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1970s TV show guest appearances for Louise Latham:

(Episodes with dates prior to 1970 aired as reruns during the '70s.)

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Original Air DateNetShow NameEpisode NameCharacter Name
December 9, 1968 Gunsmoke (s14,e11) Waco Polly Cade
October 2, 1969 Ironside (s3,e3) Poole's Paradise Diane
October 20, 1969 Gunsmoke (s15,e5) Hawk Phoebe Clifford
February 20, 1970 NBC The Name Of The Game (s2,e20) The King Of Denmark Miss Digby
October 12, 1970 CBS Gunsmoke (s16,e5) Gentry's Law Claire Gentry
January 15, 1971 NBC The Name Of The Game (s3,e16) L.A. 2017 Helen
February 28, 1971 NBC Bonanza (s12,e22) The Silent Killer Harriet Clinton
September 14, 1971 NBC Ironside (s5,e1) The Priest Killer Martha Gordon
September 22, 1971 NBC McCloud (s2,e1) Encounter With Aries Emily Cantrell
October 21, 1971 ABC Longstreet (s1,e6) Spell Legacy Like Death Maxine Bailey
November 17, 1971 CBS Medical Center (s3,e10) Suspected Mrs. Whitlock
February 15, 1972 CBS Cannon (s1,e20) A Deadly Quiet Town Mrs. Bolinger
February 24, 1972 ABC Owen Marshall, Counselor At Law (s1,e22) A Question Of Degree Frances Fisher
March 18, 1972 ABC The Sixth Sense (s1,e9) Eye Of The Haunted Mrs. Bennett
October 3, 1972 CBS Hawaii Five-O (s5,e4) Pig In A Blanket Mrs. Klein
November 25, 1972 ABC The Streets Of San Francisco (s1,e9) In The Midst Of Strangers Harriet
February 18, 1973 NBC Hec Ramsey (s1,e5) The Mystery Of Chalk Hill Willa Hollister
November 28, 1973 CBS Kojak (s1,e6) Requiem For A Cop Madge Donnelly
December 16, 1973 NBC Columbo (s3,e4) Double Exposure Mrs. Norris
March 18, 1974 CBS Gunsmoke (s19,e23) To Ride A Yeller Horse Joan Shepherd
October 7, 1974 CBS Rhoda (s1,e5) The Lady In Red Louise Shattner
November 18, 1974 CBS Medical Center (s6,e10) Heel Of The Tyrant Mrs. Tully
December 4, 1974 NBC Lucas Tanner (s1,e10) Cheers Mrs. Gibbons
December 14, 1975 ABC The Six Million Dollar Man (s3,e13) Clark Templeton O'Flaherty Ms. Hallaway
June 19, 1976 ABC Good Heavens (s1,e11) The Queen's Rook's Club Bertha Salnick
March 13, 1977 NBC Wonderful World Of Disney (s23,e16) The Ghost Of Cypress Swamp Ma Landers
November 9, 1977 ABC Eight Is Enough (s2,e8) Children Of The Groom
December 8, 1977 CBS The Waltons (s6,e11) The Milestone Aunt Kate
January 20, 1978 NBC Quincy, M.E. (s3,e14) Matters Of Life And Death Nurse Lowry
November 22, 1978 ABC Eight Is Enough (s3,e11) All The Vice President's Men Katherine Mitchell
January 24, 1979 ABC Eight Is Enough (s3,e18) Inlaws And Outlaws Katherine Mitchell
October 2, 1979 Big Shamus, Little Shamus (s1,e3) The Loser Eleanor
March 23, 1980 NBC CHiPs (s3,e23) Nightingale Lucy Kenton
April 3, 1980 CBS The Contender (s1,e1) Pilot Alma Captor
April 24, 1980 CBS The Contender (s1,e4) Close Call Alma Captor
June 4, 1980 ABC Family (s5,e10) The Ties That Bind Elaine Hogan
December 21, 1980 NBC Wonderful World Of Disney (s27,e6) The Ghosts Of Buxley Hall (1) Bettina Buxley
January 4, 1981 NBC Wonderful World Of Disney (s27,e7) The Ghosts Of Buxley Hall (2) Bettina Buxley

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