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1970s TV show guest appearances for Barry Russo:

(Episodes with dates prior to 1970 aired as reruns during the '70s.)

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Original Air DateNetShow NameEpisode NameCharacter Name
October 19, 1969 The F.B.I. (s5,e6) Gamble With Death Webber
February 23, 1971 ABC Longstreet (s0,e1) Longstreet Lt. Gantry
March 7, 1971 ABC The F.B.I. (s6,e24) Turnabout Joe Salka
December 19, 1971 ABC The F.B.I. (s7,e14) The Recruiter Joe Kreska
November 1, 1972 NBC Banacek (s1,e4) A Million The Hard Way Lester Sawyer
March 29, 1974 ABC Toma (s1,e17) Friends Of Danny Beecher Detective Pellegrini
September 11, 1974 CBS Cannon (s4,e1) Kelly's Song Charley Victor
October 6, 1974 CBS Mannix (s8,e3) A Fine Day For Dying DeMorro
December 26, 1974 ABC Harry O (s1,e13) Accounts Balanced Al Stucke
February 3, 1977 CBS Hawaii Five-O (s9,e17) Dealer's Choice -- Blackmail Willy Vance
March 3, 1977 CBS Hawaii Five-O (s9,e20) Blood Money Is Hard To Wash Albert Jovanko
May 5, 1977 CBS Hawaii Five-O (s9,e24) Practical Jokes Can Kill You Abilleno
February 16, 1978 CBS Hawaii Five-O (s10,e16) Head To Head Eddie Rizzo

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