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1970s TV shows in which Claude Akins was a regular or semi-regular:

1970s TV show guest appearances for Claude Akins:

(Episodes with dates prior to 1970 aired as reruns during the '70s.)

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Original Air DateNetShow NameEpisode NameCharacter Name
November 28, 1962 The Virginian (s1,e10) West Lump
September 17, 1966 Gunsmoke (s12,e1) Snap Decision Marshal Clint Tucker
January 5, 1972 NBC McMillan And Wife (s1,e5) The Face Of Murder Freddie O'Neal
January 20, 1972 ABC Longstreet (s1,e17) Eye Of The Storm Flecker
January 31, 1972 CBS Gunsmoke (s17,e20) The Predators Howard Kane
March 12, 1972 ABC The F.B.I. (s7,e25) Dark Journey Jason Peale
December 1, 1972 ABC Love, American Style (s4,e45) Love And The First Kiss Fizik
January 28, 1973 NBC Hec Ramsey (s1,e4) The Mystery Of The Yellow Rose Bert McCabe
February 16, 1973 CBS Mission: Impossible (s7,e19) Speed Sam Hibbing
February 18, 1973 CBS Barnaby Jones (s1,e3) Murder Go-Round Eli Rile
September 17, 1973 CBS Medical Center (s5,e2) Time Of Darkness Williams
September 17, 1973 ABC The Rookies (s2,e2) Margin For Error Buck Sanbom
October 3, 1973 CBS Cannon (s3,e5) Target In The Mirror Bill Binyon
October 23, 1973 NBC Police Story (s1,e3) The Ten Year Honeymoon Ken Shaner
December 11, 1973 ABC Marcus Welby, M.D. (s5,e12) A Cry In The Night Jim Randall
February 7, 1974 ABC The Streets Of San Francisco (s2,e19) A String Of Puppets Bob Mason
February 24, 1974 NBC McCloud (s4,e4) The Colorado Cattle Caper Sheriff Floyd Bevins
March 3, 1974 CBS Mannix (s7,e21) Mask For A Charade Sgt. Al Reardon
May 10, 1974 ABC Toma (s1,e22) The Accused Bernie Travlos
September 4, 1975 NBC Medical Story (s1,e1) Medical Story
February 13, 1976 NBC Police Story (s3,e19) The Long Ball Pickett
October 12, 1977 NBC The Oregon Trail (s1,e4) Trappers' Rendezvous Lemus Harker
March 19, 1978 NBC Police Story (s5,e5) The Broken Badge Stacy
February 10, 1979 NBC B.J. And The Bear (s1,e1) Odyssey Of The Shady Truth Sheriff Lobo
April 7, 1979 NBC B.J. And The Bear (s1,e6) Lobo's Revenge Sheriff Lobo
November 3, 1979 B.J. And The Bear (s2,e6) Run For The Money (1) Sheriff Lobo
November 28, 1981 ABC Fantasy Island (s5,e8) Lillian Russell / The Lagoon Calvin Pearson
December 4, 1981 ABC Darkroom (s1,e4) Uncle George Bert Haskell

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