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Series regulars or semi-regulars in 'The Bold Ones: The Lawyers' in the 1970s:

1970s Episode Guide for 'The Bold Ones: The Lawyers':

(Episodes with dates prior to 1970 aired as reruns during the '70s.)

September 21, 1969: A Game Of Chance
Season 1, episode 1
W: John Thomas James   D: Douglas Heyes

With John Milford (Sgt. Benedict), Steve Ihnat (Lt. Anderson), John S. Ragin (Ralph Horton), Sandra Smith (Anne Carlin), Michael Carr (Detective Perkins), Dick Gordon (Judge), David Mauro (Kervorkian), Todd Martin (Steven Holt), Leslie Perkins (Millie).
Attorneys Nichols, Darrell and Darrell face an unusual adversary, a police lieutenant who uses unlawful means to obtain convictions, as they defend two clients on a murder charge.

October 12, 1969: The People Against Ortega
Season 1, episode 2
W: Dick Nelson   D: Richard T. Heffron

With Robert Webber (Sam Rand), John Randolph (Judge Murchison), Frank Ramirez (Jessie Ortega), James Chandler (Governor Benteen), Lincoln Kilpatrick (Clellan), Kermit Murdock (D.A. Charles Pettit), Nina Shipman (Marcy Rand).
Brian Darrell draws on quick wits and knowledge to defend a man who seems destined for the gas chamber.

November 2, 1969: The Crowd Pleaser
Season 1, episode 3
W: Frank Fenton   D: Vincent Sherman

With Mel Torme (Harry Carter), Georg Stanford Brown (Richie), Juanita Moore (Emma Greenley), Dana Elcar (D.A. Shannon), Lillian Lehman (Thelma), Vince Williams (Callahan), Elissa Dulce Hoopai (Valerie Yamagata).
A defendant is freed of a homicide charge, and, following the trial, admits his guilt to attorney Neil Darrell.

November 16, 1969: The Rockford Riddle
Season 1, episode 4
W: Matthew Howard   D: Richard T. Heffron

With Claudine Longet (Susanne Rockford), Charles Aidman (Henry Rockford), George Murdock (D.A. Braddock), Leslie Perkins (Carol Peterson), Charles Brewer (Asst. D.A.), Charles Lampkin (Barber), Vince Howard (Barth), Bart Burns (Judge).
A man clears his wife of a murder charge and, after she is freed by the jury, claims he perjured himself.

November 30, 1969: Shriek Of Silence
Season 1, episode 5
W: John Thomas James, Robert Foster   D: Fernando Lamas

With Craig Stevens (Steven Patterson), George Murdock (D.A. Braddock), Morgan Sterne (Barry Goram), Richard Van Vleet (Paul Mitchell), Walter Brooke (Charles Hines), Pamela McMyler (Mary Hammond), Ralph Manza (Wilfred Fletcher), Carol Booth (Ellen Sherman), Jo De Winter (Beth Patterson), Fred Holliday (Asst. D.A.).
Attorneys Nichols, Darrell and Darrell defend a gubernatorial candidate who is accused of having been involved in the slaying of one of his campaign workers.

January 4, 1970: Trial Of A Mafioso
Season 1, episode 6
W: Robert Hamner   D: Richard Benedict

With Richard Conte (DeLacey), Joe De Santis (Don Passetto), Linda Marsh (Maria), Frank Campanella (Castelli), Bill Quinn (Judge), Len Wayland (Lt. Harper), Paul Micale (James Doro), Pat Renella (Joseph Candelmo), Nick Benedict (Al Shaw).
After 15 years in prison a convict gains a new trial, knowing that if he wins his release he faces death at the hands of the Mafia.

January 25, 1970: Point Of Honor
Season 1, episode 7

With Veronica Cartwright (Mary Gaffney), Roger Davis (Randy Burroughs), Paul Stevens (D.A. Phillips), Maria Grimm (Sherma Willens), Grace Lee Whitney (Blonde), Andy Romano (Sgt. Briggs), Herbert Nelson (Judge), Charles Wagenheim (Hotel Clerk), Austin Willis (Hanley).
Brian Darrell refuses to act as a defense attorney for a young millionaire he suspects is guilty and becomes a target for an unknown sniper.

February 15, 1970: The Shattered Image
Season 1, episode 8

With Will Geer (Ralph Turner), Audrey Totter (Edith Powell), Ford Rainey (D.A. Douglas), Karen Ericson (Nina Hollister), Allan Lurie (Mel Gale), Tod Andrews (Ted Hollister), Duane Gray (Judge).
Attorney Walter Nichols is framed on a jury-tampering charge and, after acting as his own defense lawyer, must call on partner Neil Darrell in a last-ditch attempt to beat the charge.

September 27, 1970: The Verdict
Season 2, episode 1
W: Roy Huggins   D: Alexander Singer

With Stephen McNally (Arthur Cleary), Florence St. Peter (Holly Griffin), Will Geer (Judge Scanlon), John Kerr (Dr. Blackburn), Mary Gregory (Stella Copeland), Bill Quinn (Dr. Staley), Paul Napier (George Scharf), Sue Carlton (Mrs. Syden).
Neil Darrell defies his partners and clashes head-on with an assistant district attorney and a harsh judge in defense of a physician charged with performing an illegal abortion.

October 18, 1970: Panther In A Cage
Season 2, episode 2
W: Stephen Kandel   D: Nicholas Colasanto

With Georg Stanford Brown (Kenneth Miller), Charles Lampkin (Ralph Miller), Gloria Calomee (Miriam Wilson), John McLiam (Judge Wiley), Val Avery (Lt. Makarian), Gerald Hiken (Deputy D.A.), Frank Campanella (Dr. Rowland), Alan Baxter (Sgt. Wilkerson), Jeff Burton (Sgt. Jonas), Tom Castronova (Waiter), Arch Whiting (Sgt. Kramer), Jack Krupnick (Officer Brock).
Attorneys Nichols, Darrell and Darrell are retained by an "establishment" father to defend his son, a Black Panther, who is charged with the murder of a plainclothes policeman.

November 8, 1970: Trial Of A Pfc.
Season 2, episode 3

With Pete Deuel (Jerry Purdue), Jane Elliot (Grace Young), Jared Martin (Pete Callender), Walter Brooke (James Horn), Joseph V. Perry (Bartender), Herbert Nelson (Judge), James McCallion (Greenley).
A Vietnam veteran-turned-hippie's refusal to confide in Walter Nichols makes the attorney's task of defending him on a murder charge next to impossible.

December 6, 1970: The People Against Dr. Chapman
Season 2, episode 4
W: Jerry Bredouw   D: Jeannot Szwarc

With Monte Markham (Nick Chapman), Ramon Bieri (James Parkinson), Jon Lormer (Judge), Frank Maxwell (Bart Russell), Meg Wyllie (Grace Wiley), Ned Wertimer (Dr. Weiss), Dennis Fimple (Pete), Claudia Bryar (Mrs. Stockton), Karl Lukas (Sam Jessop), Arthur Space (Dr. Johnson).
An ex-Army medic is charged with murder when an auto accident victim he administered to dies.

December 20, 1970: The Loneliness Racket
Season 2, episode 5

With Marj Dusay (Florence Mallory), Patricia Donahue (Mrs. Wilson), Phyllis Love (Hazel Thomas), Diane Shalet (Shirley Pryor), Alan Oppenheimer (George Hartnell), Amzie Strickland (Mrs. Pryor), Ann Doran (Mrs. Grimbi), Laurence Haddon (Harry Beeley), Todd Martin (D.A. Skinner), Clarke Gordon (Vernon Kerenz).
A lonely woman's search for companionship leads to a dating service -- and a murder defense for attorneys Nichols, Darrell and Darrell.

January 10, 1971: The Search For Leslie Grey
Season 2, episode 6

With Charles Aidman (Leslie Gray), Leo Gordon (Adolph Zimmer), John Kellogg (Lt. Miller), Rodolfo Acosta (Pablo Delgado), Micil Murphy (Arturo Rosales), Betsy Jones-Moreland (Hazel).
A tycoon hires attorneys Nichols, Darrell and Darrell to prevent a corporation from learning a secret from his past.

January 31, 1971: The Hyland Confession
Season 2, episode 7
W: Frank Fenton   D: Daniel Petrie

With Tisha Sterling (Joyce Hyland), Severn Darden (Dr. Grundig), Clifford David (Guru Rabindranath), Barbara Clarke Chisholm (Helen Steele), Jonathan Lippe (Merrill Hyland), Len Wayland (Lt. Hinshaw), Ted Gehring (Sgt. Flint), Martin Priest (D.A.), Judson Morgan (Judge), Guy Danfort (Detective).
Mysticism and self-incrimination provide a bleak outlook for attorneys Brian Darrell and Walter Nichols' defense of a woman charged with murdering her husband.

February 21, 1971: The Price Of Justice
Season 2, episode 8

With Cal Bellini (Danny Otter), Lee Delano (Luke), Julie Gregg (Elizabeth Reynolds), John Rivera (Jimmy), Ivan Naranjo (David), Blaizdell Makee (Matthew), Todd Martin (Jeff).
An ancient tribal law brings a final verdict to a young Indian steel worker whom Brian Darrell has successfully defended on a murder charge.

September 26, 1971: The Invasion Of Kevin Ireland
Season 3, episode 1
W: Jack B. Sowards   D: Alexander Singer

With Darren McGavin (Kevin Ireland), Kathie Browne (Maggie Ireland), Dana Elcar (Gale), Todd Martin (D.A. Skinner), John S. Ragin (Fred Carter), Pat Harrington Jr. (Mr. Fox), Clark Gordon (Allen), Martin Ashe (Judge).
The first lawyers segment of the season is the story of a former executive whose reputation, career and marriage have been destroyed by an unethical corporation president.

October 17, 1971: The Strange Secret Of Yermo Hill
Season 3, episode 2
W: William D. Gordon   D: Jeffrey Hayden

With Randolph Mantooth (Terry Kimble), Mills Watson (Yermo Hill), Arlene Golonka (Ruth), Edmund G. 'Pat' Brown (Judge), John Milford (Lt. Hewitt), David Spielberg (Deputy D.A. Wahlburg), Paul Gleason (Detective), Anne Ramsey (Mrs. Foxx).
Former California Governor Edmund G. ("Pat") Brown makes his acting debut in a guest appearance as a judge in a drama about an ex-Marine charged with murder.

October 31, 1971: Hall Of Justice
Season 3, episode 3
W: Robert Hamner   D: Richard T. Heffron

With Richard Van Vleet (James Fryman), Ramon Bieri (Judge Hartman), Paul Comi (Roger Elmore), Robert Donner (Owen Hubbard), Jesse Vint (Officer Taylor), Logan Ramsey (Judge Fusari), Jerry Fogel (D.A. Carlson), Barbara Sigel (Laurel), Morgan Sterne (Dr. Gold), Marc Hannibal (Frank Wyatt), Arthur Adams (Judge Miller), Colby Chester (D.A. Reid).
Attorneys Nichols, Darrell and Darrell handle cases involving narcotics, false arrest, perjury, euthanasia and assault on a minor.

November 14, 1971: In Defense Of Ellen McKay
Season 3, episode 4

With John Randolph (Dr. Schaefer), Susan Clark (Ellen McKay), Lindsay Wagner (Stella Bowers), David Spielberg (D.A. Wahlburg), Rudy Challenger (Judge Morganfield), Tom Falk (Paul Whitmore).
Brian Darrell becomes romantically involved with a client he's defending on a charge of murdering her husband.

November 28, 1971: By Reason Of Insanity
Season 3, episode 5
D: Alexander Singer

With Charles Aidman (Howard Miller), Tim Matheson (Miles Parker), Nina Shipman (Louise Miller), Walter Brooke (Dr. Howe), John Milford (Lt. Hewitt), Ann Summers (Judge Mattson), Dick Whittington (Cates), Charles Davis (Dr. Berman), Todd Martin (D.A. Skinner), Barry Cahill (Schenker).
Vengeful Miles Baker is determined to destroy the man who had kidnapped him as a child.

December 12, 1971: Justice Is A Sometime Thing
Season 3, episode 6
W: Robert Hamner   D: Jeffrey Hayden

With A Martinez (Carlos Estrada), Richard Jordan (D.A. Craig), Edith Diaz (Teresa Cuervo), Maxine Stuart (Mrs. Morley), Robert Lipton (Morrie Burns), Kermit Murdock (Judge Chapman), Morgan Jones (Officer Dodson), Inez Pedroza (Nun), Francisco Ortega (Mr. Garcia).
A youth who has been held without trial for seven months convinces attorneys Nichols, Darrell and Darrell that he is innocent of a mugging charge.

December 26, 1971: The Letter Of The Law
Season 3, episode 7
W: Douglas Heyes   D: Douglas Heyes

With Will Geer (Elliot Leveridge), Carol Wayne (Christie Mullins), Carla Borelli (Nora Lennox), James Olson (Calvin Searle), Gale Sondergaard (Mrs. Marley), Milton Selzer (Wilmer Frye), Michael Conrad (Ernie Mapes).
An eccentric retired attorney involves Walt Nichols and Brian Darrell in a macabre scheme to administer his own justice.

January 9, 1972: The Long Morning After (1)
Season 3, episode 8
W: Douglas Heyes   D: Douglas Heyes

With Pat Hingle (Gen. Sternwood), Anne Helm (Maggie Lewis), Pamela McMyler (Linda Sternwood), Roger Davis (Jim Lewis), John Milford (Lt. Hewitt), Robert Corff (Brother Bartholomew), David Mauro (Clifford Quill), Judd Laurance (The Shepherd).
Attorney Neil Darrell attempts to prove that two auto accident deaths are really murder.

January 16, 1972: The Long Morning After (2)
Season 3, episode 9
W: Douglas Heyes   D: Douglas Heyes

With John Milford (Lt. Hewitt), Pat Hingle (Gen. Sternwood), Anne Helm (Maggie Lewis), Pamela McMyler (Linda Sternwood), Robert Corff (Brother Bartholomew), Bill Quinn (Howard Marks), Patricia Barry (Marian Sternwood), James Wainwright (Bill Stillman).
Neil Darrell is still determined to prove Gen. Sternwood guilty of murder, but the evidence he finds leads to another source.

January 30, 1972: In Sudden Darkness
Season 3, episode 10
W: Charles Israel, David Moessinger   D: David Moessinger

With John Milford (Lt. Hewitt), Carol Lawrence (Norma Hazelwood), Sian Barbara Allen (Lauren), Tim O'Connor (Dr. Newcomb), Frank Aletter (William Harper), David Spielberg (D.A. Wahlburg), Barry Higgins (David Sherman), Arthur Adams (Judge Miller).
Attorneys Walter Nichols and Brian Darrell are faced with the difficult defense of Lauren Hazelwood, who won't reveal why she killed her father.

February 13, 1972: Lisa, I Hardly Knew You
Season 3, episode 11
W: Elick Moll   D: Alexander Singer

With Ellen Burstyn (Rachel Lambert), Tiffany Bolling (Lisa Lambert), Douglass Watson (Mr. Lambert), John Milford (Lt. Hewitt), Peter Hobbs (Uncle Charles), Ivor Francis (Dr. Venner), Michael Bell (Lennie Harmon).
The suicide of his fiancee on their wedding day drives attorney Neil Darrell to reconstruct their romance. (Last show of the series.)

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