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1970s TV shows in which Leigh McCloskey was a regular or semi-regular:

1970s TV show guest appearances for Leigh McCloskey:

(Episodes with dates prior to 1970 aired as reruns during the '70s.)

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Original Air DateNetShow NameEpisode NameCharacter Name
September 15, 1975 CBS Phyllis (s1,e2) Bess, Is You A Woman Now? Donald Ralston
December 18, 1975 ABC The Streets Of San Francisco (s4,e14) Most Likely To Succeed Gil
January 12, 1976 CBS Medical Center (s7,e16) A Very Private War Mihail Zankov
December 22, 1977 CBS Hawaii Five-O (s10,e10) Tsunami Ted Bonner
February 6, 1979 CBS The Paper Chase (s1,e15) The Man In The Chair Paul Chandler
December 27, 1979 NBC Buck Rogers In The 25th Century (s1,e12) Cruise Ship To The Stars Jaior
November 9, 1980 CBS Dallas (s4,e2) No More Mister Nice Guy (2) Mitch Cooper
November 14, 1980 CBS Dallas (s4,e3) Nightmare Mitch Cooper
November 21, 1980 CBS Dallas (s4,e4) Who Done It? Mitch Cooper
November 28, 1980 CBS Dallas (s4,e5) Taste Of Success Mitch Cooper
December 5, 1980 CBS Dallas (s4,e6) The Venezuelan Connection Mitch Cooper
December 12, 1980 CBS Dallas (s4,e7) The Fourth Son Mitch Cooper
January 2, 1981 CBS Dallas (s4,e9) The Prodigal Mother Mitch Cooper
January 9, 1981 CBS Dallas (s4,e10) Executive Wife Mitch Cooper
January 16, 1981 CBS Dallas (s4,e11) End Of The Road (1) Mitch Cooper
January 23, 1981 CBS Dallas (s4,e12) End Of The Road (2) Mitch Cooper
January 30, 1981 CBS Dallas (s4,e13) Making Of A President Mitch Cooper
February 6, 1981 CBS Dallas (s4,e14) Start The Revolution With Me Mitch Cooper
February 13, 1981 CBS Dallas (s4,e15) The Quest Mitch Cooper
February 20, 1981 CBS Dallas (s4,e16) Lover, Come Back Mitch Cooper
February 27, 1981 CBS Dallas (s4,e17) The New Mrs. Ewing Mitch Cooper
March 13, 1981 CBS Dallas (s4,e18) Mark Of Cain Mitch Cooper
March 27, 1981 CBS Dallas (s4,e19) The Gathering Storm Mitch Cooper
April 3, 1981 CBS Dallas (s4,e20) Ewing vs. Ewing Mitch Cooper
April 10, 1981 CBS Dallas (s4,e21) New Beginnings Mitch Cooper
April 17, 1981 CBS Dallas (s4,e22) Full Circle Mitch Cooper
May 1, 1981 CBS Dallas (s4,e23) Ewing-Gate Mitch Cooper
October 9, 1981 CBS Dallas (s5,e1) Missing Heir Mitch Cooper
October 16, 1981 CBS Dallas (s5,e2) Gone, But Not Forgotten Mitch Cooper
October 23, 1981 CBS Dallas (s5,e3) Showdown At San Angelo Mitch Cooper
October 30, 1981 CBS Dallas (s5,e4) Little Boy Lost Mitch Cooper
November 6, 1981 CBS Dallas (s5,e5) The Sweet Smell Of Revenge Mitch Cooper
November 13, 1981 CBS Dallas (s5,e6) The Big Shut Down Mitch Cooper
November 20, 1981 CBS Dallas (s5,e7) Blocked Mitch Cooper
November 27, 1981 CBS Dallas (s5,e8) The Split Mitch Cooper
December 4, 1981 CBS Dallas (s5,e9) Five Dollars A Barrel Mitch Cooper
December 18, 1981 CBS Dallas (s5,e11) Waterloo At Southfork Mitch Cooper
January 1, 1982 CBS Dallas (s5,e12) Barbecue Two Mitch Cooper
January 15, 1982 CBS Dallas (s5,e14) Denial Mitch Cooper
January 29, 1982 CBS Dallas (s5,e16) The Phoenix Mitch Cooper
February 5, 1982 CBS Dallas (s5,e17) My Father, My Son Mitch Cooper
February 12, 1982 CBS Dallas (s5,e18) Anniversary Mitch Cooper
February 26, 1982 CBS Dallas (s5,e20) The Maelstrom Mitch Cooper
March 12, 1982 CBS Dallas (s5,e22) Vengeance Mitch Cooper
March 19, 1982 CBS Dallas (s5,e23) Blackmail Mitch Cooper
March 26, 1982 CBS Dallas (s5,e24) The Investigation Mitch Cooper
April 2, 1982 CBS Dallas (s5,e25) Acceptance Mitch Cooper

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