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Series regulars or semi-regulars in 'The Life And Times Of Grizzly Adams' from 1970-1982:

1970-1982 Episode Guide for 'The Life And Times Of Grizzly Adams':

(Episodes with dates prior to 1970 aired as reruns.)

February 9, 1977: Adam's Cub
Season 1, episode 1
W: Arthur Heinemann   D: James L. Conway

With Lucky Hayes (Mary Bowker), Kristen Curry (Eliza Bowker), Hank Kendrick (Mr. Bowker).
Debut of a series which provides a fictionalized portrait of a 19th century fugitive wildlife adventurer. Dan Haggerty stars as James "Grizzly" Adams, a fur trapper and mountain man who is pursued for a crime he did not commit. In the premiere episode, a young girl traveling west with her parents in a covered wagon gets lost in the vast mountain wilderness.

February 16, 1977: Blood Brothers
Season 1, episode 2
W: Paul W. Cooper   D: Jack B. Hively

Grizzly Adams explains to his young friend how he learned to survive when he first came to the wilderness.

February 23, 1977: The Fugitive
Season 1, episode 3
W: Hindi Brooks   D: Richard Friedenberg

With Ken Berry (Will Boker), Patrick Wright, Jason Clark.
Adams rescues a traveling salesman from a river, unaware that the man is being pursued by a posse.

March 2, 1977: Unwelcome Neighbor
Season 1, episode 4
W: Lawrence Dobkin   D: James L. Conway

With Ronny Cox (Jacob Cartman).
Jacob Cartman, a newcomer to the wilds, shows a selfish and reckless disregard for the land and its inhabitants until, in a desperate emergency, he is forced to ask Grizzly Adams for assistance.

March 9, 1977: Howdy-Do, I'm Mad Jack
Season 1, episode 5
W: Terrence McDonnell, Jim Carlson   D: Jack B. Hively

Grizzly Adams believes that his friend Mad Jack has drowned, and recalls the details of their first meeting and the early days they spent together.

March 16, 1977: Adams' Ark
Season 1, episode 6
W: Samuel A. Peeples   D: Jack B. Hively

With Don Galloway (Pinkerton).
Grizzly Adams risks his life and freedom to save the lives of animals caught in an erupting volcano.

March 23, 1977: Redemption Of Ben
Season 1, episode 7
W: Samuel A. Peeples   D: James L. Conway

With Earl Smith, Norman Fell (Mitch Morgan), Jane Harrison, Charles Young, Hayes Stewart.
While Grizzly is is recuperating from am accident, Ben is captured by an animal trainer.

March 30, 1977: The Tenderfoot
Season 1, episode 8
W: Samuel A. Peeples   D: James L. Conway

With Charles Martin Smith (Teddy Roosevelt).
Grizzly Adams and Mad Jack come to the aid of the eager but inexperienced young Teddy Roosevelt, who is trying to learn about wilderness living from a survival manual.

April 6, 1977: The Rivals
Season 1, episode 9
W: Joyce Perry, Lawrence Dobkin   D: Sharron Miller

With Betty Ann Carr (Sumi).
Adams, feaful that his serene environment will be disrupted because Jack found a gold nugget, tries to convince him not to stake a claim.

April 20, 1977: The Unholy Beast
Season 1, episode 10
W: Ken Dorwood   D: Jack B. Hively

With George Aguilar (Greywind), Slim Pickens (Findhope).
When Mad Jack runs into a frightening creature, Adams and Nakona join him in a search for the monster.

April 27, 1977: Beaver Dam
Season 1, episode 11
W: Paul Hunter   D: Richard Friedenberg

A displaced family of beavers builds a dam which increases the likelihood of a flood -- and Mad Jack steps in.

May 4, 1977: Home Of The Hawk
Season 1, episode 12
W: Jane MacKenzie, Jon Gerald   D: Richard Friedenberg

With Jack Kruschen (Metcalf), Margaret Willock (Deborah).
A tough old settler and his daughter travel west into the rugged mountain territory.

May 11, 1977: The Storm
Season 1, episode 13
W: Preston Wood   D: Richard Friedenberg

With Lori Sutten (Talitha), Lois Red Elk (Indian Woman).
A blizzard buries the mountains in snow as Adams and Ben prepare to welcome Mad Jack and Nakoma to their cabin for an annual feast and celebration.

September 28, 1977: Hot Air Hero
Season 2, episode 1
W: E. Jack Kaplan   D: Richard Friedenberg

With Gene Conforti (Andre Gerard).
Season premiere. Mad Jack, startled by a peculiar-looking flying object, shoots it down and causes a French balloonist to drop in on Grizzly's mountain camp.

October 12, 1977: Survival
Season 2, episode 2
W: Peter Germano   D: Sharron Miller

With James Wainwright (Sam Steel), A Deer (Ginger), John Bishop (Robbie Cartman).
Adams loses his memory following a hunting accident and becomes a stumbling, frightened stranger in an unfamiliar wilderness, unaware of the bounty hunter sworn to capture him.

October 19, 1977: A Bear's Life
Season 2, episode 3
W: Paul W. Cooper   D: Jack B. Hively

With Oscar Rowland, Chief Eugene Standing Bear (Medicine Man), Elaine Daniels.
Spring's first warm breezes lure Ben, the grizzly, far into the forest where he meets with a few surprises: an Indian witch doctor and a runaway wagon train.

October 26, 1977: The Trial
Season 2, episode 4
W: David O'Malley   D: Jack B. Hively

With Frank L. Martinez, John War Eagle.
When Ben, the grizzly, is accused of swiping an Indian chief's huge catch of fish, Adams is forced to deliver a stern lesson in honesty.

November 2, 1977: The Orphans
Season 2, episode 5
W: Ray Goldrup, Malvin Wald   D: Jack B. Hively

With Tiger Thompson (Eugene), James Griffith (Watts), Jodee Jetton (Michelle).
Adams and Mad Jack must convince two fleeing young orphans to return to the safety of the orphanage.

November 9, 1977: The Search
Season 2, episode 6
W: Leonard B. Kaufman, Malvin Wald   D: Richard Friedenberg

With Paul Brinegar.
Adams races against time to locate the cub of a dying cougar before the hunters that are stalking the frightened animal find it.

November 23, 1977: Gold Is Where You Find It
Season 2, episode 7
W: Dick Conway   D: Richard Friedenberg

With Larry Storch, Forrest Tucker.
Adams encounters a pair of bumbling prospectors searching for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

December 7, 1977: Track Of The Cougar
Season 2, episode 8
W: Worley Thorne   D: Sharron Miller

With John Bishop (Robbie Cartman).
Adams and Nakoma join forces in tracking a former pet cougar which has gone mad and attacked an Indian village.

December 14, 1977: The Choice
Season 2, episode 9
W: Leonard B. Kaufman, Malvin Wald   D: Sharron Miller

With John Bishop (Robbie Cartman).
Adams must teach a youngster the painful lesson of allowing his pet deer to go free.

December 21, 1977: Woman In The Wilderness
Season 2, episode 10
W: Leonard B. Kaufman, Malvin Wald   D: Richard Friedenberg

With Tiffany Bolling.
Adams must stop a woman who is determined to kill a black bear in an attempt to avenge her father's death.

January 4, 1978: The Spoilers
Season 2, episode 11
W: Leonard B. Kaufman, Malvin Wald   D: Jack B. Hively

With Ken Lynch, Walter Wonderman.
Two inept silver prospectors unwittingly threaten the wilderness and its inhabitants by polluting the streams with mining chemicals.

January 11, 1978: Marvin The Magnificent
Season 2, episode 12
W: Jack Jacobs   D: Jack B. Hively

With Edward Andrews.
An aging itinerant entertainer, who is depressed over his trained bear's failing health, learns a valuable lesson from Adams -- not only about animal care, but about life itself.

January 18, 1978: A Time Of Thirsting
Season 2, episode 13
W: Brian Russell   D: Jack B. Hively

During the century's worst dry spell, Adams and his friends are threatened by a dwindling water supply and a raging forest fire.

January 25, 1978: The Seekers
Season 2, episode 14
W: Brian Russell   D: Richard Friedenberg

With Keenan Wynn.
Adams encounters a gullible ex-cavalryman who is searching the wilderness to find the non-existent farmland for which he exchanged his life savings.

February 8, 1978: A Gentleman Tinker
Season 2, episode 15
W: Brian Russell   D: David O'Malley

Mad Jack searches merrily for a cache of legendary leprechaun gold.

February 22, 1978: The Runaway
Season 2, episode 16
W: Jack Jacobs, Malvin Wald   D: Jack B. Hively

With Roger E. Mosley.
A slave, injured during his wanderings in the wilderness after a daring escape from bondage, is befriended by Adams.

March 1, 1978: The Great Burro Race
Season 2, episode 17
W: Dick Conway   D: Jack B. Hively

With Jack Elam, Marilyn Burns.
Mad Jack is duped out of his pet donkey by a long-time friend and nemesis.

March 15, 1978: The Littlest Greenhorn
Season 2, episode 18
W: Jack Jacobs, Malvin Wald   D: Richard Friedenberg

With Walter Burke.
Preoccupied wth his plan to convert a prairie schooner into a boat to provide a river-crossing service, a retired sea captain has little time for his pet chimp.

March 22, 1978: The Renewal
Season 2, episode 19
W: Jack Jacobs, Malvin Wald   D: Jack B. Hively

With Patrick Wayne, Ned Romero.
A widower and his young son, stranded in the wilderness following a severe mountain storm, join Adams and Indian chieftains Silver Fox and Watani in a wilderness celebration of Easter.

April 5, 1978: The Stranger
Season 2, episode 20
W: Leonard B. Kaufman   D: Jack B. Hively

With Mark Slade (Capt. Ulysses S. Grant).
Adams and Mad Jack befriend Army Captain Ulysses S. Grant and offer to assist him in an official survey of wildlife in the area.

April 26, 1978: The Quest
Season 2, episode 21
W: Jack Jacobs, Malvin Wald   D: Chris Munger

With Royce D. Applegate, David Carson.
Adams dissuades a government official from placing a bounty on the lives of wilderness animals.

May 5, 1978: The Skyrider
Season 2, episode 22
W: Dick Conway   D: Allan Eastman

With Russ Tamblyn.
Adams and Mad Jack are convinced by a stranger that his exotic flying machine will make aviation history.

May 12, 1978: The World's Greatest Bounty Hunter
Season 2, episode 23
W: Dick Conway, Lee Francis, Carl Jamesson   D: S. Travis

Stricken by a raging fever, Mad Jack believes himself to be an infamous bounty hunter whose prey is a fugitive named James "Grizzly" Adams.

December 19, 1978: Once Upon A Starry Night
Season 2, episode 24
W: Brian Russell, James Simmons   D: Jack B. Hively

With Ken Curtis, Jack Kruschen.
Adams sets out in a raging blizzard to locate a young couple who have become separated from their children by an avalanche. (Last show of the series.)

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