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1970s TV shows in which Bob Seagren was a regular or semi-regular:

1970s TV show guest appearances for Bob Seagren:

(Episodes with dates prior to 1970 aired as reruns during the '70s.)

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Original Air DateNetShow NameEpisode NameCharacter Name
October 1, 1974 NBC Adam-12 (s7,e2) Camp (2) Himself
February 11, 1978 ABC The Love Boat (s1,e18) The Inspector / A Very Special Girl / Until The Last Goodbye Mike
December 15, 1978 CBS Wonder Woman (s3,e10) Stolen Faces Roman
August 28, 1979 CBS Wonder Woman (s3,e22) The Man Who Could Not Die Bret Cassiday
October 5, 1979 ABC Fantasy Island (s3,e4) Baby / Marathon: Battle Of The Sexes Marathon Commentator
February 7, 1980 NBC Buck Rogers In The 25th Century (s1,e18) Olympiad Rand Sorgon
April 2, 1980 ABC Charlie's Angels (s4,e24) Toni's Boys Bob Sorenson
January 10, 1981 ABC Fantasy Island (s4,e10) High Off The Hog / Reprisal Chad
March 11, 1981 ABC Aloha Paradise (s1,e3) Sidney's First Love / The Swingers / The King Of Gardens

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