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Series regulars or semi-regulars in 'The Flip Wilson Show' from 1970-1982:

1970-1982 Episode Guide for 'The Flip Wilson Show':

(Episodes with dates prior to 1970 aired as reruns.)

September 17, 1970:
Season 1, episode 1

With David Frost, James Brown, Big Bird and Oscar (of the Sesame Street muppets), Sunday's Child.
Comedy-variety series built around the talents of comic Wilson. In his premiere show, Frost does a take-off on his own show when he interviews "Geraldine Jones". Wilson and Frost are in another skit in which a passenger books a flight on the basis of the movie being shown. Wilson and Big Bird perform in a musical number . Brown sings "It's a New Day" and "September Song". Sunday's Child sing "Wichita Lineman".

September 24, 1970:
Season 1, episode 2

With Bobby Darin, Stanley Myron Handelman, Denise Nicholas, Roy Clark.
Flip is featured is sketches about a bachelor entertaining a lady named Lulu and a spoof titled "Butch Cassidy and the Suntan Kid". Handelman's monologue concerns an allergy to hippopotami.

October 1, 1970:
Season 1, episode 3

With Roger Miller, Lily Tomlin, Redd Foxx, The Temptations.
Flip appears as a masher in a cocktail lounge, a subscriber to a computer dating service and as the Revererd Leroy. Miller sings "Walking in the Sunshine" and "King of the Road". The Temptations sing "Ball of Confusion" and "Let It Be".

October 8, 1970:
Season 1, episode 4

With Perry Como, Lola Falana, Charlie Callas, Denise Nicholas.
Como plays the psychiatrist whom Geraldine Jones consults after a marriage proposal to her boyfriend, "Killer", prompts him to tell her she's crazy. Flip also appears as bachelor Freddie Johnson, dating Denise Nicholas of "Room 222" and dancer Lola Falana.

October 15, 1970:
Season 1, episode 5

With Raymond Burr, Stanley Myron Handelman, Loretta Long, The Sesame Street Muppets, Sunday's Child.
Burr plays Col. Chicken in a comedy skit and participates in singing two of the Muppets' favorite tunes, "The Counting and Alphabet Songs". Miss Long sings "Happy Talk". Sunday's Child sings "Freedom Blues".

October 22, 1970:
Season 1, episode 6

With Louis Armstrong, Charlie Callas, Laura Greene, Pat Morita.

October 29, 1970:
Season 1, episode 7

With Gina Lollobrigida, Bill Cosby, The Modern Jazz Quartet.
Flip depicts travel on an Italian airline, life in a hospital with "Geraldine" and the vagaries of cocktail parties.

November 5, 1970:
Season 1, episode 8

With Robert Goulet, Lola Falana, Robert Klein.
Goulet sings "You'd Better Love Me" and "My Woman, My Woman, My Wife"; Miss Falana sings and dances a medley of Beatles tunes; Klein does two monologues.

November 19, 1970:
Season 1, episode 9

With Arte Johnson, Moms Mabley, Doug Kershaw, Marcel Marceau.

November 26, 1970:
Season 1, episode 10

With Bobby Darin, Charley Pride, Ella Fitzgerald.
Flip, as Rev. Leroy, and Bobby, as the Devil, enter into a debate; Flip is a noisy burglar who robs sports fan Bobby.

December 3, 1970:
Season 1, episode 11

With Connie Stevens, John Byner, Johnny Brown, Stevie Wonder.
Flip plays "Hemlock Jones" in a mystery drama; Miss Stevens plays a receptionist at a pet hospital where Flip brings a sick bird; Byner and Brown do imitations of show business personalities.

December 10, 1970:
Season 1, episode 12

With Lena Horne, Tony Randall.
Flip plays a prisoner with the world's most untidy cell who is assigned a cellmate with a fetish for neatness; Tony is an elderly hippie movie producer who is arrested by a parking meter maid named Geraldine; Miss Horne sings "I Had a Dream" and "Rocky Raccoon".

December 17, 1970:
Season 1, episode 13

With Sid Caesar, Bobby Darin, B.B. King.
In a silent movie spoof, Sid plays a broken-down fight champion on whose doorstep a baby boy (Flip) is left; Caesar plays a gumball machine with dreams of grandeur; Flip tries to cope with a far-out musician, "Progress Hornsby" (Caesar) and his friend "the late, great John Rawlinson" (Darin); the Jekyll-Hyde story with Sid playing Jekyll and Flip playing Hyde.

December 24, 1970:
Season 1, episode 14

With Burl Ives, Slim Gaillard, Sha-Na-Na.
Flip searches for kiddies for this Christmas show business through two hard-boiled booking agents; Flip plays a service station attendant whose only Christmas Eve customer is Santa Claus.

January 7, 1971:
Season 1, episode 15

With Bing Crosby, David Steinberg, The Supremes.
Crosby and Flip sing a western medley and Crosby solos "I Surrender, Dear". Steinberg and Flip play fathers at a maternity hospital, at a Little League game, and at a high school graduation. The Supremes sing "Breakdown" and "We've Only Just Begun".

January 14, 1971:
Season 1, episode 16

With Steve Lawrence, Roberta Flack, Zero Mostel.
Mostel plays a man about to leap from a skyscraper; Steve and Flip play nervous bridegrooms; Mostel is a "demanding heavy-set robber".

January 21, 1971:
Season 1, episode 17

With Muhammad Ali (a/k/a Cassius Clay), Bobby Darin, Lily Tomlin.
Miss Tomlin plays a health fanatic who warns Flip he'll die unless he changes his eating habits; Flip and Darin play two truck drivers involved in an auto wreck, then play a pair of World War I pilots who haven't seen a woman in years; Ali exchanges poems with Flip about Ali's upcoming fight with Joe Frazier, and then Ali answers questions from the audience.

January 28, 1971:
Season 1, episode 18

With Nancy Wilson, Claudine Longet, Bill Cosby.
Comedy highlights include another chapter in the lives of Marvin (Flip) and Howard (Bill) when a charge of assualt and battery lodged against Howard by his lifelong buddy threatens their friendship. In another sketch the Lone Stranger (Flip) and sidekick Pronto (Bill) decide there is no future in befriending the innocent at today's prices. Miss Wilson sings "Make It With You" and joins Flip for a sketch about a best-selling author and one of her more ardent fans. Miss Longet sings "Look What They've Done to My Song" and with Flip "I Like Pretty Girls" and "C'est Si Bon".

February 4, 1971:
Season 1, episode 19

With Abbey Lincoln, Johnny Mathis, George Carlin, Joe Namath.
Geraldine Jones applies for a job as instructor at Joe Namath's gym; swinging bachelor Freddie Johnson (Flip) plays host to a fellow apartment dweller (Miss Lincoln) who asks permission to view a horror show on his TV set. Carlin appears in a monologue concerning the Indian sergeant instructing troops before a battle against the settlers. Mathis sings "Love Story".

February 11, 1971:
Season 1, episode 20

With Art Carney, Barbara Feldon, Hal Frazier, The Modern Jazz Quartet.
Flip and Art demonstrate the discomforts of economy travel, then play a veterinarian and a gangster faced with the removal of a bullet.

February 18, 1971:
Season 1, episode 21

With David Frost, Aretha Franklin, Charlie Callas.
In skits, Frost heads British Intelligence in trying to capture a pair of spies; in Charley's Diner, a Britisher dreams of becoming a waiter. Miss Franklin sings "You and Me" and "Mixed-Up Girl".

February 25, 1971:
Season 1, episode 22

With Don Rickles, Ray Charles, Leslie Uggams.
The president of the Ray Charles fan club -- Geraldine Jones -- meets the singer and joins him in a medley; in a movie spoof, "My Fair Pickpocket", Rickles turns a ragamuffin into a famous musician. Geraldine sings "I Can't Stop Loving You" and two other songs with Ray Charles, and Flip joins Leslie for "Baby, It's Cold Outside". In another sketch, lonely Wilson in the big city puts up with Rickles, a buddy sent over by "Rent-a-Friend".

March 4, 1971:
Season 1, episode 23

With Tim Conway, Robert Klein, Diahann Carroll.
Flip plays a White House janitor who helps the President (Conway) balance the budget; Flip and Diahann play a ghetto couple who win the services of a butler (Conway). Klein talks about his college-day jobs working New York hotels and plays Binky-Boo, host of a party for bluebloods. Flip plays a bartender and Diahann is a guest.

March 11, 1971:
Season 1, episode 24

With Lena Horne, Ray Stevens, George Carlin.
Flip, as Rev. Leroy, visits a swinging nightclub owned by Miss Horne; Carlin does a takeoff on a rock radio station disc jockey; Flip and Lena sing a pair of Duke Ellington hits, "Let a Song Go Out of My Heart" and "Don't Get Aournd Much Any More". Stevens sings his hit "Gitarzan" with Flip.

March 18, 1971:
Season 1, episode 25

With Lily Tomlin, Hamilton Camp, Gaylord and Holiday.
Flip has surprising success in matching blind daters Lily and Hamilton. In another skit, Flip, as Freddie Green, goes up before a rural judge on a trespassing charge. The silent movie spoof is titled "Lydia, the Sewing Machine Girl". Gaylord and Holiday sing a British medley.

April 1, 1971:
Season 1, episode 26

With Tim Conway, Sandy Duncan, Johnny Brown.
Flip plays "Sonny", the janitor who invades the privacy of a billionaire recluse (Conway); Conway plays the senile headmaster of a boys' school; Miss Duncan sings and dances "It's Never Too Late to Fall in Love".

September 16, 1971:
Season 2, episode 1

With Ed Sullivan, Lucille Ball, The Osmond Brothers.
The second season opens. Highlight skit features Flip and his guests in a take-off on the "Peanuts" comic strip. Sullivan "sings and dances" to "Strangers in the Night". The Osmonds sing "Just Like A Yo-Yo". In other features, Flip and Miss Ball are in a skit that takes place at a drive-in restaurant, where Geraldine (Hot Pants) Jones replaces a regular carhop. Miss Ball is the front end of Jo-Jo, the dancing horse, while Flip is the complaining tail end.

September 23, 1971:
Season 2, episode 2

With Joan Rivers, Mahalia Jackson, George Gobel.
In skits, Miss Rivers plays a boisterous cab driver who rushes a man (Flip) to the hospital to have his appendix removed, but stops first to fight with a truck driver (Gobel); two divorced fathers (Flip and Gobel) sit in a park with their children and talk about mutual problems; the Rev. Leroy (Flip) delivers a sermon on the meaning of "Thanks".

September 30, 1971:
Season 2, episode 3

With Raymond Burr, Ruth Gordon, Stevie Wonder.
In comedy highlights, Flip and his guests do a dramatic-comedy reading, "You're the Top"; in a skit, Burr and Miss Gordon are opera-goers while Flip portrays a not-too-typical opera fan complete with corn chips and liquid refreshment; in a silent movie spot Burr is the villain and Flip a Royal Mounties hero. Stevie sings "Lady Love" and "Keep on Running".

October 7, 1971:
Season 2, episode 4

With Ruth Buzzi, Errol Garner, Tim Conway.
White House janitor (Flip) helps the President (Conway) with his TV image; Danny Danger (Flip), world's greatest private eye, handles a case for a wealthy woman (Ruth); Geraldine Jones (Flip) is called in to help a businessman while his efficient secretary is on vacation.

October 14, 1971:
Season 2, episode 5

With Sugar Ray Robinson, George Carlin, Pat Boone.
Flip introduces his new character, Herbie, the Good Time Ice Cream Man with a bad disposition. Other highlights: Flip and Carlin appear as newscasters and spoof TV quiz shows in "To Tell a Lie"; Carlin does a monologue on daytime TV; Boone and his family perform "Anthem".

October 21, 1971:
Season 2, episode 6

With David Frost, The Supremes, Willie Tyler and Lester.
Flip debuts as a ventriloquist to introduce his dummy, Josephine. Frost, as head of British intelligence, sends a top agent (Flip) on a special mission; Frost tries to sell a haunted castle to his long-lost cousin (Flip). The Supremes sing "Love the One You're With".

October 28, 1971:
Season 2, episode 7

With the Smothers Brothers, Melba Moore.
City slicker Freddie Johnson (Flip) tries to charm a small-town girl (Melba Moore); the Smothers Brothers portray two deacons in Rev. Leroy's (Flip) church. Songs include "Hair", "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes", "I Talk to the Trees".

November 4, 1971:
Season 2, episode 8

With Lily Tomlin, The Jackson Five, Dr. David Reuben, Hudson and Landry.
With Flip as a grocery clerk, Lily appears as a customer who can only remember her grocery list items by their commercials. A member of the audience, Geraldine Jones (Flip), has a few questions for Dr. Reuben, author of fact books on sex. Hudson and Landry appear as travel agent and customer. Songs include "The Love You Save", "I Want You Back".

November 11, 1971:
Season 2, episode 9

With Dom DeLuise, The Muppets, Diahann Carroll.
Comedy highlights include Flip as a happy salesman and Dom as a gloomy one until he becomes the new boss; Diahann as a patron at Flip's gas station. The Muppets sing "Consider Yourself"; Diahann sings "I Feel the Earth Move".

November 18, 1971:
Season 2, episode 10

With Tim Conway, Andy Griffith, The Clara Ward Singers.
Andy and Flip portray firemen with no fires to fight; Tim and Flip are two ad men who give up their careers to become farmers; Andy tells his version of "Romeo and Juliet"; Rev. Leroy delivers a sermon on the importance of "signs".

November 25, 1971:
Season 2, episode 11

With Sid Caesar, Carl Reiner, Lena Horne.
Sid pantomimes a man awakening on the morning after. Flip is a man with no credit who trying to borrow money. Swinger Freddie (Flip) attempts to rescue a damsel (Miss Horne) who is not in distress. Carl interviews the professor (Sid) and his erudite valet (Flip). Miss Horne sings "A Little Bit Later On", "Being Green" and duets with Flip on "Doodle-Dee-Doo".

December 2, 1971:
Season 2, episode 12

With Billy Eckstine, Tony Randall, Phyllis Diller.
Highlight skit has Tony and Flip as hosts of a children's TV show selling toys.

December 16, 1971:
Season 2, episode 13

With Petula Clark, Roy Clark, Redd Foxx.
Flip introduces the world's sharpest cowboy, Leroy Rogers. In other skits, Flip is the director of a TV commercial for the he-man and Clark is a football player hired to be the actor; Flip plays a poor nightclub comic plagued by a funnier heckler (Foxx). Miss Clark sings "What Love Is About".

December 23, 1971:
Season 2, episode 14

With Marty Feldman, Melba Moore, Jimmy Osmond.
In skits, Marty plays a robot that a 1984 couple (Flip and Melba) get from the government; Flip is a bookshop proprietor besieged by a strange customer; Melba sings "Blue Skies".

December 30, 1971:
Season 2, episode 15

With Carol Channing, David Steinberg, The Modern Jazz Quartet.
In the highlight skit, Carol gets sick and can't go on stage. So she teaches understudy Geraldine Jones, who then sings "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend". Then Flip is a secret agent and Carol a spy recruit. Carol sings "Little Rock" and "If".

January 6, 1972:
Season 2, episode 16

With Dan Blocker, Ray Charles, Kaye Ballard, The Clara Ward Singers.
In skits, swinger Freddie (Flip) becomes an astronaut and with Blocker is launched into space; Flip and Blocker are bank robbers who are forced by a teller (Kaye) to go through the proper procedures for robbing banks. Charles sings "Feel So Bad" and "Look What They've Done to My Song". Kaye sings "Chitarro Romano". The Clara Ward Singers do "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot".

January 13, 1972:
Season 2, episode 17

With Tim Conway, Bobby Darin, Redd Foxx.
In skits, Flip plays Sonny the janitor in Washington where the President (Tim) gets the "hot line" to Moscow confused with the line to Roscoe in the pool hall; Flip and Bobby are prospective fathers attending a school run by Tim; Flip and Bobby sing "One of Those Songs". Bobby sings "A Simple Song of Freedom".

January 20, 1972:
Season 2, episode 18

With Dom DeLuise, George Carlin, Aretha Franklin.
Flip and George do another session of the "Six O'Clock News". George tells his experiences as class clown. Aretha sings "Rock Steady" and "Oh Me, Oh My".

January 27, 1972:
Season 2, episode 19

With Johnny Cash, June Carter, Jim Brown.
In skits, Geraldine Jones works for Chicken Delicious and her first delivery is for former pro football star Brown; Cash and Flip relive the legend of Casey Jones; Swinger Freddie Johnson meets a bigger swinger in the person of Brown, who questions Freddie's intentions in dating his sister. Cash and his wife June sing "Jackson". Cash solos "Bobby McGee".

February 3, 1972:
Season 2, episode 20

With Phil Silvers, Barbara Feldon, B.B. King.
In skits, Phil plays the world's worst door-to-door salesman and Barbara is a lonely, matronly schoolteacher; Flip is a director of a TV commercial featuring method actor Phil. King sings "Worry, Worry".

February 10, 1972:
Season 2, episode 21

With Sandy Duncan, Jim Nabors, Slappy White.
In skits, Flip plays an airline economy passenger; Sandy is hostess of a kiddie show. Slappy shows off his tap dancing expertise.

February 17, 1972:
Season 2, episode 22

With Barbara McNair, Jerry Stiller, Anne Meara, Roy Clark.
In a skit set aboard an ocean liner, Misses McNair and Meara play lonely women who meet equally lonely deckhands Flip and Jerry. They sing a new version of "It's Delovely". In two segments, Stiller and Meara play a Catholic girl who is matched to a Jewish boy through a computer dating service, then a couple returning from a date after women have taken over the world. Miss McNair sings "Show Me a Man". Clark does "Let's Have a Party".

February 24, 1972:
Season 2, episode 23

With Joe Namath, George Carlin, Miss Black America contestants.
Namath and Carlin narrate a fashion show in which "Geraldine" is a model; they also team up in a card game to fleece pigeon Wilson. Flip and Carlin do a third edition of the "6 PM News". Carlin solos with ethnic sounds and an ecology bit, and the Miss Black America finalists repeat their winning performances.

March 2, 1972:
Season 2, episode 24

With Sammy Davis Jr., Lily Tomlin, Ed McMahon.
Flip and Sammy play nightclub performers about to break up their act; Davis offers "Mr. Bojangles", "All the Way" and imitations of celebrities. Sammy and Flip also enter the car rental business with an old flivver for hire. Flip, as Geraldine, gets a job as a phone operator with Lily, and Lily becomes little Edith Ann in her monologue, visting a lady in the neighborhood.

March 9, 1972:
Season 2, episode 25

With Lee Marvin, Ruth Buzzi, The Chi-Lites.
In a feature skit, Ruth plays her Gladys Ormphby character, with Lee a disinterested bench sitter and Flip a park cop. Marvin also plays poker with Flip and appears as adviser Cromwell to Wilson's King Henry VIII during an audition for wife No. 4. Flip, Lee and Ruth sing "Ding Dong Daddy" and the Chi-Lites perform their latest hit, "Have You Seen Her?".

March 16, 1972:
Season 2, episode 26

With Bing Crosby, Tim Conway, Melba Moore.
In a Charlie's Diner skit Bing, as a plumber, and Tim, as a truck driver, are customers. In another skit, Melba plays a wife visiting her husband (Flip) in prison. Bing sings a medley of his first hits as a professional.

September 14, 1972:
Season 3, episode 1

With Jack Benny, Pearl Bailey, The Muppets.
Flip opens his third season. In skits, Flip plays a TV floor manager who has to cope with Benny's desire to pad his part in a commercial as well as Pearl's penchant for taking over the camera; Flip and Pearl play a married couple whose poor financial situation forces them to take in a boarder; Flip appears as hard-boiled newsman Stafford Cripps. The Muppets do a sketch called "The Dance Palace". Miss Bailey sings "It Only Takes a Moment".

September 21, 1972:
Season 3, episode 2

With Tim Conway, The 5th Dimension.
In skits, Geraldine Jones gets a visit from the Ravon Lady (Conway) while a notorious criminal in disguise is on the loose; the President (Conway) gets more help from his cleanup man (Flip); the Rev. Leroy kibitzes a poker game on a train. The 5th Dimension sings "I Didn't Get to Sleep Last Night".

September 28, 1972:
Season 3, episode 3

With Don Knotts, Melba Moore, Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks.
Knotts plays a frightened customer of barber Wilson; Knotts is back in the law enforcement business as a fish and game warden who enters Charley's (Flip) diner. Miss Moore sings "Don't Rain on My Parade".

October 5, 1972:
Season 3, episode 4

With Ruth Buzzi, Jack Burns, Avery Schreiber, The Supremes.
In a feature skit, Jack and Flip are bumbling fire department paramedics called to rescue Avery and his overly neat wife Ruth. Burns and Schreiber revive their taxi cab routine. The Supremes sing "Lean on Me" and "Sweet Sweet Love".

October 12, 1972:
Season 3, episode 5

With Bill Russell, Jerry Stiller, Anne Meara, Kenny Rankin, Paul McCartney and Wings.
In skits, Bill teams with Flip in the elevator shoe business; Flip tries to prove that Bill's height doesn't help him in shooting pool.

October 26, 1972:
Season 3, episode 6

With the Jackson Five, Diana Sands, David Steinberg.
Flip portrays his characters Herbie the Good-Time Ice Cream man, and Freddie the Swinger.

November 2, 1972:
Season 3, episode 7

With Carol Channing, Edward Asner, Donny Hathaway.
Flip is a stowaway on a ship captained by Asner and Miss Channing is a passenger who aids Flip. Miss Channing sings "Calypso Pete". Hathaway sings "Put Your Hand in the Hand" and "For All We Know".

November 9, 1972:
Season 3, episode 8

With Don Adams, Roscoe Lee Browne, The Staple Singers.
Flip introduces a new character, Jiva Koolit, a guru from Tibet. The Staple Singers offer "Respect Yourself" and "I'll Take You There".

November 16, 1972:
Season 3, episode 9

With Burt Reynolds, Roberta Flack, Tim Conway.
Geraldine becomes Burt's leading lady in a movie being directed by Conway. All three also play shipmates on a tugboat, giving Burt a chance to exhibit his expertise at his former occupation -- stuntman. Roberta sings "Suzanne" and "Mr. Magic".

November 23, 1972:
Season 3, episode 10

With Frank Gorshin, Joan Rivers, The Temptations.
Gorshin impersonates Marlon Brando in a spoof on "The Godfather" and Peter Falk in a skit on Lt. Columbo. Flip, as Rev. Leroy, gives a sermon on how the devil makes you do it. Miss Rivers has a monologue on the woes of womanhood.

November 30, 1972:
Season 3, episode 11

With Raymond Burr, Dom DeLuise, Gladys Knight and the Pips.
In skits, Burr and guests do a soap opera; DeLuise plays a TV producer who wants to do a documentary on the great Koolit (Flip); Burr tries to get a job in Charley's Diner. The Pips sing "Giving Up".

December 7, 1972:
Season 3, episode 12

With Tony Randall, Dionne Warwick, Jack Burns, Avery Schreiber.
Flip plays his window washer character, Marvin, who barges in on a meeting between big businessmen Randall, Burns and Schreiber. Tony and Flip team up for a satire on record-selling TV commercials. In another segment, Burns plays a psychiatrist treating Schreiber, who thinks he's a balloon. Miss Warwick sings "Daydreaming" and "Anyone Who Had A Heart".

December 14, 1972:
Season 3, episode 13

With Johnny Cash, Bill Russell, Albert Brooks, June Carter.
In skits, Geraldine Jones thinks she's going to pop out of a cake at "Killer's" birthday party, but instead she finds herself at a country hoedown. Cash plays Capt. Ahab out searching for Moby Dick, with Flip as the unwilling helmsman. Russell is the star who gives director Flip a bad time while making a TV commercial for a sleep inducing syrup.

December 21, 1972:
Season 3, episode 14

With Slappy White, Kris Kristofferson, Rita Coolidge, Tim Conway.
Flip and Tim play post office employees who do all the right things wrong. In the third edition of the Pink Pirate, Flip and Slappy are shipwrecked sailors alone on a tropical isle that is about to be invaded by Long John Plunder (Tim).

January 4, 1973:
Season 3, episode 15

With Jim Nabors, Barbara McNair, James Coco.
Flip, as swinger Freddie Johnson, goes into a greeting card store to get a card for one girl and ends up making love to another girl. Flip also introduces a new character, little Leroy, 12-year-old cub scout, who is taken into the woods by scoutmaster Nabors to earn merit badges. Miss McNair sings "Sweetest Sounds".

January 11, 1973:
Season 3, episode 16

With Andy Griffith, Roscoe Lee Browne, Curtis Mayfield.
In one skit Flip, as Marvin Lattimer, who was educated in the streets, is a contestant on a quiz show called Buzz-Off, hosted by Griffith. In a spoof on used car commercials, Flip plays Monty Mo City. His two assistants are Cal Calico (Griffith), who has a pet bird and plays guitar; and Tony Marquee (Browne), an unemployed Shakesperian actor. Flip, as Rev. Leroy, disputes the saying, "One monkey don't stop no show".

January 18, 1973:
Season 3, episode 17

With Howard Cosell, Sandy Duncan, Marty Feldman, Jack Benny (cameo).
In skits, Sonny the janitor helps the First Lady (Sandy) plan dinner for foreign dignitaries in Washington; Flip and Sandy sell and sing "golden" melodies of the tacky '20s; Marty attempts to buy a strange insurance policy from agent Flip.

January 25, 1973:
Season 3, episode 18

With Sammy Davis Jr., Marilyn Michaels, Ed Sullivan.
In comedy highlights, Flip, as Marvin Lattimer, invests partner Sammy's money in the installation of a jukebox at the bus stop; Sammy impersonates Tony Bennett, Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra; Marilyn impersonates Barbra Streisand; Flip, Sammy and Marilyn take part in a gunfight scene; Flip and Sammy are a song 'n' dance team waiting six weeks to get on Sullivan's show. Sammy sings "Candy Man" and exhibits a history of "hoofing".

February 1, 1973:
Season 3, episode 19

With Phyllis Diller, The Committee, Ray Charles.
The highlight skit has Flip as the unlikely applicant for a loan from loan officer Phyllis. Charles sings "If You Would Be My Lady" and "Fire".

February 15, 1973:
Season 3, episode 20

With Diana Sands, Dom DeLuise, Helen Reddy, Kreskin.
In skits, Geraldine is a checker in a supermarket; Diana brings mentalist Kreskin on a date with Freddie to find out what's really on his mind; Dom plays Diana's bodyguard when she dines at Charley's diner.

February 22, 1973:
Season 3, episode 21

With George Carlin, Della Reese, Roy Clark.
Carlin and Flip do another takeoff on a typical TV newscast; Clark and Flip spoof record-selling commercials; Della sings "Bye Bye, Love" and "Fire and Rain". Flip, as lawyer Percy Sylvester, prosecutes Carlin on behalf of plaintiff Clark.

March 1, 1973:
Season 3, episode 22

With Rich Little, Ed McMahon, Bill Withers, Cicely Tyson.
Featured skit is a spoof of the Tonight Show with Rich Little doing his impersonation of Johnny Carson. Other highlights include Oscar nominee Cicely reciting "When Malindy Sings" from Broadway's "A Hand Is on the Gate", Little's impersonations of various singers, two songs by Bill Withers, and Wilson's character, good old Marvin Lattimer.

March 8, 1973:
Season 3, episode 23

With Joe Namath, Tim Conway, Yvonne Wilder, Papa John Creach.
Namath just grins in a health farm sketch when he finds himself up against bossy Geraldine. Braced by Wilson and Conway, Namath also manages to hold his own in an overcrowded hospital bit, when nurse Yvonne loads three patients onto one bed. Blues singer Papa John Creach sings "Down Home Blues" and "No More Country Girl"; Flip and Conway work together in an underwater lab, and the men (Joe, Flip and Tim) hold a question-and-answer period with the studio audience.

March 15, 1973:
Season 3, episode 25

With Don Knotts, Richard Pryor, Jean Pace, Oscar Brown Jr.
Turning to pantomime, Flip uses his guests in a silent movie sketch, and plays a movie producer who confers with writer Pryor in his hotel room while waiter Knotts listens in under the impression that the men are planning a murder. The team of Pryor and Wilson also go into the taxi business with a rickshaw, and Oscar and his wife Jane sing "Dat Dere", "The Snake" and "Afro Blues".

September 20, 1973:
Season 4, episode 1

With Buddy Hackett, Richard Pryor, Ruth Buzzi.
The fourth season opens. In skits, Flip and Pryor talk about taking a $1-a-day job as a janitor; Hackett is a rock star sharing a hospital room with Flip, and Ruth is one of the nurses.

September 27, 1973:
Season 4, episode 2

With William Windom, Sandy Duncan, Monty Hall, The Pointer Sisters.
A highlight is a takeoff on TV host Monty Hall's Let's Make a Deal. The Pointer Sisters portray the screaming audience and Sandy, as an elderly lady, and Geraldine (Flip) Jones are the traders for the "big deal". Flip, Monty and Sandy sing and perform a medley of songs about walking. The Pointer Sisters sing "Old Songs" and "Cloudburst". Windom, who starred in the television series "My World and Welcome to It", based on characters by James Thurber, recites excerpts from Thurber.

October 4, 1973:
Season 4, episode 3

With Ralph Edwards, Richard Pryor, Bobby Sandler.
Geraldine is a surprised guest on Edwards' "This Is Your Life". Other highlights include a routine about wealth, Flip and Pryor as trapeze performers, and tricks with a lariat.

October 11, 1973:
Season 4, episode 4

With Redd Foxx, Helen Reddy, Joan Rivers.

October 25, 1973:
Season 4, episode 5

With Harry Belafonte, Jack Burns, Avery Schreiber.
Belafonte portrays a calypso tour guide who befriends Geraldine during a Caribbean cruise.

November 1, 1973:
Season 4, episode 6

With Robert Goulet, Carol Lawrence, Slappy White.
The cast salutes burlesque. Goulet sings "Maybe This Time" and "Quiet Room" and duets with his wife Carol on "Wanting You".

November 15, 1973:
Season 4, episode 7

With Hank Aaron, Lee Grant, Gladys Knight and the Pips, Andrew Johnson.

November 29, 1973:
Season 4, episode 9

With Tim Conway, Richard Pryor, psychologist-hypnotherapist Romark.

December 6, 1973:
Season 4, episode 10

With Leonard Nimoy, Ed McMahon, Charlie Callas, Ronald Mingo.

December 13, 1973:
Season 4, episode 11

With Tim Conway, Jerry Stiller, Anne Meara, Aretha Franklin.

December 20, 1973:
Season 4, episode 12

With Jack Burns, Avery Schreiber, The 5th Dimenson.
In skits, Jack and Avery do their monks routine, with Flip as Rev. Leroy who visits them, and then they do a "Silent Movie" version of "The Hobo's Christmas".

December 27, 1973:
Season 4, episode 13

With Anthony Newley, Jack Klugman, Roscoe Lee Browne, Franklyn Ajaye.
Spoofs of football, secret agents and horse racing.

January 3, 1974:
Season 4, episode 14

With Ted Knight, 9-year-old Phillip Paley (the youngest winner of a black belt in karate), The Pointer Sisters, Tim Kiley (Flip's director).
Knight joins Flip in a newsroom sketch and plays a customer in a sidewalk cafe routine in which Flip is the owner and Kiley is Flip's partner; the Pointer Sisters sing "Yes, We Can Can", "Wang Dang Doodle" and take part in a show business sketch with Flip as their agent.

January 10, 1974:
Season 4, episode 15

With Roy Clark, Melba Moore, Baby Laurence's Group, juggler Bobby Sandler.
Highlights: Clark sings "Hee Haw Is Good Enough" and is joined by his father, uncle and cousins on "Rollin' in My Sweet Baby's Arms"; Flip joins them in "Why Don't You Love Me?".

February 21, 1974:
Season 4, episode 16

With Dennis Weaver, O.J. Simpson.
Flip's guests also include three top Hollywood stuntmen.

February 7, 1974:
Season 4, episode 17

With Steve Lawrence, Richard Pryor, Ketty Lester, Kenny Kingston (Psychic).
Highlights: Steve sings "You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Loves You", "In My Own Lifetime" and then joins Flip in a sketch about a car pool and song-and-patter routine. Pryor and Ketty play husband and wife in a domestic skit, with Flip as their friend; psychic Kingston makes some provocative predictions; Flip, as Geraldine, is a customs inspector.

February 28, 1974:
Season 4, episode 18

With Redd Foxx, Don Adams, McLean Stevenson, Mac Davis.
Foxx does a monologue about younger days and marriage. Adams and Stevenson join Flip in a skit about married men who have three days of freedom without their wives. Flip portrays a director and Stevenson does the voice of a 6-year-old in a TV toothpaste commercial. Davis sings "I Believe in Music".

March 7, 1974:
Season 4, episode 19

With Lena Horne, Tony Randall, Bob and Ray.
Flip and his guests form the first Pushbutton Telephone Quintet and play musical numbers on various phones. Lena sings "Think About Your Troubles" and "I've Got to Have You" and joins Tony and Flip in a sound-effects sketch about "Camelot". (Last show of the series.)

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