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Series regulars or semi-regulars in 'Quincy, M.E.' from 1970-1982:

1970-1982 Episode Guide for 'Quincy, M.E.':

(Episodes with dates prior to 1970 aired as reruns.)

October 3, 1976: Go Fight City Hall -- To The Death!
Season 1, episode 1
W: Glen A. Larson, Lou Shaw   D: E.W. Swackhamer

With Lynette Mettey (Lee), Henry Darrow (Dr. Rivera), Denny Miller (Ben Chase), Woodrow Parfrey (Commissioner Bower), Dimitra Arliss (Shirley), Rick Podell (Peter Gordon), Hari Rhodes (Deputy Mayor Collins), Marjorie Battles (Marilyn), Fay DeWitt (Nurse Audrey).
Jack Klugman stars as a hard-driving city medical examiner in this new addition to NBC's Mystery Movie lineup. In the opening episode, Quincy sets out to prove that the suicide of a city controller, following the apparent rape-slaying of his secretary, is actually a double-murder.

October 10, 1976: Who's Who In Neverland?
Season 1, episode 2
W: Michael Kozoll, Richard M. Powell   D: Steven Hilliard Stern

With Carol Lynley (Lynn Dressler), Phyllis Newman (Mrs. Ellis), Monte Markham (Mr. Castle), Dina Merrill (Clair Gardner), Joanna Barnes (Margo Bentley), Fred Sadoff (Arthur Ellis), Andy Romano (Derrick Kendal), Jan Shutan (Lorraine), Richard Libertini (Felsenfield).
The deaths of a West Coast jet set author and her New York publisher prompt Quincy to investigate a deadly virus.

November 28, 1976: A Star Is Dead
Season 1, episode 3
W: Lou Shaw, Glen A. Larson, Michael Kozoll   D: Noel Black

With Lynette Mettey (Lee), Robert Foxworth (Congressman Charles Sinclair), William Daniels (Paul Reardon), Donna Mills (Roberta Rhodes), June Lockhart (Mrs. Rhodes), Frank Marth (Roy Keefer), Peter Palmer (Lance Tucker), Dick Wesson (Clarence), H.M. Wynant (Doyle), Carla Borelli (Danielle).
Quincy learns that his friend, a candidate for the U.S. Senate, may be a suspect in the mysterious death of a movie star. An insurance company pressures Quincy for a suicide verdict so that the company can save money.

January 2, 1977: Hot Ice, Cold Heart
Season 1, episode 4
W: Sean Baine   D: Bruce Kessler

With Lynette Mettey (Lee), Stuart Whitman (Sheriff Parsons), Robert Alda (Professor Wren), Marianna Hill (Lisa), Fernando Lamas (Moreno), Maria Elena Cordero (Maria), Hubert Noel (Jacques), Angus Duncan (Egan), Wolf Roth (Mueller), Peter Bourne (Norquist), Kipp Whitman (Masters), Ron Hasson (Juan), Patti Chandler (Ann), Andrew Prine (Alex Kale).
A pleasant weekend on Catalina Island with his girlfriend is interrupted when Quincy is asked to examine a diver who -- the medical examiner suspects -- was injected with a toxic substance to prevent him from fouling up a $4 million diamond theft.

February 4, 1977: Snake Eyes
Season 2, episode 1
W: Joel Oliansky, Michael Sloan, Lou Shaw   D: Joel Oliansky

With Lynette Mettey (Lee), Vince Howard (Hardee), Val Avery (Rawley Dinehart), Frank Converse (Larry Pines), Buddy Hackett (Ronnie Fletcher), Jo Ann Pflug (Mrs. Pines), Van Johnson (Al Ringerman), Frank Maxwell (Michaels), William Mims (DeGroot), John Clavin (Hansen), Michele Roman (Angie), Sharon Cintron (Stormy), Joey Forman (Harv Bracken), Milt Kamen (Leo Burke).
The mysterious deaths of several patrons at a resort hotel where Quincy is attending a pathologists' convention involve the medical examiner in a desperate effort to prevent the story from leaking out and causing panic.

February 11, 1977: The Thigh Bone's Connected To The Knee Bone
Season 2, episode 2
W: Lou Shaw, Anthony Lawrence   D: Alex March

With Lynette Mettey (Lee), Stephen Macht (Frank Hailey), Linda Kelsey (Sue Courtland), Elisha Cook Jr. (Mr. Trout), Harold Sylvester (Hal Borden), Tina Andrews (Protestor), Louis Guss (Spence), John Davis Chandler (Robert Gideon), Fred Grandy (Milt Jordan).
While delivering a pathology lecture at a university, Quincy is presented with a nicked human thigh bone which leads him and his students in search of the truth behind a 20-year-old unsolved homicide.

February 18, 1977: Visitors In Paradise
Season 2, episode 3
W: Michael Sloan   D: Ivan Dixon

With William Sylvester (Joe Crawford), Ivor Francis (Howard Garfield), Jamie Lee Curtis (Girl), Pernell Roberts (Sheriff Connelly), Hilary Thompson (Jessie Cassey), Jack Kelly (Peter Devlin), Barry Cahill (John Cassey), Stanley Kamel (Max Cullis), James Chandler (Judge Walker), James Jeter (Shannon), Roger Davis (Dr. Taggart).
Despite hostility from the residents of a fishing resort, Quincy insists on involving himself in a controversial manslaughter case.

February 25, 1977: The Two Sides Of Truth
Season 2, episode 4
W: Eugene Thompson   D: Ron Satlof

With Frank Campanella (Max Wilbur), June Dayton (Judge), Barry Sullivan (Dr. Stone), Michael Callan (William Farrell), Mark Goddard (Martin Borland), Aimee Eccles (Alice Ting), Suzanne Rogers (Elaine Farrell), Jason Wingreen (Dr. Freeman).
Quincy goes up against his mentor, the foremost pathologist in the country, in a case involving a possible homicide and a fraudulent insurance claim.

March 11, 1977: Hit And Run At Danny's
Season 2, episode 5
W: Gregory S. Dinallo   D: Alvin Ganzer

With Carl Betz (Paul Barkley), Renne Jarrett (Jenny), Joe Maross (John Blake), Jack Colvin (Bill Leggett), Elizabeth Robinson (Robbi Parker), Than Wyenn (Dr. Redman), H.M. Wynant (FBI Agent Maxwell), Clyde Kusatsu (Hokaido), Jan Shutan (Janet Martin).
Quincy's efforts to save his friend from financial ruin following an accident involving one of Danny's customers are hampered by federal agents.

March 18, 1977: Has Anybody Here Seen Quincy?
Season 2, episode 6
W: Michael Sloan, Glen A. Larson   D: Steven Hilliard Stern

With Paul Lambert (Wilson), Yuki Shimoda (Dr. Hiro), Stu Gilliam (Driver), Louise Sorel (Harriet Crawford), Stewart Moss (Jack Taylor), Kelly Jean Peters (Charlene Taylor), Ned Wilson (Assistant), Jesse White (Mechanic), Bob Crane (Dr. Jamison).
In Quincy's absence, the police ask a pathologist to perform an autopsy on a body that may contain contraband.

April 15, 1977: A Good Smack In The Mouth
Season 2, episode 7
W: Gregory S. Dinallo   D: Jackie Cooper

With Allen Case (Stuart Harrison), Collin Wilcox (Martha Harrison), Dabney Coleman (Dr. Travers), Shane Sinutko (Joey Harrison), Barbara Babcock (Melissa Asten), Gloria DeHaven (Mrs. Duffy), Paul Lichtman (Dr. Griffith), Gregg Palmer (Sean Duffy), Monica Lewis (Mona Duffy).
Quincy suspects that a young boy involved in a traffic accident is a child-abuse victim.

April 22, 1977: The Hot Dog Murder
Season 2, episode 8
W: B.W. Sandefur   D: Alex Marsh

With Jonathan Segal (George Talbot), William Windom (Arthur Brandeis), Marianne McAndrew (Dolores), Joshua Shelley (Claude Whitley), Claire Brennan (Sara Kendall), Wynn Irwin (David Levine), Lee Weaver (Chambers), William Swan (Dr. Sharp), Chuck Hicks (Hutchison), Don Eitner (Paul Morton), Hal Williams (Cody).
A clever swindler devises a bizarre way to prevent a prison inmate from revealing a multi-million dollar insurance fraud.

April 29, 1977: An Unfriendly Radiance
Season 2, episode 9
W: Rudolph Borchert   D: Corey Allen

With Jerry Douglas (Johnson), Melinda Fee (Annie), Joby Baker (Donald Bigelow), Ronald Joseph (Ray Sanchez), Edith Diaz (Maria Sanchez), Carmine Caridi (Dr. Brown), Casey Kasem (Sy Wallace), James Wainwright (Arthur Lanz).
A technician involved in a scheme to sell reactor secrets is given a lethal dose of radiation by his accomplices.

May 6, 1977: Sullied Be Thy Name
Season 2, episode 10
W: Gregory S. Dinallo, Irving Pearlberg   D: Jackie Cooper

With John Saxon (Charles Deskassa), Eddie Firestone (Frank Thayler), E.J. Peaker (Michelle Rowan), Linden Chiles (Monsignor), Joseph Campanella (Jules Draper), Caroline McWilliams (Beverly Conrad).
An activist priest, known for his crusade against pornography, is found dead of a heart attack in a prostitute's bedroom.

May 13, 1977: Valleyview
Season 2, episode 11
W: Susan Woodley, Irving Pearlberg   D: Ron Satlof

With Christopher Connelly (Paul Colby), Ben Frank (Mr. Schroeder), Ed Begley Jr. (David Phillips), Danna Hansen (Nurse's Aide), Joan Goodfellow (Miss Gordon), Robert Webber (Dr. Franklin), Jason Evers (Dr. James), Carolyn Jones (Nurse Grayson), Anthony Eisley (Jerry Friedman).
Quincy suspects a mercy killer when two helpless and terminal patients meet premature deaths at a reputable sanitarium.

May 27, 1977: Let Me Light The Way
Season 2, episode 12
W: David Moessinger   D: David Moessinger

With Henry Beckman (Leonard Bellwood), Adrienne Barbeau (Carol Bowen), Corey Fischer (Dr. Castle), Luke Askew (Carl DeReatis), John Ireland (John Packard), George Wyner (Richard Feldman), Kim Cattrall (Joy DeReatis), Barbara Collentine (Nurse Willard), William O'Connell (Herman Elger), Regis Cordic (Judge).
A counselor to rape victims becomes a rapist's target in a vindictive plot to strike back at Quincy.

September 16, 1977: No Deadly Secret
Season 3, episode 1
W: Wallace Ware   D: Jackie Cooper

With Ina Balin (Stella Ross), Elaine Joyce (Stewardess), Mary Frann (Christine Hopwood), Norman Burton (Reporter), Harry Landers (Security Chief), Paul Mantee (Carl Hopwood), Ben Frank (Mr. Coolidge), Keene Curtis (Arthur Forsyte), Susan Tolsky (Chemist), Dennis Burkley (Tom Tom).
Season premiere. Quincy's severely beaten friend dies on the way to the hospital and he performs the autopsy. But the next day the body, specimens and Quincy's report have all disappeared.

September 23, 1977: A Blow To The Head ... A Blow To The Heart
Season 3, episode 2
W: Mann Rubin   D: Corey Allen

With Moses Gunn (Ben McDade), Nehemiah Persoff (Matt Dorsey), Lynne Moody (Laura Stokes), Gloria Manon (Quincy's Girlfriend), Norman Alden (Bookie), Joe Louis (Himself), Randy Shields (Ray Ringo), Rudy Bond (Yancy), Jimmy Murphy (Flunky), Dexter Robinson (Todd), Gene LeBell (Referee).
When Luke Stokes dies during a championship boxing match with Ray Ringo, Quincy is pressured by Ringo's mob-affiliated backers to quickly close the case. Joe Louis makes a cameo appearance.

September 30, 1977: A Dead Man's Truth
Season 3, episode 3
W: Adrian Leeds   D: Vic Morrow

With David Spielberg (Dobbs), Dabney Coleman (Officer O'Neil), Mark Lambert (Officer Wells), Roger Bowen (Store Owner), Howard Hesseman (Jerry Douglas), Nora Heflin (Charlotte Crocker), Joseph Gallison (News Director), Eugene Butler (Matthews), Ron Gans (Brody), Fred Lerner (Campanella).
Quincy battles to clear a cop accused of slaying a burglar, as a brash TV newsman puts the heat on both the medical examiner and the police.

October 14, 1977: A Question Of Time
Season 3, episode 4
W: Irv Pearlberg   D: Ray Danton

With Rudy Solari (Bridges), Brenda Scott (Mrs. Holloway), Irene Tedrow (Dr. Ruth Thaler), Michael Lane (Rossi), Peter Mark Richman (Walter Kingman), Peter Hobbs (Dr. Benton), John Alderman (Tom Holloway).
Quincy begins an investigation into the death of a health spa patron, and locks horns with a slick lawyer and a phony doctor anxious to prevent adverse publicity.

October 21, 1977: Death Casts A Vote
Season 3, episode 5
W: William Froug   D: Ron Satlof

With Joaquin Martinez (Beto Cruz), Robert F. Simon (Mr. Brady), Ronald Joseph (Luis), Jorge Cervera Jr. (Manuel), James Gregory (Tony Gordon), Migdia Varela (Felicia), Jerome Thor (Lynch), Don Diamond (Printer).
Quincy investigates the alleged suicide of a young labor leader and finds himself in the midst of a battle between two unions that are vying to represent farm workers.

October 28, 1977: Tissue Of Truth
Season 3, episode 6
W: Max McClellan   D: Ray Danton

With Ivor Francis (Mr. Ambrose), Vince Howard (Sgt. Kramer), Craig Stevens (Robert Stoddard), Lenka Peterson (Amanda Stoddard), Sheilah Wells (Louise Banfield), Royal Dano (Holsang), Scott B. Wells (Metulski), Gary Downey (Stemmers), Timothy Blake (Miss Gloria), Ross Borden (Stone).
A half-eaten apple is the only clue Quincy has to work with in a life-or-death effort to locate a buried alive teenager when his kidnapper is killed.

November 4, 1977: Holding Pattern
Season 3, episode 7
W: Adam Singer, Robert Hammer   D: Ron Satlof

With Christine Belford (Sonya), Robert Viharo (Karak), Phil Leeds (Fishman), Rick Traeger (Mr. Moana), Bonnie Johns (Anne Wilson), Danny Meehan (Dr. Halbertson), Dolores Quinton (Mrs. Moana), Madison Mason (Airport Official).
Terrorists refuse to accept a warning from Quincy that the hostages they are holding have been exposed to a deadly virus.

November 11, 1977: Main Man
Season 3, episode 8
W: Irv Pearlberg, Ray Danton   D: Ray Danton

With Eugene Roche (Walter Daniels), Scott Colomby (Steve Daniels), Peter Brown (College Coach), Julie Adams (Mrs. Daniels), Leslie Ackerman (Janet Morris), Joe George (Thomas), Laurence Haddon (High School Coach), Vernon Weddle (Mr. Carew), Byron Webster (School Board Member), Nicolas Beauvy (Billy).
Quincy becomes a controversial figure in a football-possessed town when he urges a player to stay out of a championship game to protect his life.

November 18, 1977: The Hero Syndrome
Season 3, episode 9
W: Albert Aley   D: Gerald Mayer

With Robert Walker Jr. (Peter Thorwall), Carmine Caridi (Rocco), Shelly Novack (Ben), Marya Small (Stella), Judson Pratt (Mr. Antrim), Darrell Zwerling (Frazier), Roy Jenson (Jake Hennafy), Bill Quinn (Dr. Paul Wiesbarth), Don Eitner (Howard Tyler), Bruce Weitz (Boyd), Maxine Stuart (Judge Daley).
Quincy's efforts to prove that a young longshoreman is innocent of murder go unappreciated when the suspect sees his alleged crime as a way to prove his manhood.

December 2, 1977: Touch Of Death
Season 3, episode 10
W: Joe Hyams, Pat Strong   D: Alexander Singer

With Mako (Mr. Yamaguchi), Richard Narita (Danny Shigeta), Frank Michael Liu (Tad Kimura), Irene Yah-Ling Sun (Mrs. Kimura), Keye Luke (Hitoshi Hiyato), Harold Sakata (Sensei), Joanna Kerns (Lily), Booth Colman (Dr. Edwards), Ric Mancini (Director).
The sudden, unexplained death of a Japanese martial arts movie star leaves Quincy without an assistant -- Sam quits after urging him not to perform an autopsy on the man, as it is against the religion of his parents.

December 9, 1977: The Deadly Connection
Season 3, episode 11
W: Sheldon Stark   D: Alec Marol

With Lonny Chapman (Paul Davis), Elisha Cook Jr. (Henry Davis), Teddy Eccles (Chris Davis), Guy Stockwell (Jack Porter), Gil Serna (Gutierrez), James Karen (Dr. Lench), Alice Hirson (Jane Davis), Katherine Moffat (Nancy Porter), Richard John Miller (Dr. Jessup).
A mysterious epidemic in a small ranching community sends Quincy and Sam on a life-or-death assignment to identify the disease before the afflicted patients succumb.

December 16, 1977: The Last Of The Dinosaurs
Season 3, episode 12
W: Leonard Stadd   D: Ray Danton

With Carolyn Jones (Sybil Presstin), Kario Salem (Mel), John Anderson (Director), Cameron Mitchell (Dan Granger), Marianne Bunch (Betty Adams), Christopher Pitney (Nick), Robert Gooden (Clint Adams), Art Lewis (Freddy).
Quincy allows his adulation of a famous, recently slain cowboy movie star to blind him to the obvious suspicion that robbery may have been the motive for the crime.

January 6, 1978: Crib Job
Season 3, episode 13
W: Milton Gelman   D: Alex March

With Roosevelt Grier (Himself), Milton Selzer (Mr. Avery), Frank Faylen (Mr. Chanoose), Todd Davis (Victor Garn), J. Pat O'Malley (Mr. Brannigan), T.K. Carter (Mojo), Jayne Drennan (Miss Triggs), Joe Warfield (Cantrell), Maria Melendez (Cindy), Mary Hamill (Jan Wlliams), Shirley O'Hara (Mrs. Barnett).
Quincy attempts to clear a youth in the slaying of an elderly man when the crime jeopardizes a joint juvenile-senior citizens recreation project spearheaded by former football star Rosey Grier.

January 20, 1978: Matters Of Life And Death
Season 3, episode 14
W: Albert Aley   D: Paul Krasny

With Henry Beckman (Chief Hartman), Walter Brooke (Dr. Gilliam), Louise Latham (Nurse Lowry), John Fiedler (Howard Clausen), Jim Antonio (Dr. Bristol), Natalie Trundy (Myra Hammond), Hoke Howell (Bud Cowley).
Quincy is asked to slow down his work pace and returns to general practice, but gets caught up in the personal crises of his newly acquired patients.

January 27, 1978: Passing
Season 3, episode 15
W: Mann Rubin, Lois Gibson, Samuel Shamforoff   D: David Alexander

With Jonathan Segal (Jeff Sellers), Zohra Lampert (Lynn Peters), Neva Patterson (Mrs. Lockwood), Sondra Blake (Meg Malloy), Michael Strong (Mob Boss), Elizabeth Stack (Jody Lockwood), Simon Oakland (Sal Jarrett), Frank Maxwell (Ross Bricker), Phillip Pine (Brown), Michael Alaimo (Jim Winters).
By reconstructing a skull found in the desert, Quincy reopens the case of a labor leader who mysterously disappeared with an alleged $2 million in union funds.

February 3, 1978: Accomplice To Murder
Season 3, episode 16
W: Frank Telford   D: Paul Krasny

With Belinda Montgomery (Bonnie DeMarco), Joe E. Tata (Tony DeMarco), Ford Rainey (Dr. Bellamy), Byron Morrow (Attorney Downing), Jess Nadelman (Henderson), Randy Stumpf (Joey Kling), Anne Newman-Mantee (Esther Kellogg), Lew Brown (Judge Erickson), Tom Castronova (Harris), Karen Philipp (Martha Steele).
Quincy sets out to prove that a woman's death was the result of a months-old beating by her wealthy husband.

February 10, 1978: Ashes To Ashes
Season 3, episode 17
W: Max Hodge, Charles A. McDaniel   D: Herb Wallerstein

With John Fink (Richard Yager), Simone Griffeth (Cindy Allen), Larry D. Mann (Dr. Jones), Pitt Herbert (Dr. Gehringer), Judith Baldwin (Marie Yager), William Larsen (Board Chairman), Norman Levitt (Gravedigger).
Quincy suspects that an ambitious young businessman administered a slow-acting drug which induced his wife's fatal heart attack.

February 17, 1978: Gone But Not Forgotten
Season 3, episode 18
W: Tom Sawyer, Reyn Park   D: Paul Krasny

With Ramon Bieri (Ben Mular), John Colicos (Harlan Standish), Nate Esformes (George Mendes), Patricia Smith (Julia Fairchild), Walter Mathews (Dr. Elderman), Joan Van Ark (Bert Philips), Sidney Clute (Security Guard), Martin Rudy (Lawyer).
A newspaper editor helps Quincy unravel the mysterious slaying of an eccentric billionaire inventor.

March 3, 1978: Double Death
Season 3, episode 19
W: Albert Aley   D: Robert Douglas

With Frank Campanella (Carl), Jonathan Segal (Jeff Sellers), Leonard Frey (Frank Bristol), Lara Parker (Angie Wilson), George Wyner (Mr. Glendon), Joy Garrett (Gladys), Bob Hastings (Judge Whelan), Olan Soule (Mortician), Charlie Jones (Newscaster).
A botched autopsy by Dr. Asten places Quincy in a difficult position with the police -- and mobsters.

March 10, 1978: Requiem For The Living
Season 3, episode 20
W: Irv Pearlberg, Ray Danton   D: Rowe Wallerstein

With Val Avery (Carlo), Ina Balin (Irene), John Vernon (Vincent DiNardi), Max Showalter (Dr. Gold), Larry Gelman (Rossiani), Terri Lynn Wood (Lisa DiNardi), Peggy Crosby (Dee Dee).
With less than 24 hours to live, a West Coast Mafia chieftain coerces Quincy into performing an autopsy on him to determine what he's dying of.

September 21, 1978: The Last Six Hours
Season 4, episode 1
W: Steve Greenberg, Aubrey Solomon   D: Corey Allen

With Sharon Acker (Barbara), John Anderson (Justin DeWilde), Scott Marlowe (DiCenzio), Steve Franken (Dr. Kitei), Paul Carr (Dr. Weiss), Mary Carver (Mrs. Purdy), Len Lesser (DeGroot), Karen Philipp (Secretary), Evelyn Guerrero (Lab Assistant).
Season premiere. Quincy races against time to isolate the mysterious poison that has already proven fatal to an auto accident victim and the investigating officer.

September 28, 1978: The Death Challenge
Season 4, episode 2
W: Richard Bluel, Pat Fielder   D: Ron Satlof

With Don Ameche (Harry Whitehead), Ann Blyth (Velma Whitehead), Ron Masak (Ed Shannon), Martin Kove (Joe Kirby), Jo Ann Pflug (Maggie), Bobbie Jordan (Georgette Saltini), Carl Byrd (Dr. Covington), James A. Watson Jr. (Dep. D.A. Jim Barnes).
An aging magician's comeback is marred when his protege dies while attempting the master's water trick illusion.

October 12, 1978: Speed Trap
Season 4, episode 3
W: Steve Greenberg, Aubrey Solomon, Pamela D. Glasser   D: Ron Satlof

With Simon Oakland (Chick Thomas), Cassie Yates (Judy Feldner), Erica Hagen (Sherry Reddon Bannon), Frank Parker (Dr. Weiss), John Dennis (Garbage Truck Driver), Mert Rich (Mechanic), Michael DeLano (Mark Hellman), Phillip R. Allen (Dr. Finley).
Quincy suspects that a race car driver's flaming death was not as accidental as it appeared to be.

October 19, 1978: A Test For Living
Season 4, episode 4
W: Jack Klugman   D: Ron Satlof

With Jonathan Segal (Jeff Sellers), Lloyd Nolan (Dr. Schumann), Philip Abbott (Elliot Phillips), Kelly Jean Peters (Mary Carson), Henry Jones (Austin Barnes), Sam Groom (David Carson), Susan Powell (Dr. Laura Green), David Hollander (Timmy Carson), Michelle Stacy (Cindy), William Mims (Dr. Blenham), Tracey Gold (Lisa Carson).
Quincy fights a determined doctor to prevent a boy that he knows is autistic from being confined to an institution for the mentally retarded.

October 26, 1978: Death By Good Intention
Season 4, episode 5
W: Robert Crais, Howard Dimsdale, Michael Halperin   D: Ron Satlof

With Brock Peters (Dr. Matthews), Roger Robinson (Dr. Taylor), Elsa Raven (Nurse Davenport), Robert DoQui (Dr. Charles), Pernell Roberts (Dr. Banning), Hari Rhodes (Dr. Moran), George DelHoyo (Jerry Bremmer), Ken Martinez (Dr. Perez), Doris Singleton (Secretary).
A young black doctor's alleged incompetence poses a threat to a hospital's affirmative action program unless Quincy can prove that the physician's patient was murdered.

November 2, 1978: Images
Season 4, episode 6
W: Aubrey Solomon, Ray Danton, Steve Greenberg   D: Ray Danton

With Jessica Walter (Jessica Ross / Catherine Benton), Jack Hogan (Ron Gordon), Robert Ellenstein (TV Director), Whit Bissell (Dr. Thornton), Peggy McCay (Nun), Karen Philipp (Secretary), James A. Watson Jr. (District Attorney).
After confirming that a newswoman died in a fire, Quincy's credibility is questioned when she turns up alive.

November 9, 1978: Even Odds
Season 4, episode 7
W: Pamela Glasser   D: Ray Danton

With Ed Grover (Dr. Richards), Richard McKenzie (Mr. Holmes), Claude Woolman (George), Eileen Barnett (Sharon Jordan), Sam Cotton (Jim Jordan), Angelina Estrada (Mrs. Herrera), Dennis Madalone (Billings).
Quincy is shot and seriously wounded while investigating a robbery-homicide.

November 16, 1978: Dead And Alive
Season 4, episode 8
W: James Rosin   D: Jim Benson

With Frank Marth (Mr. Stanton), Ayn Ruymen (Carol Neilson), Priscilla Pointer (Mrs. Neilson), Sheila Larken (Dr. Rivlin), David Hurst (Dr. Webber), Harry Landers (Phil Wilder), Richard O'Brien (Bernie), Harry Townes (Dr. Reisman).
Quincy attempts to determine whether the charred remains of a body found in a bombed van are those of the hit man's intended victim.

November 30, 1978: No Way To Treat A Body
Season 4, episode 9
W: Robert Crais, Bill Seel   D: Ron Satlof

With Marj Dusay (Ginny Drake), Bibi Osterwald (Ruth Kaufman), Malcolm Atterbury (Raymond Kaufman), Ed Begley Jr. (Walter 'Speed' Simpson), Cissy Wellman (Bernice), Wallace Rooney (Professor Sykes), Joan Shawlee (Nurse), Al Checco (Max), David Ralphe (Dr. Ellis), Kay E. Kuter (Mr. Ferrar).
Quincy discovers three mummified female bodies in a house inhabited by odd characters.

December 7, 1978: A Night To Raise The Dead
Season 4, episode 10
W: Michael Halperin, Peter J. Thompson   D: Gene Nelson

With Robert Sampson (David Brady), Frank Aletter (Alan Turner), Jackie Joseph (Mrs. Turner), Kevin Hagen (Dr. Albers), Carlene Watkins (Maddy), Greg Morris (Cliff Collier), Ruth Britt (Carlotta), Robert Casper (Paul Anderson), Hugh Gillin (Harve Kline).
Quincy fights political corruption to prevent a potential typhoid outbreak after a rainstorm unearths diseased corpses.

January 4, 1979: A Question Of Death
Season 4, episode 11
W: Aubrey Solomon, Steve Greenberg, Peter J. Thompson, Robert Crais   D: Ray Danton

With Logan Ramsey (Mark Bloch), Judson Pratt (Mr. Murphy), Jeanne Bates (Mrs. Murphy), Nancy Priddy (Joan Corey), Don Keefer (Terence Morgan), Kenneth O'Brien (Andrew Corry), Peter Hobbs (Dr. Peterson), Royal Dano (Dr. Williams), Granville Van Dusen (Raymond Morrison), Ed Grover (Dr. Monroe).
Quincy is accused of murder when he signs a kidney transplant order on an accident victim who allegedly was not dead.

January 11, 1979: House Of No Return
Season 4, episode 12
W: Aubrey Solomon, Steve Greenberg, Deborah Klugman   D: Harvey Laidman

With James McEachin (Dr. Maxwell), Joseph Ruskin (Rawlings), Alex Henteloff (Bill Carruthers), David Hooks (Dr. Morris), Hank Brandt (Herb Saunders), Virginia Capers (Emily Barlow), Herbie Faye (Rocco), Blake Marion (Hal Benson), Bob Minor (Dick Alcott), Art Aragon (Maxie).
Quincy goes undercover at a mental institution to investigate murder and patient-abuse charges.

January 18, 1979: A Small Circle Of Friends
Season 4, episode 13
W: Steve Greenberg, Aubrey Solomon   D: Peter J. Thompson

With Jo Ann Pflug (Marsha), James Keach (Gary Harlan), Kathryn Leigh Scott (Laura Ramsey), John A. Zee (Sultan), Cecilia Hart (Jackie), Lee Paul (Joe Ramsey), Raymond St. Jacques (Dr. Martin), Albert Popwell (2nd Pimp), Jenny Sherman (Gabrielle Martin).
An autopsy on a "widely-traveled" football player uncovers a penicillin-resistant strain of venereal disease.

January 25, 1979: The Depth Of Beauty
Season 4, episode 14
W: Barbara Evans, Robert Crais   D: Ray Danton

With Walter Brooke (Harry Chase), Jane Greer (Dori Larkin), Rudy Solari (Dep. D.A. Baker), Donald May (Dr. Mitchell), Joey Forman (Eddie Carlton), Leonard Stone (Judge Monroe), Garnett Smith (Dr. Green), Verdon Weddle (Hal Peters), Barry Cahill (Hatton), Noah Keen (Dr. Stone), Ryan McDonald (Ed Connors).
Quincy, with the help of a disfigured former movie star, attempts to expose an incompetent plastic surgeon.

February 1, 1979: Walk Softly Through The Night
Season 4, episode 15
W: David Moessinger   D: Paul Krasny

With Michael Constantine (Brock Campbell), Charles Aidman (Dr. Colella), Spencer Milligan (Cliff Hanna), Peggy Walton-Walker (Lisa Fielding), Alan Manson (Pharmacist), Morgan Paull, Dimitra Arliss (Dr. Kershner), James A. Watson Jr. (District Attorney), William Prince (Prosecutor), A Martinez (Marty Herrera).
When the son of a friend dies of a drug overdose, Quincy teams up with a pre-med student to find the source of the illegal narcotics.

February 7, 1979: Aftermath
Season 4, episode 16
W: Steve Greenberg, Peter J. Thompson, Aubrey Solomon   D: Tony Mordente

With John Larch (John Wiggins), Patricia Smith (Mrs. Myers), Richard Eastham (Chemical Executive), William Mims (Insurance Agent), George Gaynes (Airline Executive), Burr DeBenning (Frank Wilson), June Dayton (Mrs. Malone).
Quincy discovers that a legal shipment of dangerous chemcials may have been the cause of an airline disaster.

February 15, 1979: Dark Angel
Season 4, episode 17
W: Robert Crais   D: Ray Danton

With Michael Horton (Steve), William Daniels (Charlie Trusdale), Richard Stanley (Billy Harris), Neville Brand (Officer Bates), Bill Zuckert (Commissioner Parker), Stack Pierce (Sgt. Murray), Paca Thomas (Dr. Carlton), Marshall Thompson (Mr. Harris).
Quincy attempts to clear a veteran police officer of murder charges stemming from the death of a drug-crazed teenager.

February 22, 1979: Physician, Heal Thyself
Season 4, episode 18
W: Aubrey Solomon, Steve Greenberg   D: Corey Allen

With Anne Francis (Mrs. Shafer), John Dehner (Dr. Shafer), June Lockhart (Dr. Blair), Milt Kogan (Dr. Taylor), Asher Brauner (Dr. Tompkins), Joby Baker (Ken Jackson), Don Reid (Frank Burrows), Lisa Richards (Mrs. Burrows), Phillip Pine (Belden).
When a teenage girl dies as a result of a legal abortion done by a drunken doctor, Quincy investigates and uncovers a conspiracy of silence.

March 1, 1979: Promises To Keep
Season 4, episode 19
W: Erich Collier, Jack Klugman   D: Harvey Laidman

With Lonny Chapman (Dr. Jordan), Anita Gillette (Helen Quincy), Sharon Acker (Lynne Montgomery), Peggy Rea (Mrs. Rhodes), Jane Dulo (Millie), Deborah Harmon (Judy), Shannon Farnon (Mrs. Thatcher), Randy Kirby (Phil).
Quincy's decision to remarry forces him to question his obsession with his work, when he reflects on the days leading up to the death of his first wife.

March 15, 1979: Semper-Fidelis
Season 4, episode 20
W: Robert Crais, Maurice Klugman   D: Tony Mordente

With Allan Miller (Capt. Collier), William Smithers (Col. Hamel), James Luisi (Col. Casey), Justin Lord (PFC Washington), Gary Wood (Congressman Able), Floyd Levine (Maj. Levy), John Karlen (Gunnery Sgt. Adams), Matthew Tobin (Maj. Phillips), Richard Caine (Lt. Ellis).
Quincy investigates charges that a Marine drill instructor was responsible for the death of a recruit.

March 22, 1979: An Ounce Of Prevention
Season 4, episode 21
W: Steve Greenberg, Aubrey Solomon, Robert Crais, Larry Tuch, Sol Weisel   D: Kenneth C. Gilbert

With Skip Homeier (Paul Sellers), Lin McCarthy (Dr. Bellson), Dennis Patrick (Tony Larson), Jordan Rhodes (Attorney Kent), Mel Carter (EPA Official), Barbara Baldavin (Mrs. Roselli), Gino Ardito (Frank Roselli), Joseph V. Perry (Carl Leyton), Booth Colman (Mr. Fenton), Michael Anderson Jr. (Todd).
Quincy battles government red tape and a corporate power to save a small town from a deadly epidemic.

April 12, 1979: The Eye Of The Needle
Season 4, episode 22
W: Robert Crais, A. L. Christopher   D: Ron Satlof

With William Sylvester (John Burnett), Frances Lee McCain (Dr. Stoddard), Anthony James (Drifter), Sally Kemp (Mrs. Burnett), Robert Webber (Dr. Chase), John Clavin (Heffron), Thomas Bellin (Police Doctor), Gilbert Green (Dr. Benson), Karen Philipp (Secretary).
An ailing woman's accidental death outrages Quincy when he discovers that she had been seeing a holistic doctor and had been treated with natural medicines rather than scientific ones.

September 20, 1979: No Way To Treat A Flower
Season 5, episode 1
W: Jeff Freilich, Christopher Trumbo   D: Ray Danton

With Karlene Crockett (Kathy Campbell), Charles Bloom (Joey Campbell), Pat Renella (Ken Campbell), Paul Kent (Dr. Osborn), Gary Wood (Ralph Peters), Toni Berrell (Karen Harris), Joan Freeman (Mrs. Campbell), Whit Bissell (Botanist), Barbara Tarbuck (Mrs. Westlake), Martin Rudy (Jack Price), Paca Thomas (Dr. Lieber).
Season premiere. Quincy's relief over isolating a powerful chemical that caused a young girl's death turns to horror when he learns that no government agency has the power to take the drug off the market.

September 27, 1979: Dead Last
Season 5, episode 2
W: William T. Zacha, E. Nick Alexander   D: Ray Danton

With Joseph Sirola (Ron Henner), Austin Willis (DeGrew), Red West (John Culligan), Frank McRae (Mr. Butterworth), Lou Wagner (Billy McGinn), Don 'Red' Barry (Charlie Turner), Howard Dayton (Benny), Daniel Faraldo (Julio Ruis), John Furlong (Dr. Harrison).
When a jockey dies after he's been trampled by a racehorse, Quincy suspects the use of amphetamines on horses.

October 4, 1979: By The Death Of A Child
Season 5, episode 3
W: Robert Crais   D: Alan Cooke

With Ina Balin (Dr. Pinaera), Robert Loggia (Prime Minister Harland Deville), David Opatoshu (Boutillier), Carmen Argenziano (Carvet), Jay Varela (Dominguez), William Bassett (Harris), Richard Eastham (Baine), Arthur Rosenberg (Alan Ross), Peter Brocco (Advisor).
Quincy sets out for a small Latin American island to determine whether a serum made in the United States is responsible for the deaths of several young children.

October 11, 1979: Never A Child
Season 5, episode 4
W: Sam Egan   D: Ray Danton

With Cassie Yates (Carol Trager), Alan Manson ('Uncle' Harry Simkins), Tara Buckman (Terri), Melora Hardin (Amanda), Byron Webster (A. Girard), Joseph Della Sorte (Willy), Walter Booke (Councilman Becker), Kene Holliday (Father Hamilton), Kenneth O'Brien (Director).
While investigating the suspicious suicide of a teenager, Quincy uncovers a vicious child pornography ring.

October 18, 1979: Hot Ice
Season 5, episode 5
W: Robert Crais, Ralph Wallace Davenport   D: Ray Danton

With Ed Grover (Agent Niven), Katherine Moffat, Elaine Giftos (FBI Agent Adams), David Sheiner (Andre Otero), Tom Williams (Eddie Parker), George Loros (Bernie Evans), John Karlen (Customs Agent Brice), Elsa Raven (Beauty Contest Judge), Nicholas Georgiade (Lew), Charles Picerni (Vito), Robert Cornthwaite (Dr. Evans).
After finding a fortune in stolen jewels hidden in a corpse, Quincy is asked to go undercover to locate the jewel fence.

October 25, 1979: Sweet Land Of Liberty
Season 5, episode 6
W: Erich Collier   D: Robert Loggia

With Marcia Rodd (Eleanor Janssen), Robert F. Simon (Col. Wilcox), Richard Evans (Col. Flanders), Stack Pierce (Sgt. Dolen), Logan Ramsey (Capt. Frye), Paul Mantee (Mr. Perkins), Nobu McCarthy (Lee Yokashira), Barry Cahill (Chairman), Louise Fitch (Dr. Taylor).
Sam suffers great anguish when an old friend inexplicably turns to violence and murders a police officer.

November 1, 1979: Mode Of Death
Season 5, episode 7
W: Aubrey Solomon, Deborah Klugman, Steve Greenberg   D: Rod Holcomb

With Granville Van Dusen (Moyer), Marshall Thompson (Henry), Irene Tedrow (Mrs. Osborne), William Bogert (Kenneth Ross), Byron Morrow (Franklin Osborne), Sarah Rush (Lauren), Stephen Elliott (Dr. Chase), Fritzi Burr (Dr. Finkel), Regis Cordic (Dr. Condon).
Quincy refuses to believe a police report confirming a religious leader's death as suicide and sets up his own autopsy.

November 8, 1979: Nowhere To Run
Season 5, episode 8
W: Sam Egan, Linda Elstad   D: Jeffrey Hayden

With Charles Aidman (Kenneth Watson), James A. Watson Jr. (Deputy D.A. Jim Barnes), Danny Goldman (Richard), Jack Rader (Mr. Cavanaugh), Bill Beyers (Jeff Cavanaugh), Ben Hammer (Judge Becker), Susan Forward (Dr. Randolph), Nancy Carol (Melissa Watson), Jennifer McAllister (Cathy Watson).
Quincy tries to prove the innocence of a young man suspected of pushing his pregnant girlfriend over a cliff.

November 15, 1979: The Money Plague
Season 5, episode 9
W: Sam Egan, Allan Cole, Chris Bunch   D: Rod Holcomb

With Henry Beckman (Sheriff Brady), Henry Slate (Ranger Sparks), Eric Lawrence, Robert Hogan (Deputy Whitlow), Harry Townes (Dr. McKay), Roger Perry (FBI Agent Haber), Frank Parker (FBI Agent), Chris Gampel (Ron Macken), Roger Etienne (Raymonde), Roger Til (Claude Deschamps).
Quincy tries to track down $500,000 in stolen money that was contaminated with a deadly disease by the thief before he died.

November 22, 1979: For The Benefit Of My Patients
Season 5, episode 10
W: Erich Collier, Phillip Edelman   D: Jeremiah Morris

With George DelHoyo (Dr. Varney), James Karen (Dr. Rawlings), Gina Alvarado (Dr. Nunez), Beverly Sanders (Nurse), John Fiedler (Health Commissioner), Gary Cervantes (Frankie), Tony Plana (Jorge), Daniel Faraldo (Mando), Ryan MacDonald (Clark).
Quincy goes after the greedy head of a private hospital who had two critically ill patients transferred to a public hospital because of their inability to pay.

November 29, 1979: Murder By S.O.P.
Season 5, episode 11
W: Robert Crais   D: Paul Krasny

With Paul Lambert (Congressman), Ray Duke (Toby Michaels), Edward Andrews (Mayor Joyner), Duncan Gamble (Dr. Jessup), Alfred Ryder (Greg Frost), John Ireland (Sheriff Evers), Tom Lowell (Fred), Penelope Gillette (Dr. Lathen), Paula Victor (Mrs. Cutler).
Quincy tries to prove that a fatal jail cell fire was set to cover up a murder.

January 10, 1980: Honor Thy Elders
Season 5, episode 12
W: Sam Egan   D: Ray Danton

With Julie Adams (Sharon Ross), Joby Baker (Tm Morgan), Susan French (Mrs. Morgan), Barbara Tarbuck (Claire Morgan), Estelle Winwood (Muriel Prentiss), Garnett Smith (Roger Prentiss), Leonard Stone (Charlie Walters), Jessamine Milner (Edna Prentiss), Vernon Weddle (Peter Harper), Elvia Allman (Mrs. Oglesby), Anne Curry (Mrs. Harper), Richard Fredricks (Jim Schafer), Pat Cranshaw (Mr. Coogan).
After Quincy traces an old man's death to his son's physical abuse, he is faced with a similar case involving the exploitation of two elderly women by their unscrupulous nephew.

January 17, 1980: Diplomatic Immunity
Season 5, episode 13
W: Steve Greenberg, Gregory Gussman   D: Ray Danton

With Ed Grover (Agent Devon), Rudy Solari (President Sarejo), George Wyner (Alan Stuart), Anna Navarro (Isabella Sarejo), Alberto Amrin (Lopez), Hector Elias (General Batrega), Valentin de Vargas (Alejandro Fernandez), Robert Quarry (John Ellison), Rene Enriquez (Dr. Allermo), Judson Pratt (Security Chief), Cheryl Tyre Smith (Judge Packer), Stuart Nisbet (Dr. Gordon), Ivan Saric (Marcos).
Quincy foils the plans of an assassin who is determined to kill an ill Latin American dictator visiting the United States for medical treatment.

January 31, 1980: Riot
Season 5, episode 14
W: Allan Cole, Chris Bunch   D: Rod Holcomb

With John Milford (Warden Tompkins), Al White (Lenny Wood), Taylor Lacher (Capt. Stewart), Marc Alaimo (Ed Burly), Bob Delegall (Ray Stone), James Ingersoll (Duane), Dean Brooks (Dave), Allen Joseph (Jonah), Raymond Mayo (Charley), Bill Fletcher (Captain).
Quincy and Sam are called to a prison to help investigate the murder of one of the inmates. Once there they find themselves held hostage by the prisoners who begin to riot.

February 7, 1980: Cover-Up
Season 5, episode 15
W: Michael Halperin   D: Paul Stanley

With Nicholas Hormann (Dr. Drew), Margaret Ladd (Nurse Aldred), Sondra Blake (Arlene Keene), Timothy O'Hagan (Bains), Dave Shelley (Robert Keene), Lin McCarthy (Dr. Aldred), Norman Burton (Dr. Danner), Michael Durrell (Dr. Edmunds), Sab Shimono (Paramedic), Rebecca Clemons (Dr. Boling), Colby Chester (Lawyer), Michael Fox (Fire Captain).
An autopsy leads Quincy to an emergency room where an inexperienced doctor is ending lives rather than saving them.

February 14, 1980: Unhappy Hour
Season 5, episode 16
W: Sam Egan   D: Ray Danton

With Paul Lambert (Jerry Stedman), Lonny Chapman (Robert Waite), Karen Philipp (Robin Rollin), Karlene Crockett (Melody Stedman), Madlyn Rhue (Laura Stedman), Joseph Sirola (Mr. Silva), Borah Silver (Mr. Miller), Carole Goldman (Mrs. Miller), Scott Colomby (Eric Ramey).
Dr. Asten's niece is involved in a car accident while drunk and it is up to Quincy to establish whether she was the driver of the car or was it her friend, who died in the crash.

February 21, 1980: The Winning Edge
Season 5, episode 17
W: William Cairncross, Lester William Berke   D: Georg Fenady

With Caroline Smith (Virginia Hart), Doran Clark (Ann Kaiser), Susan Myers (Carolyn), Jennifer Holmes (Brenda Carmichael), Shawn Hoskins (Sally Peters), Lester Fletcher (Pietro), Sandy Balson (Mrs. Peters), Matthew Tobin (Mr. Peters), Shannon Farnon (Mrs. Carmichael), Holly Gagnier (Sherry).
While investigating the sudden death of a high school gymnast, Quincy begins to think that her teacher was giving her and other students more than just coaching and advice.

February 28, 1980: New Blood
Season 5, episode 18
W: Jeri Taylor   D: John Peyser

With Jane Wyatt (Mrs. Bridges), Beverly Adams (Dr. Jeri McCracken), Gloria Manon (Caroline Hughes), James Callahan (Congressman Bridges), John Elerick (Fenner), John Garrett (Davila).
Quincy is upset when Asten makes him go on vacation and calls in a pretty young pathologist to perform the autopsy on a city councilman who was found dead at the base of a stairwell.

March 13, 1980: TKO
Season 5, episode 19
W: Sam Egan, Deborah Klugman   D: Lawrence Doheny

With Allan Miller (Dr. Saunders), Herbert Jefferson Jr. (Kenny Mitchell), Kim Hamilton (Mrs. Hester), Frank Maxwell (Dr. Reynolds), Brendon Boone (Chaffey), Sheila Wills (Katya Hester), Nedra Volz (Gladys), Dick Wilson (Salesman), Peter Schrum (Alfredo Carlotti), Robert Hardy (Clarence).
An incompetent surgeon performing operations in his ill-equipped office causes the deaths of a boxer and a chef.

March 20, 1980: The Final Gift
Season 5, episode 20
W: Marjorie Worcester, Robert A. Cinader   D: Georg Fenady

With June Dayton (Nurse), Joseph Campanella (Charlie Barnes), Tom Toupe (Max Carson), Ellen Bry (Linda Hayes), Don Keefer (Doc Watson), James Whitworth (Pete).
A friend of Quincy's, who is recuperating from injuries sustained in a plane crash, dies from arsenic poisoning after receiving blood donated by his business partner.

March 27, 1980: Deadly Arena
Season 5, episode 21
W: Sam Egan, R.A. Cinader   D: Jeffrey Hayden

With Ray Duke (Arthur Green), Diana Muldaur (Dr. Carlyle), Richard Venture (Harry Mercer), Milton Selzer (Mr. Jackson), Tammy Lauren (Pele Royce), Tom Bower (Mr. Royce), Tom Stechschutte (Dr. Chapman), D.J. Sidney (Madeline Green), Mary Carver (Marsha Davenport), Michael Alldredge (Charlie Ransler), Wally Taylor (Earl), Mary Ball (Mrs. Royce), Marvin Walters (Ray Norris).
Three deaths due to food poisoning are linked to a football stadium where a big championship game is scheduled to take place.

April 23, 1980: No Way To Treat A Patient
Season 5, episode 22
W: R.A. Cinader   D: Georg Fenady

With A Martinez (Dr. Antonio Carbo), Duncan Gamble (Dr. Michael Sloan), Diana Webster (Nurse Russell), Ana Alicia (Nurse Berger), Chip Johnson (Pete), Bernard Behrens (Dr. Warren), Martin Speer (Eddie Harris).
A young unorthodox physician may lose his license over his alleged mishandling of a gunshot victim.

September 16, 1980: Last Rights
Season 6, episode 1
W: Sam Egan   D: Georg Fenady

With Warren Stevens (Wayne Fields), Ben Hammer (Senator Kane), Clifton James (Cliff Webb), Philip Abbott (Bill Sullivan), William Daniels (Dr. Volmer), Bruce Gray (Dr. Robert Miles), Peggy Stuart (Ethel Sullivan), Buck Young (Sheriff Ivy), Christopher LeBlanc (Ned Duncan), Peg Shirley (Bea Thatcher), Shannon Farnon (Helen Volmer), Ivan Bonar (Simon Grossland).
Quincy helps a medical examiner deal with a pair of political scandals involving the death of children of influential persons by tainted drugs, and the unsafe condition at a mill which is the main economic force in the small town.

November 12, 1980: A Matter Of Principle
Season 6, episode 2
W: Aubrey Solomon, Steve Greenberg   D: Ron Satlof

With Allan Miller (D.A. Clark), Walter Brooke (Dr. Forbes), Bob Hackman (Dr. Schulman), Raymond Mayo (Hank Barton), John Dullaghan (Mr. Glen), Wallace Rooney (Dr. Winter), John O'Connell (Arnold), Robert F. Lyons (Bob Denbo).
When an ex-convict is arrested for a series of rapes, Sam uses a new lab technique for bite marks that he's developed, which casts doubt on the defendant's guilt and causes his acquittal.

November 19, 1980: Last Day, First Day
Season 6, episode 3
W: Preston Wood   D: Leslie H. Martinson

With Jimmy Sturtevant (Joey Rainier), Barry Cahill (Don), Sylvia Walden (Mrs. Tealy), Maria O'Brien (Ethel Rainier), Bill Beyers (Tony Moore), Will Kuluva (Rabbi Lochman), Sarah Rush (Dr. Harriet Bowlin), Harry Townes (Dr. Gil Moore).
Quincy becomes concerned when a medical student accuses a veteran staff doctor of covering up the causes of a homicide while doing an autopsy.

November 26, 1980: The Night Killer
Season 6, episode 4
W: Jeri Taylor   D: Jeffrey Hayden

With Patricia Barry (Dr. Hotchkiss), Irene Tedrow (Mrs. Estes), Robert Ginty (Bill Estes), Tyne Daly (Madeline Estes), Jonathan Segal (Dr. Bob Gage), Michael Griswold (Paul), Davis Roberts (Mr. Marlin), Cheryl Carter (Cleo), Alex Hyde-White (Leo).
An examination of sudden infant death syndrome focuses on a couple who lose one of their twin boys, as Quincy sets out to prove that the young mother is not guilty of murdering her deceased baby.

December 3, 1980: The Hope Of Elkwood
Season 6, episode 5
W: Michael Braverman   D: Richard Benedict

With James Rosin (Vic Mascino), Charles Aidman (Avery Manning), Frank Marth (Martin O'Banion), Walker Edmiston (Eliot Martinson), Fred Pinkard (Theodore Nolan), Pepe Hern (Judge Aquilar), Clark Mitchell Long (Bobby Nolan), Anne E. Curry (Wendy Nicholson), Midge Ware (Jill O'Banion), John Elerick (Benjamin Nicholson), Ryan MacDonald (Clark Jeffers).
A track coach comes under fire when his star athlete dies after a grueling training session. Quincy must determine if the death was from natural causes, or negligent homicide.

December 17, 1980: Welcome To Paradise Palms
Season 6, episode 6
W: David Moessinger, John Dalke, Ray Danton   D: Georg Fenady

With Stacy Keach Sr. (Country Club President), Eddie Garcia (Chester Wanaka), Joseph Running Fox (Joshua Wanaka), Rod Colbin (Dr. Lang), Emilio Delgado (Felix Wanaka), Dehl Berti (Shaman), Dennis Patrick (Charles Curtis), Silvana Gallardo (Roberta Wanaka), Ronald Joseph (Dr. Minnara).
When bubonic plague strikes an Indian reservation in Arizona, Quincy rushes to the scene to find the source of the outbreak before the opening of a prestigious new golf course adjacent to the reservation puts more lives in jeopardy.

January 7, 1981: By Their Faith
Season 6, episode 7
W: Eric Collier   D: Ron Satlof

With Jean Gilpin (Mrs. Eddington), Rene Enriquez (Archbishop Vallejo), Ian Abercrombie (Dr. Rutherford), Gino Conforti (St. Pierre), Fay DeWitt (Dr. Berg), Jeff Pomerantz (Mike Jensen), Joaquin Martinez (Father Dominguez), Anthony Gordon (Mr. Eddington), Jay Varela (Abrego).
Quincy and Sam travel to a small village in Central America to help determine whether bones and a shroud found in a cave are those of a 17th-century priest who appears to have saintly attributes.

January 14, 1981: Stain Of Guilt
Season 6, episode 8
W: Sam Egan   D: Ray Danton

With Martin Rudy (Jason Newlands), William Sylvester (District Attorney Harrison), Sid Haig (Hatch), Edmund Balin (Farley), Bobbie Jordan (Mrs. Newlands), Carolyn Jones (Victoria Sawyer), Ed Begley Jr. (Kit Sawyer), Paca Thomas (Dr. Morton), Susan Powell (Cassie Spencer), Stewart Moss (Director), Ezra Stone (Judge Simon).
While working as a technical advisor on a movie, Quincy discovers that the murder being dramatized was unjustly prosecuted and resulted in the conviction of an innocent woman.

January 21, 1981: Dear Mummy
Season 6, episode 9
W: Michael Braverman   D: Georg Fenady

With Edward Grover (Agent Niven), Than Wyenn (Eichelmann), Martine Beswick (Hannah Weiss), Garnett Smith (Van Dusen), Robert Emhardt (Karl Fresser), John Karlen (Agent Brice), Albert Paulsen (Steigler).
The smuggling of Nazi-held gems from Cairo to Los Angeles in an Egyptian mummy leaves several corpses in its wake, and Quincy becomes involved when a museum asks him to x-ray a mummy which has just arrived.

February 4, 1981: Headhunter
Season 6, episode 10
W: Fred McKnight   D: Mike Vejar

With William O'Connell (Albert Rausch), Suzanne Charny (Nancy Marsala), Eddie Fontaine (Sgt. Marsala), Joseph Sirola (Lt. Drasso), Lynn Herring (Elaine Collier).
A narcotics officer comes under investigation by Internal Affairs when drugs kill an airline stewardess he knew and sometimes used for information.

February 11, 1981: Scream To The Skies
Season 6, episode 11
W: Michael Braverman   D: Ron Satlof

With Henry Darrow (Dr. Herrera), Katherine Justice (Holly Mahoney), June Dayton (Woman Senator), Paul Lambert (Committee Chariman), Gilbert Green (Gerald Richmond), Richard O'Brien (Senator McGreevey), Michael Horsley (Lt. Anders), Stuart Nisbet (Capt. Lawrence), Frank Parker (Mitchell Demming), Bunny Summers (Marie), Kristina Callahan (Mrs. Christopher), Lavelle Roby (Melanie Bridges), Shannon Saylor (Katy Christopher), Charles Lampkin (Dr. Jamison), Nicholas Hormann (Shepherd).
Quincy investigates a plane crash at sea and becomes angered when he discovers that most of the victims would not have died had the airline acknowledged the problems that occur when a plane is forced to land on water.

February 18, 1981: Jury Duty
Season 6, episode 12
W: Preston Wood   D: Georg Fenady

With Joe Maross (Dr. Morrissey), Morgan Stevens (Frank Munson), Joan Darling (Judge Canora), Sam Groom (Asst. D.A. Hillyer), Robert Alda (George Temple), Jim Molinda (Lt. Davis), Bob Larkin (Mr. Munson), Jim Negele (Mike Kaynor), Michael Fox (Dr. Feld), Gina Alvarado (Mrs. Hatfield), Marguerite Ray (Mrs. Timothy), John Papais (Len).
While serving on a jury, Quincy finds flaws in the prosecution's case but becomes frustrated when he is unable to use his expertise to prove the innocence of an accused murderer.

February 25, 1981: Who Speaks For The Children?
Season 6, episode 13
W: Michael Braverman   D: Georg Fenady

With Allison Balson (Megan Carmody), Joseph Campanella (Lt. Markesian), Jim Antonio (Donald Thompson), Michele Marsh (Carol Carmody), Alex Colon (Carlos), Wendy Lynne (Polly Carmody), Lynda Farmer (Cinny), Mickey Knox (Sgt. Edmond), Terrence Evans (Russell Lujack), Clyde Kusatsu (Dr. Mitsubi).
When the body of a missing young girl shows up in a dumpster, Quincy's investigation takes him into the world of child molestation and pornography.

March 4, 1981: Seldom Silent, Never Heard
Season 6, episode 14
W: Sam Egan, Maurice Klugman   D: Jeffrey Hayden

With Michael Constantine (Dr. Ciotti), R. Jeffrey Cohen (Jeffrey Rosenthal), Rick Dano (Chuck), Donald Petrie (Randy), Kathie Christopher (Trish), Jon Lormer (William Anders), D.J. Sidney (Mrs. Rosenthal), Kimberly Webster (Denise), Robert Symonds (Praeger), John Carter (Congressman Chapel), Beverly Todd (Gretchen Davis), Paul Clemens (Tony Ciotti).
The death of a boy with a rare brain disorder leads Quincy to involvement with a researcher whose son is also afflicted, and an appeal for funds to research rare diseases.

March 11, 1981: Of All Sad Words
Season 6, episode 15
W: Jeri Taylor   D: Bob Bender

With Val Avery (Aaron Zacharian), Joseph DiSante (Fire Chief), William Wintersole (Morris Gilmour), Joyce Gittlin (Sonja), John Garrett (Alex), Borah Silver (Lou Chesler), Darleen Carr (Elizabeth Chesler).
Quincy falls in love with a woman who may have killed her husband, oblivious to the indications that she is merely using him to try to prove her innocence, while a tenacious insurance investigator pursues her.

March 18, 1981: To Kill In Plain Sight
Season 6, episode 16
W: Geoffrey Fisher, Chris Bunch, Allan Cole   D: Ray Austin

With William Boyett (Sgt. Eckert), John Ireland (Jerry Driscoll), Sandy Ward, Devon Ericson (Kate Mills), William Prince (Governor Kanen), Fritz Weaver (Senator Pike), Walter Mathews (Mike O'Connell), Blake Marion (Lane Garrison), Rafer Johnson (Ezra Glidden).
An assassin killed before the hit has Quincy rushing to expose who the target is before it's too late.

April 1, 1981: Sugar And Spice
Season 6, episode 17
W: Jeri Taylor   D: Georg Fenady

With David White (Dr. Fulton), Logan Ramsey (Peter Holmes), Jack Dodson (Mr. Barswell), Ron Masak (Dick Wilcox), Lisa Jane Persky (Penny Stone), Lori Street (Gretchen), George Petrie (Barnes), Robert Hackman (Louie), Thelma Pelish (Maureen), Kathleen Nolan (Corrine O'Connor), Hugh Gillin (Group Leader).
Quincy does battle on a live TV show with the author of a diet book, when he discovers that a model that used it has died. His statements against the book lead to him and the department being sued by the author.

May 6, 1981: Vigil Of Fear
Season 6, episode 18
W: Leo Garen, Aubrey Solomon, Steve Greenberg   D: Bob Bender

With Henry Slate (Mole), Lonny Chapman (Sgt. Sproul), Andre Harvey (Jo-Jo), George Reynolds (George Maples), Peter Virgo Jr. (Tony Penner), Paul Koslo (John Doe Killer), Len Bari (Frank Penner), Ray Vitte (Man), Ned Romero (Ramon).
A member of a vigilante group is accused of killing a bystander while trying to apprehend a murderer.

October 28, 1981: Memories Of Allison
Season 7, episode 1
W: Sam Egan   D: Georg Fenady

With Sharon Acker (Allison Sirella/Mary Latham), Martin Rudy (Dr. Selwyn), Ivor Francis (Dr. Langley), Bert Nighman (Jerome), Frank Aletter (Hugh Boudreau), Virginia Capers (Neighbor), Fritzi Burr (Maybelle), Paul Picerni (Mr. Sloan), Tom Wyner (Dr. Gilliam), Joseph Della Sorte (Clerk).
Quincy falls in love with the target of a murder attempt who has amnesia and can't remember who she is.

November 4, 1981: The Golden Hour
Season 7, episode 2
W: Sebastian Milito, Deborah Klugman   D: Georg Fenady

With Martin E. Brooks (Dr. Fuller), Henry Jones (Richard Hawley), Shannon Farnon (Elaine Anderson), James Staley (Henry Sylmar), Heidi Bohay (Sherry Anderson), George DelHoyo (Paramedic), Ben Hammer (Ted Marshall), Robert F. Simon (Dr. Fry), John O'Connell (Dr. North), Leonard Stone (Bruce Anderson).
When a young girl dies in a car crash, Quincy's investigation leads him to some disquieting numbers about emergency room care and the need for trauma centers to handle the critically injured.

November 11, 1981: Slow Boat To Madness (1)
Season 7, episode 3
W: Sam Egan, Marc Taylor   D: Daniel Haller

With Allan Miller (Dr. Knight), Mimi Rogers (Corrina Girard), Sab Shimono (Tokamo), Byron Webster (Dorfman), Jack Blessing (Alex Graumann), John Reilly (Flannery), Linden Chiles (Thomas Aynsley), Leslie Winston (Elena Graumann), June Sanders (Lorna Aynsley), Laurence Haddon (Dr. Linnamen), Diana Muldaur (Dr. Janet Carlyle), Ed Nelson (Capt. Edwards), Timothy Stack (Mr. Crowley).
While on a cruise to Tahiti, Quincy steps in and helps the crew when a mysterious illness affects the passengers on the ship.

November 18, 1981: Slow Boat To Madness (2)
Season 7, episode 4
W: Sam Egan, Marc Taylor   D: Daniel Haller

With Allan Miller (Dr. Knight), Charles Thomas Murphy (Director), Byron Webster (Dorfman), Timothy Stack (Mr. Crowley), John Reilly (Flannery), Diana Muldaur (Dr. Janet Carlyle), June Sanders (Lorna Aynsley), Leslie Winston (Elena Graumann), Sab Shimono (Tokamo), Jack Blessing (Alex Graumann), Ed Nelson (Capt. Edwards), Mimi Rogers (Corrina Girard), Linden Chiles (Thomas Aynsley).
Quincy's vacation companion is stricken by the disease which has swept the luxury cruise ship, and attempts to diagnose the malady before more passengers try to flee the vessel.

December 2, 1981: D.U.I.
Season 7, episode 5
W: Michael Braverman   D: Georg Fenady

With Charles Aidman (Preston Claymore), Paul Lambert (Judge Rhoads), Frank Campanella (Tom), Randee Heller (Iris), Chevi Colton (Marsha Leventhal), Ivan Bonar (Dr. Morrow), Terrence O'Connor (Cheryl Claymore), Ruth Manning (Marjorie), Emilio Delgado (Officer Garcia), James A. Watson Jr. (Deputy D.A. Jim Burns).
Quincy gets involved in an anti-drunk driving campaign after a case involving a pedestrian being killed by a prominent lawyer, who uses the lax laws to avoid punishment.

December 9, 1981: For Want Of A Horse
Season 7, episode 6
W: Jeri Taylor   D: Ray Danton

With Ronnie Scribner (Gabe), Luke Askew (Paul Tanner), Paul Fix (Jason Randall), Lonny Chapman (Jack LaFollette), Susan French (Cicely Randall), Angela May (Georgia LaFollette), Brian Andrews (Andy).
The owner of a horse ranch where disabled youngsters get riding therapy is found dead, and Quincy suspects murder.

December 16, 1981: Gentle Into That Good Night
Season 7, episode 7
W: Jeri Taylor   D: David Moessinger

With Michael Constantine (Dr. Pendleton), Tyne Daly (Kay Silver), Spencer Milligan (Steve Silver), Alice Hirson (Mrs. Foyt), Matthew Tobin (Rigoletti), Stanley Kamel (Dave Bremerhouse), Kevin O'Brien (Brian Foyt), Mallie Jackson (Amy), Ron Max (Rasmussen), Ken Sansom (Davidson).
Quincy seeks help after he tries to counsel a critically ill patient who refuses treatment.

December 23, 1981: Dead Stop
Season 7, episode 8
W: Linda Cowgill   D: Ray Danton

With Henry Beckman (Max), Henry Slate (Harold Witten), Salome Jens (Lana Cheznell), Jack Ging (Mickey Langford), Sandy McPeak (Hank Cheznell), Gary Wood (Anthony Giavelli), Kenneth O'Brien (B.B. Hellworth), Red West (Harwood), Tony Burton (Starvin' Marvin).
Quincy gets involved in the world of truckers and illegal toxic waste dumping when a driver with lung damage ends up in the morgue following an accident.

January 6, 1982: Bitter Pill
Season 7, episode 9
W: Sam Egan, David Chomsky   D: Georg Fenady

With Simon Oakland (Keith Zagner), George DelHoyo (Paramedic), William Smithers (Senator Stevenson), Peggy McCay (Irene Jordan), Michael LeClair (Ross Yates), Dana Gladstone (Coach), Garnett Smith (Austin Wooster), Robert Hooks (Sgt. LeBatt), Jeb Adams (Craig).
When a high school student drops dead at basketball practice, Quincy is drawn into an investigation of the dangers of "pep" pills and legal lookalike drugs, and the problems in regulating the sales of such items.

January 13, 1982: Guns Don't Die
Season 7, episode 10
W: Jeri Taylor   D: Bob Bender

With William Sanderson (Willie McCracken), Tom Atkins (John Todd), Anthony Costello (Slammer Angelini), John Quade (Pawnshop Owner), Larry Jenkins (Walder), Richard Minchenberg (Benny), Jody St. Michael (Marco), Larry B. Scott (Robbie), Eddie Firestone (Man).
When a series of murders committed by the same gun -- but by different killers -- crosses his table, Quincy goes on the hunt for the gun and investigates the problems surrounding handgun ownership.

January 20, 1982: When Luck Ran Out
Season 7, episode 11
W: Paul Haggard Jr., Jo Lynne Michael   D: Georg Fenady

With Craig Stevens (Nelson Spencer), Katherine Justice (Annie O'Connor), George Petrie (Gabe Steinhart), Don Keefer (Dr. Matson), William Wintersole (Winthrop), Ken Scott (Bob Wright), Chris McCarron (Tommy Canfield).
A prized racehorse owned by a friend of Quincy's dies suddenly after a race. The expert investigator sent by the insurance company happens to be Quincy's latest girlfriend, and she suspects the owner of killing his own horse in order to get the insurance money.

January 27, 1982: Smoke Screen
Season 7, episode 12
W: Michael McGreevey   D: Georg Fenady

With Barbara Stuart (Dr. Martha Benedict), Michael Mullins (Larry Mitchell), Brad Rearden (Andy Bergstrom), Hugh Gillin (Denny Stagg), Sandy Kenyon (Capt. McKenna), Brian Cutler (Fred), Ted Gehring (Mitchell), Gerald S. O'Loughlin (Jake Cutter), Philip Baker Hall (Capt. Rasmussen), Jim Malinda (Capt. Swanson).
When a fire at a hotel leaves twelve dead, Quincy goes on the hunt for an arsonist and winds up in the company of a mentally-disturbed pyromaniac.

February 3, 1982: For Love Of Joshua
Season 7, episode 13
W: Michael Braverman   D: David Moessinger

With Tyne Daly (Anna Krushevitz), Allan Arbus (Dr. Ellerick), Clu Gulager (Larry Krushevitz), Ellen Geer (Dr. Solomon), Ellen Travolta (Miss Margulies), Jenny Sherman (Mrs. Darnell), Nancy Lee Grahn (Nurse Dumont), Colleen Dewhurst (Dr. Barbara Lubow).
When a baby with Down Syndrome is denied medical care after birth and allowed to starve to death, Quincy must determine if the death was from natural causes or if the attending physician is culpable.

February 10, 1982: Into The Murdering Mind
Season 7, episode 14
W: Michael Braverman, Linda Cowgill   D: Georg Fenady

With Kelly Ward (Glenn Werner), Henry Darrow (Dr. Avila), Lloyd Gough (Judge Taylor), Michael Zand (Childers), Joseph Sirola (Sal Angeletti), Conchata Ferrell (Mrs. Werner).
A young man diagnosed with schizophrenia brutally murders his father, brother and sister, then surrenders to the police. Quincy believes he may be faking his affliction and teams with a district attorney to fight for a change in the law to require that mentally ill criminals serve out their sentences after being declared sane.

February 17, 1982: To Clear The Air
Season 7, episode 15
W: Sam Egan   D: Lester William Berke

With Edward Grover (Derek Brisbane), Frank Marth (Ed), William Sylvester (Randall Torgen), Ronald Joseph (Ruben Cardenas), Joby Baker (Will Sabarosa), Joan Pringle (Dr. Ruddy), Anthony Eisley (Dr. Ogden), E.J. Andre (Sy Schuster), Stephen Elliott (Craddock), Fredd Wayne (Michael Gurelnik), Meg Wyllie (Cleo Erdman), Delores Cantu (Carmen Cardenas), Christian Hoff (Robbie Dreyfuss).
Quincy goes on a crusade to clean up the Los Angeles air after an old man dies during an atmospheric inversion.

February 24, 1982: The Shadow Of Death
Season 7, episode 16
W: Jeri Taylor   D: Georg Fenady

With Karen Austin (Rachel Kane), Sharon Spelman (Kris O'Brien), Paul Jenkins (Bartender), Robert Sampson (Counselor), Brendon Boone (Vietname Veteran), Jim Weston (Rod), Al White (John Robert).
After a former Vietnam nurse suffering from PTSD turns up dead, Quincy gets involved with a veteran support group in an effort to get the victim's friend, another former nurse, the treatment she needs for her disorder.

March 3, 1982: The Flight Of The Nightingale
Season 7, episode 17
W: Gene Church, Paul Edwards   D: Gene Church

With Georgann Johnson (Lynn Buchanan), Patricia Smith (Maggie), James Karen (Dr. Pierce), Royce Wallace (Nurse Collins), David Ruprecht (Dr. Wilkens), Will Kuluva (Dr. Howard), Cynthia Harris (Louise Asten), Mary Jackson (Mrs. Shanley), Christine Avila (Nurse Dorado), Anne Cooper (Nurse Swearigen).
A nurse is blamed for a patient's death because she resumed medication without a doctor's order, and Quincy tries to exonerate her.

March 17, 1982: Stolen Tears
Season 7, episode 18
W: Sam Egan   D: Georg Fenady

With Martin Balsam (Hyam Sigerski), Norman Lloyd (Cornelius Sumner), Signe Hasso (Esther), Stefan Gierasch (Charlie Wilson), Michael Durrell (Hyam's Lawyer), Woody Eney (Doug Wley), Than Wyenn (Isaac Koviac), Eugene Peterson (Judge), Ken Daly (Russell).
An Auschwitz survivor tries to persuade Quincy that a friend was murdered by a Nazi from the death camp, and Quincy works with a "retired" Nazi hunter to track down the killer.

March 24, 1982: The Face Of Fear
Season 7, episode 19
W: Michael Braverman   D: Bob Bender

With Dixie Carter (Dr. Alicia Rainer), Jonathan Frakes (Leon Bohannon), Paul Carr (Richard McGuire), Paul Mantee (Nick Ganziano), Carrie Snodgress (Vicki McGuire), Maria O'Brien (Judy), Lou Tiano (Paul Julian), Murray Moston (D'Arcy), Joseph DiSante (Robert), Denny Furey (Fraser).
When an agoraphobic young woman witnesses a murder, Quincy must find the killer before the girl becomes his next victim.

March 31, 1982: Expert In Murder
Season 7, episode 20
W: Sam Egan, Marc Scott Taylor   D: Michael J. Kane

With Joseph Sirola (Sal Angeletti), Lloyd Gough (Judge Weinecke), Jack Colvin (Ross), Irene Tedrow (Mrs. Weinecke), Robert F. Simon (Senator Morgenthal), David White (Drew Castle), Tige Andrews (Victor Ramsey), Richard Erdman (Miles' Attorney), Michael Gregory (Wayne Miles), Paulene Myers (Judge Scharf).
Quincy's reputation is called into question on the eve of the trial of mob boss in which Quincy is the star witness, after he apparently makes a horrendous error in the investigation of a murder case.

April 7, 1982: The Unquiet Grave
Season 7, episode 21
W: Jeri Taylor   D: Georg Fenady

With Ina Balin (Jeannina Dixon), Vince Howard (Dr. Shiner), John Findlater (Bradley Dixon), George Gaynes (Powell Dixon), Cynthia Harris (Louise Asten), David Bond (Mr. Barnes), Dallas Mitchell (Joe Placer), Dale Johnson (Patterson), Cynthia Simpson (Carlotta), Peggy Webber (Woman).
Quincy suspects his former girlfriend, a psychotic ex-doctor, murdered her wealthy husband.

April 28, 1982: The Last Of Leadbottom
Season 7, episode 22
W: Michael Braverman   D: Michael Braverman

With James Gregory (Admiral Vrosnick), Tom Atkins (Commander Butler), Rebecca Holden (Kirsten MacKenzie), Bibi Osterwald (Dorothy MacKenzie), Albert Paulsen (Admiral Mackenzie), Eugenia Wright (Christiana McKenzie), Estrelita Rania (Marie), Fritzi Burr (Doreen), Boyd Bodwell (Lt. Richmond), Amy Moessinger (Amy).
After a microchip is found in an admiral's body during an autopsy, Quincy is reinstated into the Navy to find a spy.

May 5, 1982: Deadly Protection
Season 7, episode 23
W: Michael McGreevey, Fred Long   D: Paul Krasny

With Ray Duke (Benny Morgan), Jim Antonio (Mike Snyder), Jenny O'Hara (Jane Snyder), Carl Franklin (Gary Rediford), Hoke Howell (Dave Whelan), Sam Groom (Jay Stapleton), Nick Georgiade (Bob Gooden), Keri Houlihan (Mandy), Kristin Gamboa (Emily Stapleton), Alexander Enberg (Robby Snyder), Michael Venson (Willie).
While investigating the death of a child by the family's guard dog, Quincy adopts a dog of his own and attempts to prove that the child's death was not an accident.

May 12, 1982: The Mourning After
Season 7, episode 24
W: Sam Egan   D: Jeri Taylor

With Carol Rossen (Brenda Stadler), Robert Hogan (Kenneth Stadler), Timothy Patrick Murphy (Nick Stadler), Timothy Wead (Angus), Steven Antin (Gar Wyserwitz), Skip Homeier (University Dean), Rosemary Murphy (Dr. Diana Green), Stuart K. Robinson (Rich), Carl Freed (Bo), Raleigh Bond (Theodore Broder), Guy Sartee (Ted Vost), Gregg Sawaya (Carey Stadler), James A. Watson Jr. (Deputy D.A. Barnes).
Quincy investigates the death of a boy who was killed during a college fraternity hazing ritual, and suspects a cover-up by the boy's fellow students.

September 29, 1982: Baby Rattlesnakes
Season 8, episode 1
W: Jeri Taylor   D: Georg Fenady

With Gregory Sierra (Rick Durado), John Randolph (Arthur Degauss), Ronald Joseph (Prosecutor), Arthur Batanides (Firearms Examiner), Lynn Hamilton (Mrs. Kellogg), Brendon Boone (District Attorney), J.A. Preston (Judge MacMillan), De'voreaux White (Ethan Kellough), Guillermo San Juan (Peter Munoz), Brian Whitley (Johnny), Donald V. Allen (DPO Kennedy), Allan Hunt (Scott Fetzer), Sheila Scott-Wilkinsen (Mrs. Billingsley), Joshua Gallegos (Joe Avilar).
Quincy gets involved in the issue of youth gangs and the probation program after a nine-year old girl is killed in a drive-by shooting.

October 6, 1982: A Ghost Of A Chance
Season 8, episode 2
W: Steve Greenberg, Aubrey Solomon   D: Ray Danton

With Frank Marth (Al Werbin), Harry Townes (Dr. Martin), Jonathan Frakes (Young Resident), Nicolas Coster (Ted Markham), Ellen Geer (Sarah Markham), Jose Ferrer (Dr. Stanley Royce), Carol Russell (Nurse Mathers), Phillip Pine (Dr. Panucci), Jim Scott (Frank Fisher), Joella Deffenbaugh (Mary Ann Fisher), Tom Stewart (Harold Markham).
When a man dies during bypass surgery, Quincy believes the operation was performed by a resident instead of the renowned heart surgeon who was contracted to do the procedure.

October 27, 1982: Give Me Your Weak
Season 8, episode 3
W: Sam Egan   D: Georg Fenady

With Michael Constantine (Dr. Ciotti), Martin Rudy (Pagorino), Simon Oakland (Senator Reeves), Robert Ginty (Brian Marinoff), Paul Clemens (Tony Ciotti), Burr DeBenning (Congressman Erickson), Richard Eastham (Drug Council Member), Frank Aletter (Hugh Casey), Elsa Raven (Miss Beck), Joseph Campanella (Dr. Styer), Christopher Templeton (Kitty Marinoff), William Beckley (William Zaskind), Roderick Ewing (David Bowman), Jeffrey Winner (Sam Forber), Alan Toy (Carren), Peg Stewart (Mrs. Andreas), Ryan MacDonald (Kyle Jastrow).
When a young mother suffers from a nerve disease, Quincy fights the drug companies and the government to get her the medication she needs.

November 3, 1982: Dying For A Drink
Season 8, episode 4
W: Michael Braverman   D: Georg Fenady

With Ina Balin (Dr. Lorraine Linderman), Maxine Stuart (Margo Hennessy), Martine Bartlett (Sobriety Group Member), Marge Redmond (Dr. Gail Morelli), David Spielberg (Gary Linderman), Michael Venson (Lawrence Harper), Lorrie Marlow (Francine), Shawn Michaels (Dr. Wirtz).
After a colleague exhibits unusual behavior at work, Quincy discovers she has a drinking problem.

November 10, 1982: Unreasonable Doubt
Season 8, episode 5
W: Lee Sheldon   D: Richard Benedict

With Chad Cowgill (Michael Preston), David Sheiner (Ben Wakefield), Jim Antonio (Jerry Preston), David Tress (Judge Parker), Miriam Byrd-Nethery (Annie), Kres Mersky (Lilian Preston), Tom Castronova (Ed MacDonald), Audrey Marlyn (Dr. Meade), Anita Gillette (Dr. Emily Hanover).
A new pathologist looking into a case of electrocution of a handicapped baby is convinced that the baby was murdered by its father, who is Quincy's friend.

November 17, 1982: Sleeping Dogs
Season 8, episode 6
W: Preston Wood   D: Georg Fenady

With Charles Aidman (Howard Lemner), Ray Duke (Mike Horvath), Brion James (Henry Muller), William Bryant (Joe Faraday), Sheila Larken (Jane Lemner), Anne Haney (Alice), Jenny Sherman (Judy Fields), Ted Gehring (Motel Manager), Beulah Quo (Mrs. Inoko), Conlan Carter (Marty Bonham), Rodney Kageyama (Larry Inoko), Harry Pugh (Roy Daigle), Philip Baker Hall (Deputy D.A. Shell), J.P. Bumstead (George Darcey), Albert Henderson (Judge).
Quincy must unravel the mystery of who murdered the town bully in a small community outside of Los Angeles. He runs into opposition in this tight knit community who want to protect the killer, including local law enforcement.

November 24, 1982: Science For Sale
Season 8, episode 7
W: Eugene Thompson   D: Ron Satlof

With Lane Smith (Dr. Flynn), John Chappell (Asst. Public Health Commissioner), Reb Brown (Cancer Patient), Julie Adams (Dr. Winston), Paula Victor (Sylvie Goldberg), Stack Pierce (Mr. Lifton), Kate Lardner (Cindy Oliver), Dennis Patrick (Garfield Calhoun), Christine Avila (Woman Reporter), Rita Zohar (Mrs. Nash), Thomas Murphy (Morton Chase).
A sick woman with cancer leaves the hospital and dies. Those that have had contact with her also die. Quincy soon discovers a new virus is the culprit of the deaths and hurries to find the cause.

December 1, 1982: Next Stop, Nowhere
Season 8, episode 8
W: Sam Egan   D: Ray Danton

With Melora Hardin (Abigail Garvin), Karlene Crockett (Molly Howard), Kelly Ward (Skip), Barbara Cason (Mrs. Garvin), James Callahan (Adrian Mercer), Alex Henteloff (Fingerprint Analyst), Anita Gillette (Dr. Emily Hanover), Rick Dano (Fly Fester), Nicholas Georgiade (Vince Lasker).
After a boy is murdered at a nightclub, Quincy claims punk rock was a factor.

December 8, 1982: Across The Line
Season 8, episode 9
W: Fred McKnight   D: Georg Fenady

With Lonny Chapman (Mr. Tourneau), Frank Campanella (Hearing Board Chairman), Jack Kehoe (Sgt. Taggart), Spencer Milligan (Capt. Bittles), Maria O'Brien (Jean Taggart), Ron Pinkard (Detective Jackson), Jim Malinda (Sgt. Meadows), Joe Carafello (Policeman), Michael Masters (Detective), James A. Watson Jr. (Deputy D.A. Barnes).
Quincy is talked into investigating the case of a police officer who accidentally killed a hostage during a bank robbery shootout.

December 15, 1982: Sword Of Honor, Blade Of Death
Season 8, episode 10
W: Michael Braverman   D: Ray Danton

With Soon-Teck Oh (Capt. Nishimura), Mako (John Moroshima), John Fujioka (Nakatama), George Loros (Pete), Donna Benz (Sadalko Moroshima), Richard Lee-Sung (Funaki), Lloyd Kino (Restaurant Owner), Dale Ishimoto (Pool Hall Owner), George Cheung (Osada).
The Japanese underworld is implicated in the death of a policeman.

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