric Server (Royster).
An undercover policeman poses as a panderer to break up a prostitution ring after a year of undercover work was blown by another agent.

October 9, 1973: Requiem For An Informer
Season 1, episode 2
W: Sy Salkowitz   D: Marvin Chomsky

With Tony Lo Bianco (Tony Calabrese), Don Meredith (Officer Bert Jameson), Michael Ansara (Baldy), Marjoe Gortner (Stan), Sharon Farrell (Bobbie), John Larch (Maury), Rex Holman (Don), Claudette Nevins (Ellen).
Two police officers establish a relationship with an informer in order to track down a bank robber.

October 23, 1973: The Ten Year Honeymoon
Season 1, episode 3
W: E. Arthur Kean   D: Marvin Chomsky

With Claude Akins (Ken Shaner), Michael Baseleon (Sergeant Diaz), Anthony James (Dwight Maxlon), Philip Kenneally (Dowell), Ben Hammer (Sergeant Glaser), Pepper Martin (Orsini), Conrad Palmisano (Cop Killer), Verna Bloom (Elizabeth Shaner), Paul Burke (Al Boyd), Vic Tayback (Irate Motorist).
A terminally ill policeman unnecessarily places his life in danger and arouses his partner's suspicion that he may be trying to end it all sooner.

October 30, 1973: Violent Homecoming
Season 1, episode 4
W: Mark Rodgers   D: Virgil Vogel

With Pedro Armendariz Jr. (Sgt. Gaitan), Stephen McNally (Captain McWilliams), Sean Garrison (Det. Robert Scott), Lyle Bettger (Sgt. Allison).
A Mexican-American police officer, a former member of a gang himself, is called to the scene of a teenage gang murder and becomes involved in the case. Actual gang members play supporting roles in the story, which was filmed in an East Los Angeles barrio.

November 6, 1973: The Ho Chi Minh Trail
Season 1, episode 5
W: Michael Donovan   D: Richard Benedict

With George Maharis (Hank Delany), Aldine King (Lisa), Clifton Davis (Mark Randolph), Bernie Hamilton (Bo Tate), Herb Edelman (Farentino), Bob Delegall (June Bug), Donald Woods (Dr. Chambers), Raymond St. Jacques (Charlie Sykes), Ken Lynch (Chick Macy), Antonio Fargas (Harpie), Rufus Thomas (Blackberry), Alan Weeks (T-Bone), Ed Bernard (Ross Adams).
A young policeman is yanked out of the academy before graduation to become an undercover narcotics agent, dealing with the hierarchy of dope dealers and peddlers.

November 20, 1973: Collision Course
Season 1, episode 6
W: Stanford Whitmore   D: David Friedkin

With Hugh O'Brian (Vincent La Sorda), Dean Stockwell (Ott), Sue Ane Langdon (Jean Culhane), Jerry Lee Lewis (Bates), Murray Hamilton (Watch Commander), Rosemary DeCamp (Grocery Owner), Linda Chandler (Police Woman), Bert Holland (Culhane).
An experimental program that places policemen and women together in patrol cars causes problems for two officers.

November 27, 1973: Death On Credit
Season 1, episode 7
W: Sy Salkowitz   D: Edward M. Abroms

With Tina Louise (Anita), John Saxon (Rick Cavanelli), Rory Calhoun (Pete Eastman), David Canary (Wally), Laraine Stephens (Patti), Howard Duff (Harry Blodgett), Mel Scott (K.T.), John Bennett Perry (Chick), David Brian (Borenson), Eric Server (Tony), J.H. Lawrence (Officer), Dominique Pinassi (Judy), Julie Licker (Ellie), Dorrie Thomson (Liz).
An officer investigates a phony charge-plate ring, and poses as a shoplifter to be brought into the group.

December 4, 1973: The Big Walk
Season 1, episode 8
W: Don Ingalls   D: Robert Day

With Dorothy Provine (Harriett Bonner), Ahna Capri (Miss Hadley), Lynda Day George (Angela Wilson), Jeff Corey (Defense Attorney), John Kerr (Prosecutor), Larry Wilcox (Freddie), Don Murray (Jack Bonner), Val Avery (Steve), Noah Beery Jr. (Hecker), Robert Sampson (Lt. Tober).
A policeman assigned to a new beat undergoes a multitude of problems -- among them the arrest of a drunk driver and a young man whose father owns a local club.

December 11, 1973: Man On A Rack
Season 1, episode 9
W: Adrian Spies   D: John Llewellyn Moxey

With A Martinez (Bermudez), James Olson (Walters), Kim Hunter (Ruth), Martin Balsam (Al Koster), Henry Beckman (Garbash), Jack Carter (Artie), Roxanna Bonilla-Giannini (Mrs. Badillo).
A detective sergeant, known for not always going by the book, mistakenly kills another policeman and is investigated by the Internal Affairs department.

December 18, 1973: Line Of Fire
Season 1, episode 10
W: E. Arthur Kean   D: Barry Crane

With Cameron Mitchell (Arnie Holcombe), Jan-Michael Vincent (Dave Hauser), Alex Cord (Scully), Edmund Gilbert (Gorman), Paul Carr (Lucas Kagel), Otis Greene (Sergeant Rider), Brooke Bundy (Edna), Russell Thorson (Dana), Henry Brown (Hanninger), Robert Viharo (Charles).
A policeman questions his ability to kill when he joins the SWAT team.

January 8, 1974: Chain Of Command
Season 1, episode 11
W: Mort Fine   D: Leo Penn

With Edmond O'Brien (Frank Modeer), Stuart Whitman (Capt. Steve Calvino), Patty McCormack (Marie Hall), Burr DeBenning (Sergeant Harper), Antony Carbone (Detective Evans), Sally Carter (Janice Magill), Charles McGraw (Lt. Mears), Marc Alaimo (Police Officer), Bert Kramer (Officer Lampert), Jerry Ayres (Officer Kilda), Rockne Tarkington (Leonard Gardner), Ed Bernard (Sergeant Collins).
A tense drama about a suspected cop-killing conspiracy that could erupt into full-scale war between trigger-happy police and members of a hostile black community.

January 15, 1974: Countdown (1)
Season 1, episode 12
W: Mark Rodgers   D: Richard Benedict

With Vic Morrow (Sergeant Joe LaFrieda), Laraine Stephens (Jenny LaFrieda), Scott Brady (Vinnie), John Bennett Perry (Chick), Joe Santos (Sally Pickles), Mel Scott (K.T.), Anthony Caruso (Martin), Taylor Lacher (Toby O'Brien), Tige Andrews (Blodgett), Lana Wood (June Lang), Michael Callan (Eddie Parent), Ray Danton (Johnny Landres), Anjanette Comer (Constantina), Paul Stevens (Jack Pollard), Jennifer Billingsley (Lorraine), Scott Marlowe (Terry), John Randolph (George Morris), Christiane Schmidtmer (Hilda).
A two-part sequel to the original "Police Story" movie pilot. A member of a special surveillance squad, Sgt. Joe La Frieda, becomes the hunted after he kills a member of a syndicate family.

January 22, 1974: Countdown (2)
Season 1, episode 13
W: Mark Rodgers   D: Richard Benedict

With Vic Morrow (Sergeant Joe LaFrieda), Laraine Stephens (Jenny LaFrieda), John Bennett Perry (Chick), Scott Brady (Vinnie), Mel Scott (K.T.), Joe Santos (Sal Pickles), Scott Marlowe (Terry), Jennifer Billingsley (Lorraine), Anthony Caruso (Martin), Paul Stevens (Jack Pollard), Ray Danton (Johnny Landres), Anjanette Comer (Constantina), Lana Wood (June Lang), Michael Callan (Eddie Parent), Tige Andrews (Blodgett), Christiane Schmidtmer (Hilda), John Randolph (George Morris).
After killing a syndicate member involved in a burglary, the officer fears they will strike at him through his wife and daughter.

January 29, 1974: Cop In The Middle
Season 1, episode 14
W: Sy Salkowitz   D: Gary Nelson

With Glenn Corbett (Donald Hamlin), Ken Swofford (Sgt. Morgan), Christopher George (Doug Rollins), Brandon Cruz (Vince Rollins), Abby Dalton (Liz Rollins), John Ericson (Lt. Parks), Albert Paulsen (Reggie), Henry Corden (Driscoll), Sid Haig (Dell), Todd Martin (Lt. Avery).
A police officer decides to quit taking bribes and expose a big-time bookmaker, but is forced to remain silent by threats against his wife and son.

February 12, 1974: The Ripper
Season 1, episode 15
W: Don Ingalls   D: Gary Nelson

With Darren McGavin (Matt Hallett), Michael Cole (Doug Baker), John Fiedler (Richard Steele), Leslie Parrish (Mrs. Delaney), Donnelly Rhodes (Detective Pullen), Sheila Larken (Anne Baker), Peter Mark Richman (Abbott), Kathie Browne (Sheila), Barry Atwater (Captain Wilkie), Pat Carroll (Mrs. Bannister), Lloyd Gough (Morton), Cynthia Hull (Nancy Morton), Ray Young (Tex).
A prejudiced young detective and his older, wiser partner investigate a trail of horrendous murders, all of homosexuals, in their efforts to find "The Ripper".

February 19, 1974: Country Boy
Season 1, episode 16
W: Michael Donovan   D: Barry Crane

With Kurt Russell (J.D. Crawford), Gary Collins (Bill Ryan), Jeremy Slate (Officer Spencer), Jason Evers (Sergeant Arnold), Clu Gulager (Tim Keegan), Gail Strickland (Julie Keegan), Noah Keen (Sergeant Trivers), Bobbi Jordan (Lois Bradford), John Gruber (Owens), Michele Nichols (Mary Lou Crawford).
A country boy arrives at the police academy for recruit training and learns that the requirements and some of the men are not what he expected.

February 26, 1974: Big John Morrison
Season 1, episode 17
W: Sy Salkowitz   D: Richard Benedict

With Tony Lo Bianco (Tony), Dane Clark (Lt. Stoller), Don Meredith (Bert Jameson), Claudette Nevins (Ellen Calabrese), Sal Mineo (Stippy), Jackie Cooper (John Morrison), Sharon Farrell (Bobbie), Nehemiah Persoff (Fabrizzio), Frankie Avalon (David Koslinko).
Two men rob a liquor store and commit criminal assault on two women. Officers are given the assignment to apprehend the felons.

March 5, 1974: The Wyatt Earp Syndrome
Season 1, episode 18
W: Robert Collins   D: Robert Collins

With Cliff Gorman (Curt Nations), Kim Darby (Barbara Nations), Harry Guardino (DiMarco), Phillip R. Allen (Ellison), Kim Richards (Melanie), Smokey Robinson (Hawkins), Cari Anne Warder (Debbie), Arthur Franz (Professor), Tony Haig (Student), James Murtaugh (Peters), Mel Ferrer (Dr. Ross), Michael Baseleon (Davidson).
An officer uses badge-heavy tactics and plays at being a cop 24 hours a day because of a false sense of duty.

March 12, 1974: Fingerprint
Season 1, episode 19
W: Sy Salkowitz   D: Barry Crane

With Earl Holliman (Sergeant Charlie Ryan), Pat Crowley (Ellie), Dick Yarmy (Cabdriver), Tom Stern (Marty), Jerry Fogel (Det. Beecher), MacDonald Carey (Austin), Jeff Donnell (Martha), Nita Talbot (Teresa), Tim Matheson (Allen Rich), Mary Ann Mobley (Liz), James Gregory (Sergeant Harris), Martha Scott (Mary Ryan), Bert Freed (Burt Cohen), Nancy Walker (Mrs. Cohen), Gwenn Mitchell (Anna), John Kellogg (Lt. Ben Karp), Ed Call (Ollie), Clint Ritchie (Detective Franklin).
A fingerprint expert is bored with his job and himself, and is eager to do anything to get out of the old familiar rut.

March 19, 1974: Chief
Season 1, episode 20
W: Robert Collins   D: Virgil Vogel

With John Forsythe (Sam McCullough), Michael Ansara (Alvarez), Lloyd Bochner (Mayor Langdon), Pernell Roberts (Charlie Rivas), Ralph Meeker (Sgt. Emit Howard), Gary Conway (Bill Roche), Barbara Rush (Kay McCullough), Phillip Pine (Brower), Michael Stearns (Cop), Lou Krugman (Motel Manager), Michael Margotta (Cateman), Dudley Knight (Styles), Pepper Martin (Manny Urias), Lincoln Kilpatrick (Sgt. Bruckner).
A police chief faces problems involving an assemblyman, the mayor and a psychotic thief while trying to quell the activities of youth gangs.

March 26, 1974: The Gamble
Season 1, episode 21
W: Robert Collins   D: Richard Benedict

With Joseph Campanella (Carl Vitale), Bert Convy (Sgt. Bill Crowley), Angie Dickinson (Sgt. Lisa Beaumont), John Kerr (Dr. Ullman), Tom Castronova (Bartender), Jay Adler (Tagliavini), Teddy Wilson (Willy), Jeff Morrow (George), Cesare Danova (Harold), Corinne Calvet (Annabelle), Peter Brown (Lloyd Day), Ed Bernard (Det. Joe Styles), Charles Dierkop (Det. Pete Royster).
Desk officer Lisa Beaumont's transfer to the vice squad leads to a series of explosive developments. Pilot for the "Police Woman" series.

September 10, 1974: A Dangerous Age
Season 2, episode 1
W: E. Arthur Kean   D: Virgil Vogel

With Edward Asner (Arch Tatum), Ken Swofford (Alfonso Taluga), Scott Brady (Vinnie), Richard Drout Miller (Flagler), Ted Gehring (Red Bauer), Albert Salmi (Harry), David Huffman (T. Bryon Bentley), Tom Drake (Kirk Jackson), .
The second season starts off with the story of a veteran policeman whose whole life is his job and who refuses to accept the fact that he's not the man he used to be.

September 17, 1974: Requiem For C.Z. Smith
Season 2, episode 2
W: Robert Collins   D: Paul Krasny

With Hari Rhodes (Sonny DuPrix), Harry Guardino (Sergeant Keitlinger), Tina Louise (April), James Farentino (Charlie Czonka), Bruce Davison (Clyde Griffiths), Janet Margolin (Marilyn Czonka), Frankie Avalon (Lee), Tim O'Connor (Sergeant Carothers), Marsha Hunt (Mrs. Griffiths), Felice Orlandi (Detective Diez), Paul Mantee (Detective), Booth Colman (Pathologist), Lenore Kasdorf (Pearl), Lisa Moore (Margie), Jill Jaress (Julie).
A vice officer posing as a well-heeled procurer helps homicide search for a psychopath who slays prostitutes.

September 24, 1974: Robbery: 48 Hours
Season 2, episode 3
W: Robert Collins   D: Virgil Vogel

With Glenn Corbett (Det. Pruett), Jackie Cooper (Bruckner), Phillip Pine (Deputy Chief), Shelly Novack (Nagley), Davis Roberts (Snitch Johnson), Noam Pitlik (Epstein), Burr DeBenning (Detective Donnelly), Jeremy Slate (Hilary), Joe Santos (Det. Cordova).
Detectives launch a series of stakeouts to put an end to a rash of holdups.

October 1, 1974: Fathers And Sons
Season 2, episode 4
W: Leonardo Bercovici   D: Gary Nelson

With Kaz Garas (Gene Davis), Harold Gould (Andre Basic), Tony Musante (Joe Basic), Richard Jaeckel (Sergeant Wilson), Jay Varela (Sergeant Perez), Titos Vandis (Vadja Petrovic), Lili Valenty (Mrs. Vlasic), Peter Coe (Ivo Markovic), Elaine Joyce (Lorene), Ramon Bieri (Josef Stavo).
A patrolman is baffled by the murders of two Yugoslavian fishermen and becomes convinced that the murders were motivated by some past event about which his father knows more than he cares to admit.

October 8, 1974: World Full Of Hurt
Season 2, episode 5
W: Sean Baine   D: Barry Crane

With James Gregory (Tom Herrschafft), Stanley Bennett Clay (Doggie), Tamu Blackwell (Lisa Booker), Cindy Henderson (Cheryl Prescott), Moosie Drier (Kevin Prescott), Don Marshall (Chuck), Gale Sondergaard (Marge White), Nancy Wilson (Kelly Craig), Frank Marth (Lt. Davis), Susan Oliver (Rina Prescott), Paul Burke (Matt Prescott).
An officer with marital problems learns the effects of broken homes on children when he is assigned to juvenile detail.

October 29, 1974: Glamour Boy
Season 2, episode 6
W: Sy Salkowitz   D: Virgil Vogel

With Don Meredith (Bert Jameson), Tony Lo Bianco (Tony Calabrese), Larry Hagman (Alan Richardson), David Doyle (Harry Dunnhill), Claudette Nevins (Ellen), Rod Cameron (Lt. Tracey), Barry Atwater (Lt. Harmon), Bettye Ackerman (Martha Dunnhill), Michael Callan (Willie), Joanna Pettet (Adria).
A suave and charming man manages to rob banks and elude the police with his smooth talk.

November 12, 1974: Across The Line
Season 2, episode 7
W: Mark Rodgers   D: Nicholas Colasanto

With Chuck Connors (Sergeant Barrett), James Wainwright (Sgt. Joe Benton), Scott Brady (Vinnie), Roberto Contreras (Chavez), Lloyd Gough (Blodgett), Charles McGraw (Captain McKinnes), Alex Colon (Hernandez), Frank DeKova (Perez), Valentin de Vargas (Aguilar), Alejandro Rey (Metrano), Linda Cristal (Estrella).
A detective is assigned to a desk job after being involved in too many shootings, then winds up risking his life to break an international heroin ring.

November 19, 1974: Wolf
Season 2, episode 8
W: E. Arthur Kean   D: Barry Shear

With Lloyd Bridges, Scott Brady (Vinnie), Christopher Connelly (Randy Weiner), Ted Gehring (Morley), John Vivyan (Sgt. Grady), Shelly Novack (Officer Pulaski), Jack Ging (Sgt. Valeir), Norman Fell (Sgt. Dell), Tim O'Connor (Captain Faulkner), Shelley Fabares (Annette Weiner).
A "perfect" detective runs 10 miles, does 150 pushups and lifts weights daily and gets a kick out of racing four armed robbers alone -- until his emotions are destroyed by an accidental shooting.

November 26, 1974: Love, Mabel
Season 2, episode 9
W: Jerry Ludwig   D: Robert L. Collins

With Michael Learned (Linda Keitlinger), William Shatner (Sgt. Bill Keitlinger), Peter Brown (Chuck), John Russell (Lt. Galvin), Larry Storch (Willy), Raymond St. Jacques (Chris Massey), Dean Stockwell (Detective Giacino).
A police officer, whose wife is on the verge of alcoholism, is being stalked by a woman intent on destroying his marriage.

December 3, 1974: Explosion
Season 2, episode 10
W: Sy Salkowitz   D: Alex March

With Joanna Moore (Lisa Roberts), Donna Mills (Betty Johnson), Dane Clark (Lt. Harmon), Don Meredith (Bert Jameson), Tony Lo Bianco (Tony Calabrese), Donny Most (Arthur Kane), John Lupton (Mannon), Val Avery (Sergeant Maher), Claudette Nevins (Ellen Calabrese), Marie Windsor (Mrs. Kane).
Two detectives investigate reports of bomb threats and extortion. But matters are complicated when one of the detectives, who is happily married, finds he is falling in love.

December 17, 1974: Capt. Hook
Season 2, episode 11
W: Frank Telford   D: Richard Benedict

With David Birney (Joe Waldron), Phillip Pine (Deputy Chief), Dennis Cole (Ted Stuart), Timothy Blake (Betty), Ben Frank (Fred), Amanda McBroom (Evelyn Stuart), Barry Atwater (Sgt. Jennings), Kim Darby (Jennie Hill), Richard Egan (Lieutenant Barton).
An officer, after losing a hand in a bomb explosion, decides to fight the police department's suggestion that he retire or take a desk job.

January 7, 1975: Incident In The Kill Zone
Season 2, episode 12
W: E. Arthur Kean   D: Alexander Singer

With Jan-Michael Vincent (Warren Yates), James Farentino (Sgt. King Sherman), Scott Brady (Vinnie), Richard Drout Miller (Pelham), Ron Masak (Melrose), Paul Henry Itkin (Nedrow), Austin Stoker (Ed Paltz), John Goddard (Sgt. McGraw), Sorrell Booke (Herbie), Joseph Wambaugh (Sergeant's Driver), Robert Sampson (Eaton), Cliff Osmond (Faust), Lyle Bettger (Commander Tully).
An ambitious sergeant, given command of a SWAT team, takes unnecessary risks which endanger his fellow officers as well as civilians.

January 14, 1975: Headhunter
Season 2, episode 13
W: Jerry Ludwig   D: Alexander Singer

With Madlyn Rhue (Sue Ellen), Howard Duff (Virgil Devereux), Rudy Solari (Marz), Shani Wallis (Janet Stiles), George DiCenzo (Andrus), Scott Brady (Vinnie), William Elliott (Sgt. Gage), James Luisi (Sgt. Reeger), Joan Leslie (Mrs. Devereux), Michael Anderson Jr. (Leonard Cates), Don Murray (Sgt. Stiles).
A veteran officer near retirement is accused of indecent exposure.

January 21, 1975: Year Of The Dragon (1)
Season 2, episode 14
W: Mark Rodgers   D: Virgil Vogel

With Wayne Maunder (Detective Fred Webber), Robert Culp (Detective John Darrin), Ken Swofford (Turner), Laraine Stephens (Laura Darrin), Jack Soo (Bruce Chan), Frank Michael Liu (Officer John Quo), Benson Fong (William Liu), Joe Garagiola (Crownshield), Godfrey Cambridge (Willis Johnson), Jo Anna Linn (Gloria Liu).
Threats are made on the life of the only eyewitness to a Chinatown robbery-homicide that may presage a war between two Oriental youth gangs.

January 28, 1975: Year Of The Dragon (2)
Season 2, episode 15
W: Mark Rodgers   D: Virgil Vogel

With Laraine Stephens (Laura Darrin), Jo Anna Linn (Gloria Liu), Wayne Maunder (Detective Fred Webber), Robert Culp (Detective John Darrin), Benson Fong (William Liu), Jack Soo (Bruce Chan), Dick Butkus (Sullivan), Greta Chi (Barbara Chang), Frank Michael Liu (Officer John Quo), Max Showalter (John Barron).
Detectives try to prevent a war between rival Oriental youth gangs while also protecting the life of a young girl who wants to testify against the gang members.

February 4, 1975: To Steal A Million
Season 2, episode 16
W: Calvin Clements Jr.   D: Barry Crane

With Barbara Anderson (Rita Wagner), Alex Cord (Cowboy), Christopher Stone (Bob Hyland), Pat Harrington Jr. (Ray Boland), Pernell Roberts (Sal Grosser), Jack Donner (Meeks), Jerry Strickler (Kevin), Clint Ritchie (Stevens), Anne Jeffreys (Marie Taber), Henry Beckman (Captain Calvelli), Robert Brown (Shelly Wagner), John Van Dreelen (Appleton).
Detectives trail a brazen but inept jewel thief known as the Cowboy, in the hope that he will lead them to a man-and-wife team who are suspected of planning a million-dollar jewel robbery.

February 11, 1975: Sniper
Season 2, episode 17
W: Larry Brody   D: Alex March

With Dane Clark (Lieutenant Harman), Tony Lo Bianco (Tony Calabrese), Glenn Corbett (Detective Don Thorpe), Patty Duke (Daniele), Alan Vint (Mike Harris), Jeff Morrow (Dr. Cowan), Sheila Larken (Diane), William Schallert (Charles Shipman), Marsha Hunt (Dr. Partch), Christopher Cary (Dr. Ritter), Pamela Bellwood (Judy Bartlett).
Two detectives frantically try to locate a mentally disturbed gunman.

February 18, 1975: The Execution
Season 2, episode 18
W: Sean Baine   D: Alexander Singer

With Scoey Mitchell (Investigator Jones), Rockne Tarkington (Andrew Carver), John Ericson (Investigator Logan), Sharon Farrell (Kathy Sherman), Christopher George (Dutch Bennett), Felton Perry (Clyde Williamson), Ahna Capri (Jane), Edward Andrews (Mort Shidell), Philip Carey (Captain Johnson), Don Marshall (Justin Sullivan), Jonelle Allen (Mary Sue).
A police lieutenant heads an intense investigation of the gangland execution style slaying of two drug pushers.

February 25, 1975: The Man In The Shadows
Season 2, episode 19
W: Jerry Ludwig   D: Richard Benedict

With Barbara Luna (Gloria), Robert Forster (Sgt. Frank Dolan), Pat Crowley (Maggie Dolan), Carlos Rivas (Benny), Frank Lugo (Perez), Ben Hammer (Sgt. Berman), Joby Baker (Harold), Gil Serna (Luis Ortega), John Ireland (Captain Lowen), Michael Callan (Tommy Galvin).
A woman's desire to avenge her husband's death by tipping detectives to the workings of one of the country's top narcotics rings results in some radical police work.

March 4, 1975: War Games
Season 2, episode 20
W: David Moessinger   D: Richard Benedict

With Michael Parks (Jack Ballard), Marjoe Gortner (Earl Gordy), Robert Alda (Lieutenant Troft), Murray Hamilton (Bud Ellwood), Mills Watson (Dobbs), John Quade (Redneck), Mel Scott (Joe Hoffman), Chuck Daniel (Dave Johnson), John Davis Chandler (Lou Denbo), Brooke Bundy (Pam Gordy), Neville Brand (Norman Schoeler).
Detectives try to infiltrate a superpatriot's private army before the group can start its war against "Jews, Commies and Hippies".

March 11, 1975: The Witness
Season 2, episode 21
W: Ken Pettus   D: Edward M. Abroms

With James McEachin (Dewey Gibson), Don Meredith (Det. Bert Jameson), Michael Cole (Det. Lew Reeves), John Kerr (Kimbrough), Elaine Joyce (Lois), Mario Roccuzzo (Bingo), Lillian Lehman (Edna), Richard Erdman (Det. Samuels), Noam Pitlik (Det. Kovak), Jackie Coogan (Delaney), James Gregory (Lt. Landers), .
A pair of detectives try to find a witness who is willing to testify against a team of robbers -- and then try to keep him alive.

May 6, 1975: The Return Of Joe Forrester
Season 2, episode 22
W: Mark Rodgers   D: Virgil Vogel

With Lloyd Bridges (Joe Forrester), Hari Rhodes (Dr. Belding), Rudy Solari (Valera), Pat Crowley (Georgia), Eddie Egan (Malone), Dean Stockwell (Callan), Lew Horn (Stan), Robert Ginty (Burns), Kent Lane (Wilson), Ray Young (Callister), Joe Renteria (Garcia), Todd Martin (Sgt. Cooper), William Benedict (Lennie), Stanley Adams (Freddy), Gordon Jump (Businessman), Edie Adams (Massage Parlor Owner), Tom Drake (Golfer), Ted Gehring (Patrol Lieutenant), Shelly Novack (Henderson), Della Reese (Claudine), Dwan Smith (Jolene), Charles Drake (Deputy Chief Berliner), Dane Clark (Lt. Baker), Don Stroud (Plums), Jim Backus (Jake Mandel).
A plainclothes officer is reassigned to walking a beat in a run-down neighborhood to solve a series of rape-robberies.

September 9, 1975: Officer Needs Help
Season 3, episode 1
W: Ed Waters   D: Paul Wendkos

With Donna Mills, Dane Clark (Lt. Mel Banfield), Peter Mark Richman (Len Sinkwich), Cliff Gorman (Billy Humm), Dick Butkus, Milton Selzer (Dr. Molter), Richard Partlow (Chuck), Paul Picerni (Captain Shambray).
Officer Billy Humm is taken off street patrol and reassigned to auto theft after his fourth killing in the line of duty.

September 16, 1975: The Cutting Edge
Season 3, episode 2
W: E. Arthur Kean   D: Michael O'Herlihy

With Chuck Connors (Sergeant Ed Pebbles), Woodrow Parfrey (Napoleon Fargo), Alan Fudge (Lieutenant Boswell), Jay Varela (Cadiz), Erik Holland (Fisk), Mark Stevens (Harry), Alexandra Hay (Sharon), Sylvester Stallone (Caddo), Lola Albright (Minnie).
A 30-year veteran officer loses interest in his work after his partner retires, leaving him without a single close friend.

September 23, 1975: A Community Of Victims
Season 3, episode 3
W: Robert Collins   D: Robert Collins

With Ayn Ruymen (Bobbie), Ray Vitte (Con), Charles Weldon (Stack), Mel Stewart (Sgt. Waters), Cleavon Little (Marshall Priest), Denise Nicholas (Candy Priest), Michael Brandon (Mike Ripley).
Two police officers' patrol in a urban area leads to tragedy when one of them is senselessly gunned down during a liquor store holdup.

September 30, 1975: The Losing Game
Season 3, episode 4
W: Mark Rodgers   D: Alex March

With Stella Stevens (Margaret Case), Cesare Danova (Valenzuela), Shelly Novack (Pulaski), Scott Brady (Vinnie), Burr DeBenning (Johnny Case), Alex Cord (William Allen).
A policewoman is so involved in her new assignment as an undercover narcotics agent that her marriage to another police officer begins to fall apart.

October 28, 1975: The Cut Man Caper
Season 3, episode 5
W: Larry Brody   D: Don Medford

With Paul Benjamin (Jesse), Robert Hooks (Ernie Tillis), Lou Gossett Jr. (Freddy), Godfrey Cambridge (The Cut Man), Scoey Mitchell (Mal Groves), Raymond St. Jacques (Floyd), James Gregory (Captain McKay), Tracy Reed (Dorita), Harrison Page (George), Albert Popwell (Black Stallion), Ray Vitte (Slow Pony), Beverly Atkinson (Esther), Paul Smith (Stout), Davis Roberts (Nance), Don Diamond (Ackerman), Pepper Martin (Ash), Isabel Cooley (Mrs. Fielder), Thomas Bellin (Warren), William Chiles (Neeley), Kenneth Washington (Neeley's Partner), Trevor Stephens (Paxton).
While two police officers search for a pair of armed robbers, their informant, a con man, steals their sophisticated wiretap device.

November 7, 1975: Face For A Shadow
Season 3, episode 6
W: Don Ingalls   D: Alex March

With Don Meredith (John Kowalski), Paul Sylvan (Officer Ames), Tige Andrews (Kidder), Ralph Meeker (Alfred Attles), Virginia Mayo (Angie), Christine Belford (Carrie), David Groh (Dick Elmore), Theresa Merritt (Mrs. Johnson), Milton Frome (Mr. Schuster), Vanessa Brown (Mrs. Baxter), Jeff Donnell (Mrs. Attles).
Investigators attempt to prove that a girl killed in a hit-and-run was actually a murder victim.

November 14, 1975: The Test Of Brotherhood
Season 3, episode 7
W: Rick Kelbaugh   D: Don Medford

With Scott Brady (Vinnie), James Daris (Sergeant Shinner), George Maharis (J.R.), Sal Mineo (Fobbes), Cindy Williams (Joanna), Edward Albert (Clay), Royal Dano (McGee), Alex Rocco, Richard Miller (McKeever), Lew Brown, John Shay (Nielsen), Ric Mancini (Orlowski).
An eager but inexperienced rookie finds an unrelenting taskmaster in the training officer who is also his older brother.

November 21, 1975: The Empty Weapon
Season 3, episode 8
W: Sean Baine   D: Michael O'Herlihy

With Glenn Corbett (Sgt. Riley), Danny Bonaduce (Joey), Kurt Russell (David Singer), Tim O'Connor (Capt. Richards), Audrey Totter (Judge), Edd Byrnes (Sgt. Dole), Clu Gulager (Officer Williams), Heather Angel (Mrs. Anderson), Andrew Stevens (Danny Boy).
A rookie officer, already marked as faint-hearted for not shooting down a teenage cop slayer, is partnered with an officer who wants to make a big drug bust so he can advance to the narco squad.

November 28, 1975: Little Boy Lost
Season 3, episode 9
W: Jerry Ludwig   D: Alexander Singer

With Robert Forster (Det. Ed Brenner), John Kerr (Morrisey), Ron Masak (Lt. Vukovich), Robert Brown (Harold Montrose), Diane Baker (Phyllis), June Lockhart (Mrs. Bowman), Joan Blondell (Doreen), Elisha Cook Jr. (Smiley), Diana Ewing (Claire Montrose), Moosie Drier, Milt Kogan (Jonas), Paulene Myers (Clara).
A detective, struggling to regain the love of his young son, is assigned to the case of a missing boy whose parents do not care whether he returns.

December 5, 1975: Vice: Twenty-Four Hours
Season 3, episode 10
W: Don Ingalls   D: Lee H. Katzin

With Ron Leibman (Ray Oberstar), Lane Bradbury (Sharon), Janis Paige (Mrs. Driscoll), Paul Burke (Lt. Barrett), Rudy Solari (Det. Romano), Shelly Novack (Danny Hicks), Ron Masak (Lt. Vukovich), Hari Rhodes (L.C. Madden), Marty Ingels (Marty Abbots), David Doyle (Ralph Driscoll).
One vice squad officer fights to keep his wife alive, while another officer "agrees" to eliminate a civilian's wife.

December 12, 1975: Breaking Point
Season 3, episode 11
W: Christian Wise   D: Robert Collins

With Tony Musante (Vince Della Maggiore), Howard Duff (Sgt. Butler), Joseph Ruskin (Captain Ferguson), Linda Scruggs (Ellen Armstrong), Michael Anderson Jr. (Robert Armstrong), Rosemary DeCamp (Beulah), Marsha Hunt (Mrs. Hines), Ron Soble (Lee Cracker), Milton Selzer (Hall), George DiCenzo (Torchia).
Two policemen are assigned to investigate a suspicious shooting by one of their fellow officers.

December 19, 1975: Company Man
Season 3, episode 12
W: Jerry Ludwig   D: Alexander Singer

With Christopher Connelly (Dave Hansen), Jonelle Allen (Merrily Goodwin), James Callahan (Joe Leary), Fionnula Flanagan (Mrs. Hansen), Bruce Glover (Harry Zane), Howard Duff (Sgt. Butler), Bernie Casey (Duke Windsor), Janet Margolin (Ann Cameron).
On a schoolyard assignment, an officer whose wife has been rebuffing him becomes acquainted with a teacher who's involved in a car theft ring.

January 2, 1976: Spanish Class
Season 3, episode 13
W: Mark Rodgers   D: Gary Nelson

With Dane Clark (Lt. Frederickson), Joe Santos (Officer Fernandez), Desi Arnaz Jr. (Officer Taylor), David Toma (Investigator), Lenore Stevens (Maria), Manuel Padilla (Reuben Fuentes), Cindy Williams (Joanna).
A young officer wangles a transfer to the wrong side of the tracks in a quest for more action, and soon gets it -- a street fight, a furniture store burglary in progress, a youth gang in a stolen car and a barroom brawl that pits him against hostile customers.

January 9, 1976: Odyssey Of Death (1)
Season 3, episode 14
W: Harold Medford   D: Don Medford

With Robert Stack (Sgt. Stoddard), Brock Peters (Sgt. Bagney), Jim Backus (Pollack), Ed Lauter (Ralph Coleman), Robert Sampson (Lt. Tober), Joan Goodfellow (Bobbie-Lou), Christopher Norris (Suzie), Lou Frizzell (Mr. Gallaway), Paul Jenkins.
A detective team investigates a cross-country string of assault-slayings involving young women.

January 16, 1976: Odyssey Of Death (2)
Season 3, episode 15
W: Harold Medford   D: Don Medford

With Robert Stack (Sgt. Stoddard), Brock Peters (Sgt. Bagney), Ed Lauter (Ralph Coleman/Joseph Kinsella), Jim Backus (Pollack), Robert Sampson (Lt. Tober), Joan Goodfellow (Bobbie-Lou), Christopher Norris (Suzie), Lou Frizzell (Mr. Gallaway), Paul Jenkins.
A trail of holdups and homicide leads a pair of detectives on a grim cross-country chase.

January 23, 1976: The Other Side Of The Fence
Season 3, episode 16
W: Tim Maschler   D: Alexander Singer

With David Groh (Det. Frank Benson), Glenn Corbett (Det. Ted Fisk), Brooke Mills (Kim Swanson), Ellen Geer (Jenny Benson), Howard Caine (Higby), James Daris (Butcher), George Hamilton (De Lucia), Guy Stockwell (Blodgett), Walter Burke (Riley).
Two detectives play "fence" to trap a high-living homicidal jewel thief.

January 30, 1976: Fifty Cents, First Half Hour -- $1.75 All Day
Season 3, episode 17
W: Millard Kaufman   D: Barry Crane

With Howard Duff (Lieutenant), Davis Roberts (Newton Bass), James McEachin (Hacker), Anne Jeffreys (Murphy), Lou Gossett Jr. (Barnes), Don 'Red' Barry (Chief Robinson), Rodney Allen Rippy (Jeb), Freda Payne (Saralee), Wes Parker (Demeter).
Detectives trail an armed robber who holds up parking-lot attendants then steals a getaway car.

February 6, 1976: Firebird
Season 3, episode 18
W: E. Arthur Kean   D: Lee H. Katzin

With Scott Brady (Vinnie), Karen Machon (Sandy), John Astin (Dr. Milford), Tony Lo Bianco (D.J. Perkins), Macdonald Carey (Chief Blandings), Jim Antonio (Polk), Allen Case (Barnett), Anne Seymour (Beatrice), Richard Drout Miller (Fremont).
A police officer suffers extensive burns in a helicopter training accident. Though saved from death, he must face the prospect of disfigurement and long years at a dull desk job.

February 13, 1976: The Long Ball
Season 3, episode 19
W: Eric Bercovici   D: Alexander Singer

With Pat Crowley (Patty Pickett), Claude Akins (Pickett), Herb Edelman (Mr. Morrell), Peter Mark Richman (Longman), Nora Heflin (Gloria), Victor Mohica (Nick Melindez), John Agar (Hammack), Jan Clayton (Janet Handy), Curtis Credel (Tom), Paul Sylvan (Officer Ames).
A dedicated police officer faces hs toughest assignment: a battle with the bottle.

February 20, 1976: Eamon Kinsella Royce
Season 3, episode 20
W: Michael Mann   D: Tony Lo Bianco

With John Kerr (Prosecutor), Jackie Cooper (Royce), Dean Stockwell (Bennett), Catherine Burns (Marsha), Dabney Coleman (Lt. Kruse), Marty Engels (Howie), Luke Askew (Blue), Harold Gould (Sam).
A veteran detective, who has been moonlighting to finance his daughter's education, is faced with a decision: quit his side work or his job as a policeman.

March 5, 1976: Officer Dooly
Season 3, episode 21
W: E. Arthur Kean   D: E. Arthur Kean

With Shelly Novack (Elvins), Scott Brady (Vinnie), David Birney (Dooly), Alex Cord (Jackson Holt), Paul Burke (Kidder), Kaye Ballard (Miss Ladue).
An earnest young police officer's merits are almost overshadowed by his mistakes.

March 12, 1976: Open City
Season 3, episode 22
W: Sean Baine   D: Barry Crane

With Edmund Gilbert (Dutch Bennett), George Murdock (Captain Michaels), Hugh O'Brian (Daley), Christopher Stone (Gentry), Carl Betz (Chief Elliot), Christopher Norris (Debby), Jerry Douglas (Kosta), Art Metrano (Jake).
Vice squad officers track a ring of pornographers from the east who will go as far as kidnapping and homicide to protect themselves.

September 21, 1976: Payment Deferred
Season 4, episode 1
W: Leonardo Bercovici   D: Corey Allen

With Eddie Egan (Sgt. Harry Volmer), Phillip Pine (Capt. Holmes), Antony Carbone (Billy Kark), Donald O'Connor (Holly), Verna Bloom (Marge Connor), Vince Edwards (Sgt. Joe Barley).
A police sergeant's vengeance in the pursuit of the slayer of his long-time partner leads him to force a reformed junkie and informer to return to the deadly underworld he had left behind.

October 5, 1976: Bought And Paid For
Season 4, episode 2
W: Sean Blaine   D: Alf Kjellin

With Edward Albert (Billy Bob), Noah Keen (Lt. Gibbs), Gary Collins (Dan Belmont), Richard Egan (Lt. Andes), John Melford (Det. Street), Eric Kilpatrick (Lenny Williams), Danny Mora (Enrique Cruz), Alex Rocco (Tony Melino).
Two officers are assigned to stop a freeway sniper.

October 12, 1976: Two Frogs On A Mongoose
Season 4, episode 3
W: Rick Kelbaugh   D: Bob Kelljan

With Robert Lipton (Stallman), Paul Koslo (Sleepy), Alan Oliney (Mongoose), J. Jay Saunders (Severance), Susan Stafford (Debbie), Joe Santos (Poteet), Steve Lawrence (Deke), Barry Sullivan (Lieutenant Bellin).
Narcotics investigators get a tip that provides the opportunity to go after the biggest raid of all.

October 26, 1976: The Other Side Of The Badge
Season 4, episode 4
W: Eric Bercovici   D: Gary Nelson

With Tony Musante (Jack Mitchell), Desi Arnaz Jr. (Jay Vernon), Bibi Besch (Carol Mitchell), Sian Barbara Allen (Dana Vernon), Paul Larson (Lt. Stahl), John Ashton (Sgt. Paulson), Paul Sylvan.
In learning how to handle his job, a rookie cop forgets how to handle his wife.

November 9, 1976: Three Days To Thirty
Season 4, episode 5
W: Shel Willens   D: Barry Crane

With Edward Asner (Frank Moran), Dabney Coleman (Capt. Stromwall), Jerry Douglas (Emil Becker), Bettye Ackerman (Katherine Moran), Dale Robinette (Joe Roper), Richard John Miller (Ernie Terpak), Marc Alaimo (John Scalesi), Joe Turkel (George Keller).
A 30-year veteran, with just days to go before retirement, volunteers to take on his last and possibly most dangerous assignment.

November 16, 1976: Trash Detail, Front And Center
Season 4, episode 6
W: Rick Kelbaugh   D: Seymour Robbie

With Robert Forster (Bob Vandon), Phillip Pine (Capt. Holmes), Chuck Connors (Lew Randle), Gary Lockwood (Marty Costa), Paul Henry Itkin (Steve Kelly), Lisle Wilson (Bud Kruegar), Ji-Tu Cumbuka (Gold Tooth), DeWayne Jessie (Alvin Stepler), Herman Poppe (Investigator Lemm).
A lieutenant risks his career by ignoring departmental politics and teaming officers from rival divisions for a homicide case.

November 23, 1976: Thanksgiving
Season 4, episode 7
W: Michael Mann   D: Jerry London

With Fred Williamson (Bunny Green), Frank Converse (K-Joe), James Woods (Lewis Packer), France Nuyen (Marge Shazaki), Manu Tupou (Tom Shazaki), Don 'Red' Barry (Popeye), Jack Smith (Judge), Raymond Singer (Dr. Bergman), Paul Sylvan.
On their way to a Thanksgiving feast, two police officers are ordered to apprehend a sniper who has shot an 11-year-old child during a freeway traffic tieup.

November 30, 1976: Monster Manor
Season 4, episode 8
W: John Sacret Young   D: Barry Shear

With Joe Santos (Gene Pardnales), Ron Masak (Jerry Toppazini), Joyce Bulifant (Katie Pardnales), Dennis Cole (Raymond Le Brix), Edward Binns (Sgt. Dobson), Barbara Rhoades (Babs Altoon), Conrad Janis (Lt. Needles), Estelle Winwood (Mary Hathaway), Robert Gentry (Luntner), Paul Jenkins (Barney).
A big, empty house where prowlers were reported becomes a temporary dormitory for a number of police officers, and gradually acquires enough of a reputation for the vice squad to raid it.

December 7, 1976: Oxford Gray
Season 4, episode 9
W: David Korn, Kendell Blair   D: Vince Edwards

With Dane Clark (Lt. Barrenger), Eddie Egan (Sean McLiam), Hari Rhodes (Borden Gampu), Michael Jackson (TV Host), John O'Leary (Dr. Bowden), John Amos (Walt Kyles), Susie Coelho (Sheila), Emily Yancy (Donna Kyles).
A black activist -- who finances his activities from the proceeds of a series of bank robberies -- and a team of police officers indulge in mutual harrassment and their grim cat-and-mouse contest.

December 14, 1976: The Jar (1)
Season 4, episode 10
W: Sheldon Miles Willen   D: Michael O'Herlihy

With Christopher Connelly (Jimmy Triplett), Don Meredith (Ed Hagen), Rudy Solari (Terranova), Frances E. Williams (Mrs. X), George Clifton (Mallory), Ben Andrews (Kilgore), Duane Tucker (Leach), Richard Roat (Captain Waldeck), Alex Colon (Ortega), Jenny O'Hara (Joyce Triplett), Walter Matthews (Barlow), Ned Wilson (Kelsey), Lee Delano (Wesphal), Simon Oakland (Fanny).
Two plainclothesman accidentally slay an innocent man while searching for a homicide suspect.

December 21, 1976: The Jar (2)
Season 4, episode 11
W: Sheldon Miles Willen   D: Michael O'Herlihy

With Christopher Connelly (Jimmy Triplett), Don Meredith (Ed Hagen), Rudy Solari (Terranova), Simon Oakland (Fanny), Ned Wilson (Kelsey), Walter Matthews (Barlow), Jenny O'Hara (Joyce Triplett), Lee Delano (Wesphal), Robert Mandan (Chief Burns), Richard Roat (Capt. Waldeck), Alex Colon (Ortega), Paul Cavonis (Bostic), Marged Wakeley (Louise Hagen).
Two police officers under indictment in an accidental slaying promise their attorney that they'll try to stay out of trouble.

January 4, 1977: Trial Board
Season 4, episode 12
W: Michael Mann   D: Corey Allen

With Joe Santos (Rudy De Leon), Eddie Egan (Capt. Mead), Steve Kanaly (Bob Zieff), Milt Kogan (Paul Schlenz), Dana Elcar (Lt. Garippo), Scott Hylands (Sgt. Joseph Wambaugh), James Louis Watkins (Abraham Jackson Woods), Paul Tully (Fasbender), Susan Batson (Baby Rose), Casey Kasem (Sobhe).
Sgt. Joe Wambaugh investigates an officer's accusation that a rookie stole $2 during a narcotics bust.

January 11, 1977: Spitfire
Season 4, episode 13
W: Ed Waters   D: Seymour Robbie

With Ken Swofford (Lt. Pete Telenda), Biff McGuire (Bill Dockery), Madison Arnold (Stan Cusick), Hugh O'Brian (Ernie Sitko), Robert Walden (Lou Bleyer), Kaz Garas (Frank Mahoney), Woodrow Parfrey (Norrell), Cliff Emmich (Stokes), Mario Roccuzzo (Roy Stubbing), Michael Alldredge (Virg Provost), Judith Baldwin.
An agent of the federal Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Bureau assists two local policemen in their desperate search for the supplier of a machine gun used in the slaying of a store manager.

January 18, 1977: Nightmare On A Sunday Morning
Season 4, episode 14
W: Ed Waters, Liam O'Brien   D: Bob Kelljan

With Eddie Egan (Lt. Holtzman), Hope Lange (Ann Wells), Pamela Franklin (Holly Green), Quinn Redeker (Deputy D.A. Dave Gaynor), Milton Selzer (Dr. Anders), Alex Rocco (Phil Logan), Leland Palmer (Janice), James Griffith (Travis Caulder), Michael Ebert (Tod Darrin), Claude Earl Jones (Lyle Shelby), Timothy Scott (Ray Prosser).
Police officer Ann Wells and her partner, Phil Logan, capture a pair of rapists, but the victim's reluctance to face her attackers in court threatens to destroy the case.

January 25, 1977: The Malflores
Season 4, episode 15
W: John Sacret Young   D: Alexander Singer

With Jayne Hamil (YoYo), Gwenn Mitchell (Clarisse Webber), Clifton Davis (Ed Webber), Devon Ericson (Ariana), Mitzi Hoag (Miss Carlin), Juanita Brown (Oso), Gregory Sierra (Ed Cheruco), Richard Venture (Bushwelt), Janis Hansen (Diana), Chu Chu Malave (Rafael).
Two police officers assigned to neutralize gang rivalry in a barrio break up a gang fight and discover that the victors are a very tough bunch of girls.

February 1, 1977: The Blue Fog
Season 4, episode 16
W: Shel Willens   D: Michael O'Herlihy

With Jackie Cooper (Jack McGraw), Bibi Besch (Connie McGraw), Harold Gould (Emmett Parnell), Stephen McNally (Lt. Cadigan), Richard Venture (Eddie Sims), Richard Loo (Eddie Lee), Dana Lee (Victor Choi), Michael McGuire (Dave Muncie), Beau Lau (Tommy Fong).
Divorced, his reputation tarnished by bribery allegations, a police officer is given a second chance -- investigating charges of police corruption in Chinatown.

February 15, 1977: Hard Rock Brown
Season 4, episode 17
W: Michael Donovan   D: Alf Kjellin

With David Groh (Dan Gentry), Ricardo Montalban (Sergio Flores), Art Metrano (Joe Lazzari), Robert Mandan (Capt. Saunders), Rene Enriquez (Henry Alvarez), Taylor Lacher (McCann), Rodolfo Hoyos Jr. (Emilio Alvarez), Peter MacLean (Perry Willis).
A Mexican narcotics agent and his American counterpart cooperate to snare the American buyer and the Mexican seller of 30 pounds of heroin.

February 22, 1977: End Of The Line
Season 4, episode 18
W: Sean Baine   D: Michael O'Herlihy

With Ron Masak (Gino Panelli), Albert Salmi, Jim Brown (Peter Gerard), Gary Lockwood (Red Avery), Stephanie Edwards (Faye Ludwig), David Sheiner (Lt. Ziggy Stroder), John Crawford (Tommy Tirdell), Marjorie Battles (Terry Tirdell), Joe E. Tata (Jimmy Ricks).
Det. Pete Gerard traps a gunman leaving a supermarket with two hostages.

March 1, 1977: One Of Our Cops Is Crazy
Season 4, episode 19
W: E. Arthur Kean   D: E. Arthur Kean

With Gabe Kaplan (Paul Cazenovia), Frank Campanella (Alex Pallentine), Norman Fell (Lt. Thornwood), Hampton Fancher (Pike Harrington), Jack Rader (Sgt. Byron), Paul Tulley (Russell Felts).
An offbeat narcotics officer is suspended when his superior discovers he is working a stakeout using a wooden mannequin as his "girlfriend".

March 8, 1977: Ice Time
Season 4, episode 20
W: John Sacret Young   D: Robert Scheerer

With Robert Forster (Dave Tackleberry), David Spielberg (Okay Wurster), Elinor Donahue (Camille Tackleberry), Pat Ast (Claire), Lana Wood (Rene), Joy Leduc (Ali Tackleberry), Allan Miller (John Carrantini), James Cromwell (Lutz).
A vice squad officer, who is forced to moonlight to pay for his teenage daughter's costly ice skating lessons, leads a raid on a massage parlor and realizes why young girls turn to prostitution.

March 22, 1977: The Six Foot Stretch
Season 4, episode 21
W: E. Arthur Kean   D: Michael O'Herlihy

With Howard Duff (DeHart), Shelly Novack (Riggs), Ernie Wheelwright (Coolidge), Stanley Bennett Clay (Winthrop), John Davis Chandler (Menzel), Karmin Murcelo (Mrs. Ellan), Ed Peck (Tillou), Albert Salmi (Lt. Keasby), George Maharis (Salter), Bernie Casey (Hamilton Ward).
A huge man who assaulted nine little old ladies is sought by two pairs of detectives -- one that gets all the breaks and another luckless duo who even arrest a city councilman for the crimes.

April 5, 1977: Prime Rib
Season 4, episode 22
W: Ed Waters   D: Don McDougall

With Jay Rasumny (Narc), Cheryl Ladd (Buffy), David Groh (Marty Lacayo), Robert Goulet (Glenn Talbot), Ray Girardin (Bill Massey), Robert Symonds (Lt. Hagedorn), John Karlen (Shep), Hector Elias (Serrato), Arthur Batanides (Gamboa).
A narcotics cop falsifies a confession and gets his boss's OK to follow his hunch about a drug ring.

September 27, 1977: Pressure Point
Season 5, episode 1
W: Mark Rodgers   D: Jerry London

With David Janssen (Sgt. Joe Wilson), Scott Hylands (Carl Inforzato), Diana Muldaur (Margaret Wilson), Meg Foster (Nancy), Don Johnson (Lee), Dennis Cole (Reynolds), Robert Forster (Don Carpenter), Scott Brady (Schaeffer), Richard Venture (Bradshaw), Macdonald Carey (Chief Blandings), Edward James Olmos (Cordova), June Whitley Taylor (Edna), Bob Hastings (Merrick), Milton Selzer, Jayne Kennedy.
Season premiere. A police sergeant's deep involvement over 22 years with the personal problems of his men begins to take its toll.

November 9, 1977: Stigma
Season 5, episode 2
W: Rick Kelbaugh   D: Barry Shear

With Mike Connors (Officer Mandell), Eddie Egan (Ron Butler), Laraine Stephens (Lyn Lewis), Shelly Novack (Phil Peters), David Ladd (Doug Grant), Ken Swofford (Lt. Claxton), Martin Milner (Grady Dolin), James Darren (Roger Lewis), Diane Baker (DeDe Mandell), Cameron Mitchell (Taggart), Kim Richards.
An officer cannot convince himself that he deserves a medal of valor awarded him for a shootout in which his partner was killed.

January 14, 1978: River Of Promises
Season 5, episode 3
W: Michael Mann   D: Lee H. Katzin

With Robert Alda (Hertz), Julio Medina (Pedro), Rene Enriquez (Guzmano), Rose Portillo (Rosalia), Jaime Sanchez (Lopez), Gregory Sierra (Smith), James Victor (Fuentes), Joe Santos (Cordelia), Frank Campanella (Janzko), Wolfman Jack (Felco), Sue Lyon (Caroline).
A cynical policeman comes face to face with the abuse of illegal Mexican nationals who are fearful of deportation and refuse to testify against their malefactors.

March 4, 1978: Day Of Terror, Night Of Fear
Season 5, episode 4
W: E. Arthur Kean   D: E. Arthur Kean

With Jack Dodson (Ozzie Parker), Graham Brown (McCoy), Chad Everett (Tice), Bruce Davison (Vero), Tom Simcox (Duval), Michael Baseleon (Bolton), Malcolm Atterbury (Weiser), Sheila Larken (Ginny Hosford), Sandy Dennis (Sharon Bristol), Warren Oates (Richey Neptune), Ward Costello, Andy Romano.
After bungling a bank robbery, a pair of small-time thieves barricade themselves in a skyscraper office and play a nervous waiting game with a S.W.A.T. team led by a poised negotiator.

March 19, 1978: The Broken Badge
Season 5, episode 5
W: Adrian Leeds   D: Lee H. Katzin

With James Whitmore Jr. (Officer Burke), Barbara Luna (Lilly), Dennis Dugan (Officer Loebner), Steve Lawrence (Sgt. Bivins), George DiCenzo, Michael Bell, Claude Akins (Stacy).
A policeman is wrongly convicted of the murder of a prostitute and is sent to a prison which contains several men that he sent there.

April 30, 1978: No Margin For Error
Season 5, episode 6
W: Mark Rodgers   D: Virgil Vogel

With Christopher Connelly (Ross Bakalayan), Ron Masak (Chuck Onorato), Alan Fudge, Glenn Ford (Hayes), Hari Rhodes (Otis Spencer), Elinor Donahue, Harry Guardino (Lt. Bramlett), Michael Maguire, Russell Johnson, James Farentino (John Anderson), Lonny Chapman, Leslie Parrish, Lana Wood, Richard Ward, Arlene Golonka.
A deputy police chief comes under fire when two innocent people die in seaparate police shootouts.

May 28, 1978: A Chance To Live
Season 5, episode 7
W: Larry Brody   D: Corey Allen

With Dane Clark (Mr. Martin), Mark Wheeler (Rich), Stefan Arngrim (Eddie), David Cassidy (Officer Dan Shay), Vince Edwards (Walt Abrams), Gloria DeHaven, Dewey Martin, Don Stark (Ron), Elvera Roussel (Jill), Ty Henderson (T.J.), Zina Bethune, Anne Lockhart, Dee Wallace (Sharon).
A youthful policeman masquerades as a student in an attempt to expose a high school drug ring.

May 23, 1979: A Cry For Justice
Season 6, episode 1
W: Calvin Clements Jr.   D: Bob Kelljan

With Jerry Douglas (Johnson), Warren Kemmerling (Driscoll), Robert Culp (Sgt. Price), Sharon Acker (Barbara Price), Nehemiah Persoff (Dr. Burke), Don Reid (Don Conrad), Biff McGuire (Judge Richards), Michael Conrad (Babchuck), Diana Muldaur (Jessica Bentley), Larry Hagman (Dwight Sheppard), Dennis Weaver (Bentley).
A cop-shooting incident brings in the department's two top investigators: a flashy operator and a quiet workhorse. (Last show of the series.)

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