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1970-1982 TV show guest appearances for Ann Prentiss:

(Episodes with dates prior to 1970 aired as reruns.)

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Original Air DateNetShow NameEpisode NameCharacter Name
September 24, 1969 The Courtship Of Eddie's Father (s1,e2) Teacher's Pet Kerry Allen
November 16, 1969 Bonanza (s11,e9) Meena Meena Calhoun
February 27, 1970 ABC Love, American Style (s1,e62) Love And Las Vegas Judy Ricker
March 27, 1970 NBC The Name Of The Game (s2,e24) Jenny Wilde Is Drowning Leona
April 5, 1970 NBC Bonanza (s11,e26) The Horse Traders Meena Calhoun
September 20, 1970 NBC The Bold Ones: The New Doctors (s2,e1) This Will Really Kill You Elaine
October 14, 1970 NBC McCloud (s1,e5) Walk In The Dark Officer Murdock
November 19, 1971 ABC Love, American Style (s3,e38) Love And The Lady Barber Yvonne
December 12, 1971 NBC Bonanza (s13,e12) Easy Come, Easy Go Meena Calhoun
October 4, 1972 NBC Search (s1,e4) Moonrock Miss Mulligan
November 10, 1972 ABC Love, American Style (s4,e34) Love And The Hairy Excuse Clara
March 3, 1973 NBC Emergency! (s2,e19) Boot Fran Lillington
January 12, 1974 NBC Emergency! (s3,e16) Messin' Around Cindy's Mother
February 14, 1975 ABC Baretta (s1,e5) Half A Million Dollar Baby Annie
January 13, 1976 CBS Switch (s1,e16) Ain't Nobody Here Named Barney Cora
February 1, 1978 ABC Starsky & Hutch (s3,e16) The Trap Mrs. Carston
February 6, 1979 ABC Starsky & Hutch (s4,e16) Ninety Pounds Of Trouble Mrs. Carston

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