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1970-1982 TV show guest appearances for Doreen Lang:

(Episodes with dates prior to 1970 aired as reruns.)

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Original Air DateNetShow NameEpisode NameCharacter Name
January 15, 1969 Hawaii Five-O (s1,e16) Uptight Sara Hastings
October 26, 1969 The F.B.I. (s5,e7) Flight Alice Carlin
January 16, 1970 NBC The Name Of The Game (s2,e16) Island Of Gold And Precious Stones Miss Marsh
January 21, 1970 CBS Hawaii Five-O (s2,e18) Killer Bee Emilia Watson
October 19, 1970 CBS Gunsmoke (s16,e6) Snow Train (1) Mae
October 26, 1970 CBS Gunsmoke (s16,e7) Snow Train (2) Mae
February 3, 1971 ABC The Young Lawyers (s1,e17) The Outspoken Silence
November 3, 1971 CBS Mannix (s5,e8) The Glass Trap Mrs. Colton
November 18, 1971 CBS Bearcats! (s1,e9) Bitter Flats Audrey McKelvy
December 10, 1972 CBS Mannix (s6,e13) See No Evil Mrs. Kohler Sr.
January 5, 1973 NBC Circle Of Fear (s2,e1) Death's Head Mrs. Norman
January 25, 1973 ABC The Mod Squad (s5,e18) Put Out The Welcome Mat For Death Martha Graham
February 12, 1973 CBS Gunsmoke (s18,e21) Kimbro Mary
January 10, 1974 ABC Kung Fu (s2,e13) Empty Pages Of A Dead Book Grandma McNelly
February 10, 1974 CBS Barnaby Jones (s2,e18) Gold Record For Murder Mrs. Walding
March 22, 1974 CBS Dirty Sally (s1,e10) I Never Saw The Pacific Sarah Brewster
March 4, 1976 CBS The Waltons (s4,e25) The Collision Meg Phillips
September 22, 1977 NBC CHiPs (s1,e2) Undertow Nurse
January 13, 1980 CBS Trapper John, M.D. (s1,e13) Have You Hugged Your Nurse Today? Myrna Marshall
February 23, 1981 CBS Lou Grant (s4,e14) Survival Henrietta

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