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1970s Episode Guide for 'The Rockford Files':

(Episodes with dates prior to 1970 aired as reruns during the '70s.)

March 27, 1974: The Rockford Files: Backlash Of The Hunter
Season 0, episode 1
W: Stephen J. Cannell   D: Richard T. Heffron

With Ted Gehring (Capt. Mitchell), Jack Garner (Man in Washroom), Bill Quinn (Harry Butler), Lindsay Wagner (Sara Butler), William Smith (Jerry Grimes), Nita Talbot (Mildred Elias), Robert Donley (Joseph 'Rocky' Rockford), Bill Mumy (Nick Butler), Michael Lerner (Dr. Seelman), Joshua Bryant (Capt. Dell), Pat Renella (Morrie Talbot), Luis Delgado (Billings).
James Garner stars as Jim Rockford, head of an agency which investigates cases that are "closed" by the police. Tonight, Rockford is approached by a young woman trying to find out whether her father was murdered or, as reported, committed suicide. Pilot movie for the series.

September 13, 1974: The Kirkoff Case
Season 1, episode 1
W: Stephen J. Cannell   D: Lou Antonio

With Julie Sommars (Tawnia Baker), Roger Davis (Travis Buckman), James Woods (Larry Kirkoff), Philip Keneally (Muzzy Vinette), Milt Kogan (Marsh), Abe Vigoda (Al Dancer), Sandy de Bruin (Hostess), Fred Lerner (Parking Attendant).
James Garner returns to TV in a weekly series, starring as private eye Jim Rockford. In the first show, he is hired by the heir to a family fortune to find the slayers of his parents, although police are convinced the heir is guilty of the crime.

September 20, 1974: The Dark And Bloody Ground
Season 1, episode 2
W: Juanita Bartlett   D: Michael Schultz

With Linden Chiles (Elliot Malcolm), Nancy Malone (Elizabeth Gorman), Patricia Smith (Ann Calhoun), Walter Brooke (Clyde Russell), Marc Alaimo (Farber), Tom Bower (Officer Hensley).
When private-eye Rockford succumbs to the pressures of his attorney friend to investigate a homicide involving a screenwriter, he suddenly becomes a target of would-be assassins.

September 27, 1974: The Countess
Season 1, episode 3
W: Stephen J. Cannell   D: Russ Mayberry

With Tom Atkins (Lt. Diehl), Susan Strasberg (Deborah Ryder), Art Lund (Mike Ryder), Dick Gautier (Carl Brego), Harold J. Stone (Sorrell), James Cromwell (Terry), Florence Lake (Old Woman).
A wealthy Texan's wife, enjoying the affluent life, is suddenly confronted by a hoodlum who remembers her jumping bail on a minor charge and tries to blackmail her to insure hs silence.

October 4, 1974: Exit Prentiss Carr
Season 1, episode 4
W: Juanita Bartlett   D: Alexander Grasshoff

With Corinne Camacho (Janet Carr), Warren Kemmerling (Lt. Furlong), Mills Watson (Sgt. Larsen), Stephen McNally (Police Chief Bailey), William Jordan (Terry Warde), Wallace Rooney (Eric Saunders), Roberta Collins (Nancy Hellman), Heath Jobes (Jack Clark).
In doing a favor for a longtime friend, Rockford checks on a philandering husband and finds him dead under mysterious circumstances.

October 11, 1974: Tall Woman In Red Wagon
Season 1, episode 5
W: Stephen J. Cannell   D: Jerry London

With Sian Barbara Allen (Sandra Turkel), George DiCenzo (Harry Stoner), John Crawford (Dr. Kenilworth), Susan Damante (Charlotte Duskey), Angus Duncan (Joe Baron Jr.), James Murtaugh (Steve McWilliams), Ryan MacDonald (Hotel Manager), Rudy Diaz (Matty), Dave Morick (James Darrow), Jack Stamberger (Station Manager).
Rockford disguises himself as a coffin salesman, a psychiatrist and an Internal Revenue agent as he pursues a strange trail left by a missing beauty.

October 18, 1974: This Case Is Closed
Season 1, episode 6
W: Stephen J. Cannell   D: Bernard L. Kowalski

With Joseph Cotten (Warner Jameson), James McEachin (FBI Agent Shore), Sharon Gless (Susan Jameson), Eddie Fontaine (Lt. Pierson), Joseph Della Sorte (Torrence Beck), Norman Bartold (Hollis Cotton), Stuart Nisbet (Bartender), Fred Sadoff (Howard Kasanjian).
A tycoon hires Rockford to investigate his prospective son-in-law, suspecting his portfolio is too good to be true.

October 25, 1974: The Big Ripoff
Season 1, episode 7
W: Robert Hamner, Jo Swerling Jr.   D: Vincent McEveety

With Jill Clayburgh (Marilyn Polonski), Norman Burton (Melvyn Moss), Fred Beir (Steve Nelson / Dennis Rains), Bruce Kirby (Carl LeMay), Nedra Dean (Nancy Frazer), Warren Vanders (Earl Pitt), Kelly Thordsen (Sheriff Neal), Suzanne Somers (Ginny Nelson), Jack Garner (Man in Airport), Jenny Maybrook (Ticket Clerk).
Rockford believes that an insurance company was taken for $400,000 in settling with the lone survivor of a plane crash.

November 1, 1974: Find Me If You Can
Season 1, episode 8
W: Juanita Bartlett   D: Lawrence Doheny

With Joan Van Ark (Barbara Kelbaker), Paul Michael Glaser (Ralph Correll), Joseph Stern (Morgan Tallman), Jimmy Lydon (Wyatt), Adrian Ricard (Miss Connor), Richard Drout Miller (Sgt. Doane).
A girl hires Rockford to find out who she is, and the baffling trail leads the private eye to Denver and an underworld kingpin.

November 8, 1974: In Pursuit Of Carol Thorne
Season 1, episode 9
W: Stephen J. Cannell   D: Charles S. Dubin

With Lynette Mettey (Carol Thorne), Robert Symonds (Mr. Hoad / Miles Keeley), Jim Antonio (Cliff Hoad), Bill Fletcher (Nate Spinella), Irene Tedrow (Mrs. Hoad / Dixie), Sandy Ward (Detective Sausman).
Rockford is hired to trail a girl just released from prison, hoping she will lead him to $1 million.

November 15, 1974: The Dexter Crisis
Season 1, episode 10
W: Gloryette Clark   D: Alexander Grasshoff

With Lee Purcell (Susan Parsons), Linda Kelsey (Louise Adams), Ron Soble (Kermit Higby), Tim O'Connor (Charles Dexter), Joyce Jameson (Marge White).
A businessman hires Rockford to find his missing girlfriend, but doesn't inform the private eye that she's made off with $250,000.

December 6, 1974: Caledonia - It's Worth A Fortune
Season 1, episode 11
W: Juanita Bartlett   D: Stuart Margolin

With Shelley Fabares (Jolene Hyland), Ramon Bieri (Sheriff Prouty), Richard Schaal (Leonard Blair), Robert Ellenstein (Motel Manager), Don Eitner (Gerald Hyland), William Traylor (Wilson), Sid Haig (B.J.), Robert Ginty (Gib Moore).
Hired by a convict's wife to find a fortune hidden on a ranch, Rockford encounters obstacles on both sides of the law in pursuit of the case.

December 20, 1974: Profit And Loss (1)
Season 1, episode 12
W: Stephen J. Cannell   D: Lawrence Doheny

With Joe E. Tata (Solly Marshall), Val Bisoglio (Carl Bovino), Ned Beatty (Leon Fielder), Sharon Spelman (Doris Parker), Priscilla Pointer (Helen Morris), John Carter (Alec Morris), Paul Jenkins (Stan Gorrick), Michael Lerner (Arnold Love), Don Billett (Dan Shavelson), J. Jay Saunders (Computer Programmer).
Kidnappers knock out Jim Rockford while abducting a client from his trailer who was involved in a stock price manipulation.

December 27, 1974: Profit And Loss (2)
Season 1, episode 13
W: Stephen J. Cannell   D: Lawrence Doheny

With Ned Beatty (Leon Fielder), Sharon Spelman (Doris Parker), Albert Paulsen (Kurt), Michael Lerner (Arnold Love), Tom Rosqui (Norm Mitchell), Al Stevenson (L.J.).
Rockford and his client "burglarize" a print shop, searching for clues which will lead to stock market fixing and homicide.

January 3, 1975: Aura Lee, Farewell
Season 1, episode 14
W: Edward J. Lakso   D: Jackie Cooper

With Robert Webber (Sen. Evan Murdock), Lindsay Wagner (Sara Butler), Greg Mullavey (Dirk Shaefer), Bill Mumy (Trask), Melissa Greene (Aura Lee Benton), Henry Slate (Oscar), Linda Dano (Ellen Murdock), Tom Scott (Motel Clerk).
The operator of a boutique shop hires Rockford again to solve the homicide of her friend, this time involving a state senator and a conman.

January 17, 1975: Sleight Of Hand
Season 1, episode 15
W: Stephen J. Cannell, Jo Swerling   D: William Wiard

With Tom Atkins (Lt. Diehl), Gerald McRaney (Irv), Lara Parker (Diana Lewis), Pat Delaney (Karen Mills), Allan Miller (Michael Cordeen), John Steadman (Morrie Blauner).
Rockford launches a search for his girlfriend who has disappeared suddenly, and the trail leads to a fugitive syndicate chief.

January 24, 1975: Counter Gambit
Season 1, episode 16
W: Juanita Bartlett, Howard Berk   D: Jackie Cooper

With Mary Frann (Valerie Thomas / Maria Heller), Eddie Fontaine (Moss Williams), Burr DeBenning (Harry Crown), Ford Rainey (Manny Tolan), M. Emmet Walsh (Edgar Burch), Garry Walberg (Arnold Cutter), Eric Server (Daniel Kramer), Barbara Collentine (Miss Bolting).
A convict hires Rockford under the pretext that he wants to find his girl, when he actually is after her jewelry. Rockford then gets into a battle of wits over a pearl necklace and a pretty woman.

January 31, 1975: Claire
Season 1, episode 17
W: Stephen J. Cannell, Edward J. Lakso   D: William Wiard

With Linda Evans (Claire Prescott), Lance LeGault (Stone), Jackie Cooper (Capt. Highland), Lane Smith (Willett), Douglas Fowley (Ted).
Rockford does a favor for a former fiancee and is promptly plunged into a tug-o-war between police and the underworld. She persuades him to check on a "friend" under the pretense that she is being victimized by a loan shark.

February 7, 1975: Say Goodbye To Jennifer
Season 1, episode 18
W: Juanita Bartlett, Rudolph Borchert   D: Jackie Cooper

With Hector Elizondo (John Micelli), Pamela Hensley (Jennifer Ryburn), Ken Swofford (Floyd Ross), Katherine Woodville (Marilyn Rae), Thayer David (Carl Birrell), Regis Cordic (Dr. Evan Stuart), Luis Delgado (Waiter), Len Lesser (Colby), Vince Cannon (Ricky Pont), Clint Young (Harrison).
Rockford's uncanny knowledge of fashion models' quirks leads to the solution of a homicide which involves a model, a dentist, a photographer and the underworld.

February 14, 1975: Charlie Harris At Large
Season 1, episode 19
W: Zekial Marko   D: Russ Mayberry

With Tony Musante (Charlie Harris), David Spielberg (Sergeant Garvey), Warner Anderson (Alfred Bannister), Diana Muldaur (Linda Bannister), Mel Stewart (Police Lieutenant), Zekial Marko (Dr. Gabriel), Luis Delgado (Counterman), Eddie Firestone (Haines).
A playboy who is suspected in the death of his wealthy wife turns to his former prison cellmate, Rockford, to prove his innocence.

February 21, 1975: The Four Pound Brick
Season 1, episode 20
W: Juanita Bartlett   D: Lawrence Doheny

With Tom Atkins (Lt. Diehl), Edith Atwater (Kate Banning), William Watson (Ross), Jess Walton (Laura Smith), Paul Carr (Sergeant Wilson), Frank Campanella (Morrie), John Quade (Tenner), Jack Knight (Officer Drexel).
Although police write off a rookie's death as accidental, Rockford reopens the case which causes repercussions in police and underworld circles.

February 28, 1975: Just By Accident
Season 1, episode 21
W: Charles Sailor, Eric Kalder   D: Jerry London

With Neva Patterson (Louise Hartman), Steven Keats (Duane Bailey), David Spielberg (Sgt. Garvey), Fred Sadoff (Matt Springfield), E.J. Peaker (Jeannie Szymczyk), Joey Aresco (Billy Jo Hartman), Oliver Clark (Julian Krubm), Gordon Jump (Freddie), Millie Slavin (Asst. Bank Manager), Beatrice Colen (Bettor), Fritzi Burr (County Clerk), Alan Bergmann (Doctor).
A stock car driver dies in what police term a traffic mishap, but Rockford, hired by the victim's wealthy mother, reopens the case and uncovers a clever insurance-claim racket.

March 7, 1975: Roundabout
Season 1, episode 22
W: Edward J. Lakso   D: Lou Antonio

With Jesse Welles (Nancy Wade), Ron Rifkin (Tom Robertson), Mills Watson (Edward Moss), Frank Michael Liu (Kenneth Mamato), Virginia Gregg (Eleanor Wainwright), George Wyner (Strock), Joe E. Tata (Agent Hanzer), Fred Lerner (Freeman), Robert Ward (Hotel Clerk).
Jim is hired to deliver an insurance check to a recording artist, but discovers she is the prisoner of a syndicate who is exploiting her.

September 12, 1975: The Aaron Ironwood School Of Success
Season 2, episode 1
W: Stephen J. Cannell   D: Lou Antonio

With Ken Swofford (FBI Agent Patrick), James Hampton (Aaron Ironwood), Jerome Guardino (Vito Ginoso), Jonathan Lippe (Nino), Luis Delgado (Driver).
Private-eye Jim Rockford returns for a second season. In the first show he welcomes home his childhood foster brother, who is now worth millions through a franchise scheme, and is induced to protect him from the underworld.

September 19, 1975: The Farnsworth Stratagem
Season 2, episode 2
W: Juanita Bartlett   D: Lawrence Doheny

With Pat Finley (Peggy Becker), Gerald McRaney (Hotel Manager), Linda Evans (Audrey Wyatt), H.M. Wynant (Danzi), Paul Jenkins (Simon Lloyd), John Crawford (Christian), Eric Server (William MacKenzie), Al Hansen (Guardell).
Jim combats a group perpetrating a fraud on his friend Det. Becker, with a scheme using jack-hammers and an oil rig.

September 26, 1975: Gearjammers (1)
Season 2, episode 3
W: Don Carlos Dunaway   D: William Wiard

With Ted Gehring (Johnny Lo Salvo), Scott Brady (Hammel), Al Stevenson (L.J.), Rosemary DeCamp (Mary Ramsey), Robert F. Hoy (Scheib), Peter Brocco (Hodges), Charles Cooper (Jack), Jack Garner (Officer), John Dullaghan (Sullivan).
Jim searches frantically for his father, Rocky, who becomes the target of assassins after he observes an underworld payoff.

October 3, 1975: Gearjammers (2)
Season 2, episode 4
W: Don Carlos Dunaway   D: William Wiard

With Ted Gehring (Johnny Lo Salvo), Joe E. Tata (Willie Thompson), Bucklind Beery (Officer Mazurski), Jack Kruschen (John Koenig), Scott Brady (Hammel), Robert F. Hoy (Scheib).
Though assassins fail to get Rocky the first time, they continue their effort while Rockford and the police zero in on a bizarre hijacking scheme.

October 10, 1975: The Deep Blue Sleep
Season 2, episode 5
W: Juanita Bartlett   D: William Wiard

With Robert Webber (Bob Coleman), Michael Conrad (George Macklan), Janet MacLachlan (Adrienne Clarke), Ric Mancini (Ray Porter), Melendy Britt (Millie), Doria Cook (Margaux Adams), Robert Hays (Darren Weeks), John Furlong (Medical Examiner).
Jim Rockford's search for a missing model uncovers a homicide trail through a leading fashion studio.

October 17, 1975: The Great Blue Lake Land And Development Company
Season 2, episode 6
W: Juanita Bartlett   D: Lawrence Doheny

With Richard B. Shull (Fast Harry DeNova), Dennis Patrick (Walter Hart), Dana Elcar (Sheriff Mitchell), Mary Ann Chinn (Billie Carlton), Bob Hastings (Paul Tanner), Noble Willingham (B.J.), Ray Girardin (Murray Johnson).
While trying to recover $10,000 stolen by a salesman, Rockford uncovers a huge land swindle.

October 31, 1975: The Real Easy Red Dog
Season 2, episode 7
W: Stephen J. Cannell   D: Ivan Dixon

With Tom Atkins (Lt. Diehl), Stefanie Powers (Christina Dusseau), Bruce Kirby (Aaron Friedler), Sherry Jackson (Jennifer Sandstrom), Wayne Grace (Deek), Lawrence Cook (Dave), George Wyner (Tom Brice), Nick Ferris (Pete Finch).
A woman private eye dupes Rockford into working as her decoy on a phony case.

November 7, 1975: Resurrection In Black & White
Season 2, episode 8
W: Juanita Bartlett, Stephen J. Cannell   D: Russ Mayberry

With Joan Van Ark (Susan Alexander), William Prince (Arnold Newcomb), Sandra Smith (Shirley Atwater), Milton Selzer (Patrick Elber), John Lawlor (Dave Krueger), John Danheim (Roy Pierce).
Jim is hired by a magazine writer to help her free a convict she's convinced is innocent of homicide.

November 14, 1975: Chicken Little Is A Little Chicken
Season 2, episode 9
W: Stephen J. Cannell   D: Lawrence Doheny

With Ray Danton (Chester Sierra), Frank Campanella (Marty Frishette), Sandy Ward (Sheriff), Nicholas Worth (Kessler), David S. Cass (Sid), Kenneth Strange (Don), Charles Horvath (Jose), Tom Williams (Minister).
Jim is tricked into helping collect a debt owed to his cellmate Angel and together they become the targets of an underworld mobster.

November 21, 1975: 2 Into 5.56 Won't Go
Season 2, episode 10
W: Stephen J. Cannell   D: Jeannot Szwarc

With Jesse Welles (Shana Bowie), Charles Napier (Billy Webster), Mitchell Ryan (Col. Hopkins), Eddie Firestone (Dwight Davis), Frank Maxwell (Col. Daniel Hart Bowie), William Boyett (Sgt. Harvey Slate), Harvey Gold (Quentin Davis), Carol Vogel (Terri), John Carey (Lt. Fenton), Kenneth Washington (Guard).
Rockford investigates the "traffic" death of his old Army commander at the request of the officer's daughter, and uncovers an arms smuggling ring.

November 28, 1975: Pastoria Prime Pick
Season 2, episode 11
W: Gordon Dawson   D: Lawrence Doheny

With Warren Kemmerling (Vern Soper), Richard Herd (Sheriff Gladish), Bill Quinn (Judge Russell), William Lucking (Pete Kolodny), Kathie Browne (Karen Sanders), Smith Evans (Rita Sanders), Bill Zuckert (Emmett Byrd), Don Billett (Gilbert Univaso), Jack Garner (Court Clerk).
While waiting for his car to be repaired in the small town of Pastoria, Rockford uncovers a criminal scheme concocted by the local prosecutor, the sheriff and the mayor.

December 5, 1975: The Reincarnation Of Angie
Season 2, episode 12
W: Stephen J. Cannell   D: Jerry London

With Elayne Heilveil (Angie Perris), Wayne Tippit (Agent Shore), David Huddleston (Sherm Whitlaw), Sharon Spelman (Susan Miller), Eugene Peterson (Tom Perris), Charles Siebert (Bettingen), George Skaff (Bundy), Jenny O'Hara (Operator).
A bookkeeper hires Rockford to find her missing brother, a stockbroker who is also being sought by federal agents.

December 19, 1975: The Girl In The Bay City Boys Club
Season 2, episode 13
W: Juanita Bartlett   D: James Garner

With Stewart Moss (D.A. Burton Kimball / Mr. Phelps), Blair Brown (Kate Flanders / Kate Doyle), Joel Fabiani (Tompkins), Paul Stevens (George Welles), William Phipps (Sergeant), William Bryant (Paul Flanders), Julio Medina (Gardener), Stacy Keach Sr. (Sy Mosher), Jack Garner (Officer).
Rockford poses as a newspaper publisher when he infiltrates a "charity" club for a mysterious client who suspects a rigged gambling operation.

January 9, 1976: The Hammer Of C Block
Season 2, episode 14
W: Gordon Dawson   D: Jerry London

With Isaac Hayes (Gandolph Fitch), James A. Watson Jr. (Arthur Bingham), Annazette Chase (Debbie Bingham), Jack Somack (Oliver Prey), Lynn Hamilton (Eunice Charles Bingham), Allan Rich (Pebbles Runkin), Bill Walker (Rosie), Sandra de Bruin (Receptionist), Hank Stohl (Wino).
A one-time prostitute, now well married, holds the key to a slaying of the wife of a former cellmate of Rockford who has served 20 years for the crime.

January 16, 1976: The No-Cut Contract
Season 2, episode 15
W: Stephen J. Cannell   D: Lou Antonio

With Rob Reiner (Larry 'King' Sturtevant), Dick Butkus (Himself), Wayne Tippit (Agent Shore), Milt Kogan (Norman), Sharon Cintron (Sharon), Gene Tyburn (Bill), Barbara Flicker (TV Coordinator), J. Jay Saunders (Agent Prizer), Mary Angela (Lisa), Kathy Silva (Judy).
A small-time quarterback makes Rockford the target of both mobsters and federal agents when he implicates him in a blackmail scheme.

January 23, 1976: A Portrait Of Elizabeth
Season 2, episode 16
W: Stephen J. Cannell   D: Meta Rosenberg

With John Saxon (Dave Delaroux), Wayne Tippit (Agent Shore), Tom Atkins (Lt. Diehl), Joe E. Tata (Solly Marshall), Cynthia Sikes (Susan Valero), Katherine Woodville (Karen Silver), Robert Riesel (Mickey Silver), Angus Duncan (Morey Dayton), Ned Wilson (Arnold Adams / Rod Fitzpatrick), James Murtaugh (Tom Hanson).
A suave eastern lawyer hires Jim to investigate charges of larceny in the western office of a company he represents.

January 30, 1976: Joey Blue Eyes
Season 2, episode 17
W: Walter Dallenbach   D: Lawrence Doheny

With Eddie Fontaine (Sweet Tooth London), Michael Ansara (Joseph DiMinna), Suzanne Charney (Paulette DiMinna), Robert Yuro (Gannon), James Luisi (Burt Striker), Jimmy Lydon (Barrow), Sandy Kenyon (Mitchell), Norman Bartold (Evans).
An ex-convict trying to go straight hires Rockford to combat efforts by his former associates to move in on his legitimate business.

February 6, 1976: In Hazard
Season 2, episode 18
W: Juanita Bartlett   D: Jackie Cooper

With Joseph Campanella (Arnold Bailey), Ben Frank (Howard Nystrom), Richard Venture (Fred Metcalf), Frank Campanella (Marty Jordan), Melendy Britt (Connie), Skip Ward (Walt Rayner), Linda Dano (Marie), Joe E. Tata (Solly Marshall), Bruce Tuthill (Murray Gaines).
Attorney Beth Davenport enlists the help of Rockford when she discovers that some of her clients have activities that extend into the underworld and she has become the target of an assassin.

February 13, 1976: The Italian Bird Fiasco
Season 2, episode 19
W: Edward J. Lakso   D: Jackie Cooper

With William Daniels (Thomas Caine), Camilla Sparv (Evelyn Stoneman / Maggie Donnegan), William Jordan (Jeffers), Peter Palmer (Stack), Ron Silver (Ted Haller), Ivor Barry (Cryder), Dean Santoro (Collins), Eric Server (Whitlock), Gerald Peters (Edward Barrows), Jack Garner (Bidder), Karl Lukas (Officer).
Rockford purchases a rare sculpted bird and the art treasure involves him with an international smuggling ring.

February 20, 1976: Where's Houston?
Season 2, episode 20
W: Don Carlos Dunaway   D: Lawrence Doheny

With Tom Atkins (Lt. Diehl), Lane Bradbury (Houston Preli), Robert Mandan (Charles Blackhorn), Del Munroe (Charlie), Dabbs Greer (Peter Preli), Murray MacLeod (Jerry Specht).
Rockford searches for the granddaughter of Rocky's old pal, Pete Preli, but his investigation uncovers a plot to gobble up real estate, including Preli's property in a rundown end of town.

March 12, 1976: Foul On The First Play
Season 2, episode 21
W: Stephen J. Cannell   D: Lou Antonio

With Lou Gossett Jr. (Marcus Hayes / O'Brien), Pepper Martin (Greg Smith), Dick Davalos (Manny Stickells), David White (Martin Eastman), James Ingersoll (Steve Sorenson), Al Ruscio (Tom Corell), John Mahon (Todd Morris), Chuck Bowman (Commissioner Tremayne), Vincent Cobb (Ray Fairchild), Ji-Tu Cumbuka (Sherm Addison), Jayne Kennedy (Janice), Al Checco (Leasing Agent).
A double-dealing old friend of Rockford's -- a cop turned private eye -- tries to help a questionable client obtain a basketball franchise.

March 19, 1976: A Bad Deal In The Valley
Season 2, episode 22
W: Donald L. Gold, Lester William Berke   D: Jerry London

With Susan Strasberg (Karen Stiles), Jack Colvin (Preacher), Veronica Hamel (Sandy Lederer), John Lupton (Tony Lederer), Gordon Jump (Appleby), David Sabin (Murray Slauson), Rod Cameron (Jack Chilson), Ross McGinn (Fred Southerland), Laurence Haddon (Braverman), Fritzi Burr (Maid), Dudley Knight (Agent).
A real estate entrepreneur uses her former boyfriend -- an unwitting Jim Rockford -- to transport counterfeit money for a grandiose land scheme.

September 24, 1976: The Fourth Man
Season 3, episode 1
W: Juanita Bartlett   D: William Wiard

With John McMartin (Timson Farrell), Sharon Gless (Lori Jenivan), Michael Bell (Richard Stehler), Dianne Harper (Susan), Jack Garner (Mailman), Barbara Collentine (Maid), Candace Howerton (Airline Clerk).
An airline stewardess becomes the target of an assassin for no apparent reason, until Rockford's sleuthing reveals an explanation.

October 1, 1976: The Oracle Wore A Cashmere Suit
Season 3, episode 2
W: David Chase   D: Russ Mayberry

With Robert Webber (Roman Clementi), Bonnie Bartlett (Casey Patterson), Robert Walden (Barry Silverstein), John Furlong (Detective Caselli), Pepe Serna (Ray Ochoa), Terrence O'Connor (Eileen), James Hong (Forensic Expert).
A phony psychic fingers Jim in the death of a dope pusher while ostensibly helping the police solve the slaying -- but he's really only furthering his efforts to rob the dead man.

October 8, 1976: The Family Hour
Season 3, episode 3
W: Gordon Dawson   D: William Wiard

With Ken Swofford (Al Jollett), Burt Young (Stu Gaily), Kim Richards (Marin Rose Gaily), Paul Koslo (Dittson), Marged Wakeley (Cecil Goss), Adrian Ricard (Receptionist).
Jim and Rocky become custodians of a 9-year-old girl who has apparently been abandoned by her father.

October 15, 1976: Feeding Frenzy
Season 3, episode 4
W: Stephen J. Cannell   D: Russ Mayberry

With Susan Howard (Sandy Blaylock), Eddie Firestone (Charlie Blaylock), George Wyner (Max Steinberg), Pepper Martin (Mickey Wanamaker), Luke Askew (Al), Carmen Argenziano (Orin Wilson), Jon Cedar (Agent Raval), Joseph Della Sorte (Lucy Carbone).
Jim's efforts to return a half million dollars stolen from an oil company by his fiancee's repentant father runs into complications.

November 5, 1976: Drought At Indianhead River
Season 3, episode 5
W: Stephen J. Cannell   D: Lawrence Doheny

With Robert Loggia (Dominic Marcon), Vincent Baggetta (David Marcon), Antony Carbone (Brad Charlette), Ronda Copland (Delores Townsend), Jerome Guardino (Carl Dorado), Nick Georgiade (Danny), Laurence Haddon (Dr. Sager), Buddy Foster (Terry).
Jim searches for his friend Angel, whose windfall riches from real estate are actually part of a tax swindle plan.

November 12, 1976: Coulter City Wildcat
Season 3, episode 6
W: Don Carlos Dunaway   D: Russ Mayberry

With Noble Willingham (Claude Orzeck), Jerry Hardin (Walter Link), John Anderson (Gerald O'Malley), Dennis Burkley (Howard), Patricia Stich (Phyllis), Sharon Compton (Beehive).
Rocky's luck is short-lived after he hits a bonanza in an oil rights lottery. Two toughs rough him up, demanding that he sign away his rights.

November 19, 1976: So Help Me God
Season 3, episode 7
W: Juanita Bartlett   D: Jeannot Szwarc

With William Daniels (Gary Bevins), Ted Gehring (Warden Furtell), Sandy Ward (Peter Henshaw), John Lupton (Henry Franks), Jason Wingreen (Clarence Rohrs), Vernon Weddle (Mike Prescott), Robert Ray Sutton (Carl), Lieux Dressler (Margaret Raucher), Cliff Carnell (Gordy), Angelo Gnazzo (Pervis), John Gowans (Doctor).
Rockford is summoned before a grand jury concerning the alleged kidnapping of a union official, and before he is through they cite him for contempt and put him in a federal prison.

November 26, 1976: Rattlers' Class Of '63
Season 3, episode 8
W: David Chase   D: Meta Rosenberg

With Elayne Heilveil (Regine Boyajian), Avery Schreiber (Azie Boyajian), James Wainwright (Gene Chechik), John Durren (Leo Kale), Rudy Ramos (Bobby Boyajian), Sandra Kerns (Robin Seidlitz), Stacy Keach Sr. (Reverend), Stanley Brock (Elliot Deutch), Ed Vasgersian (Hank Boyajian), Gerald McRaney (Jerry).
Angel's wedding plans turn out to be a ploy in a gigantic real estate scheme, and the Armenian brothers of the bride set out to get revenge.

December 10, 1976: Return To The Thirty-Eighth Parallel
Season 3, episode 9
W: Walter Dallenbach   D: Bruce Kessler

With Veronica Hamel (Marcy Brownell), Ned Beatty (Al Brennan), Norman Burton (Markell), Paul Stevens (John Stabila), Robert Karnes (Capt. Hulette), James Congdon (Alvin Thomas), John Mahon (Lt. Hayes), Chuck Winters (Kevin Lindsay), Tom Stewart (Aarons), Bart Burns (Fire Chief), Jeff David (Funeral Director), Michael Ebert (Lee Nejman).
An old Army buddy inveigles Rockford into accepting a client who says she is looking for her missing sister, but the trail leads instead to stolen art objects.

December 17, 1976: Piece Work
Season 3, episode 10
W: Juanita Bartlett   D: Lawrence Doheny

With Michael Lerner (Murray Rosner), Ned Wilson (Robert Spiker), Simon Scott (Gregory McGill), Ben Frank (Fred Molin), Frank Maxwell (Ciro Lucas), Jack Bannon (Herbert Deane), Michael Mancini (Angie Pictaggi), Deborah Landes (Lily Rosner), Harvey Vernon (Jerry Leedy), Ricky Powell (Junior Rosner), Luis Delgado (Officer Billings).
Jim Rockford is hired by an insurance company to check out an accident claim, and finds himself in the middle of a syndicate's gun-running operation.

December 24, 1976: The Trouble With Warren
Season 3, episode 11
W: Juanita Bartlett   D: Christian I. Nyby II

With Ron Rifkin (Warren Weeks), Paul Jenkins (Gareth Hudson), Joe Maross (Perry Lefcourt), Anne Randall (Catherine Lefcourt), Tom Bower (Jeff Cooperman), John Dullaghan (Agent Alpine).
Rockford's attorney pressures him into helping her brilliant cousin who is suspected of slaying his boss, and Jim's investigation uncovers a web of bribery and conspiracy in a multinational corporation.

January 7, 1977: There's One In Every Port
Season 3, episode 12
W: Stephen J. Cannell   D: Meta Rosenberg

With Joan Van Ark (Christina Marks), Howard Duff (Eddie Marks), Steve Landesberg (Kenny Hollywood), Jack Riley (Adrian Lyman), George Memmoli (Blast Gillette), John Dehner (Judge Lyman), Byron Morrow (George Greenleaf / Ray Fahasateur), John Mahon (Victor Sherman), Michael DeLano (Sharkey), Kenneth Tobey (Captain), Stanley Brock (Morris).
Jim is taken by a father-daughter team of con artists who rob him and others of $200,000 at a private poker party.

January 14, 1977: Sticks And Stones May Break Your Bones, But Waterbury Will Bury You
Season 3, episode 13
W: David Chase   D: Jerry London

With Simon Oakland (Vern St. Cloud), James Karen (John LaPointe), Linda Dano (Gwen Molinaro), Robert Riesel (Wass), Cleavon Little (Billy Merrihew), Val Bisoglio (Marv Potempkin), Anthony Costello (Ted Clair), Katherine Charles (Susan Hanrahan), Brian Libby (Garth McCreary), Fritzi Burr (Receptionist), George Pentecost (Carl Colavito), Jack Garner (Bartender).
Rockford's clients are fellow private investigators who are being illegally forced out of business by a conglomerate agency which goes to elaborate means, including homicide, to stamp out competition.

January 21, 1977: The Trees, The Bees And T.T. Flowers (1)
Season 3, episode 14
W: Gordon Dawson   D: Jerry London

With Karen Machon (Cathy Royle), Strother Martin (T.T. Flowers), Alex Rocco (Sherman Royle), Scott Brady (Jack Muellard), Roy Jenson (Winchell), Bob Hastings (Hank Gidley), Allen Williams (Dr. Fellows), Paul Sylvan (Steve Fisher), Jack Stauffer (Brubaker), Fred Stuthman (Homer Hodges).
Rockford helps an old friend get out of a senior citizens hospital where his daughter and son-in-law have committed him.

January 28, 1977: The Trees, The Bees And T.T. Flowers (2)
Season 3, episode 15
W: Gordon Dawson   D: Jerry London

With Strother Martin (T.T. Flowers), Jack Stauffer (Brubaker), Tom Rosqui (Tom Brockmeyer), Alex Rocco (Sherman Royle), Roy Jenson (Winchell), Robert DoQui (SWAT Commander Willis), Karen Machon (Cathy Royle), Scott Brady (Jack Muellard), Linda Ryan (Maid), Fred Stuthman (Homer Hodges).
Jim Rockford succeeds in freeing T.T. Flowers from the sinister rest home where his scheming daughter and son-in-law had him committed, but the old man panics.

February 11, 1977: The Becker Connection
Season 3, episode 16
W: Juanita Bartlett   D: Reza Badiyi

With Pat Finley (Peggy Becker), Jack Kelly (Alex Kasajian), Jack Carter (Marty Golden), James B. Sikking (John Hickland), William Jordan (Andy Dolan), Lal Baum (Joey Holbrook), Rita George (Officer Hasty), Bucklind Beery (Al Mazurski), Luis Delgado (Officer Billings), Bert Kramer (Capt. O'Reilly).
Det. Becker is suspended from the force when he is suspected of dealing drugs, but when Rockford investigates he uncovers a narcotics ring complete with a crooked cop.

February 18, 1977: Just Another Polish Wedding
Season 3, episode 17
W: Stephen J. Cannell   D: William Wiard

With Lou Gossett Jr. (Marcus Hayes), Isaac Hayes (Gandolph Fitch), Pepper Martin (Melvin), Jack Collins (Frank Martin / Finn O'Herlihy), Raymond Singer (Johnny Goodbie), Walter Brooke (Gertmanian), Dennis Burkley (Bartender), Barney McFadden (Fred Koska), Alfred Dennis (Mr. Koska), Boni Enten (Hildy Mitchell), Holly Irving (Mrs. Martin), Jeanne Le Bouvier (Mrs. Mitchell), Sidney Clute (Mr. Dinsdale), Melendy Britt (Musicians' Union Secretary).
A prison crony of Rockford's, at Jim's suggestion, goes to work for a former parole officer turned detective who is secretly trying to deprive Rockford of a large fee.

February 25, 1977: New Life, Old Dragons
Season 3, episode 18
W: David C. Taylor   D: Jeannot Szwarc

With Irene Yah-Ling Sun (Pham Vam Mai), Clyde Kusatsu (Nguyen), Kathleen Nolan (Kathy Hartman), Charles Napier (Mitch Donner), James Callahan (Leslie Hartman), Robert Phalen (Will Dunning), Charles Siebert (Gary Stillman), Luke Askew (Benson Kelly / Robert Coffee), Jim Ishida (Pham Vam Vinh), Luis Delgado (Officer Billings), Al Stevenson (L.J.).
A young Vietnamese woman, working for an American family, hires Rockford to locate her brother, a refugee. The trail leads to a bizarre kidnapping plot involving three ex-soldiers, a CIA agent and a stolen Army payroll.

March 11, 1977: To Protect And Serve (1)
Season 3, episode 19
W: David Chase   D: William Wiard

With Luke Andreas (Syl), George Loros (Tony Gagglio), Pat Finley (Peggy Becker), Joyce Van Patten (Lianne Sweeney), Leslie Charleson (Patsy Fossler), Jon Cypher (Michael Kelly), Luis Delgado (Officer Billings), Jason Ledger (Sgt. Salcedo), Charles Parks (Officer Drum), James Coleman (Officer Haydu).
A police buff causes problems for Det. Becker when she involves herself in Rockford's search for a mobster lawyer's missing fiancee.

March 18, 1977: To Protect And Serve (2)
Season 3, episode 20
W: David Chase   D: William Wiard

With Luke Andreas (Syl), George Loros (Anthony Gagglio), Pat Finley (Peggy Becker), Joyce Van Patten (Lianne Sweeney), Leslie Charleson (Patsy Fossler), Jon Cypher (Michael Kelly), Lou Frizzell (Wes Wesley), Angus Duncan (John Fossler), Bucklind Beery (Officer Al Mazursky).
Rockford plots the spectacular rescue of a young woman whom mobsters are trying to eliminate, but an enthusiastic police buff reveals the location of the woman's new hideout.

March 25, 1977: Crack Back
Season 3, episode 21
W: Juanita Bartlett   D: Reza Badiyi

With Howard McGillin (Davey Woodhull), John Calvin (Preston Garnett), Sondra Blake (Doreen Carpenter), Joseph Mascolo (Gibby), Conchata Ferrell (Ella Mae White), Bo Kaprall (Willie Gunter), Norman Bartold (Judge Carroll), Jack Garner (Court Deputy), Robert Miller Driscoll (Defense Attorney).
Jim is hired by attorney Beth Davenport to locate a missing witness who will provide an alibi for her client, a football player accused of homicide.

April 1, 1977: Dirty Money, Black Light
Season 3, episode 22
W: David C. Taylor   D: Stuart Margolin

With Roger E. Mosley (Electric Larry), John P. Ryan (Dearborn), Wesley Addy (Agent Steiner), Joshua Bryant (Agent Wolf), John Chappell (Frank Blake), Martin Kove (Harry Smick), Victor Argo (Jud Brown), Michael Lane (Tony), Craig Wasson (Steve), Mary Carver (Receptionist), Diana Ewing (Girl in Tub).
When Rocky suddenly starts receiving large amounts of money in the mail, both federal agents and mobsters are interested.

September 16, 1977: Beamer's Last Case
Season 4, episode 1
W: Stephen J. Cannell   D: Stephen J. Cannell

With James Whitmore Jr. (Freddie Beamer), Jack Kelly (Ralph Steel), Bibi Besch (Monica Steel), Robert Loggia (Manny Arturis), Cal Bellini (Pedro E. Ramirez), Howard George (Phil 'Golf Bag' Moreno), Phil Hoover (Dallas Walker), Arthur Eisner (Floyd Arturo), Raymond O'Keefe (Tony), Carlene Watkins (Girl on Bus).
Season premiere. While Jim Rockford is on vacation, a fantasizing mechanic assumes his identity, uses his credit cards, and manages to foil a Mafia takeover of the taxicab business.

September 23, 1977: Trouble In Chapter 17
Season 4, episode 2
W: Juanita Bartlett   D: William Wiard

With Claudette Nevins (Ann Louise Clement), Ed Nelson (Bud Clement), Arthur Roberts (Jack Avery), Donna Baccala (Jan Avery), Arlene Martel (Marty Bach), Al Checco (Sam), Candace Howerton (Gloria), Scott Ellsworth (Zinberg), Mike Steele (Lyle Van Houghton), Molly Dodd (Daisy).
A best-selling author hires Rockford to investigate threats against her life, but Jim becomes the murder assailant's next target.

September 30, 1977: The Battle Of Canoga Park
Season 4, episode 3
W: Juanita Bartlett   D: Ivan Dixon

With Tom Atkins (Lt. Diehl), Ted Gehring (Walt Chalco), Nora Marlowe (Viola Wenke), Adrienne Marden (Lee Ronstadt), John Dennis Johnston (Hank Schlaeger), Elliott Street (Leonard Wenke), John Perak (Pete Semple), Brion James (Clamshell), Charles Hallahan (Brian).
Troubles mount for Jim when his gun is found at the scene of a homicide, and his alibi -- that it was stolen from his cookie jar -- adds little to his defense.

October 14, 1977: Second Chance
Season 4, episode 4
W: Gordon Dawson   D: Reza Badiyi

With Isaac Hayes (Gandolph Fitch), Dionne Warwick (Theda Best), Malachi Throne (Shapiro), Milt Oberman (Farnum), Sean Garrison (Lanark), Tony Burton (Joe Moran), Frank Christi (Brill), Richard Seff (Arnold Rose), Rudy Diaz (Raoul), Janet Dey (Secretary), Luis Delgado (Officer Billings).
Jim helps his friend Gandolph Fitch protect Fitch's girlfriend from her brutal ex-husband and finds himself confronting a dangerous gang of counterfeiters.

October 21, 1977: The Dog And Pony Show
Season 4, episode 5
W: David Chase   D: Reza Badiyi

With Joanne Nail (Mary Jo Flynn), George Loros (Tommy Lorenz), Ed Lauter (Joseph Bloomberg), Walter Brooke (Agent Simonds), Michael Bell (Agent Krasny), Gary Crosby (Beau), Al Ruscio (Vic Cassell), Howard Honig (Dr. Adler), Bill Quinn (Judge Ordonez), Robert Lussier (Leon), Louisa Moritz (Helen), Dan Barton (Hal), Ken Sidwell (Attendant).
A terrified young woman seeks Rockford's aid, pitting him against agents of a crime syndicate and an intelligence organization.

November 4, 1977: Requiem For A Funny Box
Season 4, episode 6
W: James Crocker   D: William Wiard

With Chuck McCann (Kenny Bell), Robert Quarry (Lee Russo), Jason Evers (Paul Sylvan), Meredith MacRae (Lori Thompson), Gilbert Green (August Sylvan), Tom Atkins (Lt. Diehl), Jodean Russo (Maxine Bell), Thomas A. Geas (Waiter).
A comic leaves Jim hanging with a homicide charge rather than admit to poilce that he has a file-card box of jokes.

November 11, 1977: Quickie Nirvana
Season 4, episode 7
W: David Chase   D: Meta Rosenberg

With Quinn Redeker (Gordon Borchers), Valerie Curtin (Jane Patten / Sky Aquarian), Kip Gilman (Alan Bayliss), Dick Anthony Williams (Maceo Prentiss), Lawrence Cook (Dijon), Carl Crudup (Eddie McBriar), Aesop Aquarian (Cook), Patricia Pearcy (Pavarthi), Michael Grandcolas (Panhandler), Dan Magiera (Conga Drummer).
Rockford does a favor for a hippie-type girl camped at the beach, and his good deed turns into a nightmare, placing his life in jeopardy.

November 18, 1977: Irving The Explainer
Season 4, episode 8
W: David Chase   D: James Coburn

With Barbara Babcock (Karen Hall / Kathryn Cooper), Paul Stewart (Buddy Richards), Maurice Marsac (Chief Inspector Giono), Irene Tsu (Daphne Ishawaharda), Robert Etienne (Inspector Mage), Peter Von Zerneck (Ruprecht), Byron Morrow (Irving Patrick), Lester Fletcher (Gertler), Brooke Palance (Gilda), Alex Rodine (Willie Schindler), Luis Delgado (Officer Billings).
Jim becomes involved with an old murder case, the French state police and German gangsters in a search for a priceless missing painting.

November 25, 1977: The Mayor's Committee From Deer Lick Falls
Season 4, episode 9
W: William R. Stratton   D: Ivan Dixon

With Edward Binns (Everett Alton Benson), Richard O'Brien (Art Kelso), Charles Aidman (Noah Deitweiler), Priscilla Barnes (Lauren Ingeborg), Jerry Hardin (Knute Jacobs), Clark Howat (Mr. Rankin), Richard Sanders (Samuel Romney), Fritzi Burr (Miss Orneck), Ian Sander (Christian).
Rockford is hired by a small town's citizens as a hit man to find and dispose of a girl who could reveal their tax dodge to the IRS.

December 2, 1977: Hotel Of Fear
Season 4, episode 10
W: Juanita Bartlett   D: Russ Mayberry

With Gerald McRaney (D.A. John Pleasance), Frank DeKova (Nova), Vincent Baggetta (Murray Riddel), Madison Arnold (Del Kane), Eugene Peterson (Louis Gaedel), Barry Atwater (Roach), Barbara Rae (Teddy), Fred Carney (Howe), Stephen Coit (Thompson Welles), James Whitworth (Krauss), Peter Forster (Judge Hovis).
Angel, slated to testify against a syndicate hit man, lives it up in posh hotels under police protection until the suspect is freed on a technicality.

December 9, 1977: Forced Retirement
Season 4, episode 11
W: William R. Stratton   D: Alexander Singer

With Larry Hagman (Richard Lessing / Paul Grisham), Margie Impert (Susan Kenniston), Denny Miller (Chris Jenks), Ron Masak (Virgil Cheski), William Joyce (Sumner Harcourt), Conrad Bachmann (Curt Rundstedt), Bill Hart (Benish), John Davey (Sgt. Jacobson), Doug Hale (Restaurant Manager).
Rockford masquerades as a wealthy oil baron and risks his life to check out a company's claim that it has developed a new offshore oil recovery device.

December 16, 1977: The Queen Of Peru
Season 4, episode 12
W: David Chase   D: Meta Rosenberg

With Ken Swofford (Carl Wronko), George Wyner (Stephen Kalifer), Joe E. Tata (Mike Trevino), Christopher Cary (Ginger Townsend), Luke Andreas (Lou Trevino), Hunter Von Leer (Skip Speece), Jennifer Markes (Shareen Wronko), Michael Morgan (Sean Wronko), Susan Davis (Dot Wronko), Paul Cavonia (Donny B. Waugh).
Rockford pursues a vacationing family who are unaware that they are in possession of an extremely valuable stolen diamond.

December 23, 1977: A Deadly Maze
Season 4, episode 13
W: Juanita Bartlett   D: William Wiard

With Larry Linville (Dr. Eric Von Albach), Corinne Camacho (Tracy Marquette), J. Pat O'Malley (Billy Baines), Johnny Seven (George), Cliff Carnell (Max Savatgy), Jack Collins (Victor Kreski), John McKinney (Nick Commandini), Ken Anderson (Tom Posner), Lance LeGault (Phil D'Agosto), Luis Delgado (Officer Billings).
Jim is duped by a seemingly deranged scientist, who puts him through an elaborate stress exercise under the guise of investigating a homicide.

January 6, 1978: The Attractive Nuisance
Season 4, episode 14
W: Stephen J. Cannell   D: Dana Elcar

With Victor Jory (Eddie LaSalle), Ken Lynch (Vince Whitehead), Dick Balduzzi (Don Silver), Hunter Von Leer (Skip Speece), Rudy Bond (Bennie), John Morgan Evans (Vinnie), Jess Nadelman (Bruce Weinstock), Jeanne Fitzsimmons (Joy Silver), Joe Tornatore (Sid), Paul Sorenson (Inspector Claybourn), Jerome Guardino (Hank), Joseph Della Sorte (Dave Young).
Rocky's partner in a roadside restaurant business is plagued by a vengeful, retired FBI agent.

January 13, 1978: The Gang At Don's Drive-In
Season 4, episode 15
W: James Crocker   D: Harry Falk

With Anthony Zerbe (Jackson Skowron), Arlene Golonka (Jeannie Winslow/Rosenthal), Lawrence Casey (Bob Atcheson), Mills Watson (Stan Collier), Elaine Princi (Jo Ann), Connie Sawyer (Mrs. Fornechefsky), Jordan Rhodes (Dr. Kozoll), Al Rossi (Fred Stassi), Fredd Wayne (Curtis Meyer), Chuck Hicks (Walton), Paul Pepper (Don Brakeman Jr.), Richard Bakalayan (Porter), Luis Delgado (Officer Billings).
A washed-up author inveigles Jim into researching a project involving the graduating class of '62, and in the process Rockford uncovers a homicide.

January 20, 1978: The Paper Palace
Season 4, episode 16
W: Juanita Bartlett   D: Richard Crenna

With Pat Finley (Peggy Becker), Rita Moreno (Rita Capkovic), Bruce Kirby (Sid Loft), David Lewis (Burton Woodrup), Patricia Donahue (Eleanor Loft), Rene Assa (Jeannot Turner), Shirley O'Hara (Maggie Gilson), James Jeter (Officer McRainey), Norwood Smith (Henry Helpern), Gene Scherer (Rudy Ganse), Jack Garner (Restaurant Manager).
A prostitute hires Rockford to investigate when she is assaulted by two men for no apparent reason.

January 27, 1978: Dwarf In A Helium Hat
Season 4, episode 17
W: Stephen J. Cannell, David Chase   D: Reza Badiyi

With John Pleshette (Jay Rockfelt), Rebecca Balding (Carol Lansing), Gianni Russo (Gianni Tedesco), Milton Selzer (Irving Rockfelt), Rick Springfield (Keith Stuart), Robina Suwol (Amy Rockfelt), Bea Silvern (Edith Rockfelt), Marie Reynolds (Janique), Scott Ellsworth (Norman Appet), Robert Mayo (Santo).
After receiving a death threat, Jim decides that the caller meant to contact a playboy whose name is listed next to his in the telephone book.

February 3, 1978: South By Southeast
Season 4, episode 18
W: Juanita Bartlett   D: William Wiard

With Dorrie Kavanaugh (Christine Van Deerlin), Don Chastain (John Van Dreelin), Carlos Romero (Agent Sam Gurolla), Don Diamond (Coelho), Jim B. Smith (Agent Whitaker), Isaac Ruiz (Jorge Sanchez), Mark Roberts (Agent Kleinhoff), George Clifton (Agent Mallardi), Jim Scott (Agent Bast), Eric Mason (Emiliano Rivera), Don Dubbins (Agent Frazee), Robert Clotworthy (Tommy).
Rockford is mistakenly abducted by the CIA and involved in a plot to help an heiress escape from her husband.

February 10, 1978: The Competitive Edge
Season 4, episode 19
W: Gordon Dawson   D: Harry Falk

With Stephen Elliott (Dr. Herb Brinkman), Jim McMullan (Barry Brauder), Robert Hogan (Lester Shaw), John Fiedler (James Bond), Neile McQueen (Joyce Brauder), George Murdock (Doc Holliday), Logan Ramsey (Dr. Carl Brinkman), John Lupton (Marty Sloan), Harold Sakata (John Doe), Dennis Fimple (Rhino), William Boyett (Morris), Charles Howerton (Councilman Moore), Barbara Leigh (Sylvia), Sandie Newton (Gail), Pepper Martin (Gustav), Jack Garner (Sheriff Delbert Bassett).
Jim follows the trail of a banker who has skipped bail, to a mental institution where he unwillingly becomes a patient.

February 17, 1978: The Prisoner Of Rosemont Hall
Season 4, episode 20
W: Stephen J. Cannell, David Chase   D: Ivan Dixon

With Kenneth Tobey (Max Kilmore), Maurice Sherbanee (Kadahfi), Joyce Easton (Valerie Douglas), Kathy Hilton (Judy), Bill Thornbury (Paul Lowe Douglas), Frances Lee McCain (Leslie Callahan), Danny Ades (Machmoud), Barney McFadden (Burt Hannan), Ric Carrott (Pledge Claussen), Buck Young (Jake Sand), Michael Swan (Cal Morris), Paul Coufos (Thomas Tate).
Rockford investigates the hazing death of a young college friend and, in the process, uncovers a second kidnapping-homicide involving a wealthy Arab student.

February 24, 1978: The House On Willis Avenue
Season 4, episode 21
W: Stephen J. Cannell   D: Hy Averback

With Dennis Dugan (Richie Brockelman), Jackie Cooper (Garth McGregor), Howard Hesseman (Albert Steever), Philip Sterling (Tom Nardoni), Simon Oakland (Vern St. Cloud), Paul Fix (Joseph Tooley), Pernell Roberts (B.J. Anderson), Irene Tedrow (Mary Tooley), Robert Hogan (Ted Coopersmith), Brett Hadley (Computer Operator), Lou Krugman (Sam Detonis).
Jim is joined by neophyte detective Richie Brockelman to probe the suspicious traffic death of a semi-retired private eye, and the trail leads to a conglomerate executive and a plot to gain international power through an elaborate computer system.

September 22, 1978: Heartaches Of A Fool
Season 5, episode 1
W: Stephen J. Cannell   D: William Wiard

With Taylor Lacher (Charlie Strayhorn), Don 'Red' Barry (Shorty McCall), Leo Gordon (Clark Streeter), Norman Alden (Roland Eddy), Joe E. Tata (Norman Abbott Kline), James Shigeta (Clement Chin), Lynne Marta (Carrie Strayhorn), James Jeter (Sheriff Milburn), John Davey (Deputy Harnsworth), Mark Roberts (Hillman Stewart), Robert Phillips (Mike Torrance), Herb Armstrong (Union Official).
A country recording artist is double-crossed by his business manager, who has involved him with rival mobs in the Chinese-American underworld.

September 29, 1978: Rosendahl And Gilda Stern Are Dead
Season 5, episode 2
W: Juanita Bartlett   D: William Wiard

With Rita Moreno (Rita Capkovic), Abe Vigoda (Phil Gabriel), Robert Loggia (Dr. Russell Nevitt), Sharon Acker (Edie Nevitt), Robin Gammell (Donald Pilmer), John Karlen (Leo), Clint Young (Harry), Ron Gilbert (Freddie), Jo Anne Meredith (Ceil), William Joyce (Dr. Rosendahl), George Planko (Sgt. Curcio), Jason Wingreen (Earl Stagen), Rod Masterson (Oscar Weinberg), Jack Garner (Bartender), Luis Delgado (Officer Billings).
Rita seeks Jim's protection after she witnesses an underworld assassination and is accused of the murder.

October 6, 1978: The Jersey Bounce
Season 5, episode 3
W: David Chase   D: William Wiard

With Greg Antonacci (Eugene Conigliaro), Eugene Davis (Mickey Long), Luke Andreas (Artie Nodzak), Bo Hopkins (John Cooper), Sorrell Booke (Wade Ward), Elta Blake (Celeste), Jim Scott (D.A. Cowan), Doney Oatman (Dawn Nodzak), Anthony Brand (Judge Rossi), Walter Olkewicz (Mac Amodeus), Paul Teschke (Carl Gibbons).
Jim Rockford is framed for the slaying of a notoriously tough hood and must turn for help to a disbarred lawyer to keep from going to jail.

October 20, 1978: White On White And Nearly Perfect
Season 5, episode 4
W: Stephen J. Cannell   D: Stephen J. Cannell

With Tom Selleck (Lance White), Jason Evers (Brad Davies), Frank Christi (Vincent), Bill Quinn (Armand Teasdale), Eddie Fontaine (Augusto DePalma), Peter Brocco (Meyer Ziegler), Raynold Gideon (Tuner Watson), Jay Rasumny (Manolo), Karen Austin (Veronica Teasdale), Carolyn Calcote (Angela), Julienne Welles (Belle Labelle), Freddye Chapman (Maggie).
Rockford's search for a missing girl is hampered by another detective hired to work on the case.

October 27, 1978: Kill The Messenger
Season 5, episode 5
W: Juanita Bartlett   D: Ivan Dixon

With W.K. Stratton (Frank Dusenberg), Pat Finley (Peggy Becker), Ed Harris (Rudy Kempner), Alex Colon (Captain Crunch), Don Diamond (Lt. Alvarez), Robert Cleaves (Leo Benbrook), Nancy Parsons (Miss Buettner), Michael LaGuardia (Officer Shumway), Bucklind Beery (Officer Mazursky), Joey Miller (Scotty), Doris Donaldson (Maude), John Wheeler (Cliff), Byron Morrow (Deputy Chief Eugene W. Towne), Frank McRae (Junior), Tiger Williams (Little Den).
Jim jeopardizes his friendship with detective Becker when he begins investigating the murder of the deputy police chief's philandering wife.

November 3, 1978: The Empty Frame
Season 5, episode 6
W: Stephen J. Cannell   D: Corey Allen

With Marianne Bunch (Cynthia Daskin), Eddie Ryder ('Cat Eye' Wilson), Dennis Robertson (John Jeffries), Troas Hayes (Carolyn Corkill), Milt Kogan (Aaron Kiel), Dale Robinette (David Jones), Jonathan Lippe (Yossi Hendel), Paul Carr (Jeff Levane), Douglas Ryan (Finta), Michael J. London (Norman Deekus), Sonny Klein (Pritzer), Richard Seff (Johnny St. Clair), Lee Delano (Capt. Salducci), Luis Delgado (Officer Billings).
Jim and his old nemesis, Lt. Chapman, are forced to cooperate to recover valuable paintings stolen from the new police commissioner.

November 10, 1978: A Three-Day Affair With A Thirty-Day Escrow
Season 5, episode 7
W: David Chase   D: Ivan Dixon

With Janis Paige (Miriam), Richard Romanus (Sean Innes), Robert Alda (Cy Marguilles), Maria Grimm (Khedra Aziz), Gilbert Green (Talib), Joshua Bryant (Deputy Chief Gorman), Socorro Swan (Concepcion), Richard Moll (Ludes), Andrew Masset (Ishag), Maurice Sherbanee (Ishaak).
Jim is hired to protect an Arabian princess from her family after she disgraces them by becoming involved in a real-estate swindle.

November 17, 1978: A Good Clean Bust With Sequel Rights
Season 5, episode 8
W: Rudolph Borchert   D: William Wiard

With Hector Elizondo (Frank Falcone), James B. Sikking (Jeff Seales), Nicolas Coster (Augie Augustine), James Murtaugh (Bob Parsons), Jerry Douglas (Hugh Wexler), Louisa Moritz (Debbi), Jenny Sherman (Linda), Derek Murcott (Manny Ables), Hank Brandt (Gene Lindner), Joanna Lipari (Mrs. Stern), Patricia Donohue (Board President).
Jim is hired by an insurance company to babysit an ex-cop turned TV actor who keeps getting into trouble.

November 24, 1978: Black Mirror
Season 5, episode 9
W: David Chase   D: Arnold Laven

With John Pleshette (Danny Green / Jackie Tetuska), Alan Manson (Dr. Rainer), Leo Gordon (Charles Martell), Kathryn Harrold (Megan Dougherty), Peter Tomarken (Commercial Director), Allan Arbus (Myron Katzin), Carl Franklin (Roger Orloff), Denny Miller (Norman), Thomas A. Geas (Maitre D'), Jack Garner (Janitor), John Howard (Mort).
Jim becomes romantically involved with a blind psychologist who is being harrassed by an unknown assailant.

December 1, 1978: A Fast Count
Season 5, episode 10
W: Gordon Dawson   D: Reza Badiyi

With Kenneth McMillan (Morry Hawthorne), Mary Frann (Ruth Beetson-White), Rocky Echevarria (Jesus Hernandez), Lawrence Casey (Don White), Bert Kramer (Skip LaForce), Carl Anderson (Tony Malavida), Woody Eney (F.I. Blassette), Don Starr (Bernard Caplan), John Kerry (Dixon), Rosa Turich (Mama Aguilar), Len Wayland (Homer Nelson), Mike Mazurki (Choo-Choo).
Rockford investigates charges of bribery and murder against the manager of a promising young boxer.

December 8, 1978: Local Man Eaten By Newspaper
Season 5, episode 11
W: Juanita Bartlett   D: Meta Rosenberg

With Bo Hopkins (John Cooper), Kenneth Tigar (Jerry Simpson), Scott Marlowe (Augie Arnow), Joseph Hindy (Leo Cotton), Gianni Russo (Johnny Bongard), Pat Renella (Vincent), Joe E. Tata (Sal), Dallas Mitchell (Dr. Hagens), Harlee McBride (Monica), Rose Gregorio (Natalie Arrow), Scott Brady (Harold Witbeck), John Tuell (Proofreader).
Jim becomes the target of a sleazy scandal newspaper while investigating a murder.

January 5, 1979: With The French Heel Back, Can The Nehru Jacket Be Far Behind?
Season 5, episode 12
W: Rudolph Borchert   D: Ivan Dixon

With Erin Gray (Alta Hatch), Rene Auberjonois (Masters), Marisa Pavan (Sophia), Howard Witt (Bancroft), Chris Palmer (Carol Calcoat), Albert Carrier (Monty Barucci), Margarite Ray (Margo Adams), Michael Des Barres (Keith), Frederick Castellano (Pietro), John Furlong (Dr. Bosca), W.K. Stratton (Detective Frank Dusenberg), Luis Delgado (Officer Billings), Sandra de Bruin (Nurse), Jim B. Smith (Officer Kline), Chris DeRose (Luigi).
A fashion designer hires Jim to investigate the supposed suicide of one of his models.

January 12, 1979: The Battle-Ax And The Exploding Cigar
Season 5, episode 13
W: Rogers Turrentine   D: Ivan Dixon

With Marge Redmond (Eleanor Bateman), Sully Boyar (Bernie Petrankus), Lane Smith (CIA Agent Donnegan), Charles Weldon (Agent Watkins), Glenn Corbett (FBI Agent Spelling), Mitzi Hoag (Margaret), Dawson Mays (ATF Agent Musia), Nancy Burnett (Jill), Lindsay V. Jones (Susan), Antonie Becker (Stacy Hutchins), Roscoe Born (Talliafero), Dennis Holahan (Agent Kaiser), Bob O'Connell (Colonel Huxley), Kirk Mee (Agent Pearce), Lawrence Casey (Echo Seven).
Jim, arrested in a stolen car filled with weapons, becomes a pawn in a deadly game of illegal gun-running.

January 19, 1979: Guilt
Season 5, episode 14
W: Juanita Bartlett   D: William Wiard

With Pat Crowley (Valerie Pointer), Ted Shackelford (Eric Genther), Rita Gam (Cynthia Zakarian), Robert Quarry (Joe Zakarian), Elisabeth Brooks (Jean Ludwig), Eldon Quick (Norman Singleton), Timothy Wayne (Allen Hough), James Carroll (Brian Tegg), Al Stevenson (L.J.), Ben Young (Mr. Goldstone), Luis Delgado (Officer Billings).
Jim faces painful memories when investigating the attempted murder of a former girlfriend.

January 25, 1979: The Deuce
Season 5, episode 15
W: Gordon Dawson   D: Bernard McEveety

With Richard Kelton (Norman Wheeler), Mills Watson (George Bassett), Patricia Hindy (Fran Bassett), Margaret Blye (Bonnie Pruitt), Sharon Spelman (Karen Hathaway), Robert Sampson (Arthur Horvath), Edward Walsh (Van Sickle), Joe Maross (Al Corbett), James Karen (Martin Horvath), Ray Stewart (Judge), Michael O'Dwyer (Pete Johnson).
Rockford ends up in a deadly game of blackmail when he tries to clear a drunk driver falsely accused of murder.

February 10, 1979: The Man Who Saw The Alligators
Season 5, episode 16
W: David Chase   D: Corey Allen

With George Loros (Tony Gagglio), Joseph Sirola (Joseph Minette), Joey Aresco (Richie Gagglio), Luke Andreas (Syl), Penny Santon (Ma Gagglio), Sharon Acker (Adrianna Danielli), Dehl Berti (Eddie Whitefeather), Julie Parrish (Jeanie), Joseph V. Perry (Murf Guellow), Raymond O'Keefe (Jake Sands), Michael J. London (Chin Jake), Howard Honig (IRS Auditor), Noel Conlon (Congressman Hartschorn), Lavina Dawson (Conchetta), William Bronder (Buster Hutchins), Marcus Bentley (Ethan).
An ex-con believes Rockford to be responsible for his imprisonment and seeks revenge.

February 17, 1979: The Return Of The Black Shadow
Season 5, episode 17
W: Stephen J. Cannell   D: William Wiard

With Bo Hopkins (John Cooper), Paul Koslo (Whispering Willie Green), Dennis Burkley (Animal), Laurie Jefferson (Gail Cooper), Andy Jarrel (Phil Dankus), Jerry Ayres (Robert Greis), Ken A. Anderson (Harry), Noah Keen (Dr. Greenberg), Paul Mace (Festus), Scott Walker (Hilliard), Sandra de Bruin (Nurse), Jack Garner (Gas Station Attendant).
A friend of Rockford's infiltrates a motorcycle gang to avenge their attack on his sister and Jim.

February 24, 1979: A Material Difference
Season 5, episode 18
W: Rogers Turrentine   D: William Wiard

With Michael McGuire (Robert Barnard), Joshua Bryant (Holt), David Tress (Brother Bert), Rod Browning (Brother Leonard), Michael Alldredge (Dobson), Donald Bishop (Brother Randolph), John Davey (Cowboy), Luis Delgado (Officer Billings).
Angel poses as a high-priced hit man, but it's Rockford who must save his life when Angel collects the fee but fails to deliver the goods.

March 3, 1979: Never Send A Boy King To Do A Man's Job
Season 5, episode 19
W: Juanita Bartlett   D: William Wiard

With Pepper Martin (Harry Steel), Robert Webber (Harold Jack Coombs), Gary Crosby (Larry Litrell), Jack Collins (Dr. Wetherford), Harold Gould (Mr. Brockelman), Trisha Noble (Odette Lependieu), Dennis Dugan (Richie Brockelman), Todd Martin (Robert Wendkos), Salt Walther (Vern), Stanley Brock (Mickey Martell), Kim Hunter (Mrs. Brockelman).
Rockford and his pal Richie Brockelman devise an elaborate scheme to get Richie's father's business back from the hands of gangsters.

April 13, 1979: A Different Drummer
Season 5, episode 20
W: Rudolph Borchert   D: Reza Badiyi

With John Considine (Dr. Lee Yost), Jesse Welles (Sorel Henderson), Carmen Argenziano (Dumas), Walter Brooke (Dr. Bosca), Reni Santoni (Perry), Sandy Freeman (Dr. Addison), Anne Bellamy (Nurse), Ray Stricklyn (Dr. Stark), Lesley Woods (Lucy Grange), Harlan Warde (Evan Grange), Fritzi Burr (Tax Assistant), David S. Cass Sr. (Casey).
Rockford, hospitalized following an accident, sees a transplant organ removed from an unaware and very much alive donor.

September 28, 1979: Paradise Cove
Season 6, episode 1
W: Stephen J. Cannell   D: Stephen J. Cannell

With Mariette Hartley (Althea Morgan), Leif Erickson (C.C. Calloway), Frederick Herrick (Cliff Calloway), Peter Brocco (Roscoe Ragland), Byron Morrow (John McLinton), Christine Avila (Nurse), John Davey (Rudy), Raymond O'Keefe (Jake Sands), Branscombe Richmond (Frankie Reva), Jerry Summers (Mick Jarrow), Tony Brubaker (Kermit Wilson), Luis Delgado (Officer Billings).
Season premiere. Rockford's peaceful life is upset by a hard-nosed woman appointed by the court to collect $35,000 in a judgment from the detective for allegedly injuring a neighbor with his car.

October 12, 1979: Lions, Tigers, Monkeys And Dogs (1)
Season 6, episode 2
W: Juanita Bartlett   D: William Wiard

With Dana Wynter (Princess Irene Rachevsky), Michael Lombard (Gus Fairfield), Lauren Bacall (Kendall Warren), Leo Gordon (Charlie Martell), Ed Nelson (Blake Stenlight), Michael Des Barres (Gordon Flack), Corinne Camacho (Linda Hassler), Christopher Thomas (Freddie Danzig), Carmine Caridi (Tommy Minette), Jack Garner (Capt. McEnroe), Charles Picerni (Richard Soderling), Julie Parrish (Donna Soderling), Abel Franco (Max Escobedo), Luis Delgado (Officer Billings).
Rockford is hired by a princess to investigate several attempts on the life of her best friend.

October 12, 1979: Lions, Tigers, Monkeys And Dogs (2)
Season 6, episode 3
W: Juanita Bartlett   D: William Wiard

With Dana Wynter (Princess Irene Rachevsky), Michael Lombard (Gus Fairfield), Lauren Bacall (Kendall Warren), Leo Gordon (Charlie Martell), Ed Nelson (Blake Stenlight), Michael Des Barres (Gordon Flack), Corinne Camacho (Linda Hassler), Christopher Thomas (Freddie Danzig), Carmine Caridi (Tommy Minette), Jack Garner (Capt. McEnroe), Charles Picerni (Richard Soderling), Julie Parrish (Donna Soderling), Abel Franco (Max Escobedo), Luis Delgado (Officer Billings).
Kendall joins Rockford in the search for her would-be murderer.

October 19, 1979: Only Rock 'n' Roll Will Never Die (1)
Season 6, episode 4
W: David Chase   D: William Wiard

With Lenny Baker (Ronny Martz), Marcia Strassman (Whitney Cox), Kristoffer Tabori (Tim Ritchie), George Loros (Eddie Lopresti), Stanley Brock (Bernie Seldon), Leigh Christian (Diane Bjornstrom), Jean-Paul Vignon (Alain Florio), Alan Chappuis (Honore Florio), Jack Garner (Capt. McEnroe), Jesse Dizon (Jerry Ito), Michael Champion (Dwight Deleau), Fred Carney (Mitchell Robinson).
A popular rock star, being sued for half his album profits by his ex-girlfriend, hires Rockford to find his missing producer.

October 26, 1979: Only Rock 'n' Roll Will Never Die (2)
Season 6, episode 5
W: David Chase   D: William Wiard

With Lenny Baker (Ronny Martz), Marcia Strassman (Whitney Cox), Kristoffer Tabori (Tim Ritchie), George Loros (Eddie Lopresti), Stanley Brock (Bernie Seldon), Leigh Christian (Diane Bjornstrom), Alan Chappuis (Honore Florio), Fred Carney (Mitchell Robinson), Jan Teige (Julie Immelman), Laurie Lee Schaefer (Lindy Jones).
Rockford shifts his attention to the "palimony" court case involving a rock star's ex-girlfriend, after the performer's best friend is found murdered.

November 9, 1979: Love Is The Word
Season 6, episode 6
W: David Chase   D: John Patterson

With Kathryn Harrold (Megan Dougherty), Richard Cox (Kenny Spector), Barbara Mandrell (Herself), David James Carroll (Randy Smith), Anthony Herrera (Jeffrey Smith), Van Williams (Lt. Kiefer), Rick Goldman (Lou Metzer), David Cadiente (Keith Keoloha), Lisa Figus (Mrs. Dougherty), Betty Kennedy (Patty Savarese).
A blind psychologist whom Jim once dated hires him to find her fiancee, who has disappeared.

November 16, 1979: Nice Guys Finish Dead
Season 6, episode 7
W: Stephen J. Cannell   D: John Patterson

With Tom Selleck (Lance White), Larry Manetti (Larry St. Cloud), James Whitmore Jr. (Freddie Beamer), Erica Hagen (Brandy Alexander), Simon Oakland (Vern St. Cloud), Joseph Bernard (Carmine DeAngelo), Fritzi Burr (Mrs. DeAngelo), Fred Lerner (Carl Richman).
Two young detectives help Jim solve the mysterious slaying of a Senator who was about to address a group of detectives.

November 23, 1979: The Hawaiian Headache
Season 6, episode 8
W: Stephen J. Cannell   D: William Wiard

With W.K. Stratton (Dwight Whipple), Ken Swofford (Colonel 'Howling Mad' Smith), James Murtaugh (Agent Lyle), Christopher Cary (Dutch Ingram), Danny Kamekona (Sgt. Okamoto), Jimmy Borges (Marshal Mingus), Esmond Chung (Shawn Kimotto), Jake Hoopai (Benny Kimotto), Julie Blisett (Mrs. Ingram), Jack Garner (Capt. McEnroe), Luis Delgado (Officer Billings).
Jim and his father win a Hawaiian vacation, where Rockford is dragooned into a "routine" intelligence errand by his old Army commander, "Howling Mad" Smith.

November 30, 1979: No Fault Affair
Season 6, episode 9
W: Juanita Bartlett   D: Corey Allen

With Pat Finley (Peggy Becker), Rita Moreno (Rita Capkovic), Jerry Douglas (Al Haluska), Corinne Camacho (Linda Hassler), Iggie Wolfington (Silky), Gloria Calomee (Hildy), William Beckley (Mr. Norman), Sandy Freeman (Mrs. Kramer), Karen Bergeri (Carla), Jillian Kessler (Lily Showalter), Mavis Neal Palmer (Mrs. Stelnitz), Gregory Michaels (Doug), Michael Barker (Perry).
A prostitute Jim helped to get off the streets returns and falls in love with him after suffering a beating at the hands of her sadistic pimp.

December 7, 1979: The Big Cheese
Season 6, episode 10
W: Shel Willens   D: Joseph Pevney

With Constance Towers (Sally Sternhagen), Alan Manson (Chuck Ryan), Ben Andrews (Stamps), Mark Lonow (Coco), George Pentecost (George Neff), Mary Jackson (Postal Supervisor), Hank Brandt (Sgt. Floyd), Eldon Quick (Willis Hoag), Bill McLean (Fred Barlow), Jimmy Weldon (John Rockfield), Francis X. McCarthy (Eddie Hellinger), Peter Hobbs (Walter Winterwood), Marie Denn (Sally Packard), Luis Delgado (Officer Billings).
A reporter is slain after mailing Rockford a critical piece of evidence about a labor union-mob connection, but the package gets lost in the mail.

December 14, 1979: Just A Coupla Guys
Season 6, episode 11
W: David Chase   D: Ivan Dixon

With Gilbert Green (Joseph Lombard), Simon Oakland (Beppy Conigliaro), Jennifer Rhodes (Jean Martine), Greg Antonacci (Eugene Conigliaro), Eugene Davis (Mickey Long), Arch Johnson (Cardinal Finnerty), Lisa Bowman (Renee Lombard), Robin Riker (Kathlene O'Meara), Anthony Ponzini (Tony DeMichel).
Two young men are forced to flee for their lives when their efforts to impress a former syndicate chief backfire.

January 10, 1980: Deadlock In Parma
Season 6, episode 12
W: Donald Gold, Lester Wm. Burke, Rudolph Borchert   D: Winrich Kolbe

With Jerry Hardin (Mayor Sindell), Joseph Sirola (Henry Gersh), Henry Beckman (Sheriff Neal), Sandra Kerns (Carrie Osgood), Ben Piazza (Stan Belding), Michael Cavanaugh (John Traynor), Gary Grubbs (Deputy Murray), Virgil Frye (Perry), J. Edward McKinley (Lee Melvin).
When Jim agrees to be a proxy for his friend, a small-town councilman, he is caught between two sinister factions vying for control of the village. (Last show of the series.)

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