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1970s TV shows in which Alan Fudge was a regular or semi-regular:

1970s TV show guest appearances for Alan Fudge:

(Episodes with dates prior to 1970 aired as reruns during the '70s.)

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Original Air DateNetShow NameEpisode NameCharacter Name
January 3, 1972 CBS Gunsmoke (s17,e16) No Tomorrow Bailiff
October 11, 1972 NBC Banacek (s1,e3) No Sign Of The Cross Logan Howard
November 10, 1972 NBC Ghost Story (s1,e8) House Of Evil Dr. Parker
November 7, 1973 NBC Banacek (s2,e2) If Max Is So Smart, Why Doesn't He Tell Us Where He Is? Logan Howard
November 21, 1973 CBS Kojak (s1,e5) Girl In The River Gus
January 3, 1974 ABC Kung Fu (s2,e12) The Gunman Bob Gardner
January 13, 1974 NBC Columbo (s3,e5) Publish Or Perish David Chase
January 20, 1974 CBS Mannix (s7,e16) The Dark Hours Dr. Collins
February 5, 1974 CBS Hawaii Five-O (s6,e21) Nightmare In Blue Joe Burdick
March 24, 1974 CBS Apple's Way (s1,e6) The Coach Lew Phipps
May 12, 1974 CBS Apple's Way (s1,e12) The Fair Lew Phipps
September 10, 1974 ABC Marcus Welby, M.D. (s6,e1) The Brittle Warrior Sgt. Bryson
September 22, 1974 CBS Apple's Way (s2,e2) The Circus Lou Phipps
October 6, 1974 CBS Mannix (s8,e3) A Fine Day For Dying Hatch
October 29, 1974 CBS Hawaii Five-O (s7,e8) The Two-Faced Corpse Hamilton
November 6, 1974 NBC Lucas Tanner (s1,e7) By The Numbers Jim Ely
November 21, 1974 NBC Movin' On (s1,e9) Hoots Barber
December 11, 1974 CBS The Manhunter (s1,e13) A.W.O.L. To Kill Ned Fawcett
January 29, 1975 NBC Petrocelli (s1,e15) Once Upon A Victim Sam Markland
February 19, 1975 NBC Little House On The Prairie (s1,e20) Money Crop Joseph Coulter
March 3, 1975 ABC The Rookies (s3,e22) Cliffy Erie
April 2, 1975 NBC Petrocelli (s1,e22) A Night Of Terror Sam Murkland
September 11, 1975 ABC The Streets Of San Francisco (s4,e1) Poisoned Snow Phil
September 16, 1975 NBC Police Story (s3,e2) The Cutting Edge Lieutenant Boswell
November 7, 1975 CBS M*A*S*H (s4,e9) Quo Vadis, Captain Chandler Capt. Chandler
February 18, 1976 ABC Starsky & Hutch (s1,e19) Jojo Agent Bettin
March 7, 1976 NBC McMillan And Wife (s5,e7) Point Of Law Jack Porter
October 21, 1976 CBS Hawaii Five-O (s9,e5) Man On Fire Piet deGroot
October 31, 1976 CBS Delvecchio (s1,e7) The Silent Prey Adams
November 24, 1976 ABC Charlie's Angels (s1,e7) Lady Killer Dave Erhard
December 16, 1976 CBS The Waltons (s5,e13) The Last Mustang Arlo Jessup
December 29, 1976 NBC The Quest (s1,e11) The Freight Train Rescue Ira Butler
February 3, 1977 ABC The Streets Of San Francisco (s5,e14) Who Killed Helen French? Doug French
September 29, 1977 CBS Barnaby Jones (s6,e3) The Wife Beater Glenn Halston
March 3, 1978 CBS Wonder Woman (s2,e18) Flight To Oblivion Major Cornell
April 30, 1978 NBC Police Story (s5,e6) No Margin For Error
May 18, 1978 NBC The Runaways (s1,e4) Too Young To Love Captain
October 30, 1978 CBS Lou Grant (s2,e5) Murder Det. Collins
June 26, 1979 NBC The Runaways (s2,e5) Dreams Of My Father Scott
October 1, 1979 CBS Lou Grant (s3,e3) Slammer David Goffman
October 11, 1979 CBS Hawaii Five-O (s12,e3) Who Says Cops Don't Cry Ben Dawson
December 26, 1979 CBS Young Maverick (s1,e4) Dead Man's Hand: Part 1 Amos Layton
January 2, 1980 CBS Young Maverick (s1,e5) Dead Man's Hand (2) Amos Layton
March 4, 1981 CBS Enos (s1,e12) Now You See Him, Now You Don't Dexter
March 26, 1981 CBS Knots Landing (s2,e18) Squeezeplay Bonners
March 26, 1981 CBS Knots Landing (s2,e18) Squeezeplay Bonners
May 4, 1981 CBS Lou Grant (s4,e20) Stroke Fred Hill
November 12, 1981 CBS Knots Landing (s3,e1) The Vigil Bonners
December 24, 1981 CBS Magnum, P.I. (s2,e11) Ghost Writer Security Chief
February 21, 1982 CBS Archie Bunker's Place (s3,e17) Sex And The Single Parent Ronald Scott
March 19, 1982 ABC Strike Force (s1,e16) Humiliation Dr. Miles Halligan
November 1, 1982 CBS Cagney & Lacey (s2,e2) One Of Our Own Peter Caswell
November 4, 1982 CBS Simon & Simon (s2,e5) The Ten Thousand Dollar Deductible George
November 28, 1982 CBS Trapper John, M.D. (s4,e9) The Good Life Paul Spencer

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