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Series regulars or semi-regulars in 'The Virginian' from 1970-1982:

1970-1982 Episode Guide for 'The Virginian':

(Episodes with dates prior to 1970 aired as reruns.)

October 17, 1962: The Brazen Bell
Season 1, episode 5
W: Roland Kibbee   D: James Sheldon

With Pippa Scott (Molly Wood), Royal Dano (Molder), Ross Elliott (Sheriff), George C. Scott (Arthur Lilley), Anne Meacham (Mrs. Sarah Lilley), John Davis Chandler (Dog), Robert J. Stevenson (Torson), Kay Stewart (Mrs. Harper), Justin Smith (Lemmiker), Walter Mathews (Mr. Harper), Lester Maxwell (Davey), Rick Murray (Luke).
Plagued by a past history of cowardice and timidity, a schoolteacher and his wife arrive at Medicine Bow to teach in the public school. Judge Henry Garth voices concern over the teacher's lack of courage.

November 21, 1962: It Tolls For Thee
Season 1, episode 9
W: Samuel Fuller   D: Samuel Fuller

With Pippa Scott (Molly), Brendan Dillon (Mr. Bemis), Ron Soble (Mungo), Lee Marvin (Martin Kalek), Sydney Smith (Drummond), Albert Salmi (Quinn), Warren Kemmerling (Sharkey), Michael Mikler (Cord), Jan Stine (Eddie), Stuart Nisbet (Nelson), John Zaremba (Stone), Ross Elliott (Sheriff Burford).
An ex-convict abducts Judge Garth and submits him to humiliation to prove that "there is savagery in all men".

November 28, 1962: West
Season 1, episode 10
W: Douglas Heyes   D: Douglas Heyes

With Russell Thorson (Sheriff Stan Evans), Hal Hopper (Joe), William Gordon (Blench), Raymond Guth (Klotz), Richard Reeves (Munsy), Steve Cochran (Jamie Dobbs), Claude Akins (Lump), James Brown (Lucky), Leo Gordon (Scratch), James Anderson (Otie), Allen Case (Sheriff Blade).
Trampas clashes with new methods of crime detection when he and three new-found friends employ the tactics of a dying era in their attempt to capture a band of outlaws.

December 19, 1962: The Accomplice
Season 1, episode 13
W: Howard Browne, William P. McGivern, Winston Miller   D: Maury Geraghty

With Ross Elliott (Sheriff Mark Abbott), Harold Gould (Tom Finney), Roberta Shore (Betsy Garth), Bette Davis (Delia Miller), Lin McCarthy (Malcolm Brent), Gene Evans (Luke Donaldson), Woodrow Parfrey (Joe Darby), Noah Keen (Samuel Cole), Byron Morrow (Judge Cornwall), Ken Mayer (Clay Friendly), Byron O'Byrne (Ned Carlin), Alice Backes (Coralee Darby), Victor French (Roy), Tim Graham (Telegrapher), Christopher Dark (Walt Gleason).
A repsected spinster conspires to send Trampas to prison as the pawn in a blackmail plot.

January 2, 1963: Duel At Shiloh
Season 1, episode 15
W: Don Ingalls, Borden Chase, D. D. Beauchamp   D: Jerry Hopper

With Russell Thorson (Sheriff Tybee), Roy Engel (Loomis), Roberta Shore (Betsy Garth), Lew Brown (Dowdy), Brian Keith (Johnny Wade), Geraldine Brooks (Georgia Price), Ben Johnson (Spinner), DeForest Kelley (Ben Tully), Mort Mills (Deputy Bender), John Daheim (Brakeman), Richard Garland (Texan).
A drifting cowboy and a ranch owner threaten to fight against fenced rangeland.

January 30, 1963: The Man Who Wouldn't Die
Season 1, episode 19
W: Harry Kleiner   D: David Friedkin

With Brendan Dillon (Mr. Bemis), E.J. Andre (Alex), Ollie O'Toole (Ticketman), Roberta Shore (Betsy), Vera Miles (Mrs. Wallace), Jeff Morrow (William Bradford), David White (Paul J. Willson), Walter Brooke (Lt. Paul Kenner), Pat McCaffrie (Tom Rodell), James Doohan (George Mitchell), Max Slaten (Cabbie), Ann Loos (Kitty Rodell).
A mysterious woman disappears from the Shiloh Ranch after having been hired to tutor Judge Garth's daughter. Garth follows the woman to San Francisco and is attacked there by a businessman, whom he kills in self-defense. But when he reports the death to police, the body has disappeared and the dead man's partner denies that his associate has been killed.

February 13, 1963: If You Have Tears
Season 1, episode 20
W: Frank Fenton, Frank Chase   D: Richard L. Bare

With Roberta Shore (Betsy), John Milford (Perry Allen), Nancy Sinatra (Cary), Dana Wynter (Leona Kelland), Robert Vaughn (Simon Clain), Phyllis Avery (Martha Clain), Gene Lyon (Ballard), Britt Lomond (Kyle Lawson), Frank Ferguson (Dunson), Tol Avery (The Coroner), Stacy Harris (The Gambler), Guy Wilkerson (The Old Timer), Frances Morris (Mrs. Hoferkamp), Jeanne Evans (The Waitress).
The Virginian becomes romantically involved with a widow who is under suspicion for her husband's death.

March 20, 1963: A Distant Fury
Season 1, episode 25
W: Howard Browne   D: John English

With Roberta Shore (Betsy), Ross Elliott (Sheriff Abbott), Roy Engel (Wade), Ida Lupino (Helen Blaine), Howard Duff (Ed Fraser), Joey Heatherton (Gloria Blaine), Rees Vaughan (Wilfred Simms), Willis Bouchey (Glen Hubbard), Francis DeSales (Dave McCoy), Kenneth Patterson (Mr. Colby).
One of the Shiloh ranchhands is accused of murder by an ambitious mother who claims he killed another man who was attracted to her daughter.

September 18, 1963: Ride A Dark Trail
Season 2, episode 1
W: E.M. Parsons   D: John Peyser

With Royal Dano (Faraway), Frank Sully (Bartender), Hal Baylor (Flake), Ross Elliott (Sheriff Abbott), Sonny Tufts (Frank Trampas), Carol Bryan (Winnie), Buzz Martin (Lon Mortison), George Savalas (Turnkey), Will White (Bridger), Dort Clark (Sheriff), Read Morgan (Mort), Richard Garland (Deputy), Carleton Young (Judge Drucker), Charles Fredericks (Fitch), Stuart Randall (Daley).
The story of how Trampas came to Shiloh Ranch to get revenge on Judge Garth, who killed his father in self-defense.

September 25, 1963: To Make This Place Remember
Season 2, episode 2
W: Harold Swanton   D: Robert Ellis Miller

With John Dehner (Frank Sturgis), Mark Tapscott (Mannion), Sunny Jordan (Julie Tressider), Joan Blondell (Roseanna Dobie), John Hoyt (Judge Harper), Duane Grey (Drunk), William Fawcett (Jethro), Joanna Crawford (Millier DeWitt), Virginia Christine (Leora Tressider), William Bramley (Charlie Tressider), James Bell (David Harvey M.D.), Jack Easton (Ben Sturgis), Catherine McLeod (Amy Sturgis), William Mims (York), Herb Vigran (Arthur Wyman).
An aging dancehall queen persuades Judge Garth to defend her son on a murder charge -- even though the boy is dead.

October 16, 1963: The Evil That Men Do
Season 2, episode 5
W: Frank Chase   D: Stuart Heisler

With Roberta Shore (Betsy Garth), L.Q. Jones (Belden), Ross Elliott (Sheriff Abbott), John Bryant (Frank Mason), Leonard Geer (The Driver), Robert Redford (Matthew Cordell), Patricia Blair (Rita Marlow), Simon Scott (Fred Harris), Don Kelly (Deke), Jon Locke (Johnson), Frank Chase (Wrangler), Jack Catron (Guard).
Young Betsy Garth falls in love for the first time in her life. Trouble is it's with a man who is an orphan and convict and has never known a free life until he is accepted as a parolee by Judge Garth.

October 23, 1963: It Takes A Big Man
Season 2, episode 6
W: Harry Kronman   D: Bernard McEveety

With Roberta Shore (Betsy), Lew Brown (Whitey), Jack Big Head (Indian), Ryan O'Neal (Ben Anders), Chris Robinson (Hank Anders), Tina Menard (Little Fawn), Lloyd Nolan (Wade Anders), Russ Bender (Bartender), Bill Idelson (Stage Depot Manager), Bobs Watson (Clerk), Pamela Austin (Judy), Robert Cornthwaite (Reverend), Ron Burke (Cowhand).
A father risks losing his son's love by concealing the identity of he boy's mother.

January 29, 1964: The Drifter
Season 2, episode 19
W: Carey Wilber   D: Don McDougall

With Leif Erickson (Miles Peterson), Mariette Hartley (Maria Peterson).
Reprise of a 1964 episode telling how the Virginian first arrived at Shiloh Ranch and found himself working against Judge Garth.

September 16, 1964: Ryker
Season 3, episode 1
W: Frank Fenton   D: Don Richardson

With Chuck Courtney (Cowboy), Frank Sully (Bartender), John Bryant (Dr. Spaulding), Ron Soble (Stackler), Berkeley Harris (Karns), Ross Elliott (Sheriff Mark Abbott), Raquel Welch (Saloon Girl), Michael Macready (Curly), James Seay (Cruickshank), Francis J. MacDonald (Store Proprietor), Russ Conway (Hale), Jan Merlin (Sam Lake), Anne Helm (Janet Hale), Leslie Nielsen (John Hagen), Clu Gulager (Ryker).
Reprise of the 1964 episode that served to introduce the character of Ryker, who became a regular in the series for several seasons. Ryker, a gunslinger with a reputation, comes to Medicine Bow and gets involved in a scheme to cheat a rancher out of his cattle. However, his real nature prevails over his current temptation and he turns against the criminals and becomes a deputy sheriff.

October 14, 1964: Felicity's Spring
Season 3, episode 5
W: Jean Holloway   D: Don McDougall

With L.Q. Jones (Belden), Norman Leavitt (Joe Mapes), Frank Sully (Danny), Gary Clarke (Steve Hill), Katherine Crawford (Felicity Andrews), Mariette Hartley (Kate Andrews), Carl Benton Reid (Jonah), Adrienne Marden (Mary Mapes), Jennie Lynn (Tessie), Casey Peters (Robbie), Christine Matchett (Mary), Dean Havens (Reverend Haggarty).
A young woman comes to Medicine Bow with her grandfather and sister to become the town's new schoolteacher. Her beaty and goodness bring love and adoration from everybody. The Virginian is incurably stricken by her multiple charms and wastes no time in proposing marriage.

February 3, 1965: Lost Yesterday
Season 3, episode 20
W: True Boardman   D: Don McDougall

With Harlan Warde (Sheriff John Brannan), John Bryant (Dr. Spaulding), Sam Edwards (The Clerk), Shirley Knight (Clara Malone/April McComber), Monica Lewis (Martha Winslow), Simon Scott (Trev Holcomb), John Kellogg (Sam Barton), Don Wilbanks (Feeney), Stuart Randall (The Sheriff), Holly Bane (The Townsman), Clyde Howdy (The Cowhand).
A pretty amnesia victim tries to recover her memory with the help of the Virginian, unaware that two outlaws have threatened to kill her.

March 31, 1965: The Old Cowboy
Season 3, episode 28
W: Gabrielle Upton   D: William Witney

With L.Q. Jones (Belden), John Bryant (Dr. Spaulding), Franchot Tone (Murdock), Bill Mumy (Willie), Alan Baxter (Northrup), Adam Williams (Roper).
A crusty old cowboy tries to prove he's still the expert cowhand he used to be, and his mistakes soon create serious problems at the ranch.

April 21, 1965: We've Lost A Train
Season 3, episode 30
W: Borden Chase   D: Earl Bellamy

With Rhonda Fleming (Carmelita), Neville Brand (Texas Ranger Reese Bennett), William Smith (Texas Ranger Joe Riley), Phil Carey (Capt. Edward Parmalee), Fernando Lamas (Capt. Estrada), Ida Lupino (Mama Dolores), Peter Brown (Chad Cooper).
In this 1965 pilot episode for the Laredo TV series, Trampas starts on a mission to Mexico and soon becomes embroiled in a series of misadventures: a barroom fight; challenged to three gun duels; helps search for a gold-laden train; aids in the care of a motherless infant; and is attacked by Indians,

September 21, 1966: Ride To Delphi
Season 5, episode 2
W: Andy Lewis   D: Anton M. Leader

With Angie Dickinson (Annie Carlson), Harold J. Stone (Einar Carlson), Warren Oates (Wally Buxton), Ron Russell (Lemoine Carlson), Bernie Hamilton (Ransome Kiley), John Kellogg (The Sheriff), Robert Cornthwaite (Judge), Stephen Coit (Welk), Ross Hagen (Tern), Byron Berry (Elver Kiley), Myron Berry (Jethro Kiley), Boyd Stockman (Stage Driver).
The Virginian suspects rustling when he discovers five cattle missing from a herd of 50. Under suspicion are the original owners of the herd.

September 28, 1966: The Captive
Season 5, episode 3
W: Peter Packer   D: Don Weis

With Ross Elliott (Sheriff Mark Abbott), Virginia Vincent (Louise Emory), Gus Trikonis (Running Elk), Than Wyenn (Grey Horse), Tina Menard (Elk Woman), Alex Sharp (Ranch Hand), Michael Forest (Cavalry Lieutenant), Don Hanmer (Roger Emory), Susan Strasberg (Liliota/Katherine Ann Emory).
A girl is captured while rustling cattle with her Indian foster parent. When questioned about being white, the girl denies it.

November 16, 1966: High Stakes
Season 5, episode 10
W: True Boardman   D: Thomas Carr

With Jack Lord (Roy), Michael Ansara (Paul), Terry Moore (Alma).
After the Virginian learns that a friend of his was murdered by a pair of outlaws, he becomes a one-man posse in search of the two, who are hiding out in a deserted mining town.

January 11, 1967: Sue Ann
Season 5, episode 16
W: Gabrielle Upton, True Boardman   D: Gerald Mayer

With Jimmy Lee Cook (2nd Hand), Patty Duke (Sue Ann McCrae), Edward Binns (Pa McCrae), Paul Carr (Joe Stevens), Tim McIntire (Milt), Rita Lynn (Mrs. Crandall), Kirk Travis (Petey), Kerry MacLane (Jim), Roy Barcroft (Mr. Tait), Charles Land (1st Hand), Boyd Stockman (Stagecoach Driver).
A farm girl, tired of the drudgery of her life, goes in search of excitement. She winds up in Medicine Bow, where she discovers a job as saloon waitress falls far short of her previous desires.

September 17, 1969: The Long Ride Home
Season 8, episode 1
W: Richard Fielder   D: Charles S. Dubin

With Jester Hairston (John Douglas), Lonny Chapman (Weasel Willie Burr), Joyce Jameson (Millie), Leslie Nielsen (Ben Stratton), Jeanette Nolan (Holly Grainger).
A youthful cowpoke submits to an urge to settle down rather than continuing to roam with his other buddy.

September 24, 1969: A Flash Of Darkness
Season 8, episode 2
W: Edward J. Lakso   D: Joseph Pevney

With Berkeley Harris (George Kabe), Richard Evans (Tom Kabe), Pamela McMyler (Ginny Kabe), James Whitmore (Carl Kabe).
The Virginian proves to be a tough adversary for a family of horse thieves, even though temporarily blinded.

November 26, 1969: Home To Methuselah
Season 8, episode 10
W: Jack Miller   D: Abner Biberman

With John Anderson (Seth James), Timothy Carey (Zach Ontro), Audrey Totter (Audry), G.D. Spradlin (Preacher), Len Wayland (Sheriff Lempke).
An old sheriff tricks the Virginian into helping him track the last of an outlaw gang. The supposed hunting trip leads to a rendezvous at Jacobs Crossing.

January 7, 1970: You Can Lead A Horse To Water
Season 8, episode 15
W: Lois Hire   D: James Neilson

With Dorothy Shay (Widow Krebs), Strother Martin (Luther Watson), Noah Beery Jr. (Will Baxter), Anthony Eisley (Tom Kendrick), Ross Elliott (Sheriff Abbott).
A Southern belle heads West to wed but is delayed by a stagecoach robbery. After the holdup, she joins Trampas to pursue the bandits on foot.

January 21, 1970: Nightmare
Season 8, episode 16
W: Gerry Day, Bethel Leslie   D: Robert Gist

With Joan Crawford (Stephanie White), Warren Kemmerling (Frank Benteen), Michael Conrad (John White), Booth Colman (Jeff Turner), Ross Elliott (Sheriff Abbott).
A newly married woman is plagued with difficulties. She learns that her husband resents her intrusion. Her life is further complicated when her spouse is paralyzed in a contrived accident, and his top employee takes advantage of the situation.

January 28, 1970: Holocaust
Season 8, episode 17
W: Robert Van Scoyk   D: Jeannot Szwarc

With Tony Franciosa (Kordick), Harold J. Stone (Adam Southcort), Sean McClory (Walter May), John Hoyt (John Weston), Jeanette Nolan (Holly Grainger), Sandy Kenyon (Rafe Ogden), Ross Elliott (Sheriff Abbott).
The suave agent for an Eastern combine splits the Cattlemen's Assn. by buying off two members, but Clay Grainger leads the opposition by forming a cattle drive aimed at salvaging their financial plight.

February 4, 1970: Train Of Darkness
Season 8, episode 18
W: Robert Van Scoyk   D: James Sheldon

With David Dukes (Lad Dormer), Dennis Weaver (Jeff Haines), Charlotte Stewart (Lottie Haines), John Larch (Charles Neely), Gerald S. O'Loughlin (Lute Dormer Sr.), Ben Wright (Michael Patrick).
A retired gunslinger and his bride board a train outside Cheyenne with a group of passengers, whose interests are widely diversified. Only one is aware that he is the feared "Judge" Haker, called "Judge" because of the number of people he is reputed to have put to death.

February 11, 1970: A Time Of Terror
Season 8, episode 19
W: Edward J. Lakso   D: Joseph Pevney

With Phillip Alford (Joe Thurman), Joseph Cotten (Judge Will McMasters), Shelly Novack (Frank Thurman), Jeanette Nolan (Holly Grainger), Virginia Gregg (Mary McMasters), Pamela Murphy (Emily Thurman), Ross Elliott (Sheriff Abbott).
A judge and congressional hopeful (Cotten) is held captive along with the Graingers at Shiloh Ranch by a family who accuses them of ordering the death of their father.

February 18, 1970: No War For The Warrior
Season 8, episode 20
W: Robert Earll, Alvin Sapinsley   D: Don McDougall

With Charles Knox Robinson (John Wood / Sitkonga), Henry Jones (Ned Cochran), Charles Aidman (William Webb), Patricia Hyland (Kgoy-Ma), David Sheiner (Cully), Barney Phillips (Maj. Heller), Larry Ward (Sheriff Gray).
An Indian brave on the run from white authorities takes refuge with Shiloh wranglers on a cattle drive. He finds a friend in Jim Horn and appears safe from his pursuers until an unsavory procurement agent for the Army spots him.

February 25, 1970: A King's Ransom
Season 8, episode 21
W: John D.F. Black   D: Joseph Pevney

With Jackie DeShannon (Mag Connor), Patrick Macnee (Connor), Jeanette Nolan (Holly Grainger), Don Knight (Henry), Ross Elliott (Sheriff Abbott), Michael Pate (Alf).
The mastermind of an unsavory gang from Australia kidnaps Clay Grainger and threatens to destroy him and Medicine Bow unless ransom is paid.

March 4, 1970: The Sins Of The Fathers
Season 8, episode 22
W: David P. Harmon   D: Walter Doniger

With Tim McIntire (John Wesley Hardin), Robert Lipton (Adam Randall), William Lucking (Sam Evans), Terry Wilson (Shaker), Jeanette Nolan (Holly Grainger), Ross Elliott (Sheriff Abbott), Stuart Nisbet (Bartender).
A young gunslinger, hired on at Shiloh after rescuing the Virginian from robbers who had ambushed him, accuses Clay Grainger of doing away with his father some 20 years earlier and now threatens vengeance.

March 11, 1970: Rich Man, Poor Man
Season 8, episode 23
W: Arthur Heinemann   D: Anton M. Leader

With Jack Elam (Harve Yost), Michael Larrain (Whit Yost), Kenneth Tobey (Joe Pierce), Russell Thorson (Josh Dorcas), Tom Basham (Jess Pulver), Arthur Hanson (John Nelson).
A poor sodbuster shows the world how to spend money when he receives a $10,000 reward for the capture of one of three wounded bank robbers.

March 18, 1970: The Gift
Season 8, episode 24
W: Robert Van Scoyk   D: Seymour Robbie

With Tab Hunter (Cart Banner), Julie Gregg (Sally Anne), Frank Marth (Rawlings), Walter Burke (Billy Neal), Ross Elliott (Sheriff Abbott), Stuart Nisbet (Bart).
A gunman robs a railroad stationmaster of a large payroll but loses the loot to his partner as they make a fast getaway.

September 16, 1970: The West vs. Colonel MacKenzie
Season 9, episode 1
W: Jean Holloway   D: Jerry Hopper

With Elizabeth Ashley (Faith Andrews), Don DeFore (Mayor Evans), Bobby Eilbacher (Petey Andrews), Martha Hyer (Amalia Clark), John Larch (Sheriff), James Gavin (Frank Hoag), Dennis McCarthy (Lamb).
Stewart Granger joins the cast as the new owner of Shiloh Ranch, as the series formerly titled The Virginian starts its ninth year. Granger plays Alan MacKenzie, a former British Army colonel. In the first episode, MacKenzie becomes involved with the cattlemen's association over the hanging of an alleged rustler.

September 23, 1970: The Best Man
Season 9, episode 2
W: Leslie Stevens   D: Russ Mayberry

With Margarita Cordova (Tia Marguerita), Mario Alcalde (Cristobal Nieves), Desi Arnaz (El Jefe), James Farentino (Pick Lexington), Katy Jurado (Mama Fe), Susana Miranda (Teresa Zaragosa), Rodolfo Hoyos Jr. (Hernan).
When two gunmen vie for the attention of a colorful border town character's daughter, the whole community runs scared.

September 30, 1970: Jenny
Season 9, episode 3
W: Arthur Heinemann   D: Harry Harris

With Lew Brown (Alfie), Myron Healey (Wardlow), Charles Drake (Randolph), Jo Ann Harris (Mary Ann Travers), John Ireland (Kinroy), Janet Leigh (Jenny Davis), Christopher Dark (Mort), Norman Leavitt (Barber).
The Virginian discovers three gunmen are pursuing a woman passenger aboard a stage.

October 7, 1970: With Love, Bullets And Valentines
Season 9, episode 4
W: Glen A. Larson   D: Philip Leacock

With Edward Faulkner (Leroy Plimpton), Jack Albertson (Billy Valentine), Art Carney (Capt. Skeet), Ben Cooper (Jason), Gene Evans (Harv Plimpton), Tom Ewell (Hoy Valentine), Deborah Walley (Corey Ann Skeet), George Chandler (Hawkins).
A riverboat skipper's scheme to buy back at a cut rate his boat, lost to Trampas in a poker game, backfires when a pair of gunmen commandeer the vessel to transport silver bullion stolen in a train holdup.

October 14, 1970: The Mysterious Mr. Tate
Season 9, episode 5
W: Jean Holloway   D: Abner Biberman

With Dane Clark (Barton Ellis), Annette O'Toole (Lark Walters), John Rayner (Rex Phillips), Ken Renard (Endicott), Robert Webber (Jackson Reed), Shirley O'Hara (Mrs. Drew), Walter Sande (Graham), Bing Russell (Sheriff Martin).
A man with a questionable past reacts heroically when pressed by a gang that attempts to kidnap the daughter of a wealthy train owner. Lee Majors debuts as a series regular in the role of Roy Tate.

October 21, 1970: Gun Quest
Season 9, episode 6
W: Robert Van Scoyk   D: Harry Harris

With John Smith (Dee Garvey), Anne Francis (Myra Greencastle), Neville Brand (Sheriff Wintle), Brandon de Wilde (Rem Garvey), Monte Markham (Boss Cooper), Joseph Cotten (Judge Hobbs), Agnes Moorehead (Emma Garvey), Sallie Shockley (Nellie Cooper), Rod Cameron (Dunn).
Falsely charged with being a hired gunman, the Virginian escapes a hanging party but is pursued by his accusers as he tries to track down the real culprit.

October 28, 1970: Crooked Corner
Season 9, episode 7
W: Harry Kronman   D: Herbert Hirschman

With Lloyd Battista (Embry), Kurt Kasznar (August Hansch), Walter Koenig (Paul Erlich), Susan Strasberg (Clara Hansch), Ross Elliott (Sheriff Abbott), Brock Peters (Mace Ivers), Mills Watson (Albie).
German settlers near Shiloh get help from Tate after mistaking him for a gunslinger they hired for protection.

November 4, 1970: Lady At The Bar
Season 9, episode 8
W: Leslie Stevens   D: Russ Mayberry

With Ron Soble (Deputy Royal Wainwright), Michael Bow (Clyde Willis), Paul Fix (Arnold Boyle), Greer Garson (Frances B. Finch), Arthur Hunnicutt (Drover), E.G. Marshall (Judge Elmo Carver), Pamela McMyler (Ellie Bishop), Jay Robinson (Abel Hewitt), Kenneth Tobey (Sheriff Acton), James Whitmore (Marshal Krug).
A woman lawyer uses feminine wiles to get a judge and bailiff to help her build a defense for Trampas, who has been accused of slaying a gold mine owner over a poker debt.

November 11, 1970: The Price Of The Hanging
Season 9, episode 9
W: Frank Chase   D: Marc Daniels

With Lew Ayres (Judge Markham), Edward Binns (Dr. Kinkaid), Howard Culver (Gunsmith), Patricia Harty (Tracy), Bo Svenson (Lonnie), Tom Tryon (Sheriff Tolliver), Jane Wyatt (Lori Kinkaid), Olan Soule (Conrad), John Mitchum (Davis).
Tate tries to rescue from the gallows a doctor who saved his boss through surgery.

November 18, 1970: Experiment At New Life
Season 9, episode 10
W: Lois Hire   D: Jeannot Szwarc

With Rex Holman (Buck), Sue Lyon (Belinda Ballard), Ralph Meeker (August Gruber), Vera Miles (Amelia Ballard), Chris Robinson (Sandy), Lyle Bettger (Seth Wheeler).
The Virginian finds "lost" Shiloh cattle in the herd of a strange and unfriendly commune.

December 2, 1970: Follow The Leader
Season 9, episode 11
W: Leslie Stevens   D: Richard Benedict

With Noah Beery Jr. (Morgan), Harry Carey Jr. (Thad Miley), Tony Franciosa (Ritter Miley), Frank Gorshin (Dutch Miley), Steve Sandor (Van Miley), Katherine Woodville (Vanessa MacKenzie), Shelly Novack (Dean Miley), Ross Elliott (Sheriff Abbott).
A not-too-bright outlaw tries to get his cousin to lead a cattle rustling gang once again, and in the process involves Trampas in a homicide.

December 9, 1970: Last Of The Comancheros
Season 9, episode 12
W: Don Tait   D: Michael Caffey

With Parley Baer (Henderson), Beth Brickell (Sally Nye), Anthony Caruso (Matthew Keller), James Gregory (Sheriff Parks), Michael Masters (Owens), Ricardo Montalban (Francisco Sosentes), Del Moore (Deputy), Carlos Romero (Raul Armendez), Lenore Stevens (Laurita), Richard Van Vleet (Mooney).
Mackenzie works to free a woman writer kidnapped by Comancheros who want $25,000 for her release in payment for sheep slaughtered by vengeful Gringos.

December 30, 1970: Hannah
Season 9, episode 13
W: True Boardman   D: Jack Arnold

With Gregg Palmer (O'Shea), Peter Breck (Lafe Harkness), J.D. Cannon (Roy Harkness), Lisa Gerritsen (Hannah Carson), Leo Gordon (Bartender), Robert Karnes (Hendricks), Susan Oliver (Carole Carson / Alice Barnes), Warren Stevens (Paul Carson), Lorraine Gary (Mrs. Nelson).
A plucky young girl gets help from Trampas while searching for her "lost" mother, who was last seen in the company of two brothers, suspects in a robbery.

January 6, 1971: Nan Allen
Season 9, episode 14
W: Dick Nelson   D: Jeffrey Hayden

With Diane Baker (Nan Allen), Michael Bow (Andy), Arch Johnson (Sheriff Tracey), Jon Lormer (Dr. Walker), E.G. Marshall (Judge Carver), Tom Skerritt (Bobby Allen), William Christopher (Hotel Clerk), Eric Christmas (Parker).
Col. Mackenzie becomes attracted to a bright businesswoman despite her jealous brother, who is involved in the slaying of a respected ranch employee.

January 13, 1971: The Politician
Season 9, episode 15
W: Robert Van Scoyk   D: Michael Caffey

With Carl Ballantine (Matty Ryan), John Ericson (Jack Bonham), Jean Hale (Eileen Terry), Denny Miller (Joe Terry), Diana Muldaur (Rachel Bonham), William Windom (Foster Bonham), Jim Davis (Roper), Sandy Kenyon (Constable Stokes), Byron Morrow (Harkin).
The Virginian starts out to buy grazing land at another community, but soon is involved in a homicide mystery which includes him among the likely suspects.

January 20, 1971: The Animal
Season 9, episode 16
W: James Menzies   D: Don McDougall

With Leon Ames (Judge Fitzroy), Scott Brady (Dolby), Edd Byrnes (Alex Newell), Chuck Connors (Gustavson), Katherine Crawford (Karen Gustavson), Andy Devine (Dr. Houseman), Shug Fisher (Tinker), Jack Ging (Owen), Rudy Ramos (Indian Boy), James Wainwright (Boyd Dewey), Jay Silverheels (Spotted Hand).
Abandoned by his tribe, a deaf-mute Indian boy who is wanted by a hostile community on homicide charges, is rescued by Tate who believes him innocent of the charges.

January 27, 1971: The Legacy Of Spencer Flats
Season 9, episode 17
W: B.W. Sandefur   D: Russ Mayberry

With Edgar Buchanan (Teddy Birdwell), Bradford Dillman (Deke Slaughter / Sheriff O'Dell), Carolyn Jones (Annie Spencer), Ann Sothern (Della Spencer).
Trampas stumbles into a Spencer Flats saloon out of a sandstorm and finds everything delightful until two spinster sisters and their handyman accuse him of being a wanted criminal.

February 10, 1971: The Angus Killer
Season 9, episode 18
W: Edward DeBlasio, Robert Van Scoyk   D: Jeffrey Hayden

With Van Johnson (Alonzo Worth), Stephen McNally (Gus Muller), Dina Merrill (Laura Duff), Andrew Parks (Jimmy Duff), Slim Pickens (Sheriff), Ruth Roman (Margie Wirth), Chill Wills (Pat Reedy), Jon Lormer (Doctor).
When the Virginian arrives at a widow's ranch to buy cattle, he finds that somebody had cut a fence and driven the stock to a poisonous feeding ground.

February 17, 1971: Flight From Memory
Season 9, episode 19
W: Jean Holloway   D: Hollingsworth Morse

With Robert Fuller (Carl Ellis), Burgess Meredith (Muley), Tisha Sterling (Melissa).
Col. Mackenzie tries to solve the mystery of a bride-to-be found unconscious in the wilderness.

February 24, 1971: Tate, Ramrod
Season 9, episode 20
W: Arthur Browne Jr.   D: Marc Daniels

With Michael Burns (Will Benson), Alan Hale Jr. (Sam Donner), Jo Ann Harris (Amanda Benson), Sally Ann Howes (Martha Clayton), John Lupton (Floyd Ramon), George Paulsin (Mal Donner), Peter Mark Richman (Wade), Craig Stevens (Joe Benson), Ross Elliott (Sheriff Abbott).
Roy Tate has problems when he takes over at widower Benson's ranch. There's a dispute over a barbed wire fence with a neighbor at the same time a mail-order bride arrives unexpectedly.

March 3, 1971: The Regimental Line
Season 9, episode 21
W: Gene L. Coon   D: Hollingsworth Morse

With Eric Christmas (Parker), Bert Freed (Col. Harmon), Randolph Mantooth (Lt. Dorn), John Saxon (Sgt. Mulcahy), Eddie Little Sky (Grey Bull), Terry Wilson (Turner).
Indians, weather, rugged terrain and the U.S. Cavalry are obstacles confronting Col. Mackenzie as he tracks a man he believes deserted his old company in India.

March 10, 1971: The Town Killer
Season 9, episode 22
W: Elroy Schwartz   D: Harry Harris

With Brenda Benet (Susan Masters), Lloyd Bochner (Abel Wilks), Howard Duff (Stuart Masters), Bill Fletcher (Greer), Peter Lawford (Ben Hunter), Leonard Stone (Tom Wagner), Sean McClory (Harry Post), L.Q. Jones (Belden).
While traveling through Montana on Shiloh business, the Virginian is waylaid by a band of outlaws. He not only refuses to join the gang but gets in deeper trouble when he shoots down one of the men in self-defense.

March 17, 1971: Wolf Track
Season 9, episode 23
W: Philip MacDonald   D: Abner Biberman

With Julie Harris (Jenny), Clint Howard (Willie Sattron), Arthur O'Connell (Emmitt), Pernell Roberts (Stranger), Ross Elliott (Sheriff Abbott), Harry Lauter (Deputy).
An outlaw wolf known to have killed at least two men is the object of a painful search by Col. Mackenzie, who finds unexpected obstacles along the trail.

March 24, 1971: Jump-Up
Season 9, episode 24
W: Ron Bishop   D: Herbert Hirschman

With Eddie Firestone (Clark), Eric Christmas (Parker), Joseph V. Perry (Harvey), Tony Young (Kressel), John Astin (Slick Driscoll), Rick Jason (Tom Fuller), John McGiver (John Driscoll), George Mitchell (Howard Stanton), Guy Raymond (Mapes), Madlyn Rhue (Frankie Grace), Jan Sterling (Mary Beth Stanton).
Tate is framed on a homicide charge and later escapes from a chain gang, hoping to clear his reputation. (Last show of the series.)

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