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Series regulars or semi-regulars in 'S.W.A.T.' from 1970-1982:

1970-1982 Episode Guide for 'S.W.A.T.':

(Episodes with dates prior to 1970 aired as reruns.)

February 24, 1975: The Killing Ground
Season 1, episode 1
W: Rick Husky   D: Harry Falk

With Annette O'Toole (Rita Bonelli), Jesse Vint (Dallas), Taylor Lacher (Rob Duran), Mel Scott (Sam Hanks), Geoffrey Lewis (Jack Bonelli), William Lucking (Ray West), Kenneth Tobey (Sergeant), Terry Lumley (Mary Duran).
Steve Forrest stars as Lt. Dan Harrelson, team leader of the SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) force. In the premiere episode, Harrelson rescues an officer from an ambush and the impressed young man immediately volunteers to join the SWAT team.

March 3, 1975: A Coven Of Killers
Season 1, episode 2
W: Skip Webster   D: George McCowan

With Sal Mineo (Joey Hopper), William Windom (Ross Collins), Lance Taylor (Sgt. Willis), Dan Spelling (Craig Huston), Mimi Maynard (Pam Morgan), Richard O'Brien (Chief Roman), Ellen Weston (Betty Harrelson), Belinda Balaski (Judy Collins), James Keach (Arlie Warren), Elisha Cook Jr. (Harry Thorne), Peggy McCay (Laura Horton), Ross Elliott (Roger Forbes).
An escaped mass murderer reassembles his followers in a plot to punish everyone responsible for his arrest and conviction.

March 10, 1975: Death Carrier
Season 1, episode 3
W: Robert Hamner   D: Harry Falk

With Joanna Barnes (Andrea), Ronne Troup (Janet), David Sheiner (Eric), John Bleifer (First Cutter), Clint Young (Sergeant).
Lt. Hondo Harrelson and his men go after a sniper whose three carefully selected male victims had one thing in common -- each was involved with the same girl.

March 17, 1975: Pressure Cooker
Season 1, episode 4
W: Walter Black   D: George McCowan

With Darleen Carr (Meredith Cooper), Jean Allison (Mrs. Thomas), Logan Ramsey (Merrill Gist), Gerald Hike (Tolan), Paul Sorenson (Fire Captain), Frederica Duke (Laurie Thomas), Gary Vinson (Sergeant), Milt Kogan (Market Owner), Byron Morrow (Doctor).
After thwarting a food market heist involving hostages, preventing an attempted suicide and launching a kidnapping investigation, Lt. Harrelson finds his day further interrupted by a beautiful young (but anti-police) magazine writer who is doing a series on the SWAT team.

March 24, 1975: Hit Men
Season 1, episode 5
W: David P. Harmon   D: Harry Falk

With Jess Walton (Carole Ritchie), Robert Loggia (Joe Stevens), Paul Stevens (Kenneth Traynor), Del Monroe (Pete), Paul Pepper (Freddy), Walter Brooke (Dr. Woodmore), Edward Walsh (Kurowski), Jean Byron (Nurse Marlowe), Alex Courtney (Richard Warren), John Zaremba (Howard Redding), Joseph Mell (Art).
A big city hospital becomes a battleground as Hondo Harrelson and his team attempt to thwart a second assassination attempt on a mobster scheduled to testify before a Senate committee.

March 31, 1975: Jungle War
Season 1, episode 6
W: Charles Johnson   D: George McCowan

With Cameron Mitchell (Bo Pritchard), Janet MacLachlan (Cleo), Tom Lee McFadden (Bernie Barnes), Walter Munson (Doctor), Frances Reid (Mrs. Dennis), Anitra Ford (Gloria), Ellen Weston (Betty Harrelson), Michael Harland (Matt Harrelson), Eric Moses (Larry Kay).
When Sgt. Kay is wounded by gunfire from a jewel thief holding a woman hostage, Hondo temporarily replaces him with an old friend whose overzealousness soon demoralizes the team.

April 7, 1975: Death Score
Season 1, episode 7
W: Robert Hamner, Larry Alexander   D: Phil Bondelli

With Robert Webber (McVea), Michael Warren (Wyatt), Paul Cavonis (Rameri), Corinne Camacho (Robin Phillips), Berlinda Tolbert (Joanne Wyatt), Anthony Eisley (Warren Royce), Jack Lukes (Nicholas Cortease).
Lt. Harrelson and his team move into a sports arena to save the lives of members of a pro basketball team who are being held for ransom.

April 21, 1975: The Bravo Enigma
Season 1, episode 8
W: Herb Bermann   D: Phil Bondelli

With Rose Marie (Hilda), Christopher George (Bravo), John Lupton (Senator Richards), Murray Matheson (Cyrus Porter), Lezlie Dalton (Diane Holt), Robert Ellenstein (Dr. Algrin), Austin Stoker (Dr. Evans), Lou Krugman (Jay Brock), Frank Arno (Lester Cole), Sam Edwards (Morgan), Christian Juttner (Billy Farris).
An India-based professional killer, imported to assassinate a U.S. senator, is a carrier of a highly contagious disease which threatens countless American lives.

April 28, 1975: The Steel-Plated Security Blanket
Season 1, episode 9
W: Fred Freiberger   D: George McCowan

With Rose Marie (Hilda), Lara Parker (Susan), Carole Ita White (Augusta), Michael Conrad (Vince), Farrah Fawcett (Miss New Mexico), Nicholas Cortland (Dewey), Joan Huntington (Linda), Cec Linder (Blake), Timothy Brown (Jess), Erica Hagen (Willa), Loni Anderson (Miss Texas), Jillian Kesner (Miss California), Ralph Montgomery (Morton).
A national beauty pagent becomes a nightmare when three desperate men in a stolen armored car attempt to steal $2 million worth of jewelry, along with a couple of hostages.

May 5, 1975: Omega One
Season 1, episode 10
W: Phyllis White, Robert White, Wilton Denmark   D: Earl Bellamy

With Sam Jaffe (Dr. Brunner), Louise Fitch (Mrs. Brunner), Kip Niven (Stockwell), James Griffith (Sgt. Reardon), Robert P. Lieb (Mayor), Gary Brient (Reporter), Kerry Mahan (Clinton), Joanne Nail (Pam McCabe), John Davey (Novak), Don Furneaux (Mr. Jenkins), William Vaughan (Barone), Patricia Stich (Marcia), Elliott Street (Trooper).
Lt. Harrelson leads an operation to resuce a Nobel Prize-winning scientist and several college students held hostage in a giant chemical plant containing explosives which could blow up half the city.

May 12, 1975: Blind Man's Bluff
Season 1, episode 11
W: Walter Black   D: George McCowan

With Richard Evans (Arly), Andrew Rubin (Bud), Frank Aletter (Lt. Purcell), Byron Morrow (Doctor), Ellen Weston (Betty Harrelson), Richard O'Brien (Chief Roman), Joan Shawlee (Parlor Owner), Kay Stewart (Nurse), Rose Marie (Hilda), Ann Sidney (Regina), Ilona Wilson (Loreen).
Lt. Harrelson tries to conceal the fact that a superficial wound, a bullet crease across his temple, has affected his vision. Finally forced to step aside, he turns the SWAT team over to another commander whose methods are decidedly different.

May 26, 1975: Sole Survivor
Season 1, episode 12
W: Sean Baine   D: Earl Bellamy

With Simon Oakland (Frank Hunter), Ben Wright (Mr. Jarvis), Jim McMullan (Sylvester Gray), George DiCenzo (Ben Wiley), Hal Williams (Bo Tate), Ellen Weston (Betty Harrelson), Ike Eisenmann (Timmy Lacey), Burt Douglas (Lacey), Barbara Dodd (Mrs. Lacey).
A gang of ex-convicts, led by their for parole officer, use SWAT methods to invade a heavily guarded coin auction and seize $2 million in gold.

September 13, 1975: Deadly Tide
Season 2, episode 1
W: Ben Masselink   D: Gene Levitt

With Christopher George (Harry), Lesley Ann Warren (Linda), Sal Mineo (Roy), Susan Dey (Janice), Don Stroud (Danny), Phil Silvers (Professor Pelican).
The series' first full season starts with a two-hour drama. A ring of scuba-diving thieves are suspected of committing two homicides and of holding hostages.

September 20, 1975: Kill S.W.A.T.
Season 2, episode 2
W: Robert Hamner   D: George McCowan

With Diana Hyland (Joanna Bishop), David Canary (Blake Phillips), Ben Frank (Simon Bishop), Don Eitner (Frank Baylor), David Nash (Mike Bishop), Wyatt Johnson (Ben Wade), Joanne Dorian (Diane Baylor).
Hondo and his team are set up for mass execution by a family of criminals.

September 27, 1975: Dealers In Death
Season 2, episode 3
W: Robert Hamner   D: George McCowan

With John Vernon (Shannon), Rex Holman (Dietrich), Sean McClory (James Patrick Ryan), Ed Walsh (Bonelli), Claire Brennan (Janie), John A. Zee (Devere), Hank Stohl (Peters), Frank Whiteman (Parsons).
Lt. Harrleson sends two of his group on a special undercover assignment to track down the supplier of sophisticated weapons being used in a series of crimes.

October 4, 1975: Time Bomb
Season 2, episode 4
W: Dick Nelson   D: George McCowan

With William Smith (I), Heather Menzies (Sheri), Robert Donner (Sarge), John Dennis (Kelley), Don Eitner (Pat), Paul Bryar (Charlie), Eddie Hice (Martinez), Fred Dale (Baker), Susan Forman (Elena), Jean Fraser (Susan).
An emotionally distressed, unemployed stuntman plans his revenge by attempting to blow up a movie studio. Jim Street, visiting the studio, becomes a hostage while Hondo and the unit abort the plan.

October 11, 1975: The Vendetta
Season 2, episode 5
W: Robert I. Holt   D: Bob Kelljan

With William Sargent (Sgt. Cleary), Aldo Rey (Costas), Susan Sullivan (Julia), Paul Mantee (Lang), George Murdock (Rigby), Scott Newman (Will Brewer), Melissa Murphy (Ruth Brewer), John Bennett Perry (Johnny Brewer).
Lt. Harrelson and a crooked property owner are marked for death by a pair of vengeance-seeking ex-convicts.

October 18, 1975: Criss-Cross
Season 2, episode 6
W: Edward J. Lakso   D: Fernando Lamas

With Carl Betz (Senator Colby), Jack Hogan (Frank), Neva Patterson (Ellen Stafford), Monica Gayle (Kathy), Carl Weathers (Ed), Steve Morgan (Arnold Stokes), Sandor Johnson (Joe Winters), Duffy Hambleton (Cal), Murray Matheson (Armand), Peter Breck (Marco), Luke Askew (Todd), Frank Parker (Larry Walker), Anthony James (Lonzo), Jean Gillespie (Betty Walker), Arthur Adams (Captain Evans), Ed Peck (Captain Salter).
A financially-ruined ex-senator who led the heist of his own firm in which two cops were slain, pretends to assist in the investigation.

October 25, 1975: Vigilante
Season 2, episode 7
W: Walter Black   D: Bruce Bilson

With Harris Yulin (Paul Julian), Janet Margolin (Emily), Richard O'Brien (Chief Roman), Jack Kissell (Mr. Robertson), John Wood (Gunman), Jimmy McNichol (Youth).
Hondo's team is blamed for senseless killings when two gunmen surrender to them but are shot by a lone vigilante.

November 1, 1975: Courthouse
Season 2, episode 8
W: Robert I. Holt   D: Don Weis

With Robert Webber (McVea), Elisha Cook Jr. (Albert Winters), Brad Dexter (Captain Ward), Deidre Hall (Diane), H.M. Wynant (Jason Bridges), Bill Fletcher (Howard Wilson), Zitto Kazann (Frank Peterson).
Following a $2 million racetrack heist, one of a gang is captured and the rest begin spending part of the fortune on guns and manpower to free him during his trial.

November 8, 1975: Ordeal
Season 2, episode 9
W: Charles Johnson   D: Sutton Roley

With John Brascia (Tom), Dick Davalos (Manny), Frank Gorshin (Johnny Rizi), James W. Gavin (Pilot), Alan Manson (Norman), Gary Pagett (Sergeant Connors).
Hondo and a talkative dope dealer marked for execution are stranded in rugged terrain after surviving the crash of a sabotaged helicopter.

November 15, 1975: Strike Force
Season 2, episode 10
W: David P. Harmon   D: Bob Kelljan

With K.T. Stevens (Mrs. Prescott), John Dehner (General Woodward), Anjanette Comer (Alicia Woodward), John Ericson (Captain Brenner), John Kerry (Sergeant Conover), Ray Middleton (Gregory Kenyon), James Hall (Sentry), Robert Dowdell (Peter Sedley), Gene Otis (Jim Morgan), Victor Izay (Miles Sander).
Hondo and his team clash with a paramilitary racist group whose leader, a retired Army general, has been marked for destruction by other power-seeking extremists.

November 29, 1975: Terror Ship
Season 2, episode 11
W: Robert I. Holt   D: George McCowan

With Diana Muldaur (Kate), James Luisi (Garland), Betty Anne Rees, Johnny Haymer, Tom McDonald, Paul Carr, Don Keefer.
A tugboat hauling a barge of explosives is hijacked by a man who threatens to blow up the harbor.

November 22, 1975: The Swinger
Season 2, episode 12
W: Jack Fogarty   D: Barry Crane

With Jerry Douglas (Mario Rosetti), Ed Gilbert (D.A. Ainsley Stevens), Arline Anderson, Tony Young, Al Ruscio, Ric Carrott, Jane Brandon (Tory).
The wild, man-crazy 15-year-old daughter of a district attorney leads Jim Street on a frantic chase as a syndicate enforcer plots to abduct the girl.

December 6, 1975: Murder By Fire
Season 2, episode 12
W: John Monks Jr.   D: William Crain

With Murray Matheson (Cyrus Porter), Peter Breck, Luke Askew, Corinne Camacho (Renee Lavelle), Frank Parker, Anthony James, Jean Gillespie, Arthur Adams.
Hondo goes after a gang of arsonist-killers who pose as firemen to gain entrance to posh homes.

December 13, 1975: Silent Night, Deadly Night
Season 2, episode 13
W: Herb Bermann   D: Bruce Bilson

With Rose Marie (Hilda), Anne Francis (Doris Bristol), Michael Callan (Frank Molloy), Alan Oppenheimer (Dr. Norman Davis), Elizabeth Baur (Dr. Benton), Jodean Russo (Margaret Doan), Frank Campanella (Joe DeLeon), Richard Forbes (Willie Domino).
A doctor and her patient plot to steal $500,000 in jewels from a socialite who has brought the gems into the hospital where she is undergoing cosmetic surgery.

January 24, 1976: The Running Man
Season 2, episode 14
W: Robert Hamner   D: George McCowan

With Donna Mills (Lauren Brooks), James Darren (Joey Wade), John Lupton (Senator Richards), Stuart Whitman (Ben Jordan), Leslie Nielsen (Vic Ritchie), Forrest Tucker (Owen Fiske), Linda Marsh (Julia Abbott), David Opatoshu (Alexander Vincent), Jim McMullan (Tom Holden).
An undercover government agent becomes the key witness in a trial that sends a "godfather" to prison for life, but is sentenced to death by the worldwide syndicate.

January 31, 1976: Lessons In Fear
Season 2, episode 15
W: Dan Ullman   D: Dick Moder

With Elinor Donahue (Marjorie Kemp), Don Chastain (Mark North), Monie Ellis (Sharon Merlindale), Charles Picerni (Bob Daniels), Robert Viharo (Nick Light), Heather Lowe (Tracey Blaine).
Luca becomes romantically involved with a boarding school student who is unknowingly linked with a pair of homicidal thieves.

February 21, 1976: Deadly Weapons
Season 2, episode 16
W: Robert I. Holt   D: Reza Badiyi

With Steven Keats (Wally Stone), Eric Boles (Bud Haskins), Mark Stevens (John Haskins), Pat Renella (Dave Wright), Norman Rice (Bert), Burt Douglas (Sniper).
A businessman involved in illegal gun sales panics when some of the weapons are stolen.

February 28, 1976: The Chinese Connection
Season 2, episode 17
W: George F. Slavin   D: Bruce Bilson

With James Shigeta (Lt. Eddie Chew), James Hong (Kwan Loon), Joel Fabiani (Ronald Parker), Leslie Dalton (Sandy), Beulah Quo (Madame Yang), Hatsuo Uda (Lee), George Kee Cheung (Han), Susie Elena (Blossom), Arthur Song (Lin Yang), Richard Lee Sung (Bouncer).
Hondo investigates the murder of a man who was slain while helping a group of men burglarize his father's warehouse.

March 6, 1976: Dragons And Owls
Season 2, episode 18
W: Bob Mitchell, Esther Mitchell   D: Bernard McEveety

With Tom Skerritt (Maynard Hill), Karen Carlson, Virginia Gregg, Henry Olek, Dennis Fimple.
Clues to the perpetrators of a series of rapes are a religious medal and a Biblical quotation overheard by one of the victims.

March 13, 1976: Any Second Now
Season 2, episode 19
W: Edward J. Lakso   D: Nicholas Colasanto

With Lynne Moody (Ellen Jeffers), Robert Loggia (Lt. Johnson), Andrew Robinson (Edward Stillman), Charles Aidman (Pete Ashton), Bert Remsen (Heath), Ji-Tu Cumbuka (Talbert).
Hondo has only two hours to free hostages before time bombs go off in a radio station.

March 16, 1976: Soldier On The Hill
Season 2, episode 20
W: Steve Fisher   D: Nicholas Colasanto

With Mark Slade (Corporal Ken Gillis), Marianna Hill (Kate Devers), Ivor Francis (Dr. Reston), Hoke Howell (Howard), Bennye Gatteys (Anne).
A mentally unbalanced veteran touring a movie studio suddenly thinks he is back fighting in Vietnam and takes a beautiful movie star as his prisoner.

March 20, 1976: Dangerous Memories
Season 2, episode 21
W: Robert Hanmer   D: Richard Benedict

With Scott Walker (Frank Ryan), Tom Castronova (Jim Simon), Phillip Pine (Dr. Arnold Durson), Don Maxwell (Sergeant), Sandra Goldman (Cashier), Burton Cooper (Man).
As Lt. Harrelson lies in a hospital bed, severely wounded, the other members of the team reminisce about their best moments together in clips from previous episodes.

April 3, 1976: Officer Luca, You're Dead
Season 2, episode 22
W: John Tomerlin   D: Bernard McEveety

With Richard O'Brien (Chief Roman), Sandra Kerns (Jackie), Judson Pratt (O.C. Sullivan), Mitzi Hoag (Donna Izing), Will Cullen (Lance Izing), Robert Sorrells (Alan Izing), Gary Carpenter (Asst. D.A. Pierce), Laurence Haddon (Judge Zell), Morgan Jones (Officer Hickock), David Perna (Vince Fredricks).
Is it murder or self-defense when Dom Luca shoots a hostage-holding gunman? Three people have three different versions of what happened. (Last show of the series.)

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