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1970s TV show guest appearances for Harvey Lembeck:

(Episodes with dates prior to 1970 aired as reruns during the '70s.)

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Original Air DateNetShow NameEpisode NameCharacter Name
February 5, 1971 ABC The Partridge Family (s1,e19) To Play Or Not To Play? Marino
December 1, 1971 NBC Night Gallery (s2,e33) The Dear Departed Joe Casey
September 29, 1972 ABC Love, American Style (s4,e10) Love And The Lucky Couple Harry Millman
February 10, 1973 CBS All In The Family (s3,e18) Class Reunion Sam
October 17, 1975 CBS Big Eddie (s1,e8) Alone Together Boom Boom
February 25, 1976 NBC Chico And The Man (s2,e21) Too Many Crooks Officer Harroway
January 19, 1978 NBC CHiPs (s1,e15) Surf's Up Truck Driver
November 5, 1978 CBS All In The Family (s9,e7) Archie's Other Wife Wally
December 6, 1978 ABC Vega$ (s1,e10) Second Stanza Mike
January 23, 1979 CBS Flying High (s1,e14) Ladies Of The Night Clerk
October 15, 1979 ABC 240-Robert (s1,e7) Out Of Sight Morey Allen
November 27, 1979 NBC The Misadventures Of Sheriff Lobo (s1,e7) Buttercup, Birdie And Buried Bucks Hank
July 10, 1980 ABC Nobody's Perfect (s1,e3) What's On Third? Stumpy
October 25, 1980 ABC The Love Boat (s4,e1) Friends And Lovers / Sergeant Bull / Miss Mother Tom Lauck
December 17, 1981 ABC Mork & Mindy (s4,e10) P.S. 2001 Ovits
January 7, 1982 ABC Mork & Mindy (s4,e11) Pajama Game II Ovits

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