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Series regulars or semi-regulars in 'The New Dick Van Dyke Show' from 1970-1982:

1970-1982 Episode Guide for 'The New Dick Van Dyke Show':

(Episodes with dates prior to 1970 aired as reruns.)

September 18, 1971: Smoke Rings
Season 1, episode 1
W: Carl Reiner   D: Carl Reiner

Dick returns to TV in a weekly series, as does Hope Lange, his co-star. The comedy, filmed in Carefree, Ariz. before a live audience, is about the public and private life of a TV talk-show host. In the first episode Dick joins a chimp blowing smoke rings on a TV show and thus breaks a non-smoking pact with his wife.

September 25, 1971: A Star Ain't Born
Season 1, episode 2
W: Arnold Kane, Gordon Farr   D: Mark Breaux

With Joan Huntington (Ann Marsh), Noam Pitlik (Director), Gordon Jump (Father Stone).
Dick Preston gets a chance at the big time when a famous actress summons him to Hollywood to test for the role of her husband.

October 2, 1971: Mid-Term Dinner
Season 1, episode 3
W: George Arthur Bloom   D: Carl Reiner

With Barry Van Dyke (Dan Preston), Ta-Tanisha (Judy), Mabel Albertson (Mrs. Preston).
The Prestons' 16-year-old son surprises hs parents by bringing a Negro girlfriend home for dinner.

October 9, 1971: Everything From A To Z
Season 1, episode 4
W: Bernie Orenstein, Saul Turteltaub   D: Jay Sandrich

With Carrie Beth Van Dyke (Carrie), Sarah Jane Miller (Mrs. Kingby), Dave Ketchum (Fred Ross).
When a shocking new adult book is mailed to Dick's home by the publisher, it falls into the hands of Dick's daughter, who thinks it's a dictionary and takes it to school.

October 16, 1971: The Tennis Pro
Season 1, episode 5
W: Bernie Orenstein, Saul Turteltaub   D: John Rich

With Ted Bessell (Skip Holloway).
Dick encourages Jenny's participation in a mixed-doubles tennis tournament, then gets jealous as she advances to the finals with her bachelor partner.

October 23, 1971: A House Is Not A Home, Yet
Season 1, episode 6
W: Ed Scharlach, Warren S. Murray   D: John Rich

With Hope Silvesteri (Mrs. Purvis), Sheila Page (Bunny O'Hare), Tom Bosley (Mr. O'Hare).
Dick and Jenny make a deposit on a house they've always wanted, then realize they can't afford it unless they sell the house they're living in.

October 30, 1971: The Replacement
Season 1, episode 7
W: Bernie Orenstein, Saul Turteltaub   D: Carl Reiner

With Carl Reiner (Himself), Steve Lawrence (Danny Turner).
When Dick comes down with a cold and a young singer performs so well in his place, he fears he has been replaced permanently.

November 6, 1971: Queasy Rider
Season 1, episode 8

With Barry Van Dyke (2nd Cyclist), Bob G. Anthony (Sheriff), Clint Ritchie (1st Cyclist).
Dick gets lost on a motorcycle spin in the desert and has to practice all he knows about survival.

November 13, 1971: The Storm
Season 1, episode 9
W: Carl Reiner   D: Carl Reiner

With Paul Lambert (Father Flanagan), Elliott Reid (Elliott), Jacqueline Scott (Sister Bernadette).
Sleeping arrangements become a major problem when a desert storm forces the Prestons to host a houseful of overnight guests.

November 20, 1971: The Conductor And The Lady
Season 1, episode 10

With Frank Adamo (Man), Suzanne Pelsang (Woman), Hamilton Sterling (Man), Cesare Danova (Paul Franz).
Jenny's a big fan of a handsome orchestra leader who is a guest on Dick's show. She goes into shock when Dick invites him home to dinner, giving her only a half hour to prepare.

November 27, 1971: Off And Running
Season 1, episode 11
W: Carl Reiner   D: Carl Reiner

With Brenda Niana (Karrie).
In the pilot for the series, Dick and Jenny are stunned when they learn -- via their own 8-year-old daughter and teenage son -- that they are going to be parents for a third time.

December 4, 1971: Room With A View
Season 1, episode 12

With Herbie Faye (Manny), Carmen Zapata (Teela).
A misunderstanding causes Jenny to think Dick is building her a sewing room instead of the sauna he's planning on.

December 11, 1971: Linda, Linda, Linda
Season 1, episode 13

With Colin McCleery (Waiter), Marcia Rodd (Linda Gallo).
A sexy actress making a guest appearance on Dick's show traps him into inviting her back so that she can break her TV kissing record (4½ minutes) with Dick as her partner.

December 18, 1971: Pepito Of Mexico
Season 1, episode 14

With Jose Estrada (Pepito), Carmen Zapata (Teela).
When things start disappearing around the house, the Prestons suspect their maid's six-year-old nephew is the culprit.

January 1, 1972: Bernie Did It
Season 1, episode 15
W: Steve Pritzker

With Charles Nelson Reilly (Walter), Doris Packer (Darlene Foster).
When a man appears to repossess the Prestons' furniture, one of a series of such embarrassments, Dick decides to have a showdown with his manager for mishandling his affairs.

January 8, 1972: Annie Get Your Bike
Season 1, episode 16

With Guy Stark (Young Lucas), Ronnie Schell (Dr. Rosencranz), Reta Shaw (Nurse).
Annie's jealousy over the expected arrival of the Prestons' new baby inspires Dick to recall (via flashback) how he and Jenny faced the problem with their first born.

January 15, 1972: What Is Your Husband Doing Tomorrow?
Season 1, episode 17

With Darlene Feasel (Miss Shirts).
Dick's reaction to a sociologist's claim on his TV show that one out of two married men have outside romantic interests stirs Jenny's imagination.

January 22, 1972: The Birth
Season 1, episode 18

With Reta Shaw (Nurse), Phoebe Noel (Debbie), Burke Rhind (Dr. Neal), Gordon Jump (Mr. Garriman).
Expectant father Dick is doubly nervous when his pregnant wife Jenny brings a pregnant hippie hitchhiker home with her.

January 29, 1972: The Split
Season 1, episode 19

With Jolie Gorey (Miss Phoenix University).
When the Prestons' friends split up -- because she wants children and he doesn't -- they both end up at the Preston residence, where Dick and Jenny try to patch the marriage.

February 5, 1972: The Harry Award
Season 1, episode 20
W: Bernie Orenstein, Saul Turteltaub   D: Jay Sandrich

With Fielding Greaves (Emcee), Ned Wertimer (Don Morris), Dick Van Patten (Mr. Covington), Jim Spero (Bill), Larry Hovis (Stan Korbett), John Amos (Mark Cooper).
Dick wins a "Harry Award" as an outstanding television personality, then has to decide whether or not to accept it because the awards ceremony is to be held at a bigoted country club.

February 12, 1972: People's Choice
Season 1, episode 21

With Corinne Conley (Simpson), Ralph Williams (Martin), Doris Packer (Darlene).
Dick is badgered by manager Atwater to be neutral in a debate between two local political candidates on his show.

February 19, 1972: After The Ball Is Over
Season 1, episode 22

With Monte Markham (Mike's Ex).
"Mike's" ex-husband shows up after a four-year absence to wine and dine his former wife and offer her an interesting proposition.

February 26, 1972: Running Bear And Moskowitz
Season 1, episode 23

With Barry Van Dyke (Barry), Frank Adamo (Man at Counter), Tina Louise (Customer), Herbie Faye (Moskowitz), Herman Rudin (Running Bear).
Jenny and Carol become partners in a boutique-delicatessen against the advice of their husbands, who predict disaster for the business as well as the girls' friendship.

March 4, 1972: The Telethon
Season 1, episode 24

With Bernie Orenstein (Professor Hunt).
Bernie warns that everyone will be fired unless Dick can attract more viewers and raise more money than another station in a charity telethon.

September 17, 1972: The Former Mr. Preston
Season 2, episode 1

With Dick Patterson (Bill Ellsworth).
The second season begins when Bernie and Mike book a guest who claims to have been married to Dick's wife Jenny, setting the stage for a rousing showdown on the show.

September 24, 1972: The Needle
Season 2, episode 2

With Albert Brooks (Doctor), Teresa Graves (Nurse), Mike Henry (Desk Clerk).
In a flashback episode, Dick recaps how he came to be his cousin's maid of honor by sitting on a needle and having it removed en route to the wedding.

October 1, 1972: The Great Prestoni
Season 2, episode 3

With Tom Richards (Officer), Arthur Batanides (Burglar), Hal Williams (Burglar).
After being tied up and locked in his 11th floor office by two burglars, Dick Preston uses all of his ingenuity -- and some extra acrobatics -- in an effort to escape.

October 8, 1972: Sobriety Test
Season 2, episode 4
W: Martin Cohan   D: Bill Persky

With Sarah Jane Miller (Mavis), Bernie Kopell (Jackson).
Dick's concern over his ratings and a fight with his wife lead Bernie to a wild idea for the show -- a drunk-driving test on television.

October 15, 1972: Bernie's House
Season 2, episode 5

With Jane Dulo (Phyllis).
When the Davises look for a house to buy, the Prestons try to keep them from finding out the one next door is available -- a tricky situation that soon compounds itself.

October 22, 1972: Headaches
Season 2, episode 6

With Ross Elliott (Dr. Sanders), Bernie Orenstein (Dr. Goodwin).
When Dick can't find a physical reason for his headaches, he consults a psychiatrist who suspects he's allergic to show business.

November 5, 1972: The Game
Season 2, episode 7

With Suzanne Pelsang (Contestant).
Bernie comes up with a game show he is sure will be a winner for the network, if he can only sell the idea.

November 12, 1972: Who Do You Want To Be?
Season 2, episode 8
W: Carl Reiner   D: Carl Reiner

With Brenda Niana (Karrie), Elliott Reid (Elliott).
The trouble with dreams: Jenny imagines herself to be Lena Horne and inspires a special edition of Dick's television show as a combination Mark Twain-Fred Astaire special.

November 19, 1972: Chef Mike
Season 2, episode 9
D: Harvey Korman

With George Dutro (Stage Manager), Sid Melton (Arnie).
Dick's sister "Mike" is such a hit as a guest on the station's cooking show that she accepts the sponsor's offer to replace the star -- although she only knows one recipe.

November 26, 1972: Ashes And Urns
Season 2, episode 10
W: David Pollock, Elias Davis

With Carmen Zapata (Teela), Mabel Albertson (Mrs. Preston).
Dick's mother visits -- with an urn containing grandpa's ashes -- and wants Dick to scatter them over the Grand Canyon to fulfill a request grandpa made before he died.

December 3, 1972: Old Dick And Jenny
Season 2, episode 11
W: Ed Scherlack, Warren S. Murray

With Jean Marie (Patti), Stephanie Tamasauckas (Betsy Martin), Woodrow Parfrey (Eli).
Dick and Jenny begin to get the middle-age blues when they think about their son growing up, then hear about couples their age splitting up.

December 10, 1972: Big Time Baby
Season 2, episode 12
D: Harvey Korman

With Brenda Elder (Judy), Burke Rhind (Ted Donovan), Harold Gould (Danny Everson).
Dick gets another chance at the big time -- or so he thinks -- when a network bigwig arranges for an audition for him as a possible replacement for a tempermental talk show host.

December 17, 1972: Blood Is Thicker Than Oatmeal
Season 2, episode 13
W: Bernie Orenstein, Saul Turteltaub   D: Carl Reiner

With Ronnie Schell (Henry), Stephanie Tamasauckas (Wilhelmina).
Dick's problem in casting a girl to play his daughter in an oatmeal commercial are compounded when his own daughter Annie auditions for the role.

December 24, 1972: The Jailbird
Season 2, episode 14
W: Elias Davis, David Pollock   D: George Tyne

With Dave Leahy (Joe), Jim Spero (Officer Hickman), Lloyd Gough (Officer Brown), Bernie Orenstein (George Spencer), Jenny Yates (Mary).
It looks like a bleak Christmas Eve for the Prestons when Dick is jailed in a little desert town because he doesn't have the money to pay a traffic fine.

January 7, 1973: Dick And The Baby
Season 2, episode 15

With Barry Van Dyke (2nd Intern), Frank Adamo (Howard), Dick Yarmy (Policeman), Howard Storm (1st Intern), Neil Morrissey (Chrissy), Charlie Jones (Announcer).
With Jenny away visiting her folks, Dick is left at home alone to watch the baby. He gets so absorbed in watching a football game on television that he absent-mindedly eats all the baby's food and then loses him during a mad half-time dash to the supermarket.

January 14, 1973: My Friend, The Public Enemy (1)
Season 2, episode 16

With Edward Andrews (Peter Nellis), Dick Curtis (Harry), Buddy Lester (Johnny).
The Prestons are utterly charmed by a mild-mannered new neighbor -- until he gets them involved with a notorious underworld crime syndicate.

January 21, 1973: My Friend, The Public Enemy (2)
Season 2, episode 17

With Dick Curtis (Harry), Gordon Jump (FBI Agent), Buddy Lester (Johnny).
The Prestons, having learned that their next-door neighbor has involved them in a big-time crime syndicate, send the kids into hiding with Mike and concoct an outlandish scheme to outwit the mob.

January 28, 1973: Pot Luck
Season 2, episode 18
W: Arnold Kane, Gordon Farr   D: Jerry Paris

With Frank Adamo (Dr. Simmons), Burke Rhind (Dr. Forrester), Mabel Albertson (Mrs. Preston), Sandy Kenyon (Sgt. Mulvaney).
When Jenny returns home from a convention, Dick shocks her with the news that the baby sitter -- his mother -- has been arrested for smoking marijuana.

February 4, 1973: The Tenth Honeymoon
Season 2, episode 19

With Jean Marie (Patti), Robert Ball (Jean), Cesare Danova (Francois).
Dick and Jenny finally get away for their long-awaited second honeymoon on a remote tropical island, but it's hardly the romantic idyll they anticipated.

February 18, 1973: Will Baby Make Three?
Season 2, episode 20
W: Elias Davis, David Pollock   D: Bill Persky

With Noam Pitlik (Chuck), Corinne Conley (Mrs. Coleman).
Bernie and Carol decide to adopt a baby, but their prospects look dim after Carol takes so many tranquilizers to calm her nerves that she dozes, giggles and cries uncontrollably during the adoption interview.

February 25, 1973: The Power Of The Bleep
Season 2, episode 21

With Tom Richards (Mailman).
Dick, angered over the blatant way his show is censored, resigns -- in a dramatic on-the-air blow for free speech.

March 4, 1973: You Gotta Have Class
Season 2, episode 22

With Jimmy Caesar (Vernon Fields), Robert Brown (Professor Shea).
Jenny, Carol and Mike are all dreamy-eyed over their handsome poetry professor in an evening college class -- but Mike develops an overpowering crush on the man that prompts her to book him on Dick's talk show.

March 18, 1973: Big Brother Is Watching You
Season 2, episode 23
W: Bernie Orenstein, Saul Turteltaub   D: Jay Sandrich

With Frank Adamo (Stage Manager), Barbara Rhoades (Charlene), Jerry Van Dyke (Mickey Preston).
Dick's brother Mickey is facing a dilemma over his pending marriage to a girl who seems to be leading a double life -- as a nude dancer and as a travel agent.

March 25, 1973: Guess Who's Coming To Seder
Season 2, episode 24
W: Elias Davis, David Pollock   D: George Tyne

With Herbie Faye (Isaacs), Fritzi Burr (Rachel).
Bernie attempts to pass off his gentile wife Carol as Jewish when his mother comes to visit during Passover expecting the usual Passover feast.

September 10, 1973: Those Who Care
Season 3, episode 1
D: Alan Rafkin

With Carl Reiner (Announcer), Barbara Rush (Margot Brighton).
The third season opens in a new setting -- Hollywood -- as Dick and Jenny Preston have moved from Arizona to California so that Dick can pursue an acting career. Tonight's episode finds Dick landing the job of second lead in a daytime serial, whose star makes Jenny nervous.

September 17, 1973: Dennis Takes A Wife
Season 3, episode 2
D: Noam Pitlik

With Bobbie Mitchell (Houseguest).
Dennis falls in love at first sight -- with a picture of the Prestons' pretty house guest, an aspiring young actress.

September 24, 1973: One Of The Boys
Season 3, episode 3
D: Norman Powell

With Herb Edelman (George Benson).
Dick decides that he doesn't have enough "manly pursuits" in his life, so he jumps at the chance to become a regular player at a weekly poker game.

October 1, 1973: Dick In Deutsch
Season 3, episode 4
D: George Tyne

With Sorrell Booke (Otto), Bea Silvern (Helga), Harold Gould (Kurt).
After Dick receives a letter saying that he is wanted in a legal action in Germany, he explains to the Richardsons how a free trip won in a raffle turned into a disaster.

October 8, 1973: Mrs. Ferguson
Season 3, episode 5
D: Jerry Paris

With Joyce Van Patten (Henrietta), Ruth McDevitt (Mrs. Ferguson).
A devoted fan of Dick's daytime serial character, Dr. Mark Falmont, has trouble distinguishing reality from fantasy when she is invited by Dick onto the set.

October 15, 1973: I'll Cry Today
Season 3, episode 6
D: Jay Sandrich

With Regis Cordic (Dr. Simpson), Beecy Carlson (Receptionist).
Dick reschedules a frequently cancelled dentist's appointment to prove he's unselfish with his time, after balking at babysitting so Jenny can go out on a job interview.

October 22, 1973: The Young Surgeons
Season 3, episode 7
D: Bill Persky

With Noam Pitlik (Director), John Erwin (Jeff), Jerry Bishop (Assistant Director), Dave Ketchum (Fred), Fredricka Weber (Joyce).
Dick recalls for Dennis and Max his first real Hollywood acting job, which was such a horrible experience that it almost made him return to Phoenix.

October 29, 1973: She Kisses Like A Dead Mackerel
Season 3, episode 8
D: George Tyne

With Pamela Mason (Columnist), Barbara Rush (Margot Brighton), Phil Chambers (Charley), Mel Carter (Stu).
Drama serial queen Margot Brighton becomes enraged at both Dick and Jenny when it is reported by a gossip columnist that "she kisses like a dead mackerel".

November 12, 1973: Preston Au Naturale
Season 3, episode 9
D: Jerry Paris

With Luciana Paluzzi (Anna), Joe De Santis (Carlo), Peter Baldwin (Tony).
An Italian director thinks Dick would be perfect for his new movie, but Dick isn't so sure when he discovers he'll have to do a nude scene with a sexy Italian actress.

November 19, 1973: Turning Pro
Season 3, episode 10
D: Alan Rafkin

With Teri Garr (Waitress), Wendell Burton (Lucas Preston).
The Prestons' son Lucas surprises his parents by announcing he is quitting school to become a professional bowler.

November 26, 1973: Exit Laughing
Season 3, episode 11
W: Elias Davis, David Pollock   D: Norman Powell

With Fran Ryan (Mrs. Preston), Joan Blondell (Aunt Louise), Guy Raymond (Uncle Jackie).
Dick is caught between trying to keep his mother happy, or fulfilling a deathbed promise to conduct a "fun funeral" for Jackie, his recently departed uncle.

December 3, 1973: What Your Best Friend Doesn't Know
Season 3, episode 12
W: Carl Reiner, Mark Elias, Frank Shaw   D: Jerry Paris

With Marla Adams (Gloria/Brenda), Eddie Bracken (Jake Mullins), Margaret Avery (Pam Harris/Nurse Wilkinson).
Dick gets Jake Mullins, an old friend from Phoenix, an acting job -- but Jake can't handle the pressure of television and turns to drinking.

December 17, 1973: Mr. Dazzle
Season 3, episode 13
D: Jerry Paris

With Richard Dawson (Richard Richardson), Richard Dreyfuss (Tony Injijikian).
Dick's producer insists on an explanation when he sees Dick as "Mr. Dazzle", the singing and dancing representative of a bathroom cleaner in a television commercial.

December 31, 1973: He Who Steals My Friends
Season 3, episode 14
W: Elias Davis, David Pollock   D: Alan Rafkin

With David Huddleston (Gordon), Maureen Arthur (Ginger), Alan Rafkin (Lieutenant Farraday).
The Richardsons are thrilled that their friends the Prestons and the Elliots enjoy each other so much, until it appears that they prefer each other to the exclusion of the Richardsons.

January 7, 1974: The Back Break Kid
Season 3, episode 15
W: Dennis Klein   D: Noam Pitlik

With Barry Van Dyke (Tash Howard).
Dick Preston is injured while rehearsing a scene at the studio with a rugged young actor anxious to prove himself.

January 14, 1974: Balzac, Come Home
Season 3, episode 16
D: Noam Pitlik

With George Dutro (Chauffeur), Barbara Rush (Margot Brighton).
A tempermental daytime actress pressures Dick and Jenny into baby-sitting her pampered puppy for a week while she's out of town.

January 21, 1974: The Hickey
Season 3, episode 17
W: Carl Reiner, Mark Elias, Frank Shaw   D: Carl Reiner

With Barry Van Dyke (Tash Howard), Candy Clark (Pamela Sherry), Len Ross (Fred), Valerie Curtin (Nurse).
A young actress tries to advance her career by impressing those who can help her -- including soap opera writer Dennis Whitehead.

January 28, 1974: House Guests
Season 3, episode 18
W: Frank Shaw   D: Alan Rafkin

With Joan Hotchkis (Mimi Lassiter), George Furth (Tom Lassiter).
After two houseguests have meddled in Dick and Jenny's lives for too long, and the Prestons are ready to throw them out, they inform them that the visit has saved their marriage.

February 11, 1974: The Pregnancy
Season 3, episode 19
W: Carl Reiner, Mark Elias, Frank Shaw   D: Noam Pitlik

With Kres Mersky (Dr. Gooding).
When Jenny thinks she might be pregnant, Dick has a dream that he and the guys at work are the ones expecting.

February 18, 1974: Man Of Medicine
Season 3, episode 20
W: Steve Gordon   D: Noam Pitlik

With Mark Gordon (Phil), Pat Harrington Jr. (Fred Bishop).
Dick, angered because Max can't deliver any of the things he has been promised in his new contract, quits his role on the serial and goes to work for a fast-talking producer.

February 25, 1974: Commercial Housewives
Season 3, episode 21
D: Peter Baldwin

With Barry Van Dyke (Slate Man), Patty Regan (Lorraine), Sorrell Booke (Herbie Vincent).
Jenny and Connie spontaneously endorse a product which television commerical producer Herbie Vincent happens to be producing -- and he asks them to repeat what they said for the camera.

March 4, 1974: A Fake Matisse Is Better Than A Real Anzelowitz
Season 3, episode 22
D: Jerry Paris

With Dick Balduzzi (Luchino Leonardo), William Glover (Geoffrey St. Susan), Herbie Faye (Meyer Anzelowitz).
A "fake" Matisse has the Prestons running in circles, as the art dealer who pronounced it a forgery suddenly wants to buy it at far more than it's worth.

March 11, 1974: We Met At Mama Lombardi's
Season 3, episode 23
W: Carl Reiner, Mark Elias, Frank Shaw   D: Bud Molin

With Frank Campanella (Dominic).
Dick tries on a fake mustache and it causes Max to recall their first meeting many years before -- where Max was trying to date Jenny and Dick was being deliberately obnoxious to both of them. (Last show of the series.)

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