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1970s TV show guest appearances for John Brandon:

(Episodes with dates prior to 1970 aired as reruns during the '70s.)

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Original Air DateNetShow NameEpisode NameCharacter Name
March 10, 1969 Gunsmoke (s14,e24) The Good Samaritans Timmons
April 21, 1976 ABC Wonder Woman (s1,e1) Wonder Woman Meets Baroness Von Gunther Sergeant Stratski
September 12, 1977 NBC Little House On The Prairie (s4,e1) Castoffs Freighter
October 16, 1977 CBS All In The Family (s8,e3) Edith's 50th Birthday Officer
November 5, 1977 NBC The Bionic Woman (s3,e7) Motorcycle Boogie Promoter
April 19, 1979 ABC Carter Country (s2,e15) Baker's First Day Sergeant
September 5, 1979 ABC Eight Is Enough (s4,e1) Merle The Pearl Eddie Grabbis
November 29, 1980 ABC Fantasy Island (s4,e6) With Affection, Jack The Ripper / Gigolo Bobby
January 22, 1981 NBC Hill Street Blues (s1,e3) Politics As Usual Lt. Walsh
March 25, 1981 NBC Hill Street Blues (s1,e13) Fecund Hand Rose Detective Walsh
November 11, 1981 ABC The Greatest American Hero (s2,e2) Operation Spoilsport Admiral Bailey
November 15, 1981 CBS Archie Bunker's Place (s3,e7) Happy Birthday, Stephanie Officer Benson
November 26, 1981 NBC Diff'rent Strokes (s4,e5) The Big Heist Police Officer
December 24, 1981 CBS Knots Landing (s3,e7) Secrets Crowell
January 19, 1982 ABC Three's Company (s6,e13) The Holy Guest Captain James
February 25, 1982 NBC Hill Street Blues (s2,e14) The Young, The Beautiful And The Degraded Lt. Walsh
November 18, 1982 NBC Hill Street Blues (s3,e8) Requiem For A Hairbag Detective Walsh
November 19, 1982 NBC Knight Rider (s1,e8) Trust Doesn't Rust Police Captain

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