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1970s Episode Guide for 'Switch':

(Episodes with dates prior to 1970 aired as reruns during the '70s.)

September 9, 1975: The James Caan Con
Season 1, episode 1
W: Richard Powell   D: E.W. Swackhamer

With John S. Ragin (Len Ekhardt), Keir Dullea (Anthony Kirk), Julie Sommars (Lane Cameron), Len Lesser (Salesman), George Skaff (Bernie), Suzanne LaCock (Sherrill).
Debut of a series starring Robert Wagner and Eddie Albert, who have combined their talents into a unique private investigation agency. Tonight, a blackmailing actor's scheme runs into conflict with his career ambitions when Mac, posing as a movie producer, insists that Anthony Kirk and a woman star together in a new film, but she drops out mysteriously.

September 16, 1975: The Late Show Murders
Season 1, episode 2
W: David Chase, Paul Playdon   D: Douglas Heyes

With Roger C. Carmel (Belasco), Stack Pierce (Charlie Van Scoye), Midori (Moo Ling), Stanley Kamel (Eddie Matlock), Robert Miller Driscoll, Jaclyn Smith (Ali), Ken Swofford (Lt. Griffin).
When a million dollars worth of jewels is stolen, a small-time private eye thinks he has found easy street.

September 23, 1975: The Old Diamond Game
Season 1, episode 3
W: Glen A. Larson, Michael Sloan   D: Gordon Hessler

With Robert Webber (Paul Sinclair), Anne Archer (Laurie), Luis de Cordova (Fonseca), Mary Gregory (Miss Lydell), Stefan Gierasch (Herr Mueller), Roberto Contreras (Rojo), Robert Miller Driscoll (Limo), Nico DeSilva (Chief).
Ryan and MacBride face a challenge: how to get Paul Sinclair and his embezzled $1 million out of Brazil within a week to save the residents of a senior citizens' home from being evicted.

September 30, 1975: Stung From Beyond
Season 1, episode 4
W: Bruce Shelly, David Ketchum   D: Jerry London

With Joan Collins (Jackie Simon), Byron Morrow (Farrell), Maida Severn (Mrs. Kreski), Buddy Lester (Arnie Gold), Gordon Jump (Chuck Kreski), Ida Lupino (Mrs. Simon), John Dehner (Mr. Simon), Granville Van Dusen (Phil Simon), Ken Swofford (Capt. Griffin), Ivan Bonar (Manager).
Two woman con artists stage seances to dupe rich widows and widowers into investing in the stock market through their "broker".

October 7, 1975: The Deadly Missiles Caper
Season 1, episode 5
W: Glen A. Larson   D: Walter Doniger

With Kathleen Quinlan (Robin Morgan), Martin Kove (Bud Ewing), Stephen McNally (Steve Morgan), John Vernon (Jack Morgan), Marjorie Battles (Emma), John Quade (Sheriff Jacobs), Rance Howard (Collins), Burt Mustin (Old Man), Ed Call (Leonard Fremont).
Robin Morgan convinces Pete and Mac to come to the mountains of Oregon to help try to prove that her uncle was her father's murderer.

October 14, 1975: The Man Who Couldn't Lose
Season 1, episode 6
W: Michael Kozoll   D: Bruce Kessler

With Keith Atkinson (Jack Riesdorf), Don Gordon (Deputy Graylow), Joshua Shelley (Dutch), Richard Masur (Wes Atwater), Paul Koslo (Roy Moss), Gayle Hunnicutt (Samantha), Robert Snively (Chet Varner), Noble Willingham (Verly Terrace), Bob Bralver (Kendrick).
Pete and Mac try to get a gas station attendant to expose the whereabouts of a vehicle used in a robbery.

October 21, 1975: Death Heist
Season 1, episode 7
W: Eugene Cotton, Paul Shilling   D: Glen A. Larson

With Richard Lepore (Gresham), William Bronder (Lt. Scully), Henry Silva (Kirk Shaw), Richard Kiel (Willy Loach), Booth Colman (Seegar), Jaclyn Smith (Ali), Bill Engesser (Seymour).
Pete and Mac have only 11 days to get a jewel thief to reveal a famous emerald he had stolen years earlier.

November 4, 1975: The Body At The Bottom
Season 1, episode 8
W: Rudolph Borchert, David Chase, Paul Playdon   D: E.W. Swackhamer

With H.B. Haggerty (Patrick Cassidy), Albert Cole (Burrito), Jordan Rhodes (Turkell), Vernon Weddle (Ray Nesset), Vic Tayback (Ralph Kabelka), Gino Conforti (Dominic), James Keach (Skip Crowe), Morris Buchanan (Mickey).
A man creates the perfect alibi to cover the burning of his own business, but makes the mistake of framing an ex-convict who was a prison mate of Pete's.

November 11, 1975: The Cruise Ship Murders
Season 1, episode 9
W: Mort Zarcoff, Charles Sailor, Eric Kaldor   D: Bruce Kessler

With Lloyd Bochner (Mr. Harmon), Joan Freeman (Norma Harmon), John Findlater (Bob), Jared Martin (Todd), Gino Conforti (Dominic), Russ Conway (Captain), Christopher Morley (Jane), Jason Wingreen (Alexander), Natalie Wood (Passenger), Barbara Morrison (Mrs. Price).
Aboard a cruise ship, Pete and Mac deal with the head of an investment company who used a hired killer to cover up his mistakes, and who now thinks his secret is out.

November 25, 1975: Kiss Of Death
Season 1, episode 10
W: Michael Kozoll, Glen A. Larson, Gregory S. Dinallo   D: Allen Baron

With Ricardo Montalban (Jean-Paul), Marc Lawrence (Don Vincenzo), Dina Merrill (Luciana), Pearl Shear (Della The Dip), Martine Beswick (Veronique), Gino Conforti (Dominic).
A smooth con man makes the mistake of "borrowing" $100,000 from his fiancee, with whom Mac happens to be secretly in love.

December 2, 1975: Death By Resurrection
Season 1, episode 11
W: Stephen J. Cannell   D: Alf Kjellin

With Don Porter (Paul Lorimer), Cheryl Ladd (Jill Lorimer), Joanna Cameron (Jenny Brown), Alfred Ryder (Nathan Monk), George Wyner (Sterling), Charles Frank (Charlie), Zitto Kazann (Naylin), John Kerry (Bedford), Todd Martin (Patterson), John Finnegan (Sergeant).
Pete and Mac take what seems to be a routine case where Pete goes to New York City to conduct a confidential investigation, but instead is beaten up, arrested, and then returns to Los Angeles only to be kidnapped.

December 9, 1975: The Cold War Con
Season 1, episode 12
W: Michael Kozoll   D: John Peyser

With Bill Fletcher (Zack), Byron Vreeland (Bald Man), Burr DeBenning (Kevin Geschwin), Randi Oakes (Fran Yarrow), Madlyn Rhue (Evelynn Thurston), James Jeter (Dinallo), Anne Archer (Laurie).
In order to rescue a model abducted by white slavers, Pete and Mac pretend that the girl is a valuable pawn in a struggle between Soviet and American agents.

December 16, 1975: Through The Past Deadly
Season 1, episode 13
W: Michael Kozoll   D: John Peyser

With Ken Swofford (Lt. Griffin), Camilla Sparv (Britt Engstrom), Howard McGillin (Policeman), Frank Marth (Speer), Bill Morey (Bank Manager), Melvin Allen (Lustig).
As his partner lies critically ill in the hospital, Mac recounts with guilt how he pressured Pete into helping him set a trap for a man determined to kill Pete.

December 23, 1975: Mistresses, Murder And Millions
Season 1, episode 14
W: David Chase   D: Allen Baron

With Ann Blyth (Miriam Estabrook), Carole Wells (Jo Ann Bateman), Charles Drake (Charles Estabrook), Joe Maross (Lt. Gates), Shelly Novack (Strayhorn), Med Flory (Curtis Malinchak), Read Morgan (Sgt. Kinnell).
Ann Blyth makes her first television appearance in seven years as a woman who hires Pete and Mac to watch her husband, but he is kidnapped under their noses and held for ransom.

January 6, 1976: The Walking Bomb
Season 1, episode 15
W: Bruce Shelly, David Ketchum, David Chase   D: John Peyser

With Jacques Aubuchon (Earl Harper), Ken Swofford (Lt. Griffin), Larry Manetti (Sgt. Valli), Patrick Duffy (Sgt. Musial), Milt Kogan (Doctor), Charles Haid (Pepper), Terry Kiser (Hanna), Sandra Deel (Viv Harper), Sandra de Bruin (Michelle Savarese).
A bank president has been turned into a human bomb by a pair of extortionists, with Pete and Mac stuck with figuring out the solution before everyone is blown up.

January 13, 1976: Ain't Nobody Here Named Barney
Season 1, episode 16
W: Michael Kozoll   D: John Newland

With Bernie Kopell (Selig), Paul Fix (Sheriff), Lurene Tuttle (Rose), Yvette Vickers (Selena), Ann Prentiss (Cora), Fred Holliday (Harkness), Morgan Farley (Dr. Schneider), Lucille Benson (Edna).
Against Mac's advice, Pete takes on the assignment of helping a loony sculptor try to establish whether her despised -- but wealthy -- grandfather Barney is really dead.

January 27, 1976: Come Die With Me
Season 1, episode 17
W: Bill Stratton   D: John Peyser

With Gretchen Corbett (Beryl), Jason Evers (Capt. Topping), Frank Aletter (Fred Willens), Linden Chiles (Bill), Don Ho (Himself), Ben Piazza (Ernie Riker), Kathrine Baumann (Kathy), William Bryant (Helmers), Linda Leighton (Mrs. Topping).
Pete finds himself accused of the murder and rape of his friend, an airline stewardess, who is killed after discovering a plot to steal Federal Reserve money.

February 10, 1976: One Of Our Zeppelins Is Missing
Season 1, episode 18
W: Gene Kearney   D: Dick Moder

With Joan Blondell (Mrs. Lear), Ken Swofford (Lt. Griffin), Dabney Coleman (C.C. Owens), Estelle Winwood (Vivian Nagel), Peter Leeds (Auctioneer), Alan Vint (Nate Lear), Bill Vint (Bob Lear), John Hesley (Jack Lear), Buck Young (Detective), John Evans (Joey King).
A woman tries to frame Mac and get him sent to prison to pay for her husband's death.

February 17, 1976: Before The Holocaust
Season 1, episode 19
W: David Chase   D: Edward M. Abroms

With David Sheiner (Bricker), Sydney Chaplin (Adler), Pamela Susan Shoop (Sue Zirk), Ross Elliott (Chief Mulray), Bruce Glover (Bach), Christopher S. Nelson (Jerome Zirk).
Pete and Mac stumble onto a highly protected compound in the Sierras while investigating the death of a client's brother.

February 24, 1976: Big Deal In Paradise
Season 1, episode 20
W: Lou Shaw   D: Bruce Kessler

With Peter Mark Richman (Saunders), Anne Archer (Laurie), Charles Bateman (Wilkes), Ray Danton (Ralph Carson), Joshua Shelley (O'Shea), William Bryant (Helmers), Richard LePore (Martin).
Pete becomes the target of a crime syndicate which believes he and Malcolm ripped them off for a million dollars.

March 2, 1976: The Case Of The Purloined Case
Season 1, episode 21
W: Michael Kozoll   D: John Peyser

With Erica Hagen (Rachel Rowe), Larry Storch (Benny Shore), Dionne Warwick (Sheri), Lara Parker (Esther Kelly), Rick Podell (Detective Pitts), Jack Colvin (Sgt. Colder), Milt Kamen (Mendel Terrace), Ron Townson (Philip Earps).
Pete and Mac go to Las Vegas to help a former female partner of Pete's who is accused of stealing a bag containing mysterious goods.

March 16, 1976: The Girl On The Golden Strip
Season 1, episode 22
W: Glen A. Larson, David Chase   D: John Peyser

With Kelly Harmon (Bobbi Robbins), Wayne Newton (Paul Taylor), Michael Callan (Arnie), Jack Colvin (Det. Koehler), June Dayton (Nurse), Dave Barry (Wortheimer).
Pete and Mac must protect a Las Vegas superstar from a psychotic killer.

March 23, 1976: Round Up The Usual Suspects
Season 1, episode 23
W: Gene Kearney   D: John Newland

With Veronica Hamel (Nabilla), Fernando Lamas (Fouad), George Voskovec (Lehman), Rudy Diaz (Lt. Simili), Sid Haig (Mahmud), Edith Atwater (Mrs. Wood), James Ingersoll (Jack).
Pete and Mac, in Casablanca, try to out-con the local syndicate head who is responsible for an American being held in jail.

April 6, 1976: Death Squad
Season 1, episode 24
W: Lou Shaw   D: John Peyser

With Mark Goddard (Steve Martin), Johnny Haymer (Hal), Kelly Harmon (Bobbi), Jack Hogan (Hardy), William Bryant (Helmers), Linda Harrison (Jill Martin), William Sylvester (Ellis).
A man warns his estranged wife that she and their son are in danger of being kidnapped.

September 21, 1976: The Pirates Of Tin Pan Alley
Season 2, episode 1
W: Walter Dallenbach   D: David Impastato

With Sonny Bono (Darcy Taggart), Howard Hesseman (M.W. Huffman), William Pierson (Phil), John Orchard (Coffey), Harlee McBride (Sharon), James Jeter (Randall), Amelia Laurenson (Trudi), Hampton Fancher (Jeff Louden), Jimmy Cross (Eddie), Antony Alda (Terry), Stefan Arngrim (Keith).
Pete and Mac investigate when a disc jockey's ex-wife and a friend are killed in a strange accident.

September 28, 1976: The Twelfth Commandment
Season 2, episode 2
W: Leigh Vance   D: Sutton Roley

With Thayer David (Paul Berryman), Richard Lynch (David Ring), Margot Kidder (Andrea Morris), Shay Duffin (Father Gorman), Luke Andreas (Roger Krupinski), George Murdoch (Prof. Grosswirter), Nick Dimitri (Art Willis).
A stolen attache case reveals a bundle of money and an apparent death note pinned to a picture of several priests.

October 5, 1976: Fleece Of Snow
Season 2, episode 3
W: Mort Fine   D: Leo Penn

With Wayne Heffley (Marty Malloy), Logan Ramsey (Steve Dorcas), Pat Delaney (Phyllis Hainey), Milt Kogan (Frank Reed), Ted Gehring (Harry Page), Gloria Manon (Teddy Kay), Donnelly Rhodes (Keolian), Jason Bernard (Capt. Dellinger).
The police decline to investigate the supposed suicide of a detective, a suspected cocaine user.

October 12, 1976: The Argonaut Special
Season 2, episode 4
W: Walter Dallenbach   D: John Peyser

With William Mims (Sheriff Hodges), Jim Stathis (Don Christopher), Eddie Ryder (Blinky), Richard Mulligan (Andy Rowen), William Schallert (Wayne Buford), Douglas Fowley (Jake), Beverly Garland (Nancy Thomas), Booth Colman (Phil Hardice), Norman Bartold (Perry Curtis), Vince Howard (Rogers).
Mac and Pete help protect a friend and ranchers from a ruthless land speculator.

October 19, 1976: The Things That Belong To Mickey Costello
Season 2, episode 5
W: Shirl Hendryx   D: Sutton Roley

With Philip Sterling (Boyle), Taaffe O'Connell (Linda), George Wyner (Davis), Don Wilbanks (Garret Kelly), Gabriel Dell (Tony Adams), Don Gordon (Mickey Costello).
Frank MacBride poses as a showman to get revenge on the mobster responsible for Pete's serious injuries.

November 9, 1976: Quicker Than The Eye
Season 2, episode 6
W: Jack Guss, Sue Milburn   D: David Friedkin

With E.J. Andre (Floyd Warren), Jan Merlin (Bradner), Eileen Heckart (Annie Warren), Richard Bakalyan (Sgt. Kingman), Graham Jarvis (Collins), Albert Paulsen (Gassman).
A veteran con artist calls on Pete and Mac to get her out of a situation which could prove deadly.

November 16, 1976: Gaffing The Skim
Season 2, episode 7
W: Robert Dellinger   D: Bruce Evans

With Bill Dana (Obie), Jesse Welles (April Showers), Bernie Kopell (Gaylord Henderson), Norman Fell (Marty), Carol Vogel (Sheryl Harper), Val Avery (Irving Munn), Margaret Fairchild (Louise Henderson).
Pete joins the carnival environment of the midway after a county fair's administrative executive is kidnapped.

November 23, 1976: The Lady From Liechtenstein (1)
Season 2, episode 8
W: Larry Forrester, Norman Hudis   D: David Impastato

With Florida Friebus (Fiona), Jim Bailey (Himself), Borah Silver (Brad Kagen), Lomax Study (Hugo James), Claudette Nevins (Alicia), Jeff Corey (A.J. Gunther), Sydney Chaplin (Lance Lucarotti), Leon Askin (Prince Marenka), Madison Arnold (Max Romand).
Impressionist Jim Bailey poses as a wealthy baroness to help Pete and Mac trap a womanizing crook.

November 30, 1976: The Lady From Liechtenstein (2)
Season 2, episode 9
W: Larry Forrester, Norman Hudis   D: David Impastato

With Florida Friebus (Fiona), Jim Bailey (Himself), Borah Silver (Brad Kagen), Lomax Study (Hugo James), Claudette Nevins (Alicia), Jeff Corey (A.J. Gunther), Sydney Chaplin (Lance Lucarotti), Leon Askin (Prince Marenka), Madison Arnold (Max Romand).
Disguised as a baroness, impressionist Jim Bailey continues his pursuit of the man who will lead Pete and Mac to their client's stolen money.

December 7, 1976: Switch Hitter
Season 2, episode 10
W: Stephen Kandel, Arthur Rowe   D: Edward M. Abroms

With Ned Wilson (Willerson), Lezlie Dalton (Laurie), John Larch (Stocker), Ray Girardin (Victor), Barbara Rhoades (Bobbie).
Pete and Mac pose as hit men after a reporter about to expose a union racket is an assassination-attempt victim.

December 14, 1976: Maggie's Hero
Season 2, episode 11
W: Edward J. Lakso   D: Noel Black

With Lawrence Pressman (Austin Midler), R.G. Armstrong (Detective Wills), Stanley Brock (Lightfoot John), Len Lesser (Pelky), Judson Pratt (Jarvis), Dick Peabody (Taggert).
Pete and Mac try to clear Maggie's framed fiancee, even though they know he's a crook.

December 21, 1976: The Hundred Thousand Ruble Rumble
Season 2, episode 12
W: Mort Fine   D: Leo Penn

With Val Bisoglio (Shiggy), Bruce Glover (Kincaid), Sherry Jackson (Jennie Rosenthal), Frank Parker (Tom Brown), Stefan Gierasch (Hart), Candice Rialson (Becky), Richard X. Slattery (Lt. Modeer), John Fujioka (Yung Kim Soo), Kieu Chinh (Mai Tuc).
Mac is framed for murder in an elaborate international swindle, and Pete lets nothing stand in the way to clear his partner.

January 4, 1977: Portraits Of Death
Season 2, episode 13
W: Larry Forrester, Shirl Hendryx   D: John Peyser

With Joseph Mascolo (Phillip Aspen / Martin Lorrimer), Daniel Zippi (Kyle Chesterton), Anne Newman-Mantee (Cynthia Aspen), David White (Mr. Owens), Tiffany Bolling (Amanda Kessetter), William Bryant (Lt. Shilton), Angus Duncan (Hugh Danson).
Pete tries to unmask the motive of a suitor for a former sweetheart.

January 16, 1977: The Snitch
Season 2, episode 14
W: Jack Guss, Carey Wilber   D: Sigmund Neufeld Jr.

With Joshua Bryant (Stafford Hayes), Tony Burton (Joey), Junero Jennings (Hosen), Louis Guss (The Lip), Jack DeLeon (Denver), Susette Carroll (Felicia Lettner), George Tobias (Ludwig), Robert Loggia (Sonny Lettner), Richard LePore (Patrick Steele), William Bryant (Lt. Shilton).
Pete and Mac play mob bosses to learn who made an attempt on Malcolm's life.

January 23, 1977: Eyewitness
Season 2, episode 15
W: Robert Earll, Lew Davidson   D: Leo Penn

With Vince Howard (Judge), Joseph Ruskin (Roebuck), Joel Fabiani (J.D. Stolvac), Janice Heiden (Louisa), Lara Parker (Shirley Harris), Jeff David (Jack Blain), Joseph Ruskin (Roebuck), Richard X. Slattery (Modeer).
A young blind woman turns to Pete and Mac for help after she is unable to convince anyone that a murder has taken place, but is being stalked by the killer.

January 30, 1977: Camera Angles
Season 2, episode 16
W: Larry Forrester, David Taylor   D: Bruce Kessler

With Mala Powers (Sally Odden), Bill Fletcher (Westerton), Linda Gray (Alison), Pernell Roberts (Barnes), William Bryant (Lt. Shilton).
Pete and Mac attack the same case from different angles, neither knowing that the other is also working on it.

February 6, 1977: Butterfly Morning
Season 2, episode 17
W: Robert Earll, Alan Godfrey   D: Sutton Roley

With Stack Pierce, Bob Hastings, Jonathan Lippe, Sharon Farrell, Slim Pickens, Yale Summers (Porter Collins).
Pete and Mac go through a country singer to nail a dope smuggler who murdered Mac's friend.

February 13, 1977: The Four Horsemen
Season 2, episode 18
W: Larry Forrester, Robert Earll, Michael Wagner   D: Sigmund Neufeld Jr.

With Fawne Harriman (Angela Berwick), Peter Brocco (Paul Berwick), Vincent Baggetta (Paul Berwick Jr.), Laurie Prange (Cindy Andrews), Elisha Cook Jr. (Henley), Adam Williams (Henry Corwin), Helen Westcott (Sheila Andrews).
Maggie is abducted by a mobster to ensure that Pete and Mac find whoever killed his father's buddy -- and likely has similar plans for Papa.

February 20, 1977: Eden's Gate
Season 2, episode 19
W: Robert Earll   D: Gerald Mayer

With June Allyson (Dr. Trampler), Jayne Meadows (Andrea), Lorenzo Lamas (Tony), Jacques Aubuchon (Adam Hayward), Susan Buckner (Jessica), Judy Hanson (Shirley).
When a girlfriend of Pete's dies under mysterious circumstances, he and Mac look for the reason.

February 27, 1977: The Hemline Heist
Season 2, episode 20
W: Jack Guss   D: Leo Penn

With Dick Gautier (Rafe Kelso), Barbara Luna (Chicana), Sheree North (Sylvia), Kelly Thordsen (Harrison Cole), Murray MacLeod (Jason Sloan), Ben Wright (Pindar).
A half million dollars in jewelry is hijacked from Mac while he is escorting it to the opening of a fashion show.

March 6, 1977: Three For The Money
Season 2, episode 21
W: Stephen Kandel   D: Sigmund Neufeld Jr.

With Mike Mazurki (Blaine), Jess Walton (Angela Mendarez), Madlyn Rhue (Donna Mendarez), Robert Miller Driscoll (Wallace Belson), William Bryant (Lt. Shilton), Eric Mason (Victor Mendarez), Penny Peyser (Sandy), John Goddard (Al Ruben).
Pete and Mac act as executors and impartial referees when a wealthy racketeer leaves his entire fortune to be divided by the three women who were in his life.

March 13, 1977: Two On The Run
Season 2, episode 22
W: Cynthia Cherbak   D: Arnold Laven

With Lynda Day George (Dominique Devereaux), Alex Henteloff (Deputy), Richard X. Slattery (Lt. Modeer), Gerald McRaney (Hit Man), Robert F. Hoy (Sheriff), Victoria Wells (Honey Perine), Ben Andrews (Chalkie Roberts), Robin Raymond (Beth Rakowitz).
A former cellmate asks Pete to locate the fiery French dancer he claims can clear him of murder.

March 27, 1977: Whatever Happened To Carol Harmony?
Season 2, episode 23
W: Leigh Vance   D: Ivan Dixon

With Joanne Linville (Susan), Lurene Tuttle (Mary Beame), Karl Lukas (Mario), John Ireland (Verne Deamer), Mary Ann Beck (Dorothy).
Pete is asked by a former fellow inmate to locate a dancer who can clear him from murder charges.

April 3, 1977: Heritage Of Death
Season 2, episode 24
W: Leigh Vance   D: Ivan Dixon

With Ocean Tyson (Benjamin Kafulubiti), Earl Maynard (Labinja), Moses Gunn (Alexo), Lola Falana (Armistice Simpson), Roger Aaron Brown (Col. Radburn), Malik Carter (Omar Deans).
Pete and Mac find that babysitting with a four-year-old can be a dangerous business when the child is the son of the deposed leader of an African nation.

September 23, 1977: Net Loss
Season 3, episode 1
W: Stephen Kandel   D: Reza Badiyi

With Roberta Leighton (Candy Lewis), Marisa Pavan (Sally Blair), Eric Braeden (Mike Jenkins), Thomas Babson (Larry Thorpe), Barbara Anderson (Dana Wallace), Daniel Pilon (Jack Dawson), Anne Randall (Lena Ionescu).
Season premiere. When a star tennis player is shot on the court, the team's coach enlists the help of his old friend, Pete Ryan, in locating the killer.

September 30, 1977: Downshift
Season 3, episode 2
W: Robert Earll   D: Sigmund Neufeld Jr.

With Michael V. Gazzo (Tony), Ben Wright (Eric Von Strauss), Morgan Fairchild (Shelley Bloom), Janice Heiden (Gloria Mason), William Bogert (Arnold Winton).
Pete and Mac enter the perilous world of Grand Prix racing to solve the death of a top racing driver.

October 21, 1977: Legend Of The Macunas
Season 3, episode 3
W: Leigh Vance   D: John Peyser

With Foster Brooks (Dale Abee), Pamela Hensley (Sandra Summers), Dionne Warwick (Sherry), Chuck McCann (Pendergast), Jack Colvin (Lt. Koehler), George Maharis (Clouston), Wayne Newton (Himself), Ron Feinberg, Robert Q. Lewis.
Sandra Summers asks Pete and Mac to investigate the circumstances surrounding her father's fatal plane crash.

November 4, 1977: Fade Out
Season 3, episode 4
W: Richard Landau   D: Lawrence Doheny

With Dorrie Thompson (Julie Farmer), Eric Server (Harmon), Zohra Lampert (Lita Verassiere), Johnny Seven (Al Crawford), Casey Kasem (Tony Brock), Andrew Duggan (Truman Berkley), StePhen Burleigh (Mark Tyson), Mary Angela Shea (Olivia Kerns).
A movie producer hires Pete and Mac to protect his leading lady from attempts on her life.

December 5, 1977: Dancer
Season 3, episode 5
W: Patrick Mathews   D: Paul Krasny

With Louis Quinn (Emcee), Tara Buckman (Nurse), J. Pat O'Malley (Noah Bentley), David Wayne (Dancer), Kim Cattrall (Capt. Pierce), John Fiedler (Harry Winkler).
An old vaudevillian is shot during a performance, and Pete and Mac resurrect the past with a buck and wing act of their own to find out why.

December 12, 1977: Go For Broke
Season 3, episode 6
W: Mel Goldberg   D: Sigmund Neufeld Jr.

With Robert Yuro (Markham), Allen Joseph (Lou Reardon), Lara Parker (Tonya Mason), Antony Carbone (Mike Lansky), Janet Blair (Isabel Jensen Craig Harris), Susan Anton (Marcy), Charles Knox Robinson (Tom Harris), William Bryant (Lt. Shilton).
A woman hires Pete and Mac to find her missing husband, but before they do, she is murdered.

December 19, 1977: Lady Of The Deep
Season 3, episode 7
W: Larry Forrester   D: Sigmund Neufeld Jr.

With Jorge Cervera Jr. (Hernandez), Carmen Zapata (Clarita), Rene Enriquez (Rafael Garcia), Skye Aubrey (Lottie Cranston), Don Porter (Salvensen), Regis Cordic (Dr. Cranston), Clint Ritchie (Stinch).
Mac masquerades as an itinerant artist and Pete as a diver when a scientist working on an experiment in underwater habitation mysteriously disappears.

December 26, 1977: Thirty Thousand Witnesses
Season 3, episode 8
W: Tom Bagen   D: Fernando Lamas

With Lindsay Bloom (Kate Johnson), Don Knight (Rob Evans), Frank Aletter (Harry Gilden), Lorenzo Lamas (Sobranski), Jack Hogan (Abe Knox), Eric Braeden (Franz Hausner), Dane Clark (Clay Tranter), Than Wyenn (Franek Zenski), William Bryant (Lt. Shilton).
When a soccer team's star player is murdered, Pete poses as a goalkeeper and Mac masquerades as a trainer in hopes of drawing out the killer.

January 2, 1978: Dangerous Curves
Season 3, episode 9
W: Larry Forrester   D: Phil Bondelli

With Norman Alden (Barney), Sally Carter (Adele), Kathleen Bendett (Jan), Anne Schedeen (Keelie Blair), Ned Wilson (Howard Madison), Joseph V. Perry (Cadrow Webb), Jay Varela (Fire Chief), William Bryant (Lt. Shilton).
Pete and Mac try to discover why an all-female taxi company is being forced out of business.

January 9, 1978: The Death Tong
Season 3, episode 10
W: Peter Allan Fields   D: Ray Danton

With Barbara Luna (Sgt. Lee), Philip Ahn (Charlie Kuang), John Fujioka (Nin Tung Fat), James Hong (Wang), Carlene Watkins (Shirley), William Bryant (Lt. Shilton).
Pete and Mac are surprised to discover that the cook at the Bouzouki bar is a high-ranking member of a Chinese tong.

January 16, 1978: Who Killed Lila Craig?
Season 3, episode 11
W: Steve Fisher   D: Paul Krasny

With Rick Jason (Gene Cole), Jack Carter (Raymond Brodski), Randi Oakes (Jill Claredon), Lola Albright (Millie Tate), Howard Duff (Ira Larkin), Felice Orlandi (Rick Race).
Mac becomes one of his own clients when he is a suspect in a 20-year-old unsolved murder.

June 25, 1978: The Cage
Season 3, episode 12
W: Michael Wagner   D: James Sheldon

With Stack Pierce (Selso Barnes), Eddie Firestone (Bartender), William Mims (Dr. Lennox), Bill Quinn (Lt. Caridia), Jason Kincaid (Paul Brown), Ramon Bieri (Jack Gaynor), Joanna Cameron (Jenny Brown), Natalie Wood (Woman in Bubble Bath), John Davis Chandler (Jo Jo Kert), Eric Christmas (Shaun Farrell).
Mac and Pete discover that a rare white rhinoceros at the San Diego zoo holds the key to the whereabouts of a missing veterinarian.

July 2, 1978: Coronado Circle
Season 3, episode 13
W: Donald P. Bellisario   D: Michael Caffey

With George Chandler (Capt. Roberts), Juliet Mills (Alicia Alden), Arch Johnson (Combes), Frank Maxwell (Capt. Marks), John Colicos (Gilchrist), Ken Sansom (Dr. Kronberg).
An elderly captain and his deckhand are missing from a yacht found drifting where several vessels recently disappeared.

July 9, 1978: Blue Crusaders Reunion
Season 3, episode 14
W: Robert Earll, Leigh Vance   D: Seymour Robbie

With Mike Kellin (Fred), Dana Baker (Serena), J. Michael Terry (Richard Clement), Frank Campanella (Tony Barducci), Kathryn Leigh Scott (Detective Ellis), Simon Oakland (Sam), Alan Terry (Alvin Clement).
Mac attends an officers reunion at a resort, unaware that everyone is slated to be killed by an uninvited guest.

July 16, 1978: Stolen Island
Season 3, episode 15
W: Robert Earll   D: Fernando Lamas

With Maud Adams (Ava), Jacques Aubuchon (Arthur Cummings), Jonathan Lippe (Mark), Robert F. Hoy (Benny Vinton), William Stevens (Sam Brent).
Pete and Mac look for a militant ecologist who went into hiding after a chemical-company bombing.

July 23, 1978: Play-Off
Season 3, episode 16
W: Larry Forrester   D: Sigmund Neufeld Jr.

With Jack Kruschen (Damon Alexander), Howard McGillin (Paul Alexander), Joanna Kerns (Mae Brenner), Val Avery (Rosie Finniston), George Petrie (Col. MacLennan), Laura Baugh (Kerry Kilgavin), Howard Dayton (Dabber Deans), Stan Haze (Brett Kirby), Jack Garner (Enrico), William Bryant (Lt. Shilton).
A gambling mogul kidnaps Malcolm to ensure that Pete will protect his golf-pro son from a death threat.

July 30, 1978: Mexican Standoff
Season 3, episode 17
W: Larry Forrester, John Lewis Figueroa   D: Fernando Lamas

With Mary Maldonado (Maricelia Marques), Marie Melendez (Yolanda Perez), Poindexter Yothers (Mathew Gorvan), Gloria Manon (Anthea), Richard Angarola (Joaquin Aragon), Valentin de Vargas (Alejo Mendares), Rodolfo Hoyos Jr. (Octavio Salinas), William Bryant (Lt. Shilton), Tina Menard (Acension Salinas).
Pete and Mac investigate white slavers who smuggle aliens from Latin America.

August 6, 1978: Three Blond Mice
Season 3, episode 18
W: Michael Wagner   D: James Sheldon

With James Carroll Jordan (Dr. Tincannon), Gordon Jump (Theodore Youngman), Michael Durrell (Fred McGivers), Alice Backes (Librarian), Barbara Sigel (Erica), Susan Lanier (Amy), Nancy Malone (Priscilla), Bayn Johnson (Marada Siwa), Bill Zuckert (Kosky).
A scientific project and a student who was working on it disappear from a school for the gifted, and Pete and Mac are hired to find them.

August 13, 1978: The Siege At The Bouziki Bar
Season 3, episode 19
W: Larry Forrester   D: Seymour Robbie

With Richard LePore (Fireman), Pamela Bellwood (Andrea).
Pete, Mac, Malcolm and Maggie are trapped in the Bouziki Bar while protecting a pregnant woman from her would-be murderers.

August 20, 1978: Formula For Murder
Season 3, episode 20
W: Madeline DiMaggio Wagner   D: Sigmund Neufeld Jr.

With Dick Sargent (Bill Gambel), Adrienne LaRussa (Miki), Claudette Nevins (Genevieve), Macdonald Carey (Ray), William Bryant (Lt. Shilton), Robert Ellenstein (Board Member).
Pete and Mac unknowingly work on opposite ends of the same case to find a murderer and a stolen formula. (Last show of the series.)

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