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1970s TV shows in which Hilly Hicks was a regular or semi-regular:

1970s TV show guest appearances for Hilly Hicks:

(Episodes with dates prior to 1970 aired as reruns during the '70s.)

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Original Air DateNetShow NameEpisode NameCharacter Name
October 26, 1969 The Bill Cosby Show (s1,e6) Let X Equal A Lousy Weekend Eddie Tucker
December 4, 1969 Ironside (s3,e11) L'Chayim Digby
December 17, 1969 Room 222 (s1,e14) The Exchange Teacher Kenny
March 11, 1970 CBS Medical Center (s1,e21) The Professional Photographer
October 4, 1970 NBC The Bill Cosby Show (s2,e4) There Must Be A Party Bob
November 24, 1970 ABC Marcus Welby, M.D. (s2,e10) Aura To A New Tomorrow Danny Lee
January 3, 1971 NBC The Bill Cosby Show (s2,e15) To Each According To His Appetite Eddie Tucker
March 9, 1971 ABC The Mod Squad (s3,e22) The Comeback Robbie Collins
September 22, 1971 NBC Night Gallery (s2,e7) Class Of '99 Barnes
January 26, 1972 NBC Adam-12 (s4,e17) The Parole Violator Kyler Johnson
February 17, 1972 NBC Ironside (s5,e22) Achilles' Heel Otis Williams
September 11, 1972 ABC The Rookies (s1,e1) Concrete Valley, Neon Sky Benny
November 23, 1972 ABC The Mod Squad (s5,e11) Crime Club Dunwoodie
December 6, 1972 NBC Adam-12 (s5,e11) The Chaser Timmy Colton
March 19, 1973 ABC The Rookies (s1,e23) Easy Money Cal Davis
February 8, 1974 ABC Toma (s1,e11) Time And Place Unknown (1)
February 15, 1974 ABC Toma (s1,e12) Time And Place Unknown (2)
January 1, 1975 CBS Cannon (s4,e14) The Conspirators
February 11, 1975 CBS Barnaby Jones (s3,e17) Dangerous Summer Warren Claxton
February 19, 1975 ABC That's My Mama (s1,e22) The Hero Hank Craig
March 11, 1975 CBS M*A*S*H (s3,e23) White Gold Cpl. Perkins
September 26, 1975 ABC Mobile One (s1,e3) Roadblock Johnny Pilgrim
March 8, 1977 CBS M*A*S*H (s5,e23) Post Op Cpl. Moody
October 12, 1977 CBS Good Times (s5,e5) Thelma Moves Out Paul
March 7, 1979 CBS One Day At A Time (s4,e22) Mad For Each Other Dan Spinner

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