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1970s TV show guest appearances for Howard Morton:

(Episodes with dates prior to 1970 aired as reruns during the '70s.)

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Original Air DateNetShow NameEpisode NameCharacter Name
September 21, 1969 The Bill Cosby Show (s1,e2) Lullaby And Goodnight Lou Welk
November 4, 1969 I Dream Of Jeannie (s5,e8) See You In Cuba Clerk
March 27, 1970 NBC The High Chaparral (s3,e23) Too Many Chiefs Proprietor
November 7, 1970 NBC Adam-12 (s3,e7) Log 75 -- Have A Nice Weekend Choirmaster
November 13, 1970 ABC The Partridge Family (s1,e8) But The Memory Lingers On Jerome Donkin
December 16, 1970 NBC Night Gallery (s1,e2) The Housekeeper Headwaiter
February 26, 1971 ABC The Odd Couple (s1,e20) A Taste Of Money Mr. Larkin
September 18, 1971 NBC The Partners (s1,e1) Here Come The Fuzz Byrd
February 27, 1973 ABC Marcus Welby, M.D. (s4,e23) The Day After Forever Dr. Wainwright
November 9, 1973 ABC Adam's Rib (s1,e8) For Richer, For Poorer Sean Barkley
October 5, 1976 CBS One Day At A Time (s2,e2) The Runaways (2) Hal Butterfield
October 12, 1976 CBS One Day At A Time (s2,e3) The Runaways (3) Hal Butterfield
October 19, 1976 CBS One Day At A Time (s2,e4) The Runaways (4) Hal Butterfield
December 20, 1976 CBS All's Fair (s1,e12) True Confessions Harvey
February 22, 1977 CBS One Day At A Time (s2,e20) The Butterfields Hal Butterfield
January 25, 1978 ABC Eight Is Enough (s2,e16) Dear Miss Dinah
September 30, 1978 ABC Fantasy Island (s2,e3) The Beachcomber / The Last Whodunit Terence
October 22, 1978 CBS All In The Family (s9,e5) Edith's Final Respects Funeral Director
November 8, 1978 CBS Good Times (s6,e7) Michael's Decision Jim Crebbins
November 24, 1978 NBC Diff'rent Strokes (s1,e4) Prep School Miles Bordinay
May 25, 1979 CBS The Incredible Hulk (s2,e23) Vendetta Road John Fielding
November 5, 1979 CBS WKRP In Cincinnati (s2,e6) Carlson For President Wendel Brooks
November 17, 1979 ABC Fantasy Island (s3,e9) The Dancer / Nobody's There Samuel Blade
March 11, 1980 NBC The Misadventures Of Sheriff Lobo (s1,e18) Perkins Bombs Out Banker
June 5, 1981 NBC Sanford (s2,e6) Gaslight Doc
July 10, 1981 NBC Sanford (s2,e11) To Keep A Thief Customer
October 29, 1981 NBC Gimme A Break (s1,e1) Katie The Crook Officer Simpson
December 27, 1981 CBS The Jeffersons (s8,e11) A Charmed Life Robert Kingsley
January 24, 1982 CBS One Day At A Time (s7,e12) Stick 'Em Up Mr. Erskine
October 9, 1982 NBC Gimme A Break (s2,e2) Brother Ed And The Hooker Officer Simpson
December 4, 1982 NBC Gimme A Break (s2,e9) Sam Faces Death Officer Simpson
December 11, 1982 NBC Gimme A Break (s2,e10) Nell Goes Door To Door Officer Simpson
December 18, 1982 NBC Gimme A Break (s2,e11) Love Thy Neighbor Officer Simpson

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