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1970s TV shows in which Dana Elcar was a regular or semi-regular:

1970s TV show guest appearances for Dana Elcar:

(Episodes with dates prior to 1970 aired as reruns during the '70s.)

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Original Air DateNetShow NameEpisode NameCharacter Name
September 24, 1969 Medical Center (s1,e1) The Last 10 Yards George Mazur
October 9, 1969 Ironside (s3,e4) Eye Of The Hurricane Jackson Tobey
November 2, 1969 The Bold Ones: The Lawyers (s1,e3) The Crowd Pleaser D.A. Shannon
November 7, 1969 Get Smart (s5,e7) And Baby Makes Four (1) Kruger
November 14, 1969 Get Smart (s5,e8) And Baby Makes Four (2) Kruger
February 25, 1970 CBS Hawaii Five-O (s2,e23) Three Dead Cows At Makapuu (1) Dr. Benjamin
February 28, 1970 CBS Mannix (s3,e22) The Search For Darrell Andrews Tom Coleman
March 4, 1970 CBS Hawaii Five-O (s2,e24) Three Dead Cows At Makapuu (2) Dr. Benjamin
September 26, 1970 CBS Mission: Impossible (s5,e2) Flip Side C.W. Cameron
September 29, 1970 NBC San Francisco International Airport (s1,e1) San Francisco International George Woodruff
October 7, 1970 ABC Room 222 (s2,e3) The Lincoln Story Everett Styles
October 7, 1970 CBS Storefront Lawyers (s1,e4) The Electric Kid H.L. Sloane
October 19, 1970 CBS Gunsmoke (s16,e6) Snow Train (1) Pennigrath
October 26, 1970 CBS Gunsmoke (s16,e7) Snow Train (2) Pennigrath
December 16, 1970 CBS Medical Center (s2,e14) Man At Bay General Montague
January 17, 1971 NBC The Bold Ones: The Senator (s1,e6) Someday They'll Elect A President Collie Ford
January 31, 1971 ABC The F.B.I. (s6,e19) The Fatal Connection Ed Garth
February 2, 1971 ABC Marcus Welby, M.D. (s2,e18) A Woman's Place Dr. McCready
February 4, 1971 NBC Ironside (s4,e18) A Killing At The Track Bill O'Brien
March 11, 1971 ABC Alias Smith And Jones (s1,e9) Stagecoach Seven Benjamin T. Bowers
September 26, 1971 NBC The Bold Ones: The Lawyers (s3,e1) The Invasion Of Kevin Ireland Gale
October 22, 1971 ABC Love, American Style (s3,e20) Love And The Naked Stranger A.J. Potts
October 26, 1971 NBC Ironside (s5,e7) Joss Sticks And Wedding Bells Joe Markham
October 28, 1971 ABC Longstreet (s1,e7) The Shape Of Nightmares Dr. Burlen
November 2, 1971 NBC Sarge (s1,e6) John Michael O'Flaherty Presents The Eleven O'Clock War Father Dinsmore
November 28, 1971 ABC The F.B.I. (s7,e11) Superstition Rock Ewing Carter
March 7, 1972 CBS Cannon (s1,e23) Cain's Mark Sam
March 11, 1972 ABC The Sixth Sense (s1,e8) Witch, Witch, Burning Bright Edward Winslow
September 21, 1972 NBC Ironside (s6,e2) The Savage Sentry Buckner
September 26, 1972 ABC Marcus Welby, M.D. (s4,e3) We'll Walk Out Of Here Together Dr. Tomlinson
October 25, 1972 CBS Cannon (s2,e7) A Long Way Down Mr. Ryan
October 31, 1972 NBC Bonanza (s14,e8) The 26th Grave Mr. Merrick
October 31, 1972 ABC Marcus Welby, M.D. (s4,e8) Don And Denise Dr. Tomlinson
November 2, 1972 ABC Owen Marshall, Counselor At Law (s2,e8) Who Saw Him Die? Paul Henderson
December 14, 1972 ABC The Delphi Bureau (s1,e4) The Top-Secret Secret Project Michael Kendall
January 13, 1973 ABC Alias Smith And Jones (s3,e12) Only Three To A Bed Sam Haney
January 14, 1973 CBS Mannix (s6,e17) A Matter Of Principle Skip Seldon
January 19, 1973 ABC The Partridge Family (s3,e16) Trial Of The Partridge One Mr. Felcher
February 15, 1973 ABC Kung Fu (s1,e7) Nine Lives Pritikin
March 13, 1973 CBS Hawkins (s0,e1) Death And The Maiden Dr. Aaronson
September 23, 1973 CBS The New Perry Mason (s1,e2) The Case Of The Prodigal Prophet Dory Strong
October 4, 1973 ABC Kung Fu (s2,e2) The Assassin Noah Jones
October 7, 1973 NBC Columbo (s3,e2) Any Old Port In A Storm Falcon
October 25, 1973 CBS The Waltons (s2,e7) The Prize George Porter
November 4, 1973 ABC The F.B.I. (s9,e7) Fatal Reunion Waverly
February 13, 1974 NBC Chase (s1,e18) Hot Beef Phelps
October 2, 1974 NBC Petrocelli (s1,e4) Edge Of Evil Daily
October 23, 1974 CBS The Manhunter (s1,e7) The Doomsday Gang
October 17, 1975 NBC The Rockford Files (s2,e6) The Great Blue Lake Land And Development Company Sheriff Mitchell
December 10, 1975 CBS Cannon (s5,e14) The Star John Brinegar
May 10, 1976 Gemini Man (s0,e1) The Gemini Man Harold Schuyler
September 26, 1976 ABC The Six Million Dollar Man (s4,e3) Nightmare In the Sky Larry Stover
January 4, 1977 NBC Police Story (s4,e12) Trial Board Lt. Garippo
January 24, 1978 ABC Family (s3,e15) See Saw
December 1, 1978 CBS The Incredible Hulk (s2,e11) Escape From Los Santos Sheriff Harris
December 2, 1979 CBS One Day At A Time (s5,e9) A Little Larceny Captain
December 15, 1979 NBC B.J. And The Bear (s2,e12) Silent Night, Unholy Night Sheriff MacCandles
April 2, 1980 ABC Eight Is Enough (s4,e25) Roll Over Bradford Ben
April 27, 1980 ABC Galactica 1980 (s2,e9) Space Croppers John Steadman
February 16, 1981 ABC Foul Play (s1,e3) Double Play Lt. Bidecker
October 31, 1981 CBS Walt Disney (s28,e6) The Last Flight Of Noah's Ark (1)
November 6, 1981 ABC Benson (s3,e1) Benson's Appointment Senator Chapman
November 7, 1981 CBS Walt Disney (s28,e7) The Last Flight Of Noah's Ark (2)
December 18, 1981 CBS Falcon Crest (s1,e3) The Tangled Vines Carl Reed
January 17, 1982 ABC Code Red (s1,e10) My Life Is Yours Jason Connors
February 26, 1982 CBS Falcon Crest (s1,e13) The Candidate Carl Reed
March 19, 1982 CBS Falcon Crest (s1,e15) Heir Apparent Carl Reed
April 14, 1982 CBS Herbie The Love Bug (s1,e5) Calling Doctor Herbie Warden
May 12, 1982 NBC Teachers Only (s1,e5) The Make Up Test Clayton
September 22, 1982 CBS Seven Brides For Seven Brothers (s1,e2) The Man In The White Hat Judge Carlson

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