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1970s TV show guest appearances for Liam Sullivan:

(Episodes with dates prior to 1970 aired as reruns during the '70s.)

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Original Air DateNetShow NameEpisode NameCharacter Name
January 13, 1969 Family Affair (s3,e15) A Family Group Richard Mason
January 9, 1970 NBC Bracken's World (s1,e16) Money Men Charles Iverson
January 15, 1970 NBC Daniel Boone (s6,e14) Perilous Passage Colonel Trevelyan
May 9, 1970 NBC Adam-12 (s2,e26) Log 173 -- Shoplift Merodach
February 10, 1971 CBS Medical Center (s2,e20) Edge Of Violence Tyson
October 28, 1973 CBS Barnaby Jones (s2,e7) Divorce - Murderer's Style Laurence Whitley
November 11, 1973 CBS Mannix (s7,e9) Sing A Song Of Murder Karl Henning
November 13, 1975 ABC Harry O (s2,e10) Group Terror John Grant
February 12, 1976 CBS Hawaii Five-O (s8,e22) The Capsule Kidnapping Dr. Philip Tolvar
November 20, 1976 ABC Starsky & Hutch (s2,e9) Tap Dancing Her Way Right Back Into Your Hearts A.C. Chambers
January 17, 1977 CBS Maude (s5,e15) Maude's Adult Relationship Jeremy Hubbard
November 7, 1977 CBS Logan's Run (s1,e7) Crypt Frederick Lyman
February 22, 1978 NBC Police Woman (s4,e17) Murder With Pretty People Tony Mann
January 14, 1980 NBC Little House On The Prairie (s6,e16) What Ever Happened To The Class Of '56? Dillon Hyde
January 16, 1981 NBC Nero Wolfe (s1,e1) The Golden Spiders Paul Kessler
November 15, 1981 ABC Code Red (s1,e3) Dark Fire
October 7, 1982 CBS Magnum, P.I. (s3,e2) Ki'is Don't Lie Harold Sands

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