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Series regulars or semi-regulars in 'The Carol Burnett Show' in the 1970s:

1970s Episode Guide for 'The Carol Burnett Show':

(Episodes with dates prior to 1970 aired as reruns during the '70s.)

January 6, 1969:
Season 2, episode 14

With Tim Conway.

January 20, 1969:
Season 2, episode 15

With Tim Conway, Perry Como, Sidney Omarr.
Carol and Perry sing "My Funny Valentine" and "They Didn't Believe Me".

November 10, 1969:
Season 3, episode 7

With Bing Crosby, Ella Fitzgerald, Dan Rowan, Dick Martin, Bob Hope.
A salute to Paramount Studios includes spoofs of some memorable films, a medley of Oscar-winning songs by Crosby and Miss Fitzgerald and a musical tribute to the Marx Brothers. In skits, Bing is fawned over by his waitress (Carol) in a restaurant and, as Alice Portnoy, Carol outsmarts a gang of bank robbers.

November 17, 1969:
Season 3, episode 8

With Andy Griffith, Merv Griffin.
Griffith narrates and plays the prince to Miss Burnett's Cinderella - country style; Andy portrays a police officer who brings the "office" home with him; Carol recites "Pink", a poem by a child-fan.

November 24, 1969:
Season 3, episode 9

With Lucille Ball, George Carlin.
Entire cast spoofs a modern folk-pop-rock-soul concert; Carol and Lucille portray airline stewardesses competing for the good-service bonus; Miss Burnett sings "Just Talkin'".

December 8, 1969:
Season 3, episode 10

With Martha Raye, Tim Comway.
A salute to 20th Century Fox, highlighted by musical spoofs of Shirley Temple movies and such films as "Fantastic Voyage" and "Doctor Doolittle". Miss Raye solos "Is That All There Is?"

December 29, 1969:
Season 3, episode 12

With Nancy Wilson, Donald O'Connor.
The entire company join in for a salute to MGM; O'Connor sings and dances to "Without a Song"; Miss Wilson solos "The Girl's a Woman Now"; Carol portrays a housewife haunted by characters from TV commercials.

January 5, 1970:
Season 3, episode 13

With Kaye Stevens, Audrey Meadows.
Miss Stevens solos "Eli's Coming" and joins Carol for "Games People Play"; daytime serial spoof; cast regulars satirize television weddings.

January 12, 1970:
Season 3, episode 14

With Nanette Fabray, Nancy Wilson.
Miss Wilson solos "Spinning Wheel"; Carol and guests explore the generation gap in song and dance; Miss Burnett stars in the show's recurring daytime soap opera spoof.

January 19, 1970:
Season 3, episode 15

With Flip Wilson, Vikki Carr.
Miss Carr solos "Go"; Wilson and Miss Carr join Carol and company for a spoof of Mission: Impossible; Carol and Harvey Korman portray two wallflowers who discover each other in a TV commerical satire.

January 26, 1970:
Season 3, episode 16

With Mel Torme, Soupy Sales, Ronald Reagan.
Gov. Reagan helps Carol field questions from the studio audience; Miss Burnett and guests salute Warner Bros. Studios; Torme sings "Hurry On Down" and joins Carol for "Within You"; Sales portrays a phony accident victim blackmailed by precocious Fireside Girl Alice Portnoy (Carol).

February 2, 1970:
Season 3, episode 17

With Barbara Feldon, Joan Rivers.
Miss Burnett and guests spoof beauty contests and portray success-seeking sisters in New York; Miss Feldon sings and dances "If You've Got the Money" and "Yakety Sax"; Miss Rivers delivers a comedy monologue; Carol (as the Charwoman) sings "Where Did My Childhood Go?".

February 9, 1970:
Season 3, episode 18

With Steve Lawrence, Tim Conway, Kay Medford, Ken Berry.
The entire cast take part in a vaudeville spoof; Miss Burnett and Berry, as a mismatched couple, perform a love-song medley.

February 16, 1970: Family Show
Season 3, episode 19

Non-guest edition spotlights show regulars in comedy and song. Miss Burnett and Harvey Korman play shy school teachers reviewing the material for a sex-education class; Carol teaches Lyle Waggoner to sing.

February 23, 1970:
Season 3, episode 20

With Pat Carroll, Jack Jones.
Pat and Carol portray TV commercial actresses and housewives who flirt with their golf instructor (Lyle Waggoner); Jones sings "I Love You More Today Than I Did Yesterday" and "God Bless the Child". The soap opera chapter focuses on a housewife (Pat) with a weight problem, who takes advise from best friend Burnett and divorce lawyer Harvey Korman. Harvey later returns as a hypochondriac dealing with wife Carol.

March 2, 1970:
Season 3, episode 21

With Tim Conway, Jane Connell.
Cast salute to Universal Studios; Miss Connell appears in a "Thoroughly Modern Millie" number and sings "Pollution"; Vicki Lawrence offers "Leaving on a Jet Plane"; Conway and Harvey Korman portray tipsy pals trying to sober up, and Burnett and Korman appear as the Old Folks chatting on the back porch. Carol and Lyle Waggoner mimic Doris Day and Rock Hudson.

March 9, 1970:
Season 3, episode 22

With Nanette Fabray, Trini Lopez.
Lopez sings "Lemon Tree" with Carol and solos "Yesterday I Heard the Rain"; Miss Fabray performs "Good Old Sounds" and dances the soft shoe with Carol and Trini. She also plays a secret drinker who outwits Carol in the soap opera chapter of the show. Carol and Harvey Korman celebrate a 70th wedding anniversary in the Old Folks sketch, and Carol comes close to hysteria suspecting husband Korman of running off with another woman in the "Carol and Sis" portion.

March 16, 1970:
Season 3, episode 23

With Nancy Wilson, Ronnie Schell.
Miss Wilson solos and joins Carol and the dancers in production numbers; Schell portrays a nightclub comic with a wife who's out of laughs; Miss Burnett recites "Being Alone", a poem by a 13-year-old fan, and follows up by singing "Where Is Love?". Carol and sister Vicki Lawrence badger a hung-over Harvey Korman, and Carol returns for a slapstick husband-and-wife routine, becoming locked in a ball and chain.

March 23, 1970:
Season 3, episode 24

With Martha Raye, Mel Torme.
A special salute to Walt Disney Studios. A spoof of "Fantasia"; Torme and Lyle Waggoner join the dancers for "Dance of the Hours"; medley of Disney songs; Miss Raye sings "He Gives Me Love"; Torme solos "You've Made Me So Very Happy" and "Spinning Wheel".

March 30, 1970:
Season 3, episode 25

With Tim Conway, Peggy Lee.
Skits feature Conway as a misfit bachelor on a vacation cruise, and as an imbibing office worker practicing asking for a raise; Miss Lee solos "Love Story" and joins Carol for "Doodling Song".

April 13, 1970:
Season 3, episode 26

With Nanette Fabray, Michele Lee.
Highlighted is a musical finale with cast and guests bringing comic strip characters to life.

April 27, 1970: Family Show
Season 3, episode 27

Carol plays a producer's girlfriend picked as a last-minute replacement for a highly dramatic role; Harvey Korman and Lyle Waggoner join Miss Burnett in a spoof of magazines which feature pictures of homes elegantly furnished; Vicki Lawrence and Carol sing "Me and My Shadow"; Carol, as the charwoman, offers the show's theme.

September 14, 1970:
Season 4, episode 1

With Jim Nabors.
Series begins its fourth season. Nabors sings "Mama, a Rainbow" and joins Carol for a medley; Miss Burnett portrays the charwoman and "The Nudge", who does nothing to discourage her husband's suicide dive.

September 21, 1970:
Season 4, episode 2

With Mama Cass Elliot, Pat Paulsen.
Mama Cass sings "Glory of Love" and joins Carol for a "smile" medley; Paulsen tells how to become a sensuous female; Harvey Korman and Vicki Lawrence team with Miss Burnett for a fireside chat at "San Clemente by the Sea"; Carol, Vicki, guests and dancers perform the finale, "Mr. Tambourine Man".

September 28, 1970:
Season 4, episode 3

With Nanette Fabray, Steve Lawrence.
The guest stars join in a salute to Columbia Studios. Also: songs by Lawrence and Miss Fabray and skits featuring guests and cast regulars.

October 5, 1970:
Season 4, episode 4

With Eydie Gorme, Joan Rivers.
Eydie and Carol offer a concert spot and are joined by Joan in a spoof of a hit recording group; Miss Rivers views women's lib.

October 12, 1970:
Season 4, episode 5

With Nanette Fabray, Ken Berry.
Ken dances to "Mr. Bojangles", then portrays a Civil War hero with two sweethearts, Carol and Nanette; Miss Burnett solos "Nice People"; the entire cast spoofs aviation movies.

October 19, 1970:
Season 4, episode 6

With Mel Torme, Lucille Ball.
Misses Ball and Burnett portray stage mothers pushing their precocious offspring in an audition, and star in a spoof of "Some Like It Hot"; Torme solos "Where Have All the Flowers Gone?".

October 26, 1970:
Season 4, episode 7

With Bernadette Peters, Donald O'Connor.
A spoof of 1940s "Hollywood Canteen" movies; Miss Peters offers "Come Saturday Morning"; O'Connor performs "Somethin's Coming Over Me".

November 2, 1970:
Season 4, episode 8

With Cass Elliot, Ricardo Montalban.
Montalban joins Carol in a spoof of aquacade movies and the dancers for "A Man and A Woman"; Miss Elliott sings "Good Times Are Coming" and joins Carol in a wallflower skit.

November 9, 1970:
Season 4, episode 9

With Juliet Prowse.
Highlights of this episode, which was taped earlier in the year in London, include a flamboyant star (Harvey Korman) battling the respiratory ailments of his co-star (Carol) during a stage production; the "Old Folks" on a honeymoon voyage to England; and Carol's charwoman pantomiming a striptease.

November 16, 1970:
Season 4, episode 10

With Martha Raye, Ross Martin.
Martin, as Carl Sandburg, recites the poet's "Love"; guests and cast regulars spoof a popular musical series.

November 23, 1970:
Season 4, episode 11

With Paul Lynde, Dyan Cannon.
Main comedy sketch spoofs soap operas; Miss Burnett (as the Charwoman) sings "Try To Remember"; entire cast salutes Thanksgiving.

November 30, 1970:
Season 4, episode 12

With Debbie Reynolds, John Davidson.
A comedy skit features Carol and Debbie as war-weary nurses in "So Proudly We Heal"; Davidson offers "Blessed Is the Rain" and a banjo medley; Miss Reynolds performs "Look at Mine".

December 7, 1970:
Season 4, episode 13

With Mel Torme, Don Rickles.
The entire cast offers a salute to Rickles' "charm"; an adult version of Sesame Street; Torme sings "Into Something" and joins Carol for a medley of tunes by Jule Styne.

December 14, 1970:
Season 4, episode 14

With Steve Lawrence, Julie Budd, Durward Kirby.
A Christmas edition of the show. The entire cast joins in a musical salute to the movie "Scrooge"; Lawrence solos "One Day" and Miss Budd sings "Where Is Love".

December 28, 1970:
Season 4, episode 15

With Pat Carroll, Robert Goulet, Rich Little.
A salute to the new year. Entire cast performs "Call Me Back" and "Auld Lang Syne"; Goulet plays the kissing bandit in a soap opera spoof, "As the Stomach Turns"; Little offers his impressions of celebrities giving TV commercials; Goulet sings "Without Love" and joins Carol for "Have I Told You Lately".

January 4, 1971:
Season 4, episode 16

With Art Carney, Pat Carroll.
A soap opera spoof and a premature salute to July 4 featuring a medley of George M. Cohan songs.

January 11, 1971:
Season 4, episode 17

With Jerry Lewis, Leslie Uggams.
Lewis portrays a janitor to Carol's charwoman character; Miss Uggams sings "This Is Your Life" and "Help". Comedy spots feature Jerry and Carol as two unlikely marriage prospects and Harvey Korman as a ham actor upstaged by Carol.

January 18, 1971:
Season 4, episode 18

With Mel Torme, Michele Lee.
Torme, Michele and Carol perform a medley of country-western tunes; Mel solos "Strike Up the Band" and "I Hear Music"; Miss Lee offers "In Times Like These".

January 25, 1971:
Season 4, episode 19

With Edward Villella, Violette Verdy, Martha Raye.
"Goose Pond Ballet" spoof spotlights Villella and Miss Burnett; Martha portrays an Irish housekeeper who doesn't live up to her employment agency's description; Carol and Martha offer a medley of three songs.

February 1, 1971:
Season 4, episode 20

With Rita Hayworth, Jim Bailey.
Rita Hayworth makes her television performing debut. Heretofore a TV holdout, Miss Hayworth's appearance was induced by Miss Burnett's spoof last September of "Gilda", the 1946 Hayworth-Glenn Ford movie featuring Rita's classic "Put the Blame on Me" number. Carol and Rita sing "Mutual Admiration Society". Charwoman sketch is "Lovely Story".

February 15, 1971:
Season 4, episode 21

With Ken Berry, Totie Fields.
Ken demonstrates his terpsichorean talents in "Let's Have a Party"; entire cast offers "Put On Your Sunday Best"; Miss Burnett solos "Make a Rainbow".

February 22, 1971:
Season 4, episode 22

With Chita Rivera, Bob Newhart.
A salute to MGM with spoofs of such memorable movies as "Ninotchka", "Varsity Drag" and "Gone With the Wind". Bob Newhart plays the cool photographer from "Blow Up" dabbling with a sexy model. Chita zaps through a "Lucretia McEvil" dance number.

March 1, 1971:
Season 4, episode 23

With Tim Conway, Pat Carroll, Karen Wyman.
Conway accidentally gets his dog's inoculations and takes on canine characteristics; Miss Wyman solos "Close to Me"; Carol, as the charwoman, offers "Easy Come, Easy Go" and "MacArthur Park". Pat Carroll is back as Roger's protective sister in the Carol and Sis segment, pushing Carol and Chris around.

March 8, 1971:
Season 4, episode 24

With Bernadette Peters, Mike Douglas.
Douglas solos "Theme From Love Story" and Miss Peters joins the dancers in "Tea for Two"; Mike and Carol offer a musical medley; movie spoof titled "Most Happy Stella".

March 22, 1971:
Season 4, episode 25

With David Frost, Eileen Farrell, Marilyn Horne.
A show taped in New York at the Ed Sullivan theater. Frost plays a snobbish English car salesman hustling wealthy Americans Harvey Korman and Carol, and David returns in the finale to narrate "Italian Cinderella", featuring the opera stars as Cindy's (Carol) stepsisters.

March 29, 1971:
Season 4, episode 26

With Paul Lynde, Nanette Fabray.
"Old Folks" salutes the senior generation; Lynde and Miss Fabray join the cast regulars for a soap opera spoof and for takeoffs on TV commercials; Carol (as the charwoman) sings "Carol's Theme". In the Carol & Sis segment, Carol and Chris (Vicki Lawrence) discover that Roger (Harvey Korman) is minus an office secretary when they drop in. Carol, clad in hot pants, then makes a mess of office procedures but scores a hit with the company's suave salesman (Lyle Waggoner).

September 15, 1971:
Season 5, episode 1

With Jim Nabors.
It's the fifth season premiere for Miss Burnett and her company of regulars: Harvey Korman, Lyle Waggoner, Vicki Lawrence and the Ernest Flatt Dancers. Jim Nabors, as he has for the past five years, joins Carol on her opening show. They do a song 'n' dance salute to his home town of Sylacauga, Ala. Nabors also sings "Help Me Make It Through the Night". Comedy spots: In a spoof of King Henry VIII, Korman plays the monarch and Carol is Anne Boleyn; Carol plays a child actress who upstages a ham actor (Korman); Carol plays a mother who chaperones her daughter (Vicki) on a date. In her feature number, Carol, as an elegantly attired female, sings "Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out".

September 22, 1971:
Season 5, episode 2

With Tim Conway, The Carpenters.
Carol and the cast spoof the early days of radio. Conway plays an old surgeon who falls asleep during operations. Carol and the Carpenters sing a Burt Bacharach medley.

October 6, 1971:
Season 5, episode 3

With Steve Lawrence, Carol Channing.
A salute to 32 years of Academy Award movies. Highlight is the cast spoofing the movies "African Queen" and "Story of Louis Pasteur".

October 13, 1971:
Season 5, episode 4

With Ken Berry, Cass Elliot.
Carol and cast spoof the ice musicals of the '40s, and do a takeoff of "High Noon". Cass sings a medley of marriage songs.

October 20, 1971:
Season 5, episode 5

With Peggy Lee, Dom DeLuise.
Carol and Peggy, as two New Orleans ladies of the night, sing "Hard-Hearted Hannah" and "Louisville Lou"; DeLuise plays the sadistic host of the ultimate game show. Miss Lee solos "I Feel the Earth Move".

October 27, 1971:
Season 5, episode 6

With Tim Conway, Diahann Carroll.
Diahann and Carol play two girls at a singles dance; Conway and Miss Burnett portray department store browsers who discover water beds; Miss Carroll solos "Song for You" and Carol offers "Saturday Morning Confusion".

November 3, 1971:
Season 5, episode 7

With Paul Lynde, Bing Crosby.
The main sketch features a return to old-fashioned melodrama, in which Crosby plays Carol's booze-soaked father, with Lynde and Harvey Korman portraying twin mustache-twirling bankers. Crosby solos "Love Thy Neighbor" and "Put a Little Love in Your Heart", and teams with Miss Burnett on "Get Happy".

November 10, 1971:
Season 5, episode 8

With Cass Elliot, Bernadette Peters.
In a spoof on soap operas, Cass plays a high-fashion model and Bernadette a tap-dancing nun. Miss Peters sings "Cherish" and "It Had to Be You".

November 17, 1971:
Season 5, episode 9

With Nanette Fabray, Mel Torme.
In a spoof of Busby Berkeley movies, "43rd Street", Carol plays an unknown chorus girl who gets her big chance on Broadway. Nanette and Carol play very expectant mothers at a laundry. Torme sings "We've Only Just Begun".

November 24, 1971:
Season 5, episode 10

With Eydie Gorme, Shecky Greene.
Featured skit is a spoof on TV's handicapped detectives, "Ironstreet and Wife". Eydie sings "How About Me?".

December 1, 1971:
Season 5, episode 11

With Tim Conway, Cass Elliot.

December 8, 1971:
Season 5, episode 12

With Andy Griffith, Barbara McNair.
In one skit, Andy is a football coach and Carol is his long-suffering wife.

December 15, 1971:
Season 5, episode 13

With Ken Berry, Dionne Warwick.
In a western spoof, Carol and Ken play Billy and Lilly who alternately hit the heights and depths in Hollywood with their horse, Dynamite. Dionne sings "Always Something There to Remind Me" and, with Carol, "When in the Course of Human Events", a portion of Thomas Jefferson's words from the Declaration of Independence set to music.

December 29, 1971:
Season 5, episode 14

With Steve Lawrence, Dick Martin.
In another salute to Hollywood's Academy Awards, Martin plays a schoolboy who gets all of Carol's sympathy in a spoof of "Tea and Sympathy", and Lawrence plays a down-on-his-luck writer who meets a fading star (Carol). Lawrence sings "Losing My Mind".

January 5, 1972:
Season 5, episode 15

With Paul Lynde, Peggy Lee.
In a movie spoof, Harvey Korman plays a cruel man who drives his piano protege (Carol) to success.

January 19, 1972:
Season 5, episode 16

With Ken Berry, Nanette Fabray, The Carpenters.
Carol sings a medley with the Carpenters, including "I Kept On Loving You". Carol and Berry play Dotty and Dick, "America's Darlings", whose singing and ballet careers are backed by patron Nanette and Broadway producer Harvey Korman.

January 26, 1972:
Season 5, episode 17

With Tim Conway, Ray Charles.
Carol and cast spoof a movie, "Sinful Woman". Carol, as the charwoman, joins Charles in a fantasy blues medley.

February 9, 1972:
Season 5, episode 18

With Eydie Gorme, Vincent Price.
In the "House of Terror" skit, Price lures his new Cockney bride (Carol) into his lab. Price does a 17th century reading, "Desiderata". Eydie sings "The Way of Love".

February 16, 1972:
Season 5, episode 19

With Steve Lawrence, Kaye Ballard.
The cast takes part in a mini-Cole Porter revue in the setting of an off-Broadway theater of the 1930s. Featured songs are "Night and Day", "Begin the Beguine" and "What Is the Thing Called Love".

February 23, 1972:
Season 5, episode 20

With Nanette Fabray, Burt Reynolds.
Carol and company spoof TV commercials and a costume movie, "The Lavender Pimpernel", with Reynolds as the swashbuckling hero. Carol and Nanette team up in a production number, "I''ve Been Working on the Railroad". Reynolds sings "As Time Goes By"; Carol, as the librarian, sings a lament to her husband Al, who's doing time upstate.

March 1, 1972:
Season 5, episode 21

With Tim Conway, Eydie Gorme.
The feature skit finds Tim playing James Blond, super agent, who tangles with Passion Plenty (Carol) and Dr. Nose (Harvey Korman). Eydie sings "This House Is Not a Home".

March 8, 1972:
Season 5, episode 22

With Jack Klugman, Tony Randall.
Carol and company salute Broadway musicals. In addition to singing hit songs from shows like "Gypsy" and "Guys and Dolls", they do a spoof of "Lady in the Dark", with Randall playing Carol's playboy boss and Klugman the billionaire. Carol portrays drama coach Stella Toddler telling the story of her life on TV.

March 22, 1972:
Season 5, episode 23

With Paul Lynde, Karen Black, Michael Hughes.
In skits, Paul plays a con man home builder and an interior decorator. Miss Black makes her TV singing debut with "Flowers in the Morning" and, with Carol and Vicki Lawrence, are girls about to go out on the town with their dates. Carol, as the charwoman, sings "I Don't Care" and is a depressed housewife in the "Carol & Sis" segment.

March 29, 1972: Family Show
Season 5, episode 24

Carol and company present a full-length spoof of a musical, "The Doily Sisters". Carol and Vicki play singing waitresses in a small New York cafe who make it to the big time on Broadway, then to entertaining the troops in the trenches of France and back to the "Great White Way". Harvey Korman plays Harry Handsome, big star-songwriter; Lyle Waggoner plays Bernie Bernie, famous agent.

September 13, 1972:
Season 6, episode 1

With Jim Nabors.
Sixth season begins with Jim Nabors, as in past seasons, being Carol's first guest. All of the regulars return: Harvey Korman, Lyle Waggoner, Vicki Lawrence and the Ernest Flatt dancers. Carol and Harvey introduce two new characters, Fred and Marge -- "just plain folks" -- who sit in the audience and talk about contemporary life. Nabors sings "The Way of Love"; Carol and Nabors duet "The Maggie Blues"; Carol solos "If I Could Write a Song"; Finale is "Star Spangled Jive", a take-off on World War II movie musicals.

September 20, 1972:
Season 6, episode 2

With Carol Channing, Marty Feldman.
Feldman plays a slightly mad plastic surgeon whose patients include Harvey Korman and the two Carols. Carol and guests spoof TV commercials. In a "Carol and Sis" segment, a "girly" magazine is found in Roger's briefcase. The cast takes part in a musical salute to Johnny Mercer.

September 27, 1972:
Season 6, episode 3

With Helen Reddy, Andy Griffith.
Griffith plays a warden who welcomes a nervous wife coming to visit her imprisoned husband; Miss Reddy teaches Carol to sing "Australian"; the cast spoofs the movie "Rebecky"; Griffith and the Ernie Flatt dancers do "Turn Your Radio On".

October 4, 1972:
Season 6, episode 4

With Steve Lawrence, Paul Sand.
Highlights: a movie spoof, "Petrified Forest"; Lawrence sings "In the Wee Small Hours"; Carol and company perform as "the very friendly news team".

October 11, 1972:
Season 6, episode 5

With Eydie Gorme, Jack Gilford.
The feature skit is set in "Terminal Hospital" where head nurse Higgins (Carol) has her hands full with a singer (Eydie) who lost her voice, a shapely student nurse, a funny male nurse and a society doctor.

October 18, 1972:
Season 6, episode 6

With Cass Elliot, Joel Grey.
The cast takes part in a spoof of foreign films. In other skits, Harvey Korman, Joel and Lyle Waggoner masquerade as puppy dogs in a pet shop window showing off for potential buyers; Carol plays the wife of a political candidate appearing on a TV interview show. Joel and the Ernie Flatt dancers perform in a production, "Me and Julio".

October 25, 1972:
Season 6, episode 7

With Tim Conway, Pearl Bailey.
Nora Desmond is offered a bug spray TV commercial; the oldest living galley slave (Tim) makes trouble for his partner (Harvey Korman); a murderer (Carol) wants a rabid lawyer (Tim) to defend her.

November 1, 1972:
Season 6, episode 8

With Peggy Lee, Jerry Stiller, Anne Meara.
Stiller and Meara portray Mr. and Mrs. Chou En Lai; different ways men and women react to car accidents; a wealthy couple meet their low-class soon-to-be in-laws.

November 8, 1972:
Season 6, episode 9

With Steve Lawrence, Lily Tomlin.
Miss Tomlin plays a surly women's prison matron dealing with problem inmate Carol, and portrays a divorcee seeking sympathy in the "Carol and Sis" skit. Steve becomes "The Godfather" with a new bride (Carol).

November 15, 1972:
Season 6, episode 10

With Ruth Buzzi, John Davidson.
A musical comedy salute to the great Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer movies, including "Lust for Life", "National Velvet" and "Camille". In another comedy highlight, Miss Burnett and Miss Buzzi are seen as Zelda and Gladys, two members of the studio audience. Also, Miss Buzzi appears as a retiring beauty queen who is making her last appearance before relinquishing her crown and, much to the embarrassment of the emcee, she tells it like it is.

November 22, 1972:
Season 6, episode 11

With Ray Charles, Vincent Price.
A salute to horror movies, with Harvey Korman as Frankenstein's monster and Lyle Waggoner as Count Dracula. Price plays Fagin in a bit from "Oliver" and the cast concludes with a production number, "The Transylvania Trot". Ray Charles and the Raelettes sing "Every Saturday Night" and Ray plays a piano player in a cocktail lounge, singing tunes for a sentimental customer (Carol).

November 29, 1972:
Season 6, episode 12

With Carl Reiner, Melba Moore.
Carol and cast do another episode of life in Terminal Hospital, spoof non-violent TV in "The Plot To Hurt Hitler", and take part in a musical production, "The Rip-Off". Miss Moore sings "You've Got a Friend".

December 16, 1972:
Season 6, episode 13

With Bernadette Peters, Anthony Newley.
A musical saga of "Little Miss Showbiz", a child star of the 1930s. Carol plays 8-year-old Honey Bunny who goes from an orphanage to stardom. Newley and Carol sing "Where Is Love?". Newley solos "Overchewer". In another skit, Carol is the mother of the invisible man.

December 23, 1972:
Season 6, episode 14

With Steve Lawrence, Tim Conway.
Carol and cast do a take-off on a talk show, spoof Columbo, and Harvey Korman revives his ham actor character.

January 6, 1973:
Season 6, episode 15

With Tim Conway, Jack Cassidy.
In skits, Conway is a new angel in Heaven whose roomie, Harvey Korman, can't stand him because he can't do anything right; Carol and Korman go to an adoption agency where one of the four eligible children is 36-year-old Conway. In the second half of the show the cast takes part in a movie spoof, "Story of a Star", starring Carol as Esther Crotchett; Cassidy as Norman Swain; Conway as Miles Mogul; Korman as agent Glibby.

January 20, 1973:
Season 6, episode 16

With Ruth Buzzi, Jack Gilford.
"Snow White Fifteen Years Later", with Carol as Snow White, Lyle as the mirror, Harvey as Prince Charming, Vicki as the witch, Ruth as the fairy godmother and Jack as one of the seven dwarfs.

January 27, 1973:
Season 6, episode 17

With Tim Conway, Kaye Ballard.
Carol, Vicki, and Kaye as three friends who argue over a luncheon check; a spoof of "The Dating Game"; a robber wants a quick fill-up at a gas station, but can't seem to get away.

February 3, 1973: Family Show
Season 6, episode 18

Carol, Harvey Korman, Lyle Waggoner and Vicki Lawrence take part in a "family night" with the major segment a movie spoof, "Waterloo Bilge".

February 10, 1973:
Season 6, episode 19

With John Byner, Petula Clark.
The cast spoofs TV commercials featuring such subjects as hamburgers, stewardesses and detergents.

February 17, 1973:
Season 6, episode 20

With Tim Conway, Valerie Harper.
In skits, Tim plays the world's oldest fireman; Valerie and Harvey are a couple trying to exchange their misfit roommates; Carol spoofs a popular Spanish sex-symbol.

February 24, 1973:
Season 6, episode 21

With Eydie Gorme, Ken Berry.
In "Carol and Sis", Roger needs peace and quiet to do his taxes; a salute to RKO: "Pride of the Yankees", "Notorious", "The Hunchback of Notre Dame". Ken delivers a dancing tribute to his hero, Fred Astaire; Eydie sings "I Am Woman", and Miss Burnett joins Harvey Korman and Berry for a slapstick Three Stooges routine.

March 10, 1973:
Season 6, episode 22

With David Hartman, Paula Kelly.
"This Is Your Life" spoof ; "George and Zelda" - George is sick.

March 17, 1973:
Season 6, episode 23

With Peggy Lee, William Conrad.
In "Carol and Sis", Roger gets mugged; TV show blackouts: spoofs of "The Golddiggers", "Maude", "Sonny and Cher", "Password" and others.

March 24, 1973: Family Show
Season 6, episode 24

A spoof of "Random Harvest" ("Rancid Harvest") with Carol as Greer Garson and Harvey Korman as Ronald Colman. Carol and Harvey then become dolls put to bed by Vicki Lawrence, only to be joined by a soldier doll. Carol and the show's musicians offer their version of the dueling banjos from the movie "Deliverance", and she brings down the curtain as the Charwoman.

September 15, 1973:
Season 7, episode 1

With Jim Nabors.
The seventh season starts and Jim Nabors is once again Carol's first guest. In skits, Carol and Roger (Harvey Korman) move into a new high-rise apartment; Nabors joins in spoofs of TV series "Yung Fool" and "Black Archie". Carol sings "Come Back to Me". Nabors sings "And I Love You So".

September 22, 1973:
Season 7, episode 2

With Tim Conway, Charo, Petula Clark.
A man is uncomfortable visiting a beauty salon; a magazine interviewer (Tim) attempts to get a story on the home life of a Spanish star (Charo), but has trouble with her mother (Carol).

September 29, 1973:
Season 7, episode 3

With Gloria Swanson.
Charlie Chaplin (Gloria) meets the charwoman; the elevator operator in Carol and Roger's new apartment building has a crush on her; a man (Lyle) is having an affair and his mistress (Vicki) is telling all on a radio call-in show to which his unsuspecting wife (Carol) is listening.

October 6, 1973:
Season 7, episode 4

With Helen Reddy, John Byner.
The cast salutes the most "unforgettable" TV commercials of the year. Carol does another episode of "Nora Desmond", silent film star, who in this segment plans her own funeral with the aid of her faithful servant (Harvey Korman) and an "instant-eulogy" expert (Byner).

October 13, 1973:
Season 7, episode 5

With Eydie Gorme, Paul Sand.
A salute to old movie serials -- "Wolfman", "Tarzan", "Young Dr. Kildare" and "The Dead End Kids".

October 20, 1973:
Season 7, episode 6

With Ken Berry, Tim Conway, Jack Weston.
Jack and Carol are matched up for a blind date; a doctor and nurse, married to each other, fight during an operation. Ken Berry and the Ernest Flatt dancers perform a production number entitled "It's Not Where You Start".

October 27, 1973:
Season 7, episode 7

With John Byner.
Spoofs of TV courtroom dramas and audience "giveaway" shows.

November 3, 1973:
Season 7, episode 8

With Steve Lawrence, Paul Sand.
A musical salute to Irving Berlin and a spoof of "Double Indemnity" with Carol as Barbara Stanwyck.

November 10, 1973:
Season 7, episode 9

With Tim Conway, Petula Clark.
In "As The Stomach Turns", Petula portrays Marian's long-lost twin sister. The cast performs a satirical salute to pre-1970 rock music.

November 17, 1973:
Season 7, episode 10

With Tim Conway, Steve Lawrence.
A salute to Thanksgiving.

December 1, 1973: Family Show
Season 7, episode 11

Carol has the flu and Roger won't come near her; Carol is left by her lover (Harvey Korman) on his wedding day, and he comes back to visit her every few years; models act as though they're posing for pictures in everyday life.

December 8, 1973: The Australia Show
Season 7, episode 12

With Tim Conway, Edward Villella, Lucette Aldous.
In a show taped at the Sydney Opera House, Carol sings "It's Today"; Tim portrays the world's oldest conductor; Mundane is drunk during her acting performance.

December 15, 1973:
Season 7, episode 13

With Ruth Buzzi, Richard Crenna.
A salute to movie bad girls: Mrs. Robinson, The Daughter of Fu Manchu; "All About Eve", a spoof with Carol as Bette Davis; "Raised to Be Rotten", a spoof of "Born to Be Bad" with Carol as Joan Fontaine; "Adam and Eve 12", a spoof of "Adam-12".

December 22, 1973:
Season 7, episode 14

With Anthony Newley, Dick Martin.

January 5, 1974:
Season 7, episode 15

With Steve Lawrence, Tim Conway.
In skits, Conway plays a man with a strange reaction to a monkey's bite; Carol and cast satirize the intense competition between clients and agents in the ad business.

January 12, 1974:
Season 7, episode 16

With Eydie Gorme, Paul Sand.
A salute to the great ladies of the musical theater; a new bride (Carol) wants to continue dating.

January 19, 1974:
Season 7, episode 17

With Carl Reiner.
A musical version of "Little Red Riding Hood" performed in the manner of a Mexican folk story for children. In another skit, an accident-prone woman (Carol) and her husband (Carl) attempt to buy insurance before her next accident.

February 2, 1974:
Season 7, episode 18

With Tim Conway, Steve Lawrence.
The oldest living wardrobe man (Tim) has problems helping an actor (Harvey Korman) perform a quick change between acts of a play; the night before his wedding, a bachelor (Steve) mistakenly asks his fiancee's sister (Carol) on a date.

February 9, 1974:
Season 7, episode 19

With Vincent Price, Joel Grey.
in "Carol and Sis", Chris' new boyfriend isn't as wild as he appears to be; a hotel operator (Carol) listens in on patrons' calls; Price does readings showing Lincoln's humorous side; Grey emcees a musical, "Comedia Del Arte".

February 16, 1974:
Season 7, episode 20

With Tim Conway, Bernadette Peters.
In "As The Stomach Turns", Marian's possessed niece (Bernadette) visits; two Japanese soldiers (Tim and Harvey) argue underwater; a mini-musical salute to the movie musicals of the 1930's.

February 23, 1974:
Season 7, episode 21

With Eydie Gorme, Tim Conway.

March 9, 1974:
Season 7, episode 22

With Steve Lawrence.
PTA mothers argue over who's the better singer; Houdini's daughter (Carol) has problems doing her escapes; a woman orders a hit on her boring husband, but then wants to call it off.

March 16, 1974:
Season 7, episode 23

With Roddy McDowall, The Jackson Five.
Carol and Roddy sing a duet -- with him in his "Planet of the Apes" make-up. In "The Family", Eunice (Carol), her husband Ed (Harvey Korman), and Mama (Vicki) don't appreciate the accomplishments of Eunice's brother, Nobel Prize-winning writer Philip (Roddy). Harvey and Lyle Waggoner play chauvinistic carpenters who aren't thrilled about "the new guy" -- Carol; The Jackson Five perform "Dancin' Machine".

March 23, 1974:
Season 7, episode 24

With John Byner, Francine Beers.
Two scientists build female robots; a pushy neighbor invites herself to Roger and Carol's anniversary dinner in the final sketch of the "Carol & Sis" series.

April 6, 1974: Family Show
Season 7, episode 25

"Lucky Lady", a spoof of women's sob story game shows.

September 14, 1974:
Season 8, episode 1

With Jim Nabors.
Jim Nabors helps Carol launch her eighth season as guest star. Carol plays a bungling change clerk in a carny show who gets Nabors involved in a shootout with the Ringo Kid (Harvey Korman). Carol plays a cabaret singer who puts down an old boyfriend. The finale salutes old time vaudeville.

September 21, 1974:
Season 8, episode 2

With Steve Lawrence.

September 28, 1974:
Season 8, episode 3

With James Coco.
Star-crossed lovers meet on a Pacific cruise; a woman argues with her tub of margarine; a man (James) is nervous about a blind date and gets advice from Harvey Korman; a spoof of "Kojak".

October 5, 1974:
Season 8, episode 4

With Jack Weston, Michele Lee.
A musical tribute to composer-lyricist Stephen Sondheim.

October 12, 1974:
Season 8, episode 5

With Telly Savalas, Dick Smothers, Tom Smothers.
Eunice, Ed, and Mama visit brother Jack (Tom Smothers) in the hospital; "Algiers" spoof with Carol as Hedy Lamarr; two men discuss a merger as if it were a love affair.

October 26, 1974:
Season 8, episode 6

With Eydie Gorme, Rich Little.
A salute to Alfred Hitchcock; a couple argues through actions, not words.

November 2, 1974:
Season 8, episode 7

With Alan King, Lena Zavaroni.
Two old movie stars are reunited at the Hollywood Walk of Fame; fans attend a baseball game; a woman claims a gift that she finds at a bus stop.

November 9, 1974:
Season 8, episode 8

With John Byner, Kenneth Mars.
In skits, Mars teaches Byner how to get rid of a woman in a posh restaurant without creating a scene; Carol presides over a "Mr. Globe" contest, with Byner as "Mr. Hong Kong"; Vicki Lawrence sings "Rolling Down the Hills".

November 16, 1974:
Season 8, episode 9

With John Byner, Helen Reddy.
In skits, Byner and Harvey Korman try to pick up two gals in a bar; the family, spending a quiet evening at home, try to have some fun by playing the board game "Sorry". The finale is a medley of tunes written by women.

November 23, 1974:
Season 8, episode 10

With Tim Conway, Maggie Smith.
A couple is visited by an old friend who is now famous.

December 7, 1974:
Season 8, episode 11

With Steve Lawrence, Tim Conway, Steven Warner.

December 14, 1974:
Season 8, episode 12

With Ken Berry, Carl Reiner.
"Disaster '75", an "Airport" spoof; also, a musical-comedy skit inspired by Shakespeare's "Hamlet"

December 21, 1974:
Season 8, episode 13

With Alan Alda.
Alda plays "Morton of the Movies", who woos his girl using quotes from his movies. The cast also does a musical salute to New York.

January 4, 1975:
Season 8, episode 14

With Vincent Price, Joan Rivers.
Carol's guests spoof some of the stars of well-known TV series. Harvey Korman and Carol return as "Funt and Mundane". The cast and dancers do a young people's concert, "Sarah and the Moose".

January 11, 1975:
Season 8, episode 15

With Tim Conway.
A "Pirates of Penzance" takeoff; Tim plays an old man who witnesses a murder and fears for his life; Mama recuperates from a broken leg in a wheelchair at the home of Eunice and Ed.

January 25, 1975:
Season 8, episode 16

With William Conrad, The Jackson Five.
In "The Family", Mama has a new beau (Conrad); a Laurel and Hardy pantomime; Conrad sings about silent movie comedians.

February 8, 1975:
Season 8, episode 17

With Tim Conway, The Pointer Sisters.
Stella Toddler (Carol) appears on a game show; in "Nora Desmond", Max finds a substitute for himself (Tim).

February 15, 1975:
Season 8, episode 18

With Rock Hudson, Nancy Walker.
Spoofs of TV commercials and movie musicals.

February 22, 1975:
Season 8, episode 19

With Tim Conway, Paul Williams.
A series of robberies take place at a bar.

March 8, 1975:
Season 8, episode 20

With Wayne Rogers, Buddy Ebsen.
A World War II sketch is the highlight.

March 15, 1975:
Season 8, episode 21

With Roddy McDowall, Bernadette Peters.
Eunice, Ed, and Mama visit Philip (McDowall) in California; Carol and Bernadette are two secretaries who do everything in unison; a musical production of "And All That Jazz".

March 22, 1975:
Season 8, episode 22

With Steve Lawrence, Sally Struthers.
Highlights of this edition (with a cameo appearance by McLean Stevenson as Lt. Col. Henry Blake) include "The Boring Twenties", a spoof of the 1939 gangster movie "The Roaring Twenties".

March 29, 1975:
Season 8, episode 23

With Jean Stapleton, Phil Silvers.
Spoofs of TV commercials; a feminist (Jean) argues with a man (Harvey Korman) who holds a door open for her; Phil Silvers re-creates his famous Sgt. Bilko.

April 5, 1975: Family Show
Season 8, episode 24

With Tim Conway.
Mama and Eunice visit Ed at the hardware store; Carol sings "When Your Lover Has Gone" in the shower and duets with Vicki Lawrence on a medley of lullabies; Tim is the world's oldest living clock maker.

September 13, 1975:
Season 9, episode 1

With Jim Nabors.
Carol returns for a ninth season with frequent guest Tim Conway becoming a regular. In skits, Eunice leaves Ed; an eccentric military hero doesn't want his commendation.

September 20, 1975:
Season 9, episode 2

With Sammy Davis Jr.
A famous star meets an old friend whose family once employed his mother; economy and first class passengers get different treatment on an airliner; a salute to Harold Arlen.

September 27, 1975:
Season 9, episode 3

With Cher.
Tim is the town beautician; TV commercial satires; a husband can't decide between his wife and his mistress.

October 4, 1975:
Season 9, episode 4

With Shirley MacLaine.
Carol and Shirley sing about problems with fan mail; Carol and Shirley as mothers who argue with their sons' Little League coach (Harvey Korman); a flashback to when Eunice and Ed were dating.

October 11, 1975:
Season 9, episode 5

With Bernadette Peters.
Two nurses argue with a doctor during surgery.

October 18, 1975:
Season 9, episode 6

With Maggie Smith.
Highlights include: the Queen (Carol) attempts to christen a ship in honor of a hollow hero (Tim) with his girlfriend (Maggie Smith) in attendance; ham actress Mundane (Carol) finds out about husband Funt's (Harvey) affair with another actress (Maggie) just as they're about to go on stage; Vicki sings "The Other Woman"; a parody of "Jaws"; and a salute to Alan Jay Lerner.

October 25, 1975:
Season 9, episode 7

With The Pointer Sisters.
Highlights include: a sketch about a rock music disc jockey (Harvey), with Tim as an Elton John-type performer, and featuring guests The Pointer Sisters; Mickey Hart (Tim) joins Eunice, Ed and Mama in a game of charades in "The Family"; Carol and Tim in a silent sketch as a hungry couple; a bartender makes jokes of a broken-hearted customer's every remark; The Pointers sing "How Long?", and are joined by Carol and Vicki on "Get Me to the Church on Time".

November 1, 1975:
Season 9, episode 8

With Roddy McDowall.
A spoof on "The Little Foxes" with Carol as Bette Davis.

November 15, 1975:
Season 9, episode 10

With Maggie Smith.
Eunice, Ed and Mama have a conference with Bubba's teacher (Maggie); a consumer protection official doesn't notice that his own kitchen is crumbling around him; and Tim as the world's oldest living doctor attempts to make a house call.

November 22, 1975:
Season 9, episode 11

With Betty White.
Snooty sibling Ellen (Betty) visits Mama on her birthday and gives her a better present than Eunice.

November 29, 1975:
Season 9, episode 12

With The Pointer Sisters.
"Cinderella Gets It On", a rock opera.

December 6, 1975:
Season 9, episode 13

With Eydie Gorme.
Stella Toddler (Carol) is put in a room with a famous actress (Gorme); a salute to Richard Rodgers.

December 13, 1975:
Season 9, episode 14

With Jessica Walter.
Miss Walter sings "Could It Be Magic?"; a musical salute to lyricist Dorothy Fields.

December 20, 1975:
Season 9, episode 15

With Steve Lawrence.
Steve plays a slick city detective; a takeoff on "Laura" with Carol as Gene Tierney; Tim as the oldest living shoe salesman; a salute to Sammy Cahn with hits such as "My Kind of Town", "The Tender Trap" and "Call Me Irresponsible".

January 3, 1976:
Season 9, episode 16

With Rita Moreno.
A nurse's (Rita) clumsiness gives the appearance that her patient (Carol) is accident prone; Rita Moreno dances in "Some Cats Know".

January 10, 1976:
Season 9, episode 17

With Steve Lawrence.
A salute to Hollywood's oldest movie factory, Universal Studios. Highlights: Carol plays an old fashioned secretary and a woman driven crazy by "riddles" addicts; Lawrence solos "In the Still of the Night".

January 24, 1976:
Season 9, episode 18

With Emmett Kelly, The Jackson Five.
"A Swiped Life" - "A Stolen Life" takeoff with Carol as Bette Davis; Charwoman sketch.

January 31, 1976:
Season 9, episode 19

With The Pointer Sisters.
A musical tribute to the great Fats Waller.

February 7, 1976: Family Show
Season 9, episode 20

"The Family"; "Mrs. Wiggins and Mr. Tudball"; "There Once Was a Man" -- a dance number; Vicki as a switchboard operator.

February 14, 1976:
Season 9, episode 21

With Joanne Woodward.
In "The Family", Eunice reunites with a friend from high school (Joanne) of whom Mama has never approved; Joanne as a wallflower; Joanne, Vicki, and Carol sing "Everything Old Is New Again". Joanne and Carol duet on "Why Can't I?" and "Let's Be Buddies".

February 21, 1976:
Season 9, episode 22

With Dick Van Dyke, Tony Randall.
There's an encyclopedia salesman sketch, a card party sketch, and a salute to Ira Gershwin; Dick and Tony argue over a $10 loan; Van Dyke dances to "Ballin' the Jack".

March 6, 1976:
Season 9, episode 23

With Jack Klugman.
Tim Conway is a bumbling cat burglar; Jack and Carol appear in sketches and a song about a couple unable to appear at the right place at the right time.

March 13, 1976: Family Show
Season 9, episode 24

The annual family show, with highlights of the past season.

September 25, 1976:
Season 10, episode 1

With Jim Nabors.
A "Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman" spoof; Nabors sings "Let Me Be There".

October 2, 1976:
Season 10, episode 2

With Sammy Davis Jr.
Sammy is a loan shark attempting to collect from uppity royalty, and joins the cast for a medley of Broadway show tunes. The company satirizes kitchen commercials, and Carol plays a spoiled socialite having her latest nervous breakdown.

October 9, 1976: Family Show
Season 10, episode 3

The company has fun kidding Las Vegas characters, with Carol as a snooty Hollywood actress, Harvey Korman a famous pianist, and Tim Conway as a bumbling escape artist. The gang also spoofs the movie "National Velvet".

October 16, 1976:
Season 10, episode 4

With Madeline Kahn.
In "The Family" skecth, Eunice and her eccentric co-star (Kahn) rehearse for a play.

October 23, 1976:
Season 10, episode 5

With Steve Lawrence.
"Kitchen Commercials"; "The Comedian" - a night-club comic (Lawrence) bombs with his wife (Carol).

October 30, 1976:
Season 10, episode 6

With Roddy McDowall.
Carol and company offer a salute to the Keystone Cops, Buster Keaton and Laurel and Hardy. Other sketches feature a hung-over Harvey Korman, Carol's Mrs. Wiggins irritating boss Conway, and a televised operation on patient Conway.

November 6, 1976:
Season 10, episode 7

With Kay Cole.
Carol, Vicki Lawrence ans Miss Cole join voices to sing about rain.

November 13, 1976:
Season 10, episode 8

With Dinah Shore.
Business professionals (Carol and Harvey) discuss his marriage proposal in the style of a business meeting; Dinah sings "50 Ways To Leave Your Lover"; Tim's "oldest living man" as a butcher with Harvey as an impatient customer; "Went With The Wind" - this "Gone With The Wind" spoof features Carol as Starlet O'Hara, Vicki as Sissy, Tim as Brashley Wilkes, Dinah as Melody, and Harvey as Capt. Rat Butler; Basin Street Blues - finale.

November 20, 1976:
Season 10, episode 9

With Ken Berry.
Berry joins the cast in a minimusical based on the lyrics of Johnny Mercer, and solos with the contemporary song "Love Stolen".

November 27, 1976:
Season 10, episode 10

With the Pointer Sisters.
A salute to Ray Charles.

December 4, 1976:
Season 10, episode 11

With Alan King.
King adds flair to a psychiatrist sketch with patient Carol, in which his own problems come first. The finale is a tribute to those flamboyant movie dance numbers staged by Busby Berkeley. The cast pokes fun at movies like "The Fountainhead", "Night and Day" and "The Died With Their Boots On".

December 11, 1976:
Season 10, episode 12

With Betty White.
"The Family" - Ellen and Eunice fight over items they find as the family cleans out Mama's attic.

December 18, 1976:
Season 10, episode 13

With Dick Van Dyke.

December 25, 1976: Family Show
Season 10, episode 14

Highlights include a takeoff on "Rich Man, Poor Man". Tim Conway is the villan Falconetti, and Carol his sterling sister who has to deal with a younger, mixed-up sister, Tammy. The cast celebrates the holiday with carols, a tree and gifts.

January 15, 1977:
Season 10, episode 15

With Glen Campbell.
Glen Campbell sings and joins Carol is a spoof of "A Star Is Born".

January 22, 1977: Family Show
Season 10, episode 16

January 29, 1977:
Season 10, episode 17

With Steve Lawrence, Rock Hudson.
"The Newscasters" - a husband and wife news team argue while doing the news; "Mrs. Wiggins' Lunch Date" - Mrs. Wiggins (Carol) has a millionaire date, but wants to dump him.

February 5, 1977:
Season 10, episode 18

With Helen Reddy.
Helen and Carol do "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band", "Sunny" and "Little Green Apples". Carol plays a lady out to dinner with her husband just after a nervous breakdown.

February 12, 1977:
Season 10, episode 19

With Eydie Gorme.

February 26, 1977:
Season 10, episode 20

With Ben Vereen.
A medley salute to the tunes of Harold Arlen.

March 5, 1977:
Season 10, episode 21

With Hal Linden.
A salute to Mississippi riverboats.

March 19, 1977:
Season 10, episode 22

With Neil Sedaka.
Highlights: guest Neil Sedaka takes part in another sketch of "kitchen commercials"; Tim as the world's oldest-living airline baggage handler; a businessman summoned to an IRS meeting brags about how he outsmarted the government; and a sleepy housewife tries to get rid of late-staying guests.

March 26, 1977:
Season 10, episode 23

With Ken Berry.
Highlights: Mr. Tudball has a hard time coordinating a fire-safety plan with Mrs. Wiggins before an inspector (Harvey Korman) arrives; Tim Conway as a soldier stranded in a desert with a commanding officer (Harvey) who has a militant approach toward mirages; guest Ken Berry performs "I Got Rhythm" and co-stars with Carol in "Babes in Barns", a parody of 1930s Mickey Rooney/Judy Garland musicals.

April 2, 1977: Tenth Anniversary Show
Season 10, episode 24

Highlights of this 10th anniversary retrospective include clips from prior shows including the question-and-answer session of Carol's first show in 1967; her numerous array of characters including the Charwoman and Zelda; and vintage movie parodies and musical numbers with such guest stars as Mel Torme, Don Rickles, Vince Edwards, Steve Lawrence, Rock Hudson, Ken Berry, Mickey Rooney and Jim Nabors.

September 24, 1977:
Season 11, episode 1

With Jim Nabors.

October 1, 1977: 268
Season 11, episode 2

With Steve Lawrence.

October 8, 1977: Family Show
Season 11, episode 3

In the musical finale, Little Orphan Annie, Captain Marvel and Prince Valiant come to life for a little girl (Carol).

October 15, 1977:
Season 11, episode 4

With Nancy Dussault.
Nancy Dussault joins Miss Burnett in a medley-duet of songs made famous by Mary Martin and Ethel Merman.

October 22, 1977: Family Show
Season 11, episode 5

A musical salute to the world of comic strips.

October 29, 1977:
Season 11, episode 6

With Ken Berry.

November 5, 1977: Family Show
Season 11, episode 7

Dick sings love songs; "The Family" - playing the game "Password".

November 12, 1977: Family Show
Season 11, episode 8

Salute to comic strips and fairy tales; "Enchanted Cottage" spoof.

November 19, 1977:
Season 11, episode 9

With Ben Vereen.
A spoof of TV commercials.

November 26, 1977: Family Show
Season 11, episode 10

Spoofs of MGM movies, including "Boys Town" and "Singin' In The Rain".

December 3, 1977:
Season 11, episode 11

With Bernadette Peters.

December 11, 1977:
Season 11, episode 12

With Rock Hudson.

December 18, 1977:
Season 11, episode 13

With Helen Reddy, Ken Berry.

January 1, 1978:
Season 11, episode 14

With Steve Lawrence.
Steve sings "We're All Alone"; the cast performs a salute to hits of the '70's.

January 8, 1978:
Season 11, episode 15

With Ken Berry, Roddy McDowall.
A salute to musicals of the '30's.

January 22, 1978:
Season 11, episode 16

With Eydie Gorme.

January 29, 1978:
Season 11, episode 17

With Steve Lawrence, The Captain & Tennille.

February 5, 1978:
Season 11, episode 18

With Ken Berry, Natalie Cole.

February 19, 1978:
Season 11, episode 19

With Ken Berry.

February 26, 1978:
Season 11, episode 20

With Steve Lawrence.

March 5, 1978:
Season 11, episode 21

With Betty White, Steve Martin.
A spoof of '60's surfing movies.

March 12, 1978:
Season 11, episode 22

With Ken Berry, James Garner, George Carlin.
Highlights: A doctor (Ken) about to take a trip to Hawaii gets a going-away gift from his patients but their neuroses ruin the festivities; George Carlin spoofs record offer advertisements; a construction worker (Tim) seeks several ways to try to get rid of his wife (Carol); Ken and Vicki perform "My Cutie's Due at Two-to-Two Today"; a dentist (Carol) wreaks revenge on her ex-husband (George) who is her patient.

March 19, 1978:
Season 11, episode 23

With Steve Lawrence, Bernadette Peters.
Highlights of this penultimate show of the series include: a pantomime about a doughboy saying goodbye to his sweetheart; musical performances from guests Steve Lawrence ("Weekend in New England", "Here's That Rainy Day") and Bernadette Peters ("Jump Shout Boogie"); and for the close, a salute to composer Cole Porter.

March 29, 1978: A Special Evening With Carol Burnett
Season 11, episode 24

With James Stewart.
Highlights of this final show of the series include: clips from prior shows; a question-and-answer session involving the cast; new sketches where Mr. Tudball is moving his office but does not give Mrs. Wiggins the new address, and in "The Family" Eunice and Mama see a psychiatrist. There is a surprise cameo by Jimmy Stewart, and the Charwoman closes up shop for the last time.

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