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1970s TV shows in which Broderick Crawford was a regular or semi-regular:

1970s TV show guest appearances for Broderick Crawford:

(Episodes with dates prior to 1970 aired as reruns during the '70s.)

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Original Air DateNetShow NameEpisode NameCharacter Name
September 21, 1969 Land Of The Giants (s2,e1) The Mechanical Man Professor Gorn
October 3, 1969 The Name Of The Game (s2,e3) Blind Man's Bluff Wolf Lang
December 12, 1969 The Name Of The Game (s2,e12) The Power Bianchi
January 30, 1970 NBC Bracken's World (s1,e18) A Perfect Piece Of Casting Inspector Harlow
February 2, 1970 ABC It Takes A Thief (s3,e18) Fortune City Harvey Galishaw
October 20, 1971 ABC The Man And The City (s1,e6) Disaster On Turner Street Lester Holland Sr.
December 12, 1971 CBS Cade's County (s1,e11) Requiem For Miss Madrid Wes Novak
January 20, 1972 ABC Alias Smith And Jones (s2,e17) The Man Who Broke The Bank At Red Gap Chester E. Powers
February 23, 1972 NBC Night Gallery (s2,e58) You Can't Get Help Like That Anymore Joe Fulton
October 11, 1972 NBC Banacek (s1,e3) No Sign Of The Cross Gilbert Deretzo
February 17, 1973 ABC Jigsaw (s1,e5) Kiss The Dream Goodbye
December 5, 1974 ABC Harry O (s1,e11) Forty Reasons To Kill (1) John McKenzie
September 18, 1975 NBC Medical Story (s1,e3) The God Syndrome Joe Hudson
April 6, 1976 NBC City Of Angels (s1,e8) The Losers
November 24, 1977 NBC CHiPs (s1,e9) Hustle Himself
December 8, 1978 CBS Flying High (s1,e10) South By Southwest Willard
April 29, 1981 ABC Vega$ (s3,e19) Dead Ringer Winslow
November 28, 1981 ABC Fantasy Island (s5,e8) Lillian Russell / The Lagoon Jake Dutton
November 18, 1982 CBS Simon & Simon (s2,e6) Rough Rider Rides Again Kern Barnett

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