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Series regulars or semi-regulars in 'The Magician' in the 1970s:

1970s Episode Guide for 'The Magician':

(Episodes with dates prior to 1970 aired as reruns during the '70s.)

March 17, 1973: Pilot
Season 0, episode 1
W: Laurence Heath   D: Marvin Chomsky

With Todd Crespi (Dennis Pomeroy), Joan Caulfield (Lulu), Kim Hunter (Nora Coogan), Elizabeth Ashley (Sally Baker), Barry Sullivan (Joseph Baker), Allen Case (Adams), Signe Hasso (Madame Parga), Robert Mandan (Rather), Anne Lockhart (Mary Rose Coogan), Tol Avery (Dr. Fryer), Bill Quinn (Senator).
Magician Anthony Dorian's curiosity is aroused when a man walks in on one of his performances, collapses and dies. He discovers that the man wanted to tell something to a woman in his audience -- but what? Pilot movie for the fall TV series.

October 2, 1973: The Manhunters
Season 1, episode 1
W: Jimmy Sangster   D: Sutton Roley

With Todd Crespi (Dennis Pomeroy), Jerry Quarry (Al), Lenore Stevens (Edith), Mort Thompson (Driscoll), Scott Walker (Hit Man), Vincent Beck (Stanley Owens), Stephen McNally (Manning Hargrove), Marlyn Mason (Diane Thompson).
Bill Bixby stars as Anthony Blake, a magician who uses his magic to stop crime. Tonight, Blake witnesses an attempt on the life of his friend and associate, international columnist Max Pomeroy, and sets out with his magic craft to find the would-be assassin.

October 9, 1973: The Vanishing Lady
Season 1, episode 2
W: Harold Livingston   D: Marvin Chomsky

With Todd Crespi (Dennis Pomeroy), Amanda McBroom (Julie Carter), Peter Brown (Ray Weaver), John Karlen (Jim Russell), Lilyan Chauvin (Anna), Byron Mabe (Eddie Tarlow), Ramon Bieri (Lt. Corcoran), Lenore Kasdorf (Jane Roberts), Craig Morton (Sgt. Drake).
Anthony Blake gets involved in a kidnapping case when a lady singer who appears on the bill with him in Las Vegas is held for ransom.

October 23, 1973: Illusion In Terror
Season 1, episode 3
W: Walter Brough   D: Paul Krasny

With Todd Crespi (Dennis Pomeroy), Cameron Mitchell (Walter March), Brenda Benet (Joanna Marsh), Macdonald Carey (Rich), Claudio Martinez (Luis Velasquez), Thomas A. Geas (Malcolm Gregorian), Bill Zuckert (Matt Osborne), Barbara Collentine (Hannah Osborne), Carleton Young (Minister), John Pickard (Sheriff Sturdivant).
When Blake's girlfriend is reportedly killed after being struck by a car, the magician sets out to prove the police report false and embarks on an investigation of his own.

October 30, 1973: Lightning On A Dry Day
Season 1, episode 4
W: Walter Brough   D: Reza Badiyi

With Todd Crespi (Dennis Pomeroy), Mark Hamill (Ian Keefer), Neville Brand (Sheriff Platt), Susan Foster (Maggie Platt), Frances Reid (Eleanor Gilpin), Geoffrey Deuel (Vic Reiser), Quinn Redeker (Dr. Sebring), Beah Richards (Mrs. Thatcher), George Wallace (Steve Yates).
Anthony Blake makes a plant grow before a distrusting woman's eyes in hopes that she will provide him a clue to an event that traumatized a young man in a backwoods town full of close-mouthed people.

November 6, 1973: Ovation For Murder
Season 1, episode 5
W: Walter Brough   D: Barry Crane

With Jack Kruschen (Albie Allikolos), Susan Oliver (Susanna), Roy Jenson (Frank Letterman), Walter Brooke (Orin Conover), Wesley Lau (Capt. Gottschalk), Sid Grossfeld (Ulricht).
Anthony Blake disappears from a linen cart in the prison ward of a hospital and reappears in an effort to pull off an escape plot for a friend suspected of murder.

November 20, 1973: Man On Fire
Season 1, episode 6
W: Samuel Roeca, James L. Henderson   D: Reza Badiyi

With Carl Betz (Paul Ryerson), Jane Merrow (Carol Spain), Lloyd Bochner (Matt Matthews), Brad David (Danny Ryerson), Erik Holland (Gruber), Wayne Heffley (Sheriff Harris).
Anthony Blake uses a briefcase of dollar bills and the assistance of an amateur magician to vindicate a boy's father, who is charged with murder.

November 27, 1973: Lady In A Trap
Season 1, episode 7
W: Frank Telford, Marion Hargove   D: Leslie H. Martinson

With Robert Webber (Arthur Zellman), Kristina Holland (Stacey McGranahan), William Jordan (Sheriff Sanders), Anthony Eisley (Ralph Turner), Rob Townsend (Haney), Brad Trumbull (Lt. Moore), Tom Denver (Teddy).
Magician Anthony Blake "reads" a man's mind in order to locate a rare book stolen from a museum.

December 11, 1973: The Man Who Lost Himself
Season 1, episode 8
W: Marion Hargrove   D: Sutton Roley

With Yvonne Craig (Dr. Nora Zabriskie), Joe Flynn (George Blaisdell), Joseph V. Perry (Godfrey Matchek), George Murdock (Tim Dunnagan), Hal Williams (Jonathan Gordon), Pamela Britton (Betty Foster), John Milford (Stan Lubie), Russell Thorson (Alex Nicholson).
Anthony Blake beats a trio of thieves to a long-hidden cache of money and then with magic, seemingly throws the bills away.

December 18, 1973: Nightmare In Steel
Season 1, episode 9
W: Walter Brough, Barry Crane   D: Sutton Roley

With Todd Crespi (Dennis Pomeroy), Leif Erickson (Nicholas Olsen), Christopher Stone (Gary Allmont), Robyn Millan (Laurie Allmont), Frank Christi (Jack), Anne Randall (Cindy Adams), Charles Picerni (Melton).
Anthony Blake simulates a fire aboard a highly explosive ship in order to foil a pirate attempt masterminded by Nick Olson.

January 8, 1974: Shattered Image
Season 1, episode 10
W: Richard Hesse   D: Michael O'Herlihy

With Todd Crespi (Dennis Pomeroy), Joseph Campanella (Frank Mitchell), Leslie Parrish (Lydia), Ed Gilbert (Larry Malone), Wesley Lau (Capt. Gottschalk), Tara Talboy (Paula Mitchell).
In an effort to help a little girl whose father is wanted for the slaying of a leading gangster, Anthony Blake works things out with the police and thwarts the gangsters through the use of a magic trick whereby the little girl disappears and reappears in a flash of fire.

January 14, 1974: The Illusion Of The Curious Counterfeit (1)
Season 1, episode 11
W: Laurence Heath   D: Sutton Roley

With John Colicos (Paul Gunther), Carol Lynley (Janet Keegan), L.Q. Jones (Johnson), Lloyd Nolan (Charles Keegan), Joe Maross (Alan Burke), Joan Shawlee (Trudy), Jack Perkins (Gilbert), Charles Picerni (Johnny Kroll).
A mobster's daughter is the unwilling pawn in a fight between her father and his former partners.

January 21, 1974: The Illusion Of The Curious Counterfeit (2)
Season 1, episode 12
W: Laurence Heath   D: Sutton Roley

With Joseph Sirola (Dominick), Lloyd Nolan (Charles Keegan), L.Q. Jones (Johnson), Carol Lynley (Janet Keegan), John Colicos (Paul Gunther), Eddy Donno (Lomas), Charles Picerni (Johnny Kroll), Jack Perkins (Gilbert), John Devlin (Simmons), Barbara Rhoades (J.J. Walters), Wesley Lau (Capt. Gottschalk), Joe Maross (Alan Burke).
A prison official is masterminding a heist, and tries to enlist the aid of a reformed criminal.

January 28, 1974: The Illusion Of The Stainless Steel Lady
Season 1, episode 13
W: Paul Playdon, Richard Hesse   D: Alexander Singer

With Beth Brickell (Victoria Hunter), Anthony Zerbe (Brad Nicholson), Nina Foch (Irene Denore), Joseph Sirola (Dominick), Penny Santon (Shirley), Edward Winter (Ted Winters), Mark Lenard (Foley), Ian Wolfe (Jacob Nord), John S. Ragin (John Booker), Dolores Quinton (Miss Pitts).
Anthony Blake sets out to uncover the suspicious action of his old friend and patron, a legendary film star turned recluse.

February 4, 1974: The Illusion Of The Queen's Gambit
Season 1, episode 14
W: Edward J. Lakso   D: Don Weis

With Katherine Justice (Sandra Cassidy), William Shatner (Ed Cassidy), Joseph Sirola (Dominick), Byron Morrow (Lt. Lund), William Vaughan (Cole), Paul Mantee (Joe Taggart), Brooke Bundy (Virginia Miles).
While the Magician is levitating a lady and making her daughter disappear during a benefit on the Queen Mary, a group of robbers are busy at work heisting the funds.

February 11, 1974: The Illusion Of Black Gold
Season 1, episode 15
W: Edward J. Lakso   D: Arnold Laven

With Joseph Sirola (Dominick), Eric Braeden (Nelson Paradine), Lynda Day George (Stacey Hyatt), Milton Selzer (Alex Pochek), Norman Burton (Malloy), Curt Lowens (Carl Pochek), David Cryer (Taylor), Michael Cristofer (David Webster), Ben Andrews (Alan Bateman).
Anthony Blake gets caught up in international intrigue after he helps stage a mock assassination of a defecting scientist.

February 18, 1974: The Illusion Of The Lost Dragon
Season 1, episode 16
W: Howard Berk   D: Alexander Singer

With Joseph Sirola (Dominick), Lester Fletcher (Cooper), Philip Ahn (Chao Liu), Nobu McCarthy (Mrs. Ti), Soon-Teck Oh (Sheng), Pat Li (Flower of Wisdom), Joseph Wiseman (Hon Chi Kai), France Nuyen (Dawn), Frank Michael Liu (Tom).
Wen a young Chinese lad disappears in quest of a jade statue stolen from his grandfather, his sister asks Anthony Blake to find both.

February 25, 1974: The Illusion Of The Deadly Conglomerate
Season 1, episode 17
W: David Moessinger   D: David Moessinger

With Joseph Sirola (Dominick), Eugene Roche (Rev. Wally Snider), Jack Ging (Frank Denbo), Charles Wagenheim (Johnny McVey), Russ Grieve (Dr. Wallenstein), Crane Jackson (Dr. Reston), Peggy Rea (Emma), Michele Marsh (Sister Janet), William Sylvester (Peter Hayden), Bill McLean (Joe Miggins).
A skid row derelict and ex-magician tells his friend Anthony Blake that his pals fail to return from visits to a nearby storefront mission.

March 4, 1974: The Illusion Of The Fatal Arrow
Season 1, episode 18
W: Paul Playdon, David Chase   D: Leslie H. Martinson

With Joseph Sirola (Dominick), Tim Matheson (Jerry Purcell), Jeremy Slate (Ross Hazlitt), Pamela Franklin (Linda Casey), Murray Matheson (Walter Moran), Fred Sadoff (Lt. Ed Gold).
After a man is slain by two cold-blooded archers, a psychic girl tells Blake that more deaths will follow.

March 18, 1974: The Illusion Of The Lethal Playthings
Season 1, episode 19
W: Larry Brody   D: Jack Arnold

With Joseph Sirola (Dominick), Louis Hayward (Millotson), Joanna Miles (Maggie Jones), Scott Hylands (Hal Millotson), Simon Scott (Jackson Wyndham), Richard O'Brien (Lt. Hoyt), Ivor Francis (Thomas Donald).
A dibolical toy maker tries to dive-bomb Anthony Blake with an ammo-loaded model airplane.

March 25, 1974: The Illusion Of The Cat's Eye
Season 1, episode 20
W: David Chase, Paul Playdon   D: Paul Stanley

With Joseph Sirola (Dominick), Claudette Nevins (Suzanne Kelly), Don Gordon (Larry Ford), John Dehner (Simon Russell), Marianna Hill (Leila Russell), J. Jay Saunders (Lt. Kendricks), David Frankham (Derek Sheffield), Joseph Ruskin (Hassid), Joseph Mell (Hal).
In the search for a missing art treasure, Anthony Blake tracks a ruthless beauty and her killer panther.

April 15, 1974: The Illusion Of The Evil Spikes
Season 1, episode 21
W: David Moessinger   D: Bill Bixby

With Joseph Sirola (Dominick), Jessica Walter (Marian Tripp), Lew Ayres (Max Braden), Richard Evans (Jack Quinn), Tom Rosqui (Neil Houser), Robert Burr (Brooks Rosenthal), Herbert Anderson (R. John Fellows).
Tony Blake investigates the death of a magician friend who died during the making of a movie. (Last show of the series.)

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