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1970s TV show guest appearances for Lewis Arquette:

(Episodes with dates prior to 1970 aired as reruns during the '70s.)

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Original Air DateNetShow NameEpisode NameCharacter Name
October 2, 1977 CBS Alice (s2,e1) The Second Time 'Round
November 16, 1978 CBS The Waltons (s7,e8) The Illusion J.D. Pickett
December 2, 1978 ABC Fantasy Island (s2,e11) Carnival / The Vaudevillians Jeff
January 11, 1979 CBS The Waltons (s7,e14) The Obstacle J.D. Pickett
January 25, 1979 ABC Barney Miller (s5,e15) Wojo's Girl Nells Finney
September 20, 1979 CBS The Waltons (s8,e1) The Home Front J.D. Pickett
October 11, 1979 CBS The Waltons (s8,e3) The Innocents J.D. Pickett
October 18, 1979 CBS The Waltons (s8,e4) The Starlet J.D. Pickett
November 8, 1979 NBC Kate Loves A Mystery (s2,e4) The Valley Strangler Howard
December 13, 1979 CBS The Waltons (s8,e10) The Wager J.D. Pickett
December 15, 1979 ABC Fantasy Island (s3,e13) The Inventor / On The Other Side Fred Waters
February 7, 1980 CBS The Waltons (s8,e18) The Last Straw J.D. Pickett
March 9, 1980 ABC Tenspeed And Brownshoe (s1,e5) The Sixteen-Byte Chip And The Brown-Eyed Fox Lieber
January 8, 1981 CBS The Waltons (s9,e7) The Last Ten Days J.D. Pickett
January 10, 1981 ABC Fantasy Island (s4,e10) High Off The Hog / Reprisal Slocumb
January 15, 1981 CBS The Waltons (s9,e8) The Move J.D. Pickett
February 5, 1981 CBS The Waltons (s9,e10) The Tempest J.D. Pickett
November 13, 1981 CBS The Incredible Hulk (s5,e5) Triangle Les Creaseman
November 19, 1981 NBC Harper Valley P.T.A. (s2,e4) The $500 Misunderstanding Officer
January 5, 1982 CBS Simon & Simon (s1,e6) The Dead Letter File Matt
February 6, 1982 NBC Harper Valley P.T.A. (s2,e11) Svengali Of The Valley Lyle Oliver
February 15, 1982 CBS Private Benjamin (s2,e16) Beauty And The Brass Salesman
March 5, 1982 ABC Strike Force (s1,e15) The John Killer Hopkins
March 19, 1982 ABC Strike Force (s1,e16) Humiliation Zack
November 6, 1982 NBC Gimme A Break (s2,e6) Porko's Kramer

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