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1970s TV shows in which Lynne Marta was a regular or semi-regular:

1970s TV show guest appearances for Lynne Marta:

(Episodes with dates prior to 1970 aired as reruns during the '70s.)

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Original Air DateNetShow NameEpisode NameCharacter Name
October 26, 1969 The F.B.I. (s5,e7) Flight Debbie Marsh
February 4, 1970 NBC Then Came Bronson (s1,e19) Lucky Day Eve Bronson
December 2, 1970 ABC Dan August (s1,e11) The Soldier Jody Forbes
January 3, 1971 ABC The F.B.I. (s6,e15) The Unknown Victim Sheila Waters
March 10, 1971 CBS Medical Center (s2,e24) Crossroads Libby Brent
September 14, 1971 ABC The Mod Squad (s4,e1) The Sentinels Lila Fraser
October 26, 1971 CBS Cannon (s1,e7) The Girl In The Electric Coffin Nikki
October 27, 1971 ABC The Man And The City (s1,e7) The Handwriting On The Door Maureen Alvarez
December 5, 1971 ABC The F.B.I. (s7,e12) The Minerva Tapes Carol Dulac
October 16, 1972 ABC The Rookies (s1,e6) Time Is The Fire Andrea Sloan
December 3, 1972 ABC The F.B.I. (s8,e12) Holiday With Terror Jennie Lee Nelson
January 4, 1973 ABC Assignment Vienna (s1,e5) Soldier Of Fortune Helen
January 17, 1973 CBS Medical Center (s4,e18) End Of The Line Daphne
March 21, 1973 CBS Cannon (s2,e24) Deadly Heritage Lorna Newcomb
October 28, 1973 CBS Barnaby Jones (s2,e7) Divorce - Murderer's Style Cathy Wilson
October 29, 1973 CBS Medical Center (s5,e7) Stranger In Two Worlds Barbara Wilder
December 18, 1973 ABC Marcus Welby, M.D. (s5,e13) Death Is Only A Side Effect Patricia Lowry
February 20, 1974 CBS Kojak (s1,e16) Eighteen Hours Of Fear Margaret "Peggy" Farrell
September 25, 1974 CBS The Manhunter (s1,e3) The Baby-Faced Killers Beth Anders
October 15, 1974 CBS Barnaby Jones (s3,e6) Forfeit By Death Sally
February 6, 1975 ABC The Streets Of San Francisco (s3,e19) The Programming Of Charlie Blake Jill Ackerman
March 3, 1975 ABC Caribe (s1,e3) The Survivor Jodi Latimer
November 5, 1975 ABC Starsky & Hutch (s1,e9) The Bait Cheryl
December 15, 1975 CBS Medical Center (s7,e14) The High Cost Of Winning Doris
February 26, 1976 CBS Barnaby Jones (s4,e21) Dangerous Gambit Angie Ross
February 26, 1976 ABC The Streets Of San Francisco (s4,e20) Clown Of Death Barbara Franco
May 4, 1976 NBC City Of Angels (s1,e11) Say Goodbye To Yesterday Singer
October 2, 1976 ABC Starsky & Hutch (s2,e3) Murder At Sea Helen Carnahan / Nellie Brown
February 17, 1977 CBS Barnaby Jones (s5,e16) The Marathon Murders Lorraine Whithers
February 23, 1977 NBC Tales Of The Unexpected (s1,e4) The Nomads Anne
May 10, 1978 ABC Starsky & Hutch (s3,e22) Quadromania K.C. McBride
September 22, 1978 NBC The Rockford Files (s5,e1) Heartaches Of A Fool Carrie Strayhorn
December 9, 1978 NBC CHiPs (s2,e12) High Explosive Beth
November 28, 1979 ABC Vega$ (s2,e8) The Macho Murders Virginia Marshall
February 10, 1980 CBS Trapper John, M.D. (s1,e16) 'Till Life Us Do Part Donna
February 19, 1980 NBC The Misadventures Of Sheriff Lobo (s1,e15) Who's The Sexiest Girl In The World? Miss Smith
April 30, 1980 ABC Charlie's Angels (s4,e25) One Love. . .Two Angels (1) Linda
May 7, 1980 ABC Charlie's Angels (s4,e26) One Love. . .Two Angels (2) Linda
March 18, 1981 ABC Vega$ (s3,e15) Out Of Sight Dr. Lutness
March 7, 1982 CBS Trapper John, M.D. (s3,e18) Maybe Baby Valerie Atwater

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