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Series regulars or semi-regulars in 'The Dean Martin Show' in the 1970s:

1970s Episode Guide for 'The Dean Martin Show':

(Episodes with dates prior to 1970 aired as reruns during the '70s.)

July 26, 1973:
With Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn, Tom T. Hall, Lynn Anderson.
Dean Martin presents the debut of a summer series, taped in Nashville. Also performing at many locations are Jeannie C. Riley, Marty Robbins, Ray Stevens, Brush Arbor, Mel Tillis, The Statler Brothers and June Carter.

August 2, 1973:
With Lynn Anderson, Mac Davis, Kris Kristofferson, Donna Fargo, Loretta Lynn.

August 9, 1973:
With Mac Davis, Loretta Lynn, Conway Twitty, Donna Fargo.

August 23, 1973:
With Jerry Reed, Donna Fargo, Jeannie C. Riley, Johnny Russell, The Nashville Brass.

August 30, 1973:
With Ray Stevens, Molly Ridgeway, Anne Murray, Jerry Reed, Chet Atkins.

September 6, 1973:
With Jerry Reed, Lynn Anderson, Chalie Rich, Faron Young, The Statler Brothers, Brenda Lee.

September 14, 1973: Roast Of Ronald Reagan
With Don Rickles, Jonathan Winters, Mark Spitz, Corbett Monica, Phyllis Diller, Pat Henry, Edward Andrews, Audrey Meadows, Kris Kristofferson, Rita Coolidge.
The ninth season starts. The emphasis will be more on comedy with two or three standup comedians as guests. One segment of each show will be a "roasting" of a famous personality. Gov. Ronald Reagan is the initial "roastee".

September 21, 1973: Roast Of Hugh Hefner
With Dick Martin, Howard Cosell, Joey Bishop, Loretta Lynn, Tom T. Hall, Jackie Gayle, Audrey Meadows.

September 28, 1973: Roast Of Ed McMahon
With Ernest Borgnine, Dom DeLuise, Audrey Meadows, Dionne Warwick, Charo, Doug Dillard, Jack Carter, Pat Buttram, Charlie Rich.
In skits, Dean and Borgnine do "The Ravon Man"; DeLuise plays an enthusiastic novelty salesman; Dean, Borgnine, Charo and DeLuise in the "hold up". Dionne sings "You'll Never Get to Heaven".

October 5, 1973: Roast Of William Conrad
With Bob Newhart, Phyllis Diller, Petula Clark, Jackie Gayle, Nipsey Russell, Mac Wiseman, Pat Cooper.

October 12, 1973: Roast Of Kirk Douglas
With Don Rickles, Ted Knight, Norm Crosby, Lynn Anderson, Tim Conway, Burns & Schreiber.

October 19, 1973: Roast Of Bette Davis
With Vincent Price, Howard Cosell, Henry Fonda, Nipsey Russell, Barbara Heller.

October 26, 1973: Roast Of Barry Goldwater
With William Conrad, William Holden, Dan Rowan, The Golddiggers, Ray Stevens, Don Rice, Nipsey Russell, Steve Landesberg, Norm Crosby, Mark Russell.

November 2, 1973: Roast Of Johnny Carson
With Jack Benny, George Gobel, Bob Newhart, Jonathan Winters, Redd Foxx, Foster Brooks.

November 9, 1973: Roast Of Wilt Chamberlain
With Ken Berry, George Kennedy, Norm Crosby, Happy Hairston, Jackie Gayle, Ferlin Husky.

November 23, 1973: Roast Of Hubert Humphrey
With Lowell Weicker (R-Conn.), Mort Sahl, Rich Little, Leo Durocher, Foster Brooks, Gene Kelly, Ted Knight, Nipsey Russell, Pat Henry, Audrey Meadows, Mark Russell, Don Rice.

December 7, 1973: Roast Of Carroll O'Connor
With Barry Goldwater, John Lindsay, Redd Foxx, Norm Crosby, Nipsey Russell, Dan Rowan, Dick Martin.

December 14, 1973: Roast Of Monty Hall
With Gene Kelly, Foster Brooks, Birch Bayh, Bert Parks, Ted Knight, Audrey Meadows, Art Linkletter.

December 21, 1973: Roast Of Tony Randall And Jack Klugman
With Mike Connors, Ruth Buzzi, Jackie Vernon, Jack Carter, Loretta Lynn, Gary Burghoff, Soupy Sales, Leonard Barr.

January 11, 1974: Roast Of Zsa Zsa Gabor
With Donald O'Connor, Buddy Hackett, Mel Tillis, Donna Fargo.

January 18, 1974: Roast Of Leo Durocher
With Chuck Connors, Doug Dillard, Gladys Knight & The Pips, Andy Williams.

January 25, 1974: Roast Of Truman Capote
With Ted Knight, Audrey Meadows, Rich Little, Joseph Wambaugh, Rocky Graziano, Foster Brooks, Jean Simmons.
Donald O'Connor joins Dean in a song-and-dance number, "Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries". Dean solos "What's Yesterday?". Ted Knight meets Dean in the bar to tell him how depressed he is about being so good looking, and in another skit with Dean talks about how to be cured of being a male chauvinist pig.

February 1, 1974: Roast Of Redd Foxx
With Jim Bailey, Foster Brooks.

February 8, 1974: Roast Of Don Rickles
With Joey Bishop, Lorne Greene, Bob Newhart, Dan Rowan, Dick Martin, Kirk Douglas, Carol Channing, Rich Little, Phyllis Diller.

February 15, 1974: Roast Of Ralph Nader
With Ruth Buzzi, Mort Sahl, Jack Klugman, Jane Withers, James Brolin.
The noted consumer advocate is roasted.

February 22, 1974: Roast Of Jack Benny
With Jimmy Stewart, George Burns, Rich Little, Jack Carter, Joey Bishop, Foster Brooks.

March 6, 1974: Roast Of Bobby Riggs
With Chuck Connors, Vincent Price, Leo Durocher, Wayne Newton, Alex Karras, Jack Carter, Lynn Anderson, Rosemary Casals.

March 15, 1974: Roast Of George Washington
With Dick Martin, Corbett Monica, Nipsey Russell, Jack Carter.
Jan Deighton portrays George Washington, and also on the dais is wife Martha (Audrey Meadows), his press secretary (Foster Brooks) and aide at Valley Forge (Steve Lawrence).

March 22, 1974: Roast Of Rowan And Martin
With Arte Johnson, Ruth Buzzi.
In other highlights, Steve Lawrence and Dean take part in "The Detective" sketch.

March 29, 1974: Roast Of Hank Aaron
With Eddie Mathews, Lou Rawls, Dizzy Dean, Rodney Allen Rippy, Nipsey Russell.

April 5, 1974: Roast Of Joe Namath
With Foster Brooks, Corbett Monica, Angie Dickinson, Joey Bishop, Dr. Joyce Brothers, Bishop Fulton Sheen, Jack Carter, Nipsey Russell, Charlie Callas, Bear Bryant, Jim Plunkett, Don Meredith.

December 19, 1968: Christmas Show
Season 4, episode 14

With Dom DeLuise, Bob Newhart, Dennis Weaver, The Golddiggers.

September 18, 1969:
Season 5, episode 1

With Dennis Weaver, Goldie Hawn, Dom DeLuise.
Miss Hawn plays it straight singing a version of "Star", and muffs the words with her host explaining why it's better to be dumb. Dom DeLuise appears as Dominick the Great, Weaver sings a song and Martin croons "Little Green Apples".

November 6, 1969:
Season 5, episode 8

With Bing Crosby, Eva Gabor, Jack Gilford, Dom DeLuise.

December 11, 1969:
Season 5, episode 13

With Barbara Feldon, Van Johnson, Irene Ryan, Paul Lynde, Jackie Gayle.
Highlights: "Make It Rain" and "I'm Confessin'" by Martin; "Partners" (Feldon and Johnson); "Any Place I Hang My Hat Is Home" (Johnson); Lynde performs in a comedy sketch as an interior decorator.

December 18, 1969:
Season 5, episode 14

With Orson Welles, Gina Lollobrigida, George Gobel, Charles Nelson Reilly.

January 8, 1970:
Season 5, episode 15

With Petula Clark, Peter Graves, Gale Gordon, Don Rice.
Martin solos "The Birds and the Bees" and "The Green, Green Grass of Home". Miss Clark sings "Don't Sleep in the Subway", "You and I", and combines with Dean for a medley. Graves turns song-and-dance man to sing "Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries". Graves also gives Martin a "music lesson" using show dancers for musical "notes".

January 15, 1970:
Season 5, episode 16

With Sammy Davis, Andy Griffith, Paul Lynde, Glenn Ash.
Martin's solos are "Open Up the Door and Let the Good Times In" and "I Don't Know Why". Davis sings "Wichita Lineman" and teams with Dean in a medley. Lynde performs in two skits: a salesman of dancing lessons; a night club pianist trying to cope with boisterous patrons.

January 22, 1970:
Season 5, episode 17

With Orson Welles, Verna Lisi, Lou Rawls, Rocky Graziano, Don Rice.
Miss Lisi sings "No Boom Boom" and dances with three "light-footed" partners - Martin, Welles and Graziano. She also teams with Martin for a musical spoof of language problems. Welles sets out to explain ballet to an unreceptive Martin, and both sing "Give Me the Simple Life". Welles also presents a dramatic reading as Capt. Ahab from "Moby Dick".

January 29, 1970:
Season 5, episode 18

With Pat Crowley, Michael Landon, Shecky Greene, Charles Nelson Reilly.
Martin's solos are "Where or When" and "A Hundred Years from Today". Miss Crowley offers "Always True to You in My Fashion" to various suitors and later sings "Let's Do It" with Martin. Landon sings "Son of a Travelin' Man". Greene presents a humorous version of French court proceedings. Reilly plays an overzealous film editor and a salesman of a charm course for Martin.

February 5, 1970:
Season 5, episode 19

With Caterina Valente, Corbett Monica, Fonteyn and Nureyev, The Golddiggers, Leonard Barr, Albert Brooks.
Dame Margot Fonteyn and Rudolph Nureyev perform a pas de deux from Tchaikowsky's "Sleeping Beauty".

February 12, 1970:
Season 5, episode 20

With Kate Smith, Paul Lynde, Ross Martin, Greg Morris.
Martin's solos are "Blue, Blue Day" and "The Nearness of You". Miss Smith sings "If Ever I Would Leave You" and, with Martin, a medley of songs that both have made popular. Lynde is back playing the shoe clerk and the nightclub piano player.

February 19, 1970:
Season 5, episode 21

With Lee J. Cobb, Buddy Ebsen, Charles Nelson Reilly, The Clinger SIsters, Jackie Vernon.
Martin's songs are "Is It True What They Say About Dixie" and What Can I Say, After I Say I'm Sorry". Cobb presents a dramatic reading from Shakespeare's "King Lear", but also turns to comedy as he and Martin "try out" method acting. Ebsen dances and sings "A Shine on Your Shoes" and gives the cast a lesson in dancing. The Clinger Sisters sing "Getting to Know You" with Martin.

February 26, 1970:
Season 5, episode 22

With Ann-Margret, Bob Newhart.
Martin's solos are "Second Hand Rose" and "Welcome to My World". Ann-Margret dances in a setting of wind-blown drapings and sings a medley with Martin. Newhart simulates the first elevator "take-off". Ann and Bob play a married couple in a department store sketch in which Dean is the home furnishings clerk.

March 5, 1970:
Season 5, episode 23

With Barbara Anderson, Sid Caesar, Alice Ghostley, Gale Gordon, Marty Robbins.
Miss Anderson sings "Hello, I Love You, Goodbye" and also a medley with Martin. Caesar plays a hippie musical genius in a comedy number and also teams with Miss Ghostley in a sketch about the trials of a husband whose wife wants him to challenge every man who looks at her. Gordon portrays a hardnosed clerk in an exchange department.

March 12, 1970:
Season 5, episode 24

With Shirley Booth, Vikki Carr, Paul Lynde.
Martin's solos are "Things", and "Always". Miss Booth sings "He Don't Love Me Anymore" and appears as a dog inspector checking on Dean's qualifications as an owner. Miss Carr sings "On a Clear Day". Lynde performs in sketches as a gigolo, panhandler and nightclub pianist.

March 19, 1970:
Season 5, episode 25

With Elke Sommer, Frank Sinatra Jr., Deanna Martin, Charles Nelson Reilly, Don Rice.
Martin's solos are "They Didn't Believe Me" and "I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face". Miss Sommer plays a little girl at dancing class who teaches the little boys how to dance. Elke also sings a medley with Dean. In comedy sketches, Reilly tries selling greeting cards to an indecisive customer, and dabbles in romance as a helpful godfather.

March 26, 1970:
Season 5, episode 26

With Peggy Lee, Dom DeLuise, Art Metrano, Albert Brooks, Tommy Tune.
Miss Lee sings "It's Almost Like Being in Love", "Watch What Happens" and two medleys with Martin. DeLuise performs comedy sketches as a talent agent and as the "world's greatest detective" who even fumbles an open-and-shut murder case. Albert Brooks does a stockbroker monologue.

April 2, 1970:
Season 5, episode 27

With Forrest Tucker, Gail Martin, Gene Baylos, Norm Crosby, Charles Nelson Reilly, Janice Harper.
Tucker joins the dancers to sing "Take Me Along" and "Then I'll Be Happy". Reilly performs in comedy sketches as a physical fitness instructor and a department store manager.

April 9, 1970:
Season 5, episode 28

With Phil Harris, Arte Johnson, Nancy Kwan, Lou Rawls.
Martin's solos are "Bye, Bye Blackbird" and "If I Had You". Miss Kwan, as a hillbilly, sings "The Simple Joys of Maidenhood". Arte in a sketch plays Dean's "Russian counterpart in television". Harris sings "A Boy Named Sue" and teams with Dean in a humorous rendition of "Mr. Gallagher and Mr. Sheen". Rawls offers "I Wonder Where Our Love Has Gone" and combines with Martin in a medley of Al Jolson songs.

April 23, 1970:
Season 5, episode 30

With Jimmy Stewart, Leslie Uggams, Dom DeLuise, Danny Lockin, Albert Brooks, Jan Daley.
Martin's solos are "I Will" and "Hands Across the Table". Stewart performs in a sketch as he and Martin show for a lady's gown, much to the confusion of the sales clerk, DeLuise.

September 17, 1970:
Season 6, episode 1

With Orson Welles, Petula Clark, Joey Bishop.
Martin launches his sixth season. Welles turns to comedy in vignettes and is in a sketch with Martin in a pet maternity ward setting. Martin solos "It Keeps Right on a Hurtin'" and "My Woman, My Woman, My Wife". Miss Clark presents "Call Me" and joins Dean for a happiness medley. In a sketch, Bishop and Martin portray two construction workers celebrating 12 years of working together; the cast spoofs famous singers.

September 24, 1970:
Season 6, episode 2

With Joe Namath, Peter Falk, Shirley Jones, Paul Lynde, Kenny Rogers and the First Edition.
In comedy skits, Falk and Martin are robbers whose "getaway" is delayed by an overzealous service station attendant (Lynde); Miss Jones plays a fashion-conscious woman who can't decide what to wear during a bomb scare; Namath shows off his unique apartment.

October 1, 1970:
Season 6, episode 3

With Ruth Buzzi, Godfrey Cambridge, Dom DeLuise, Britt Eklund, Charles Nelson Reilly.

October 8, 1970:
Season 6, episode 4

With Vince Edwards, Marty Feldman, Rocky Graziano, Dionne Warwick, The Golddiggers.

October 15, 1970:
Season 6, episode 5

With Eva Gabor, Joey Heatherton, Paul Lynde, Norm Crosby, Joe Frazier.
In comedy skits, Crosby does a monologue and Lynde is a kennelmaster candidate for the Presidency. Miss Heatherton sings a Burt Bacharach medley. Martin sings "Try a Little Tenderness".

October 22, 1970:
Season 6, episode 6

With Engelbert Humperdinck, Pat Crowley, Dom DeLuise, Charles Nelson Reilly, Jackie Vernon.
In comedy skits, DeLuise plays an overzealous waiter and Vernon is a first-time visitor to New York.

October 29, 1970:
Season 6, episode 7

With Jim Brown, Barbara Feldon, David Frost.
In sketches, Miss Feldon's a wife who's unhappy over husband Dino's fishing catch -- a mermaid. Frost, Martin and Miss Feldon spoof soap advertisements.

November 5, 1970:
Season 6, episode 8

With Ernest Borgnine, The Everly Brothers, Sugar Ray Robinson, Alan Sues.

November 12, 1970:
Season 6, episode 9

With Zero Mostel, Tony Bennett, Gloria Loring.
Mostel offers "If I Were a Rich Man" and in a skit tries to sell the Army a secret weapon. Bennett sings "Sing You Sinners".

November 19, 1970:
Season 6, episode 10

With Vikki Carr, Charles Nelson Reilly, The Temptations.

November 26, 1970:
Season 6, episode 11

With Ruth Buzzi, Mike Connors, Dom DeLuise, Laurie Ichino.

December 3, 1970:
Season 6, episode 12

With Peter Graves, Jill St. John, Paul Lynde, The Ding-a-Ling Sisters, Ronnie Barker, Ronnie Corbett.
Lynde portrays a fussy driver's license official. Graves demonstrates uses of wigs for men; Lynde and Kathleen Freeman play hippie parents.

December 10, 1970:
Season 6, episode 13

With Glenn Ford, Barbara Feldon, Charles Nelson Reilly, The Golddiggers.
Ford explains "body language"; Reilly plays a fussy doctor and a reluctant "human cannonball"; Miss Feldon plays a magnetic nurse.

December 17, 1970:
Season 6, episode 14

With Glen Campbell, Dom DeLuise, Gale Gordon, The Golddiggers.
Dean's solos are "She's a Little Bit of Country" and "Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head". Campbell offers "Gotta Travel On" and a medley with Dean. In skits, Gordon tries to sell Dean his particular line of merchandise -- "gifts especially for your enemies"; DeLuise, as a dog psychiatrist, advises Dean on his dog's problems, and also plays a waiter who nearly destroys a restaurant as he tries to extinguish a fly.

December 31, 1970:
Season 6, episode 15

With Frank Sinatra, Ruth Buzzi, Barbara Heller.
Frank and Dean sing a seven-song medley and take part in a blind-date skit, computerized-date skit, and give impressions of famous performers.

January 7, 1971:
Season 6, episode 16

With Bob Newhart, Bobbi Martin, Dennis Weaver, The Golddiggers.
Martin sings "Georgia Sunshine" and "How Deep Is the Ocean". Newhart spoofs appetites. Weaver and Martin play resourceful firemen attempting to save a very rotund lady. Kay Medford plays pianist Ken Lane's mother in a skit.

January 14, 1971:
Season 6, episode 17

With Orson Welles, Charles Nelson Reilly, The Golddiggers.
Welles plays an expert in the supernatural who convinces Martin he has made a woman invisible, a science reporter who covers the rejuvenation of a 104-year-old man, and a boxing commissioner who decides to "dress up" the fights. Welles also recites the Biblical story of Noah. Martin sings "Second Hand Rose" and "April Showers".

January 21, 1971:
Season 6, episode 18

With Raymond Burr, Diahann Carroll, Pat Henry, Charles Nelson Reilly.
Burr joins Dean and Reilly as they show what it's really like in the nursery of a maternity ward. And Burr plays a doctor of the future replacing body parts as easily as an auto mechanic. Dean sings "For Once in My Life" and "Raining in My Heart".

January 28, 1971:
Season 6, episode 19

With Bob Newhart, Frank Sinatra Jr., Luci Arnaz, Maureen Reagan.
Martin's solos are "On a Slow Boat to China" and "Mean to Me". Newhart enthusiastically "pilots" a taxi cab, makes a gallant attempt to teach an old "lady" (Martin) to drive, and portrays a TV quizmaster who brings work home with him. Martin plays a schoolteacher whose students seem more versed in the subject matter than the teacher.

February 4, 1971:
Season 6, episode 20

With Ruth Buzzi, Zero Mostel, Paul Lynde, The Ding-a-Ling Sisters.
Martin's solos are "I'm Sitting on Top of the World" and "Tips of My Fingers". Miss Buzzi sings "Dancing on the Ceiling" -- a comedy number under a collapsible ceiling. Mostel portrays a zany army officer in charge of secret weapons, and a "star" of the silent picture era in comedy segments with Martin. He also sings "Sunrise, Sunset".

February 11, 1971:
Season 6, episode 21

With Debbie Reynolds, Paul Lynde, Marty Feldman.
In skits, Miss Reynolds plays an exotic dancer, Feldman an overly chatty restaurant patron, and Lynde plays the agent of a ballet dancer. Martin sings "Somebody Stole My Gal" and "Together Again".

February 18, 1971:
Season 6, episode 22

With Diahann Carroll, Charles Nelson Reilly, Ronnie Barker, Ronnie Corbett.
Martin sings "Someday" and "For the Good Times". Miss Carroll sings "Fire and Rain". In skits, Reilly attempts to sell Martin an exotic array of fruit; Barker and Corbett get involved in a wedding mixup.

February 25, 1971:
Season 6, episode 23

With Zero Mostel, Jackie Vernon, Fred Smoot, The Ding-a-Ling Sisters.
In skits, Zero plays a bumbling burglar who collects his loot under the very noses of a lovemaking couple, a wisecracking angel, and an "actor" auditioning for a role in Shakespearean times. Vernon offers a comic slide presentation. Zero sings "Me and My Shadow"; Miss Medford offers "Do You Love Me?".

March 4, 1971:
Season 6, episode 24

With Marty Feldman, The Ding-a-Ling Sisters, Corbett and Barker, Odia Coates.
Feldman portrays a celebrity-happy mountain climber and a cab driver dedicated to war on pedestrians. Corbett and Barker present a lampoon on income taxes. In the finale, Martin and the Golddiggers sing "It All Depends on You", "I''m Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter" and "It's Easy to Remember".

March 11, 1971:
Season 6, episode 25

With Orson Welles, Petula Clark, Norm Crosby, Eubie Blake.
Martin's solos are "Swanee" and "Stars Fell on Alabama". Welles, in a skit, takes an unreceptive Martin on a cultural excursion to a museum. Then Welles and Miss Clark demonstrate what would happen if marital conversation were reduced to electronic communication. Miss Clark also sings "The Song Is Love" and, with Dean, a medley of love songs.

March 25, 1971:
Season 6, episode 26

With Marty Feldman, Norm Crosby, Milt Kamen.
Feldman's sketch reveals the busy nightlife of an accountant. Crosby talks about Women's Lib and Kamen discusses fashion, cooking and travel. Dean's solos are "Almost Like Being in Love" and "P.S. I Love You".

April 1, 1971:
Season 6, episode 27

With Ernest Borgnine, Dom DeLuise, Peggy Lee.
In skits, Borgnine wins a top crime award and tussles with a waiter; DeLuise tries to peddle medicine in the Old West and plays an unlucky waiter in a restaurant mixup. Miss Lee sings "One More Ride on the Merry-Go-Round".

April 8, 1971:
Season 6, episode 28

With Jimmy Stewart, Dom DeLuise, Laurie Ichino.
In a skit, Stewart is a newlywed who has problems with a brash bellboy (Dean); DeLuise plays a pet shop owner who conducts weddings for animals; Dean is a king in search of a court jester; Dean sings "For the Good Times".

September 16, 1971:
Season 7, episode 1

With Art Carney, Richard Castellano, Petula Clark, Liberace.
Martin begins his seventh season. Weekly regulars include Kay Medford, Lou Jacobi, Marian Mercer and the Ding-A-Ling Sisters. Tonight's highlights: Carney and Liberace spoof hot-pants; the cast kids about national budgetary problems and what could happen if brides carried warranties.

September 23, 1971:
Season 7, episode 2

With Carroll O'Connor, Ruth Buzzi, Vikki Carr.

September 30, 1971:
Season 7, episode 3

With Dennis Weaver, Leslie Uggams.

October 7, 1971:
Season 7, episode 4

With Bing Crosby.

October 14, 1971:
Season 7, episode 5

With Art Carney, Ruth Buzzi, Lynn Kellogg.

October 21, 1971:
Season 7, episode 6

With Wayne Newton, Paul Lynde, Bob Newhart, Tom Bosley.
Lynde plays a motorcycle daredevil who takes over Mrs. Lane's house as an escaped convict. Martin's songs are "Arrivederci, Roma" and "Gig". The Ding-a-Ling Sisters do "Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head". Newton solos "Snowbird".

October 28, 1971:
Season 7, episode 7

With Ernest Borgnine, Elaine Stritch, Norm Crosby, Leonard Barr.
Borgnine plays Prince Charming to Miss Stritch; Elaine portrays a jet-set girl-next-door; Dean sings "La Vie en Rose"; Ding-a-Ling Sisters perform "Fool on the Hill".

November 4, 1971:
Season 7, episode 8

With Eddie Albert, Jonathan Winters.
Comedy highlights include Winters as a moon resident; Albert receiving dancing lessons. Martin sings "The River Seine". Ding-a-Ling Sisters do "Mack the Knife".

November 11, 1971:
Season 7, episode 9

With Mike Connors, Ruth Buzzi, Dr. Joyce Brothers, Bobbi Martin.
In skits, Dean and Ruth take part in a talkative stewardess's last flight; Dr. Brothers and Dean spoof psychiatry; Mike and Dean get in a cue card mixup; Dean sings "Darling, Je Vous Aime Beaucoup".

November 18, 1971:
Season 7, episode 10

With Joey Bishop, Jo Anne Pflug.
Joey instructs Dean on how not to be a sissy. Dean sings "C'Est Si Bon". The Ding-a-Ling Sisters do "Resurrection Shuffle".

November 25, 1971:
Season 7, episode 11

With Carol Channing, Dan Blocker.
Dean and Blocker act out what it would be like if Women's Lib put husbands in the home; play cowboys lost in the desert, and, with Miss Channing, spoof pop songs.

December 2, 1971:
Season 7, episode 12

With Peter Graves, Kelly Garrett, Alice Ghostley.
Among the skits are a spoof on auto dealers and their wives, and a light look at Mother Goose.

December 9, 1971:
Season 7, episode 13

With Ruth Buzzi, Juliet Prowse, Charles Nelson Reilly.
Juliet, in a song 'n' dance number, does "Don't Rain on My Parade". She also sings a couple of medleys with Dean. Reilly joins Kay Medford and the regulars in a Lane household segment.

December 16, 1971:
Season 7, episode 14

With Ginger Rogers, Arte Johnson, Don Meredith.
Comedy highlights: Dean, Arte and Don are three "wallflowers" who share their mutual problem; Don interviews the world's champ Ukrainian goal kicker (Arte); a censor has a problem at a night club.

December 23, 1971:
Season 7, episode 15

With Jonathan Winters, Dan Rowan.
Winters brings Maudie Frickert in for a song number with Dean, becomes Santa in a toy workshop and plays a stiff-necked traffic officer. Rowan goes digging for archaeological treasures with Dean. Dean sings "Marshmallow World " and "I Feel the Earth Move".

December 30, 1971:
Season 7, episode 16

With Art Carney, Howard Cosell.
Art, Dean and Howard play three oldsters awaiting the New Year; have a three-way misunderstanding over the boxing game; are a trio of hard-hat workers making light of of three TV personalities -- who bear a strange resemblance to them. In the Lane household segment, Mrs. Lane (Kay Medford) is persuaded by her daughter (Marian Mercer) to turn her charm on Mr. Karpopolis (Lou Jacobi). The Ding-a-Ling Sisters sing "Every Woman Needs a Man". Dean sings "Make the World Go Away" and does a medley with Art.

January 6, 1972:
Season 7, episode 17

With Art Carney, Caterina Valente.
In skits, Art portrays a nosy janitor who horns in on a surgeon's operation, and a mugger who gets involved over territorial rights with a pal. Caterina sings "Sun on My Face" and joins Dean in "My Melancholy Baby". Dean solos "What's Yesterday".

January 13, 1972:
Season 7, episode 18

With Petula Clark.
Dean and Petula team in three song medleys and also sing "Let's Call the Whole Thing Off". They also appear in a comedy bit as a bride and groom who make the mistake of sharing all their secrets. In the Lane household segment, Mrs. Lane (Kay Medford) and friends hold a seance.

January 20, 1972:
Season 7, episode 19

With Jonathan Winters, Frank Sinatra Jr.
Dean and the young Sinatra pay tribute to his dad's songs in a medley. Jonathan presents his version of a dental patient suffering from a raspberry seed in his tooth. In the Lane household segment, Mr. Karpopolis (Lou Jacobi) laments that he's reached the end of his years.

January 27, 1972:
Season 7, episode 20

With Raymond Burr, Bob Newhart, Elaine Stritch.
Burr plays a product investigator whose scrutiny of foods interrupts Dean's lunch. Newhart recreates the invention of football and conducts an unusual police lineup. Miss Stritch tries to help Martin buy some lingerie. Dean sings "It's the Talk of the Town".

February 17, 1972:
Season 7, episode 21

With Leslie Uggams, Paul Lynde.
In skits, the first pilgrim meets his first Indian (Lynde); General Lee (Lynde) surrenders to General Grant (Dean) before a mediator; Adam and Eve attempt to register at a hotel, only to encounter a skeptical desk clerk (Lynde). Miss Uggams sings "New World Comin'".

February 24, 1972:
Season 7, episode 22

With Eva Gabor, Charles Nelson Reilly.
In a feature skit, Miss Gabor plays Snow White while Dean is a policeman. Reilly portrays a TV reporter who interrupts a holdup to get on-the-spot interviews. The Ding-a-Lings sing "I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate". Dean solos "Last Summer" and "Party Dolls and Wine".

March 2, 1972:
Season 7, episode 23

With Jonathan Winters.
Winters meanders through an old attic filled with bric-a-brac, which he uses as springboards for his improvisations. In the Lane household segment, a crisis arises with the impending arrival of kittens. Martin sings "By the Time I Get to Phoenix".

March 9, 1972:
Season 7, episode 24

With Phil Silvers, Dom DeLuise.
Comedy highlights: Dean and DeLuise present a modern version of Julius Caesar's assassination; Dean and Silvers play schoolboys who find a vital part of their education has been omitted; and Silvers plays a cemetery plot salesman. Dean sings "Release Me" and "Red Sails in the Sunset".

March 16, 1972:
Season 7, episode 25

With Art Carney, Barbara McNair.
In skits, Art plays an inefficient Satan bent on doing in Dean, and then he's a writer trying to compose a great historical document despite his wife's interruptions. Miss McNair solos "Something's Coming On".

March 30, 1972:
Season 7, episode 26

With Jonathan Winters, Paul Lynde.
Jonathan plays a country bumpkin slickering Dean and a senior citizen being interviewed on TV. Paul joins Kay Medford for a spoof on marital community property and the wealthiest man in the world who becomes smitten with Marian Mercer. Dean sings "The Small Exception of Me".

April 6, 1972:
Season 7, episode 27

With Joey Bishop.
Joey offers Dean advice on singing and the art of doing impressions. At the Lane house, Mrs. Lane (Kay Medford) suffers amnesia and Joey tries to hypnotize her to get her memory back. Dean sings "Turn the World Around", "Bye, Bye Blues" and "Birth of the Blues".

April 13, 1972:
Season 7, episode 28

With Buddy Hackett.
In skits, Buddy plays a fireman who lets Dean do all the hard work while he has to decide how to rescue a woman in a bathtub; as an Indian chief, Buddy claims Mrs. Lane (Kay Medford) has built her house on his land; as a mountaineer, Buddy gets advice from Dean about having a beautiful guide. Dean sings "Green, Green Grass of Home". The Ding-a-Lings sing "You Do Something to Me".

September 14, 1972:
Season 8, episode 1

With Gene Kelly, Gilbert O'Sullivan.
Martin opens his eighth season with returning regulars Kay Medford, Lou Jacobi and the Ding-a-Ling Sisters. New regulars are Rodney Dangerfield, Nipsey Russell and Dom DeLuise. In a new segment, Dean walks his pet (Tiger Lady) in the park each week, where he meets his guest and his pet. Nipsey and Dom are barbers who host Dean and his guest. Rodney performs in a nightclub setting. The feature skit has Dean and Gene as soldiers trying to get the enemy to make love, not war.

September 21, 1972:
Season 8, episode 2

With Barbara Feldon, Lloyd Bridges, Anna Moffo.
In a skit, Dean discovers there's now a tax on love-making when he visits auditor Barbara. Miss Moffo sings "Daughter of the Regiment". Bridges joins Miss Moffo in a "Today and Yesterday" medley. Dean sings "The Small Exception of Me". The Ding-a-Lings do "That Old Black Magic".

September 28, 1972:
Season 8, episode 3

With Eve Arden, Fess Parker, Lynn Anderson.
In a skit, Eve plays a school teacher who continues "instructing" when she gets home to husband Dean; Fess and Eve, in a Western spoof, await the arrival of Big Bad John (Dean) in a saloon. Miss Anderson sings "Stand By Your Man" and a flower medley with Dean.

October 5, 1972:
Season 8, episode 4

With Joey Bishop, Karen Black.
Dean and guests take part in a change-of-sex skit. Dean solos "I Don't Know What I'm Doing" and, with the Ding-a-Lings, "Way Down Yonder in New Orleans".

October 12, 1972:
Season 8, episode 5

With Hugh O'Brian, Monte Hall, Anne Murray.
A spoof of Let's Make a Deal.

October 26, 1972:
Season 8, episode 6

With Don Meredith, Joseph Campanella, Gail Martin.

November 2, 1972:
Season 8, episode 7

With Dennis Hopper, Charley Pride, Charles Nelson Reilly.

November 9, 1972:
Season 8, episode 8

With Danny Thomas, Charo.

November 23, 1972:
Season 8, episode 9

With Jack Benny, Lynn Anderson.
Benny and a "special chorus" do a take-off on Dean and the Ding-a-Lings. Miss Anderson sings "Stand By Your Man" and a flower medley with Dean.

November 30, 1972:
Season 8, episode 10

With Steve Lawrence, Charles Nelson Reilly.
In skits, Dean and Steve discuss marital problems. Charles is featured in "The Flea". An old movie clip from "Ziegfeld Follies" leads to a dance number.

December 7, 1972:
Season 8, episode 11

With Mike Connors, Carol Channing.
In a feature skit, Dean plays the proprietor of "Rent a Husband", with Carol as a customer. Dean and Mike are inventors waiting in a patent office; talk about new trends in autos in the barber shop. Carol and Dean, on roller skates, sing "Brand New Key".

December 14, 1972:
Season 8, episode 12

With Glen Campbell.
Dean and Glen talk about the golf tournaments they host, then sing a "Breezing Along" medley. Dom DeLuise introduces his new character, Domenick, the great chef.

December 21, 1972:
Season 8, episode 13

With Glenn Ford, Lynn Anderson.
In the barber shop segment, Dean and Glenn talk about Christmas shopping problems. Dean sings "I'll Be Home for Christmas". Miss Anderson sings "Fool Me".

December 28, 1972:
Season 8, episode 14

With Ernest Borgnine, O.C. Smith.
In the feature skit, "The Heist", Ernie and Dom DeLuise are burglars holding up liquor store owner Dean. In the barber shop, Dean and guests talk about Hollywood. DeLuise performs as the great "knife thrower".

January 4, 1973:
Season 8, episode 15

With Gene Kelly.
In one skit, "Make Love Not War", Gene and Dean are soldiers who use unusual ammunition. Subject matter in the barbershop is "Fidelity". Comic Steve Landesberg does a monologue. Gene and Dean sing "There's a Rainbow Round My Shoulder" and view clips from Gene's 1945 movie "Anchors Aweigh".

January 11, 1973:
Season 8, episode 16

With Bob Newhart.
In skits, Dean and Bob discuss obscene phone calls and the value of marriage license tests. Dom DeLuise does his TV cook routine. Dean sings "My Kind of Girl" and "It Just Happens That Way".

January 18, 1973:
Season 8, episode 17

With Steve Lawrence, Dick Martin.
In the highlight skit, Dom DeLuise is a judge and Lawrence and Martin are the attorneys battling over Dean, who is in court on bigamy charges. Dean, Steve and Dick sing "Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams".

January 25, 1973:
Season 8, episode 18

With Petula Clark, Joey Bishop.
Dean and his guests take part in a skit titled "It's a Woman's World". Dom DeLuise and Nipsey Russell welcome Dean and Joey to the barbershop for a discussion about the medical profession. Joey and Dean take part in "The Minister" skit. Petula and Dean sing "Exactly Like You" and a "Together" medley. Petula solos "Baby, I'm Yours".

February 1, 1973:
Season 8, episode 19

With Ruth Buzzi, Lonnie Shorr.
Dean, Nipsey Russell, Dom DeLuise and guests take part in a skit, "Life Upon the Wicked Stage". Dean sings "Just One of Those Things" and "I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face".

February 15, 1973:
Season 8, episode 20

With Richard Roundtree, Jackie Vernon, Bobby Goldsboro.
Roundtree and the Ding-a-Lings take part in a production number, "Shaft"; Dom DeLuise appears as Dominick the Great Chef; Dean sings "Red, Red Robin".

February 22, 1973:
Season 8, episode 21

With William Conrad, Lonnie Shorr.
In a comedy skit, Dean and Lonnie expose "Truth in Packaging". Conrad joins Dean to sing "Where or When" and solos "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face".

March 1, 1973:
Season 8, episode 22

With Ginger Rogers, Norm Crosby, Leonard Barr.

March 8, 1973:
Season 8, episode 23

With Jonathan Winters, Lisa Kirk.
Comedy highlights: Dean is waited on by a country boy service station attendant (Jonathan); Jonathan joins Dean in the barber shop. Dean sings "C'est Magnifique". The cast takes part in a "Silk Stocking" finale.

March 15, 1973:
Season 8, episode 24

With Joseph Campanella, Ruth Buzzi.

March 22, 1973:
Season 8, episode 25

With Jimmy Stewart, Frank Sinatra Jr.
Dean and Stewart open with "Alexander's Ragtime Band", and follow with a Celebrity Jackpot skit. Sinatra Jr. sings "A Horse With No Name". The cast gathers for a "Pal Joey" finale.

March 29, 1973:
Season 8, episode 26

With Martin Milner, Anna Moffo.
Dean and Milner take part in a skit, "The Treatment"; Miss Moffo, Dean and Milner do an Italian song medley.

April 5, 1973:
Season 8, episode 27

With Peter Sellers, Phyllis McGuire.
Sellers and Dean take part in skits titled "Elephants" and "Cat Burglar". Dean sings "Just Say I Love Her". Phyllis sings "Something Big" with Dean. The cast takes part in the finale, "Meet Me in St. Louis".

April 12, 1973:
Season 8, episode 28

With Nancy Sinatra, William Conrad.
Dean and his guests take part in a skit, "Nursery Rhyme". Nancy and Dean sing a "happy medley" of songs. Conrad sings an Anthony Newley medley of songs. The cast does an Easter Parade finale.

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