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1970s Episode Guide for 'Search':

(Episodes with dates prior to 1970 aired as reruns during the '70s.)

September 13, 1972: The Murrow Disappearance
Season 1, episode 1
W: Leslie Stevens   D: Russ Mayberry

With Maurice Evans (Roger White), David White (Miles Llewellyn), Capucine (Silvana Tristano).
Series about a space-age firm, World Securities, which protects and insures banks, jewels and art collections. Their agents are equipped with miniaturized communications systems so that their every move is monitored at an electronic mission control center. Hugh O'Brian, Doug McClure and Tony Franciosa star on a rotating basis. In the first episode, agent Lockwood (O'Brian) must find a missing foreign affairs consultant involved in a marital scandal to avoid international repercussions.

September 20, 1972: One Of Our Probes Is Missing
Season 1, episode 2
W: Leslie Stevens   D: Philip Leacock

With Ford Rainey (Dr. Barnett), Stefanie Powers (Jill Davenport), Larry Linville (Treasury Agent Hugh Emery), Allen Garfield (Marty Zacharian), Milton Selzer (Lucas Kapos), Jacqueline Hyde (Lena Kapos).
The stability of the world monetary community is at stake when an agent investigating a $100 bill duplicating racket suddenly disappears. World Securities send agent Nick Bianco (Tony Franciosa, making his debut in the series) in search of the man and also to take over the investigation.

September 27, 1972: Short Circuit
Season 1, episode 3
W: Leslie Stevens   D: Allen Reisner

With Mary Ann Mobley (Lelia Moen), Jeff Corey (Dr. Karl Moen).
Doug McClure makes his debut in the role of C.R. Grover, who is assigned to stop a scientific genius from destroying the mission control center which he helped construct.

October 4, 1972: Moonrock
Season 1, episode 4
W: Leslie Stevens   D: William Wiard

With Ann Prentiss (Miss Mulligan), Jo Ann Pflug (Dr. Laura Trapnell), George Pan (Abbas Mirzah).
Agent Lockwood goes on a global search to retreive a stolen moonrock that could be a priceless gem for which his organization has assumed responsibility.

October 11, 1972: Live Men Tell Tales
Season 1, episode 5
W: Irv Pearlberg   D: Marc Daniels

With Torin Thatcher (Stonestreet), Louise Sorel (Magda Reiner), Leslie Charleson (Nancy Kubica).
Agent Bianco must find the mystery man maneuvering to consolidate and take over international crime.

October 25, 1972: Operation Iceman
Season 1, episode 6
W: S.S. Schweitzer   D: Robert L. Friend

With Edward Mulhare (David Pelham), Mary Frann (Stephanie Burnside), Edward Bell (Andre Gerard), James Gregory (Ambassador Gordon Essex), Poupee Bocar (Kalia Soulvan), Harve Selsby (Epstein), Patrick O'Hara (Mr. Johns), Russ Marin (Ginelli), Abraham Sofaer (General Lokarno).
A mysterious international assassin's targets are VIPs for a price. Agent Bianco learns that the next target of "The Iceman" is a U.S. ambassador, and the klilling is worth $1 million.

November 1, 1972: The Bullet
Season 1, episode 7
W: Judy Burns   D: William Wiard

With Ina Balin (Alexia), Malachi Throne (Colonel Nobokov), Alan Bergman (Interpol Agent Wentzel), Peter Von Zerneck (Bremer), Robert Boon (Dr. Robert Balzak), Byron Mabe (Eagan), Stafford Morgan (Martin), Walter Beakel (Harrison).
Lockwood must find a scientist who has gone into hiding after an abortive effort to defect from a Communist country. The scientist holds the key to an antitoxin for a new poison bullet that threatens the world's balance of power.

November 8, 1972: In Search Of Midas
Season 1, episode 8
W: J. Christopher Strong III, Michael R. Stein   D: Nicholas Colasanto

With Barbara Feldon (Kate Dawes), David Brian (J.R. Devlin), Logan Ramsey (Kenyon Wade), George Gaynes (Maj. Giles Matthews).
Grover is called upon to produce a billionaire recluse involved in Las Vegas operations.

November 15, 1972: The Adonis File
Season 1, episode 9
W: Jack Turley   D: Joseph Pevney

With Deanna Lund (Linda Harte), Bill Bixby (Mark Elliott), G.D. Spradlin (Stephen Ackerman), Victoria George (Anne Delaware), Brenda Benet (Carol Lesko), Philip Bourneuf (Mr. Kinser), Robert Carson (Mr. Hartley), John Warburton (Mr. Thomas), Peggy Walton (Sandra Elliott).
Hugh Lockwood is hired to solve a kidnapping but becomes suspicious of the setup, which involves a television celebrity running for office.

November 22, 1972: Flight To Nowhere
Season 1, episode 10
W: Brad Radnitz   D: Paul Stanley

With Linda Cristal (Antonia Bravo), Joanna Cameron (Laura Day), Don Dubbins (Neil Corbett).
When a boyhood friend mysteriously disappears along with a valuable cargo plane he was piloting, Hugh Lockwood defies orders and personally undertakes the investigation.

December 6, 1972: A Honeymoon To Kill
Season 1, episode 11
W: S.S. Schweitzer   D: Russ Mayberry

With Luciana Paluzzi (Carla Lucchese Whitfield), Rudy Solari (Luigi Lucchese), Antoinette Bower (Contessa Penny Lucchese), Gary Clarke (Julian Whitfield), George Coulouris (Carmine Lucchese), Peter Bromilow (Stuart Upson).
An heiress flees, then vanishes somewhere in Europe when somebody tries to kill her on her wedding day. C.R. Grover is assigned to locate the girl.

December 20, 1972: The Gold Machine
Season 1, episode 12
W: Leslie Stevens   D: Russ Mayberry

With Hurd Hatfield (Chen Kuo), Kurt Kasznar (Reuben Harant), Bill Fletcher (General Kuo), Marian McCargo (Mai Tsu Kuo), Thelma Pelish (Taffy), Michael Bow (Arnold Sutter), Mark Lenard (Karl Speer), Bill Smillie (Dr. Ernest Pittman).
Lockwood must locate a missing gold mine for a family in big financial trouble.

January 3, 1973: Let Us Prey
Season 1, episode 13
W: Don Balluck   D: Russ Mayberry

With Diana Hyland (Anjanette Shanaghan), Albert Paulsen (Henry Danzig), Mike De Anda (Fuentes), Walter Friegel (Richter), Charles Picerni (Kittering), Clyde McLeod (Surgeon).
Nick Bianco is hired to find a missing jetsetter whom he once dated and jilted. He walks into a trap from which there seems no escape.

January 24, 1973: The 24 Carat Hit
Season 1, episode 14
W: Jack Turley   D: Russ Mayberry

With Dane Clark (Ed Bain), Wally Cox (Brother Sam), William Smith (Pete Roman), Michael Conrad (Sam Donner), George Murdock (Pearson), Lenny Montana (Danny Ellis), Nehemiah Persoff (Emmett Brugman), Annette O'Toole (Jenny Bain).
Probe agent Nick Bianco goes after another agent who is bent on vengeance when his wife is killed and daughter kidnapped in a $1 million gold bullion heist.

January 31, 1973: Numbered For Death
Season 1, episode 15
W: S.S. Schweitzer   D: Allen Reisner

With Peter Mark Richman (Samuel Boyce), Ramon Bieri (Inspector Bericchi), Bert Convy (Roger Allen), Luther Adler (Vollmar), Lauri Peters (Trudi Hauser), Joanna Miles (Olivia Allen), Whit Bissell (St. Clair), Gloria Manon (Mona Davos), Walter Alzmann (Stucke), Steve Merrick (Fries).
Probe agent C.R. Grover goes after a master criminal whose multi-million-dollar blackmail scheme against Swiss bank depositors threatens the world economy.

February 7, 1973: Countdown To Panic
Season 1, episode 16
W: Judy Burns   D: Jerry Jameson

With Ed Nelson (Cmdr. Bill Parker), Anne Francis (Beth Parker), Jack Ging (Hall), Howard Duff (Dr. Jamison), Robert Webber (Matthew Linden), Fred Downs (Avery), Tom Scott (Doctor), Keith Andes (Dr. Barnett).
Probe agent John Lockwood tries to find an old friend who, delirious with a dread virus, breaks out of quarantine and threatens the country with a major epidemic.

February 14, 1973: The Clayton Lewis Document
Season 1, episode 17
W: Norman Hudis   D: William Wiard

With Craig Stevens (Clayton Lewis), Julie Adams (Jeanette Lewis), Rhonda Fleming (Arlene Morrison), Don Gordon (Alex Nevin), Anthony James (Alfred Barnworth), Ahna Capri (Pam Perry), Bob Bralver (Mackeson).
A fashionable Washington, D.C., hostess becomes involved in a blackmail scheme that poses a threat to worldwide disarmament talks.

February 21, 1973: Goddess Of Destruction
Season 1, episode 18
W: Irv Pearlberg   D: Jerry Jameson

With Anjanette Comer (Anne Ramon), Alfred Ryder (Dr. Sutra), John Vernon (Paul Holloway), Reggie Nalder (lal Panjim), Garry Walberg (Lt. Bradley), Than Wyenn (Representative), Jose DeVega (Prasad), Ken Renard (Krishna Ramon), George Kramer (Baker).
Probe agent Grover is caught up in the intrigue of a Hindu ritual while investigating the theft of a valued statue.

February 28, 1973: The Mattson Papers
Season 1, episode 19
W: S.S. Schweitzer, Don Balluck   D: William Wiard

With Terry Carter (Hawley Mattson), Nancy Wilson (Sugar Francis), Tim O'Connor (Paul Kleinschmidt), Cameron Mitchell (Chief Garrett), John Kerr (Senator Gordon), Ivor Francis (De Marigny), Jeff Morrow (MacEadie), Richard Lepore (Campbell), Don Pedro Colley (Earl Forbus), Ella Edwards (Lenore Mattson), Robert F. Hoy (Mullins), Terry Leonard (Burke), Ty Henderson (Tom), Tony Epper (Crawford).
Agent Bianco trails a missing sports figure who fears for his life because of his suspected involvement with an international crime syndicate.

March 14, 1973: Moment Of Madness
Season 1, episode 20
W: Richard Landau   D: George McGowan

With Patrick O'Neal (Ralph Byron), Brooke Bundy (Virginia Carr), Keith Andes (Dr. Barnett), Jan Merlin (O'Toole), James B. Sikking (Mark Dallas), Frank Maxwell (General Hack), Lenore Kasdorf (Addie), Soon-Teck Oh (Interrogator), Robert Brubaker (Dr. Weld), Bill McConnell (Corning).
Probe chief Cameron is abducted by a revenge-maddened former Army officer who served under him during the war. Because he once went through a psychological "brainwashing", he intends to force Cameron to endure similar mental tortures.

March 21, 1973: Ends Of The Earth
Season 1, episode 21
W: Robert C. Dennis   D: Ralph Senensky

With Sebastian Cabot (Tobler), Diana Muldaur (Sheila Johansen), Jay Robinson (Claude Johansen), Simon Scott (Timothy H. Slater), Judy Lewis (Ellen Slater), William Bassett (Donald).
Probe agent Bianco and control chief Cameron are assigned to find the murderer of a business executive whose supposed suicide is questioned by his wife.

March 28, 1973: Suffer My Child
Season 1, episode 22
W: Norman Hudis   D: Russ Mayberry

With Mel Ferrer (John Rickman II), Dianne Hull (Tracy), Paul Mantee (Sam Field), Dabney Coleman (Elliott Desmond), Byron Morrow (Martin Honer), Donna Baccala (Lynne Wheatley), Orwin Harvey (Ken Castle).
In trying to locate the daughter of an industrial tycoon who has mysteriously disappeared, Lockwood uncovers a strange twist to what appears to be a kidnap plot.

April 11, 1973: The Packagers
Season 1, episode 23
W: Robert C. Dennis   D: Michael Caffey

With Xenia Gratsos (Zuhra Singar), John Holland (General Harbison), Michael Pataki (Pierre Karim), John Orchard (Craig), Titos Vandis (President Singar), James Almanzar (Marduk), Roger Etienne (Morgue Attendant), Barry Kane (Honor Guard).
Probe agent Grover is caught up in a life and death struggle when assigned to find a missing revolutionary leader who has been accused of plotting the overthrow of a Middle East country. (Last show of the series.)

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