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1970s TV shows in which A Martinez was a regular or semi-regular:

1970s TV show guest appearances for A Martinez:

(Episodes with dates prior to 1970 aired as reruns during the '70s.)

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Original Air DateNetShow NameEpisode NameCharacter Name
September 28, 1969 Mission: Impossible (s4,e1) The Code Young Man
November 13, 1969 Ironside (s3,e8) The Machismo Bag Manolo Rodriguez
March 28, 1970 NBC Adam-12 (s2,e22) Log 114 -- The Hero Lauro Perez
September 16, 1970 CBS Storefront Lawyers (s1,e1) A Man's Castle Roberto Alvarez
October 3, 1970 CBS Mannix (s4,e3) Time Out Of Mind Pancho
October 18, 1970 NBC Bonanza (s12,e6) Gideon, The Good Luis
February 3, 1971 ABC The Smith Family (s1,e3) Chicano Ramon
October 13, 1971 ABC The Man And The City (s1,e5) Reprisal Tony
December 12, 1971 NBC The Bold Ones: The Lawyers (s3,e6) Justice Is A Sometime Thing Carlos Estrada
November 4, 1972 ABC The Streets Of San Francisco (s1,e7) Hall Of Mirrors Rafael Diaz
November 13, 1973 CBS Hawaii Five-O (s6,e10) A Bullet For El Diablo Pepe Olivares
December 11, 1973 NBC Police Story (s1,e9) Man On A Rack Bermudez
September 21, 1974 ABC Nakia (s1,e1) The Non-Person George
October 12, 1974 ABC Kung Fu (s3,e5) My Brother, My Executioner Slade
October 24, 1974 NBC Movin' On (s1,e6) Cowhands Manolo
January 9, 1975 ABC The Streets Of San Francisco (s3,e15) False Witness Officer Vega
February 23, 1975 NBC McCloud (s5,e8) Sharks! Larry Moreno
March 15, 1975 ABC Kung Fu (s3,e20) Full Circle Tigre
November 12, 1975 NBC Petrocelli (s2,e8) The Gamblers Mando Rivera
February 1, 1976 NBC Columbo (s5,e4) A Matter Of Honor Curro Rangel
February 5, 1976 CBS Barnaby Jones (s4,e19) Shadow Of Guilt Carlos Rojas
March 11, 1976 ABC The Streets Of San Francisco (s4,e22) Alien Country Rudy Costa
April 17, 1977 ABC Hardy Boys-Nancy Drew Mysteries (s1,e10) Mystery Of The Fallen Angels Henry Salazar
November 6, 1977 CBS All In The Family (s8,e6) Archie's Bitter Pill (1) Manuel
November 13, 1977 CBS All In The Family (s8,e7) Archie's Bitter Pill (2) Manuel
November 23, 1977 ABC Baretta (s4,e7) Por Nada Frank
December 13, 1977 NBC Police Woman (s4,e6) The Buttercup Killer Dimi
December 15, 1977 NBC Class Of '65 (s1,e2) The Class Hustler Carlos
December 22, 1977 CBS Barnaby Jones (s6,e13) Deadly Homecoming Tomas Aguilar
April 2, 1978 ABC The Young Pioneers (s1,e1) Sky In The Window Circling Hawk
February 1, 1979 NBC Quincy, M.E. (s4,e15) Walk Softly Through The Night Marty Herrera
April 6, 1979 CBS The Incredible Hulk (s2,e20) Kindred Spirits Rick
April 14, 1979 NBC B.J. And The Bear (s1,e7) The Murphy Contingent Melendez
December 13, 1979 ABC Barney Miller (s6,e10) The DNA Story Claudio Ortez
December 27, 1979 CBS Barnaby Jones (s8,e11) Cry For Vengeance Tony Sierra
April 23, 1980 NBC Quincy, M.E. (s5,e22) No Way To Treat A Patient Dr. Antonio Carbo
March 2, 1981 CBS The White Shadow (s3,e13) Cops Officer Ramirez
March 26, 1981 ABC Barney Miller (s7,e17) The Doll Joseph Montoya
May 17, 1981 NBC CHiPs (s4,e21) A Simple Operation Dr. Rhodes
May 23, 1981 ABC Fantasy Island (s4,e24) Paquito's Birthday / Technical Advisor Manuel Lopez
February 5, 1982 CBS Falcon Crest (s1,e10) Victims Julio Delgado

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