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1970-1982 TV show guest appearances for Jay Robinson:

(Episodes with dates prior to 1970 aired as reruns.)

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Original Air DateNetShow NameEpisode NameCharacter Name
October 18, 1968 The Wild Wild West (s4,e4) The Night Of The Sedgewick Curse Dr. Maitland
October 2, 1969 Bewitched (s6,e3) Samantha's Caesar Salad Caesar
January 15, 1970 ABC Bewitched (s6,e17) The Phrase Is Familiar Phipps
November 4, 1970 NBC The Men From Shiloh (s9,e8) Lady At The Bar Abel Hewitt
March 13, 1971 CBS Mannix (s4,e24) Overkill Overkill
October 29, 1971 ABC Room 222 (s3,e7) Hail And Farewell Freebush
January 28, 1972 CBS O'Hara, U.S. Treasury (s1,e17) Operation: White Fire George Cadlin
February 8, 1972 CBS Hawaii Five-O (s4,e20) Cloth Of Gold Ralph Mingo
March 21, 1973 NBC Search (s1,e21) Ends Of The Earth Claude Johansen
March 12, 1974 NBC Banacek (s2,e8) Now You See Me, Now You Don't Bradley Merrick / Kurt Steiner
March 24, 1974 CBS Mannix (s7,e23) Trap For A Pigeon Eddie Richter
October 18, 1974 CBS Planet Of The Apes (s1,e6) Tomorrow's Tide Bandor
November 24, 1974 CBS Mannix (s8,e9) Picture Of A Shadow Kilburn
January 31, 1975 ABC Kolchak: The Night Stalker (s1,e15) Chopper Professor Strig
October 4, 1975 CBS Doc (s1,e5) Quartet Hollister
November 13, 1975 ABC Harry O (s2,e10) Group Terror Karl Singleton
January 22, 1976 ABC Barney Miller (s2,e16) Sniper Morton Hackler
February 2, 1976 CBS Phyllis (s1,e20) A Man, A Woman, And Another Woman Maitre D'
February 19, 1976 CBS The Waltons (s4,e23) The House Professor Thaxton
October 7, 1976 CBS The Waltons (s5,e3) The Comeback Professor Thaxton
April 6, 1978 ABC A.E.S. Hudson Street (s1,e3) Shutdown Pratt
November 8, 1979 NBC Buck Rogers In The 25th Century (s1,e9) Planet Of The Amazon Women Cassius Thorne
January 7, 1982 ABC Barney Miller (s8,e8) The Tontine Horace Sharpe
October 10, 1982 NBC Voyagers (s1,e2) Created Equal Cicero

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