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Series regulars or semi-regulars in 'The Bold Ones: The New Doctors' in the 1970s:

1970s Episode Guide for 'The Bold Ones: The New Doctors':

(Episodes with dates prior to 1970 aired as reruns during the '70s.)

September 14, 1969: To Save A Life
Season 1, episode 1
W: Irv Pearlberg   D: Don McDougall

With Pat Hingle (Dr. Ben Gold), Gene Raymond (Walter Markle), Ricky Kelman (Steve Markle), Linda Dangcil (Elena), Virginia Gregg (Dorothy), Jason Bernard (Dr. Griffith), Michael Lerner.
Doctors Craig, Hunter and Stuart are stymied in attempts to save a patient's life by an "old line" physician's unwillingness to accept death in his own patient's case.

October 5, 1969: What's The Price Of A Pair Of Eyes?
Season 1, episode 2
W: Sandy Stern   D: Jeffrey Hayden

With Jason Evers (Dr. Simpson), Tisha Sterling (Casey Woods), Chris Hansen (Ken Simpson), Berkeley Harris (Dr. Coulter), David Sachs (Dr. Feld), Walter Barnes (Zach Garvin).
A physician, hoping to perfect a sight replacement system for his blind son, works with Dr. Paul Hunter on an electronic device which seems to have great promise.

October 19, 1969: The Rebellion Of The Body
Season 1, episode 3
W: Alfred Brenner   D: Daniel Petrie

With William Smithers (Dr. Truesdale), Eileen Baral (Jennifer), Edward Faulkner (Dr. Brandon), Shelly Novack (H.P. Leader), Cliff Potts (James Webster), Judith Brown (Julie).
The medical staff of Craig Institute joins forces with a volunteer group to try to save Dr. Paul Hunter's life after he receives a lethal dose of radiation.

November 9, 1969: Man Without A Heart
Season 1, episode 4
W: Irve Tunick   D: Jack Starrett

With Howard Duff (Henry Speiser), Joanna Cameron (Jan Speiser), John Zaremba (Charles Tobin), Paul Bryar (Judge Morley).
A heart transplant and a malpractice suit hover over Dr. Ted Stuart's treatment of the coronary-troubled attorney for the plaintiff.

November 23, 1969: A Small Step For Man
Season 1, episode 5
W: Robert Pirosh   D: Jack Starrett

With Yale Summers (Col. Walter Emmons), Terry Carter (Capt. Mike Carter), Gloria Calomee (Ann Carter), Ted Hartley (Maj. Edwin MacKenzie), Hal England (Dr. Clay Schedler), Savannah Bentley (Dr. Peggy Knauf), Vince Williams (TV Correspondent).
Dr. Ted Stuart serves as a guinea pig in a dangerous experiment aimed at helping an astronaut stricken seriously ill while orbiting the moon.

December 7, 1969: Crisis
Season 1, episode 6
W: Donn Mullally   D: Don McDougall

With Bradford Dillman (Dr. Herb Lanier), Sue Lyon, Jeffrey Lynn (Mr. Cleary), Tom Helmore (Mr. McBane), Morgan Jones (Larry Kelly), John S. Ragin (Mr. Koenig), Norma Crane (Alice Cleary).
Using Dr. Ted Stuart's untested surgical procedure, a surgeon makes an unauthorized vein transplant and, although the patient dies, asks Stuart to assist him in a second operation.

December 21, 1969: And Those Unborn
Season 1, episode 7
W: Blanche Hanalis   D: Robert Day

With Lois Nettleton (Laura Michaels), Stephen McNally (Charles Michaels), Tim Weldon (Ricky Rizzuto), Faye Nuell (Mrs. Rizzuto), Barry Cahill (Dr. Strickland).
After a first pregnancy results in stillbirth, a coulpe seeks medical aid to insure their having a healthy child. During treatment of the wife, Dr. Paul Hunter notices symptoms in the husband that indicate a fatal disease.

January 18, 1970: If I Can't Sing, I'll Listen
Season 1, episode 8
W: Blanche Hanalis, Leonard Stadd   D: Don Weis

With Josephine Hutchinson (Emma Fields), Susan Albert (G.G.), Hazel Scott (Dolly Martin), Lorraine Gary (Dr. Marion Lester), Burt Mustin (Mr. Palermo).
Doctors Ted Stuart and Paul Hunter must cope with the mental as well as physical problems of three women with varying degrees of cancer.

February 8, 1970: This Day's Child
Season 1, episode 9
W: Sandy Stern   D: Jeffrey Hayden

With Bethel Leslie (Anita Hamilton), Sheila Larken (Liz), Squire Fridell (Dr. Jessup), Sandy Brown Wyeth (Ali), Dee Carroll (Nurse Hatch), Fred Holliday (Pathologist).
The staff of the Craig Institute races the clock in search of the real cause of a dying young girl's mysterious ailment.

March 1, 1970: Dark Is The Rainbow, Loud The Silence
Season 1, episode 10
W: Max Hodge   D: Barry Shear

With Than Wyenn (Dr. Udo Giesen), Jack Klugman (Leland Rogers), Oliver McGowan (Donald Freeland), Katherine Woodville (Kim Rogers), John Raynor (Inspector Hendy).
Doctors Craig, Stuart and Hunter race time to find a cure for a noted author, a presidential aide who's part of an important peace talk team.

September 20, 1970: This Will Really Kill You
Season 2, episode 1
W: Robert White, Phyllis White   D: Jeffrey Hayden

With Tisha Sterling (Joan McPartland), Michael Anderson Jr. (Jerry), Richard X. Slattery (Mr. McPartland), Darby Hinton (Hal Parker), Rodolfo Hoyos Jr. (Sgt. Garcia), Ann Prentiss (Elaine), George Murdock (Prescott), Noam Pitlik (Dr. Radnitz), Sandy Kenyon (Peterson), John Lupton (Kenneth Parker), Julie Bennett (Mrs. Parker).
A 21-year-old pregnant drug addict enters the hospital in desperation with her life -- and that of her unborn baby -- hanging in the balance.

October 11, 1970: Killer On The Loose
Season 2, episode 2
W: Reuben Bercovitch   D: Abner Biberman

With Robert Hooks (Scott Dayton), Della Reese (Grace Dayton), Georg Stanford Brown (Bakumba), Julie Adams (Lynn Craig), Keith Andes (Dr. Iverson), Eric Laneuville (Bruce Dayton), Tom Drake (Dr. Thompson), Virginia Gregg (Anne Turner), Edward Faulkner (Dr. Hill), Myron Healey (Guard), Eve Brent (Nurse).
Singer Della Reese makes her television dramatic debut in a medical segment about a mysterious virus which causes sudden death and the desperate efforts to isolate it.

October 25, 1970: Giants Never Kneel
Season 2, episode 3
W: Nat Tanchuck, Sy Salkowitz   D: Daryl Duke

With Arthur Hill (Ainsley Walters), Carol Lynley (Judith Walters), DeForest Kelley (Parrish), Roger Perry (James Carmichael), Kevin Hagen (Blake), Kasey Rogers (Mrs. Ryan).
A tycoon enters Craig Institute for a two-fold purpose -- to have a routine checkup and to outsmart a ruthless rival.

November 15, 1970: First: No Harm To The Patient
Season 2, episode 4
W: Howard Browne, Sy Salkowitz   D: Jeffrey Hayden

With Richard Dreyfuss (Dr. Tolliver), Dolores Mann (Pearl Barton), James Broderick (Dr. Henry Pruitt), Katherine Crawford (Abbie), Lonny Chapman (George Barton).
Dr. Stuart ignores the advice of Dr. Craig and puts his career on the line by reporting a small-town doctor for incompetence.

December 13, 1970: In Dreams They Run
Season 2, episode 5
W: Don Tait, Sandy Stern   D: Jerry Lewis

With Joanne Linville (Anne Sorenson), Lincoln Kilpatrick (Gil Dodds), Arch Johnson (Frank Sorenson), Ella Edwards (Babe Dodds), Jason Karpf (Davey Sorenson), Kathleen Freeman (Nurse), Eve Brent (Nurse).
Jerry Lewis directed this story of a stricken pro golfer whose confidence -- and courage -- is restored by a young boy afflicted with muscular dystrophy.

January 3, 1971: A Matter Of Priorities
Season 2, episode 6
W: Irv Pearlberg   D: Leslie H. Martinson

With Kim Hunter (Elaine Mller), Pernell Roberts (Dr. Bartell), Harold J. Stone (Harry Miller), Mike Miranda (Raul Hernandez), Linda Dangcil (Celia Hernandez), Katherine Crawford (Abbie Carter), Carmen Zapata (Rose Villacres), Gary Morgan (Matt), James B. Sikking (Reporter), Clark Howat (Reporter), Ron Pinkard (Doctor).
The death of a heart transplant patient helps Dr. Ted Stuart make a critical decision about his future.

January 24, 1971: An Absence Of Loneliness
Season 2, episode 7
W: Michael Blankfort   D: Joel Rogosin

With Julie Adams (Lynn Craig), Edward Binns (Jim Lynch), Kathryn Hays (Marcy), Coleen Gray (Mary Lynch), Brad David (Ronnie Lynch), Phillip Pine (Ed Resnick), Ann Doran (Helen Robinson), Kasey Rogers (Pam Ellis), John S. Ragin (Dr. Gomrick).
The imminent death of a friend prompts Dr. David Craig to set up an experimental family therapy unit in which terminal patients give their reactions to dying.

February 14, 1971: Tender Predator
Season 2, episode 8
W: Don Ingalls   D: Richard Benedict

With Stephen Young (Dr. Neal Young), Melissa Hart (Kate), Katherine Crawford (Abby), Karen Valentine (Gayle Ritter), Kiel Martin (Dr. Martin Thomas), Barbara Sigel (Nurse), Fred Holliday (Dr. Garber).
A charming, indomitable young woman enters the Craig Institute with a two-fold purpose -- to be cured of ailments incurred during her work with the Navajos, and to find a physician-husband for herself.

September 19, 1971: Broken Melody
Season 3, episode 1

With Joyce Van Patten (Millicent Wilson), Ivor Francis (George Wilson), Bobby Eilbacher (Johnny Wilson), Milton Selzer (Otologist), Reuben Singer (Dr. Peters), Don Hanmer (Manager).
The rotating series of dramas on law and medicine (last season's Senator portion has been dropped) returns for its third year. Tonight, a singer and a belligerent little boy discover a desperate need for each other.

October 3, 1971: The Angry Man
Season 3, episode 2
W: Howard Dimsdale   D: Alf Kjellin

With Zooey Hall (Mat Willis), Dina Merrill (Madeline Calvert), Shelley Morrison (Anna), Dabbs Greer (Casey), Garry Walberg (Orthopedist), Sandy Ward (Radiologist), Helen Kleeb (Nurse).
Able to buy her way out of anything but her terminal illness, wealthy Madeline Calvert finds herself attracted to an anti-establishment student at Craig Institute.

October 24, 1971: One Lonely Step
Season 3, episode 3
W: Edward J. Lakso   D: Leonard Horn

With Lou Gossett Jr. (Dr. Joe Karnes), Kirk Calloway (Ronnie Johnson), Pat Crowley (Helen Johnson), McLean Stevenson (George Caldwell).
Dr. Paul Hunter clashes with Dr. Craig in his efforts to save the life of a Negro boy stricken with sickle cell anemia.

November 7, 1971: Close Up
Season 3, episode 4

With Joan Van Ark (Evelyn Baker), Peggy Feury (Ellie Morris), Stan Schneider (Dr. Fisher).
A beautiful model, the victim of a rare facial paralysis, asks Dr. Ted Stuart to perform a surgery which is still in the experimental stage.

November 21, 1971: The Convicts
Season 3, episode 5
W: George Lefferts   D: John Newland

With June Dayton (Commissioner Kane), Rafael Lopez (Miguel Perez), Wally Taylor (Willie Chambers), Loretta Swit (Rosalyn), Val Avery (Victor Corso), Don Stroud (Milt Butcher), Jeff Donnell (Nurse Klein), Russell Wiggins (Wilbur), Renata Vanni (Liliana Corso).
Five prison inmates, temporarily released as volunteers for medical research, aid doctors Craig, Hunter and Stuart in an experiment toward saving lives with transplants from nonmatching donors.

December 5, 1971: The Glass Cage
Season 3, episode 6

With Marcy Lafferty (Janice), John Carter (Chris), Frank Campanella (Fred), Lynn Carlin (Meredith Lindon), Dick Shawn (Nick Sutton), Pat Hingle (Walsh), Brock Peters (John Goodman), Geri Reischl (Lisa), John Howard (Dr. Settles), Odessa Cleveland (Barbara), Wallace Earl (Carol).
A comic, a housewife and a businessman become patients of Dr. Paul Hunter in an experimental program studying alcoholism.

December 19, 1971: Dagger In The Mind
Season 3, episode 7
W: Howard Dimsdale   D: Leonard Horn

With Mary Layne (Dorie Freeman), Robert Sterling (Marshall Freeman), Collin Wilcox (Maxine Chandler), Jeff Pomerantz (Fred Wilkins).
A vindictive woman stirs a controversy between an old friend and his young wife, with Dr. Ted Stuart caught in the middle.

January 2, 1972: Moment Of Crisis
Season 3, episode 8
W: George Lefferts   D: Michael Caffey

With Lloyd Bochner (Dr. Richard Harkness), Joaquin Martinez (Jose Perez), Edward Andrews (Jarvis Cole), Christopher West (Amanda Cole), Athena Lorde (Gloria).
Dr. David Craig's clash with a brilliant surgeon is further complicated when the man's daughter crashes into a busload of children, one of whom is Craig's granddaughter.

January 23, 1972: Short Flight To A Distant Star
Season 3, episode 9
W: Howard Dimsdale   D: Arnold Laven

With Cameron Mitchell (Mike McGraw), Jess Walton (Sharon McGraw), Ilka Windish (Anitra Rokono), Ted Gehring (Wyznanski), Richard Stahl (Engineer).
Drawn from a factual medical experiment in which NASA's Ames Research Center in California used its centrifuge to extract a bullet from a man's brain, tonight's episode involves Dr. Paul Hunter with an Irish adventurer.

February 6, 1972: A Threatened Species
Season 3, episode 10
W: Jack Guss, Gabrielle Upton   D: John Badham

With Norma Crane (Harriet Smith), Clu Gulager (Matt Smith), Dawn Frame (Poppy), Charles Lampkin (Mailman), Dick Whittington (Announcer), Victoria Racimo (Trina McGuire).
Dr. Ted Stuart is plunged headlong into the private life of his chief surgical nurse when he learns she's pregnant and, although married, plans to give the child up for adoption.

March 5, 1972: Discovery At Fourteen
Season 3, episode 11
W: Robert M. Young   D: Don Taylor

With Ron Howard (Cory Merlino), Mike Farrell (Dr. Vic Wheelwright), Jane Wyman (Dr. Amanda Fallon), Robert Hogan (Jack Merlino), Jim Davis (Peter Melino), Philip Brown (Scotty Merlino), Mary Grace Canfield (Mrs. MacBeth), Lillian Lehman (Nurse Crawford), Jill Banner (Girl), Lynette Mettey (Dee Merlino).
A pediatrician must uncover a 14-year-old boy's secret before she can cure him of a duodenal ulcer.

September 19, 1972: Five Days In The Death Of Sgt. Brown (2)
Season 4, episode 1
W: Robert Van Scoyk   D: Leonard Horn

With Don Galloway (Sgt. Ed Brown), Raymond Burr (Det. Robert Ironside), Christina Hart (Jan Ritter), Vic Morrow (Dr. Ritter), Russell Wiggins (Ricky Wells), Lincoln Kilpatrick (Maury Goodson), Don Mitchell (Mark Sanger), Elizabeth Baur (Fran Belding), Stephen Young (Lt. Rauch), Ed Flanders (Phil McIver), Norman Alden (Frank Harmon).
The fourth season begins with the conclusion of a two-part episode that began on Ironside. The Craig Institute comes under pressure when spinal surgery to repair the broken back of Sgt. Ed Brown by Dr. William Ritter is interrupted by a threat against the life of the surgeon's daughter.

September 26, 1972: Is This Operation Necessary?
Season 4, episode 2
W: Ken Kolb   D: John Badham

With Dorothy Malone (Ruth McLayne), Richard Basehart (Dr. McLayne), Michael Lerner (Jack Walton), David Speilberg (Dr. Leonard Fraley), Vic Tayback (Frank Wells), Regis Cordic (Wendell Hagen), Richard Stahl (Dr. Ralph Grady), Laurette Spang (Real Estate Saleslady).
A prominent physician and classmate of David Craig is suspected of doing unnecessary surgery for money. Dr. Hunter investigates despite Craig's disapproval.

October 3, 1972: A Nation Of Human Pincushions
Season 4, episode 3
W: Robert Collins   D: John Badham

With Jeff Corey (Jack Mitgang), Carl Reiner (Arthur Gravis), Lloyd Nolan (Dr. Karl Richardson), Jack Albertson (Ira Goldberg), Noam Pitlik (Dr. Gorman).
An acupuncture expert and admitted Communist demonstrates at Craig Institute over the objections of an old-guard conservative doctor.

October 10, 1972: Time Bomb In The Chest
Season 4, episode 4
W: Charles A. McDaniel   D: Daryl Duke

With John Vernon (Frank Stedman), Joanne Linville (Joan Stedman), Johnny Lee (Noah Stedman), Michael C. Gwynne (Charlie Luwaine).
Craig Institute's Chief of Medical Design survives a heart attack, but then withdraws from life, fearing a second one might prove fatal.

October 17, 1972: A Standard Of Manhood
Season 4, episode 5
W: Robert Collins   D: Daryl Duke

With Frank Converse (Curt Boyle), Shirley Knight (Marcy Boyle), Dabney Coleman (Dr. Goldstone), Nadyne Turney (Mrs. Rogers).

October 24, 1972: A Substitute Womb
Season 4, episode 6
W: Oliver Crawford, Lionel Siegel   D: Richard Donner

With Sheila Larken (Myra Brooke), Stefanie Powers (Julie Garner), Carl Betz (Victor Garner), Patsy Garrett (Miss Atkins), Mel Stewart (Walter Belasco), Kevin Hagen (Fairchild), Victor Millan (Ross).
A woman, unable to carry a child full term because of a heart ailment, has the embryo transplanted into her sister who becomes possessive of the baby she's carrying.

October 31, 1972: A Very Strange Triangle
Season 4, episode 7
W: Peggy O'Shea   D: Jeremy Kagen

With Donna Mills (Valerie DeMarco), Hildy Brooks (Eleanor Jordan), Jo Ann Harris (Danielle Tate), Fran Ryan (Nurse), Eugene Troobnick (Dr. Marcus).
Intern Dr. Cohen attempts to renew a romance with a former girlfriend only to discover she is living with another woman in a lesbian relationship.

November 14, 1972: A Quality Of Fear
Season 4, episode 8
W: Jeff Myrow   D: Richard Donner

With Herb Edelman (Howard Feinstein), Marlyn Mason (Hanna Feinstein), Richard Anderson (Dr. Lensky), Michael Baseleon (Dr. Lee Williams), Henry Brown (Bobby), Peter Brocco (Mr. Smith), Dawn Lyn (Melissa Feinstein), Florence Lake (Lizzy), Katey Sagal (Nurse).
Dr. Hunter tries to convince a patient who has just been told she has cancer that her ailment does not necessarily mean death.

November 28, 1972: An Inalienable Right To Die
Season 4, episode 9
W: Robert Van Scoyk, Gustave Field   D: Walter Doniger

With James Douglas (Tom Sandral), Robert Foxworth (Alex Morrow), Susan Clark (Janice Morrow), Michael Pataki (Dr. Wardlow), Michael Fox (Carl Hedge), Jason Wingreen (Abe Fryman), Kathleen Hughes (Mrs. Carlson), Stephen Hudis (Cliff Morrow).
A woman, paralyzed from the neck down and suffering kidney damage, demands treatment be halted so that another patient may have a chance to live by means of dialysis.

December 5, 1972: A Purge Of Madness
Season 4, episode 10
W: Lionel E. Siegel   D: Marvin Chomsky

With Milton Berle (Dr. Cormack), Ross Martin (Harry Burke), Mariette Hartley (Helen Burke), L.Q. Jones (Dr. Dietrich), Lurene Tuttle (Mrs. Burrowski).
A schoolteacher goes berzerk in his classroom and then seeks psychosurgery to curb his temper. Dr. Craig faces a controversial decision because opponents of the procedure charge it changes the subject's personality.

December 12, 1972: End Theme
Season 4, episode 11
D: John Badham

With Lane Bradbury (Cassie Howard), Clu Gulager (Dan Corwin), Don Johnson (Ev Howard), Susan Damante (Dale), Gene Tyburn (Roger Genetyburo).
A rock singer breaks down during a concert and is afraid that any type of medical treatment will dull his performance.

December 19, 1972: The Velvet Prison
Season 4, episode 12
W: Ron Bishop   D: Richard Donner

With Gene Andrusco (Marcus Dahms), Charles Cioffi (Ed Dahms), Diana Muldaur (Ann Dahms), Val Bisoglio (Morey Wheaton), Sean Kelly (Simms).
A young hemophilia victim arrives at Craig Institute for an appendectomy but his problems extend beyond the physical with an overprotective mother and unresponsive father.

January 2, 1973: A Terminal Career
Season 4, episode 13
W: Alvin Sapinsley   D: Joel Oliansky

With Michael Constantine (Charlie Milaney), Susan Howard (Dr. Claudia Schaeffer), Ida Lupino (Dr. Marie Menzies), Patrick Culliton (Dr. Grunwald), Bill Zuckert (Man), Stack Pierce (Mr. Williams).
A young woman doctor must decide whether to devote her life to research on a lonely island or pursue a more normal career at Craig Institute, including a romance with Dr. Hunter.

January 9, 1973: Tightrope To Tomorrow
Season 4, episode 14
W: Ken Kolb   D: John Newland

With Burr DeBenning (Don Capetto), William Shatner (Richard Burrell), Alfred Ryder (Gus Stegner), Sallie Shockley (Kate Stegner), Whit Bissell (Jack Alexander), Walter Brooke (Bill Shileds), Sidney Clute (Bert Watson), Vince Howard (Charles Blake), Barra Grant (Eve Tanner).
Dr. Paul Hunter informs a man that his only chance at life is to be the recipient of a new surgery technique for heart patients, and the odds are not good that he will survive.

January 16, 1973: The Night Crawler
Season 4, episode 15

With Jess Walton, Henry Darrow (Juan Hernandez).

May 4, 1973: And Other Things I May Not See
Season 4, episode 16
W: Frank Pierson, Mark Rodgers   D: Frank R. Pierson

With Jane Wyman (Dr. Amanda Fallon), Leslie Nielsen (Mr. Cummings), Kathleen Nolan (Carol Steadman), Laurie Prange (Joyce Cummings), Pat O'Brien (Emory), Stephen Dunne (Wright Steadman).
A woman doctor administers to an injured girl and turns counselor when her parents clash over the girl's pregnancy. (Last show of the series.)

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