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1970s TV show guest appearances for Lyle Bettger:

(Episodes with dates prior to 1970 aired as reruns during the '70s.)

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Original Air DateNetShow NameEpisode NameCharacter Name
November 26, 1969 Hawaii Five-O (s2,e10) All The King's Horses Joe Fletcher
November 18, 1970 NBC The Men From Shiloh (s9,e10) Experiment At New Life Seth Wheeler
January 14, 1972 CBS O'Hara, U.S. Treasury (s1,e15) Operation: Lady Luck
October 15, 1972 CBS Mannix (s6,e5) Portrait Of A Hero Julian Mallory
September 27, 1973 NBC Ironside (s7,e3) In The Forests Of The Night Louis Blaine
October 9, 1973 CBS Hawaii Five-O (s6,e5) The Sunday Torch Otis Klepper
October 30, 1973 NBC Police Story (s1,e4) Violent Homecoming Sgt. Allison
January 7, 1975 NBC Police Story (s2,e12) Incident In The Kill Zone Commander Tully
November 18, 1976 CBS Hawaii Five-O (s9,e9) Let Death Do Us Part Karl Norton
December 22, 1977 CBS Hawaii Five-O (s10,e10) Tsunami Dr. Dmitri Sartain
March 23, 1978 CBS Hawaii Five-O (s10,e20) Invitation To Murder Malcolm Rhodes
December 14, 1978 CBS Hawaii Five-O (s11,e10) Why Won't Linda Die? Dr. Fleming
September 27, 1979 CBS Barnaby Jones (s8,e2) Nightmare In Hawaii Capt. Groden
December 25, 1979 CBS Hawaii Five-O (s12,e12) Labyrinth Dave DiMarco
April 5, 1980 CBS Hawaii Five-O (s12,e20) Woe To Wo Fat General Dexter

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