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1970s TV shows in which Elvia Allman was a regular or semi-regular:

1970s TV show guest appearances for Elvia Allman:

(Episodes with dates prior to 1970 aired as reruns during the '70s.)

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Original Air DateNetShow NameEpisode NameCharacter Name
October 1, 1969 The Beverly Hillbillies (s8,e2) The Hills Of Home Elverna Bradshaw
October 8, 1969 The Beverly Hillbillies (s8,e3) Silver Dollar City Fair Elverna Bradshaw
October 22, 1969 The Beverly Hillbillies (s8,e5) Wedding Plans Elverna Bradshaw
January 10, 1970 CBS Petticoat Junction (s7,e16) Selma Plout's Plot Selma Plout
January 14, 1970 CBS The Beverly Hillbillies (s8,e17) What Happened To Shorty? Elverna Bradshaw
January 21, 1970 CBS The Beverly Hillbillies (s8,e18) Marry Me, Shorty Elverna Bradshaw
January 28, 1970 CBS The Beverly Hillbillies (s8,e19) Shorty Spits The Hook Elverna Bradshaw
February 4, 1970 CBS The Beverly Hillbillies (s8,e20) Three-Day Reprieve Elverna Bradshaw
February 11, 1970 CBS The Beverly Hillbillies (s8,e21) The Wedding Elverna Bradshaw
February 18, 1970 CBS The Beverly Hillbillies (s8,e22) Annul That Marriage Elverna Bradshaw
February 28, 1970 CBS Petticoat Junction (s7,e22) Whiplash, Whiplash Selma Plout
September 21, 1970 CBS The Doris Day Show (s3,e2) The Feminist Harriet Henderson
October 4, 1971 CBS The Doris Day Show (s4,e4) Charity Begins At The Office Mrs. Fairburn
November 10, 1971 ABC The Smith Family (s2,e9) Ambush Clara
November 6, 1972 CBS The Doris Day Show (s5,e8) Jimmy The Gent Nurse Howard
March 2, 1973 ABC The Odd Couple (s3,e21) The Odyssey Couple Mrs. Madison
January 10, 1980 NBC Quincy, M.E. (s5,e12) Honor Thy Elders Mrs. Oglesby
June 12, 1981 NBC Sanford (s2,e7) Freeway Mrs. Thorndike
November 2, 1981 CBS Private Benjamin (s2,e4) Give Me Liberty (1) Woman
December 18, 1981 ABC Darkroom (s1,e8) Make-Up Mangeress
January 21, 1982 NBC Gimme A Break (s1,e11) Katie The Cheat Grandma Kanisky
March 24, 1982 CBS Herbie The Love Bug (s1,e2) Herbie To The Rescue Mrs. Fumstrom
April 7, 1982 CBS Herbie The Love Bug (s1,e4) Herbie, The Best Man Mrs. Fumstrom
May 24, 1982 CBS House Calls (s3,e21) The Weatherbys Ride Again Mrs. Chadwick
October 6, 1982 CBS Alice (s7,e1) Sorry, Wrong Lips Lillian

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